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Why are black men still proposing to and marrying a group of women who clearly don’t like them?


I have to keep on reminding you gentlemen that relationships and marriage are realms that MEN control, NOT women. As Andrew Tate said in the second video, if a woman is not going to follow your program and be the woman you want her to be, then she has to be gotten rid of and be replaced.

As a man, it is YOUR duty to set the boundaries and requirements of the woman you’re to be in a relationship with, never allow ungrateful females like the brick headed black siren above to muscle in on your arena and make dictates as to what direction a relationship/marriage is to go in.

My advice concerning marriage in the West still stands strong and remains the same, DON’T DO IT! If you still desire to get married then at least make sure you tie the knot in a country where there are NO LAWS stacked against men in the event of a separation/divorce.

Don’t be like the simp above, the woman is pretty much demonstrating how little love she has for him and that she simply wants to have a big wedding in order to pose and show off for social media as well as set his backside up to be fleeced down the road when she decides she’s no longer “happy” in the marriage.

He clearly sees this but like the blue pilled simp that he is, instead of telling the witch that she’ll either take whatever he’s giving or the door is open for her to leave, nope, he sits there like a grovelling child believing that he can reason with the unreasonable, smh.

Brothers, under no circumstances should you tolerate disrespect from any unruly, uncouth, dishevelled harriets, firmly set down the rules for females to follow, if they refuse simply tell them to kick rocks and suck up gravel.

Always remember fellas, provision and protection are only to be bestowed upon those women who are TRADITIONAL, NEVER allow these modern day broken beyond repair females to sway you into believing that they’re also entitled to the same, THEY’RE NOT!

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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42 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. So he spent everything on his vacation with her to Bahamas without any contribution from her.

    Surely if women in anglo saxon societies want equality, they should contribute right?

    He wasted his money on engagement ring.

    Difference between him and andrew tate.

    Tate would never stand there begging a bitch to stay on his program.

    Tate would only marry non black females that are traditional.

    The lesson here is if a woman only wants a bigger wedding, that is a red flag alert.

    Any foreign white girlfriend I meet should be open minded to accept a smaller wedding.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Just listen to the way she’s talking to the dude, she genuinely sounds like she’s doing him a favour. She’s not even paying the guy any quality attention, she’s more concerned with her laptop, smh. She said she wants everything “blinged out”, you cannot make this stuff up. It’s all about clicks and likes on social media for this ungrateful harridan. Black men really sell themselves short when they marry women like this. Additionally, providing a woman everything she asks for is a stupid move by itself as women are NEVER satisfied. #SYSBMFORLIFE

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I was on the Bumble dating app last week and I had some ugly overweight mixed race woman who is a single mother shaming me because I put it on my dating profile that I refuse to date single mothers as a childfree man at 41 and she told me that I look like and sound like a child. The hate I am getting from single mothers is astounding. Also I know this is going to sound really racist but I just don’t find black women attractive and that I have never been attracted to black women in my life. As for marriage I refuse to get married unless by a god given miracle that they change the marriage laws and the divorce laws.

    1. What is the deal with BW messaging you and shaming you.
      That is your preferances.
      If a female say ‘no black men’, then I just keep it moving, not engaging with them.

      I bet you put ‘no BW’ on your dating preference which is the reason why they just trolling you.

      The last time a Britsh Black guy from Essex put ‘no BW’ as a preference, these BW got so mad so they decide to send it Cynthia G and she made a butt-hurt video about it. Mind you these American BW getting gung-hoe about a BM in Britain.

      This is known as the ‘Fox and the Grape’ mindset. You know, they have hatered towards what they cannot have.

      1. Andy C.

        All I put on my dating profile on Bumble is that I am only interested in dating childfree women. If put that that I am not interested in dating black women on my dating profile then Bumble will kick me out of their dating app for racism. I have seen plenty of women on their dating profiles stating that they are not interested in dating black men and it doesn’t bother me because I wouldn’t date those type of women anyway. I am only interested in dating childfree beautiful single non black women who are interested in and who are open to dating black men. If you reject any black women or mixed race women then they will get really upset and offended that you rejected them and they will tell the whole world about it which is very sad.

        1. Bumble is a Piece of Shit dating App run by females.
          Double standard. They kick your black ass out of the App for being real and put ‘No BW’ or ‘Beckys only’ but they it is OK for females be racist, I see.
          This is why I never use these Apps. I hope you do pay for these Apps.

          You got me an idea. How about every time these BW messaging you talking shit, screen shot and send it to Verbs. Screenshot as many as you can so Verbs can make an article, either Monday or Friday article about it to show how these BW cannot stick their nose out of it.

          ‘Say No to Single Mothers – BM Edition’ Facebook group members post a lot of these and you see some good nugget and gems of these BW. I see lots of single mothers with their deletional preferences and it is not funny when you read them, it is like reading a fictional stories from these broads.

          1. MMT,

            That would be a damn good idea, I’d be glad to expose and light these black females up, just another day at the office for me.

          2. Michael Mistertea.

            I fully agree with you bro. Thats a good idea when you said that every time a black woman or single mothers chat shit towards me on my dating profile I will screenshot the conversations and I will send it to Verbs so that he can create a article on it based on my dating app experiences.

          3. Bumble is a perfect description of the female hive.


    2. When it comes to the apps, you can usually say you don’t want something without actually saying it – that way they can’t catch you out. For instance, none of us want fat chicks, so I just put something like “fit, healthy gym enthusiast into fitness and sports, looking to date a woman into the same things” and have a couple of pics of me engaging in it. What can they say about that?

      I know Hinge gives women the option of stating whether they have kids or not. For those who leave it out and don’t put anything, I just assume they do and keep it moving. As for bdubs, I won’t state on there that I don’t date them, I just disregard them and click on to the next. Those who like my profile simply get ignored. I ain’t dealing with them on any level, even the few who may look halfway decent and aren’t obese. NONE OF THEM are getting a chance with me ever again, no exceptions.

      Just block any woman who tries to lecture you. I’m a grown ass man, I’m not about to explain myself to a total stranger by arguing and going back and forth justifying my preferences. They have a whole list a mile long about what they want and don’t want in men, but we’re supposed to just accept any and every woman because they have vaginas. Fuck that.

      Best way to meet women is in person anyway. I don’t really take the apps seriously like that.

    3. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Don’t even worry about these bitter and disgruntled single mothers who chose to give up their wombs to dickheads and bottom of the barrel worthless dudes, they’re just trying to shame you because you know your worth as a man and you refuse to sell yourself short and “settle” for somebody else’s leftovers.

      You’ve been mentioning this for a while how you keep getting these single mothers coming after you on dating apps. They’re looking for a cleanup man to “step up” and provide janitorial services, NEVER be that guy. I’m not raising somebody else’s seed, i will have my own family from scratch and there is nothing any single mothers can do or say to change that.

      Bro, you already know how I feel about dating apps, as far as I’m concerned they’re a waste of time unless you’re using them to find traditional foreign women. Dating apps tend to bring out a narcissism in modern day women that is unmeasured, they(western minded females) truly delude themselves into believing they’re deserve more than they’re entitled to, smh.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro 100 percent. Like I said before Verbs I know my self worth as a childfree man and I refuse to settle for single mothers. I am only interested in dating and finding a beautiful childfree non black woman so that I can create my own nuclear family from scratch with my own blood and DNA.

  3. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    Would you allow your foreign better half to work for an employer outside of the home if you live in her native country full time and her being the mother of your children? Will there be a discussion of having a household family business, her working for it with her country’s college/university educational background and degrees as an advantage for the sake of the business and keeping said money at home?

    1. DC,

      That black siren looks like the late David Carroll, lol. Typical black female muddy bootlicking pro blacks, Stockholm syndrome is very real with them. I would NEVER defend one of these bitter and ungrateful black harriets, leave them to stew, rot, marinate and burn in their own “independence”.

    2. That manly broad look like a whole-ass NUGGA talking all that hateful BS. Why would I protect an ugly dude? LOL. The SYSBM recruitment videos make themselves.

    1. Here are a couple more videos from Kendra Davis (Crimson Cure). If this black female youtuber means what she is saying, then she is a true unicorn. She is not much to look at, but she says all the right things. She seems to have her head screwed on correctly. For a black woman, this is extremely rare.

      1. Kendra Davis makes some very interesting videos. I wouldn’t elevate her to be some sort of spokes person for black men. Black men should speak for themselves.

        But I welcome anyone calling out the mental illness, evil, dysfunction, and fuckery of the scraggle daggle. More so called good black women should do so, instead of doing mental gymnastics to make excuses for the inexcusable.

  4. I find this comical about this BW decide to cancel the engagement because he is too broke to afford a lavish wedding.

    I agree with Verbs here that if a female wants an expensive celebrity-type/social media/go viral video wedding is a huge Red-Flag and she needs to be ditch immediately because these females are competing against other female friends to see who got a better man and wedding.

    A good woman would rather have an old fashion church wedding, nothing fancy because they only care about the vows and marriage.

    It is funny that it is only the BM gets scrutinise because they will not make stipulations against White Men.

    I watch Accountable Commentary video about how this BW went viral because she asked out a fat White Man. She even pay for the date. I never saw this video of the BW asking out a fat Brad because I never of it. When I listen to AC’s commentary, I realise that she will never do this to a BM.

    I agree with AC because these Pro-Black do not get the memo about where BW’s loyalty lies.

    Link =

  5. SYSBM: It’s raining tonight. Might have to stay in!
    White Sugar Honey: Let’s stay home, hun!

    Right, when a woman say that she wants a big wedding and she said that you can’t afford it because you are broke, that will let you know that she’s a gold digger. I know about gold diggers because I have been through that road before with these gold diggers and trust me, it’s not nice at all. To the men out there. ask a gold digger this question. Can she cook? Can she clean? Can she give you some punash when your horny? can she take care of the children? Ask her that question, guys. When it comes to black men, they need to beware when it comes to these ghetto scragglies. They need to be more street smart now with the scraggs in the streets. We know that there are more and more gold diggers then ever, so black men need to keep their eyes wide open. Out there, Lord have mercy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  6. Black men have the worst case of Stockholm syndrome. That conversation went on for much longer than it should have. I guarantee there were a ton of glaring red flags from the jump he ignored, yet despite this, something tells me he still won’t learn his lesson. Too many brothers have had the confidence and self esteem beaten out of them deliberately and it shows.

    Just the mere thought of getting into a relationship with a bdub is something I can no longer fathom. Only Pookies, simps and hoteps deserve them and whatever comes with it. The rest of us who are outright SYSBM and other sensible brothers who are also smart enough to avoid black females and seek good women won’t have this problem.


    1. These negroes are addicted to da sustahs. Just can’t leave them alone no matter how much they get mistreated. The most laughable is the so-called “passport bro” who will travel halfway around the world just to find a white man-worshipping African daggle who hates him as much as the American daggle he just left. LOL. SYSBM remains for the few and the proud.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      Too many black men love their “queens”, you’ll try and point them in a different direction and they’ll immediately throw a fit talking about how “we have to stick by OUR women” through thick and thin even though black women at the first opportunity pack up their stuff and leave.

      A good woman by default will aid a man on his journey to achieving financial greatness. How is this supposed to happen in this situation?

      That black witch is a bloodsucking hedonist, she truly believes the relationship is all about getting her carnal wants and desires always being met over keeping the relationship strong and healthy, smh.

      I cannot feel sorry for the guy because he picked her and as you pointed out, red flags have probably been popping up for years.

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! That video was infuriating to watch; if I could talk to that guy, I’d ask where he lost his nuts at, because he’s trying to reason with an unreasonable person. There’s no way I’m going to allow some bird brain chick to call me broke because I’m not willing to blow money on a big wedding; notice how she says they will have the wedding how SHE wants it, not the both of them. This woman only cares about the glitz and glamor of a big wedding; they aren’t even on the same page! Women always try to outdo each other, which is why whenever one broadcasts her success with something she does, a whole multitude of copycats follow; somebody needs to send him the SYSBM Tenets and the Traditional Treatment Disqualifiers ASAP!

  8. Gentlemen,

    What have we been saying about these pro blackity black Negroes talking all that rah rah black power in the streets but behind the scenes dicking down white and other non black females between the sheets:

    1. Verbs2015

      I knew of plenty of so called Pan African/hotep/whatever dudes who messed with non black women. As soon as interracial sex was legal in America, the Black Panthers couldn’t wait to bust down some white cheeks. Hell, even rastas were known back in the day talking that ‘Back to Afrika, Marcus Garvey’ shit while finding all kinds of loopholes to mess with white women. Bob Marley’s sons don’t even deal with black women at all hardly lol.

      A lot of these radical dudes are only with black women out of obligation and they know it.

      This is the beautiful thing about being true SYSBM – we don’t need to wear two faces or be scared to admit we find other women sexually attractive and don’t want to deal with black women at all.

    2. So BW are the streets equivalent of the gay man who marries a woman and has children?

      Black women – the beards of the Frying Pan African movement??? 🤣

    1. Verbs2015,

      I’d get an infinite amount of lashes LMAO. That’s still a better deal than being with a black woman.

    2. Oh, he is serious. Because he is the Chief of the Dick Police Unit.

    3. Of course GerbilFace is serious.

      Seriously stupid.

      Serious on that government pysop shit. Remember the State still needs black babies to abort for their paedo/organ industry. GerbilFace is doing exactly what he’s paid for.

  9. The sistas slaying it as usual:

    Check out this chick right here and the white female pander bear (I can’t stand those types. Stay away from white women who have black female friends BTW, trust me on this) chiming in and cosigning her. Black men, especially those who know their worth are leaving black females in droves. I personally couldn’t care less whether they raise or lower their standards or who they date. I’m SYSBM, so it’s not my concern. I just find it funny how they always play the “black men are uneducated and low earners” card, yet so many of them get their cheeks clapped by Pookies who don’t have two pesos to rub together.


    Will Smith is a world famous multi millionaire who is in shape and looks good for his age (pause) and could literally get a dimepiece half his age – could have divorced and got with fine ass PAWG Margot Robbie – but no, he still wants to remain a simp by staying with this GI Jane roll-on deodorant head demon who still humiliates him every chance she gets. This is who he humilated another black man in front of millions of people for…SMH.

    Like I said, black men have the worse case of Stockholm syndrome.

    SYSBM is vital to good black men like water and I’m not even joking.

    1. I don’t understand that either. Will Smith could seriously have any woman he wants, but he still stays with this ugly rotten disgusting bitch Jada.

      He deserves what’s coming to him honestly. Could’ve ran, should’ve ran. Stuck around.

      Should be a lesson to many, but few will actually see it for what it is.

      Oh well, not my problem. SYSBM all day, everyday!

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I’m going to feature that video in this week’s up and coming Open Mic Wednesday. Stay tuned.


    The nurturing Black Queen Mother Earth at it again. I bet if it was a black father who murdered his child, this pathetic simp Moist Twatkins would be calling for his head…but since it’s a bdub “oh this is so sad, our people need therapy”. Fuck outta here with that bullshit and fuck therapy. Send this evil, disgusting black sow to the electric chair.

    Black mothers are EVIL. Let’s just finally say it with our chests and call it what it is and stop being cowards. Tired of these black males amongst us molly-coddling these bitches and making excuses for them. That’s why they’ll never change.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Feel free to post this again in tomorrow’s Open Mic Wednesday. Black women stay killing children inside and outside of the womb, the overwhelming majority of them just aren’t fit to be mothers, full stop. The witch needs to be burned at the stake for what she’s done, the modern day black female’s judgment and recompense is long overdue. This is beyond evil, smh. Black women don’t need therapy, most of these females simply need their ability to have children removed.

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