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THIS Is Why Black Men Are Checking Out!

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Another montage for you gents, social media platforms have made it so easy to find material of black women demonstrating just how much they despise black men but at the same time they know that men of other ethnicities will NOT step up to protect them in their times of need and distress.

This is why they’ll continue to gaslight black men so that you’re locked in conversation with them ie your backside is still remaining on the plantation whenever engaging in their back and forth shenanigans.

Don’t be a sucker and fall for the black female’s “let’s talk” Kansas City Shuffle. Brothers, feel free to weigh in on any of the above clips, your thoughts.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Continue To Show You Their True Colours

Most High Bless

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17 thoughts on “THIS Is Why Black Men Are Checking Out!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Those black women on the above video are fucking atrocious and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 40. I am so glad that I picked the SYSBM lifestyle because it has given me a peace of mind from not dealing with black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Remember when the detractors kept on asking SYSBM™ practitioners what we were saving ourselves from? The videos above more than demonstrate why true SYSBM™ members have walked away from black women never to return.

      This is the deep seated hatred black women have against black men that these pro blackity black, blue pilled simp shine buckets don’t want to talk about.

      1. Verbs,

        The SYSBM/Passport Bro detractors will pretend not to see videos like this.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Indeed, the old “nothing to see here, please move along” slogan is a convenient pull out their moth eaten hats when videos like the above are put on display for all to see.


    If someone wanted to set me up to falsely accuse me of something I never did, new tech has made it possible now.

    Stuff like this can get anyone blackmailed on any video of choice.

    Who knows what a blackistan negress would do with this.

    Who knows what a blackistan male would do with this.

    Who knows what a western white man would do with this.

    Yahweh is showing me signals to try escaping the west.

    I only way I could try leaving the west is by finding a white wifey woman in North Eastern Europe or Africa.

  3. I couldn’t watch all the videos. That was terrible! The IRONY of these videos! Gosh! The Pots calling the kettle black (no pun intended)! This post should be the automatic link anyone who denies or gaslight that black women HATE hate black men!

    Did you see that 6th video down? YUCK! That is not a woman, that is an ORC! Even when it put on the make up, it was ugly! Nasty!

    This is why it is essential, if black men want to find peace in their lives, they NEED to turn SYSBM or even go Passport bros. There is no remedy outside of those two things! It makes no sense to me how black women can hate black men so much but still want black men to care of them or to simp for them!

  4. White sugar honey: Can you come over tonight?
    SYSBM: I’m coming right now!

    Alright, here’s how it goes.

    As I saw the videos, I was thinking of one thing. Black men, go get this money. I repeat go this money. I don’t care what ambition you guys have, you just have to think that now. You can go and have your fun, especially sexual fun but your goals and your ambitions, you need to think about it.

    Right, the black women on these videos. I don’t know how did I manage to watch these videos but I got there. Listen here. The black women on the videos are not to have as your girlfriends and they are also not wife material.

    These scraggle daggles will cause problems with any black man but when it comes to the white beta male, they don’t act this way at all. Because if they do, the white beta males on the side of the road while they are dead in a suitcase.

    Black men are dating non black women or they are taking their passports and leaving the country just to find a woman to wife up. When these ghetto ratchet black women hit their 30’s and some of them have children, then they try to look for a good black man or go back to the ex boyfriend they played with.

    The only way to shut these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and the simps, you have to show them money, so they can shut the fuck up!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  5. …Brothers, for any one of you who might be appalled by these videos, NONE of it is new. Many black women have long felt this way towards black men. The advent of the internet and cheap cell phone cameras just made it more accessible to the ones that were not on TV and black magazines dating back to the late 1980’s. In fact, this SHOULD serve as encouragement to avoid them or go overseas and deal with foreign women who are nothing like them. Understand this, these type of women will NOT amount to anything much other than being sex objects to unsavory men. Save yourself black man!!!

    1. Its good to see your comment. I was wondering are you making any new videos about this subject in the near future?

    2. For the intelligent Black Man, these SYSBM recruitment videos sell themselves. Unfortunately most negroes will go down in flames with Ku Klux Keisha even after they’ve seen the evidence. SYSBM and Passport Bros are only for the few. Hope you are doing well, Brother Rick! You were sounding the alarm a decade ago!

  6. The only Black Men who are checking out are the top 10 percent. And that’s okay!. In fact, this is how it should be!

    Let the 90 percent who are simps to the scraggle daggle, ferment in the hell they have chosen to be their destiny.

  7. These videos should not surprised SYSBM Brothers on the treachery of The B-Dubbs there in Blacknstain. Always Stay & Go Global.

  8. Verbs2015,

    ”Unreal”, That’s the Best Word that I Can Describe After Viewing these Videos. I Mean So Many of these Black Females that Have this much Venomous HATE/Contempt for Men, But Mostly Black Men is Just Repulsive, As Repulsive as They are For Going for Long-Ass Fake Nails, Filters & All these Other things to Make Themselves look or Pretending to be Something They’re not. I Knew it was Bad, But I Didn’t Think that Black Females Would be Crazy Consumed with this Much Spitefulness & They Continue to Question ”Why they Can’t Find a Good Black Man?” I Could Give a Number of Reasons, But There are Far Too Many to Give Off, Though I Will Say One Particular Reason is, Because a Good Black or Should I Say a Smart Black Man is Got Gonna Take Being Used or Abused by a Woman of his Own Race. Plus the Notion of ”If a Black Man Wanna get with this. Then they’re Gonna Have to Spend Everything they got on Me”. That’s Something that you Would Expect a Prostitute to Say. If a Good Black Man Wants to get with a Female like that then they Have to be Crazy Desperate & Stupid. Plus the Fact that Brother’s Who Have Passports are Checking out of the West aka America, Is Because they Know that Most of the Women Here are not Wife Material & It’s Very Rare to Find a Woman Who Exemplifies Class, Grace, Femininity & Would Allow a Man to be a Man Without it Turning into a Competition. Plus, When it Comes to Females Who are of the Feminism Variety, Your Basically Dancing on a Land Mine, Because One Wrong Step & Your Life as a Black Man is Over. Most of the time it Feels like Were at the Category of ”Lose/Lose or Damned if you do, Damned if you Don’t”, But Regardless I Stand by a Vow I Made Way Back in 2010. That I Will Never Date nor Mate/Marry Any Black Woman in America, Nor Any Non-Black American Female Who Acts like a Scraggle Daggle Themselves or Carry Themselves as an Ultra-Feminist. #SYSBM For Life!!!

  9. OMG what a chamber of horrors. These SYSBM recruitment videos above speak for themselves. Always the 49ers with the most to say (4s who think they are 9s). Nothing more to add here, run far away from Ku Klux Keisha, her bastard crumb-snatchers and her Pookie goon squad…preferably put an ocean between you.

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