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Men, Stop Doing This – It’s NOT Your Role! #SHORTS

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Putting aside the fact that marriage in the West should be a NO GO due to the government’s heavy involvement, interference and destruction of the union, the above videos are a classic example of television and social media brainwashing and programming on the part of men ie monkey see, monkey do.

Once again, I’m all for a man getting married, however ONLY in countries where the laws are NOT stacked against him in the event of a separation/divorce. I’ll continue to reiterate that marriage in Western countries should be avoided at all costs.

As a man your position is to be the leader in the relationship, therefore how can you get down on one knee to propose to somebody who is supposed to be under your authority, I’ll wait?

As men we control the realms of relationships and marriage, it is the job of women to present themselves worthy enough to be taken onboard by men for long term relationships.

It is the woman’s role to prove that she will be a suitable wife for that man, it is also the woman’s role to get an engagement ring(if applicable), it is the woman’s job to get down on one knee and propose, NOT THE MAN.

Feminism has completely reversed/convoluted/muddied the waters concerning the getting down on one knee and proposing practice, as a result when men do this they’re unknowingly making the declaration that the woman is the authority over them, I’ve talked about this many times before.

For those of you who believe in God, if you were translated to heaven and met with the Most High and Christ, would they get down on one knee in your presence? Exactly, you would get on your knees and bow to them because they would be the higher powers.

Swiftly moving back down to earth, the man is the higher power and the authority over the woman, therefore the man should NEVER under any circumstances find himself in a position getting down on one knee or bowing down to a woman.

Beware of feminist women as well as triad blue pilled simps who attempt to paint men and women as “equal partners”, a relationship is not a business deal or an enterprise, avoid dealing with women at all costs who think of relationships in those terms. There is NO EQUALITY when it comes to relationships, men lead, women follow.

Below are some videos where the correct order is being demonstrated, these couples actually got it right:

Gentlemen, stop allowing women to run usurpation manoeuvres attempting to syphon your authority and control when it comes to the realms of relationships and marriage. Remember, within those areas WE AS MEN set the rules, the terms, conditions and regulations.

Any women who don’t like what is presented to them can kick rocks. I have to laugh at women who’ll attempt the Jedi mind trickery of stating that the man has to prove himself to them in order to proceed into a relationship.

Don’t ever allow any woman to inject any terms and conditions into any potential or actual relationships, they don’t have any rights to do so.

You don’t have to PROVE yourself to any woman either, these are just some of the tricks and techniques they’ll use trying to get you to chase after them. Comrades, the message still remains the same, get your passports and don’t look back as dating in the West isn’t going to improve any time soon. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Women Are The Ones Who Are Supposed To Propose, NOT Men

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “Men, Stop Doing This – It’s NOT Your Role! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    If I ever get married then my future girlfriend has to go on one knee and ask me to get married to her in the condition that we will have a very small wedding with just 2 guests as in my best man and her best female friend. As a man it isn’t my job to bow down to a woman to ask her hand in marriage because we men as a collective built this world infrastructure as we see it today. Feminists have this whole thing fucked up and that’s the reason why I fucking hate feminists.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Most of these Western women just want the wedding so they can flex and show off on social media(Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc) but they don’t want to and aren’t built to be wives.

      I had a friend who passed away back in 2013, when he got married to his wife, the wedding was a very small one. If I remember correctly, the total expense for the wedding and the reception was £150.

      Feminism has messed everything up royally, even I grew up believing that it was the man’s duty to propose and get down on one knee, however I now realise that this is a huge error and it’s the woman’s responsibility to do those things.

      As men we have to take our power back, there is so much of this pestilent religion called feminism that has to be purged out of our system.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I am so sorry hear about the death of friend. RIP to him. The most that I will spend on the small wedding is £200 and I will buy my own wedding suit and my future girlfriend will spend money her own wedding dress that she feels comfortable in and we will have a small wedding in a registry office in London if I ever get married. I fully agree with everything you said.

        1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

          Much appreciated for the condolences. Avoid the registry office because you’ll be signing that dreaded marriage licence which will be used to jack you up if the woman one day allows Satan to get into her head(most probably through social media) and files for divorce. A better alternative would be to sign a marriage covenant, you can find them in some bibles than can easily be picked up in a Christian bookstore. When getting married, don’t ever do anything that will tie you to the State.

          1. Verbs 2015.

            Thanks for advice Verbs. I never even heard of a marriage covenant.

      2. Verbs you must have saw what I posed about Abdullah the butcher, him being broke and his wife owning all of his assets. That’s a messed up marriage right there.

        1. Goose,

          Yep, I read that article, that was jacked up. These Jezebels roll in and reduce men down to a walking ATM and then move on as soon as they’ve sucked all of the man’s money and resources dry, smh.

          1. But Verbs, they keep telling me that women don’t need men. Yet women get wealth and property from leeching off men. I don’t get it.

  2. The snow bunny in the image proposing to her black man is a symbolic sign of her dedication to him.

    Another snow bunny from one of the videos proposing to her black man shows that she really loves him for him.

    If a white dutch woman proposes to me then she has earned her spot for me to provide for her in marriage.

    If a woman does not propose to her man then its best for the man to not marry her.

    I don’t know about the stats in other countries about the divorce rates between Christian couples and non Christian couples but I did research about the stats in USA.

    Neopagan couples and pagan couples have a divorce rate of 1%.

    Atheist couples have a divorce rate of 2%.

    Christians have the highest divorce rates in USA.

    One would think atheists would have the higher divorce rates but it is actually the reverse.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      To be honest so called “Christians” in 2024 are not the same breed that they were say 40-50 years ago. By and large today’s modern day Christian(at least in the West as well as in Sub-saharan Africa) is a joke and a laughingstock, they in many cases are more worldly and hedonistic that folks in the secular world.

      Before the advent of 3rd wave feminism, plenty of women used to propose to men, it was the norm. Women knew it was their duty to prove themselves to the man in order to be accepted for a relationship and marriage.

      When the woman proposes she is symbolically stating that she is going to submit to, serve and obey the man, however when the reverse occurs, the man(knowingly or unknowingly) is making a declaration that the woman is going to be the leader and the authority over him.

      We have to return things back to normal and the right order, if the woman doesn’t want to propose to the man then she gets NO marriage, end of story(dealing with marriage outside of the West).

  3. When I proposed many moons ago, it was on a park bench in the city late summer evening when it was getting dark. There were people around, but we had our privacy and only we knew what was going on. It wasn’t in the presence of a whole crowd and I damn sure didn’t get on one knee. That whole act never sat right with me and I was (too) young then.

    I’m of the mentality that proposals should be a private affair, not some extravagant dog and pony show. It puts pressure on the other party to say yes, for one, because they don’t want to look like an asshole in front of onlookers. Not only that, some men just don’t know how to read their partners. They’re with women who barely even touch them at the best of times, but these dudes will make elaborate proposals only to be humiliated when the woman is brave enough to say no.

    I ain’t bowing down before no woman, EVER (let the hoteps do that nonsense since “the black woman is god” lol) I’m not a christian, but whatever happened to “…the head of the woman is the man?” So WTF are men bowing for?? I know this subservient practice has been going on long before feminism grew and latched its nasty tentacles on western society, but I never understood why the man had to get on one knee when he could easily just sit beside his partner and look into her eyes (like I did).

    I’m long divorced. Thankfully it was amicable and straightforward as we don’t have kids or shared any assets, but obviously many men have never been so lucky. I definitely will never get married in the west or to a western woman, but if I do choose to remarry the woman will have to prove herself worthy of ME.

    And yes. MEN set the rules and standards. I don’t rock with the Hebrew Israelites like that, but one thing I do admire is that in their groups, men are MEN and they’re very big on masculinity. They lead, women follow. They instruct, women obey. No compromise, no negotiations. I’m not into the whole polygamy thing personally, but they run their households and the women look to them for guidance no matter how many wives they have.

    Nowadays, you got western women who think it’s a slave act just to cook a man a meal – but these are the chicks guys want to marry??

    It’s actually quite sickening how weak males have become in this day and age. Look at our current Mayor of London, that pathetic clown Sadiq Khan. The man is in a position of power over an entire city, yet when it comes to females, he’s a total simp and soft as baby powder. Dude even labels himself a “feminist” LMAO.

    Men of old would be looking at this generation in complete disgust. The only thing they would agree with is that sensible men in the west are refusing to get married in record numbers.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      As men who now know better, it is our duty to contribute towards a reset in the right direction. Even I grew up believing that it was a man’s duty to propose as well as to get down on one knee.

      However, since men control access to relationships and marriage, how can said men ask a woman for something that is already within their realm of control?

      At least you got out of that marriage unscathed, that divorce could’ve gotten very nasty. I remember you mentioning before how your ex wife gradually unleashed Jezebel from her confinement and eventually became unruly and unbearable.

      I agree, alongside women proposing, the proposing itself should be done privately by her, as you’ve pointed out, this avoids any unnecessary pressure being put on the other party to say yes even though he could possibly feel differently.

      The head of the woman is indeed supposed to be the man(1 Corinthians 11:3), this is why the dysfunctional trend of men proposing to women is straight from the devil himself, it’s contrary to the natural and God ordained order of things.

      Additionally, in light of the above scripture notice how you don’t see any of these so called pastors, bishops, reverends as well as other clerics standing up and correcting men on this custom. We know who they really serve.

      Modern women simply want to continue in their rebellion, they now believe it’s the man’s duty to follow their lead. This is why they must be abandoned and replaced by women who are willing to adhere to the right way of things.

      Don’t even get me started on Sadiq Khan, he’s a triple cream certified lefty who is determined to place women as high above men as he can even though his own culture teaches and upholds the complete opposite, smh.

      1. Verbs2015,

        All those sweaty curly perm head, ham hocks and fried chicken eating Pastors are the biggest simps and rely on black women to fill those seats and fund their lifestyles. No different than the likes of Foolmar Jackass, only difference is he pushes hotepery instead of scriptures.

        Woman worship is really bizarre and you can see the outcome on the world today as a result of men relinquishing their power and allowing females to run amok in all sections of society. It’s been the equivalent of allowing 10 years olds to start driving cars on the M25, except the results are more catastrophic.

  4. Brother verbs the picture of Becky kneeling down proposing for that brother is a clear indication she loves him , however black women are the least unmarried in north America and Britain combined .

    Very funny and ironical that Becky has become feminist to admiral frost but when he meets Jamal she throws the feminist idea into the toilet. Brother verbs I was scratching my head wondering “What in the blue blazes is going on here?”

    I remember during my early days trying to navigate the slaying evil platform understanding the disease infested she boons and I came across an article you posted it was clear as day “clowns pandering”

    You stated clearly masculinity in admiral frost is dropping like a stone. They even allowing their own white wives to be banged while they are watching. The difference between Becky and shanequa is clear as day Becky knows she wants to settle and that’s the reason she goes for Jamal the quiet nerdy and future CEO while shanequa is busy sucking slim gun’s cock somewhere down the basement.

    Brother verbs what is your opinion concerning the increasing percentage of single black women some brothers are telling me it is going to be 50% by 2030 others tell me it will be past that.

    Any comment or further clarifications brothers feel free to do so.

    1. Edward Maina,

      The overwhelming majority of black women aren’t fit for relationships and marriage because they’re ultra lefties who are utterly repulsed and disgusted by any form of traditionalism.

      The stat you mentioned above applies to Western women in general. Yes indeed, by the year 2030(which is just under 6 years away), 45-50% of women in the West will be single and childless(and in the year 2030 I still won’t feel sorry for them either).

      I believe that black women are already single at a clip way higher than 50%, they shot past that mark a long time ago.

      To think, after the end of slavery and before the Civil Right movement began, black women were the highest married females on the planet with an 85% matrimony rate, how times have changed so much for the worst for them.

      Men need to stop getting married in the West and they most certainly need to stop the proposals, that’s a custom that women should be executing, NOT MEN.

      Admiral Frost’s testosterone is indeed dwindling fast for many reasons that could be mentioned, however outside of the chemical factors, the pestilent doctrine of feminism as well as the LGBTQP cesspool of filth and degeneracy are two of the main components contributing towards so many white men turning feminine and soft.

      1. Brother verbs I don’t if it’s me because Becky and shanequa are bitter enemies from the days of the plantation era till now. feminism as far as am concerned is self destructing as we are watching but it’s destroying itself especially on Becky who’s trying to save herself from the impending doom.

        Brother verbs I have watched accountability channel and I can say bw are done,screwed, finished and terminated. The no of eviction occuring I can’t even keep count and then these she-boons are asking us black men for forgiveness? Please. The only person you should be apologizing for is God himself. In short when they rejected BM who ordained by God to be the priest of the house they rejected God himself now this is the punishment they will have to endure.

        WW LW and AW as am seeing this myself are going for black men because of the coming storm . Back to you brother verbs

        1. “…because Becky and shanequa are bitter enemies from the days of the plantation era till now.”

          It’s a ONE-SIDED war, though. Becky ain’t even thinking about Shanequa other than how to steal her man, while Becky lives in Shanequa’s head rent-free. Just like how the white man is obsessed with the black man’s BBC yet I don’t know any brotha who is obsessing over anything dA wHiTe MaN does.

          BW and WM are 2 sides of the same coin.

          1. Schadenfreude,

            Totally agree. While white men just can’t get us out their heads no matter where they are in the world or how powerful they might be, white women don’t even think about black women at all until they start making noise and insert themselves where they don’t belong.

            Shanequas and Brads are definitely two sides of the same coin. It’s a pity we can’t swap counterparts lol. Our lives would be way more peaceful that way.

          2. Brother Schadenfreude am laughing seeing bw being evicted like rats from sewers they said they didn’t need a man 🤣🤣🤣🤣 like you said Becky is trying to steal black men from her. Brother,Schadenfreud am wondering which is going to be worse

            1. Being homeless
            2. Becky stealing shanequa’s man
            3.BW being rejected oversees
            4. All of the three

            Back to you brother Schadenfreude.

            Can you please explain how is feminism war between bw and Becky is one sided.

            1. “Can you please explain how is feminism war between bw and Becky is one sided.”

              Brother Edward,

              When the one side adopts the traits of the other side that means that side WON.

              Shanequa wears Becky’s hair on her head, not the other way around.

              Shanequa follows Becky’s feminism.

              Shanequa is dying to be accepted in her circles and on her level (“I’m a PhD”).

              Shanequa is the lap dog for the white woman’s feminism while at the same time hating her and her position in Western society.

              Meanwhile the wily WW is “feminist” in the streets but submits to not only her own WM but BM as well.

              Shanequa obsesses over Becky while Becky doesn’t think of Shanequa at all.

              That’s why I say the so-called “feminism war” between WW and BW only goes one way.

              Check out this clip with Tarana Burke (KRS-2) and washed-up actress turned limousine liberal feminist activist Alyssa Milano. The only way this plug-ugly black heffa could be embraced by superficial liberal Hollywood was if she threw Black Men under the bus, which was what #MeToo was originally designed to go after before it was hijacked by white liberal females. Anything for their acceptance.


              1. Brother Schadenfreude, am shocked beyond disbelief the fate of bw from 2024 and beyond it’s going to be worse than being evicted.

                The liberal white woman played her liberal cards very well . It’s like you walk down the streets you see bw and WW matching protesting equality bw in her arrogance and stupidity chooses to ignore you.

                Becky on the other hand flirts with you and gives you her number, sooner or later brother Schadenfreud, she begins telling her plans for starting a family. 2 years later Schadenfreud junior is born to a black father and a ww.

                Shanequa on the other hand will be preaching the gospel of,” me too movement ” and “black girls magic crap.

                Back to you brother Schadenfreude

                  1. Brother Schadenfreude is this for real??

                    Bw women would be twerking live on camera if a black establishment would be on fire but Becky would burn anything to save her Jamal from bars back to you

  5. SYSBM: I would love to be a husband.
    White sugar honey: I would love to be a wife.

    Did you see the woman in black on the side? SYSBM booty!

    You did an article about this a long time ago with the old website but that got token down. Alright, I have no issues of men getting married. I’m with men getting a wifey especially when these passport bros are leaving the country and looking for a woman to wife up overseas. I’m with that as well even when it comes to interracial. But when I see a proposal, it’s always the man bow down to his knees and asks his boo to marry him.

    I heard that it’s the woman that suppose to bow down to the man because it’s a sign of submission. I know that 2 per cent of women propose to men. So, we don’t see women going on their knees and asking her boyfriend for marriage. I know that marriage is not great in the West because of the government keeps frigging things up for the man. So, the men especially black men decide to go another country and find a woman to make her is wifey.

    You see, I have no issues with a man getting married but he needs to pick the right one to be his wife as we see what is out there in the streets with the gold diggers and 304’s spreading their legs to every worthless man in sight, you get me? You see, if I find someone, I’ll treat her right, she won’t be beneath me, however, I’m not marrying her!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


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