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Oh Well, That’s Your Problem! #SHORTS

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Why are you complaining, isn’t this what most of these black heifers keep on talking about and are working towards, wanting a light skinned/mixed race child with the good hair, the pretty blue/green/hazel eyes and the light skin? I’m personally not buying her story about getting pregnant by accident, I think there’s a strong possibility that she planned the entire event.

What, we already know that black women as a collective are professionals at deliberately getting knocked up by the wrong kinds of men, this is why I find her “accidental” pregnancy extremely difficult to believe. I wonder if she’ll be putting Lord Slush on child support, somehow I very much doubt it as she wouldn’t want to upset her white lord and saviour.

Do you see how white men who are footloose and fancy free get a clean pass from these black females, yet they’ll call out black men all day on engaging in the same practice. She got knocked up by a Bottom Shelf Brad type white man, he rolled in, unloaded his deposit into her contaminated snatch and rolled out.

As I’ve been stating for the longest while, black women refuse to understand the relationship dynamic between themselves and Lord Freezer, black women are the white man’s flunky and sex toy, nothing more, nothing less, this is why the so called “divestment/levelling up/swirling squads are wasting their time believing that white men are going to take them seriously past flings, one night stands and random booty calls.

I knew a black woman from back in the day who also got knocked up by a white guy, she told him she was pregnant with his child and in return he told her to get lost. She just like the woman above thereafter was forced to raise that child by herself but the story doesn’t end there. Later on she ended up getting impregnated by a Pookie with a drug problem, Hollywood screen writers seriously couldn’t make this stuff up.

You’ve got your mixed race child, just get on with looking after her instead of posting cringe as well as sexually provocative images on Twitter, smh. In other news:

Here we go again with the foolish and nonsensical “if you’re a black man who dates out, don’t hate on black women” mantra. As I’ve explained before, black women don’t have the right to determine the reasons any black man who dates out gives in response to being asked why, I seriously don’t understand where black women get off believing that they have the authority to control the narrative behind a black man’s decision to leave black women and seek out love and companionship elsewhere.

This is as ridiculous as a criminal in the dock believing that he has the right to dictate to the judge and jury what evidence can and cannot be used against him. The bottom line is nobody outside of liberal women are listening to any advice coming from the mouths of black females.

The truth of the matter is in 2022 most black men who date out are doing so because black women have given them an extremely hard time in the past, black women already knowing this don’t have a reasonable defence, therefore instead they attempt to intimidate and bully black men who date out into not mentioning them as being a major part of the departure equation.

Save your so called “advice” witch, white women don’t need it, besides when it comes down to relationships, despite their various shortcomings, said white women are doing far better than these disgruntled, angry and bitter black sirens hands down.

What did I tell you gentlemen years ago, these black females aren’t about to allow you to ride off into the sunset smoothly with your non black female significant other without at least attempting to throw spanners into the works trying to sabotage and destroy what you’ve got going on, smh.

The common mantra black women put out about not caring about who black men date is all cap, lies and deception because they already know outside of black men nobody else is checking for them. The blue pilled, black male simp is the modern day black female’s last bastion of hope and even he can’t save her from the wrath to come. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Has These Black Women Out Here Shook

Most High Bless

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26 thoughts on “Oh Well, That’s Your Problem! #SHORTS

  1. You know bw get me so angry when they try to control what bm say and do! No white or non bw is going to listen to her warning when all she would have to spend is seconds doing a Google search of ratchet black woman stats, smh! They act like their atrocious public behavior isn’t seen by anyone else, like they can’t check out Worldstar Hip-hop themselves! Bw shut up and go away. They already know why we left you and agree with our decision whole heartedly! You’re embarrassing yourself at this point, just stop!

    1. Andre,

      Notice how with white men getting their passports and travelling overseas to find more traditional women and explaining the main reason why, white women have never turned around to them and said, “you can’t use us as your reason for dating traditional foreign women”.

      It’s beyond a joke at this point, black women treat black men like complete and utter garbage yet in the minds of these same delusionals, black men aren’t allowed to vocalise this openly.

      Black female dysfunction is on display for all to see, black women make it easy for non black women to swoop down and scoop up quality black men.

  2. If I was asked to write a script for a movie or tv show, I would only want 10 white female characters.

    Each of these white females have one black man as their partners.

    The director of the film would be a black man living the sysbm lifestyle or a white wifey woman.

    Imagine if you had 30 sysbm movies and 30 sysbm tv shows, all hell breaks loose from blackistan couples, including western white men.

    1. Witwijf,

      As MBD has stated many times before, SYSBM™ was born out of black female dysfunction, they are the ones who created the movement. The same with the Passport Bros, another group of upwardly mobile black men who have had enough of Keisha’s garbage and have opted to search abroad for quality women.

      Black women only have themselves to blame for the emergence of these two groups. Because black women view black men as slaves, commodities and assets, as far as they are concerned black men have no right to demand better from black women.

      Until they’re cut off completely, black women will never change for the better, they’ll continue acting the fool as well as openly laughing at, disrespecting, mocking, ridiculing, berating and disparaging black men. All the best to those black men still willing to deal with such dastardly characters.

      1. “Until they’re cut off completely, black women will never change for the better”

        Go on YouTube & Twitter and you’re seeing the chameleons change colors as we speak. But they can’t keep up the “Pick-Me” act for very long, that daggle rage is never far from the surface.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Black women already know that they can fool their blue pilled simp squads, however the black men that matter have already seen through the chameleon Texas Two Step and as a result have been proactive in their manoeuvres to counteract the scam. So called “good black women” have gone the way of the dinosaurs, black men with their heads screwed on straight need to move with the mentality that decent black females no longer exist.

          1. So let it be written.
            So let it be done.


  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are so desperate to have mixed race kids with that good hair and those blue, green and grey eyes by their white lord and saviour, their white father because they worship him like God because he cannot do wrong in their eyes. I don’t need any permission to date non black women from black women because they don’t own me. This is 2023 not 1747 and black women act like the slave masters to black men because in the black womans eyes the black man isn’t allowed to date any non black women and to have any dating preferences apart from black women. Any black women or anyone in general try to tell me that I am not allowed to date beautiful childfree non black women, I will tell them to fuck off because I can date who I like.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The only black men black women can successfully control are the ultra blue pilled, pro black simps, upwardly mobile black men have already checked out of the building never to return. Black women can prattle off whatever they want, white women as a collective know better than to listen to a group of females who are the worst when it comes to stable long term relationships as well as raising strong families.

  4. Cracks me up when a BW gives unsolicited advice to WW while wearing the hair taken from same WW & AW.
    A woman that refuses to be seen in public without the hair from another race of woman glued to her head. Yet, she is deluded by an idea that she can give instructions to women with higher rates of relationship success than her by a landslide.

    This is all projection and desperation for attention and more BM are starting to ignore them completely.

    1. King Sigma,

      You honestly cannot make up these twisted and disjointed scenarios. The main reason why black women have been wearing white women’s hair for so long is because most black men being the blue pilled simps that they are have accepted it.

      Gluing weaves/wigs to one’s head is NOT normal nor natural, it is however a massive indicator of mental illness and instability, something which I’ve been stating for years.

      The weave, clown face makeup wearing black female in the video needs to take 10 seats, white women don’t need her advice at all.

      1. Verbs2015.

        “You honestly cannot make up these twisted and disjointed scenarios. The main reason why black women have been wearing white women’s hair for so long is because most black men being the blue pilled simps that they are have accepted it.”

        Verbs, I have been commenting for some about black male simping. I totally cosign the statement above. I apply that same statement to all the ratchet black female behavior that assaults our senses on the daily.

        As I have said a million times, the black female will sink to whatever depths that the black male simp will tolerate. Anyone with half a brain cell and an iota of honesty, will admit that 90 percent of black males are simps for and to the black scraggle daggle.

        This is why the so called literate black female assumes the saphire jezibel caricature to entice the so called literate black male. This is why Shaniqua assumes the BT-1100 caricature for Pookie. It all springs from the same source. The Plantation.

        Black male simping is as old as slavery and colonialism. And this is one thing the vast majority of black males have not overcome. Black male simping permeats the whole fabric and ether of da communitah. I for one, don’t think it is possible to stop the black female’s spiral into the abyss. Because as long as black males keep simping, the black female will continue to be all the disgusting and distasteful things that she is.

        She knows no one checks for her except the black male. But her first preference will always be bottom shelf Brad. She ghetto gags for him becuase she likes it. In her mind, she can mate up with a black male simp to boss around, anytime she wants. And it doesn’t matter how obese, unshapely, disgusting, unhygienic, and ugly she is, there are always plenty of black male simps orbiting her.

        The only hope I see for a healthy black community is for enough black males to adopt SYSBM and other red pill philosophies, and build a community from scratch with non black women.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          I completely agree, the only way forward for a healthy black community to be born is for the current one to die off and for black men start afresh with quality non black women. This modern day black community that these black sirens have turned into a dunghill at this point is only fit for the fire. The black male simps the black witch has created can also burn with her for their part in enabling the black female to continue her reign of evil as well as protecting her from being checked or reprimanded by honest, accountable and responsible black men.

  5. “What did I tell you gentlemen years ago, these black females aren’t about to allow you to ride off into the sunset smoothly with your non black female significant other without at least attempting to throw spanners into the works trying to sabotage and destroy what you’ve got going on, smh.”

    I’ve been posting on here since 2017 and you have been saying this same mantra the whole time and of course you’re absolutely right.

    It’s hilarious how this quean is trying to crobar her way into a WW and BM’s relationship. Their motivations for dating out are their business alone.

    I once dated a WW who disliked sistas as much as I did. We’d joke about these hoes, it brought us together lol. The narcissism of these hoes that a WW has to like BW if they’re with BM, or a BM can’t compare BW with other races of women…lol.

    Keep packing your bags & catching flights, brothers, we’ve got ’em on the ropes. SYSBM and Passport Kings is the solution.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Black women believe they’re the gatekeepers of all black men, therefore as far as the black female’s delusional mindset is concerned, any female wishing to deal with black men who isn’t black must first go to the black woman in order to get her permission and approval.

      It sounds crazy and off the chain but this is exactly how most black women think. Just look at how these black sirens have been relentlessly attacking foreign women recently, in the eyes of black women these foreign women have heavily transgressed against them because they haven’t gone through the black witch first in order to gain access to black men, they’ve simply gone around them instead, lol.

  6. That first woman is your textbook bedwench; she wants to talk cash greasy about Black men, but let Bottom Shelf Brad smash and dash! In typical daggle fashion, she refuses to take accountability for getting knocked up, as if pregnancies in the 21st century are “accidental”; it’s more painstaking to order a pizza than it is to have a child! As for the stragg in the second video, I have one thing to say to her:

    Don’t you just find it amusing how the BWs pretend to be have concern for White women in relationships with Black men? White women don’t need to listen to her little TedTalk about the motives behind Black men dating them; White women see how Black women treat us, so she can save her speech.

  7. Thirsty Darryl: I wanna breed Lizzo, blud!
    Me: You can’t manage Thirsty. You can’t manage that.

    So this ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle got breed up by a white male who is a beta male. Right, I have no issues of black women dating non black men but the thing is that they don’t go for the white guy who is a Nick Guy Nick who is successful. They will go for the Bottom Shelf Brad who will bounce when he breed off the ghetto ratchet hoodrat. The white guy who is a beta male, he always do that to black women. He’s always irresponsible anyway. The scragg who who got breed up by this beta male who legged it, I know that this is no accident. This is nothing but planed by her.

    And for the other scraggle daggle wearing that weave, when I saw the video it was like the pain of my damn tooth. That’s why I didn’t type anything yesterday. That’s how bad it is. Black men who are dating non black women, they don’t hate black women. But if they do, he will hate the ghetto ratchet hoodrats. He will hate them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  8. A story as old as time itself: a deliberately made single mother who can it help but shit on BM. Even when you’ve had zero involvement, the black man is to blame. Always.

    She’ll find some simp to step up. Or will she?

  9. The Blizzard King Dennis Spurling went HAM in this video where he goes into deep HISTORICAL DETAIL about the DISLOYALTY and DISRESPECT of the black American female and how she historically was NEVER your woman, girlfriend, fiancee or wife. I’ve never heard it broken down so well. If you are a brother still struggling with KKKeisha, I urge you to check this out.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Dennis Spurling has been lighting up these black sirens and their blue pilled simp drones majorly, I recently watched his Passport Bros Vs Plantation Bros livestream. Like I said before, I’ll personally be addressing these blue pilled, pro black simp agents of the matrix as Plantation Foes, to put the word “bro” in their description as far as I’m concerned is a disservice to us because they are NOT our friends. Unfortunately most black men won’t get it until it’s too late, only when Keisha has dragged them down to the gates of Hell will they finally realise pledging their allegiance to a woman who hated them all along was nothing short of a fool’s errand.

  10. >Unfortunately most black men won’t get it until it’s too late, only when Keisha has dragged them down to the gates of Hell will they finally realise pledging their allegiance to a woman who hated them all along was nothing short of a fool’s errand.


    Better those SIMPs than us. Someone has to be the sacrifice, so it might as well be them.


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