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The BBL Phenomenon, Hedonism, Witchcraft And Vanity!

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Note that the BBL is simply another form of witchcraft and sorcery just like makeup, fake eyelashes, fake nails and weaves/wigs, the only difference being the substance used(fat from other parts of the body) to give the buttocks the extra volume is injected into the rear area as opposed to being attached externally.

These women are out here in these streets genuinely looking like science experiments gone horribly wrong, mutants, freaks of nature as well as side show circus attractions.

This is why I have no hesitation in stating that most modern women are stupid and dumber than a box of rocks, they have no individual thought process when it comes down to popular trends, one female knucklehead falls into the spiral of vanity chasing and the rest are sure to follow without ever questioning the path concerned.

Modern day women have taken their marching orders from the black female in being lazy and not being willing to put in the effort and the work in order to get the desired results, everything for these females must revolve around shortcuts and getting things done in the quickest way possible.

In all my years living on this planet I’ve never seen women in such an insecure, mentally fragmented state, most of these heifers refuse to exit their houses without first spray painting their faces with 50 layers of industrial grade makeup.

What kills me is these are the same women who have the audacity to go in on men, talking about how men need to get things right, “get it together” and “step our game up”.

How about getting your mental state on point first, remove the makeup, fake eyelashes, fake nails, weaves/wigs, butt and breast implants, lip fillers and only then will you have the grounds to where your suggestions about men MAY BE taken into consideration, MAYBE!

I really don’t understand how these women can walk down the streets like the above and feel that everything is ok and they look fine. How is having a pair of buttocks that literally look like urine and faeces filled nappies/diapers a flex?

These women claim to be smart and leagues ahead of men, yet men aren’t the ones out here getting suckered into mutilating their bodies just to look like certain famous female celebrities.

There you have it folks, modern women continue to fall for the sorcery and witchcraft of social media telling them that they look inadequate and out of place unless they mutilate themselves with 2000 plastic surgeries as well as use all of the external appendages available heavily promoted by the cosmetics industry.

NO MEN are demanding or asking women to get BBLs or any other nut job plastic surgery, modern females are doing this off their own backs and looking like exaggerated goofy cartoon caricatures in the process.

Gentlemen, avoid these mutant looking freaks of nature like the plague, plastic surgery outside of necessary procedures is indicative of a fragmented, destroyed mental state, such women are not psychologically stable and seriously ought to be locked up in mental asylums. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid These Exaggerated Mutants And Freakish Looking Goofettes

Most High Bless

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22 thoughts on “The BBL Phenomenon, Hedonism, Witchcraft And Vanity!

  1. As much as I like my women nice and curvy, what I saw out of them videos was the X files. Are these types of women allergic to butt workouts, squats or something? Because going that black market route equals a death sentence. Some people say there’s a legal way to get a BBL, but they say it’s too expensive, and I don’t know about that. All I know is I’ve seen females walking around here with butts that look way out of proportion, and could explode in one hit or sit. At some point in these women’s lives, they’re gonna realize the hard way that the fast path is not always the right path. Women signing up to put illegal chemicals into their body just to look like a P-Star/Stripper signed their death certificate.

    P.S. That first video of the woman draining the chemicals out of her butt, I almost threw up my coffee looking at that nasty stuff.

    1. That Retro Guy,

      Because of feminism most women with a Westernised mindset have become extremely lazy, now everything is all about instant gratification and taking shortcuts in order to get to that place as far as they are concerned is fair game.

      Most of these Frankenstein failed science experimental freaks walking these streets don’t realise how goofy, abnormal and deformed they look.

      It’s all vanity, women caught up in the cycle of endless competition between themselves(men have nothing to do with this goofy nonsense) and taking things to the extreme in their efforts trying to look better than the next female, smh.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Yuk BBLs are fucking discusting and a major turn off for me and I don’t like fake looking women from head to toe. I prefer my non black women to look natural all over her body.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Exactly, the majority of men want natural looking women, as I stated above to commenter That Retro Guy, it’s women who are caught up in the endless cycle of competition between themselves that drives them to keep taking these body mutilations to the next level. Mutant looking females must and will always be rejected.

  3. These women will never learn; there needs to be a program that informs these women of the extreme risks they’re taking with their health getting these BBLs and breast implants. That first video is gross to watch; whatever that yellow liquid was, it just wouldn’t stop coming out of her butt! The end results of these operations don’t look good at all; they don’t even look like real human beings after the surgeries. Can you imagine not being able to get out of bed on your own and needing assistance just to stand up? The ones who die from complications are in a better place because they don’t have to worry about dealing with the pain that follows behind them (pun intended); also, don’t forget about Jacky Oh, the late partner of DC Young Fly. She died May 31 of this year after a botched plastic surgery; funny thing about that was that many of her followers raised concerns about her going through with the procedure, but she didn’t listen. I must point out once again that women compete with each other physically, and this BBL phenomenon shows the great lengths that women will go to just for some male attention.

    1. BCT,

      They’re all in competition with themselves, women will try to blame men for the various mutilations they put themselves through but men have absolutely nothing to do with their obsession with wanting to outshine the female beside them.

      In fact, men are telling women time and time again that they don’t like all of these modifications, the problem is women just aren’t listening, they’re still going ahead and engaging in these goofy and dangerous practices.

      Any women who engage in plastic surgery are clearly mentally unstable, psychologically unbalanced and should be avoided at all costs.

  4. These women decrease their own value with this crap. To me, it just denotes total laziness, immaturity and vanity at best.

    The fact is, they’re only doing it to look good on IG and compete with other women for views, likes and comments. The baffling thing is, I’ve seen women who had GREAT figures but got work done anyway. I’ve heard some of them even blame men and say cos we like big butts so much that’s why they do it lol. Of course, everything is our fault since accountability is like advanced quantum physics to these chicks smh. But when we say they should be natural, it’s “don’t tell us what to do”. They think they’re gonna be young forever and all that work won’t catch up with them. Oh well, this is their problem.

    If it’s not organic, I don’t want it. This is my ideal, natural body type for a woman right here:

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      That’s the comical part in itself, when women try to blame men for the competition women are having amongst themselves.

      Most men aren’t out here calling for women to be BBL’d up, to get duck lip filler or any other kind of surgery, nope, these goofettes are trying their utmost to look better than the next woman, they’re undergoing these surgeries off their own backs.

      Men have no stake in these garbage rituals, men are actually the ones telling these knuckleheaded females that they already look good, however most Western women aren’t hearing this at all.

      The link to the picture you posted is what most men would be satisfied with, a natural body with NO modifications. I’m 10 toes down with you 100%, if the female isn’t organic/natural, I’m just not interested.

  5. Verbs and SYSBM brother,

    This is another reminder of what Robert Mugarbe said about these African Women:

    “You cannot give a woman everything she needs.
    If God Himself gave them eyebrows, they shave it and draw their own.
    God gave them nails, they cut it off and fixed their own.
    He gave them breast, they repackage it to what they want.
    God still gave them buttocks, they arrange it to the size they want.
    If even God can’t satisfy them then who are you to think that you can please them?
    My brother don’t kill yourself.”

    This is what these videos shows you.

    1. MMT,

      Mugabe never lied with that statement, he told the truth. You compliment women who already have a nice shape and yet they don’t believe it, these goofies still want to go out and get surgery, smh.

      1. Verbs,

        I am glad you acknowledge Mugabe’s quote, even he was a dictator, but he understand how African female are.
        Unfortunately it spread to the west.

        Micheal Mistertea wrote on Robert’s quote:
        “If God Himself gave them eyebrows, they shave it and draw their own.”

        These are mostly African Jamaican women because I seen this in real life. I had a friend where they completely clean shave their eyebrows like using a Gillette Mach3 razors and then they use either crayons or marker pen to draw their eyebrows. I do not understand thinking why do they do this.

  6. The cosmetic surgery is where the lab technicians are for scientific experiments going wrong.

    I prefer a natural looking white girlfriend overseas.

    The rabbit hole can’t go any further than this in west world of anglo saxon.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I see these Frankenstein mutant freak looking female everywhere in the streets of London, mind you these are the same women who claim to be intelligent yet are so easily hoodwinked into wearing 50 layers of industrial grade makeup, fake eyelashes, fake nails, weaves/wigs as well as getting plastic surgeries that only make them look worse. When it comes to Western women, there is always somebody who is laughing all the way to the bank at their expense.

  7. White Sugar Honey: Hun, my booty is getting large. And I’m getting curvy too!
    SYSBM: SYSBM gone curvy!
    White Sugar Honey: Can’t wait for you to touch these deadly curves!

    Right, we know about curvy. We have seen it with black women and also on Latinas and on biracial women. But on a white woman is just a beautiful thing. SYSBM Curves. However, when it comes to the BBLs, it’s just the same thing like weave, makeup, fake lashes and shit. And I have been seeing a lot with the BBLs and thing, you get me?

    When I saw the first video of when that liquid getting squeezed out of the women cheeks, I was wondering what the hell is that coming out of her cheeks. These women will pay God knows how much to get their backside done but at the end of the day, it’s not worth it because look at the videos I just saw.

    As much I like curvy women especially curvy white women, them BBLs looks really nasty and these women will pay a amount of money just to get something that will hurt them. The best thing the ladies should so is to go to the gym and do some squats. I promise that they will get the results that they need. But will they though?

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      These women won’t learn, they’ll continue engaging in these dangerous practices trying their utmost to look better than other women, it’s beyond a joke.

  8. To SYSBM and like minded men, the BBL phenomenon represents nasty, pathological, horrific, and disgusting behavior. But to the black male simp, the BBL daggle is a goddess worthy of absolute worship, one he would give his child’s milk money to.

    I live in a large eastern US city that has many black people and many scraggle daggles sporting BBLs. The black male simps are literally going bonkers in the streets over daggles with BBLs.

    I have personally seen black male simps making 9 bucks an hour, go to strip clubs on payday and blow their entire paycheck on daggles with BBLs. There are married black male simps who are professional men, such as doctors and lawyers, who are setting up daggles with BBLs in apartments and giving them monthly stipends, all because of their BBLs.

    An ugly 304 daggle sporting weave and industrial strenght makeup can get on instagram and have hundreds of black male simps cash apping her, if she has a BBL. It doesn’t matter that many of these daggles have elephantine asses to begin with, before the BBL.

    The truth is this. The daggles are getting BBLs because they know that the black male simps love the BBL, and will eagerly open their hearts, their minds, their souls, and most importantly, their wallets, for a daggle with a BBL.

    Very often it is the black male simp who is paying for the BBL to begin with. I shake my head and wonder who is the craziest, the scraggle daggle with the BBL, or the black male simp who funded it?

    This sort of behavior is considered normal behavior in Blackistan. This is why Blackistan is a degenerate culture, that can neither be saved nor redeemed.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      It’s always these braindead blue pilled simps who are willing to put their hands in their pockets thus keeping the cycles of dysfunction amongst women perpetuating.

      You and other brothers here have pointed towards the fact that once upon a time many of us were simps(but nowhere near this level).

      The difference between today and back in the day is the information available at one’s fingertips, these simps of today have so much info available to them that wasn’t as widely distributed 10, 20 years ago.

      This is one reason why I see why your castigation of the blue pilled simp is a hard and constant one. Even coming off the BBL topic for a minute and focusing on weaves/wigs, these simps defend the wearing of such contraptions and are more than willing to spend money buying bundles of hair for women who already have hair growing out of their own heads, what a waste.

      The blue pilled, black male simp has become much more of a problem than the dysfunctional black female he uplifts, worships and sponsors, smh.

    2. Western black culture disgusted me with their degenerate energy among those losers

  9. But-But I thought Black Kweens was da blueprint with da best bodies and biggest asses dat white wimmens had to pay for. What happened there????

    These mentally ill b*tches are a lost cause, man. “Boss Babes” are the weakest mental links, who would have guessed.

    SYSBM and Passport Bros are winning. Wheels up, gentlemen!

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