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They Can’t Change, They Won’t Change! #SHORTS

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Gaslighting knucklehead. The main reason why other races of men treat you better when you manage to get with them is because you don’t bring that same attitude, violence and disrespect you always feel necessary to throw in the direction of black men.

Non black men as a collective will NOT tolerate disrespect from any woman yet alone a black female, black women know full well that non black men won’t hesitate to “put a black female down” if she steps out of line.

At the least these black females will get put in their place like Chad Wheeler’s ex girlfriend, the worst case scenario is they’ll end up dead with their bodies either being buried, thrown into a river or chopped up and placed into a freezer.

Non black men already view black women as bottom feeders, therefore they’ll be indifferent if they feel the need to take a black witch out, just like black women don’t feel any remorse when they choose to assassinate unborn children in the womb.

As we Knights at the SYSBM™ Roundtable continue to tell you on the fence Negroes, black women won’t change until you leave them for good, that is the only way you’ll get some genuine reformation from these black females you love so much.

As I keep on saying, unfortunately most black men don’t have the courage to walk away, all of those blue pilled simp Dailyrapupcrew hosts have stated on many occasions that they’ll only deal with black women even when the black women on their panels have openly said that they WOULD deal with non black men if the opportunity presented itself.

What a waste, like a fool you proclaim that you’ll remain exclusive and loyal towards black women, meanwhile black women themselves right in front of your face are openly declaring that they’ll have no problems dating out, how dumb can you be?

This right here is the main reason why black women won’t change, as long as they continue to see black men returning to and grovelling at their feet, there is absolutely NO incentive for the black witch to improve, NONE!

Gentlemen, don’t be like these Dailyrapupcrew blue pilled simps who’ll spend their entire days, begging, pleading, grovelling and attempting to negotiate with these hard headed, stubborn black sirens only to come up empty handed every time.

You cannot be that much of a dummy, at some point observing how barren and hostile the landscape is, unless you’re a complete retard, you’ll have to conclude that black female society is finished and that the only way you are going to find what you’re looking for in a woman is to either date out or alternatively go foreign.

Regrettably many black men are going to have to learn the hard way that you cannot save those who don’t want to be saved nor can you reason with the unreasonable. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stop Begging And Pleading With Incorrigible Women, Just Up And Leave

Most High Bless

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26 thoughts on “They Can’t Change, They Won’t Change! #SHORTS

  1. At this point I can’t even be mad at bdubs any more than I can be at pigeons for shitting on my car if I choose to park under a tree when there’s plenty of other spaces available.

    Black women are literally spelling it out to them what the deal is, but these weak and hard headed fools still wouldn’t get the message if it dropped on their heads from the 25th floor. So you know what, let them learn the hard way.

    The rest of us have either moved on to greener pastures or are in the process of doing so. That’s all I have to say about that.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Agreed, at this point it couldn’t be clearer that black women as a collective are NOT willing to change for the better for black men because they view themselves as higher than us, therefore in the eyes of the daggle, we’re not worthy to see and experience them at their best.

      I really don’t see any other viable alternative outside of moving on elsewhere, however most black men are still holding out and foolishly hoping for the best, smh.

  2. Not only that Babatunde, but “Brad” is known to be oftentimes a sexual degenerative freak! What he’ll put a Keisha through in AND out of the bedroom no thinking black man would want to be the second hand recipient of! It’s imperative that ALL black men accept that once they cross the barrier with Brad to leave them over there! Don’t invite that chaos into your life, EVER!

    1. Andre Washington,

      The modern day black female is literally Chad’s crash test sex dummy and she’ll willingly walk into such degenerate agreements if she believes it will bring her closer to her white lord and saviour. I shudder to think about what Keisha and Admiral Frost really get up to behind closed doors.

    2. Andre Washington,

      If American Negroes were actual men and not buck-broken Dear Mama™ simps, they would cast out those bedwench whores once they decided to cross over to get ghetto gagged. But we all know there’s a Boyce Watkins black simp in the wings waiting to play hazmat clean up and will accept Keisha’s biracial offspring by Chad to boot.

  3. The same thing can be said about them.

    Why are white women treating black men better than negress females?

    If the blackistian male had changed his mindset to date out and said this on podcast, the angry negress would have an uproar about it.

    Blackistan males are the main problem.

    I’ve always been against black couple relationships and never been in one.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      That’s a good point. At least white women despite their shortcomings will show black men love and appreciation. Not like this modern day black female who bays for the blood of the black male right from his point of conception in the womb.

      I don’t feel sorry for these DailyRapUpCrew blackistani, blue pilled simps as they’ve had more than enough daggles on their podcasts to realise that black female society is already square deep in the bowels of hell.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Like I said before Verbs black women love their white lord and saviour so much that they would do anything just to be with him. What makes me laugh about these pro blacks is that they will still show undying loyalty to black women even though these same black women blatantly told these pro blacks that white men and other non black men treat them better and that they hate these pro black men. When are these stupid pro blacks ever gonna learn. As a SYSBM black man I am not going to fight for a cause in the black community that is already lost and I am not going to stay in the black community because it fucking hates me. I am going to ride of to the sunset with my beautiful childfree non black women.

    1. Brother Quincy if my memory serves me right I remember Umar Johnson the shameless liar saying the reason why the bdubs choose pookie and ray ray it’s because black men who are successful are responsible for her choosing the pookies .

      If this isn’t stupidity of the highest level because of blame games I don’t know what it is.

      1. Edward Maina.

        Umar Johnson is chatting shit and he is a fucking idiot. It’s not my fault that black women are always picking the worst black men to have kids. That’s their stupid fault. Black women are the dumbest women on the fucking planet.

      2. Edward Mania wrote:
        “Brother Quincy if my memory serves me right I remember Umar Johnson the shameless liar saying the reason why the bdubs choose pookie and ray ray it’s because black men who are successful are responsible for her choosing the pookies .”

        Umar basically blaming productive BM because Keisha purposely choose to reject productive men and purposely picking Pookies as a mating option.

        1. Michael Mistertea.

          It’s not my fault that black women are picking wutless bums to have kids with.

      3. Edward Maina,

        Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson is full of decomposing hot garbage, nobody is holding a gun to the heads of black women forcing them to deal with 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Two Snacks, they’re making those choices off their own backs.

        If said black females continue to shun and reject upwardly mobile, intelligent brothers in favour of street dudes, that’s not our fault, we have nothing to do with the daggle’s mate selection process.

        The reality is Dr Umar wants decent, hard working brothers like us to clean up the incredible mess that Keisha and her devil spawn offspring have made, that is NEVER going to happen.

        1. Brother verbs, most of our SYSBM and passports brothers have no idea how much they are loathed by the communitah.

          Umar Johnson the shameless liar led by the Lilith of the communitah synthetic G and other female terrorists of the blackistan are leading an all out war on the productive brothers who are marrying their Beckies, Marias, Linglings and the Yakamotos .

          Brother Verbs , warn our brothers who are boarding the SYSBM ships and the passport planes to get the hell out of the cesspool ie blackistan, these scraggle daggles are boiling with rage.

          Brother verbs I have got a question concerning This BNWO phenomenon and this manosphere channels eg Better bachelor that exposes white women who are desperately searching for marriage, does this have any connotation with the rise of SYSBM and BNWO ???

          if any brother has answers concerning this matter feel free to do so.

          THANK YOU!!!

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Not only are black women longing for the white man’s acceptance(which will never happen) but they’re also extra willing to go that extra mile to throw black men under the bus if it means getting a little bit closer to Captain Snowy. True SYSBM™ Knights and Practitioners as well as genuine Passport Bros are the only two groups within these black digital spaces who are willing to give Keisha the boot FOR GOOD. Why would I try to convince black women to like me when they’ve clearly stated they hate me?

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I ain’t being the clean up man for black women who are single mothers with their thug spawn seedlings. I am going to create my own nuclear family with a beautiful childfree non black woman.

    3. Quincy wrote:
      “When are these stupid pro blacks ever gonna learn.”

      Quincy, the Pro-Blacks will never learn. They are spiritually/mentally locked with the matriarch simp mentality.

      When MadbusDriver makes video, he goes hard on simps and Pro-Blacks because he is telling them loud and clear that these BW clearly hates hotep’s guts.
      I always agree with Madbus because we see counless videos and knows where BW heart and soul’s loyalty lies.
      We see and hear BW loud and clear that they rather be a ‘White Men’s whore than BM’s wife’.

      All these videos having a debate between ‘RedPill vs Liberal Feminist’ is a waste of time.
      As Verbs stated many time that simps always trying to fix BW just like the TronicFix analogy or find hope that there will be a good BW.

      Also to prove that BW hate BM’s guts, last week there were news that the BW trying to put Martin Luther King’s Childhood home on fire and no pro-black are silent on it just like how this BW name Izola Curry did a assassination Attempt on MLK Jr.

  5. White sugar honey: Is the black woman is still with that dusty white guy who is living under the flyover at Staple’s corner?
    SYSBM: They got married.
    White sugar honey: They got married under the flyover?

    Right, I have no issues of black women who are with non-black women. I have no issues of black men who are with non-black women. But the thing is this. When black women date a non-black man or mostly a white man, they will end up with the worse type of white man. They will not go for a Nice Guy Nick who drives a Mercedes Benz S500e, has a house in Hertfordshire and makes £100,000 working in the city. They will go for the bum type dude just the same way they go for the worthless black man.

    And the reason why non-black men will treat a black woman better is because the ghetto black woman will not show him that bad attitude and so on. But I don’t believe in that though, you get me. And when a black woman brings that attitude to Bottom Shelf Brad, the man will strangle her to death, chop her up and put her in the freezer or suffocate her and leave her at the side the M1 motorway in a suitcase.

    And also, there are these simps who are coming after black men who are with women outside their race but they say nothing when a black woman is with a non-black woman. But at the end of the day, these simps will be in heartbreak and tears when they see their beloved ghetto hoodrats getting drilled on the bed by Weed Man Jake, Rapid Rasta, Corner Boy Ronney, 12 Gauge Semeion, 357 Jimmy, Long Dick 44 and Fuck All Night Freed!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      “But at the end of the day, these simps will be in heartbreak and tears when they see their beloved ghetto hoodrats getting drilled on the bed by Weed Man Jake, Rapid Rasta, Corner Boy Ronney, 12 Gauge Semeion, 357 Jimmy, Long Dick 44 and Fuck All Night Freed!”


  6. They will never change they are already at the point of no return . Yesterday I was watching another episode of mbd x concerning the fall of the bdubs to the bottomless pit.

    .Two videos caught my attention one, one scraggle daggle wrote a book on how to get a white man. Am not even surprised that the devil-woman of the communitah is begging attention from admiral frost.
    The second video is one which a scraggle daggle was pouring gasoline around the house and by the grace of God the neighbors alerted the cops by sending them the video clip the woman was arrested. (Any brother who has not seen the video it’s on mbd x)

    Brothers,if you think Umar Johnson the shameless liar is going to allow you to ride off into the sunset with your Becky, Maria,Ling Ling or Yakamoto ,your are mistaken.The Shameless liar with his Yaya bin hoteps and the she-demons led by Cynthia-G the Lilith of the communitah are baying for your blood,remember when you walk out of the communitah you are walking with the resources eg skills and education.

    Brothers please 🙏 am begging you run , teleport, evaporate from the dying black communitah let them marinate in their own stew go and hang out with afro- mentioned non- black women, grab your passports or join the SYSBM ship and dodge out.
    The WW adopted white feminism to get in a relationship with a brother it’s no surprise even though they have drunk the feminist Cool aid the Beckies already are confessing deep love for brothers they may be feminist on the outside but inside they want to be submissive to the black man just like verbs stated a few days ago.

  7. I just had to post this here:

    This one is for the archives.

    Don’t you just love it when other women see what we see and come to our defense without fear of backlash?

    I’m telling you man, God is good lol.

    Of course, since the black daggle has no accountability and will never humble herself if you offered her a billion dollars, they’ll just come with the usual “y’all dusties just turn other women against us” since they’re under the impression everyone else is stupid and can’t think for themselves.

    It’s always better when the SYSBM/Passport Bros message comes from other women.

    1. This is so true. It’s the main reason why we don’t have to recruit.
      We ain’t got to troll of the channels with SYSBM, even though I think SKC likes to do that but he is SKC. (hahaha in my SKC laughter)
      What they’re too dumb to realize that (talking to them): no you’re just that dumb, you don’t like respect or believe in Black Men progress.
      And you don’t see or have the energy to attract those type of man because you don’t believe black men are capable of doing that. You’re too arrogant and in the case of American bws xenophobic to learn from these other women. You don’t have what it takes to attract the man you claim to own. And you’re twerking and the colorism b******* don’t work because you created colorism with the f****** white man in the Americas, UK and across Africa. You think just like your white daddy that be treating you like a Old Sock that they jack off into.
      These daggles and people are really remedial at this point. Way behind us.
      We should have been having this conversation like MBD said in the 90s but it’s too late.
      If they shift their paradigm, they might be able to start to at least be competitive. Not necessarily win but at least be competitive.
      But oh well they won’t and I don’t give a s***!
      save yourself black man


  8. These blue pilled Black male simps must be suffering from some sort of “simp masochistic disorder” to still have love for a group of females who never miss an opportunity to disrespect and dehumanize them at every turn; at the top of the TikTok video that played, we read the words “Special Message To The Unstable Creatures”. In other words, she doesn’t even acknowledge you as being human or of a sound mind! The scraggle daggle are so creative with their slurs, from calling us “dusties”, “nakers”, “bullet bags”, etc.; the hate for us is real!

    Now, to address this notion of White & other non Black men treating Black women better, was that the case when Chad Wheeler nearly killed that stragg? Was that the case when the owner of Jun’s Beauty Supply punched that stragg in the face? What about all of the cases of BW being killed by their White boyfriends? These bedwenches will always find a way of throwing Black men under the bus, but no worries; I’m certain we’ll be seeing some TikTok videos in the coming weeks where a couple of straggs will share their bad experiences dating Bottom Shelf Brad.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The mental state of those dudes just isn’t right, they honestly believe that if they openly declare their loyalty towards black women alone, that somehow this will gain them favour in the eyes of the daggleverse. Black women can disrespect most black men because they know that said black men will put up with it mainly due to most being raised by single mothers who curse at, mocked, ridiculed, laughed at and disrespected them on the daily.

      These swirler wannabes will always paint other races of men in a better light than their own male counterparts, however they rarely if ever talk about the darkside of swirling. We know that the former high priestess of Swirl Mountain Miss Christelyn Karazin most certainly didn’t warn her swirling acolytes about the perils and the dangers associated with skating on ice.

      In addition to the cases you mentioned, let’s not forget Crystal Swirlz who some years ago was getting bucked upside the head by her meth consuming white boyfriend. The grass isn’t greener on the other side for these black sirens but they’re so desperate to paint a different picture.

  9. ” they say The White Man’s last weapon is to use his woman to snag black men. The thing is though his woman isn’t the white woman it’s the black woman, the straggle daggle” – Mad BusDriver X (paraphrased)
    Tommy Sotomayor the poster child of someone who admittedly needs their daddy, had it right when he said that the BW is the right hand to white supremacy.
    Don’t you all just love it when these females talk and prove our points? Because people don’t listen to us, but because of their default settings they’ll listen to the women. Which is something that you shouldn’t really be doing because they’re not f****** men, as my dad said.
    Haphazardly listening to women is rather disturbing but that’s topic for another day.


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