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Is This Your Queen? There’s Always More To The Story!

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Shoutout to commenter SYSBM Forever for bringing this to my attention. As we’ve freshly come out of the BrickGate scandal with a Somalian female who made up an entire story about being assaulted by a random guy because she refused to give him her number and as a result managed to rack up over $42,000 in donations, I knew there had to be something more to this Peckham Hair Shop incident.

When you actually read into the articles detailing this account, why are we not surprised to learn that this black siren was accosted by the shop owner because she was attempting to STEAL ITEMS?

Additionally, you realise that this woman was eventually ARRESTED by the police(though on suspicion of assault, not the theft). Here is an excerpt from the above article:

“Police officers were called to the shop responding to a report the 31-year-old attempted to STEAL ITEMS and an employee had prevented her from leaving. The woman was arrested on suspicion of assault and later bailed pending further enquiries. The man involved in the footage has not been arrested.”

The reason why I’ve quoted the above paragraph is because while searching for the same clip on TikTok, I came across shorter clips with captions on them trying to portray the thief as some sort of victim and that the dispute was all over “a refund”, smh.

You have to be severely mentally ill to go into a shop with the purpose of either buying or stealing weaves, wigs and bundles when you already have hair growing out of your own scalp, smh.

Just as black harriets in the US are regularly getting involved in altercations with Korean beauty supply store owners because they’re always trying to steal items, the same is happening over here in the UK with black women having to be manhandled by Pakistani/Indian hair shop owners for the exact same reason.

Of course, black folks in typical victimhood fashion immediately took to the streets of Peckham protesting outside of the hair and cosmetics shop concerned despite the fact that the black female they protested on behalf of attempted to use the 5 finger discount technique from the same:

You’ve got me totally messed up if you believe I’m going to engage in a protest on behalf of a thief. Too many black folks in the West have an extremely dysfunctional/bad habit of protesting and rioting for the wrong types in “da communitah”, as far as I’m concerned, the shop thief got what she deserved, end of.

In the last Open Mic Wednesday, commenter SYSBM Forever wrote the following:

“Bdubs wanna be rough and tough masculine “boss chicks” who think they’re bad until something happens to them as a result of their own actions, then want all the men of da communitah to rush to their side like The Avengers. Black women don’t even realise that by being disrespectful, stubborn and rebellious, they’re actually putting themselves in more danger.”

I remember writing a few articles years ago on the old website illustrating how dealing with black women has become very dangerous and how black females act recklessly in public fully expecting black men to jump in and defend them without question or protest, nope, that’s not happening over here.

Remember, these are the same black females calling you black men “broke”, insulting you because either you don’t have the exorbitant amounts of money required to finance them or you point blank refuse to fund their hedonistic, materialistic, superficial lifestyles.

There’s nothing to see here, it’s just another case of a black witch who entered a hair and cosmetics shop for the sole purpose of theft and got her just dues handed to her as a result.

I’ve been into a few of these Pakistani/Indian run hair shops to buy alcohol for use post shaving, those stores have multiple employees stacked on every aisle, what was this black siren thinking?

It’s not even like you’ll struggle to find clips of black women stealing weaves, wigs, bundles of hair and other cosmetics, they’re in such an abundance:

It’s a damn shame, black women could shut down the weave/wig industry overnight if only they’d embrace wearing their own natural hair without feeling ashamed, embarrassed or insecure. However black women are prolific when it comes to spending their money in other communities.

Pakistanis and Indians are laughing all the way to the bank, they’re able to put their children into private schools while black women struggle because of their incessant addiction to weaves, wigs, fake eyelashes as well as other vain, superficial cosmetics.

Don’t allow the mainstream media to misguide you on this above interaction, the black female in question is NOT a victim, she’s a thief who got caught and then couldn’t even play the role of a FEMININE victim in order to garner sympathy and compassion from the shop owner, nope, she decided to wack him with a shopping basket instead, smh.

The shop owner Sohail Sindho recently conducted an interview where he explained what actually happened:

To be honest Sohail Sindho doesn’t need to worry about a thing because as we already know, black women will return to his establishment regardless just like they did Juns Beauty Supply Store in Tulsa Oklahoma 5 years ago after that store owner hit a black female who not surprisingly became violent towards him first:

Don’t ask SYSBM™ Knights and Practitioners what we’re saving ourselves from because all of the above are perfect illustrations as to why intelligent black men who’ve got their heads screwed on straight need to distance themselves as far as possible from the black community as well as black women.

As I’ve stated before gentlemen, be sure to give women the equality they’ve been fighting so fervently for whenever the opportunities present themselves. This is the West, therefore always remember that women are “equal” to men.

Finally, black women in the UK cannot pull the victimhood card like their cousins in the US because the US black female has been weaponised against black men and “da communitah”, thus she is a State asset.

Over here in the UK however, black women are in the exact same boat as black men, a group without a voice pushed to one side and forgotten about, this is why UK black females look incredibly stupid and foolish whenever they attempt to throw UK black men under the bus as nobody not even the UK government will pay them any mind nor take them seriously. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Daggles Be Out Here Doing What Daggles Do

Most High Bless

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26 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen? There’s Always More To The Story!

  1. This is why London is has been trash for years now. Because of these animals

  2. No disrespect intended, but if you told me that this happened in Candy Land’s Lollipop Road and Rainbow Junction, I would find it more believable than being told that this happened in England.

    1. Jolly Old England that you knew from old-time TV shows that made it to America like Are You Being Served, Fawlty Towers and Benny Hill is gone forever. London’s got the same black Pookies and weavehead Shaniquas as America, only they’ve got London accents. Not to mention Pakis and Muslims with more washing up on shore everyday. I was reading about this small English town that illegal migrants just showed up one day and took over.

  3. Verbs, it is time for 3Ms (Michael Mistertea Mouthful) where I go deep on this.

    Thanks you Versb for show this website the full and uncut footage of what happen as these Pro-Black Simps will always defend the BW, even she is in the wrong and caught stealing.

    As for these Black British simps seeking justice and want to shut the Peckham Salon down, guess what? Not happening.
    Once the Indian guy apologise for hurting the BW, he would make it up them by putting discount and business as usual. Meaning these BW will continue to shop back there because they want to fake with weaves and makeup.
    All the Pro-Black simps can talk shit all they want such as ‘Fuck your apology’ as you please, but guess what? Your toughs words will change nothing because all the thinking brothers who got their head screwed in knows well 100% that these BW will come back and shop and the Indians will continue to pimp them dry.

    Don’t believe me? Look at what happen in America over 3 years ago. Verbs show you a clip of the Chinese man pimp slap the BW.

    Let me explain the history of pimp slap and money to all the SYSBM knights. There were 2 instance this happen:

    1st – Juns Beauty Supply Store in Tulsa Oklahoma 5 years ago:
    BW acting masculine in front of the daughter against the Chinese store owner. The Chinese man pimp slapped her.
    A week later, all the BM and BW come to protest against the shop owner, threaten to boycott. The shop as soon Owner apologise to BW and saying how sorry he was by hitting a BW, after he apologise to all BW he decide to make it up to them. How did he make it up to BW? He put a 50% discount and as soon he put the half-price compensation, the BW who were protesting with the hoteps did a complete 180 (U-Turn) on the hoteps and queuing up for the shop to open like nothing happen. The light skin BW even talking shit on the hoteps, even the hoteps were trying hard to save the BW. But the BW could not resist the ‘half-price’ banner because they value weaves than the black men.
    At the end, the Hoteps failed in vain.

    2nd – Tyrone Mohammed and the Chicago Salon Shop (1 year after the Salon shop in Oklahoma)
    Many years the Asian salon shop disrespecting BW in the Salon and Tyrone decide to cape by play ‘Captain Save-a-Hoe’.
    Tyrone trying to boycott the salon shop by throwing a brick at the window. Guess who call the police? Black Women and who was the cops? Black Women.
    He went to jail for 1 day and the shop declared boarded up after the incident.
    The next day where he went back to the shop the video show the shop has been boarded up and he thought he won. But as soon as he open the store, that is right – ‘Business as Usual’ meaning the same BW got pimp by the Asians continue to shop there.
    So Tyrone the ‘Captain Save-a-Hoe’ basically got a criminal record and went to jail for nothing.

    Basically, the moral of the story is hoteps can talk all aangtsa all they, but as long as BW shops there the Asians and the Indian/Pakistani will continue to pimp them. Why? Because BW wants their weaves and makeups.

    Remember the video when the BW said ‘We need our weaves’? Exactly.

    1. Michael Mistertea,

      Re the second incident: Serves his right. These same fools wanna clown us on social media and tell everyone how the rest of us are not real men because we refuse to be crash dummies and sacrificial lambs for these daggles. Meanwhile, bdubs show black men over and over that they couldn’t give two shits about our loyalty to them and will in fact take the lead in persecuting us if our actions inconvenience them in some way….and even after the fact, they will STILL say we’re not loyal despite the abundance of simps who act like free bodyguards and attack dogs on their behalf.

      Black men are so hard-headed it’s not even funny.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    These Pro Black simps and Hotep simps are the biggest fucking idiots on the planet because they are protesting for black women who don’t give a fuck about them. I am so glad that I am a free thinking SYSBM black man who cannot be controlled by the black community.

    1. As Michael Mistertea stated that just like the 2 salons in America, that if the Indian guy apologises to the BW and give them discount, these same BW will shop there like the incident did not happen. You know – ‘Business as Usual’. The hoteps can give the salon shop middle finger all they want, but when the shop reopens, the Pro-Black can protest all they want whilst the BW will continue to shop there and buy weaves and the Indians keep on making money.

      Hoteps will fail miserably. I think the UK Pro-Black never heard of what happen to the Salon Shop in Chicago and in Oklahoma. The UK simps will learn the hard way when the shop reopens and back to normal.



    SMH. Is it any wonder why we’re not taken seriously as black people?

    Thank you for the mention and highlighting this embarrassing fiasco, bro. There’s a reason black men in this country have been SYSBM for decades now even way before our American counterparts. Black British women are just as bad or even worse than ABWs.

    You know how you can tell this photo op protest is bullshit? They’re shrieking “We don’t need them, they need we!” – If that’s the case, then why the FUCK are bdubs continuing to shop at THEIR stores???!?! If all Asian beauty stores disappeared tomorrow, what would BW do? What alternative would they have? If any 10 year old Asian kid walked into that crowd and asked them that question, they’d all look like idiots.

    This guy ‘RaspectRebellion’ (the one wearing the durag and Nike tracksuit bottoms in the second vid) who always leads these kind of social gatherings/photo ops is one of those fist pumping militant dudes who just like to be in front of the camera and impress women by always bashing other black men like us and those who don’t follow da communitah pseudo hotep/militant way of thinking. He never calls out black women for anything. He’s one of those show off ‘The Black Queen Goddess Mother Earth can do no wrong’ negros. He’s probably a pussy hound behind closed doors like a lot of them are.

    I’m willing to bet that after that victim protest, not two people from that crowd have come together and said, you know what, after this incident we’re going to pool our money and resources together and set up our own thing so black women can shop there instead. No. They’ll wait for the next incident to occur, so they can bring out the RBG flags, headwraps, incense, ankh medallions, loudspeakers and cameras to look like a bunch of big shots. I’ve been around these types before, so I know how they operate. They’re just a bunch of self-aggrandising posers who shout slogans and repeat the same rhetoric and use these protests as an opportunity to hang out and socialise. The last genuine protest when people still actually cared and made some kind of difference was the New Cross March and more recently around the time Stephen Lawrence was murdered – and look how long ago both events were.

    I remember many years ago in Birmingham there was a rumor that a black girl was gang raped by Asian men in a store. It was totally false, but it damn near started a race war in the Handsworth area and other parts of Birmingham and throughout the whole chaos a young, innocent black man by the name of Isaiah Young-Sam sadly lost his life as a result of being attacked by an Asian gang. I remember the whole thing very well. The black ‘community’ took a huge L with that one because they acted on emotion and didn’t even verify whether the incident really happened or not.

    Check out this short video from 2004 featuring the last Darcus Howe:

    You know how Asians like that guy he was interviewing can rub their success in our faces the way he did? Because 1) their women COOPERATE 2) they have something to show for it. Even though there’s Asians involved in criminal activities, at least they have something to point to. We don’t. You think they’d have all those businesses and stable families if their women were always fighting against them and trying to sabotage their own men at every turn? You think Asian women like the ones in the video are concerned about being Boss Bitches instead of nurturing wives and mothers? Yes, they have their problems and issues and not all Asian women are angels obviously, but I’ve been around Asian families and see how they interact and deal with each other. That documentary was 2004. That’s nearly 20 years ago. What have we built for ourselves since then? It’s never been a secret that the Asian community is way ahead of us economically in this country. Black people had a chance and totally dropped the ball. Why don’t we at least run Brixton? Why didn’t black folks buy up properties and create a legacy for future generations? All we have from there are memories and folks complaining about all the yuppies who have taken over.

    Genuine, feminine women make the lives of their men as easy as possible because they know it’s for the greater good. They’ll literally create needless situations out of nowhere that will put their men in danger or at best cause a massive inconvenience. I’ve even mentioned how they steal from black businesses too, so no one is immune from their actions. In fact, once they realise a store is black owned, they behave even worse. There’s no code or honour with them. Many black store owners are rude too and their customer services is shit, but that’s another topic.

    Black British women don’t even smile or acknowledge black men generally. They’re fucking rude, disrespectful and generally unlikable. They don’t even look as good as their ABW cousins as most of them are just plain janes, yet they’re so stuck up like they’re these untouchable beauty queens. I’ve mentioned how horrible the women in my own family are. They’re literally the source of the many problems I’ve had in the past. So no, I’m not inclined to ‘defend’ them. Every time I see a black female kicking off, it’s just a reminder of the shit I grew up having to deal with for no good reason at all. Throughout my formative years, I was just told how stupid I am, therefore, they don’t need my “protection”, right? This is why I’m SYSBM, cos now that I’ve risen from the ashes, I’m not taking the best parts of myself and rewarding the same women who gave me hell. As we can clearly see, black women in this country don’t come close to being taken seriously, nor do other men want them like that, so what do they have to gain by always fighting against us? They’re not loyal and they are quick to throw a good black man under the bus.

    There is no ‘black community’ in the UK. Black folks are done here. It’s over. We just live in this country. The only alternative is for the good, likeminded brothers to bounce from here and/or find good non black women to settle down and create legacies with. That’s why although he’s not really SYSBM, I got so much respect for the fellow UK bro International Passport because he’s teaching black men IT skills and interviewing successful brothers who kick knowledge on everything from property, finances, health, moving abroad etc you name it. He just recently interviewed a brother who is on six figures as a result of his classes. That’s the type of thing we need. Something tangible and real…unlike these underachieving, blackity black superstitious RBG clowns who’ll still be in the same position they’re in 10 years from now talking about ancient Kemet while still being broke.


    1. @SYSBM Forever
      Thank you for your intelligent breakdown and long write up, I appreciate them. What you wrote is 100% on point and needs to be said and nobody’s willing to be honest and tell the truth these days. I’d like to expand upon what you’ve said to get to the root of this problem. The most hated word in the English language is responsibility and women don’t like to take any and the black race who is lead by his woman certainly never does.

      I know that after the Africans kicked out the European Christians it has been colonized by the communists who have built and own all the infrustructure. There is a great documentary called “Empire of Dust” that highlights this fact.
      I’m a Jamican and Jamica’s highways and bridges are all built by the communist chinese who also own everything of importance on the Island. This is a global phenomenon, the black race run by his evil, loud, unhygienic, uncouth woman builds and runs nothing, everytime a black man does something of note he does it outside da communitah through the mechanisms of someone else’s infrastructure, usually the Europeans. The late David Carroll made a video titled “Why The Negro Won’t Control The Economy In His Community”

      You can never build anything with da communitah because they don’t want to build anything, all they want is to get as much as they can for nothing, they don’t even want to clean up where they live, every hood in America is filthy and they always blame the government for not cleaning up their own mess. I’ve personally been on garbage cleaning drives and 90% of the people who showed up were middle to upper class white people and the only blacks who showed up were the “lames” who get accused of acting “white”. According to these daggles cleaning up where you live is “lame”, let that sink in. In Verbs book “Negro Wars” he writes that other ethnicities are willing to start small and build up but the black man wants the big time right away without putting in the work. Pastor David Manning talks extensively about this.

      I had a conversation with my “pro black” brother who is married for 24 years to a white woman who changed his life for the better and as usual he was defending daggles who he still loves to bang on the side ala Tommy Sotomayor style. He was trying to justify the daggles behaviour by blaming it on “society” and believe it or not slavery. I said to him, next time you go to the gas station see who is working there, it is almost certainly a Pakistani, Indian, or middle eastern man. Strike up a conversation and a friendship with him and you will find out that when he’s not pumping gas he’s getting a degree in a STEM course. And HIS woman is standing by him while he’s pumping gas! Now you know that there IS NO WAY IN HELL that a black woman would stand by her man while he’s pumping gas, no mother fucking way! Show me ONE black woman who will stand by her man while he is doing something like that on his way to building something for himself. In 10 years that Pakistani man will be doing good owning property and businesses in a society that calls him a Paki and says that he stinks while the black people will be complaining and talking the white man and “white supremacy”. The Pakistani will have a nice family and be part of a supporting community while blackistan will be full of baby mamas and single mothers raising Pookies.

      Now here is the real reason that blackistan lead by the black female will NEVER EVER support black commerce and will go fly to Mars before they support a black enterprise. Supporting a black enterprise would lead to black men making a come up and bettering their station in life and that ain’t never ever happening on their watch if they can help it, and they raise their hellspawns to think the same. Remember that dude in California who tried to help out the savages in da communitah and they ended up robbing him AND whopping his ass? Exactly.

      A black man will never truly succeed in da communitah unless he gets a government grant or caters to the emotional gratification of the daggle, who gets her funding from the government either in the form of entitlements or quotas, ala tin pan african prince Umar Johnson. The only way to succeed is you have to get out and stay out. SYSBM FOREVER!

      1. Upgraydd,

        The old saying crabs in a bucket is true.

        Da communitah hates to see the few successful black people improve themselves because it’s a reminder of their own failures. Nipsey Hussle invested in the hood and constantly frequented there only to get his head blown off by a local loser called ‘Shitty Cuz’ (the name alone tells you all you need to know about that waste of space). But if Nipsey decided to move out to Beverly Hills somewhere and never look back, he’d be a “sellout who forgot where he came from”.

        You don’t even have to tell me about Jamaica. I know it all too well as my “family” is from there. Jamaicans are some of the most fcuked up group of black people in the world. The island itself is beautiful, but the people there are insane. The government will let the chinese do whatever they want, but they won’t protect the returnees from being harmed by the greedy inhabitants who don’t want to work, but will take from you and end your life. I knew of a man who returned to Jamaica, set up a business and employed the locals only to get robbed and killed. That’s how da communitah repays you.

        Black females always say “don’t fall in love with potential” and to get a man when he’s at his best, meanwhile when a non black woman supports a brother while he’s making things happen and he rises to the top and embraces her in front of the whole world, these same bdubs call him all kinds of names and NOW wanna bemoan the lack of so-called black generational wealth they never cared to help build with the man in the first place.

        LOL @ “white supremacy”. This ain’t Tulsa Oklahoma in the early 20th century. We live in the UK. No one’s gonna drop any bombs on us for pooling our resources and money together. I ain’t seen no white man make the black folks I’ve known do the shit they do. Any black man with potential would leave the daggle and da communitah behind and let them rot in their own self created, self pitying mess. Fuck ’em.

    2. SYSBM Forever wrote:

      “Black British women are just as bad or even worse than ABWs.”

      I disagree. Many Black Men told that Americans BW are worse than British BW. Even British BW are a bit nicer than the counterpart, unfortunately the British and even African BW just follow the American Stereotype.
      As Verbs stated Black Women is an International problem. Even I am a UK guy, I still will not deal with the British BW because they follow the same Western trend. Just like Money Cultural mention on his website that you have these British simps mimicking American simps.

      As for the Simps and BW saying “We don’t need them, they need we!”. But what the British Militant simps do not understand is whilst they are preaching this ‘We do not need the Indians’. Actually in reality it is the BW needs the Indian shop more than them because they need the weaves and they know this.

      “There is no ‘black community’ in the UK.”

      There are some black community, but most of them has been gentrified so much it become diverse. Not much hood anymore as the most area has been regenerated.

      1. Michael Mistertea,

        There’s a difference between a “community” in the real sense of the word and a place where people who simply look like each other live in the same area. Even black Americans who live in cities that are overwhelmingly black will tell you there’s no community like that because they don’t own or run anything and very few people are on code, therefore they need outside assistance to sustain anything they rely upon. They just live together. If we were a real community, the problems we speak of either wouldn’t exist or be so endemic.

        As for ABWs and British BWs, I guess that’s all subjective, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one as it’s based on my own personal experience. Which animal is less or more likely to attack a human – a lion or a tiger? Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter since the result is the same and they’re both to be avoided.

        1. “Which animal is less or more likely to attack a human – a lion or a tiger? Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter since the result is the same and they’re both to be avoided.”

          That is an excellent point and I agree.

  6. I knew straight away that the Peckham incident was because a Daggle attempted to steal their products.

    Putting aside the whole Asians profiting off Black folks trope, the Peckham area is getting gentrified to shit, because white folks can take advantage of the cheap rental prices and shove the black folks outof the way. It started way before this point.

    As for the right wing media on YouTube capitalising on this protest to tarnish Black people in general, go pound sand. You will never EVER point out the real reason for the Daggle attempting to steal, yet you’ll push your usual racist diatribes for likes and views.

  7. SYSBM: That’s a nice hoodie dress your wearing. Where did you get it from?
    White Sugar Honey: I got in Peckham, hun!

    You see, she’s a damn teef! The South East London try nick weave out of the store and she whack the man with the basket after her got her behind the neck. Let me tell SYSBM this yeah. I know that the ratchet black women steal weave. It’s been happening for a long time.

    Black women spend over ten billion dollars on buying weave and the reason for that the ratchet black women wants to complete with the white woman’s hairstyle. But the thing is that they will loose in that competition because the white woman can grown her hair naturally and the ghetto ratchet black women have glue in that.

    To the simps and the hoetep fools yeah. Mi ah go fucking box them! I wanna know why they wanna protest all for a theif? Are they trying to get some clit because these scarggle daggles prefer to open their legs to Six Shooter Derrick, Colt Five Rounds, Last Long Palmer and Fuck All Night Freed. After they throw the punany in their faces, the Asian man is goanna open up his weave shop selling weave, half price.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  8. Between Brickgate and the Peckham incident, I’ve got more entertainment than the striking screenwriters and woke actors could pump out. Two dark-skinned heffas, two thieving grifters. US or UK, the daggle is a GLOBAL problem. Sitting back with my popcorn and beverage. Shout out to Mohammed who did not hesitate to get that Peckham b*tch in a chokehold, and the Korean legend Jun from five years ago, who punched that b*tch in her fat mouth and made her bleed in front of her kids. This is what these hoes need, to be put in check. BM really need to be the ones handing out the punishment, but unfortunately we have to outsource.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

  9. The blackistan societies would protest to defend criminals that are only attacked by non blacks.

    This is one of the reasons why blackistan societies are at the bottom economically and politically.

    I won’t see any foreign white girlfriend stealing hair where I am.

    Not even an anglo saxon white female would do this either and they are feminist.

    I won’t see any other non black females stealing hair either.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      “The blackistan societies would protest to defend criminals that are only attacked by non blacks.

      This is one of the reasons why blackistan societies are at the bottom economically and politically.”

      You are on to something with your reference to blackistan societies. I really like the ‘blackistan’ metaphor, because it is blackistan writ large that continues to foment more and more extreme forms of uncivilized and pathalogical behavior among its denizens. It then exports this behavior to the world writ large and calls it ‘Black Culture’.

      Black men with sound minds, good character, and intelligence, should generally avoid the black female phenotype altogether. ‘The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice’ is nothing but hotep nonsense.

      In my simping days, I dealt with black females across the spectrum of skin color and racial mixture. It was my experience that the worst ones in terms of being emotionally disturbed, having bad female hygiene, and possessing character defects, were the darker ones. They were also generally the least attractive physically.

      If I had to seek a black woman, I would focus on females who originate from the horn of Africa, preferably Ethiopia.

      I don’t know when blackistan went completely off the rails in the US. But it was a process that began in the 1970s and evolved to its current sorry state. I think this was when (1970s – 1980s) black females in the US, made their contract with liberal white zaddy to take da communitah to the deepest depths of the sewer while keeping their foot on the necks of black males, in exchange for scooby snacks and the buildup of the matriarchy.

      Certainly the worse offenders of the hairweave and the industrial strenght makeup craze, are the darker skin ones. Nowadays, lighter skin black females are bad as well. But in general, the darker skin ones tend to be worse. Diluting Pookie’s and Shaniqua’s bloodlines, go a long way towards improving the person.

    1. These BW will never learn, just like American BW. They taught no compliance because they are matriarchal mindset. They taught not to respect Black Patriarchy and try to preach it to other cultures but other cultures do not play.

      Check this link out =

      As the Black simps ask the Indian guy a question, ‘What if that was your daughter or your mom?’
      Let’s run with this:
      Here is the typical female relative question that simps put.
      The simps do not understand that those culture do not play that shit that is why the female relatives do not steal. You have this simps got this ‘let it slide for female’ mindset because they defend the indefensible.
      Try that shit in other country like Saudi Arabia and you get hands chopped off.

      1. Mister Master,

        Exactly. These countries are super hard on women and keep them in line in such a way that black men never will.

        I really hate that “what if it was your female relative” question every time bdubs get punished as a result of their own behaviour. The answer to that is, actions have consequences. Other societies ain’t just letting you do whatever the hell you want.

        Black men are super scared to hold their women accountable, that’s why they run amok. Deep down, they’re still afraid of mama’s belt so they can’t even bring themselves to say “you were wrong for that” to a Bdub. Real men don’t tiptoe and make excuses for women they’re supposed to be leading.

        Simps and hoteps are just cowards despite all their chest beating.

    2. The Black man seems to be pushing for a race war that he will certainly lose. The only thing proping him up is the White man he loves to talk shit about but it is only the White man that has ever or will ever give him any concessions. Once the white man becomes a minority that’s when the Black man will find out. Arabs, South Asians and the Chinese HATE black people, so just wait for when the White man is gone along with all of his laws of protections and set asides. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Arabs and Chinese put Black people back in chains because the Arabs only stopped enslaving Africans (legally) in the 2000’s, but the then again the Black man has never been known for being too cerebral and he certainly doesn’t deal with facts. Who can’t hear must feel.

  10. This is why the communitah is dead and will remain that way; so, she disagrees with his store’s no refund policy, and her solution is to steal what she feels entitled to? He had every right to restrain her; she’s lucky she didn’t run into the type of Indian/Pakistani male who would’ve laid hands on her in anger. Now, he just needs to run a sale and those British daggles will be back to shop in his store as if nothing happened; remember the Jun’s Beauty Supply incident? One stragg was seen going off on a guy protesting for her! How can you think such a group is worthy of your protection, let alone a daggle who was caught stealing in broad daylight? I swear, sometimes the communitah is just daring White people to be racist when these situations arise.

  11. When keeping it real goes wrong…

    Scrag took the Flying L!

    Courtesy of L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.

    – Dr. Gerbilface


  12. At the end of the day whether it’s stateside or aboard Daggles gonna Daggle! These bald headed heauxes never disappoint when it comes to some type of fuckery! LOL!

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