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The Conjuring Is Real – Part 2! #SHORTS

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The last two clips are from a television series called Wicked City which premiered in 2022 and is currently ongoing. Of course black women are lapping up this junk as this is the true direction they really want to go in with their “black girl magic”.

As I’ve stated many times before, when it comes to black women the black man’s major flaw is that he doesn’t take her involvement in the occult, witchcraft, sorcery and magic very seriously, yet he wonders why no matter how rotten these black sirens treat him, he’ll still run back to them, worship and grovel at their feet, smh.

This is your modern day black female right here, while these knucklehead slowteps and pro blacks are busy worshipping their queens, these black harpies are conjuring spells, hexes, slicing the throats of chickens, spilling the blood upon altars as well as manifesting various enchantments in dark rooms lit by only candles.

Don’t forget the video that the black female rapper Azealia Banks released in 2016 where she showcased the particular area in her property where she would regularly sacrifice chickens for her brujeria rituals.

Banks claims she had been doing this for 3 years, in fact she was upfront and open about being a practitioner of the brujeria witchcraft. To be honest, I don’t believe she’s ever stopped snuffing out the lives of chickens for her rituals:

I don’t feel sorry for you black men who are still choosing to deal with these malevolent creatures called black females, I’ve been calling black women witches for at least 7 years and very few if any black men have taken the label seriously.

Most black men are deeply enamoured by black women and the average black female knows this, hence why she can get away with mocking, ridiculing, laughing at, using and abusing black men time and time again with little to no recourse.

Most black men foolishly believe that what Azealia Banks is doing is unique to her, however if black men could be flies on the walls in the houses/apartments of black women, they’d find that most black women would be happily engaging in some manner of sorcery and witchcraft.

As I stated in my book Negro Wars, most black men will perish pining and chasing after the very same women who are destroying them. Let’s not even get started about what bodily fluids black women are putting in black men’s food as part of their rituals to keep said men under the plantation spellbound trance for life.

Black men who refuse to listen are on their own at this point, their blood is not on my hands every-time a black witch snuffs out the life of one of them, I’ve performed my duty in warning these dudes even though they point blank refuse to listen.

As I always say, keep your head on a swivel and watch your six out here gents, too many black women are up to no good and genuinely look forward to “manifesting” some malevolence in your direction. I really have to shake my head at how simple minded most black men are when it comes to the evil black women execute, if only they knew just how deep the rabbit hole goes. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Dealing With Witches Has Never Been Good For One’s Health Especially Black Sirens

Most High Bless

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10 thoughts on “The Conjuring Is Real – Part 2! #SHORTS

  1. I can think of some spells these black witches can perform that will work wonders:

    1 – Exercise and eat healthy
    2 – Take the time out to maintain your own hair
    3 – Get a proper job and study to get money
    4 – Have some amount of decency and femininity
    5 – Be generally pleasant to be around
    6 – Stop sleeping around with degenerates.

    ….I could make a much longer list.

    Of course that will never happen because these weirdos think they can take superstitious shortcuts to get what they want, meanwhile their lives are just as messed up and ruined as ever. Unlike other women, bdubs simply don’t even look cute doing it, SMH.

    You notice how these septum ring having nutcases all have the same spaced out, vacant and crazy look in their eyes? That loony, vile creature Azealia Banks is beyond fucked up and it’s clear to see why. Even the charlatan ‘Master Teacher’ Bobby Hemmitt who taught some of that bullshit had to later admit he was on the wrong path after he had a stroke years ago.

    I don’t care if any black woman has my first, last and middle name as well as an entire photo album of me, ain’t no spell they can do to make me wanna go near a daggle ever again. I have powerful protective amulets of my own, it’s called a passport and SYSBM.

  2. Remember the cross eyed simp Jonathan from a few weeks ago? Well, the fat cross eyed daggle in the third video looks like his twin sister. LOL

    These daggles are hillarious. These are exactly the Quaens that black male simps deserve.

  3. I’ve never seen a video where someone is freezing letters about not paying bills until now.

    The bailiffs of police will be around the corner.

    Paganism is natural to black females.

    Witchcraft is natural to black females.

    I don’t see any non black females promoting sorcery potions as much as black females in these vids.

    This is one of the reasons why blackistan societies are at the bottom economically and politically.

    The voodoo magic is a spell that has cursed black nations and black societies from progressing.

    It hasn’t stopped me from progressing cause negress females have never been on my radar for dating.

    The trance is huge for black men who only date black females.

    The same skin tone is why most can’t break free from the trance.

    I don’t need a foreign white girlfriend to have the same skin tone as me.

    I need a foreign white girlfriend to dilute black bloodlines altogether from generation to the next generation and the generation after that.

    I would rather have white granddaughters than black granddaughters.

  4. Once video mentioning about Greed.
    She does not need magic tricks to have greed because the Matriarchy and the system does this for her.

    There are plenty of simps to give her money, you have child support and welfare. Then you have rigged dating in the black culture that if you are a black man, you have to pay premiums.
    Expect you to earn 6 figure salary.

    What is the end goal of greed? That’s it, buying weaves and lashes.

    Then you have another video about this broad saying that putting the bill in the fridge will stop them from coming. I do not understand how does putting bills in the freezer stop them from coming.
    Let me think: Putting a voodoo curse on the utility bills and put them on the freezer some how write off the debt.

    I have this theory Verbs and to all the SYSBM brothers here.
    Do you know what these BW who does conjuring with witchcraft and voodoo stuff and buying weaves, makeup, BBLs and make-up got in common? They trick the simps to the max!

    I just notice that you made lots topics about makeup, BBLs, fake-ness and then you make topics about Voodoo and hex. I just fit them together. If anyone here can connect dots. Basically these females are basically recruiting new and a lot of simps and feed the plantation.

  5. SYSBM: They are using witch craft to do evil shit!
    White Sugar Honey: We need God to protect us now, hun!

    Right, the tarot cards thing yeah. It can be used if you want to know the truth on something or anyone is getting their Karma or how people feel about you. the smoke thing they is like keeping cleansing the energy away, but in this case with the witch craft, though, Lord have mercy!

    Right all this ritual stuff is something not to mess with. Voodoo many, many years ago was use to protect people from evil and now these scraggle daggles are using it for evil doings. I see a lot of black women using which craft casting spells.

    Not only that, some black women as using their punany to get the man because everyone knows that black men have a weakness for the clit. And some of these witches will open their legs to them and give them it, you get me?

    All of this use to be used against evil and now they are using it for evil shit. And this is a dangerous move they are making with it because if something like this backfires which it will, some bad shit will happen.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet black women are coming after non-black women.


    1. Donovan Fuller,

      You notice how none of these spells are for self improvement? Everything is either to cheat the system, get over on someone else, keep a man trapped, or just outright malevolence. If you’re generally a good person and just look after yourself and put in the work, all those things you want will come to YOU. I’d rather attract women and prosperity because I did the necessary work rather than throw salt over my shoulder or put blood in cereal, whatever satanic nonsense these witches do.

      But I guess when you know you’re repulsive, you’ll do whatever it takes. It’s too bad no one told these meat puppets that when you send out evil intentions and mess with things you shouldn’t, then all of that negative energy comes right back to you. Every one of those women literally look possessed so that tells you how it’s working out for them.

      1. That is true. The things you are saying is so true. When people have bad intensions for you and they are using black magic on you, them things will back fire on them. And you know what else? I don’t feel sorry for them. They shouldn’t mess around with something like this and they continue to mess around with it.

  6. That is true. The things you are saying is so true. When people have bad intensions for you and they are using black magic on you, them things will back fire on them. And you know what else? I don’t feel sorry for them. They shouldn’t mess around with something like this and they continue to mess around with it.

  7. One good thing about TikTok is that many of its users tell on themselves on the platform; in this case, the scraggle daggle are revealing just how blackhearted and grotesque they truly are. First off, I’d only ever known of herbs and spices to be used for cooking, yet here we see them using them as a means of trying expel bad energy and welcome good energy? Also, note how unattractive they are in appearance; that stragg in the 3rd video has a serious case of the “wall eye”. As for the stragg in the 5th video, she better hope that her bill collectors don’t discover her TikTok page; if I knew who her collectors were, I’d forward them that video. This is financial irresponsibility at its worst! It’s smarter for her to just pay the bill and then you won’t have to worry about them calling you; I’m sure she has outstanding debts to pay!

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