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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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This guy cannot be serious, who’s man is this? I hope these are skits and not for real.


This is the problem with the introduction of social media, it’s completely intertwined actual real events with fake skits, so more time you don’t know what is genuine Vs what is scripted. Even if these aren’t real, they still represent your average child minded, blue pilled, pro black simp.

In other news I thought I would take us back 7 years to 2016 when rapper Trick Daddy told black women to tighten up:

Trick Daddy tried to warn black women back in 2016 and as predicted they didn’t listen. In typical black female fashion they attacked him personally instead of taking onboard the points he made.

Fast forward to 2023 and the dating landscape has completely changed, more black men than ever before are choosing to give black women the boot altogether opting for White, Latina and Asian women instead. Then on top of this we have the Passport Bros choosing to ditch Western women completely.

SYSBM™ cannot be stopped, we’ve been saying this for years. Black women are now having to sit up and take black men checking out more seriously, however it’s far too late for them to turn things around.

We already know these black sirens are really starting to feel the heat, just look at the recent video with the black American female who went to Cartagena Colombia pretending to be Brazilian just to hang out with black American men so she could ponce some free drinks from them:

I’ll keep on saying it till the cows come home, black women aren’t about to allow you to ride off into the sunset with your non black female significant other without a fight whether it be on domestic or foreign land.

Keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six out here gents, these disgruntled black female miscreants have proven that they are more than prepared to travel to the ends of the earth if it gives them even a small chance/opportunity to attempt to harass, sabotage, ruin and destroy your relationship with your non black girlfriend/wife.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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43 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. To be honest even Kenyan brothers are being checked by Becky maria and ling ling it’s getting better than ever

  2. If that ain’t a fake tattoo then it ain’t a skit.

    This would also mean that no one would hire him after a job interview.

    The negress would leave him homeless.

    No ethnicity race of women would help a blackistan male.

    This blackistan simp is better off going MGTOW cause no woman would want a guy that has the name of his ex girlfriend tatted on.

    If the tattoo is fake then I would think it is a skit but still based on reality of blackistan.

    American passport bros would have to leave USA in silence.

    Don’t tell any friends or family members where you are going and don’t post on social media.

    I don’t have this issue but if I did have this issue and wanted to travel overseas from U.S to find a white girlfriend, this would be the smartest way to move like a lonewolf.

    1. I singled out two of your statements.

      a) American passport bros would have to leave USA in silence.

      b) Don’t tell any friends or family members where you are going and don’t post on social media.

      This whole Passport Bros movement I believe is hijacked by certain American dudes like Auston Holleman for instant internet fame and Cashapp money. Now, you have white men who has been expating for decades repping said movement for their own hustle (for money and fame) on the open airwaves.

      Many Passport Bros of today (not disciplined) want to be seen and heard and then get mad if some western broad(s) ends up traveling to the same plane destination as them. On the black side, it was in Barranquilla early last year and some black dudes was furious when the queans was there, then the Charles Tyler beach confrontation in Brazil by a AAW (how he called them) in 2016-ish.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Yep, definitely agree that telling people nothing is the best way to go. Let them discover things after the fact.

      Too many brothers and those who identify with Passport Bros are blabbermouths and part of the reason why this foolery is happening.

    3. I don’t disagree with any of that. But let’s be honest, moving in silence is not stopping these people from talking.
      It’s just not.
      The main overall $1 quadrillion reason that this movement started is because women and the haters criticize these guys. Their criticisms gain more traction and have gone more viral than anything Auston Holloman could do. The only difference is that when Auston was getting roasted for his pics, he clapped back on Tiktok. A platform that we all know is basically Daggle territory.
      The comments against this group and women in those countries where condescending, absurd, bigoted, at times xenophobic, and really embarrassing as an American to be honest.
      The American Media was showcasing not the passport bros, but mostly the criticisms of them. Leslie Jones anyone?
      On YouTube it started because of the whole passport gate. Which was rumors of child abuse started by haters (Ramil Amyr, Supasly75, RegTheBadGuy,etc. The same goons talking s*** about SYSBM) on YouTube almost 6 years ago.
      These dudes and really passport Brothers at this point is reactionary. Which understandably May cost them more momentum and energy.
      They didn’t start this.
      Just in the States they’re too small of a group to have an impact. Hell black women travel at almost three times the rate as black men.
      So, the women’s showing up to the country, oftentimes they’re already there.
      Charles Tyler and his movement was moving quietly on Facebook and became the talk of town once women and maggles started talking about it. I was there when you had random women making comments on post among group members.
      Unfortunately due to the stigma of traveling it’s just different for us Americans. For other blacks in the diaspora, traveling is basically like getting your driver’s license. It is what it is
      These people come to your spaces, just like people come to our space. You are a black man who are making moves and your going against the status quo. You are always be talked about. You are not getting ignored. You will have people taking shots at you no matter what. We know that.
      Look at m************ who claim they are MGTOW (but you haven’t went your old way from a color coded system created by the government that see you as white peasants like they did your ancestors. Raw male nature means going your own way from systems and being truly completely independent as a man from any type of labels. But I digress). Hell, some non-Black RP creators who take random low-key shots at black man and then claim it’s a joke or you being fragile because you can’t take a joke. ( that’s not the right literal context for fragile or fragility, but well we’re talking about borderline illiterates here LOL) Look at Young Rippa AKA Eric July is going through.
      This is why moving in silence is way more nuanced than that. But I understand the sentiments. I believe it would be in their best interest, I just think we’re past that point.
      If the women talk about it and make it an issue. It’s not going anywhere until THEY say so.
      Just like now suddenly the epidemic of lonely men and lack of marriage and babies is now an issue in mainstream. That’s about a decade too late.
      That’s the gynocracy.
      And as (possible?) SYSBM bro Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino would say


    4. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Agreed, Passport Bros at this stage need to begin moving in silence, they’ve done to good deed in putting the message out there to other black men that there are much better options available abroad.

      Unfortunately black women and non black females to a lesser degree decided to intercept that message and put in their 2 pence worth of opinions(which nobody asked for).

      Genuine Passport Bros and true SYSBM soldiers now need to watch their six now more than ever because black women have demonstrated that they’re more than willing to cross borders in order to attempt to sabotage and ruin black male/foreign female relations.

  3. As for the skits. I take is real because even it is a fake or a joke. Most of the time, BW original recording is they make it 100% real to shame men and boys. When this backfired, they will call it a ‘skit’ as a scapegoat.
    Also the world see how the black culture portray themselves and how they get stereotype.

    2 Examples:

    In 2016 during the US Presidential election. The school did a make or a joke election. The BW found out that his son voted for Trump because he was popular. So she make the little boy homeless and make an example out of him in real life. As soon as it went viral, the CPS (Child Protection Service) intervene or a child abuse investigation.
    Then she say that ‘it was a skit’. No it was real and saying it is a skit because she got caught.

    Another one, the Cheesecake Factory date, that BW was shaming the Indian Guy. Because the Indian Guy stand his ground she got humiliated. So what was her response, ‘it was a skit’. No, it was real and it backfired.

    Most of the Black communitah double down just by uploading it to public such as Facebook, YouTube and even World Star Hip Hop.
    Thinking person with common sense would not even thinking about posting it on Social Media for the world to see.
    They think before they upload. But not the Communitah, not the matriarchy, it is just for viral and clout.

    Shawn James made a video about this.
    Link =

  4. Verbs 2015.

    The SYSBM lifestyle is a God send to my life that I will never ever date black women again and I will never ever return back to the black community. The majority of black women these days in 2023 look really horrid and ugly.

    1. It sure is and I agree with you.
      SYSBM taught a lot of brothers not to deal with negative females and to put your foot down when it comes to standard.
      The Red-Pill use to say ‘When Liberal Feminist meets Social Media, it shows their true colours’.
      Which they always do. Every day.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I completely concur with your statement, the black community is finished, there is no saving it even though the pro black squads believe otherwise. Indeed, very few black women these days are attractive because most look like freakish trannies.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      It’s funny because the mineral iodine pushes harmful substances like pesticides, mercury, lead, fluoride, cadmium, chlorine etc out from the body, yet iodine levels have plummeted because these days it rarely if ever is put into the soils. Having sufficient iodine levels also raises your IQ by the way.

      Since we know that heavy metals impair brain function, could the decrease in iodine intake coupled with an increase in exposure to heavy metals(particularly through chemtrails) be one of the main reasons why so many folks lined up to get injected with the Convid-1984 death shot? It’s just something to think about and muse on.

      Incidentally, iodine is also link to optimal reproductive health especially with the prostate. Could an increase in prostate cancer and the enlarging of the prostates of men particularly in the West be the result of not taking in enough iodine? Something else to think about.

      Iodine is also very important in maintaining optimal fertility, could a decrease in iodine intake be one of the main reasons why so many folks(both men and women) are infertile? Something else to think about.

      For anybody who is interested, please check out the links below:

    1. That story was shown on the local news just recently. I’m back home visiting family. There is a lot of damage control by people among that group right now in some of the local papers.

  5. The scraggle daggles complain that Black men are killing them. Black men are not killing them. But grownup scraggle daggle raised black boys like the one in the video, are killing them.

    The pookie simps and the thug simps are killing daggles everyday, when the daggle kicks them to the curb.

    This is their problem, not mine. The pookie simps, the thug simps, the garden variety simps, and the scraggle daggles, truly deserve each other.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson will never learn anything worthwhile. All of this loyalty he’s reserved for black women yet his own female counterparts aren’t even giving him the time of day, smh.

      This is one of many reasons why I cannot take this clown seriously especially when it comes to his stance on interracial dating. If black women are so great, why isn’t he married to one yet?

      Besides, the dude can’t even open up that boys academy he’s been promising for years. Too many black folks are still giving this court jester credit when he has some major shortcomings that still need to be addressed.

      1. Umar is one of many disciples of the 1990s hustle culture in the black urban environment. My observation, the black entertainment, social empowerment movements (red, black and green), etc from that time period on has been about the hustle off of people’s emotions and money.

    2. GerbilFace hasn’t got a leg to stand on, his own dog whistle demagoguery has caught up with him and in response people are seeking him out to challenge and counterattack his bullshit. He knows full well that white women are the key in unraveling his empire so he demonises then in public whilst desiring them in secret.

      Glad GerbilFace he’s getting that work.


    Listening to this from 1:10 onwards confirms what you said here and what we mentioned the other week in the 10/11/2023 article. These aren’t isolated incidents either, because a cousin of mine from Arizona who isn’t even a Passport Bro came back from Mexico recently and confirmed this is a thing now. But they feel “unsafe” around us. Make it make sense.

    Where are all the “good black women” to speak up and call out their fellow sisters? Crickets as usual. Why aren’t they telling them that going abroad just to harass people is childish behaviour and would actually worsen their image considering they’re in countries where the women are feminine and classy?

    If black men said they were gonna follow black women to different countries just to be a nuisance and sabotage them, they’d get shamed and universally condemned so hard they wouldn’t even be able to show their face anymore.

    It’s like bdubs know they have nothing to lose at this point so they’re just going all out like the Devil being ousted from heaven and causing as much chaos as possible until their time is up.

    Black men are ignoring them, but like he said and what I said the other week, that might make some of them get violent. By all means, practice self defense and rock their jaw if that’s ever the case. I’d rather the police snatch them up though while black men remain calm and poised so any women we’re with or onlookers can see what our counterparts are like compared to us. Calling the police or warning security to keep an eye on them is a good idea lol. Let them be on the next episode of Banged Up Abroad if they want to play stupid games. Many black men are in prison because of them anyway, it’s only right we return the favour.

    1. Great points! And yes there is a bright side to all of this. Some of the bw’s Antics overseas went under the radar because of no one really paying attention to the travels of the women. But once black man started traveling and the controversy with passport Brothers happen. And even though some of them have become reactionary and put themselves at a disadvantage. The whole passport Bro thing and them biting off of men because that’s just what women do; it had highlighted and exposed just how these women be acting overseas. I’ve always known this and I’ve seen some of it for myself, especially when I was in The Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Dr, and The Bahamas. Places where bw’s were not low-key like they would be in Colombia parts of Europe Etc.
      One of my homies from college were telling me about the number of American black chicks he was smashing just on a weekend after his GF cheated on him. I think he said about 8, two of them a “little overweight” (they were fat for real LOL) according to him but he he got drunk off rum and didn’t care. Even f*** the white woman LOL! That’s just one story. He says stories like that was common among his uncles. Which would be in the 80s and 90s. I won’t even get into stories that even my dad told me about this LOL
      Let’s be real, it wasn’t like The Sisterhood was going to talk about it LOL that Code of Silence Is Real among them. Until it gets them f***** up.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      I can confirm firsthand that these black sirens are funnelling themselves into Cancun, Mexico and Cartagena, Colombia. Shortly before I came back from Colombia last weekend, I went on a 5 island boat trip for the day and I saw several other boats with weave/lace front wearing daggles en tow drinking and twerking up the place like a blue storm.

      Additionally, I visited this restaurant below which is in the Bocagrande area of Cartagena and the daggles were rolling in strong taking a thousand and one pictures to put up on their Instagram and TicTok accounts. It is actually a good restaurant by the way:

      Here is further proof of daggles going to Cartagena:

      Did you hear what the siren said, they visit the restaurant to take pictures and videos, exactly what I was talking about above. The black women looked like performing seals in that place, I should’ve gotten some video footage of their loudmouth tom foolishness.

      I chose to stay in a different, more quiet area of Cartagena because of them and the constant barrage of street vendors always trying to sell tours and activities in the prominent tourist zones.

      This rhetoric of daggles feeling unsafe around black men is pure cap, they just want to keep their scapegoats within reach and continue to suck off them no matter where in the world black men are.

      The black witch is now operating with an all or nothing attitude, this is why brothers need to keep their heads on a swivel and watch their 6 at all times.

      My personal recommendation for free thinking brothers is for them to avoid staying in the tourist hotspots and instead relocate themselves to the more quieter areas of the city.

      1. Verbs2015,

        When I was in Cartagena back in 2019 for a few days I was staying at the Varanasi Hotel which is literally walking distance from the airport. Thankfully I didn’t run into any of these harridans then nor when I was in Medellin, but from what I’m hearing things have changed a lot in just a few years.

        They just have to be an embarrassment everywhere. You go to the cinema, a group of them will walk in late (while you sit there just praying their seats aren’t anywhere near yours) and disturb everybody by talking loud throughout the movie and laughing at scenes that aren’t even funny. Anything to get attention.

        What gets me is that they do all this foolishness in some of the most inappropriate places and in front of anybody. Like damn, learn how to read the room. If you’re in a setting where you’re acting up and other people are behaving themselves while looking at you in disgust or ignoring you completely, surely a part of your brain should signal to you that maybe this isn’t the time or place SMH.

        1. SYSBM Forever,

          That video you posted is an absolute disgrace, these black harridans really have no idea how to conduct themselves in public. Fortunately I haven’t been around any of these daggles when they’ve been performing their mating ritual, the embarrassment to be around such uncouth, unbridled, unprincipled savages would be beyond measure.

          Thank God when I was at that restaurant, none of the hoards of black sirens who were there decided to break out into engaging in foolish and embarrassing activities. They were much more concerned about getting their innumerable photos and videos for Instagram and TikTok.

          I’ve definitely had experiences when I’ve been walking down the street and I’ve heard some females behind me being loud. I’ve turned to see who is responsible only to say “I thought so, typical”.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      They’re really still trying to keep this Convid-1984 garbage continuing in the spotlight and at the same time desperately trying to cover up all of the “sudden deaths, sudden illnesses, heart attacks, blood clots, strokes” etc all being caused by the jab, smh.

  7. My fellow Knights, this is a gatekeeping message.
    Check out this live stream, at least after the 2 hours 17 minute mark
    They’re talking about Pablo Freshcobar. Now, I’m not at all familiar with Truism l and I know a little bit about Freezone Lou. I seen them over on SKC channel. No Holds Barred over there, of course.
    Pablo responded with this
    and this
    We pointed out some of the flaws that we think of passport bros, most of us have to give them their props and have been supportive of them. And since the media will try to use this to slander BM like they usually do is a reason why some of us have suggest that they move in silence. General Tito made a video about it over the weekend echoing the same sentiments.
    But I also understand that they do need to gate keep and they’re obviously trying to reach a lot of younger men to let them know that they have more options than just being downtrodden in the states, the uk, or parts of the West .
    Some of our criticisms were never to the point that this live stream from truism and freezone Lou and crew went.
    Again, I’m not that familiar with these guys, and really , they come off more as people capping for the women then what SYSBM discuss. I’m I’m just saying.
    Gw3 and Tre the NBD was there, so that’s why Pablo framing it as an attack from us.
    That livestream’s main point was that Passport Bros need to stop talking about Western women and specifically Daggles and what they do since they’re traveling.
    The same argument that has been made to you Verbs and Mbdx and others to “stop talking about the communitah since we’re now dating a different type of Stargate.” A old 19th century argument.
    Truism channel is too f****** small for all of SYSBM to be brought into a f****** beef with the passport Bros and Pablo. Pablo is pretty transparent and open and they use that to go in on them personally. That’s not how we roll.
    The comment section is where we get called out for not sticking to our tenets. Again, some of those people are came as fast but I never heard of them.
    Phantom clutch made a video against some of us members years ago because we weren’t telling the other side or being honest about IR dating or how women act overseas. Insinuating that we were putting them on a pedestal. ( do these m************ not read the tenets? Its right there. You can’t back down from that. Either you do it or you don’t. I digress damn)
    Since I’m subscribed to him, I talked to Pablo. He stated that he has NO BEEF with SYSBM, just this Truism guy. Apparently, he also talked to some of the other Knights, including Verbs.
    I told him we ain’t got no beef with him for no reason. We got other things going on and we’re winning. That s*** is between him and Truism. I can’t find it, but apparently he’s clapback at him. Oh well
    It’s conflicting because I understand that it may seem like that with bitter and we’re trying to get revenge on the bw.
    At the same time, we cannot just sit by and let them run their mouth like they did when we were kids in the 90s. (Or the 2000s when it was online if you were a kid then LOL).
    We understand that here and so do the passport Bros
    Pablo emphasize wanting to gatekeep for the Passport Brothers. I understand, as we can all agree that they’re going to need some organization because of the attention they’ve been getting.
    I can’t not Pablo for doing his part. In addition to Aaron Ferris, founder of Black Man Travels with Charles Tyler.
    They’re obviously organizing, despite the nature of passport and traveling being a independent activity for that person. Eventually they will go under the radar and just talk with their audience. Like Low-key what SYSBM did, even though people still talk about SYSBM.
    But to say that Black man shouldn’t be talking about the community or whatever because they’re not dating in the community, is absurd because those guys will not keep our names out of their mouth.
    I don’t like that argument that we should not talk about the community when these m************ are still steady talking about us.
    How about you don’t talk about us and we don’t talk about you. But they’re not talking or communicating in good faith anyways.
    It’s for clicks and views and it’s non-sexual interaction for women who lack it.

    1. Mack G,

      I told Pablo that SYSBM™ doesn’t have any beef with him, I don’t know who Truism or Freezone Lou are. If they have issues with Pablo then they need to state that and not attempt to put SYSBM™ on the contention label.

      The business about black men not talking about the community anymore because we are no longer dating black women is completely absurd because as I’ve mentioned many times before, the overwhelming majority of us are passing by and still interacting with black women under other capacities(family members, workplace, customer service, restaurants, stores, public transport, in the streets etc).

      The foul attitude of the modern day black female isn’t isolated to only the black men she dates, nope, she carries that same foul attitude everywhere she goes and has no problems throwing that bad vibe in the direction of black men whenever she comes into contact with us.

      Additionally, many of us have had to face off against the evil bastard seeds this black witch has created and unleashed into the local community. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been mean mugged by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Field Mouse while innocently going about my daily business.

      I remember when I was younger getting into many confrontations and altercations with Keisha’s devil seedlings. We can’t and won’t stop talking about black women because black women are still causing an impact on our lives even though we don’t date them.

  8. It could be a skit but I know that there are so many simps like this guy who breed up the next woman and getting kicked out for it. And let me tell you something. You see these type of simps, they’re the fools that will come after black men who talk about the ratchetness of black women.

    Trick Daddy said that these Latinas and white women are getting fine. I can’t disagree with that. There are some fine white honeys and hot Latin peppers. So black women have to step their game up. But the thing is that black men are now dating non black women and leaving black women into the dust.

    And the woman who is in Columbia trying to act Brazilian hanging with the passport bros to get a free drink. I know that these passport brothers are not goanna hang with her. They are goanna hang around with the Columbian honeys, you get me? The passport brothers is not my thing but I do support men especially black men who get their passports and travel overseas just to look for a woman to wife up.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Brother money cultural you have spoken the bitter truth let me explain what I have seen as a Kenyan.

      (1) SYSBM is made up of productive brothers whom the black community reject only to harass them when they succeed.
      2. Scraggle daggles cannot love a professional bm because she can’t control him since he has his head straight.
      3.let us say 88% of bw embraced feminism unaware it was a trap to be a single mom to be a dependent slave on welfare system.
      4. Brothers who embrace SYSBM are free both physically and mentally.
      5. Productive bm are in demand all over the world including here in Africa.

      Let me explain no 3 which is crucial to understand why the bw is in the bottom of the bottomless.

      Money cultural in the west white women were the founders of feminism the bw in her foolishness fell into the boiling pot of feminism not knowing for the next fifty years she was going to be cooked with welfare pookie and ray ray as her plantation stew or the simps as they are called.

      BM who were successful in any field eg medicine engineering etc were rejected called stupid names such as coon and were left alone HOWEVER this is where the blurred lines of feminism were drawn WW who were also part of the feminist movement took advantage of the void bw left and took brothers who were working to improve their wellbeing. Anton Daniels stated clearly that feminism was meant to destroy the black family and bw with their stupidity embraced it.

      2nd Anton Daniels stated clearly white feminism opened the door for interacial marriage,WW have the upper hand in this ,brothers are not checking for Becky, maria or ling ling it is the other way round it is the other way round. This because feminism gave WW the right to check for brothers in work places etc etc, for this she- boons it’s going to be a cold day in hell come 2024.Brothers the black community is in the bottom of the ocean like the Titanic grab your passports or join SYSBM like life boats and escape the sinking ship ie the blackistan.


    I find this video ironic, because this black woman is stating the reasons why people don’t want to see black men happy, when she should be adding her fellow sisters to the list. (I also find it kind of funny Phil is stating how people hate on the type of women black men are with, when just a couple of months ago he was berating black men who choose much younger partners lol, but I digress…)

    Black men can’t do anything positive amongst themselves without black women trying to sabotage it or saying something negative. If they were standing on the corner smoking weed with guns tucked in their boxers it would be a turn on though.

    Black men suited up, educated and looking like they have any kind of potential is a threat to bdubs because they know deep down they don’t deserve those men and are unlikely to be able to control them and have nothing to leverage. Plus black men having any kind of power means they have options and don’t need you for anything, therefore bdubs have to berate them so they can be “put back in their place” – how is that any different to how the white man operates?

    This woman can talk about “the world” all she wants, but it was because of black women (mainly female family members) why I had low self esteem and lacked confidence as a young boy growing up. Even in later years, it’s only black women who talk about bullshit when I’ve had other things going on like studying for my field. Other women celebrate it and even express an interest in enhancing things for you. Literally no other women refer to hard working, intelligent black men as lames and nerds. ONLY black women do it. But these are “our” women, though right?

    I checked out this woman’s tiktok, and OK, she APPEARS to champion black men, plus she has her natural hair. But to be honest, I’ve been through way too much at the hands of bdubs so I’m forever jaded at this point, therefore nothing really moves me any more. The reason I’m not moved by her is because I’m not seeing any videos condemning her fellow sisters for what they’re doing to black men.

    I don’t care for love letters and poems, I’m not Lancealot. If you’re for real, do what gangs do when they recruit new members: bang on my enemies to prove yourself. Don’t tell me about how much you’re down for me, cos I’m not interested. Attack the source of my pain and go at them hard, then maybe we can talk. Until then, you’re full of shit.


  10. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! This Black dude, Wavey, has to be nominated for “Simp of the Year”; he defaced his own face to get back in his girl’s good graces, but she didn’t even appreciate that! Nothing you do for the daggle will ever be good enough, so don’t even bother trying to please them. Also, I agree with you on these social media videos; its hard to tell what is real or fake anymore because of how desperate people are for clicks, views, and likes. People have even resorted to staging videos of their encounters with Karens; it’s ridiculous!

    I also see Trick Daddy’s words from 2016 warning Black women about White and Hispanic women still stand true to this day; I was actually thinking about that video the other day in light of the growing number of thinking brothers joining the ranks of SYSBM and Passport Bros. Lastly, that video of the daggle pretending to be Brazilian reminds me of the chorus from Charlie Puth’s song “Attention”:

    You just want attention, you don’t want my heart
    Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new
    Yeah, you just want attention, I knew from the start
    You’re just making sure I’m never gettin’ over you

    These words from the song perfectly reflect what Verbs has stated regarding the scraggle daggle not allowing thinking brothers to just waltz off into the sunset with their stargates without putting up a fight; all of these videos of them talking about Passport Bros in Brazil, Colombia, and the DR shows how desperate they are not to lose you as their fallback option. Anyway, I’ll end this rant for now, and you guys enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to the American brothers. Hope you had a good holiday.

    I find it funny these unwanted hoes will stalk Passport Bros to the ends of the earth but won’t be better women, which doesn’t cost anything. LOL.

    And damn, this big fat baby in the videos having multiple tantrums. It’s got to be a skit. Can black men sink this low? Don’t answer that.

    In other news, there’s a new Prison Bae steaming up Black Female Twitter. 14.6M views, more than some TV shows. Check out some of these replies. So many that OP had to lock the thread. Dude is in for life for triple homicide and they drooling. But productive Black Men in suits networking and donating to charity are “corny” and “lame.” This sh*t writes itself. Continue saving yourselves, brothers. Whether SYSBM or Passport Bros, there is no wrong answer.

    1. JD,

      Been watching that saga with glee. She didn’t wish “ïll” on a Black Man, she wished DEATH. White cops are just another enforcement arm for these hateful bitches. Back in the 19th century they probably wished lynching and castration on Black Men too. Good that they packed her up outta Twitter. Hope she loses her state job. KKKeisha is real!

    2. JD,

      These ugly ass, septum ring having KKKeishas are a literal plague and one of the biggest enemies of black men on the planet.

      Apparently, it was a black woman who exposed this bitch, which is applaudable, I suppose. But I’m still never easily moved. One little gesture is nothing. There needs to be an entire cultural revolution of all the supposed “good black women” taking a loud stance against these demons and actively separating themselves from them. That won’t ever happen though.

      I’ve seen anti bdub sentiments online before, but I have never come across any black men who call for the abortion of black female babies or get off on black women being gunned down by police. Never. These KKKeishas take evil to a level that some actual white supremacists whom I’ve debated online in the past never go.

      I see some dudes who I follow on twitter who claim to be SYSBM still look for all these little loopholes to try and justify still dealing with black women or holding out hope for that unicorn. Of course, every grown man can do whatever he wants, but if you still have that mentality and can’t remove yourself from your mama’s tit, YOU…ARE…NOT…SYSBM!!!! Call yourself something else or just say you’re simply angry with most black women but still want to date them and leave it at that.

      We’re not gonna water down our philosophy just because a few black females appear to do the right thing or look decent. I refuse to give them any wriggle room to get too comfortable and make it easy for them to creep through the backdoor and sabotage black men. They can’t get close to me anyway, but I’m more concerned for these black men who clearly need more discipline.

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