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Dating In The West Is DONE, Leave It Alone!

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The above collage of videos is why many of you brothers are having extreme difficulties in finding a decent, traditional female in the West. Put blatantly, the dating environment in the West has become heavily contaminated and is ultimately broken. I chiefly blame social media as well as dating apps for its downfall.

These Western women are out here rolling hard down Delusional Avenue believing they’re something special while at the same time sporting some of the most repulsive external and internal appendages known to mankind in their desperate efforts to enhance their looks such as fake eyelashes, fake hair, extra long nails, makeup, nose rings, body piercings, tattoos, BBLs, duck lip filler, video filters etc.

This isn’t even taking into consideration the fact that most of these women have been ran through possessing body count numbers they ought to be totally ashamed of. Western women are broken, they’ve been this way for quite some time, however until recently men for the most part were able to ignore the various shortcomings because earlier on things weren’t that bad.

Unfortunately, in the last 8-10 years especially the dating climate has really taken a turn for the worst. When I released my book Negro Wars back in October 2015, I simply advocated for black men with sense and intelligence to date and if so desired marry non black women.

The problem now is as many of us have discussed here before, white and other non black Western women are beginning to emulate the ways and sing from the same hymn sheet as Keisha and Taquanda subscribing to and riding hard for the failed religion of feminism that has already derailed black women throwing them clean off the tracks into the sand drag.

Western women as a whole have become extremely selfish, entitled, lazy, masculine, stubborn, uncooperative, incorrigible and just overall unattractive and unpleasant to be around. As has been pointed out by a number of folks, men from foreign countries are NOT coming to the West seeking out Western women, however men from the West in large numbers ARE travelling to foreign countries in the quest to find NORMAL women .

Just take a look around for yourselves and compare the Western Dating market today to what you experienced 10-15 years ago.

Leave these defective Western women to the dating roaches who’ve manufactured an entire market peddling dysfunctional females onto ignorant men as well as the blue pilled simps who cannot do any better for themselves.

Travelling to foreign countries and interacting with the women from those respective lands is how dating in the West used to be before the onset of first social media and later on dating apps.

This is what happens when you give women too many options, they become spoiled, this is why I’ve always stated that women should have very limited rights, NONE of which should ever come from the State.

Brothers, as per SYSBM Tenet Number 5, never be afraid to expand your horizons beyond your home turf if the women around you aren’t cutting the mustard, the entire world is your oyster, you’re free to travel to any country of your choosing and intermingle with said females.

Lastly, recognise the power you have as a man(especially with a passport in your hand), you DO NOT have to tolerate the endless garbage as well as the ultra low standards currently being presented to you by women in the West, neither are you under any obligation to rehabilitate broken beyond repair females. Keep those standards high and never settle for anything less. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Never Be Afraid To Expand Your Horizons Beyond Home Turf

Most High Bless

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17 thoughts on “Dating In The West Is DONE, Leave It Alone!

  1. The woman in video #6 is too all dolled up in makeup. I don’t want to know what she really looks like without it.

    1. The bearded lady filter and the septum ring are 2 red flags right there.

  2. Always take advice from Quincy because he is over 40 and Childfree which shows value. Also I am childfree myself. I always agree with him.

    Also when Verbs stated about how all race of western women become corrupted see SYSBM Tenet #22.

  3. As a childfree black man myself, I still have a lot of digging to find real silver and oil.

    The silver represents a loyal white girlfriend overseas.

    The oil represents the qualities I’m looking for in a partner.

    Sometimes a foreign woman would be visiting different countries on vacation.

    Who knows? I might meet one this year on summer holidays.

    I have plans to visit Slovenia next year.

  4. SYSBM: Feel like it’s one of those nights.
    White Sugar Honey: A hot night!

    As I see things right now, all I know that men especially black men are getting their passports and jet it the hell out of here. The passport brothers is much of an American thing they are leaving fast as they can. They wish Concorde was flying in the sky once again to get out quick as they can. If a man can’t find a woman in the west, then there is no problem of him going to another country and find a woman and make her his wifey.

    But these simps are doing the same thing what they are doing on SYSBM. They are taking on the passport brothers and the passport bros are doing the same things like SYSBM. They are defending themselves against the simps who are defending the dysfunction of these mediocre women. But these women really don’t like these simps as they like their men ruff neck, you get me? So I don’t know why they are wasting time.

    I did a article today about the black woman the world most beautiful woman but where her natural beauty if she keeps wearing weave and skin bleaching. When a black man sees this, it makes him walk away from black women. Well, it’s one of the reasons why he’ll walk away.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all time as they ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles coming after non black men.


  5. I have literally been telling everyone that since 2014 the decline was initiating an exponential collapse. Last few years I have been living around Europe, at times in London for valuable reasons only.

    Never accept bullshit from them, I always put them in their place anytime.

  6. Verbs 2015.

    Dating in the western world has been dead and finished since 2010.

    1. You could still find good women in 2010. You could still do the real life cold approach if you wanted. I even met chicks on early Facebook. I’d say 2015/2016 was the start of the collapse. When Hillary lost, it triggered all the fuckery. #MeToo, then Instagram, then the dating apps, then TikTok in that order. Then feminist Ghostbusters at the box office started the “if you don’t see our movie you’re sexist” psyop in movies. That’s when bitches started sliding into misandrist oblivion with no end in sight. I’m talking about the decline of white women specifically, black hoes ain’t never been shit, ever.

      We don’t all have the same timelines but that’s where I pinpoint the beginning of the slide.

  7. That first video, they forgot to say when you come across a puddle, lay your jacket on it so she doesn’t get her feet wet lol. So I do all these Disney cartwheels for her, then what? What does the woman have to do for ME? This is 2023 not 1923. I swear people always make things more complicated than it needs to be. If she ain’t feeling you like that, it won’t matter what you do. It’s very simple. You’re doing all these things to make a total stranger happy, meanwhile she’s giving it up to a dude who barely looks in her direction. Whoever made that video must think we live under a rock or something.

    As for women in the west, they’re done out here. USA, UK, Canada (I do hear some good things about women from Vancouver though) are trash. The level of entitlement from chicks who deserve it way less is off the charts.

  8. That last old broad with the affirmations was a real knee-slapper. Look at those bags under her eyes and those dark roots. Yup she’s the prize lol.

    When the New World Order/WEF/Davos/Klaus Schwab/George Soros/Globalist Media laser-focused on white, liberal, feminist, narcissist, borderline lesbian females to destabilize the West, they sure knew what they were doing.

    SYSBM and the Vibranium blue book (shout out to Lord Destro), gents, y’all know the drill.

    1. Isn’t that the truth right there. The WEF knew exactly what hey we’re doing.

  9. Is this what the Western dating scene has transformed itself into, a melting pot of snake oil salesmen giving men terrible advice on how to conduct one’s self on a date, and a dating pool of females who are delusional, manipulative, and obstinate? That’s what I saw in the collage of videos attached to this article. As it stands today, dating in the West is a lost cause; the entitlement of these young brauds today is off the chain! Don’t even get me started with the delusional mindset they have (thanks to social media); just the clips alone from these male led podcasts that allows these modern females on their platforms is enough to turn me off from dating. Believe it or not, I’ve actually never dated, but in hindsight, I’m glad I haven’t done so yet because it’s given me a chance to get my mind in order so I don’t enter the game blindly; for the time being, I’m working towards become actualized and securing my freedom. When I do decide to start dating, I may just bypass Western women as a whole and go straight to women of another culture that embraces traditional masculinity and where the women have retained their femininity; SYSBM truly is the way forward for the thinking Black man.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      It’s a good thing that you have sat back and watched the mistakes my generation made in dealing with these Western bitches. Guys my age have lost 15-20 years dealing with these heathens, especially the black ones. It would be very smart for you to bypass them completely if you can.

      I saw this young black entrepreneur in his 20s who went to the Philippines with a business plan and got funding from a local bank. He said they would have never taken him seriously in the USA. Smart, young black men definitely need to make that move and let the communitah feel the brain drain. Let Pookie and Ray Ray rebuild.

  10. Verbs2015,

    I Have Ben Thinking About this a lot, Ever Since guys like TJ Holmes, Tiger Woods & Cuba Gooding Jr. Do I Really see myself Dating/Matting with an American Female Be they White or Black? These are my Reasons, Here it is, As it is Known & I Know that Black Men in America are Always Dancing on a High Wire, Though When it Comes to Dating American Black Females, Your Know your gonna Catch Hell, If Your Dating a Non-Black Female in America, You still gonna Catch Hell. With Black Women they had Embraced Feminism so Much That it has Consumed Them to a Massive Fault, They Feel that Being both a Woman & a Man is the way to go, that they don’t need a man When it Comes to Raising a Child, When in Fact they’re Wrong, But When they Mess with the Wrong Dudes, The Dusty, Unkempt, Gangsta Dudes, Who Have no Class & sense of Responsibilities. They get Bitter, Miserable & Decide to go on Either Social Media or TV & Start Going on Many Tangents About How All Black Men are BAD, More so If they see a Black Man Who is with an Attractive Non-Black Woman they go in Hard & Don’t Stop with the Mud Slinging & Throw out the Trait’s of ”He Hates his Mother, He Hates Black Women or He hastes a Strong Black Woman” & This is Considered Normal Activity in America When it Comes to Black Females. Now With Non-Black Women in America Mostly White Women, While the Temperament is Different, Their Distain for Black Men is on a Hidden Level, If They’re not Genuine with their Attraction to us as we are with them, Then they Treat us as ”a Fetish” & When that Wears off then they pull the Metoo Act of ”He Rapped Me, He Molested Me, He Sodomized Me” etc & Without Warning Your Life is Ruined, As We’ve Seen with Mr. Bill Cosby. His Whole Reputation & Legacy was Destroyed, All Because of LIES from White Women in this Country Who Mostly Never Met Him, As Well as Those Whom Cosby Helped Made them Become Stars ”Lisa Bonet” & You Got White American Women Who have been Playing the ”Carolyn Bryant Donham” Act of ”It’s the Nasty Savage Black Man” Help Me, Help Me, Look at Amy Cooper Back in 2020 with that Central Park Incident & Just Recently Sarah Jane Comrie Pull’s a Karen Act with Black Men in Manhattan Stealing his Bike. (Read the Link). Bottom Line, It Truly Doesn’t Feel that Western Women Especially those of the Non-Black Variety are the way to go, Because it’s The Luck of the Draw & From Viewing your Videos Verbs, It’s like a SYSBM has a lot to Offer, But What Can they Offer you Other Than ”Trouble”? Hence Why the Passport is Looking More & More Necessary, However for those Who live in America like Me & Are thinking about Dating a Non-Black American Female, You can take a Shot, But as they say ”Play at your Own Risk”, However with Black Females in America. I Can Say, Don’t Waste your Time or Health. The Passport Thing is Looking more of the way to go, If your looking for a Quality Woman. SYSBM For Life!!!

    Here’s the Link to the Citi Bike Karen/Sarah Jane Comrie:

    1. SYSBM long ago talked about getting your passport before passport bros took over social media and discourse.

      It is the only answer especially if you are Gen X or late Gen Y (in your 40’s). There is no way I can get a woman young enough to bare children trouble free inside America; only if I am loaded or have tangible status.

      Since I am neither, I am that much closer to exiting the country for good at least six months out of the year, which I am allowed to stay in Brazil with my Visa, Philippines, Thailand, most of SEA and Albania.

      More on that when the time comes.

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