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He spoke the truth, no lies detected. The West is done, it doesn’t care about it’s people, we’re simply its cannon fodder and collateral damage.

Now it’s all about forging the best way forward for yourselves and the ones that are close to you. As I always say, if possible simply use the West as a financial hub for as long as you can but live elsewhere, there is no future here.

Meanwhile in other news, I’m sure you guys have heard about that black female who was hit in the face with a brick(BrickGate) by a man because allegedly she refused to give him her number.

Well it turns out that the female involved is a notorious troublemaker(she’s a black female, no surprises there) who goes around instigating trouble for clout and views for her TikTok channel.

Well, she got the CLOUT and HITS she wanted in more ways than one, lol:

Black men with sense and intelligent don’t stand up for nor defend troublemakers regardless of who they are, black women as per usual are dumb as hell to believe that black men are going to step out at random and protect them when they’re engaging in bad behaviour.

It is the duty of the woman’s husband to protect her, not every black man on the block. Additionally, aren’t these the same black females who berate, make fun of, mock, ridicule and disparage black men on the daily, yet they have the audacity to still ask black men for protection?

Also, aren’t these the same black females who are working hand in glove with the State to keep black men and black society flat on their faces in exchange for government assistance, welfare and benefits? Since when should we protect traitors ie those who are openly working against us, I’ll wait?

I’ve said it a million times before as well as in my book Negro Wars, black women are on their own, if they’re looking for protection they should report to their nearest police station or government building.

Black women are no longer the responsibility of black men, this has been the case since the 1960s when black women openly chose fatherless home welfare policies as well as feminism over having a man in the household.

You cannot protect that which you cannot control. Black women don’t deserve any protection from anybody other than blue pilled simps and the government, Uncle Sam is their protector, NOT THE FREE THINKING BLACK MAN.

Gentlemen, DO NOT put your neck out on the line for any woman who doesn’t belong to you or who you’re not close with. Get your passports and travel to countries where you DON’T have to deal with trouble instigating black females. The days of random men stepping out to defend women are long gone.

The witness was smart not to get involved especially in light of the fact that he has a daughter. The bottom line it, this troublemaking black harriet is NOT INNOCENT.  Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week fellas? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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14 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. You pretty much covered it all.

    I’m glad more and more black men are finally pushing back.

    Black women are troublemakers. They’re the rudest, loudest, most chaotic females out there. I don’t condone putting hands on women unless in self defence, but let’s face it, if bdubs they get their ass beat, nine times out of ten they had it coming. One might say “what if it was a family member”. Well for some of mine, YES! The same applies. I could tell many stories about some of my female relatives. Let’s just say de-escalation of conflict isn’t their strong point.

    The graveyards are full of black men who thought they were doing the noble thing and ended up sacrificing themselves over worthless females. How many times have we heard of a dude playing Batman and stepping in, only for the woman to turn on them too? But I’m supposed to put myself on the line for that? FOH.

    “It is the duty of the woman’s husband to protect her, not every black man on the block. Additionally, aren’t these the same black females who berate, make fun of, mock, ridicule and disparage black men on the daily, yet they have the audacity to still ask black men for protection?”

    Exactly. They are literally the only women who chase away the cream of the crop in their men and refer to them as “lames”. But you know what, the thing about cream is that it rises. The best and brightest of us with a future and options are leaving Keisha and Pookie behind. For anyone who has the time, check out this recent livestream by the bro International Passport:

    Good, intelligent black men from all over are putting egos and pointless diaspora beefs aside and teaching each other skills, networking, building and generally looking out for each other while taking their talents and resources elsewhere to greener pastures (or at the very least, giving KKKeishas a wide berth). This is the kind of thing brothers need. We got business to do out here. We ain’t got time for the bullshit and games.

    The world is literally ours. We’re done with da communitah. Let the dumb simps be the sacrificial lambs.


  2. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    To piggyback on this past Monday’s article.

    The content creators of this BBL channel in the description claimed this is (sketch) comedy and to me might be a parody mocking those who go through the fake booty procedures and sporting the artificial long blonde hair. You can be the judge.

  3. No future in Anglo Saxon.

    The witness did the right thing of just watching.

    I would only watch if I was a witness too.

    There are only two people in my future worth protecting.

    If I have a biological kid with a foreign white girlfriend.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are big time trouble makers that’s the reason why I avoid black women like the plague.

  5. As I look at the West, it’s officially over now. All we see is degeneracy. The best thing to do is to move forward and care for your love one. But the thing is that some of them are ratchet, you get me?

    Now, the woman that got her face swollen by Brickers. When I first saw the video, she said that a guy hit her with a brick because she didn’t gave him his number. Come to find out that she was a trouble maker in the hood.

    We know that scraggle daggles are whorish, ratchet, loud and crazy but they also cause problems especially in the street. And the cost? A brick in her face?

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I must say that I had never heard of Shahid Bolson before, but I did look him up and learned that he’s a former member of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood; it was also revealed that he orchestrated many terror attacks, and actually murdered a man he lured from a fetish website (supposedly to “cure his sin”). I state these things not to entertain any negative bias against him or his message, but if he can speak out so strongly about the decline of Western society while having such a past, it behooves us to listen because he is clearly onto something; the West truly couldn’t care about its people, which is why I wish they would cancel empty slogans like “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter”.

    As for the stragg at the center of “Brickgate”, I heard about the situation with her getting hit in the side of her face with a brick on Instagram; I haven’t been active on Instagram lately, but I kept seeing posts about her after the fact. These posts revealed the truth about her, including her slapping a White guy in the face after mouthing off to him, and then she proceeded to twerk in the street; another post showed her talking about Black men not being providers or protectors for Black women while praising BWs for being the real providers and protectors for each other in the name of Pride Month. That’s like disrespecting law enforcement in favor of Pookie, then yelling at them for doing nothing when you were clearly in the wrong! So goes the saying, “don’t start no stuff, won’t be no stuff!” #SYSBM

    1. You make good points. You are a critical thinker.

      Here in the US, the Republican party provides a forum and a mechanism for white racists who truly want to do harm to black people. It also gives them cover.

      The Democratic party seeks to perpetuate the matriarchy in Blackistan. It provides a forum for the matriarchy as well as the mechanisms the matriarchy needs to keep the black male under the heel of the black female. The Democrats believe they can control the black female, and they trust her more to do their bidding.

      Neither party means any good to the black male. Both parties prefer the black male to be subordinate to the black female. The only difference between the parties is that the Republicans will pander less to the black female.

      Still, neither party is a freind of the black male. It is imperative that black men stop being stupid, learn to think critically, and analyze the facts objectively and unemotionally.

      Black men must be brave enough to accept that they are by themselves, they must save themselves, and they must know their enemies better than their enemies know themselves. This is why I go so hard on the black male simp. Because the black male simp is also an enemy of the black male.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        Thank you for the kind words, sir; I agree with everything you stated, especially the last paragraph. Before I found SYSBM and the Red Pill, I was one of those Blacks who wanted to fit in and be cool with everybody; it’s only when the truth becomes so plain, that you adjust your life accordingly.

  7. Verbs and Money,

    I just some some research about this brick incident as I did not know about the brick.

    I will mention you to Money Cultural because you post an article about it.
    Link =

    I give you my 2 cents:

    This women who got hit by a brick turns out to be a Somali women and this happen in the Somalian hood and this Somalian women acting out as a western BW.
    Because of her colour of her skin (black), the pro-blacks and BW are pinning this on all American Black Men as they have something to do wits the Somalian incident. Why? Because no men decide to defend her.

    This brick gate has got nothing to do with American Black Men, so why does these Pro-Black and BW want to pin it on them? Because these BW will find many ways to black American Black Men.

    Why am I bringing this up?

    Because I remember Madbusdriver mention that there was an incident in Japan with the Black Man with the bike and it turns out that her was a foreign BM (African-Somali Black Man). But because he is black, they will label him as a ‘Passport Bro’. Even he is not American Black Man. Just live Verbs stated, that even I am a British Black Man travelling to another country, they will try to label me as a ‘Passport Bro’. Even I am not a Passport Bro because I am British.

    Oh this gets even funny, because when the man made a video of what really happen as he is one of the key witness and her was there (as I always say, ‘I say what I see’), he is label a villain.
    I mostly take side of a man over a women because there are 2 sides of the story.
    This whole ‘Believe all women’ or ‘don’t trust or listen to men’ is just to vilify men and most of the time, western females are the ones who instigate the problem. Also never play ‘Captain Save-A-Hoe’ as you will get deleted.

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