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She Told The Truth, No Lies Detected! PT 6

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I remember writing an article on the old Slaying Evil website about this topic, the woman in the above videos is correct. For all these women going around talking about the need for a massive member, most of them are capping to the maximum.

As I’ve stated before, size does matter but not in the way that some women portray. The vagina only has a limited capacity even when the particular female is aroused, this is a fact that so many people forget.

I believe chiefly feminists as well as women who support that decadent movement have manufactured this fallacy as part of the ongoing attack on masculinity and manhood, their aim as per usual is to make men feel “small”(excuse the pun) as well as inadequate.

The truth is as was stated in the first video, most women can be satisfied with an average size penis, never allow the false narrative propagators to bully or shame you into believing otherwise.

Any women walking around telling you that they enjoy getting their cervix bashed in during sexual intercourse is a liar, that experience is not a comfortable one, honest women will tell you this.

Men must begin questioning statements that come from the mouths of women rather than being blue pilled simps by giving said women the benefit of the doubt and foolishly attempting to make adjustments accordingly.

@Ceragibson is spot on, unless you’re a large animal such as a cow, a donkey or a horse, as an average sized woman you’ve got no space capacity in your vagina to fit anything over 8-9 inches yet alone a 12 inch member.

Even a well seasoned whore would struggle with accommodating such a big penis size. As was pointed out, I believe the girth of the member is more the concern as opposed to the length.

Additionally gents, never allow these females to emasculate you especially when they use the term “small dick energy”. The size of the penis doesn’t make the man in the same way that having large amounts of money doesn’t automatically make you a man either.

Western women are fast running out of time to change course and stop the foolishness, each day that goes by is yet another day wasted. The recent surge and backlog in Passport applications in the US ought to be showing these women that men in the West aren’t willing to play around with them anymore.

Gentlemen, avoid these greasy, promiscuous women like the plague, run from them like your life is dependent upon you escaping their dirty clutches. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stop Listening To Foolish Women Rattle Off Nonsense

Most High Bless

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9 thoughts on “She Told The Truth, No Lies Detected! PT 6

  1. The porn industry is where the dick obsession comes from on penis size.

    By 2030, I reckon 89% of western women in anglo saxon societies will be left behind for greener pastures on the other side.

    I’m never looking back cause a foreign white girlfriend would appreciate me more.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      That’s exactly where the obsession on penis size comes from, the adult entertainment industry and these modern day women have capitalised on the hype running around trying to make men feel short(excuse the pun) even if they have an average size member, smh. Non Westernised foreign women are definitely the way forward because women in the West just aren’t worth it anymore.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    It makes me laugh when you get these modern day women wanting a big 12inch dick when their pussys cannot handle it because it will hurt them during sex. That white woman on the above video is 100 percent spot on.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I fully agree with you bro, it’s these loud mouth feminists who are the ones spouting off at the mouth about men needing a big member to satisfy them especially those with defective vaginas.

  3. Not to mention boning some of these ran through females would feel no different than waving around a baseball bat in Yankee Stadium anyway lol.

    And the childish “small dick energy” insult never made any sense to me because they always say that to secure men who stand up to them and don’t tolerate their nonsense.

    Oh well, sky is blue, water is wet and most western women are hot trash and will mostly soon be left behind permanently….

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Pretty much those women who like to play around with “instruments” as well as those who have had their insides burrowed out by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Field Mouse are the ones who’ll have problems being satisfied by an average member.

      Again, as it isn’t my job to rehabilitate broken beyond repair women, it is definitely NOT my problem if a woman can’t be satisfied with an average penis size because her vagina has been broken from her previous wild sexual escapades.

      Modern day Western women are done. they aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm at this stage, go foreign and never look back.

  4. I decided to look at Cera Gibson’s TikTok, and the first thing I noticed is that she put “mommy/daddy” as her pronouns followed by a rainbow icon (I assume she’s either a lesbian or bisexual); with that said, I always am a bit surprised to hear the truth from someone I think is least likely to share it. I do agree with her that guys should take the W on this one; why any man would take issue with what she said is beyond me. Honestly, we shouldn’t care what women say about penis size, but blue pilled simping has caused us to consider what women want over our own desires; you can say that this discussion about penis size is just another aspect of SIGN Language that feminism has used against men. Also, have you ever heard women who aren’t promiscuous or slutty complain about penis size? Only 304s who get taken to “Pound Town” are the ones I hear complaining about that; I think I remember the article on your old website where you discussed how these 304s have damaged their vaginas through their promiscuity.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I did notice that she was flying that rainbow garbage on her profile which is why I’ll only give her credit for what she said concerning this topic only. Agreed, it’s only whores and sluts who are complaining about penis sizes.

      Yep, I remember that article you mentioned that I wrote back in the day, it isn’t my job nor is it my problem if a woman can’t be satisfied with an average penis size because her vagina has been broken from her previous wild sexual escapades.

      Black women with caves for vaginas talking about a man needing to have sex with them continually for 45 minutes in order for them to achieve orgasm( mind you, a female with a normal functioning vagina can have an orgasm within a couple of minutes of initiating sex), a classic example of a defective beyond repair snatch that I’m under no obligation to fix nor satisfy.

  5. SYSBM: You think it’s too big, boo!?
    White Sugar Honey: It could manage it. My pussy is fat anyway, hun!

    Right, when a woman says that she can handle long wood or big cocky is lying their heads off. I know that there are some women think that they can handle 12inch willy but to tell you the truth, they can’t hack it. It will be painful for them when it comes to sexual intercourse, you get me? the woman is spot on that it’s too big for them to get a 12inch slam up their pum pum.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


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