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This is how bad things have gotten, they’re now producing 3D animations with black women brawling and street fighting. Black women have become the biggest laughingstock on the planet bar none. Also, notice how the fighting is taking place in McDonalds, doesn’t that look familiar?

Check out this next video and see how fast the world is going down the toilet with the woke left in control:

You cannot make this stuff up, thankfully in my work environment things like this aren’t really discussed, however I was recently talking to a guy I know and he stated that his workplace is totally different ie the gender neutral, pronoun, LGBTQP garbage is the talk of the town at his place of employment, smh.

What about you guys, have you noticed any major changes regarding these doctrines of lunacy gradually being introduced as policies into the workplace? It’s amazing how these lefties constantly want you to suspend reality just to accommodate their false, outlandish and unrealistic viewpoints and positions. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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21 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Gentlemen, Verbs and SYSBM Knights,

    There is a new name which was came out recently which describe the detractors of the Passport Bros. It is called ‘Plantation Bros’ aka Plantation Brothers. It look like term was early since 3 months ago. However I found this term from the Black Men Facebook private group.

    What is a ‘Plantation Bros’?
    Basically Plantation Brothers are a bunch of Blue Pillers are the arch-rival of Passport Bros. Now this is an American thing so if you live in Europe or UK, then this does not apply to you because we all know that in the UK, Passport is a standard ID.

    Plantaion Bros (the term named after Slave Plantation) are basically the detractors of thinking Black Men who just living life and not bothering people. Plantation Bros will find any means to take good man back into plantation. Why? Because they are simps who live in the matriarchy.

    Verbs made many topics about the Black Male simps who hate on thinking brothers because they chose not to be cleanup men and half of these simps Verbs made topic on this Website are considered Plantation Bros.

    Again, we know who they are. If anyone are anti-SYSBM or declare on BM who has options (especially Umar Johnson) are also a Plantation Bros.

    Remember the term as you will see it more. Verbs and Madbus, keep up the good work.

    Money Cultural, I see your website when you post blogs about war against SYSBM and Passport Bros, never forget to name of the haters who are detractors against SYSBM and Passport Bros – ‘Plantation Bros’.

    Your thoughts brothers as you can look this up on YouTube.

    1. Michael,

      This is real talk.
      I first time heard about the term ‘Plantation Bros’ during the weekend.

      I am glad that you introduce this to the Slaying Evil website and the SYSBM Knights.
      Whoever come up with the name (it could be Dennis Sperling as I am not sure) has definitely describe Plantation Bros to the T. This name represent the top of the food chain of haters such as Dick Police, Crabs mindset men.

      I cannot describe Shawn James as he is not one of them because he just telling brothers to be careful about travelling. However, I can describe the haters such as Peso Man because he did say he is ‘Pro-Matrix’ and ‘Pro-Western Females’ so he is definitely fits the description of a Plantation Bro.

      I hope Verbs will start using the term ‘Plantation Bros’ more often as he use to term ‘Reachback’ (women who hit the wall and want clean up me) because he will find more simps and detractors in the future who like to have issues with men who have options.

      Planation Bros goal is to put thinking men back to slave plantation just to please women.

    2. Michael,

      ‘Plantation Bros’ fit the perfect description of the haters who are against BM who has options.
      I have notice the term on the Facebook group as well.

    3. MMT,

      Yes, I’ve already been seeing the term Plantation Bros being floated about, however I personally will be using the word “Foes” instead of “Bros” because those black males trying to get free thinking black men back onto the plantation are NOT our friends. Black men need to stop referring to regressive and destructive members of black male society using terms of endearment.

      Additionally, this is why I refuse to use the word “sista” to refer to black women because in like manner, they are also standing against the free thinking black man’s right to freedom of choice as well as freedom of travel. Remember in the film The Matrix, Morpheus stated that those who are still “plugged into the system” are enemies of those who have liberated themselves.

      These Plantation Foes are agents of the same system that SYSBM™ Knights, Practitioners as well as Passport Bros are trying our utmost to disconnect from as much as we can, this is why until these blue pilled, braindead Negroes choose to set themselves free, I point blank refuse to call these plantation flunkies “bros”:

      1. I agree with you, I do not like the term ‘Brothers’ with Plantation Bros. It should be ‘Plantation Foes’ as they they are not brothers as they consider men who have options enemies.

      1. Thanks Money.

        The reason I mention you and your website because when you post about these simps who hate on Passport Bros, SYSBM and men who have options, this is the definition of a ‘Plantation Bros’.

        I do agree with Verbs that it should be called ‘Plantation Foes’ not bros.

        Whoever come up with the name ‘Plantation Bros’ fits perfect description of these dangerous simps because they do anything to put BM back into plantation just to please these scraggle daggles.

  2. The decline of western civilisation on display everyday.

    International women’s day is about female empowerment of feminism.

    My workplace never speaks about gender neutral pronouns.

    I do have one transgender manager at work.

    If anyone said anything against LGBTQ in front of managers would probably get sacked immediately.

    Gay pride rights should be permanently banned.

    The UK economy is going down the toilet.

    It has the lowest GDP compared to other European countries.

    Blackistan males and blackistan females will always remain blackistan everywhere in the world.

    The only way to avoid this cycle is going the opposite direction as I’ve always done.

    10 Countries With Highest Divorce Rate

    1. Maldives – 5.5 per 1k
    2. Guam – 4.3 per 1k
    3. Russia – 3.9 per 1k
    4. Moldova – 3.8 per 1k
    5. Belarus – 3.7 per 1k
    6. China – 3.2 per 1k
    7. Aruba – 2.9 per 1k
    8. Georgia – 2.9 per 1k
    9. Ukraine – 2.9 per 1k
    10. Costa Rica – 2.8 per 1k

    10 Countries With Lowest Divorce Rate

    1. Vietnam – 0.2 per 1k
    2. Sri Lanka – 0.2 per 1k
    3. Peru – 0.2 per 1k
    4. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 0.4 per 1k
    5. Malta – 0.5 per 1k
    6. South Africa – 0.6 per 1k
    7. Ireland – 0.6 per 1k
    8. Guatemala – 0.6 per 1k
    9. Venezuela – 0.7 per 1k
    10. Uruguay – 0.7 per 1k

    I really have to think where could I find a white wifey woman?

    1. I have a transwoman friend and she was worrying about finding a job. I told her UK cannot discriminate or else she can sue to company.

      As for highest divorce rates, I expected to see any western country such as UK, America or Australia because 90% of women always initialise divorces.
      I am amaze that not even one western country even listed on the top 10 list of divorce.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I wondered how old the information is in the link you posted was because I’m struggling to understand how the US and the UK are not in the top 10 at least but I found the same link from a search and it stated 2023. I found this link below which puts the US in the top 13 but with the rest of those at the top, some of them surprised me especially Maldives:

      Additionally, I strongly suspect the laws are NOT slanted against men like they are in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe. Agreed, International Women’s Day is a scheme to creep feminism in by stealth to those countries that haven’t yet given themselves over to the feminist propaganda machine of the West.

      Homosexuals should never have been given any special rights as this has now open the door for the paedophiles to start blowing their trumpets requesting the same. The UK is indeed done, not just because of its liberalism but also because the economy was deliberately tanked. This is why folks ought to be setting up shop elsewhere if possible, there’s no future in this place, NONE.

      1. The top 13 list is the data between 2020 to 2021.

        I was surprised to see Latvia, Lithuania and others on the list.

        I wasn’t surprised to see Denmark, Belgium and USA on the list.

        You’re right, I don’t see much of a future in the UK at all.

        I have to be very selective on where I go and who I end up with.

        It is already a hard challenge trying to escape the west while seeking a white wifey woman.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Bloody hell I can’t believe it that I am watching black women cartoons of black women fighting each other. Black women are the world’s biggest pions and joke and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women continue to leave themselves open for others to come in and mock them like this, they only have themselves to blame for that cartoon.

  4. The woke say women can’t get pregnant? I really like to know how high is their IQ? The woke is the dumbest people on the planet. I have never seen so many dunce people in my whole life. I couldn’t blog today because of a bad toothache and watching them woke jackass fools says that it’s false that women get pregnant. I really didn’t know that there are so many people that are damn fool!

    Now, the scraggle daggles who were fighting in McD’s and pregnant. Right, I really need to know who breed these scragglies off? Who bust up in their pum pum and breed them up? And also, I really what to know that who they are fighting for? Are they fighting for a man that has the third woman in bed?

    I’m goanna have an early night because I’m just tired and I had over ten hours sleep last night. I might write an article next week.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  5. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Isn’t it crazy how we’re already in the month of March? I’m not complaining because I’m looking forward to nicer weather; I’ve been waiting for this since before winter began. Anyways, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, but did you know that Netflix had released a movie last year called “White Noise” that depicted the exact same scenario? Get this: it was said to have been filmed at the same location as the real thing! Can you say “predictive programming”? There’s since been other derailments, but nobody is asking what any of this means for the civilians who live in these areas, and how their lives will be affected; I was sent the following video by a friend where this lady is connecting some dots that may be pertinent to this whole debacle:

    1. Problem for her is, no WM “slavemaster” is even checking for that burnt matchstick looking heffa.

      The Chinese knew what they were doing when they unleashed both COVID and TikTok on the West.

  6. A daggle heckles a comedian and gets OWNED:

    If you are going to go to a comedy club, don’t get offended; this guy made her look foolish, as if she didn’t already do that to herself by accusing him of racism when he didn’t even say a race joke. The scraggle daggle is so fragile!

  7. Good on you all for using the term woke, because it seems if you watch a lot of GB News (the UK’s Fox News equivalent) woke = black people given far too much visibility and power for Essex Dave’s liking.

    Where I work fully subscribes to the LGBTQIA+ doctrine. We have gender neutral toilets, societies and anti bullying practices. There’s also a black LGBT group (women obviously) A black man is in a very precarious position when faced with the trip wire of the rainbow mafia. Say one word and you’re in trouble.

  8. Salute fellow free-thinking brothers. How are things. I have a question when it comes to skill-building and mastery:

    Is the process of learning as well as progress better than the product? The reason I am asking this question is when it comes to BM and procrastination, I think for me it is very common to encounter. In the job field and almost any situation.

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