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A Modern Woman’s Definition Of A “Broke Man”

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Yep, this entitled weave wearing black siren is back once again prattling off the usual garbage emanating from the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure’s camp of dereliction.

Brothers, don’t get offended whenever these disjointed women of the West call you “broke” as the definition of being broke in their eyes is far different from yours and the reality of the world.

To a modern woman a “broke man” is simply a guy who is unwilling to lavish her with gifts and spend frivolous amounts of cash on her at random or whenever she desires.

Western women out here seem to believe that any man they interact with is somehow obligated to spend money on them without question, yep, the haughty entitlement vibes out here are very real.

With women brazenly walking around with this kind of Princess Peach attitude, it’s so easy to understand why the overwhelming majority of them are complete knuckleheads and goofballs when it comes down to money management and finances.

It also makes sense as to why women hold the most debt with US black women being the worst culprits having the highest.

Women who automatically expect men to spend money on them randomly ought to be accurately labelled as scroungers and ponces as most of these females have very little money of their own and in order to hide the fact that they themselves are skint, they’ll attempt to turn the tables and place the focus on what YOU can deliver for them.

The next time a lofty female tries to label you as broke, simply ask to see her bank balance. At that point in most cases you’ll watch her beat a swift and hasty retreat back into the dark, musty, damp corner she crawled out from or on the flip side she’ll attempt to shame you for asking such a question.

The TRADITIONAL position of a man spending money on a woman originates from back in the day when women weren’t in the workforce and so all of the expenditure fell upon the shoulders of the man.

The year is now 2022, not 1952. Western women wanted equal rights, they’ve now achieved what they were seeking and much more. These same women are heavily in the workforce, thus they’re quite capable of paying their own way or at least contributing towards expenses.

I remember back in the day before social media when women valued meeting up with the man much more than how much money he was willing to spend on them.

I think back to the days when simply meeting up in shopping centres or local parks were just fine and considered quality premium congregation points, now these ungrateful harridans want to be wined and dined in Michelin star restaurants totally at YOUR expense. How times have changed.

Gentlemen, you’re NOT broke just because you choose to spend your money wisely ie opt not to waste it on random women especially where no reciprocity is detected, never allow these defective beyond repair termagants to tell you otherwise.

Additionally, NEVER lead with your wallet because if the money runs out, she’ll quickly find somebody else to fill in the void. A woman should like/love you for WHO YOU ARE, NOT for how much money you can spend on her.

Too many of these fraudulent females are out here sideways begging for money and gifts but are deceptively using the “broke man” label against men to cover up their profound financial deficiencies and disgraceful economic shortcomings, never fall for this Kansas City Shuffle/scam.

Fellas, be aware of women involved in relationships who still like to go on “girls trips”, give these females an extremely wide berth as even though they have men, they’re falsely advertising to the world that they’re single. They have no problems doing so and additionally many of them will creep and step out without batting an eyelid, smh.

Always remember that large swaths of women out here only have money because the State as well as random men are giving it to them, if it wasn’t for these blue pilled simps and the government financially propping them up, so many of these “I don’t date broke men” female sabre rattlers would be completely flat on their faces without a plastic cup to urinate in. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Most Women Who Label Men As Broke Typically Have Little To No Money Themselves

Most High Bless

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25 thoughts on “A Modern Woman’s Definition Of A “Broke Man”

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid gold digger women like the plague because they are going to use me for my money and waste my time and the worst of it if they are trying to put me in the friend zone and that’s the reason why I refuse to have female friends. I miss dating women in the 1990s to early 2000s because the majority of women in that time period genuinely liked men and you didn’t need to spend a lot money on these women plus if they gave you their phone number then you definitely know that those women really liked you.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Dating before the advent of social media was much more pleasurable, was definitely more hit than miss and the average guy stood more of chance of landing somebody reasonable because women back then didn’t have the unrealistic and outlandish expectations in their heads that frequently cloud their judgements today.

      I remember those days well because many a time I had dates and also followed my friends to the local park for them to meet up with theirs.

      I remember when the park was the hot spot to meet with females, nobody talked about 5 star restaurants, the requirements to spend ridiculous amounts of money on the first date plus the mind games were practically non existent. How dating in these times has changed so much for the worst, smh.

  2. I would rather spend money on digital assets that could help me financially for long term investments.

    The long term investments could help me take care of my future family with a white wifey.

    Western women think short term.

    Western governments owns western women.

    Black women are all the same globally.

    Non black women aren’t all the same globally.

    That is brutally the honest truth of reality.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The short term thinking of Western women is one of the main reasons why SYSBM™ as well as the Passport Bros movement have blown up significantly.

      Hard times of distress and tribulation are about to come upon this planet and all these Western knuckleheaded females can talk about is how much money a man needs to WASTE on them in order for them to CONSIDER taking interest in him, smh.

      Stack up your money brother, invest in yourself for the future, continue your search for a virtuous white wifey(though your chances of finding a decent one in the UK are very slim), avoid the black witch at all costs and don’t even pay other mullet headed females of the West any mind.

  3. Brothers.As we all know,Modern Day Western women are completely Delusional, Dysfunctional,Can’t think rationally, logically or critically.By Only thinking as according to their feelings and society’s programming and engineering,they will Never see us as Men worth dealing with and being with because of our Financial struggles at times.Being broke is Not what she thinks or says.Even for those of us with very little to No Cash at all doesn’t mean the end of the world.We have opportunities and chances to build ourselves better than ever no matter how hard the circumstances.Our Wealth and Wealth Attainment is NOT for Women’s Entertainment.These Bone Headed Goof Balls really Don’t care about us either way.Rich or Poor,they only want what they want and see us as tools to achieve their means.Traditional Foreign women are the Only way to go.

    1. Robert,

      Bone headed goof balls is exactly right, these are the same Western women who claim to be smart and advanced yet without fail they all fall for the same sorcery and witchcraft of social media and continue to plunge themselves further into abject failure.

      These women of disaster in the Western world are exactly what happens to females who have no male leadership, guidance and refuse to harken to male masculine advice.

      Pre the advent of social media black men in particular and men in general had a much higher chance of finding a traditional female in the West, post social media that mission has become nigh on impossible.

      Get your passport gents and don’t look back, traditionally minded foreign women are the best way forward from this point onwards.

  4. All is talk is non sense. The same way women choose who they sleep or open they legs with, men choose if they want or not to give they give their attention or money.

    In this dating game,both smart gender who know the nature of male/female would always get what they want.

    In this day and age, smart men know that u can have sex with a women on first date with a women without spending 0$ if you attractive enough.

    If it’s true that men in general want casual sex more than women, it’s also true that women are more desperate to be in a commited relationship.

    Why any smart man will spend any buck for a women who is not ”his” on a date when he’s not sure if he would get something after in return.
    That’s called being a simp/beta male.

    Also why event try to date her, when a lot of women are emotionally desperate and would accept anything on first date if she’s attracted enough?

    Every man and women should find his niche,but at the end of the day, she only talk about simp that’s it nobody give a fuck about her like that,that the same women who will have sex on a first date with a man attractive enough to her,without him having to spend a buck.

    Fellas do yourself a favor, at the first date try to gauge quickly whether or not she’s sexually attracted to you, and you won’t waste your time and money.

    1. Tyrone Nyx,

      The ease at which Western women dish out sex is beyond scary, just carry a microphone and a camera onto the streets, stop random women, ask them juicy questions about dating and you can pretty much guarantee that there’ll be some loose female who’ll give you her number looking to get dicked down later that night, especially if she’s attracted to you.

      Western women are known for being loose, aren’t these the same female attending slut walk marches telling us that they should be able to wear whatever they want without recourse?

      The West is a haven for men who are looking for casual sex, there is an abundance of women here who are more than willing to rack up their body counts all in the name of women’s empowerment as well as being so called “liberated”.

      These Western females complain about men not wanting to commit to them yet most proudly carry themselves as whore, sluts, slappers and harlots, what man in his right mind would adjoin himself to such filth and degeneracy, I’ll wait?

      The Western woman is a female of no value who has embraced and subscribes to the religion of modernity, thus she has NO RIGHTS to demand that men treat her under a traditional umbrella.

      No, I’m not wasting any money on you witch, no I’m not sending you on random vacations while I’m at work, no I’m not buying you anything, I’ll be stacking my money up for myself for the future while eventually you’ll be a homeless wench begging for money on street corners using that same cup you urinate in.

  5. Verbs, you drop banger after banger. This dark-skinned chick is not ugly, but mid at best. She is hood cute i.e. not fat with no visible tats. 5, maybe 6 if she’s got no kids and that’s being generous. She should be happy with a normal dude but here she is talmbout “sending her on vacation while you’re at work.” The fu**? Nobody is spending a stack on this braud. I guess the axis of evil IG, OF and simps are gassing up these 49ers (4s who think they’re 9s).

    SYSBM recruitment videos like this are dropping thick and fast lol. But only a chosen few will actually heed the call!

    Happy Friday to the true SYSBM™ Knights & Passport Bros, keep walking away and flying off from these greedy, delusional black heffas.

    1. Schadenfreude.

      Appreciate the kind words brother. I believe this black siren is in her 30s still waiting for a man to come along on a white horse and provide all that she’s listed and much more.

      She looks halfway decent, she has nice skin from being out in a sunny climate, however as per usual with women like her it’s always the backwards mentality they subscribe to which is their downfall.

      They hold onto lofty, outlandish and unrealistic expectation which they truly believe with all their hearts will be fulfilled(not in this lifetime).

      She could easily be happy with and live a decent, realistic life with an average guy, however these “boss babes” always want the best, average isn’t good enough for them even though most of them are AVERAGE themselves, you cannot make this stuff up.

      The SYSBM™ Express continues to chug full steam ahead as well as the Passport Bros continuing to expand into and make their mark in new territories. Who needs Western minded females when there are plenty of traditionally minded foreign women to choose from?

    2. Schadenfreude,

      You are spot on in assessing that these sub par scraggle daggles have been gassed up by male simps, in particular the apex simp, the black male simp.

      For women like these to even harbor such delusions, requires an advanced simp culture. I say advanced simp culture, meaning Blackistan’s simp culture which has set new records for simping.

      This is why I come down so hard on the black male simp. Because none of the black female’s fuckery, delusional behavior, and just plain insane sense of entitlement, is possible without black male simp culture. I personally give much blame to the black male simp for the sorry state of today’s black female. While he is not the only culprit, his contribution to the creation of scraggle dagglehood, dwarfs that of any other cohort.

    3. Schadenfreude,

      You can not expect the black female to behave differently, when the overwhelming majority of black males (black male simps) reward her for behaving just the way she does.

  6. Verbs, what the hell is going on? There are so many black women acting like this and I know that there are non black women who are gold diggers too but wow!

    The reason why she made that Tiktok video is because there is no way that a man wanna spend his money to her as he sees her as a gold digging ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle as she is. No man shouldn’t be spending money on women who are gold digging hoodrats. When you see the thuggish dudes that they prefer, you will never in a million years spend money on them.

    I had my shares with gold diggers. It was 2003 and I was with this chick. She ask me for £15 so she can go to Manchester. I gave it to her. For some reason, this chick could be lying. It was 2005 and I was at my sister’s house when she was living in Neasden. My mum was there and she was talking to some guy and she says that if a man doesn’t give her £2000, she don’t want him. I think I cursed her out, hard.

    Dating has become harder and harder because not only there are so many gold diggers around but it’s the simps that are buying these scargglies nails, weave, make up and all of that, you get me? Things will get harder if these simps continue to satisfy their greedy needs. I have never seen so many gold diggers in my life now. Dating is a huge mess.

    The reason why that these women especially some of these black females are gold diggers is because their mothers are gold diggers as well. They see their mothers acting like gold diggers to one man to another man. And they sleep with one man to another as gold diggers are whorish to the bone.

    As these gold diggers of the hood say that they don’t wanna deal with a broke man, that means that they are looking for a sucker to use him to pay off their debt and by her expensive things. But at the end they will get a broke man at the end and they open their legs to him like the man known as Worthless Man Gerald. And these gold diggers will get treated like shit and they deserve it.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  7. These women can make 4x the amount that men make and they’ll still be broke because of their student loans and out-of-control spending habits.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      These women live for superficials and materials, their lack of self control when it comes to managing money is off the chain. Their debt is their problem, men need to remember this and NOT reward these female for their reckless spending habits.

  8. Here’s a little newsflash for this stragg: men don’t need her permission to stay single and save their money; with all of the dating shenanigans modern women pull, that’s more than enough reason to not want to spend money on them. Gone are the days where a man could simply approach a woman and ask to spend time with her to get to know her and potentially make her his wife; whatever happened to picnics, coffee dates, or doing fun activities with each other that weren’t costly? Nowadays, women think a man should take her to Benihana’s or some other restaurant they personally like; the social dynamics of Western society are so messed up, is it any wonder why thinking brothers are getting their passports to find traditional women overseas? These blue pilled simps are partly to blame because they feed into this nonsense by telling men to go to the gym and get their money up to attract these same women who’d call you broke for watching your dollar; why would I better myself to give it away to uncultured brauds? As far as I am concerned, Western women are done; save yourselves, and your money, too! #SYSBM #PassportBros

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These modern day females of the West are straight up Jezebels, to them it isn’t about the simple things in life anymore, now it’s all to do with syphoning as much money and resources from men as they can.

      As they say, it’s all about “securing the bag” which typically means either getting men to lavish them with endless money and gifts or hemming men up in the legal system so that in the event of a separation/divorce, said women can walk away with half of the man’s assets.

      As I keep on saying, Western minded females are spoiled, rotten, broken and dysfunctional, it’s only these desperate blue pilled simps who still see value in such creatures, decent, hard working men have already left the building never to return.

      More men need to realise that they have the power, they don’t have to tolerate dysfunctional female behaviour, there are women available in other parts of the world who still hold to a traditional mindset and who will be more than satisfied with the simple things in life.

  9. One of the things I have always admired about verbs and MBD is that although they (particularly MBD) sometimes showcase highly successful black men they have never said,like many pro blacks have, that you need to be a six figure man (e.g. Jason black) or you are nothing and that this is the reason black women don’t like you. Rather sysbm promotes you finding happiness with a non black woman no matter what your financial status. I was the happiest at jobs that paid me the least.

    1. Jedi Master,

      When it comes to MadbusDriver’s video. When he say the photos of interratial couples you see are the option of life.
      My definition of the photos is ‘If you build, they will come’.

      Your build and improve your life and you meet people organically.
      There are none of this ‘You got no money to date’ like it cost money just to walk in the park.
      Also there are none of the Devil-God Man requirements (6″ cock, 6 pack, 6 figures, 6 foot height) just to date them.

    2. Jedi Master Coon,

      I do agree that men should try their best to get their money up, however many of these internet clowns make these suggestions to men in order to impress women. A man getting his finances straight and in order should NEVER revolve around women.

      It doesn’t hurt to be a six figure man, however if you have no debt and manage your money wisely you really don’t need to be one.

      Most black women have become hedonistic, materialistic, superficial, greedy Jezebels whose lives revolve around pleasure and nothing more.

      Such women are empty vessels and those black men with sense and intelligence need to remain in their masculine frame and outright shun capitulating to any of that garbage.

  10. Jedi Master,

    When it comes to MadbusDriver’s video. When he say the photos of interratial couples you see are the option of life.
    My definition of the photos is ‘If you build, they will come’.

    Your build and improve your life and you meet people organically.
    There are none of this ‘You got no money to date’ like it cost money just to walk in the park.
    Also there are none of the Devil-God Man requirements (6″ cock, 6 pack, 6 figures, 6 foot height) just to date them.

  11. Verbs,

    I am glad you made this topic because these BW call BM broke for no reason.

    I did explain many months ago about BM and BW are broke at the same time but BW are more broke than BM because the financial status.

    But I will explain again the difference between both BM and BW are broke:

    When Black Men are broke, they are Debit broke: Debit is your money, saving account. If you got no money in your account. No problem, wait until the next pay day and learn to money management.

    Black Women are broke, they are Credit broke: Credit and bank’s money, owe money and debt.
    They talk all this how they live the best life, education and status mind you they are on credit owing big time and asking which they call BM ‘broke’ to pay their massive debts for them.

    Let’s get down to this whole BW always calling BM broke and dusty:
    They call BM broke because they chose not to spend on premium silly trinkets. MadBus said is correctly, when these BW call BM dusty, they are not talking about Pookies and thugs, they are talking about every hard working BM, who earns legit money. When I say legit, I mean not drugs or criminal stuff.

    BW even call Kevin Samuels dusty and broke mind you he was a top 10% Alpha in America.

    If you are a BM in America, BW see you as ‘dusty broke bum’ by your birth and death. Meaning you are labelled as a broke bum regardless of status. If a American BM wins the lottery, you are a broke bum, if you own a business being a millionaire, you are label a ‘dusty broke’ by BW. Even you are a trillionaire, having more money than George Soros, Donald Trump, Bill Gates and other billionaires combined and own a country or the whole world, BW will still call you a ‘Broke dusty bum’. That is the BW’s motto and definition of a ‘broke’ man.

    They will call any other race of men ‘broke and dusty’. However these are the same BW who post on Social Media about how they owe money in utility bills because they are financial reckless. Asking the same BM they labelled ‘broke and dusty’ for money.

    Also I am also happy that last year you made a topic about Coffee dates because this comes in with this because they expect BM to pay Premium for dates and mind you, just met and expect 5 star everything.

    I saw a video that this BW wanted some $1m house, $200k engagement ring and some fancy materials. The rapper said she do not need all of this. He got the money for all of those, however he can provide all of those at half the prince which is reasonable, the BW response was, he is a ‘broke ass bum’ because he did not want to spend the extortion amount.

    What I worry about is this has not happen yet that this will be spreading to Africa and UK and suddenly the British BW will call BM ‘broke’. But I doubt it because UK Brothers have options at will.

  12. I’m sorry Verbs. But I just saw the new super Mario movie. And I have to correct you on one thing.
    The BW acts NOTHING like Princess Peach.
    Peach is actually competent and unlike ABW, she isn’t a spoiled princess brat.

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