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The Makeup Deception Is Real! #SHORTS

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These women are out here deceiving men big time, spraying and slamming on thick layers of witchcraft and sorcery(makeup) on their faces just to give the appearance of looking like somebody they’re not, yet these will be the same women who’ll claim that men are not upfront and honest, you’re joking right?

The sad reality of the situation is this, unfortunately most women who wear makeup are insecure and ungrounded knuckleheads who are unable to think and reason for themselves, love to blindly follow trends and have allowed the cosmetics industry(via the mainstream media) to literally grab them by the coochie to where they constantly feel inadequate and ashamed to step out of their houses without first applying 50 layers of Max Factor or Maybelline, what a joke.

This is why I have to laugh whenever certain women attempt to label men as dumb and stupid, the cosmetics industry has completely hoodwinked and bamboozled large swaths of women into purchasing products they don’t need via playing into their fear of beauty and they’ve been doing this for years, yet we men are the stupid ones?? I don’t think so.

Additionally, because most women are heavily addicted to mobile phones, social media also has a big part in playing on and reinforcing women’s beauty fears by constantly putting out images of “perfect” looking women. Most women in the West inherently are lazy individuals and will always seek shortcuts in order to achieve a desired outcome.

I’m sure you guys noted the first and the last videos, the women in question spraying some “magic” solution over their faces, within a minute their visage literally began to change and their wrinkles practically disappeared. The guy at the end of the second to last video was right, this type of deception is straight out of a Harry Potter/Hogwarts movie.

Men aren’t out here spraying their faces with literal magic potions attempting to look younger, unlike women we accept that the clock is ticking and instead choose to focus on things that are important and actually matter as opposed to trying our utmost to stay looking youthful. Women in general cannot accept so many realities of life, ageing being one of the main ones.

Some women claim they put the makeup on for themselves, however this is a bold face lie because if that were the case, they would put on makeup on the days that they’d stay at home. Other women are honest and say that they do it to look attractive for men, however men in general DON’T LIKE MAKEUP!

I personally despise it and much prefer the natural look any day of the week. However because the likes of L’Oreal, Estee Lauder and others have successfully planted seeds of insecurity and fear into the psyches of so many women, in 2022 said females cannot function in public without first making themselves look like circus clowns.

I’m not impressed with any of these clown face makeup antics, women who wear copious amounts of makeup ought to tread very carefully whenever calling men out on their shortcomings because one wet wipe applied to their faces could completely throw their confidence into disarray.

Gentlemen, be careful out here, in this day and age makeup wearing is typically an indicator of mental instability and dysfunction. Don’t allow these sirens to pull the wool over your eyes, don’t be afraid to demand to see a photo of a woman in her natural frame before making any decisions concerning her.

Blue pilled simps will always accept clown faced women regardless, however remember that the simps are NOT the men that count, WE ARE! #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Makeup Is The Work Of The Devil

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “The Makeup Deception Is Real! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Bloody hell talk about make up witchcraft. These women are literally tricking these men in 2023 with their make up sorcery. I never thought that you can get a spray bottle from Germany that makes you look years younger than your actual age. I refuse to date women that wear too much make up because it shows me that they have self esteem issues with their looks.

    1. I agree with you Quincy.
      I just saw 2 videos that this spray. One from Thailand and another from Germany can turn a granny looking into some teenager. What is worse at it that they even said their hubby never saw their true self.
      I feel bad for the man when they find out that they are an old hag.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These women are in no position to criticise men, the only reason why they feel that they can be hypocrites is because of the hoards of blue pilled simps jumping into their inboxes on the regular. These females out here in the West are straight up witches and sorceresses.

      1. What annoys me the most about these women is they consistently talk about how ugly the men are. However, none of these women were above a three.

  2. Witchcraft is makeup.

    Big pharma is sorcery.

    The magic trick is connecting the dots like a magnet.

    I would definitely require natural looks on my future white wifey, none negotiable.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Natural looking women are very important now more than ever, makeup wearing sirens shouldn’t ever be considered at any level. #TEAMNATURAL #MAKEUPISWITCHCRAFT

  3. YUCK!

    Can you imagine taking home, what appeared to be a beautiful young hottie, only to wake up the next morning to a 60-year old face?

    In addition to this, along time ago, I remember when Verbs made a similar article but in reference to hiding their body fat. They wore some kind of tight clothes that packs in their belly gut to make them appear like they are flat stomached.

    Why do women do this? it’s only going to hurt them in the long run!

    1. Carnio wrote:
      “I remember when Verbs made a similar article but in reference to hiding their body fat. They wore some kind of tight clothes that packs in their belly gut to make them appear like they are flat stomached.”

      I remember that Minister Jap and I observe this and wear some sort of tight belts. Jap call it a ‘Championship Belt’ he and I decribe it like you see the belts in Wrestling.

    2. Carnio,

      Most women in the West are flat out lazy, they want instant results, they’re not prepared to work towards anything of worth/value hence the heavy makeup, magic potions to make the wrinkles disappear as well as various plastic surgeries they go under the knife for.

      This is why the slogan “believe all women” is an extremely stupid and ridiculous one in view of how these heifers are out here deceiving and outright lying to men whenever the opportunities present themselves.

  4. The women in the first and fifth videos, what’s in these sprays? The U.S. mainstream makeup companies has nothing on those foreign sprays.

    The admission by those women saying their respective male partners nor their children never ever saw them looking broke in the face. Well, thanks to social media, they can now.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      I have no idea what’s in those sprays, all I know is those solutions are nothing short of witchcraft and sorcery. Western women are out here lying and deceiving men heavily, this is why I’ve begun recommending that men deal with non westernised foreign women instead, at least there’s a much higher chance of finding a natural woman who isn’t steeped up to the neck in deception and lies.

  5. Let me get this straight:
    You have 2 old granny looking hags use this spray. One from Thailand and another from Germany which turn this old granny looking into a teenage youth.
    On top of it all, their husband and the kids are unaware that this is her true self. I feel bad for the guy when he find out that he is truly an old hag.

    Remember Verbs that BW hates water. So any women who are a witch hates water. Look up Wizard of Oz when they splash water on the witch.

    Another thing I got to say about all these women who wear makeup calling men ugly. You will see the females’ true self when the water splash all over them.

    Old hag with makeup which are a witch’s weakness is ‘Water’.

    1. MMT,

      The overwhelming majority of western women live for shortcuts and quick results with little to no effort put in to attain them. Eating a healthy diet will help any woman maintain a youthful and fresh look for an extended period of time, so does having children(by the same guy that is), however many of these women don’t want to hear those answers. You’re right, water is a serious problem for many of these women because it can easily reveal their true visage and put an end to the facade.

  6. Makeup is Witchcraft.

    Here are some sources of witches telling you themselves, this is not a theory or my opinion.

    And nobody wears more makeup than the black bitch, I mean witch. Name three famous or online/youtube black witches who isn’t caked up? If I can see the makeup caked on that is a big red flag and I’m out of there. I also believe that women who wear lots of makeup have bad hygiene, but either way bad all around and I speak from experience. Trust your gut gentlemen, it’s getting dangerous out here.

    1. Upgrarydd,

      Much respect for dropping these links, I’ve been saying this for years. When you read the Book Of Enoch, it was the fallen angels who came down to earth and first taught women the “art” of wearing makeup, jewellery, septum rings, piercings etc.

      Black women are the worst by far with the makeup wearing because they take the amount used on their faces to a completely new level. Then they glue the caterpillars on their eyelids as well as the raptor claws onto their nails.

      Black women really don’t seem to understand how disgusting, repulsive and unattractive all of these external appendages make them look, to be honest at this point I don’t believe they care.

  7. White sugar honey: Thanks for driving around the city.
    SYSBM: The night is not over, girl!

    Wow, these women are foolish these men in 2023. When they take off the make up at the end of their day, when they look at the mirror they see a different person. But then they put the make up on the next day. And there is a spray too. I just watch these women spraying make up on their faces.

    When I look at these women, some of them haven’t age gracefully. Some don’t look attractive, I get that and I’m not saying that I’m attractive but some of the women haven’t aged well. They haven’t taken care of themselves. Max Factor, Maybelline, L’Oreal and Estee Lauder are making money with their make up products.

    I prefer the natural look more instead of having tones of make up. But the simps out there look at these women with all of that make up and say that she looks beautiful. And they are saying that because they wanna get in their knickers.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Just like the various swindlers out here tricking women out of their money, the cosmetics industry is yet another fleecing department that has managed to capitalise on women’s fears of appearance and wanting to look good whenever they’re out in public.

      Most women are literally monkey see monkey do, they’ll copy what the next woman beside them is doing without even thinking whether such actions are appropriate and necessary for them as an individual. I walk the streets of London and all I see around me are cake faced women, smh.


    That is all.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      This brings a totally new meaning to the word deception. #WATCHYOURSIXOUTHERE #KEEPYOURHEADONASWIVEL

  9. Verbs2015,

    “Blue pilled simps will always accept clown faced women regardless,”

    Thanks for the expose’.This will be a cautionary tale to real men. But as you’ve stated, the simps will simp for these hags in makeup. I would actually feel sorry for the blue pilled simps if I didn’t loathe them so much.

    I know simps who are turned on by women in heavy makeup. They prefer the heavy makeup. They don’t even contemplate what is underneath. As long as she has big fake hair, tons of makeup sludge on her face, and Freddy Krueger nails, these simps are on fire with lust.

    As I’ve stated before, I’m starting to think that blue pilled male simps, especially the blue pilled black male simps, have some sort of psychological condition similar to a sex addition. This is the only thing that can explain the behavior I’ve seen black male simps exhibit, in order to gat a taste of the skankiest, nastiest, most disgusting daggle cooch you can imagine.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      You continue to talk about the blue pilled simp being worse than the females he throws on a freshly starched cape for and here is yet another situation where once again you’re 100% correct.

      It is these blue pilled simpletons who are gassing up clowned faced women which makes said females believe that presenting themselves to the world with 400 layers of industrial grade emulsion sprayed onto their faces is acceptable.

      The non thinking blue pilled simp is immediately turned on whenever he sees a cake faced witch, he lacks the perspicacity to recognise that the woman underneath the mask looks nothing like the feigned visage she’s presented to him.

      As we’ve established time and time again, the blue pilled black male simp is by far the worst enabler and gatekeeper of the worst culprit for wearing ridiculous amounts of makeup, the black witch.

  10. What in the name of Hogwarts did I just watch? The videos where those women sprayed that stuff on their faces to tighten their skin was some freaky stuff; I’ve never witnessed anything like that before! On top of that, these women are married, and their husbands don’t have a clue what they really like; imagine their horror once they find that out the hard way! In other countries outside of the West, there have been men who left their wives upon seeing their faces without makeup; there was even one man in China who sued his wife for marriage under false pretenses because he learned she had plastic surgery done after she gave birth to ugly children. In case you’re wondering, yes, he won his case!

    The cosmetics industry serves to show that Western women are lazy beings who prefer shortcuts to beauty instead of eating right, practicing good skincare, and living a much healthier lifestyle than they do; have you noticed how the men’s section in a store is much smaller than the female’s section when it comes to beauty products? It doesn’t take much for us men to look good; we’re comfortable in our own skin. A good haircut, well groomed beard, and a skin care routine will take you far; its a shame that women have to resort to applying witchcraft to their faces to look presentable in public, but it must be understood by all that witchcraft ruins lives, and never ends well for those who practice it.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Can you imagine a financial collapse or some kind of major passing event where the makeup industry is unable to source the chemicals and materials it requires in order to produce the witchcraft and sorcery these women happily apply to their faces, said women would have a complete meltdown, I strongly suspect that most would point blank refuse to leave their homes for fear of men finally seeing how they look in their NORMAL state.

      The main difference between men and women is men are long term thinkers and thus are more than prepared to put in the work in order to achieve the desired results. Women on the other hand are inherently lazy, this is why they are always looking for the shortest route possible to achieve the results they seek.

  11. Did they in the 1st and last video spray on some crap That tighten their skin like that ? Are they using some type of new TikTok filter? That is absolutely insane.

    As for make up, women claiming they do it for each other. We know they do it for the attention of certain men. And then they blame us for other men having standards. While doing whatever it takes to meet those men standards
    through their magick…I mean their equalizer, make up. As if men don’t have standards especially high quality men, lol! Amazing what wash your face and Not wearing a lot of make up can do for the health of your skin and just in general.

    Plus, they also do it because other women do it. Really, just due to the growth of different types of media, the makeup industry has become a 12 figure industry.

    In the past, the BW had a slight “competitive advantage” by not being able to afford make up. Now they use the same makeup and their competitive advantages of not aging like white woman do. That is gone. Oh well, ta-ta 😆😆

    Me find out about women’s make up secrets in college The following morning was a hell of a red pill, lol. Which is why I’m back to dating women that are athletic. ( But not those weird, attention grabbing chicks looking to #MeToo! Guys on TikTok) Because they sweat often and they cannot wear makeup no matter how much they try lol.


  12. PS Salute to Mad BusDriver X
    A Random scenario

    Random Maggle: Yo n****’s talkin bout make up?! Man, you n****** are some weirdos, lame and you’re ghay

    SYSBM Knight: At least we aint waking up to our chick looking like Oshay in the morning, lmmfao!

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