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Shout out to commenter SYSBM Forever for bringing this video to my attention. Those black men who are still dealing with black women should be ashamed of themselves, black women aren’t even hiding the fact that in their eyes black men are seen as soft touch pushovers.

Captain Snowy gets the best behaviour treatment, meanwhile your black side is regularly put through hell and back, this is on top of the million and one hoops the black witch expects you to jump through just to get her consideration for a conversation, not even a date.

If I was still dealing with black females I’d be totally disgusted and insulted at hearing this, black women are essentially stating that black men are NOT worthy to see them at their best.

Of course, because most black males are matriarchal, they really don’t care how horribly they’re treated by their “queens”, they have no problems having the black female place her foot on their necks and they’ll balk at any black man who attempts to show them a better path.

As I’ve stated many times before, the fact of the matter is black women aren’t desired by other races of men in significant numbers, this is why they have to go out of their ways to hype themselves up as well as flood social media platforms with photos and videos of black female/white male couples. By the way, here are the results of a survey that was sent to me by commenter TeamWhiteGirls:

The problem is black women have carried out a professional job of destroying their image and reputation, these standard 340s below now represent black female society whether they like it or not:

They promote themselves as sluts and hoes with “Wet Ass Pussy” but somehow they expect white men to take them seriously past sex, in 2023 the jokes really write themselves with black women, you cannot make this stuff up.

All the best to those black men still choosing to deal with black females like this and any other women who hold to the same ratchet, ghetto, reprobate, hood rat, degenerate mentality.

White men most certainly are NOT interested in multi colour weave/wig, fake eyelash, fake nails, 50 layers of industrial grade makeup wearing, BBL carrying, Becky wannabe black females.

It seems that a minuscule number of black women are slowly beginning to realise and understand that they’ve been set up, played and taken for a joy ride, peep the videos below:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week fellas? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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17 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. “What we make black men put up with, they are not gonna go for that”.

    And there you have it. But we’re just making it all up, right? Then you got these smart dumb, fully bearded but no wisdom, simp Umarites saying it’s black men’s fault bdubs aren’t pleasant towards us because we haven’t created a “safe space” for them to “be in their feminine” – whatever that means.


    In other news, I’m going to repost this tragic story that I take no pleasure in doing so at all because I wish this never happened and I’ll never use the death of a young child to get one up on this black daggle, but a point needs to be made:

    “The nurturing Black Queen Mother Earth at it again. I bet if it was a black father who murdered his child, this pathetic simp Moist Twatkins would be calling for his head…but since it’s a bdub “oh this is so sad, our people need therapy”. Fuck outta here with that bullshit and fuck therapy. Send this evil, disgusting black sow to the electric chair.

    Black mothers are EVIL. Let’s just finally say it with our chests and call it what it is and stop being cowards. Tired of these black males amongst us molly-coddling these bitches and making excuses for them. That’s why they’ll never change.”

    Once you harm/kill an innocent child, all bets are off. I don’t wanna hear shit about trauma or mental illness. Once this beast shot her child the first time, why didn’t any kind of initial shock or natural motherly instinct kick in? No, she shoots her 12 year old baby dead the second time – over a fucking SD card! I don’t care if there was a map to a goldmine on it. There are children who have played with matches and accidently burned their house down, most parents wouldn’t even dream of doing this. You have to feel sorry for any black boy coming out of a black womb because their mothers are out their fucking minds.

    RIP to Kaden Ingram.


    On a much lighter note, I find it amusing that all these black women on Twitter are weeping and wailing over some white male celebrity who is going out with Taylor Swift after dating black women in the past lol. Bdubs are just handing themselves all kinds of Ls at the moment. Meanwhile, some racist white man had to kick a harsh truth about them and all the bdubs/divesters who were probably laughing at that viral clip from a few months ago of the older black gentlemen being disrespected by the Filipina woman on some reality show are nowhere to be seen.

    Like I said on Twitter, fuck him cos he’s a piece of shit, but even a broken clock is right twice a day so it is what it is. And yes, I find it funny just how they found the aforementioned (possibly scripted) scene with the black man funny. They can fend for themselves. They gets no “protection” or defense from yours truly.


    1. SYSBM Forever wrote:
      “In other news, I’m going to repost this tragic story that I take no pleasure in doing so at all because I wish this never happened and I’ll never use the death of a young child to get one up on this black daggle, but a point needs to be made”

      This is old news which happed 2 years ago during Covid pandemic.

      I think there was some conspiracy about the black community and the BW which is the reason why she shot her kid over a SD Card.
      I am not know what is inside the SD Card for her reason why she was so upset or butthurt on the video when her child got hold of it and she had no choice but to kill him

      I think nobody knows what was inside the card.

      As for therapy. Tommy Sotomayor mention many years ago and we all notice that every time a female and a male does the same crime such as killing a child, the man get harsher sentence and the community will go after him like a mob. Then a simps turns a blind eye saying she needs therapy because simps prefer psycho broads. Also the simps will question you what if that was your ‘female relatives’. You know, ‘your mum’, ‘your sister’, ‘aunt; or ‘cousin’. Something like that.

      She get therapy for being evil whilst a man gets executed.

      1. MMT,

        I had only just seen the clip Boyce posted on the day and there was no indication as to when this incident took place when I watched the video, plus I never looked into it further because I was just too disturbed. Whether it happened two years ago or two days ago is immaterial.

        And yes, Tommy is right. It alludes to my point that excuses keep being made for women and they get treated with kid gloves no matter what they do and the blame somehow always shifts to the men. This is always the case in da communitah. If this happened in some other countries that aren’t so pathetically feminised she would have been sent straight to the gallows or faced some kind of jungle justice.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women hate decent black men but they love their white lord and saviour white men because they see him as a God who cannot do any wrong. This is the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 41. I will never ever have kids with a black woman because they make the worst mothers, wives and girlfriends on the planet. I am only interested in having my future mixed race kids with a beautiful childfree non black woman so that we can create our own nuclear Fitzpatrick family from scratch.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. CHILD FREE, fit, feminine and friendly non westernised non black females are the best way forward for free thinking black men in 2023.

  3. If all black females could afford plastic surgery to change their whole appearance into white European features, no one would see a black female ever again.

    They would still buy weave after plastic surgeries.

    Blackistan societies would get offended by these statements.

    Blackistan males would rather be single than date out with a non black female.

    I would rather stay single until I naturally find a foreign white girlfriend.

  4. Here in the US, black females writ large have contracted themselves out to be willful weapons used against the black male population.

    As I have stated many times, the best way for black men to fight back is to cease simping to the black female.

    Black men need to realize that they are simping when they pine for black females, beg them for attention, subordinate themselves to black females, inflate the value of black females, give black females a pass for disrespect and bad behavior, and thirst for them while holding them to zero standards.

    Black males also simp when they give commerce to a daggle just because she is black, vote for a daggle just because she is black, when they enrich and empower a daggle in any way, just because she is black.

    The black female should be required to earn your business, earn your vote, earn your respect, earn your affections, earn anything of value from you; just as you require this from anyone else.

    When black men simp to the scraggle daggle, they enable their oppressor, be it General Blizzard or the scraggle daggle. When black men simp to the scraggle daggle, they are inflicting pain upon themselves.

    The sooner black men writ large stop simping to the scraggle daggle, the better off they will be.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The zero tolerance for disrespect is probably the biggest way they’ll get the message. I saw a video the other day of some chick upset because she went out on a date with some dude who got up and left when she was checking her phone. He didn’t say anything to her at all. He simply bounced. Good. Most men would have sat there twiddling their thumbs looking dumb and scared to rock the boat – however considering the average black woman knows damn well what they’re doing and loves to argue and fight over anything, it’s better to just walk away and immediately cut them off.

      It’s finally great to hear of a black man with self respect making a black woman deal with the consequences of her actions.

      Of course as SYSBM, it would be even better for black men never to date them at all and have little to no interaction with black females in any setting, but for those men who, for some reason, still feel they have to deal with daggles, they should at least grow some balls and put their foot down.

  5. White Sugar Honey: Thanks for the roses, hun!
    SYSBM: You deserve it, boo!

    When it comes to black women dating white men, they have to leave that bad attitude behind especially the ratchetness, you understand? If they don’t then the white man will kick her to the curb. Black women will show that bad attitude towards black men and they display that ratchet behaviour but when it comes to the white guy, it’s a whole different thing.

    When I saw the stats of with white girls the highest, I wasn’t surprised to see black girls the lowest. Everyone knows why it’s low for black girls because of their dysfunctional behaviour and they are difficult to deal with when it comes to the ratchetness.

    Sexy Redd and Sukihana’s rap video. As you her them lyrics of the song, I was like why I’m not even shocked anyway. I know that we have explicit lyrics in hip hop and we had sexual content with R&B during the 1990’s but now it’s just nothing but vulgar. There is a video called Pussy Everywhere. It was nothing but a porno with girls doing cunnlingus and thing you get me?

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. God himself is trying to prevent this degeneracy. He ain’t trying hard enough. Praise be.

  6. Love the righteous sista’s commentary…too bad it’s while she’s wearing Indian Yaki on her head. Even when they win, they lose smh.

  7. Is it just me or was #Brickgate the biggest online entertainment of the year? What a hoax. I was glued to Twitter. Hoes who do NOTHING for us, saving their best behavior for white boys as shown above, giving us hell daily (those of us who still deal with them), demanding blanket protection from the same Black Men they won’t even crack a smile for. What a joke. F*ck them hoes, I stg.

    The Somali scammer went dark after getting $41K in GoFundMe cash…last I heard they were withholding payout. Then they say the “brick” wound was really an allergic reaction that made her face swell up…Hopefully Brickface gets criminal charges but I doubt it. Nothing ever happens to these hoes in the Black Gynocracy.

    SYSBM and Passport Bros continue to be the way.

  8. Wow, this WM is going viral with this hateful post about BW with 13.2K likes and over 2K retweets. But the strong and independent divestment demographic are suddenly stone silent. I thought WM loved them and treated them better?

    Instead of fighting back against the WM who insulted them, BW and (m)aggots have all the smoke for…straight Black Men in suits.

    Between this, Travis Kelce dating Taylor Swift and rent being due it’s been a tough week for the strong and independent, Protective Style, most evicted demographic, hahahahahahaha. Love to see it, may it continue. Get the popcorn!

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