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This is how “da communitah” raises its children.


This is how most black children are raised in “da communitah” and these pro blacks have the nerve to critique free thinking black men regarding their choice to NOT deal with a female who is not only dangerous but an absolute disgrace to herself and the people around her, smh.

The problem with these gynocentric pro black shines is they fully expect you to clean up a mess you never created and had no involvement in.

They just like their black female overlords view the productive black man who has all his credentials in check as a flunky to be drafted whenever somebody in “da communitah” needs saving.

There is absolutely NO WAY I’m placing my seed into any woman who raises children in such a dysfunctional environment with profoundly degenerate mannerisms. As we at the SYSBM™ Knights Roundtable always say, quality cultures matter!

Meanwhile on the flip side of the coin, commenter TeamWhiteGirls sent this photo to me which was posted by white male Canadian YouTuber SandmanMGTOW to his Twitter:

Again, why is a guy who claims to be MGTOW still concerned about where black men are choosing to place their family jewels?

Isn’t this open display of insecurity just one of the reasons why more white women are opting into relationships with black men?

Isn’t another reason why more white women are choosing to head in our direction because General Blizzard is constantly attacking traditional masculinity and classic manhood via his devilish creation called feminism as well as through his gynocentric system?

I keep on telling you that Captain Snowy isn’t happy that he’s losing his position as the main character aka the default man/the star of the show despite the hundreds of years of lies, deception and propaganda he’s relentlessly put out in order to maintain that status.

Black men as a worldwide collective hold the least amount of money and resources on the planet when compared to men from non black ethnic groups, yet all of these guys still view us as an omega level threat especially when we get into relationships with their female counterparts.

I keep on saying that the overwhelming majority of white men who claim MGTOW are only that until they see an attractive white woman with a black man, then all of a sudden immediately they’ll turn into the DPU(Dick Police Unit) while at the same time suffering intense psychological breakdowns.

The same goes for other non black men who state that they’re MGTOW, they also turn into Dick Police Detectives and have severe mental meltdowns whenever they see black men involved in relations with their women, MGTOW my backfoot, what a joke.

Finally, here is another one that was sent to me by commenter TeamWhiteGirls:

But free thinking black men are still expecting to cuff up and procreate with these unbridled brutes? Even wild animals have more decorum and control than these poor excuses for females.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen. You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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32 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. But there are still Black Men who think we can “lead” this mess lol

    General Frost has set up the BW as the de facto leader of the so-called communitah and he backs her play. Her gay sons and simp army are the enforcers and attack dogs. The productive, heterosexual BM ain’t leading shit except his OWN FAMILIES with NON-BLACK WOMEN far away from the plantation.

    In other news, Dr. Gerbilface slates hip-hop as a destructive force in the communitah:

    There were smart Black people sounding the alarm about this sh*t as far back as the late ’80s (Cosby Show era), but if you didn’t know all the words to the latest gutter rap record, you was a “coon,” a “sellout,” “and you wasn’t “really black.” You got excommunicated from the hood if you wasn’t down with the gangsta rap fuckery. Niggas would twist into pretzels to defend their precious hip-hop. I guess it took a bunch of ratchet bitches twerking like Sukihana and Sexxy Red of all things to finally wake niggas up lol. Dumb hood niggas are officially 40 years behind the rest of the world, no wonder they stay on the bottom.

    Finally, #Brickface is BAAAAAAAAACK! This time she claimed to have been attacked by 2 black women. Where are the LGBTQIA+ lesbian studs to protect this scamming Somalian dyke heffa? She seems to get into a lot of trouble.

    And just think, this chick is an IMMIGRANT. Came to the USA and started guzzling the black intersectional western feminist LGBTQIA+ kool-aid full strength.

    Happy SYSBM Wednesday, gents!

  2. Verbs 2015.

    WTF young black boys playing with guns and money at a kids party on the top above video and ugly fat uncivilised black women fighting in the supermarket at the bottom video reconfirms the reason why I refuse to date black women and I will never ever have kids with black women. Black women make the worst wives and girlfriends on the planet. The black community will never get better because it doesn’t want to to fix its problems plus black women are always having kids with the worst type of black men ever and even the the so called good black women aren’t exempt from these problems either. What makes me laugh is that you still get these stupid pro black fools telling us SYSBM black men to wife up these ugly trolls because in their delusional silly Walt Disney fairy tale minds that they think that it will save the black community and we all know that it bloody can’t be saved and that’s the reason why SYSBM exists for a good reason.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This example in the link below is what those young children above grow into:

      “Da Communitah” is done, it’s only foolish and deluded black folks who believe they can turn this broken beyond repair garbage around.

      Like I said before, I refuse to put my seed into any woman who raises monsters like the above and is so delusional to the point where she doesn’t even see anything wrong with it.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        It’s tragic Verbs but these stupid black people make these stupid poor choices in life which will have devastating consequences. It’s no wonder why other races of people look down on us and guess what I don’t blame them. I thank God that I am a SYSBM free thinking black man.

  3. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    “A new COVID variant, HV.1, is now dominant. These are its most common symptoms”

    “The COVID-19 mRNA vaccines given to the public weren’t those studied in the clinical trials”

    “Cancer after vaccines with Professor Dalgleish”

    “Safe and effective”

    1. No jab for me thank you. It doesn’t stop you from getting COVID so what’s the point?

    2. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Thought you might find this article of interest as well:

      Looks like the so called “conspiracy theorists” were right. Those who took the jab were warned beforehand not to do it, many brothers who used to comment on this website no longer do so because they chose to believe in the State’s propaganda machine.

      I was relentless in stressing that this whole Convid-1984 scheme was a blatant scam and I was right. Shout out to the other brothers here and elsewhere who stood their ground as well as refused to allow themselves to be hoodwinked, bamboozled and tricked by the lamestream media.

  4. They are allowing black kids to walk around the house with real guns in their hands.

    This is how Lil wayne shot himself by accident when he was a kid.

    This is why SYSBM literally means running away from blackistan and negress females.

    If you have to visit family members for whatever reason that are still living in blackistan, only short term visits.

    I discovered in 2017 how white men in MGTOW space really thought about white women with black men.

    Sandman is from Canada, just another anglo saxon society.

    Not shocking at all.

    1. Guys like this breathe new life into the N word every day; they keep f*cking around, they will find out soon enough.

    2. Brotherdanunlimited,

      These are the kinds of black males who need to be beaten to within an inch of their lives first and then the questions can be asked afterwards. I just came across another story of a group of thug Negroes who set upon a white dude who was trying to protect his younger friend because the thugs were trying to steal the younger friend’s headphones:

  5. Verbs,

    I seen those videos and when I look at kids talks like a gangster with guns I find this very disturbing. It is more scary when you live in it.

    Verbs wrote:
    “The problem with these gynocentric pro black shines is they fully expect you to clean up a mess you never created and had no involvement in.”

    I got something to say about you SYSBM brothers regarding what you say.
    This is about Tronicsfix analogy. I will give you the quote from the Tronisfix analogy:

    “This is a YouTuber called Tronicsfix. He buys broken video game consoles in bulk at a big discount and attempts to get them working again, Sometimes he is a very successful and other times not very. He is buying the consoles at such a cheap price if he has a low (or zero) success rate, it’s not a big loss to him at all.

    Black women have a lot of girlfriends that are mentally and physically broken. Mostly beyond repair. They expect the good and decent black men to be like Tronicsfix and spend good time (and money) “fixing” these black women to get them “working like normal” again. However, Tronicsfix have very low investment in these systems. Failure doesn’t really hurt him that much. Broken black women are expensive to acquire, because they still expect to be treated like their normal sisters and their issues are so numerous and complicated it will cost a kings ransom to attempt to fix them. The cost/benefit equation is upside down. Just say no to “fixing” these broken products, black man.”

    Once you understand the Tronicfix analogy, you do not be a janitor for BW.

    Now let us get to Sandman:
    I use to be a binge watcher of his daily does for 2 to 3 years and I stop watching his videos 5 years ago because I got out of the red-pill rage and move on to the next stage which is improving myself. Also there were manosphere which help a lot of Black Men before the idiots who run the manosphere cave in to the feminist hit list and come up with this stupid alliance which destroy the manopshere. I now focus on Kid Organic, bit of Shawn James (even I disagree with some videos), Accountable Commentary and this website.
    Even he is Canadian, but Canada is the most feminist country in the North America Continent. Just live Sweden is the most feminist country in Europe. If you think UK is, then you are wrong.

    The problem about MGTOW today is they still preach this ‘pump and dump’ mindset which creates bad females and the fake red pill still want to deal with hoes.

    I find it very sad that there are a rise of Dick Policing from the MGTOW. They are becoming like BW because I thought they opt out of marriage. If they are enjoying being single then why are they Dick Policing BM when they are with White Women. MGTOW said they do not want white women so the last thing in their mind is worry about who white women date.

    1. The dick policing was always a part of who these White MGTOWs were; I can’t remember her name, but there was a White woman who made content on YouTube about men’s rights and she was popular with them until they learned she was married to a Black man. I bet she was so well versed in men’s rights issues due to her Black husband’s instruction, but they only saw her as a “coalburner” after that. Also, there used to be a Black guy in this space named Barbarosa who was trying to work with White MGTOW dudes until one of them doxxed him and they turned on him.

      1. Blue Collar Trevor,

        That attractive white female YouTuber you mentioned standing up for men’s rights sounds like Nollagirl504, she hasn’t made a video in about 2 years. Yep, I remember that whole fiasco when it was discovered that her husband was a black man, those white so called “MGTOW” dudes completely lost their marbles.

        Like I said, they’re upset that they are losing their main character/star of the show status, however as we all know, nobody stays at the top forever.

        As for Barbarossa, he was the one who actually founded the MGTOW movement much like MBD is the founder of SYSBM™. I had no idea he got doxxed. Typical behaviour from Captain Snowy, he doesn’t want to see black men leading or being successful in anything. So General Blizzard drove Barbarosa off and then highjacked his movement, smh. The first MGTOWs were black men.

        1. Yes, that is the girl’s name; thanks for the reminder. I heard Hardcore Tito say that was the case; I was not around when guys like Barbarossa were online so the most I know is what is shared by the OGs in this space.

    2. MMT,

      They’re so called MGTOW except when it comes down to dick policing white women and black men. It’s not like SYSBM™, we’ve completely abandoned the black female and aren’t bothered in the slightest whenever she manages to get chosen by Lord Cooler. In fact as far as we’re concerned, the more white men who deal with black women, the better this is for black men overall(even though most black men won’t see things that way).

      Every time the white MGTOW boys see an attractive white female with a black male, these insecure miscreants are quick to go in and savage both parties. Look at how they rolled in on and heavily disparaged plus size model Iskra Lawrence and before her the white female YouTuber who stood up for men’s rights called Nollagirl504.

      White men DO NOT have any excuses as to why they can’t get with their own women or any others, though we’re hot on their heels, they’re still holding onto(by the skin of their teeth) the number one position for preferred male on the planet.

  6. Whoever the kids parents are, they shouldn’t be parents at all. How can they make the children play with guns and money? I really don’t know what is going on here but this shit is crazy. There are so many raggedy people that are having children.

    The Sandman post on Twitter. I really don’t know why some white beta males are so obsessed with the BBC. That is something that I will talk about on Friday. I thought he was a MGTOW man but come to find out it’s the opposite. It looks like MGTOW is going out of the window as I saw his post.

    And black women fighting in the grocery store. There is no surprise there when it comes to black women fighting and it doesn’t matter where they are, they will fight.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet black women are coming after non-black women.


    1. Kameron Brown,

      The Ls don’t stop coming for Will Smith. To be honest Will being a sodomite wouldn’t surprise me because actors getting their cheeks clapped by other men seems to be part of the induction process into Hollywood. The same goes for these modern day male rappers.

  7. Just stay away from bdubs. They’re the biggest energy vampires in history and nothing good comes from them. Like I said, if I was in power, the simps who enable and stick up for them while attacking productive black men will be the first to go. I despise those kind of ‘men’ more than I do the black woman herself.

    As for this shit with that glorified gutter hoodrat Keke Palmer being allowed to host the BET awards. Not that I watch it, but it goes to show da communitah aren’t serious about anything. They reward degeneracy and dysfunction in black females and think they have all the time in the world to keep playing games. Everything’s a joke. There’s never any consequences for black females, so all decent good black men who are still lucky enough not to have kids with these deadites need to bounce for good.

    That’s all.

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Seeing those videos of the children speaks to how far the communitah has fallen; to add to that, did you guys know that there are daggles in education who’ve incorporated Sexxy Red’s lyrics into their curriculum? They have kids chanting “skee-yee” in class! Although I can’t stand many conservatives who address these same issues with their racial bias, these videos give them plenty of ammo to use against us. Speaking of those conservative minded people, I’m not surprised to see that a self proclaimed MGTOW like Sandman would post that pic to his Twitter; I see a similar pattern with a lot of these so called “red pill” pages that you find on social media. These White boys have what Hardcore Tito called “teeny weeny peeny psychosis”; they swear that every White woman they see as “for the streets” is just getting ran through by a gang of giant Black men with rock hard cocks full of veins. What a pathetic existence to have! That last video is just another example of daggles lacking decorum in public; correct me if I’m wrong, but did I hear somebody say “Jackson, TN” in that video? I live about 3 hours away from there; I can only imagine what was going through the heads of onlookers in that store.

      1. Longtime Lurker,

        The last time Afrofuturism1 commented on the website was in March/April 2022. I emailed him a few months later to check in and make sure that he was ok but I never got a reply. He stopped posting on his own website as well. I suspect he might have had a bereavement in his family because during the COVID Plandemic, he had mentioned the fact that he had close family members who took the Convid 1984 death shot, though the reckoning behind his long absence is still just speculation.

        I do miss his commentary, his SYSBM blogs and the videos he was creating until YouTube shut down his channel on behalf of the daggle squad.

        1. Thanks for the update, Verbs! I knew he was against the “death dart” so I figure he is still alive. Then again…hopefully he didn’t pull a Jamie Foxx and take the vax against his conscience! Now I really wonder if wonder if Black Caesar is alive or suffering from ill health 🫣.

          1. Longtime Lurker,

            When David Carroll was still alive I used to see Black Caesar commenting on his videos but this was a few years back. If he’s still alive I wonder how he feels now knowing that the whole Convid-1984 con was indeed a scam and how he was duped into taking the death shot as well as complying with government tyranny. He was one of the most prolific supporters of the jib jab as well as the government lockdowns.

            It still amazes me how somebody can demonstrate how intelligent they are overall but then throw said intelligence and common sense clean out of the window as soon as the government pumps out some fear propaganda. Indeed, I hope Afrofuturism1 is ok and didn’t eventually succumb to the jib jab propaganda either.


    So all da communitah militants with nothing better to do are angry over a nearly 70 year old picture and of course it’s bash a black man time again with the ‘sistahs’ and dick police squad ever so eager to impress by casting aspersions on a couple of brothers and white women who most likely are long gone by now . Apparently they should have been scowling and mean mugging these women and talking like Khalid Muhammad instead of having what looks like an innocent conversation between classmates.

    As a black man in 2023 you can’t even be seen standing at the same bus stop when there’s a non black woman around, or else people will just assume you’re a koon and hate black women lol. Da communitah cares nothing more about a black man other than who he MIGHT be sleeping with. Any personal achievements, be damned.

  10. Woman Explains Why She Was FIRED Within 2 Weeks From Her Corporate Job… Stay Off the Phone

    Not surprising… BW taking another L – Courtesy of L Express

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the first L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


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