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Single By Choice?? Pure Lies! #SHORTS

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There, you heard if for yourselves, if she has a man, his primary purpose is to subsidise her lifestyle to the same level or greater.

I checked this woman out, to be honest I’d never heard of her before, however skimming through the information I came across, she’s a typical left leaning, career oriented black female, exactly the kind of woman that intelligent, level headed black men know to give an extremely wide berth to and to skirt around with caution.

Once again black men, you’re sternly reminded that this diatribe of a janky philosophy she’s rattled off only applies to your backside, if she happens to come into contact with an attractive General Blizzard/Major Sleet, all of these so called “requirements” for a man to at least maintain the same level of lifestyle will immediately be thrown out of the window.

Miss “single as a one way train ticket” Jamira Burley at the drop of a hat wouldn’t hesitate in scooping up a homeless white man off the streets and putting him up in her property at NO EXPENSE TO HIMSELF.

However, for you black men, Miss Burley has a thick dossier of requirements for you to even be considered to be in her presence yet alone be involved in a relationship with her.

Brothers, as I’ve stated before, when dealing with women like this, your role will be nothing short of a cash mule providing Miss Burley with money and resources which will enable the siren to plunge even further into her hedonistic/superficial/materialistic lifestyle.

One day it may click with some of you black men that the overwhelming majority of black women really do look upon you as slaves, commodities and assets, when in the black witch’s presence, it is all about what you’re going to provide for her with NO expectation of any returns, NONE.

I’ve seen this time and time again, many black women will attempt to leverage their careers in place of being complete and utter failures at maintaining stable relationships.

Women control access to sex, men control access to relationships, therefore she cannot be “single by choice”. Jamira Burley is single because quality black men have deemed her unfit, useless and unsuitable to be a compatible long term female companion.

Never allow these delusional black women out here to hoodwink you with the “I’m single by choice” Kansas City Shuffle, the career oriented female by nature is the antithesis of what most men are looking for in NORMAL WOMEN.

If a man who isn’t getting sex is forced to admit that since women control that arena, they aren’t allowing him access, where do these women get off trying to claim that being single is in their control when men are the ones who decide which women are worthy of relationships vs being used for recreational purposes only?

Exactly, Miss Burley and other women like her aren’t single by choice, they’re single because they haven’t been chosen due to them NOT QUALIFYING for relationships for various reasons.

That’s the real truth right there, not the twisted sorcery this disjointed, career chasing black harridan is attempting to throw in your direction. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Women Aren’t Single By Choice, They’re Single Because They Haven’t Been Chosen

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “Single By Choice?? Pure Lies! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    This single by choice black woman Jamira Burley is a fucking gold digging skank who should be avoided at all costs. This is the reason why I refuse to date black women as a SYSBM childfree black man at 41. Black women hate decent black men as they only see them as money slaves but they love their white lord and saviour white man because he can give her that mixed race kids with that good hair and those big grey, green and blue eyes.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These modern day black females believe that black men are their utility to be used as they please. It’s all about lifestyle to them, I refuse to be any woman’s cash mule flunky.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I also refuse to be any womens cash slave.

  2. When females are single by choice. This is an equivalent to ‘The Fox and the Grape’ mindset.
    It is like saying the men they want do not want them.

    1. MMT,

      They want to have it both ways, we men acknowledge that women control access to sex but somehow those same women want to believe they also control the realms of relationships and marriage, smh. Only men can claim to be single by choice, NOT women.

  3. Here we go, another typical “I have two pennies to rub together, therefore I’m the shit” quean coming with the usual strawman arguments.

    Honestly, I really couldn’t care less what their rules and stipulations are. Black women bring more chaos and problems in a decent black man’s life than opening up The Book of the Dead and reading aloud the incantations. They have horrible personalities and combative, competitive energy, yet feel that having a career somehow makes up for it.

    None of the stuff they brag and prattle on about means anything to men when it comes to the things that we look for in a woman. You got a few dollars in your purse and a piece of paper that proves you’re somewhat book smart, good for you. Anything else? Too bad they lack the feminine qualities other women generally possess, hence why decent black men gravitate towards them and wisely avoid “their” women like the plague. Accomplished black men don’t have problems attracting women who love them for them, yet all these black daggles still remain on the shelf. Funny, isn’t it?

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Their rules and regulations only apply to the blue pilled simps, solid black men who stay grounded in their masculine frame aren’t even going to pay this heifer any mind. Black women always love flaunting how much money they have, however as has been stated a million times already, men don’t care how much money a woman is making. A single man will date and marry a woman who works a cleaning job as long as she is child free, fit, feminine, friendly, submissive, honest, accountable and responsible.

      A black female is the last individual I’m going to roll in for and subsidise, absolutely out of the question. Since these “queens” are so “strong and independent”, let them fend for themselves. As you pointed out, it’s the usual failures with your average modern day black female, the qualities that actually matter to black men they typically lack.

      1. Verbs2015,

        ” A single man will date and marry a woman who works a cleaning job as long as she is child free, fit, feminine, friendly, submissive, honest accountable and responsible.”

        Exactly! And you know what, if she holds us down, giving her money won’t ever be a problem. These are the types of women we love to lavish. Femininity gets rewarded.

        Black women come with the horrible attitudes but want wifey privileges from the jump. I’ve dated non black women who, 9 times out of 10, never expected anything and always offered to do their part and never asked me for anything afterwards. Black women who are so smart and “independent” always try to run some game. ALWAYS. Whether it be trying to get a lift somewhere, trying to get you to do some type of errand for them, get some money out of you etc – all without even knowing you. Speak to any decent black man who dates and they’ll attest to this. She ain’t pulling that shit with Wasteman Wayne and Sully from ‘the endz’ though.

        Black women don’t look at a good black man and think how can they build with him. No. They just see you as another lick and want you to be their walking ATM or personal servant (but we’re the ‘dusties’ though, right?). Then they seriously wonder why so many black men in the UK want no parts of them. They really think we’re stupid. Any black woman who doesn’t try it on immediately is just playing the long game as far as I’m concerned, that’s why black men simply need to stop dating and stay away from them altogether and quit trying to wait for the so called ‘good’ ones to appear. It ain’t happening. It’s just another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        Thank god for the many other options we have. At least SYSBM/Passport Bros are free and know we’re not obligated to remain stuck with these horrible creatures for the sake of “bLaCk UnItY”.


  4. Being single by choice is the smartest move if a man is living in anglo saxon societies.

    If a man wants to build a future family, leaving anglo saxon societies is the smartest move.

    A woman is never single by choice.

    A woman is only single because the man she wants as an ATM is not into her.

    I know I could only build a family with a foreign white girlfriend.

    Non black females is sysbm.

    Non anglo saxon women are my rules.

    The west is finished.

    The west is done.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Also, it’s extremely wise for men not to take any women seriously who have been raised by and religiously subscribe to social media. That rules out the majority of Western women by default.

  5. SYSBM: You look like Helen Grace with curves.
    White Sugar Honey: My thighs are getting thick as well!

    When a woman says that she’s single by choice, I really don’t believe so. These women are single because they are not being chosen. No man wants to deal with a scraggle daggle who acts dysfunctional. A woman who is dysfunctional will bring nothing but mayhem to the man and not piece.

    Decent Black Man: Hey, black chocolate. You wanna go out with me?
    Swirler: Who is that homeless white man there? I want him to live with me!

    Now when it comes to interracial dating, I know that some of the black women will not choose a white man like Nice Guy Nick who has a has a big house in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, drives a Mercedes Benz S63e AMG, makes £100,000 a year who has a decent side of him. They will choose the white man who is homeless and make him live with her.

    In the streets:
    Shawn: You know the gyal find a homeless white man and she made him move with him?
    Sham: Oh, blood claat!

    With the men these ghetto scragglies choose, it really goes to show that they have standards at all.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  6. My response to Black women (or women, in general) who say that they are single by choice:

    Jokes aside, let’s throw this daggle’s video on the Hibachi grill (as Hardcore Tito would say). So, she seems to believe we’re confused as to what they mean by “we are single by choice”; clearly, she’s addressing the blue pilled simps who are legally blind when it comes to reading the writing on the wall, but Red and Black pill brothers know what’s really going on. She stated that BW don’t want a man who can’t improve the conditions of their lives or maintain the status of life that they already provide to themselves; what does she bring to the table, though? I know of only one Man who can do all of those things; He left us many, many years ago, but He is coming back (though we know not the day nor the hour of His return).

    She follows that up with gaslighting about not being financially or emotionally stable, not going to therapy, or building a community through interacting with others; last I checked, the scraggle daggle’s net worth was so low, it became a pro at limbo! Also, who is more emotionally damaged and in need of therapy than the scraggle daggle? This year alone, they’ve taken some monumental L’s, from Carlee Russell to the Somalian stragg who scammed the communitah out of thousands of dollars! Lastly, she had a very interesting choice of words there, “building a community”; the communitah never prioritized Black men nor cared for their well being, so why should we build anything for them?

    To wrap this up, whenever you hear a woman say that she’s single by choice, that’s her way of coping with the fact that the men she wants aren’t checking for her; based off of her earlier statements, she’s definitely NOT entitled to traditional treatment:

    “12. If any woman is seeking your time, investment, attention, money and energy and refuses to reciprocate equally or more, she is NOT a traditional woman and therefore she is NOT entitled to traditional treatment.”


  7. Man I’m here as young guy to just tell my story I’m 22 and I have been trying to get with bw ever since I’m teens. I go to college etc . I’m tall , fit and handsome what is the issue why I can never get one of these women only god he knows but I know for sure that I am done and I will never be trying with bw. I’ll just go overseas now and accept my fate that my own race of women in America will never find me attractive. I go on tinder overseas I’m getting loads of likes but here in the matrix America I’m invisible. I didn’t want to believe it because of the gaslighting people do but it looks like overseas is the new way of life for men europe, pr etc.

    1. Robin,

      Young sir, don’t bother with Western women in general and most certainly don’t waste your time with the modern day black female. Unless you’re a guy with gold grills in your mouth, your cap to the back, sagging your pants all the way down to the floor, can’t string two sentences of English together and you like to loiter on street corners, black women will NOT be interested in you.

      Black women only like guys who shoot up the block and who have criminal records 6 miles long. Go overseas and choose from traditional women who will accept you for who you are. Traditional women overseas are what Western women once upon a time used to be like until social media and dating apps corrupted and ruined them.

      Leave these delusional black harriets to their own devices, they’ll only find you attractive once you get with a traditional non black female. The fact of the matter is in 2023 as a free thinking black man, you CANNOT find your ideal women within black female society, you’ll have to look for that woman elsewhere. #GETYOURPASSPORTANDGO #SYSBM™ #PASSPORTHEAVY #DAGGLEFREEZONE

    2. Robin,

      I wish SYSBM existed when I was 22. Back then if you were a clean cut, college educated, productive BM it was standard operating procedure to waste your time with ignorant, low-vibrational black heffas before finally running to WW in frustration if not disgust.

      The good news is you youngsters are hip to the game and can go straight for the gusto. Boomers and Gen X were the simp and step daddy generations you young men can make a clean slate and new communities with non-black and international women (mulatto ethnostate).

      Leave these bitter b*tches to their preference and get your passport, young man. You are not their safety net/crash dummy when Pookie hits them in the face with a brick lol. If you’re here on this page with these brothers, you’re on the right track.

  8. Robin,

    Don’t feel bad at all…you are SUPER LUCKY! I wish I would have been SYSBM at 22 years old and had more self respect and left black women alone like a lot of my peers did, it would have saved me a ton of pain and trouble. You’re fortunate to be young in this era and untouched by the black daggle. When I was your age social media didn’t exist like that and neither did youtube, so it was much harder to find receipts of black men travelling the world and settling with women who like them for them. We were all told we were hated all around the world and we need to just stick to our black queens cos no other woman would look at us and only black male celebrities can enjoy a good lifestyle. Bullshit.

    If you want proof that good, regular black men with sense are in demand and bagging quality women while making money and living their best lives, look no further than this youtube channel:

    Here’s just a couple of examples of the type of black men who would be considered nerds/lames by black females with quality women:

    His Patreon is even better lol, but if you don’t want to pay a subscription, you still have a ton of videos you can watch which proves what I’m saying. After watching a few videos, I 100% guarantee you won’t even WANT to so much as look at a western woman anymore, especially black women.

    Like Verbs pretty much alluded to, these delusional black females don’t want good, regular dudes. I’m sure you carry yourself well, have some sense and look like you have a future, therefore you’re a “lame” in their eyes. And you know what, that’s actually a GOOD thing. You don’t want trash to desire you. They’re pretty much on the way out anyway and have destroyed their own image. If you want to visit Asia, South Korean and Japanese women love intelligent black men the same way black women love degenerates and thugs.

    Black women and their male backup singing simps will try to mock you and discourage you – ignore it. It comes with the territory. Sadly, even other black men don’t want to see brothers improve themselves, but don’t worry about that.

    You’re young, healthy – get out there and explore everything life has to offer. Trust me, you’ll be good.

    “The world is yours”

  9. I’m confused. Is this the same woman begging for protection and mad because random Black Men won’t offer themselves up as crash test dummies without stipulations? Love how she got cooked in the comments.

    And what material or quality of life gains would a Black Man with his shit together get from taking on a belligerent, loudmouth black female in 2023? Shit, Travis Kelce dumped his no-name black girlfriend (on whom he only spent $100 the whole time they were together lol) for Taylor Swift and sales of his jersey went up overnight hahaha. That sista added nothing to that white man’s life but a fat ass.

    SYSBM and Passport Bros don’t even have to make their own recruitment videos, da queenz like Jamira are doing it for us. Plantation Bros still dealing with black females in 2023 are a lost cause.

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