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They Stay Drooling Over White Men, Even The Bums #SHORTS

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This ugly black siren had no problems putting this out on the internet for all to see, the fact that she tried to make a move on a homeless white guy and was sent packing, she still views the rejection as a win.

What’s even more of a disgrace is the fact that they’ll be some thirsty blue pilled, black male simp who’ll slip into her inbox calling her a queen and describing all the things he would do to and for her, smh.

If that homeless guy had been black, she wouldn’t have even given him a first glance yet alone hit on the dude, she wouldn’t have urinated on him if he was on fire nor would she have given him any spare change if he’d asked her for some.

The black female worship for the white male runs very deep, I stated before in many of my previous articles on the old website that black women will accept a white man in ANY condition.

Meanwhile for your average black guy, he is expected to jump through a 1001 hoops just to get a 1000 eyes cold stare from a black female.

This black female is supposedly a comedian from Australia, feel free to check out her Tiktok page because she has a few comedy clips on them, you tell me if she’s funny or not(we already know very few if any female comedians are funny).

I’m sure you’ve come across this woman before, she was the one who had the audacity to put out this video below:

I find such a comment very strange coming from a female who has a face that looks like a 60 car pileup on the freeway, this woman has NO salvageable aesthetics at all saving the fact that she’s in shape and isn’t build like a wide load cruise ship.

You know the saying, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, well the words “beautiful woman” should never be flowing from her mouth, she leaves herself wide open like a gutted chicken.

Don’t worry though, I’m more than certain they’ll be an ultra pro black simp waiting in the wings who’ll be willing to take one for the team, cuff and impregnate her, watch this space.

These black women are even out here writing novels about picking up homeless white men from off the streets, you pro black Negroes wouldn’t even get 2 pennies thrown in your direction, just remember that:

You black men who still choose to deal with black women should feel incredibly insulted, the fact that she’s so willing to give a white homeless guy a chance, meanwhile out of the gate she would expect your black-side to be earning 6 figures, have a 6 pack, be 6 feet plus tall, have a 6 inch member at minimum, own your own home, car, not have any children etc just to even talk to her, smh. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

To Black Women The White Man Is God, He Can Do No Wrong

Most High Bless

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34 thoughts on “They Stay Drooling Over White Men, Even The Bums #SHORTS

  1. If a white woman saw a black man homeless in areas where there are hardly any black people around, she would help the homeless black man.

    This depends on the environment and which nation it is.

    I don’t know if an asian woman or an arabic woman or an latina woman would help a homeless black man.

    A negress would never help a homeless black man and it don’t matter what environment or nation it is.

    1. No woman of any ethnicity would help a homeless Black man ever, but only his own so-called “sista” would clown him for being busted. Hell, they call 5-figure middle-class men “broke.” I don’t outright hate black bitches because they’re just being true to their demonic nature. I am disgusted though.

      1. @Schadenfreuden that’s not true when I was homeless and living on the street some white women went out of their way to help me 🤷🏿‍♂️

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      To be honest when it comes to a homeless black man, he’s more likely to receive help from a white man or a black man second(in the West). Women across the board don’t really help homeless men period unless they are part of a particular organisation dedicated to that. At least we can agree that a black female would never help a homeless black man, NEVER!

  2. I was wondering what that accent was, I thought she was Canadian or something. It’s always the ugly ones who are the most arrogant. Reminds me of the bdubs here. They’re not friendly at all and ten times as stuck up as their American cousins who at least have way more going for themselves facially and bodywise (when they bother to keep themselves in some kind of shape). I guess this Ugandan Aussie “comedian” can get some points for not being obese, I suppose. I actually remember that second video and she totally played herself with that one.

    It’s been a given they’ll take the lowest of the low when it comes to white men, but a black man has to be a Tupac/Ghost from Power/Super Saiyan hybrid and own a diamond/platinum/emerald credit card at the very least. Forget being a bus driver, electrician, builder etc. That ain’t good enough for “our” women when yo ass is black lol.

    I’m SYSBM to the core so I’ve already written them off entirely, therefore they’re not even on my radar when it comes to dating, sex and marriage anyway.

    Meanwhile, I don’t think black men in Australia are losing any sleep over her lol:

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      This is why I have to look at black men who are still bothering with these women with a serious side eye, reaching over gainfully employed black men to assist a white male bum, really? I just leave black women to it because in the overwhelming majority of cases we already know how the story ends.

      As you pointed out, it’s always a butter-face looking black female who has the most to say and the most fire in her chest.

      Since men control access to relationships, they should realise that it is women who must conform to their frame if they want the same, unfortunately we have a situation where most black men are premium grade simps who have voluntarily handed their power over to the black female, smh.

      1. I do not want to buy anything from simps,female beast worshippers,kkkweanlovers.I want no friendship,neighbors,etc.I would not even help save a simp that saves the “snake in the garden” amerikkkan and u.kkk black w*tch

    2. There’s just one problem with that:

      Saying that Black men live in Australia is like saying that there are Muslim Kryptonian leprechauns that live on Mars.

        1. I’m not referring to the aboriginal tribes and their descendants.

          1. Kameron Brown,

            Neither am I.

            With all due respect, a quick youtube search would have shown you this. We’re literally posting under an article about a black Aussie female, so how would it be a stretch to say there’s black men in Australia too?

  3. Verbs 2015.

    That black woman in the above videos is so hideously ugly that I wouldn’t touch her with a 10inch bargepole. Black women love their white lord and saviour because he can give her those prized mixed race kids with those blue eyes and that good hair. You still get these foolish pro blacks pining for these ugly manly looking beasts and at the same time these same ugly arse black women wouldn’t even look at their direction or if these pro blacks do get a chance with these horrid looking black women you have go through all these unnecessary hoops just to get a hello while these white guys don’t have to do jack shit but just be white. I am not going to jump through any hoops just to get with a woman because the woman have to like me and find me physically attractive from the get go without me having to do anything at first. I thank God that I am a SYSBM black man.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with your bro. Black women using every external appendage they can lay their hands on have gone to great lengths in their attempts to looking more attractive, however they’ve only succeeded in making themselves look like mutant trannies and science experiments gone horribly wrong.

      As you stated and I fully concur, I’m not jumping through any hoops for any female yet alone a black witch. SYSBM till the wheels fall off and even then we’re still willing to roll on rims and watch the sparks fly. #SYSBM™

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. That black woman in the videos looks like a fucking gargoyle.

  4. LOL @ the 4 and 5 star reviews for that fan fiction on Amazon. They literally fantasizing about loser white bums, while mocking and ridiculing their own men who fall on hard times. Your rank and file brother just does not know or chooses to ignore the depths of black females’ hatred of him smh.

    Holy sh*t that woman is ugly. She look like she got smacked in the face with a frying pan. “Beautiful woman that’s out of your league?” Uganda be kidding me.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I just checked that book again and at the time of writing this response, the rating has gone down to 3.7, lol. The white man is truly an infallible god to this modern day black female, he can do no wrong even when he beats her to within an inch of her own life or takes her life altogether.

      As for black men, we’re guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of nearly all black females, they want black men to prove themselves to them to even consider considering them for a date, let that sink in deep.

      Yep, the chick is straight busted, the only recognition she’ll get from me is for the fact that she’s not overweight.

  5. First time commenter, long-time reader.

    I was thinking about how thirsty black women are for white men just yesterday when, on Reddit, a black woman asked white men if they found black women desirable.

    Most said yes (imho, most of them were lying so they wouldn’t get downvoted to oblivion by the PC crowd), but many said no. The ones who said no were either (1) immediately attacked by the black women for being racist, colorist, etc., or (2) the black women pleaded with them to change their minds and give black women a chance.

    It’s pathetic. If you have to ask if a group of men finds you attractive, the answer is no. No one has to ask if white guys find Asian women attractive because the answer is obvious.

    Black women want white men SO BADLY and will debase themselves completely and utterly in an effort to get one.

    But the statistics are clear: white men will sleep with a black woman on a slow Tuesday, but 99.9 percent of them won’t date/marry a BW. And the tiny percentage that does date/marry BW are the low-value white men that other races of women have rejected and don’t want.

    Meanwhile, a black man with his act together can date and marry whomever he wants.

    And black women HATE that. It’s why they can’t stop being bitter about black men dating out.

    1. SYSBM Now, SYSBM Forever (interesting name BTW lol),

      “Meanwhile, a black man with his act together can date and marry whomever he wants.
      And black women HATE that. It’s why they can’t stop being bitter about black men dating out.”

      What’s ironic is that black women will be the FIRST to ridicule a black man’s looks and call him ugly. Yet I’ve seen so called “ugly” black men with some of the finest women you’ll lay eyes on. Why is that? I could post so many examples it would cause the site to crash.

      Unfortunately for bdubs, dark skin is associated with masculinity, hence why most non black men who will even look at them will usually go for the light skin or caramel complexion types. It also explains why other men get insecure and afraid whenever brothers are around their women, but NO non black women see bdubs as a threat in any way when it comes to their men.

      As a black man, you just need to clean up nice and have some sense and the world’s your oyster.

    2. SYSBM Now SYSBM Forever,

      Glad to have you onboard sir. You just cannot win with the black female even as their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost. Let’s not forget what happened to white male YouTuber The Vegainator when he was interviewed by the former high priestess of Swirl Mountain Miss Christelyn Karazin and he stated that he didn’t swirl.

      Karazin and her motley crew savaged him viciously even to the point where he was let go from his employment because they called in to his workplace non stop. Black men aren’t out here begging for non black females to like us, we simply deal with the ground that we are given accordingly.

      Additionally, black women wouldn’t need to go around begging white and other non black men to like them if they didn’t hate themselves so much and hate black men equally. Black women just don’t want to accept that they are the white man’s flunky and sex slave, they wish so badly their relationship had more depth.

      Black women hate the fact that they’re in a different boat than us when it comes to interracial dating, this is why they and their pro black, blue pilled simp flunkies frequently attempt to spread the false narrative that black men aren’t wanted by non black women either, however nothing could be further from the truth.


  6. This is an interesting post.

    This women is just butt-ugly. Plain and simple.
    Your topic cover is spot on when you put a picture of this BW praying. Yes, she is praying very hard for the white lord. Bowing down submissive hard, but never show this to a BM.

    Verbs wrote:
    “she still views the rejection as a win.”

    A win? Win how? She tool a major ‘L’ because she even ask the bum out and this broke homeless WM even turn her down.
    It is no different saying an Incel do not even want BW. She even double down by making a video bragging about how she got rejected buy a homeless hobo.

    Verbs wrote:
    “You black men who still choose to deal with black women should feel incredibly insulted, the fact that she’s so willing to give a white homeless guy a chance, meanwhile out of the gate she would expect your black-side to be earning 6 figures, have a 6 pack, be 6 feet plus tall, have a 6 inch member at minimum, own your own home, car, not have any children etc just to even talk to her, smh.”

    As Andy C, me or Mister Master call it – The ‘God-Devil Man’.
    Number represent the devil and perfection as a God. Even they meet one, they will be taken by foreigners anyway. Kevin Samuel already proved it.

    BW makes looks of thug, swirling and bum novels because they truly fantasize them. They can call it it ‘skit’, ‘fake’, ‘fiction’ for all I care, but deep down in their rotten souls that they want and need them because they wrote the book.

    1. >This women is just butt-ugly. Plain and simple.

      That, sir – is highly insulting to butts everywhere… LMFAO!


      1. Thebackhandofreality,

        Another batch of Ls are required to be dispatched and distributed quickly, can L Express deliver?

    2. “A win? Win how? She tool a major ‘L’ because she even ask the bum out and this broke homeless WM even turn her down.
      It is no different saying an Incel do not even want BW. She even double down by making a video bragging about how she got rejected buy a homeless hobo.”

      She’s so ugly she got turned down by a hobo with no prospects, let that sink in lol. I guess you have to be delulu just to get through the day if you look like her. And did you see that smile at the end? She look like a racist product from 1918. “Jigaboo Washing Powder” or some shit lol.

      The West is cooked lmao

    3. MMT,

      “BW makes books of thug, swirling and bum novels because they truly fantasise them. They can call it it ‘skit’, ‘fake’, ‘fiction’ for all I care, but deep down in their rotten souls that they want and need them because they wrote the book.”

      Exactly, this is what they really want, since they claim to be so “strong” they should just come out and admit it instead of ducking and weaving every time their true desires are brought up.

  7. White sugar honey: Hun, is it true that there’s a black woman is with a homeless man?
    SYSBM: Yep. I think they are living under the flyover on the North circular Road.
    White sugar honey: Oh God!

    Right, I have no issues of a black women dating a non-black man, ah hell! I always say that. listen here! When a black woman dates a non-black man and it’s mostly a white man, they don’t go for the Nice Guy Nick who makes £100,000 a year, has a big home in Hertfordshire and drives a Mercedes Benz S500Le. Oh no, they go for the below average white man and I mean the bottom of the barrel.

    It really goes to show that black women don’t have any standards at all when it comes to men. Not only they go for the most worthless black men but they go for the hopeless of white men as well. Like the ratchet scraggly who said that she got rejected by the homeless white man. Kid Organic said that he heard that a black woman was with a homeless white man who was living under a bridge. A bridge!?

    People especially black people say that black men will go for a fat white woman when they date interracially. I have seen black men with fat white women but I also see black men with fat black women as well. maybe more, but when it comes to black women and interracial dating, Lord have mercy! They will go for a white man who is below average or bottom of the barrel.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  8. Bro, this hideous stragg looks just like a mechanic I used to go to! Females with faces like hers are why Viagra was created; does anybody else find it odd how she declared this as if it were a good thing? How do you mix up a White hipster male with a bum? The funny thing about this video is that she stated how low her standards are when it comes to men, but even that same homeless White guy has higher standards than she does! The late David Carroll would’ve had the biggest field day with this video; as he said, “his White skin has the ability to cover up imperfections and sins”. Whiteness is perfection to the scraggle daggle; any Black man who still chooses to deal with these broads needs to have his head checked out. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      If the blue pilled, pro black simps want to continue dealing with the black witch then they’re free to do so, however what I have a problem with is when they expect me to do the same and then attempt to shame and insult me when I refuse to debase myself as they have.

      The hideous looking stragg as you called her is free on the market for anyone of these fist pumping, red, black and green maggles to cuff, marry and impregnate, meanwhile she’s not even looking in the direction of black men, instead she’s hard chasing after homeless white dudes, you cannot make this stuff up.

    2. Lawd I miss Dr. Carroll. I believe he was taken out by the CIA, same as Kevin Samuels. The Malcolm and MLK of dealing with black females, both gone now. No coincidence.

  9. ” when black people say that the white man will put his secret weapon, his women on them. Who he means is the black woman”
    Paraphrase from the Lord Commander Mad Busdriver
    Not much else I need to add. We have discuss how this woman was brought over from Africa to the states and in some cases Europe to be the help mate of the dominant system, of her man the snow yeti. Black man romanticize black woman and idea of what she is. Not the reality of who she is and she tells you everyday.
    Off topic, check out a post I just put up an off topic section. Reason why I mentioned it here is because it really got under my skin. They pulling us into s*** we shouldn’t even be involved in I’ll just leave it at that.
    Enjoy your week and the holidays if you’re in the States


  10. Now I’ve seen it all, an Australian black woman trying to get it on with a homeless white dude who said no.

    Sergeant Ice Sheet gets the free pass from heaven because of his light skin complexion, but you black man on hard times get called a dusty broke ass nigha. Make that make sense.

    Goes back to why so many eligible BM love to debase themselves and submit – body mind and soul – to the demon witch Daggle.

    WEF stooge George Soros said that “black people are the easiest to manipulate”, which should tell you that the George Floyd theatre act was false, yet nighas were willing to burn shit down, including their own businesses. So what hope for the brainwashed simp who is mind fucked to follow the Daggle to clean up after her?

    BM – go where you’re wanted and go far from Daggle central. Head to the North if you’re in London, head outside the metropolis to find decent women. It isn’t that scary believe me.

  11. I’ve been saying for the longest time that the vast majority within the sistahood want to be Miss Ann. In other words, they want to side step Becky and Rachel in order to stand next to white men at the head of the socioeconomic table.

    That’s why they’ll worship the ground of a homeless, white man while telling the entire planet that black men are ‘dusty’ for not making six figures a year. That’s why they have no problems with a white man’s physique but will clown a black guy if he isn’t ripped with a 9″ personality and a smooth mouthpiece.

    And yet, they still want us around to help maintain the infrastructure of society and perform non-sexual tasks for them, which explains their utter hatred of passport bros. Go figure…

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