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You have to stop allowing these freaks to back you into a corner. You see what’s happening now, these men who are trying their hardest to masquerade themselves as women are slowly beginning to erase what it means to be a woman.

This freakazoid garbage all began back in the 1960s with the sexual liberation movement and homosexuals seeking the same rights as NORMAL people. It’s not a coincidence that the sodomites decided to embark upon their mission of acceptance at the same time that the sexual liberation movement started.

The entire LGBTQP+ sector is under the umbrella of feminism, this is one of the reasons why a large part of me doesn’t feel sorry for women in the West being marginalised by these trannies.

I really don’t understand what Western women believed was going to happen down the pike, of course they didn’t think because they’re NOT long term thinkers, they live for the here and now moments.

Now in some many places in the West men dressed up as women can enter women’s toilets, use women’s facilities and there’s little to nothing women can do about it. This is what happens when you allow degeneracy to flow unchecked.

In fact, any man can walk into women’s toilets and in that particular moment claim the identity of a woman or another member of the alphabet crew as can be seen in this short clip below:

The insanity is incredible and is only getting worse, even LAX airport has begun to install urinals in the female toilets, don’t believe me, here’s a video showing just that:

Here is a sign that greeted me one day when I went to use the toilets at a railway station in South West London:

The androgynous agenda is very real, the powers that be are trying their utmost to push a blending of the sexes to where there is no difference between male and female and they’ve been doing this for a very long time.

This is why it’s very important for men to hold onto their masculinity at all costs while women should hold onto their femininity as if their lives depend on it.

Now you see one of the reason why they threw Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan into a Romanian jail with no charges levied against them still to this day, they(particularly Andrew) were(and still are) reestablishing classic masculinity and traditional manhood amongst men in the West who for at least the last 10-15 years have faced a continuous barrage of misandrist assaults just for being male
Gentlemen, the West is going down the toilet rapidly, if you can get out, for your own safety, sanity/mental and masculine preservation, DO IT!

When you subscribe to the decadent and degenerate religion of feminism, this and much more is what’s included. Western women need to stop being mindless dummies, for once seriously use their heads, read feminism’s small print and not get caught up in the temporary treats, benefits, privileges and power they’ve conveniently been given because they’re only proving themselves to be useful idiots in a grander scheme that WILL discard of them once their usefulness has ended.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

    1. Verbs2015,

      Defending and promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, and every sordid form of gender bending, has always been a prominent feature of Blackistan. Every Blackistan I have ever visited in the US, has always had a large black male and black female homosexual population.

      The hoteps, the civil rights shysters, the preacher pimps, and the corrupt victim industry black politicians, have all declared that homosexual and transgender rights are the moral equivalent of the abolitionist and civil rights movements. No race has ever committed a greater betrayal of itself, its ancesters and its progeny. This is the greatest false eqivalency in the history of mankind.

      Now, this madness has spilled over into mainstream white society. Short sighted disingenuous white liberals and their black todies thought they could profit and virtue signal by promoting gay and transgender cultural depravity, without paying any consequences. Well, the chickens have come home to roost in the mainstream societies of those western nations that were the biggest offenders in propagating this social madness.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        I still remember when the empty suit Obama or was it the Supreme Court legalised same sex marriage back in I believe 2015 and none of these big time preachers had anything to say about such a travesty taking place.

        TD Snakes among many others was stumbling over his words and throwing out every excuse in the book as to why he never spoke out against the proposal before nor after it had been enacted, smh.

        The West is truly done and the LGBTQP agenda is one of the major reasons behind its downfall, these guys haven’t learned anything from the fall of the Roman empire.

  1. Masculinity and femininity has been under attack since the 1960s.

    It got worse in the 1970s.

    Gay outfits in the 1980s.

    I’ve recently read the 1984 book.

    I feel like I’m living in 1984.

    A lot of things will happen in 2023, 2024, 2025 and so on each year.

    I’m prepared for it.

    I have to protect my future family with a white wifey against LGBTQ agenda.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The West has become 1984 on steroids, Eric Blair aka George Orwell couldn’t have imagined things going this far and even further because the bottom hasn’t dropped out yet for this Orwellian system. Any country that adheres to traditional beliefs, customs and respects men as the head of the household will be a better spot to reside in because the West is already a dead horse on arrival.

  2. You SYBSM Gents may not like what I am going to say but I say it.

    I have no problem with Transwomen going to female spaces such as toilets.

    Why? Because these are the same liberal feminist who are ‘Pro-Trans’. They keep on going on about ‘Trans-women are women’, OK. Since they spend decades give Trans rights, now the Trans can go into female spaces such as toilets and sports.

    Now these women got an issue with Trans because they are competing against normal females. Heck some trans are now becoming more feminine and wife material that the original ones, why? Because these women are too liberal.

    I am going to say this to these women who got a problem with Transwomen in women’s spaces: They deserve what they get. They fought for it and now they got it.

    I know this sounds scary when I say trans becoming wife/girlfriend material as when they are more passable, say 80 to 95% ratio. The higher the passable ratio, the more womanly they look. With the top ration normal guy cannot know if the woman is a trans or not. You require some skill or co-ordination to notice it, unless they tell you up front.

    Because of overdose of liberal feminism, these men or Crossdressers are allowed to go to women’s toilets.
    It is their fault as they vote for it.

    I cannot say about Transman in men’s space because Transmen will learn the hard way when they become men (big time) and they will not like what we go through by this westernize rigged system. Especially in dating and legal side of things.

    What these Alphabet/Rainbow do not understand that these whole group and feminist hate each other.
    When straight men and patriarchy is removed from the environment, they think the LGBT and feminism will be buddy? Guess again. When straight men and patriarchy is out of the picture. These alphabet/rainbow community will become 2nd class citizens to the liberal feminist.
    How do I know this? Without men, someone is got to do the blue collar work, someone got clean the streets, build the house and infrastructure. The whole community need to be maintained.
    Look what is happing in the black communitah when BW took out patriarchy, it is in the mess.

    Also without patriarchy, this also will lead to the alphabet/rainbow civil war which is already happening. Also lead to sexual/gender cannibalism which happening to the black community. Don’t believe me? Look at how these beast of the BW fight and look at lesbian domestic violence. We all saw and Verbs made countless topics showing this video after video.

    1. MMT,

      Nope, I agree with what you’re saying. Western women more than deserve this recompense that is currently being poured out upon their heads.

      As long as men were the only ones being shafted by feminism, these women were performing cart wheels as well as hopping, skipping and jumping up and down the streets in celebration.

      However these haughty women never thought that the snake would begin eating its own tail(which is what reprobate, degenerate and decadent movements always do).

      All of a sudden women are being shafted by their own feminist religion, now “it’s not fair”. Get out here with that complaint, suck it up, this is what you heifers wanted.

      Not only men dressing up as women can take full advantage of women’s toilets and facilities but also normal men can do the same for fun and simply claim the identity of a woman for that moment.

      What I foresee happening in the near future is as women either double and triple down in their support and subscription to feminism, continue to fail speaking out on men being shafted or both, expect to see more normal men brazenly walking into women’s toilets to relieve themselves and there will be NOTHING women can do to stop it:

      The above is another example of being “gender fluid”, switch it up whenever you like and because of the West’s looney legislation, you’re fully backed by the system.

      I’m tell you in the days, months and years to come men are going to have a field day with this especially if Western women refuse to put feminism in the trash where it belongs(which they won’t).

      Western women because of their stupidity and short sightedness have had their privacy completely removed and it’s their own fault. Now it’s a free for all:

      1. Verbs wrote:
        “All of a sudden women are being shafted by their own feminist religion, now “it’s not fair”. Get out here with that complaint, suck it up, this is what you heifers wanted.”

        Exactly, they hate the results of reality of what they want. Especially in dating when they complain about 50/50 men, that is what you get when women have a right to work and make money. That is the result of equality.

        I saw the videos.
        Can you imagine that you have a Down Low effeminate Pookie who call himself a female as they usually are by matriarchy go to the women’s toilet? I hope this happens as these feminist deserve what they get.
        BW can make all this videos about how Pookie and Ray Ray call themselves females and go into BW’s toilet, but they support this before this happens.

        I want the SYSBM gents to pay attention what I am going to say:
        They just like BW who always find a way to shun and blame straight men.
        But what you notice about this Alphabet-Rainbow-LGBT-feminist civil war which is happening and seeing, this has got nothing to do with men. Why because this is happening when men is out of the picture.

        You see women having fights – no men involve
        Transwomen vs normal women over toilets and female spaces – no men involve.

        You had a transgender – Cathlyn Jenner as the USA women of the year in 2015.

        Also story by the redpill community that the Patriarchy always win when men is not around. I did not know what it means as soon as I saw a video of Drew Barrymore kneel down to Dylan Mulvane pleading for forgiveness behalf of women. Basically seeing a female putting a transgender on the pedestal to represent that the transwomen are the dominant females.
        Link =

        Remember, they can talk shit about men all they want but all this stuff you see such as a women putting a trans on a pedestal has got nothing to with men. Men is not in the picture in this.
        Feminist has done this to themselves.

        Just like Aladdin said to Jaffar when he accuse Aladdin of Jedi mind tricks ‘It was your wish, not mine’.
        Exactly, the feminist rub the lamp, the genie ask for the wishes and when they got their wish, they do not like the outcome. They basically asked what they wish for.

        You may need to download this clip as this maybe useful for future topics when Aladdin said ‘it was your wish, not mine’ as this applies to BW complain about when they hit the wall by choosing thugs over good men:

        1. I agree with you Michael.
          In reality, this whole LGBT/Feminism civil war is no longer straight men’s fight.
          In fact, nothing to do with us at all.
          This is of the result of when Patriarchy is out of the picture.

  3. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning,

    The Bullpen: How ‘Weathering’ Is Killing Black Women.

    Description: “Senior Reporter for The Insider, Brianna Holt joins the Bullpen to discuss the health phenomenon “weathering”’ that is adversely affecting Black women.”

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Another mentally disjointed black female creating a pie in the sky, nonsense term that enables black women to dig deeper into victimhood, smh. As if these sirens are going through things that black men are not also suffering, if anything black men have it much worse in the world because unlike black women, we’re seen as the greater threat.

  4. Now on today’s Open Topic highlight on Transgenderism.

    Science, the Transgender Phenomenon, and the Young | Abigail Shrier.

    Abigail Shrier; Author, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.

    Am Non-Binary! by Misha Petrov

    Petrov: Today I am reacting to non-binary individuals discussing their gender identity. I am also taking a quiz to find out if I am non-binary and to see how many LGBTQ+ flags I can recognize.

  5. You know what? GOOD for them! they deserve it! I hope it only gets worse so that everyone there can suffer. I tell you guys, get OUT of the west and let them all rot away in their filth! I hate the west the way Winston Churchill hated indians. And I don’t care if this statement offends anyone.

    If Putin/Russia, China, North Korea etc. nuclear bombed the west and mass murdered everyone in the Anglo-Saxon sphere, I will shed no tears. and this includes my friends and family. I hate them ALL so much!

    1. Carnio, I’m with you 150%. The West is so fucked there are no words for it. The average woman in the west in a mentally distrubed numbskull who needs a box, and I don’t give a fuck who is offended by what I said, the average liberal western woman needs to get her ass kicked for her own good. 56% of liberal women are clinically diagnosed as mentally ill

      It’s time we stop normalizing mental illness, which is what all this foolishness is. This is what happens when women don’t have a good man in charge of her, she ruins herself, her children and society. Good for you for getting out of Sodom when you did.

    2. Carnio,

      Once again, I agree, it was all good when feminism was working in women’s favour 100%, now that things are changing and women no longer have any privacy either from trannies or normal men, now all of a sudden Western women are shouting from the rooftops that there’s a problem and the transgender agenda needs to be stopped.

      Now, I do agree that this transgender garbage needs to be thrown into the dumpster where it belongs(or better still burned into ashes), however women need to take on this battle BY THEMSELVES since they were the ones who decided to embrace the dark horse called feminism to begin with.

      The West is only fit for being a financial hub, outside of that it doesn’t have any future and even its financial standing is beginning the fail. The West is most definitely not the place to have children and raise a family in either.

      We’ve now gotten to a point where you have more freedom to live your own life in developing countries when compared to the West. At least in developing countries you get left alone, here the government wants to micro manage every aspect of your life, something I’m sure you haven’t seen in a long time.

  6. We know what kind of women raised these mentally disturbed faggots, but my question is where are the fathers? No where in the picture because no man would put up with that shit in his house, his son telling to accept him as his daughter. This is what happens when a society rejects fathers, and God (The Father). This is what happens when you reject discipline, law and order and decency. Western women support this fuckery, you would NEVER see this nonsense in Eastern Europe, but don’t worry, these people will soon exterminate themselves, transvestites are sterilized, they can’t have any kids thank God. There is a reason why 100 years ago women couldn’t vote, and there is a reason that until the 1960’s and 1970’s it was illegal to be a homosexual. It was common sense. These out of hand western women will pay for what they gave allowed and supported, recompense is coming soon.

    1. Upgraydd,

      Yep and I’m so glad to see many countries in Africa are taking a stand against the West trying to push their LGBTQP+ agenda in the motherland. Everywhere you look in the West they’re always trying to push and promote some new form of decadency in the name of “progression”. A lot of the times they will turn to developing countries and state that their “progressivism” is a condition for them to receive any aid funding, smh. Western women will perish with the wicked system they’ve supported and received dainty treats and benefits from. As I’ve always said, women should be given very limited rights and none of them should ever come from the State.

      1. It’s good to see that the African nations aren’t having it no kinda way. Every time they interview an African leader the first thing they ask is “why don’t you accept the homos”?

        Here is a clip you have to see of an African leader telling some feminist fag hag reporter where to go in no uncertain terms. We need more men like him around the world.

  7. I need some alcohol. I need to escape from reality after I saw this!

    Right, if a man wanna live his life as a tranny as Venus in that TV show Sons of Anarchy or Dill in the 1992 thriller The Crying Game, then he can go ahead and live it. However, a transsexual woman cannot have periods like a normal woman. It just can’t happen at all. The thing is this.

    And also, they have installed urinals into women’s toilets as well. And that’s in the LAX airport. It looks like it’s coming in Britain. To be honest, it looks like it’s happening now, you get me? I was watching a video today on YouTube and this guy was asking this question to people in the street of would they date a transsexual? Here’s the link:

    Right, I heard that 90 per cent of heterosexual men say that they will not date a transsexual woman. How can they? It’s not the same like a normal woman. Give one to Woke Poofgressive.

    As I see these transsexual women in the video clips, I feel that SYSBM will get bigger and bigger because of this. Let me tell you something.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! This trans insanity is starting to get out of hand; these men are talking about how they can get periods now? What the heck? Where’s the blood, sir? If you’re feeling pain, it might be gas or something else, but not a period! Don’t even get me started on the trannies debating Matt Walsh (no, I’m not a fan of his); if you cannot answer a direct question like what was asked, there’s a serious problem with your brain. I’ve seen a video this week where a man asked strangers how many genders there were, and they couldn’t answer it; they just turned and walked away.

    In other news, Anheuser-Busch has lost billions of dollars following their partnership with a trans influencer to sell Bud Light; when will corporate America learn to never hire feminists to market products to men? Clearly, they didn’t learn from Procter & Gamble’s mistake after that Gillette ad; that’s like hiring a vegan as a spokesperson for Boar’s Head or Breyer’s knowing that they hate animal based products. I see this as a symptom of the red pill; another thing that has taken place is that David’s Bridal has filed for bankruptcy. Hardcore Tito dropped a video on this:

    It’s getting real out there, brothers; get your passports, continue taking those red pills daily, and as always, #SYSBM.

  9. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t support the LGBTQ lifestyle because it is not natural and its wrong and they trying to force the lifestyle on normal straight men and straight women. If the whole world turned gay, lesbian and transgender then the human race and the planet will die off because new human beings aren’t being born. The natural order of things is for a man and a woman to come together to produce kids for the human race to continue to exist and carry on. I thank God that I am a straight man.

  10. Personally, I have very little sympathy for the ladies. After all, this nonsense really kicked off during the 80s and 90s; women were the ones who started this whole “I like a man who’s in touch with his feminine side” movement.

    Women are the main ones who support this garbage, so as far as I am concerned, they are reaping what they have sown.

    As for these “conservative” women? Tough luck for them as well. These “conservative”/”traditional” women were all too happy to stay silent and hidden as long as man was getting the screws put to him, but now that this monster they have nurtured these past several decades has all of a sudden turned on them, it’s “ZoMg It’S nOt FaIr!!!!!!!!” Now they want the men that they’ve at best ignored, and at worst told to “sit down, shut up, and listen” to go to war for them.

    Sorry ladies, this ain’t my fight. It’s YOURS.

  11. Check this out; even the leftist YouTube personality Ana Kasparian is saying something about this:

    It’s funny that she, along with her TYT cohosts, would call people “transphobic” for acknowledging that there are only 2 genders and calling biological males what they are, but now she doesn’t want to be addressed as something other than a woman? Why didn’t she have this same smoke for her fellow feminists who wanted to remove the word “man” and any word that contains it? This is the bed they made, and now they must lay on it.

    P.S. They should change the name of their program to “The Young TERFs”.

  12. Brothers, listen and understand. That BT-1000 is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, EVER, until YOU are DEAD!


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