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Still Giving Black Women A Pass Huh?

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I still don’t understand why anybody with 2 braincells to rub together is still platforming yet alone listening to this non school manifesting, disingenuous buzzard.

This guy has stated on numerous occasions that he’s going to open up a boys academy, yet to date he still hasn’t produced anything tangible, on top of this nobody has the testicular fortitude to question him on this major inconsistency and shortcoming.

You have to understand that premium grade simp Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson is no different than your regular on the corner institutional church beast pastor, he’ll continue to give black women a squeeze in order to ensure that they’ll keep emptying their money into his coffers.

The guy isn’t stupid, Johnson knows full well that most successful black men were ousted from the so called black community by the black witch herself alongside 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and Cheezy Grillz.

Johnson is also fully aware of the black female’s long standing contract with the State to keep both black men and black society flat on their faces indefinitely in order to continue receiving their government treats, benefits and assistance.

Yet super simp Johnson still continues to throw on a freshly starched cape for these black females even though it’s overtly obvious that they’re the ones who’ve destroyed and who continue to destroy the black community.

Black women took on the masculine role because they fancied the opportunity to get one up on black men, they couldn’t wait to move themselves under the State’s wing when they were first approached and offered trinkets to betray their male counterparts.

Additionally, it’s a profound egregious insult to expect black men who’ve been mocked, ridiculed, shamed, laughed at and disparaged to return to “da communitah” and chip in to rebuilding something they had no involvement in the destruction of.

Let black women get the guys they love opening their legs to mentoring and looking out for THEIR OWN CHILDREN, why should decent, hard working black men with no children be responsible for Keisha’s offspring?

Brothers, you should NEVER forfeit your individual status, especially not for a community that has been turned into a heaping pile of ashes and rubble. There is NO PROFIT for black men of worth and value to attempt to fix a community that at this point is well beyond repair, such actions would be correctly labelled as a fool’s errand.

These black sirens are out here talking about being strong, independent and not needing men, therefore as a true SYSBM™ practitioner, I respect the black woman’s declaration to ride it solo, who am I to fight against her?

Don’t let this knucklehead Umar Johnson deceive you, as I’ve explained in my book Negro Wars, black women VOLUNTARILY chose to stab black men in the back in exchange for State treats, benefits and welfare, that is the primary reason why they’re currently in the toilet.

This was the black female’s own doing, black men had nothing to do with anything “systematic” that gave rise to black women choosing to become city girls, whores, sluts, gangster, thug, criminal break offs and single mothers, the dude is rattling off complete and utter garbage.

Gentlemen, NEVER allow these pro blackity black, Pan African, black female worshipping, blue pilled simps and scoundrels to implicate you in events that you had absolutely no involvement in.

As I’ve stated before, too many black women pick dickheads to have children with but somehow still expect miracles and positive outcomes from forming unsavoury confederacies.

Continue getting those passports gents as well as seeking out NORMAL women, let ultra simp Dr Umar Johnson and his ilk volunteer for mentoring services to Taquanda’s bastard seed. You are under NO obligation to look out for any children other than those that actually come from your loins.

You cannot expect any improvements from black women if you’re going to continue stepping in and protecting them from the rod of correction and chastisement, the blue pilled, pro black simp time and time again refuses to understand this.

Finally, these pro black love, save the black community pundits have never answered the following question, how are they going to begin persuading black women to start dealing with a group of black men they’re NOT attracted to?

Like I said before, if black women choose to sleep with trash black men then it’s trash black men’s responsibility to look out for any children that may come about as a result, DO NOT come over to quality individuals looking for clean up men/janitors, we are NOT the black female’s fallback/backup/retirement plan. #SYSBM™











The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Are In A Total Mess And It’s Their Own Fault, NOT The Fault Of Black Men

Most High Bless

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28 thoughts on “Still Giving Black Women A Pass Huh?

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Umar Johnson is the biggest fraud out there in the world and he is a fucking idiot because he talks about building this school for black boys since 2009 and he is yet to do it because he is too busy stealing black womens money so that he can fund his lifestyle. What also annoys me about Umar Johnson is that he has go at SYSBM black men like us who date outside of our race with non black women because black women hate decent black men like us but he never has a pop at black women dating non black men in which I find ironic. As a childfree SYSBM black man at 41, I refuse to date single mothers and black women because they make the worst wives/girlfriends and mothers on the planet because they are not nurturing towards their husbands/boyfriends and children unless you are a white man because we all know that that black women love their white lord and saviour. I am only interested in dating childfree beautiful in shape non black women so that I can create my own nuclear Fitzpatrick family from scratch with no single mothers involved. I refuse to play second best to a watless baby daddy as a childfree man and be a step father to kids that aren’t even mine. I know my self worth as a childfree black man. 😎🇬🇧

    1. Quincy,

      According to Umar and if you an American BM, you are the blame for the destruction of the black community because you are not a ‘Plantation Bro’. That is what he basically saying. He is one dangerous simp spreading words like that.
      The reason why he has no school for black boys because his fundraising got forfeited. He lost $2 of fundraising because he with this ‘Conscious Hotep Stripper’. The Conscious Stripper cost him $2m which is his own fault.

      1. Andy C, Quincy and Verbs,

        I like that if we was an American BM, we would be a label a ‘villain’ because we are not ‘Plantation Bros’ according to Umar Johnson.

        What disturbs me more is that Umar just said that the Productive Men are the blame because she picks Pookie over Productive Brothers. So let get this straight and perfectly clear. According to Umar Johnson as a I saw this video:
        The man said to Umar that these BW choses Pookies over Good Men and the Good Men are the blame because she rejected the Good Man and chooses the Pookie over the good man. Umar’s excuse is there are no good men in the hood.
        Do you guys listen how sick, twisted minded Umar is when he said this. This is pure evil and gaslighting.
        This reminds me of these dating roaches have this hate against the Non-Select men, the men are not chosen by women, but these simps blame the rejects for the problem of the community.
        He need to take a look at the dating pool to see how it is rigged before he make that statement.

        How can anyone blame rejects who got nothing to do with the hell-hole.

        There are plenty of good men in the hood, BW purposely rejects them over thugs. Umar is mad because good men are leaving the hood in droves. In fact he is pissed because BM got Passports.

        Madbusdriver stated that the Passport scare the hell out of these ‘Plantation Foes’ because all these backup former-simp men they do not want, taking the red-pill and getting Passports, leaving.

        Also I heard that Umar got stripper 304s pregnant and made them single mothers. So he wants a clean up man to babysit his kids. Hell No.

        1. MMT,

          Gerbilface’s assertion that productive black men are to blame for Keisha’s bad mating choices is absolutely ridiculous, I honest believe he goes out of his way to make outlandish and nonsensical claims just to keep himself relevant and in the limelight.

          If black women really wanted good men, they just like the productive black men they’ve driven away would move out of the hood and into areas where decent black men could be found, however we already know that productive black men are the LAST choice when it comes down to Sharkeisha’s mating choices.

          There are decent black men in the hood who are trying to get out, however as you’ve pointed out, those guys are completely invisible to these black sirens.

          Neither Johnson nor any of his Passport/Plantation Foe comrades can stop the movement of decent brothers getting their passports and travelling overseas to find NORMAL women.

      2. Andy C,

        Nope, the reason why he doesn’t have that boys academy open is because he had no intention of opening any kind of educational facility to begin with, the money he raised was to support his dirty drug habit.

        I personally don’t believe Gerbilface sleeping with that stripper cost him anything significant, he just used that as an excuse to make it seem as if the boys academy was legitimate, however I’m not fooled over here.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The dude doesn’t even need to steal money from black women because we already know how they’re ready to throw their dollars into the coffers of anybody who tells them what they want to hear.

      Gerbilface Johnson understands that the black men that count ie the productive black men black women don’t want are the ones who have the means as well as the power to turn the black community around, however just like the black witch, he foolishly believes he can shame free thinking brothers back onto the plantation.

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro, I’m not playing second fiddle to Taquanda and her bastard seed, I refuse to be a fallback option for any woman nor will I be providing cleanup man/janitorial services to single mothers.

  2. “Brothers, you should NEVER forfeit your individual status, especially not for a community that has been turned into a heaping pile of ashes and rubble.”


    To me, da communitah is more like a massive steaming pit of shit.

    There is no doubt that those who profit from the welfare industry, both white and black, work overtime to keep da communtah a steaming cesspool. For them. this is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Then there is the cohort of white males who no doubt spent their adolescence and youth being invisible to white women, but who now operate behind the scenes in the fake media and sleaze intertainment industry. These thirsty freaks no doubt get their rocks off thru their fantasies of Mandingos and super sexed black Jezebels.

    These are the forces that prop up, fund, and propogate disgusting trends such as hip hop culture, rap culture, thug culture, Jezebel culture, Cardi B and Megan the Stallion culture. They use a few high profile blacks like Jay-Z and Beyonce as their tools.

    Then there are the would be grifters like gerbilface Johnson, with his leftover 1960s Hotep fronting scams.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The so called black community is clearly beyond done, racketeers such as Gerbilface continue to make a mint off slow Negroes who obviously don’t mind being fleeced. There are so many merchants lining up to take advantage of black folks because they know as a collective we’re a broken people.

      I’m in agreement with YouTuber General Tito, I believe Umar Johnson is an agent, it doesn’t make sense how this guy hasn’t yet manifested his boys academy yet you have plenty of what seem to be knuckleheads who are still willing to platform the dude as well as invite him to talk at their venues, smh.

  3. I would do a mouthful on this guy, but I will let American Black Man as this is his topic as he will rips simps a new one. Especially this guy here.

    Verbs wrote:
    “The guy isn’t stupid, Johnson knows full well that most successful black men were ousted from the so called black community by the black witch herself alongside 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and Cheezy Grillz.

    Johnson is also fully aware of the black female’s long standing contract with the State to keep both black men and black society flat on their faces indefinitely in order to continue receiving their government treats, benefits and assistance.”

    I agree you Verbs, Umah is not stupid, however he is very crafty.

    Let me translate for you Verbs: Umar is basially saying that he is blaming all productive men and they are problem of the black community (even they got nothing to do with the dectruction to begin with) because they are not ‘Plantation Bros/Foes’ Umar is going after men who left the plantation. Umar will not admit it by saying it, he need to come clean ans say it in public that ‘Black Men need to go back to the plantation’.

    Also blaming men for being rejected by BW over Pookies. That the fault of the rigged dating.
    He mention why the Black tribes of the community is not fixing the problem. I tell you the reason:
    The Black Tribe of America are liberal supporters, also the Black elders in America are mostly simps. Liberals are no interest in building the community anyway and BW were taught that Black leadership is a threat. Also they support LGBT to destroy black male leadership with the feminism of course.

  4. This low level paid psy-operative of the State keeps rearing his SpongeBob SquarePants looking dumbass. And no, he isn’t stupid at all, he’s been fleecing the Black community for hundred of thousands of dollars, with nothing to show for it.

    Originally he had the gift of the gab and actually wanted to positively contribute to his peoples, but as we’ve seen, that cocaine habit is expensive. As soon as he spoke out against LGBT and building a legacy for boys, he got exposed. Man strayed too far from his paymaster’s agenda.

    His issue in the coming months is the truth. See the work Hannah Pearl Davis is getting for talking bollocks, Umar Gerbilface Johnson will get the same kind of scrutiny for peddling the same type of reductive propaganda – productive black men (who date white women) are the problem in the community, and they must fix it (and stop dating white women please?)

    Gerbilface is full of shit and he knows it. Where’s that BBC Verify bint when you need her?

    1. Michel,

      At this point we have to conclude that Gerbilface is an agent of the State as there’s no way that he can still be getting platformed as well as invited to various venues to speak despite the fact that to date he’s failed to open up the boys academy he’s been promising for years.

      As much as he’s another black cooch loving simp, Tommy Sotomayor called Johnson out years ago on his fantasy boys academy ponzi scheme, he said it would never happen, we’re now in 2023 and the closest Gerbilface has gotten to manifesting proof of a school being open is walking around some building shooting videos which doesn’t really prove anything.

      Like I’ve stated before, Johnson needs to focus on 4 main issues and stop sticking his cocaine infested nose into where free thinking black men are choosing to place their family jewels. His priorities should be as follows:

      1. Kicking his drug habit.

      2. Landing himself a black female.

      3. Cleaning up his dirty apartment.

      4. Opening up his boys academy.

      When all 4 of these are accomplished, may then free thinking brothers MIGHT begin to take him seriously, until then he can kick rocks and suck up dust.

  5. Ole boy really outdid himself this time, didn’t he?

    It will be a cold day in hell and a hot day on Pluto before I use my precious time and resources to play the role of janitor and clean up da communitah’s mess. Just yesterday I saw a video with some black man proudly stating he has 7 kids by 7 different women and that he didn’t strap up simply cos he didn’t want to. These are the type of liabilities amongst us we’re dealing with.

    The so called community want to remain in the mess they’re in. They think it’s funny. They think it’s cute to be a “baby mama/daddy”. They don’t want to exercise any form of self discipline or act like adults. They don’t want to change for the better. If you’re from the suburbs or one of the lucky ones to come from a stable nuclear family, you’re “corny”. Stability is more of a curse in their eyes than dysfunction, that’s why they hated The Cosby Show so much which was actually one of the best portrayals of good, black folks in the history of television. Bill Cosby was right with that Pound Cake speech he made by the way, I don’t care what anyone says….

    If I’m doing my part and you’re not doing yours, why the fuck would I want you in my life on any level? You want to tell a farmer to keep putting seeds on a bad plot of land that isn’t producing anything or that birds come and eat rather than simply go to a good plot of land which is actually yielding fruit and vegetation? What about HIS survival and those around him?

    At what point does the “community” learn that there’s consequences to their actions if good black men are gonna play the cleanup crew every time the losers around them fuck up? If the kids in your house keep drawing on the walls, making a mess and destroying the furniture and you simply tidy up after them and replace what they’ve broken without grounding them, putting them on punishment and taking away their privileges, are you not a part of the problem? Doesn’t that make you an enabler?

    If people clearly don’t want to change and refuse to listen, what are we supposed to do, put a gun to their head?

    As for black women, not much else needs to be said. I knew plenty of black girls back in the day who deliberately got pregnant just so they can get their own place. These are the mothers of all these little gang members and wasteman you see running around today who are just as worthless as their parents are.

    I see bdubs all over Twitter lambasting the good black men they don’t want for refusing to be mentors. Well, somebody should refer them to the case of the Detroit 300 that MBD X makes reference to in his book. Literally EVERYTHING black men do, if black women can’t control it, have a say in it, oversee it, aren’t included in it, then they seek to destroy it. Black women are just a bad omen for black men – and that includes the “good” ones since all they do is side with the daggles and make excuses for them. If you want a fictional example of how good black men are treated by black women, especially when they try to mentor kids who aren’t theirs, watch the first season of Power Book 3: Raising Kanan. The relationship between the black man and woman is literally a real life parallel of the frog and the scorpion fable. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who is who.

    The fact is, the “community” is a lost cause and I hope this has pushed the numbers of SYSBM up. I’m glad brothas are putting their foot down and refusing to be shamed and guilted into doing what they have no fault or responsibility for. Da communitah have brains, they know right from wrong. I’m not gonna waste time trying to “help” them. As for Umar, this Derrick Jaxn act is just another one of his gimmicks to keep his name relevant. Honestly, I don’t think he believes half of what he says. He’s chatting shit and he knows it.

    Get you a good non black woman, get your passport, start your own families and leave da communitah behind. Let them rot.

    SYSBM For Life!

    1. SYSBM Forever,


  6. Daggles don’t give a flying fuck about their sons. We all remember who it was that put an end to the Detroit 300 & my brother’s keeper don’t we? It was the Daggle herself! Umar is a prime example of what happens when you sell your soul to Keisha. All he did was switch slave masters & now he has to bend the knee to the Woman King on a regular basis. I wish Umar would pull up on me talking that save the Communitah nonsense. I would smack Spawn/Ghost Rider hell fire out of his bitch ass!

    1. Race purity has to be one of the biggest hustles of all time bar none. Look at guys like Putin, Netanyahu, even PIS in Poland. These guys are living big yet their followers live in absolute poverty and if you were to tell any of these cultists to go and actually look an honest job instead of worshipping these thugs in suits they’d look at you like you’re the crazy one. It’s the same thing with these pro-black simps and black women. Slavic Jewish oligarchs, liberal white men and black women make crazy bank off white privilege but where does all that money go again….oh wait I forgot fake dissidents and social media stars need their pay.

      It’s ironic how all of these people call themselves the master race and call black men raccoons, savages and super predators, meanwhile the Hollywood casting couch and white men and black women going to foreign countries to rape kids remains something that doesn’t get talked about a lot.

    2. Val Zod,

      Isn’t this the point right there, the fact that anytime black men attempt to empower themselves, the black witch is always there to sabotage, ruin and destroy said movement.

      Gerbilface is clearly a government paid merchant put in place alongside the black female as a last ditch attempt to shame black men of worth and value back onto the proverbial plantation.

      I have to give their white lord and saviour Captain Snowy a serious side eye as he’s the one handing down their instructions, surely Admiral Frost realises that the shame and guilt tripping tactic doesn’t work anymore.

  7. This grifter continues to sow division and hatred it seems. Verbs you are right, so far no one has had the testicular fortitude/balls to say to this guy’s face all the various things that could be used against him. One day someone will step to Ummie Zoomie and tell him that he is a duplicitous and hypocritical fraud. Why should anyone with brains listen to a man who has produced no meaningful fruit for however long this guy has been active? 14 years, no school constructed.

    The lack of positive character present with this guy tells me everything I need to know about him or anyone who is on a similar wavelength as him.

    1. Kameran Fleets,

      Notice the reoccurring theme with these pro black, black love, black unity pundits, they’ll harp on the dangers of shea whitey and his white supremacy all damn day, yet when Keisha is involved in the same white supremacist activities, all of a sudden the rules change, these boot shiners will give her a clean pass and tell black men that they still need to “work with da sistas”. Utter insanity on its face, a clear enemy is a clear enemy regardless of what they look like.

      An example, white men bring abortion clinics into black neighbourhoods, be weary of them but when Keisha rolls into those same clinics to assassinate unborn black children, we’re still expected to embrace her, you cannot make this stuff up.

  8. The question for Umar Johnson.

    If he cares about black boys, why don’t he permanently move to sub sahara Africa to setup academy schools?

    We all know why he failed to setup in USA because he is a fraud.

    No one including him can tell me who I can’t date with.

    I’ve always preferred a quality white girlfriend and that image never changes in my mind.

    Umar Johnson needs to fuck off to the caribbean islands and try this dick policing shit.

    He won’t last for very long.

    1. Trust me, he’d be deader than a doornail if he tried this race purity/dick policing BS in the Caribbean or even Africa. Race purity/hotep ideology/white supremacy/Eurasianist Zionism is only big in the USA, Russia, and the UK due to black females, beta white males and Slavic Jewish oligarchs having an undeserved amount of power and privilege due to white privilege. Many black females and white men run behind white supremacy because they’re loser nerds and dorks who can’t get laid or find meaningful relationships and think that people should worship them because of their race.

      Case in point: Look at the amount of white women going to Gambia and Kenya to be with black men. The dictator of Botswana had a white wife. But nobody makes a big deal out of it, because people have better things to do than cry over outdated racial theories in these countries.

      Now contrast that to the coping and seething from the ultra-Zionist Fox News crowd and the fake liberal black woman-liberal white man alliance whenever a black man dates outside his race in the USA. These black women and white men have some of the meanest, nastiest things to say about their own black men and white women when black men are in relationships with white women, due to Brad and Shaniqua’s insecurity.

      It’s funny how black women call black men ‘coons’ and white men call white women who date black men ‘race traitors’, when black females and white and Jewish men have to be some of the biggest sex offenders, hate-mongering racists and deluded assholes ever seen on the planet. These Shaniquas and Bottom Shelf Brads will go to these Third World Countries and rape kids and feel nothing about it, yet consenting adults of different races choosing to engage in a voluntary relationship with each other is a problem?

      What a sad joke. Umar “Where’s that Boys’ School’ Spengler is a good hustler and a master of manipulating people, he keeps people’s eyes on racial purity instead of the ruined state of the black community. This comment by a white woman was spot on when it comes on to these racist black females and white beta males:

      “And people wonder why women don’t want to get married anymore.
      Sports is the ultimate distraction and the funniest part to me is most white men in America are fucking racist yet they sit and chant and cheer for black men, then turn around and call other blacks (who don’t get paid millions to play with balls) _____and ghetto and all this other nonsense.
      Sports fans are BY FAR the DUMBEST and usually THE FATTEST people I ever meet.
      They are so boring and brain dead, that in itself is enough for me to pay even LESS attention than I already do.”

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        “What a sad joke. Umar “Where’s that Boys’ School’ Spengler is a good hustler and a master of manipulating people, he keeps people’s eyes on racial purity instead of the ruined state of the black community.”

        Boom, you nailed it. This is why I have to agree with others here who’ve stated that Gerbilface is an agent. Trying to antagonise productive black men into returning to the plantation by pulling a trick straight out of the black witch’s handbook he’ll soon realise was a big mistake. Upwardly mobile, productive black men aren’t stupid out here, we’re not going to fall for the guilt trip/shaming Okey Dokey.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      “If he cares about black boys, why don’t he permanently move to sub sahara Africa to setup academy schools?”

      Because he won’t be able to use the white supremacy victimhood card being surrounded by nothing but black folks. Disingenuous buzzards like Johnson talk that back to Africa, motherland, roots rhetoric but they’ll never set up permanent residence on the continent because they need white people around them so that they can keep pointing the finger outwards instead of looking inwardly towards themselves. The white supremacy victimhood card is only valid in areas where white folks make up the majority of the population ie the West.

  9. This man talk so much garbage. But I had to listen really, Lord have mercy!

    Black men with no responsibilities should take care of anther man’s children. It seems like black men are doing that more and more often then ever now. Do you know how many simps we have now? The ratchet black woman has children with kids with some of the worthless men especially hopeless white men, you get me? And some of the ratchets have more then three children for goodness sake.

    If your a black man and you have everything going good in his life and has no children, there is no way that he will take care of another man’s child or children. But there are simps Dr Foolmar Johnson, Donovan Sharpe, Steve Harvey and all of the simps that are telling me to simp out. And we have tones of simps now, holy shit!

    As black men are dating non black women or being passport brothers and going overseas looking a for a woman to wife up, he is willing to come after black men who are with non black women or the passport brother like the Angry Biracial, holy shit people! Most of the time, Dr Foolmar Johnson always have a habit of dick policing which makes him sus. And it’s mostly black men and it’s mostly black men.

    We have been talking about this simp. A lot of black men talk about this fool for years and there is a reason why is that he has a habit for coming after black men who are in interracial relationships. And as he comes after them, SYSBM is will to defend themselves.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  10. It’s very interesting that you posted an article about Dr. Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson because I was listening to a livestream by General Tito where he goes in on Umar; here’s the link to the stream:

    Here’s another link to a video Tito did addressing Umar excusing the daggle’s bad behavior:

    I would have to side with General Tito’s claim that Umar is an agent and a media plant; one really has to marvel at how this brother still is being invited to speak on different platforms in spite of his ridiculous ramblings online and his fruitless track record; his school still hasn’t manifested after all of these years fundraising for it, yet he’s still taken seriously? Black women have been foremost in disrupting his efforts to raise money for his school, from that MadameNoire article discouraging people to donate to him because of “misogynistic and homophobic” commentary on YouTube to the Conscious Stripper scandal that cost him the money to complete his school, yet he still capes for them.

    I must ask this: isn’t it funny how he’s done a complete 180° turn once he confronted the scraggle daggle head on? Now, you can’t watch this guy without hearing him talk about “snow bunny crisis” this and “Black men are to blame” that! We’ve seen the same phenomenon with others like Oshay Duke Jackson, Obsidian, and other Maonsphere content creators; this once again underscores everything General Tito said about disrespecting Black men being the easiest way to appear smart which works especially well for Umar given that he is articulate and a good public speaker. I also couldn’t get past how he charged the guy with being “too individual” and tried to bring the conversation back to focusing on the communitah, so you know he’s no ally to SYSBM.

    1. BCT,

      I watched both of those General Tito’s videos dealing with Umar Johnson and I have to agree, Gerbilface has been put in place by the government as a hindrance/obstacle, his clear objective is to dissuade as many productive black men as he can from leaving the proverbial plantation, however he doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo that using the “blame the black man for everything” tactic doesn’t work and is only going to fuel black men leaving the building en masse at an even higher clip.

      Black men worth their salt aren’t stupid out here, exactly what incentive is there to return to a community that ousted them to begin with? What benefits are there in mentoring Keisha’s bastard seed? The answer to both questions, NONE.

      Additionally, Gerbilface is the only one crying out for black men to return because I don’t see black women doing it. As Tito illustrated in that Instagram screenshot, Johnson will tell you to watch out for white folks, yet when black women are engaging in activities that are directly detrimental to black men, all of a sudden we’re supposed to “be patient” and “stay loyal”. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. #SYSBMFORLIFE #ESCAPETHEDAGGLEVERSE #THESEHOESAINTLOYAL


    – Dr. Gerbilface

    No thanks. We’re good.


  12. Umar Johnson is the King of Pandea & lives in his castle on Mount Save-Ho & is the biggest clown 🤡 in Blacknstain. He will eventually come for us travel 🧳 minded brothers & we must assemble as The Avengers to counter him & his cadre of Hoteps & BT1000s/Queens. Also, remember my brothers that this weekend in New Orleans Queans Festival( Essence Festival) which caters to B-Dubbs & Simps. The Passport Brothers name will be mentioned which means those in Black Hollywood will come for us well. Stay Global my brothers.

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