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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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Brothers, apologies for not chiming in on some of the last articles, you already know how life can be sometimes, busy, busy, busy. No mega rants for this week’s Open Mic, gents, the floor is completely yours. What’s on your minds for this Open Mic Wednesday, roll that dice.

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42 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. No problem brother. But I have got a question which has been bothering me lately
    1. Because of feminism especially among white women why are their men wearing dresses and putting make ups is this because they have testosterones which are low or what??

    2. Despite being treated like animals by bw who have embraced feminism like their white counterparts why are then white women taking black men from bw and this scraggle daggles are complaining, was feminism intended to bring interacial relationships??


    1. Edward Maina,

      The modern day white male is a shell of his former self. If we go back just 40 years, the idea of white men wearing skirts outside of fruits and trannies was unheard of. Feminism has contributed greatly towards this decadent trend, many white men have been successfully indoctrinated and hoodwinked into casting their masculinity and manhood to the side believing that this will make them better men towards women, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      It definitely begins in the schools where most of the lessons and activities are now female-centric, boys are demonised for engaging in normal boy behaviour and there are less and less avenues in school where boys can blow off the steam and engage in normal boy activities.

      Testosterone levels have significantly dropped in the West over the last 60 years in part due to so many of these estrogen mimicking chemicals that have been introduced(I personally believe this has been deliberate) as well as a serious lack of iodine in the diet(iodine regulates estrogen properly and pushes bad estrogen chemicals out of the body).

      The WHO(World Health Organisation) recommends getting in 150mcg(0.15mg) of iodine per day(which is a chicken feed amount) yet people in Japan regularly take in 13.8mg(13800mcg) per day.

      Iodine is the biggest regulator of estrogen, it’s also one of the most needed essential minerals. It also doesn’t help that we’re being exposed to so many other chemicals such as bromide, fluoride, chlorine(which are all halides and can cause an iodine deficiency if there isn’t sufficient amounts of iodine in the body to push those toxic chemicals out).

      The attack on testosterone, masculinity and manhood is a multi pronged one and it seems that white men in general have proven themselves to be the most vulnerable to it. As for feminism bringing about interracial relationships, there are many brothers here who have speculated that this was indeed the main objective of the feminist religion.

      Many white women wanted black men so they presented feminism to black women who ran with and mutated it beyond recognition, thereafter they separated themselves from black men which left said black men wide open to be scooped up by white women. If this was the original core plan, it is indeed ingenious.

      Either way I cannot complain as black women have more than proven themselves to be a treacherous bunch of devilish misfits who are more than happy to throw black men under the bus at every opportunity that presents itself. #SYSBM™

      1. 😂😂😂 and black women fell for the oke dokey it’s no surprise the black community led by Umar Johnson the shameless liar is already six feet under.

        Brother verbs I can tell you this for free as a Kenyan many Snow bunnies are coming to the country to look for husbands especially these women from the west like you said testosterone in the west has been lowered on purpose I don’t why but the Beckies are scooping brothers like tractors.

        I think in my opinion brothers still have that traditional mindset which scares the scraggle daggles ie be the provider,head of the house, and protector.

        Am even flabbergasted of how WW are insulting White males because of their feminine character and it’s no wonder many ww divorce the white husbands to go for a single childless black man because it has been proven by a wide margin black men are heavily involved in the life of their children.


        1. Edward Maina,

          It would seem that Filipinas are also rolling out to Africa in order to snag themselves a man:

          I can’t disagree, even though white women claim to want so called “equality”, deep down their desire is to serve the man. The good thing about places like Kenya is there are no feminist laws in place to advantage the woman in the event of a divorce/separation. The West has become an extremely evil place to live in, it’s done and needs to be abandoned when and where possible.

      2. @VERBS2015

        “Many white women wanted black men so they presented feminism to black women who ran with and mutated it beyond recognition, thereafter they separated themselves from black men which left said black men wide open to be scooped up by white women. If this was the original core plan, it is indeed ingenious.”

        Sheeeeit, I’d encourage other women to devise some plans to make more good brothers available to them. I love seeing good black men being appreciated, respected and loved by good women and building strong families. After suffering under these females we’ve been cursed with for so long, god knows we need a break.

        1. SYSBM Forever,

          It’s refreshing to be appreciated, respected and loved. Black women running with a decadent religion believing they could get one up on us permanently has been a blessing in terms of women from non black backgrounds swooping down and scooping up quality brothers. I’m all for things continuing in this fashion.

    2. The main goals of feminism for white women was equality in the workplace, not being a stay at home mother all the time, having the right to vote, having the right to own properties, having the freedom to travel abroad alone but also to date and marry the thinking black men.

    3. Edward Maina,

      I got something to add to your answer to your 2 question:

      About men wearing dresses, I agree with Verbs.

      I am going to add some note when it comes to Black Men especially in the Music industry, they are doing this to prove that they are more diverse than the white men. There were 2 black men who quit their acting job and choose to be broke and poor because they refuse to wear a dress in the movie. They are DC Curry and Tommy Lister Jr and I applaud them to it because they understand black culture cold unlike these Pro-Black Simps. Also they refuse to emasculate themselves for money unlike those rappers who practice homo-sexual.
      There are rare Black Men actors who refuse to wear a dress.

      David Chaperone =
      Michael Jai White =

      Black Women promotes the LGBT not because they trying to be diverse, they promote LGBT because Black females want to control them.
      When Black Females specially black feminist, they see emasculated gay men as weak so they have more powers over them.
      Another reason why these Strong, Educated, Independent females dates and go for Down Low/Sub-Gay men because these BW have leverage.
      BW hates Thinking masculine men with a strong heart because they cannot control them.

      Let us get to Interracial Relationship and White Feminism:

      I know about the history of the law called ‘Loving vs Virginia’ where it was a White Man who fought hard to make interracial relationship legal. The law is only apply to White Men only so they can have access to Black Women.
      White Feminist was against White Oppressors only, not other race. Just White Men. As soon as The White Men vote in ‘Women’s gender equality’ this basically counter ‘Loving vs Virginia’. Not undo or reverse because reverse meaning abolish the rule. But it was countered which basically means the White Women can also use the ‘Loving vs Virginia’ meaning they can date any man they want, especially Black Men.
      This is why there are lots of White Incels because it was the White system created feminist and they have to deal with it. As Verbs stated before that it is not Becky’s fault that they come, approach and like Black Men. If they like BM, cool and that is their preference.
      Link =

      I listen to Accountable Commentary/Blackout Channel YouTube channel. He mention that Beckys (White Women) who causes the divide and conquer Black Men and Women aka Black Love to eliminate their dating competition so Black Females fed this lies that how BM are oppressors to the Black Community which we all know this is a 100% Bullshit lie. As soon as many Black Women believe in this feminism, the White Women takes their place in BM’s mating selection.
      This been happening for decades.

      But I cannot know the White Feminist hustle to outdo their dating competition and it work.
      As as Wittexton Witwijf commented that the main goes of white feminism is to do their own hustle (work, own a home, vote) as well having dating options.

      1. Damn!!!😳😳 I never knew that white feminism did this it’s no surprise that incel activities is rising.

    1. We run to the burbs to get away from da queans, yet they follow us out there.

  2. The parading of transfolk on Kelly Clarkson talk show.

    Trace Lysette, Patricia Clarkson & Laverne Cox Hope ‘Monica’ Opens Doors For Transgender Community

    Laverne Cox Gets Emotional Meeting Alabama Transgender Teen & Supportive Dad

    Kelly Clarkson Show Producer Shares Empowering Journey Transitioning At 63

    Transgender Athlete Opens LGBTQ+ Inclusive Boxing Gym In Brooklyn

    Trace Lysette, Patricia Clarkson & Laverne Cox Discuss Trailblazing New Film ‘Monica’ One commenter in the comments of this video named @user-em1dw3ft6m had something to say against it and got flak.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Like I said before, one month just isn’t enough for these sodomites and trannies, they feel the need to push their agenda in our faces 24/7, 365, smh.

  3. Gentlemen,

    I find it incredible that this black female is completely negating the fact that most black men are raised in single mother households where all said men see growing up are their mothers bringing home different men. Black women don’t instil the end goal of marriage into the black boys they raise.

    Most black women treat black men like complete and utter garbage, it’s no wonder that black men don’t want to marry them. Of course as we already know black women view white men as god, therefore when a black witch is in a relationship with Admiral Frost, typically she’s on her best behaviour and the ratchet mannerism immediately get scrubbed.

    Also, despite this most black men are invisible to most black women, despite their horrible treatment of black men, there are still many who would marry a black female, however as we already know, most black women will only settle for thugs, gangsters, criminals, entertainers, rappers, Chad and Brad.

    Additionally, most black women don’t actually want marriage because they just aren’t built for it, they only want the wedding so they can flex to their followers on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram etc for likes, clicks, views and attention.

    Finally, in order for black women to SUCCESSFULLY date out, there has to be an equal interest from the non black men they’re trying to appeal to and as we know there isn’t. Non black men are not checking for black women in significant numbers despite what the black siren above is claiming.

    The solution for black women to date out is already a dead horse on arrival, I wish these black harriets would stop suggesting dating out for themselves as a viable alternative as if they have the leverage to do so because THEY DON’T.

    1. I do not think she negate the reason. I think she grew up in the like minded family environment and unaware that her friends are from the ghetto hood. Trying to understand why White Men are family oriented and the blacks are not.
      I also think her friends are not telling the truth why the BW are single whilst the counterpart are getting married and have a family.

      We know why BW are chronic single, but someone need to enlighten this female on TikTok why her Black female friends are single. Also as you pointed out the reason why they the BW are single, I think her friends are too shame to admit BW are at fault because her friends are not telling her that they are all matriarchy minded BW.

      She need to go on YouTube and do her research as ‘trying to figure it out’ in 2023, now 2024 next month, to me that she is not up to date with this whole ‘communitah’ the black society she is in.

      I hope she finds out sooner or later as she need to ditch those BW hood friends as they will contaminate her too.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    On my travels in the streets of London I see so many younger white guys dressing like women and acting very feminine and girly especially when they wear lipstick and when they paint their finger nails. It’s no wonder why many white women in 2023 are going for black men because we act more masculine and we dress and look like men.

    1. Brother are you saying 😳😢 that in London the beta male disease is ravaging the white boys ?? Poor unfortunate souls no wonder this phenomenon of bnwo is in full gear.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I see them wearing the ultra skinny jeans as well which unfortunately some black men have also picked up on. I really don’t understand how a man can throw his masculinity and manhood into the toilet so easily. This female centric behaviour has to stop, the way men should be appealing to women is through embracing their masculinity unreservedly, not flushing their manhood down into the sewer. Black men are the most masculine on the planet, despite most black men being raised by single mothers, as a group we don’t play around when it comes to preserving our masculinity and keeping it intact.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I thank God that I was born a masculine man despite the fact that I to grew in a dysfunctional single parent home.

  5. So I saw this short clip the other day on twitter of some typical ‘woe is me’ daggle:

    First 10 seconds, she’s absolutely right. But whose fault is that? They still keep repeating this tired “black men are colourist” line. Isn’t she light skinned herself? To her credit, she’s not bad looking in the face, so I find it hard to believe she’s never been approached by any black men and/or never rejected any herself.

    Not to mention, their credibility is shot to shit when they make these talking points, because they’re the same ones who openly lust after white men and high five each other every time one of them miraculously manages to bag one. Yet, they expect black men they don’t even know to only walk around with dark skinned black women just to make them feel better about themselves lol SMH. I could also touch on the fact that they shamelessly disrespect hard working black men and openly praise Pookies on social media. There seems to be this weird thing with them trying to make blue collar, working black men out to be the villains while the criminals are some kind of heroes. Tarantino high on acid couldn’t make this up. They don’t think that smart young black men read shit like this and it wouldn’t have any consequences?

    There’s never any talk of how they can treat good black men better and make themselves more desirable for them. It’s always easy to point the finger and have a scapegoat, because without that, there’s no need to look in the mirror literally and figuratively.

    In 2023, they don’t want to simply admit they fucked up and totally underestimated black men. They never thought the sleeping giant would wake up and all that disrespect would come back on them. They never thought they’d see the day when we would turn the tables and be the ones doing the rejecting and totally ignoring them while having an abundance of better options.

    You got black females making tiktok videos and going on podcasts bemoaning the fact that they’re not seeing black men out and about like before and when they do, brothers aren’t even looking in their direction. The interesting thing is, most black men are still hard headed, pathetic simps, so you’d think they’d just focus on the majority. Passport Bros and SYSBM are still very small (but growing rapidly), yet look at the waves we’re making already! I’m proud. When our numbers increase, they’re really in trouble. They can hide behind the jokes and ridicule all they want, but clearly they’re panicking and everyone knows it.

    Oh, and black women can forget about attempting to forge fake alliances with foreign women and even those domestically and trying to “warn” them about us broke dusties. They already burned those bridges when they insulted foreign women and bullied those at home who expressed any kind of interest in black men. But like the Filipina warrior Queen Joan J recently said “Black men, we already know what they’re doing. We’re not stupid and see how you’re being treated”.

    Oh well. Sucks for them. Great for us lol.


  6. SYSBM: It’s Open Mic Wednesday.
    White sugar honey: It’s time to roll them dice.

    That’s cool Verbs. Anyway, I haven’t roll the dice for long.

    When black women says that white men are better then black men, until they see the way white men treat them. they will abuse them or killing them and putting them in suitcase and leave them on the side of the road. And they don’t go for the Nice Guy Nick who drives a Mercedes Benz S500e, has a house in Hertfordshire and makes over £100,000 a year working in the city. They will go for the below average white man.

    As we see white men talking about black men dating non-black women and it’s mostly white women. the reason why the white sugar honeys are dating or being in relationships or marrying black men is that they’ve had enough with the beta male behaviour and some black men act masculine. And the beta male is a man that women don’t like.

    Black men are getting their passport relentlessly now because the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are getting too ratchet, too bitter. And so black men are just like “Yo blud, I’m not with this ratchet shit. Let me get my passport and fly out of dodge!” And that’s what they are doing. I’m not passport bro but they are flying out of here.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  7. Bro, move on with your life. What do you expect to accomplish through this website. Guest what, remember when you said my clock was ticking because I got a vaccine. I’m still here with a 3rd booster.

    1. Exposing SYSBM aka Aaron Fountain Jr,

      It’s been a long time Fountain Top. What do I expect to accomplish through this website? Giving free thinking black men a voice, exposing and shunning the decadent, degenerate culture that has permeated black society through none other than the modern day black female herself and showing other like minded black men that there are BETTER alternatives to dealing with a bad attitude wielding Keisha.

      Don’t be upset at us that you never managed to snag yourself a black “quean” by going in on SYSBM™ and the Black Manosphere, SYSBM™ Practitioners made it known over and over what type of black men black women much prefer but you still thought you could be the outlier, the Negro that bucked the trend, smh.

      In terms of the Convid-1984 jib jab, remember Fountain, it’s typically a 3-5 year span and that all depends on whether you were given the real thing or a placebo saline solution. Keep getting those boosters and assuredly one day you’ll be sorry.

      The entire plandemic has been exposed as nothing short of a population reducing, money making scam and you’re still out here believing the hype and taking your shots like a good, obedient slave, smh. Where is your “academic” intelligence bruh?

    2. It’s weird how guys like you stay stalking and trying to bait productive black men. Very feminine trait just like your butthurt single mammies who just can’t leave us alone. They have screamed from the mountaintop that swagged-out Thuggo and Raw Dog McGee is their preference yet they and you still got SYSBM and Passport Bros in their mouths. Why? Ain’t we “lames”? I don’t get it.

    1. Can’t help but think when the male gangsta rappers were encouraging Black youth to go out, sling dope and shoot each other (particularly the West Coast rappers pushing LA gangbang culture including the poster boy 2Pac), you were a “coon” or “sellout” if you spoke on the corrosive nature of rap and the collective dumbing down of the race. But now that it’s females pushing the degeneracy, everybody wants to shut down rap all of a sudden. Turns out C. Delores Tucker was right. Niggas are 40 years too late.

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I know what you mean by being busy; that’s just how life is sometimes. So, 2 weeks ago was the Thanksgiving holiday; both of my brothers came down to see the rest of family. The Saturday evening of that same week, I saw the inner machinations of the mind of a blue pilled Black male simp manifest themselves through my younger brother. How we got to that point I think was when one of us brought up the stragg from the viral Cheesecake Factory video; my younger bro then went full retard talking about how women are no longer settling for less and are now recognizing their worth (something to that effect). He even went off about Andrew Tate and how he is such a horrible example for young boys (you can probably guess what was said). He recited a whole encyclopedia of blue pilled talking points, liberal buzzwords, and even had a catalogue of TikTok videos to throw at us (he basically “Gish galloped” with everything he said); I called him a “triple cream certified blue pilled simp” to his face over the whole interaction.

    Another thing he did was ask my older brother and I if we consider ourselves to be the type of men women desire; I told him I could care less what these Western females think, and that your best bet is finding a traditional woman abroad. Any guesses on what his rebuttal to that was? He went off on Passport Bros! He even pulled up a TikTok video by some darkskinnned stragg using some random White guy who brought a Hispanic woman back to the US and she cheated on him with his neighbor; the indoctrination is real! One thing I took away from that encounter is that you can’t reason with people like that; I couldn’t even finish my thoughts without him interrupting me. I hate to admit it, but my brother is a maggle who got girl parts in him; and I don’t know if he can be saved. With that said, I’m grateful for SYSBM, Slaying Evil, and the progenitors of the online space for Black men; I wouldn’t know how to meet this head on if I never learned of this space.

    A 27-year-old BLACK woman was caught on camera pouring gasoline on the childhood home of slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Atlanta. Laneisha (EISHA…Need I say more) Henderson faces an attempted arson charge but she could be in even more trouble because the house is federal property.

    1. I don’t want the conversation to go off topic, but I do wish to share my 2 cents on the subject for the next Open Mic Wednesday; did you hear the host’s description of the program? They’re giving a rundown of the top stories in the world of crime, and her story is right up there with Hunter Biden!

    2. I know that we’ll get more into this next week, but the funny part.
      The pro blacks and the black Americans who claim FBA (Foundational Black America, Tariq Nasheed group) or ADOS were saying that the person was a foreign black, a non-american black. Some were even saying that she was from the uk.
      Got to love the xenophobia from the Pro blacks, lol!

  10. Breaking news, brothers, breaking news!

    I know y’all heard about the femcel daggle who tried to burn down MLK’s childhood home. Possibly radicalized by Cynthia G and her black man hating ilk. The chatter is she was mad because MLK allegedly messed with white women while married to Coretta. Military-trained domestic terrorist time bomb but watch them throw puff balls at her. Black bitches in the comments already making excuses for her.

    Meanwhile I saw a video of a group of brothers in Thailand who pooled their resources and opened a restaurant there.

    SYSBM and Passport Bros are leaving these bitches behind, not doing acts of domestic terrorism. We are NOT the same!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Definitely to be talked about in this week’s Open Mic Wednesday, you guys will have the complete floor once again.

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