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Another Panderer To The Rescue, Smh!

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To me this dick policing, pander bear Admiral Frost doesn’t look or sound like an assertive guy at all, therefore he’s either blatantly lying about his so called “success” with women or any women he’s gotten have completely dominated the show ie he’s compromised heavily for them.

You have to understand that there are many knuckleheads roaming within Western shores who honestly believe they’re a cut above the rest just because they choose to deal and put up with dysfunctional women.

It is NOT a noble nor a valiant act to intermingle with dysfunctional women, you’re not viewed as a super hero just because you’ve chosen to walk into the fire of the Western dating market.

Joey Vice’s feminine energy is off the damn chain, this is why I’m extremely skeptical about his female success claims. He sounds no different to your typical black female who rattles off the usual “you cannot handle a strong black woman” mantra whenever they see black men dating out.

You’ve literally got black women out here saying that they’re strong and independent and don’t need men, yet Passport Bros are somehow cowards for respecting the black female’s stance and taking themselves elsewhere, really bruh?

As you can see this is simply another case of everybody else being allowed to expand upon their dating options without issue, yet as soon as black men do the same, all of a sudden there’s a supposed “problem”.

So called “desirable” women in the Western world are very few and far between, this is one of the reasons why the Passport Bros movement has gained so much momentum in recent times. Western women as a collective don’t possess any values that are attractive and sort after.

Western women are only desired in the West, outside of their home turf nobody is checking for them nor taking them seriously for anything outside of sexual recreation.

Notice how this pander bear just like the dating coaches is trying to flip it back on the men when he talked about them lacking in self improvement. Self improve to take onboard a bunch of females who aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm, is this guy serious?

Choosing to date Western women because of their rapid decline alone has now become an act of self degradation, attempting to lay fault at the feet of men even though it’s clearly evident and observant that women in the West are the ones making the jacked up choices is beyond pathetic.

It could easily be argued that Joey Vice is a dummy for putting himself through the laborious task of wading through the junk that comes with your average garden variety Western woman.

The coward is the one who chooses to succumb to the feminist propaganda machine, the valiant, noble and courageous man is the individual who knows his worth/value and understands that he’s not obligated to rehabilitate broken beyond repair women, nor get with any females who refuse to be down with his program.

Another misconception that continues to get thrown out there is the idea that foreign women are desperately scrambling to get into the West(for a green card), however this is not true. Most foreign women DO NOT want to come to the West to live, they only want to visit.

In 2023 Western women typically come with a lot of baggage and this guy knows it, however the difference between himself and the Passport Bros is Vice has chosen to throw his dignity, standards and self respect down the toilet.

Gentlemen, Scooby snack panderer Vice is right, get to work in GETTING THAT PASSPORT so that you can travel overseas in order to meet NORMAL women who are still traditionally minded. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

These Scooby Snack Pander Bears Are Beyond A Joke

Most High Bless

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41 thoughts on “Another Panderer To The Rescue, Smh!

  1. This albino Pander Bear™ looks like he’s a hostage reading off a script. Some masculine shemales are off camera forcing him to read this. Blink twice if you’re in trouble, bro. Ironic since his kind invented sex tourism. That’s where the term “missionary position” comes from, the preferred sexual position of the Catholic priests who came to “civilize” indigenous cultures with their dicks.

    Meanwhile this is how the sistas are getting down in Jamaica:

    SYSBM gents. Continue to get your passports and escape the plantation. Take your hard earned resources away from these entitled, angry, hypocritical US/UK bitches and give them to a submissive woman who’s on your program.

    Funny how a relatively minuscule number of BM have shaken these bitches to the core. I’ve waited 30 years for this.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      And just to think, the video link you posted is only what these ultra loose heifers are doing during the day, can you imagine what’s going on under the cover of darkness? I didn’t even know about where the term “missionary position” came from, you learn something new everyday for real. These be the same black sirens out in foreign countries engaging in nasty behaviour like this but then want to go in on the Passport Bros, smh.

      Delroy, Leroy and Cedrick can hit it raw all day, but then she’ll attempt to bring that contaminated, used up and ran through snatch to black men of value with a 1001 stipulations and expect them to accept the red tape without question, outta here with that garbage. Men of means are NOT stupid, we know exactly what “girls trips” entail, the above link and much more.

      Any female involved in a relationship who begins talking about “girls trips” should immediately be sacked on the spot and NEVER be permitted to reapply for the position. Glad to see these sirens out here shook, the men that count are checking out and there isn’t anything these black whores can do to stem the flow, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

      1. “I didn’t even know about where the term “missionary position” came from, you learn something new everyday for real.”

        Yup, it came from missionaries. Like Obama once said, “Anything I say you can look up.” 😉

        “Glad to see these sirens out here shook, the men that count are checking out and there isn’t anything these black whores can do to stem the flow, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.”

        Yup I’ve never seen these hoes so shook, it’s insane. They didn’t pay attention when it was just SYSBM, but when dudes like Auston Holleman and others started posting up their W’s with these indigenous ladies on women’s favorite platform, TikTok, the exodus could not be denied and they started blowing their weaves.

        I think what really broke them is that Auston is young, in shape, and looks good in a suit, so they couldn’t say he was old, bald or ugly. That’s where the sEx tRaFfiCkEr bs came in. Grasping at straws, you know how BW are in an argument they’ll say anything.

        Anyway, like Phil Collins, I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life, oh lawd lol.

        1. That is correct: Women under 35 in the United States consider men over 40-45, let alone 50+ too old to date/take seriously. By race White women don’t care about the dudes spending $5000 to find a bride in Ukraine or Russia. Living full time in South East Asia or Latin America. They consider them losers and a loss cause, they don’t bat an eye lash.

          The issue has been and always been when Black men refuse the directives of the plantation gestapo.

          Black men are not supposed to date/marry/procreate with White women, let alone take your INCOME and spend it on women from BRIC countries. This is direct social investment in to women and countries that are not going into the Black Community.

          The Black Community doesn’t spend money inside of it, so why all the concern?

          Beyond the money it’s control, they are losing control over what Black men do with their lives. It’s become a four alarm fire as younger Black men who are constantly on YouTube and Tik-Tok have started demanding a passport for their birthdays.

          I am with you Schadenfreude, I have been waiting nearly as long for this come to critical mass.

          They can’t stop it now.

          1. “Black men are not supposed to date/marry/procreate with White women, let alone take your INCOME and spend it on women from BRIC countries. This is direct social investment in to women and countries that are not going into the Black Community.”

            I saw a Dr. Umar interview where he said exactly that. Trouble is, the so-called “community” is not entitled to my resources.

            “I am with you Schadenfreude, I have been waiting nearly as long for this come to critical mass.

            They can’t stop it now.”

            Anthony, everyday I turn on my social media and let the hate flow into me lol. This nourishes my soul like sunlight. Even meth-mouth trailer trash WW are chiming in with anti-Passport Bro videos haha. I guess they see their meal tickets leaving too since they have been discarded by the white man. It’s all been a long time coming.

  2. Joey Vice is a coward. He couldn’t walk a mile in a Black man shoes.

    Let’s not pretend that just be white (jbw) thing doesn’t exist. Fools like this need to be ignored, derided and not taken seriously. At the end of the day the message is clear Black go where you’re valued, appreciated and loved.

    1. Jon,

      Since white men have been the pioneers of the movement to find fit, feminine and friendly women overseas, Vice’s peers won’t cosign his garbage. White men of value know better than to press record and spew off rubbish like this, this guy is on his own. Agreed, Vice’s commentary should be viewed for the bread and circus money show pandering that it is and be ignored.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    This white lord and saviour Joey Vice is a fucking simp for going for used up over the hill western women. As a SYSBM black man, I refuse to simp for western women that hit the wall because I know my value as a SYSBM childfree black man at 40.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. This is one of the main problems currently plaguing Western society, a serious lack of masculine men who aren’t afraid to embrace traditional masculinity as well as put dysfunctional women in their place.

  4. ooooooh boy, Verbs you did a great service by writing this article, I have ALOT to say here!

    To this Jack ass on the video:

    For those of you who are going to travel abroad, you are going to run into MANY men like him. All he is doing is projecting his “claims” on to you. He himself is a class A LIAR that he is picking up women in NY and LA. Cause if he were, he would be able to show receipts!

    Where are his receipts? If someone were to ask me, “Carnio, show me your receipts of the women you have been involved with,” I can easily send them a portfolio of photos of me with Russian women, Chinese women, Kazakh Women, Turkish, Ukrainian etc. etc. without a second to waste. Yet, I clicked on his Tiktok account, and I don’t see anything on there but just “flexing” himself. This reeks of Homosexual behavior! Getting angry at other men for getting women in their own way that is special and unique to them instead of “HIS” way. To me, this is sus. If American women are so easy to pick up, why you worry about other men leaving America? Shouldn’t it be less competition and YOUR advantage?

    If I walk in a bar with 3 guys and there were 3 girls there. One guy says, “Sorry, I want a girl from a different bar” I would be glad as us remaining 3 guys will each get one girl. I wouldn’t stop him and say “puh! You are weak! Coward! Soy Boy! You need to compete with US to take one girl otherwise you are beta bitch girlyman!” What kind of logic is it that you want MORE competition from a dating Market that is virtually impossible for most men anyways?

    And what are the women that he is “picking up” in America/NY and LA is his he talking about? Transwomen? cause ain’t no way a guy like him is picking up women from both places!

    The truth about this loser is that all of these “PUAs” are scared because if men start leaving enmasses to eastern countries, then less and less men will buy their crappy ass courses on “how to pick up ” women in America. No man will ever pay for an outrageous dating course when they can easily go to the East or South with far less requirements to get with someone.

    In my travels in Asia, I cannot tell you how many dudes like him come and visit or live short term in Country X and feel they have the utmost need to evangelize you back into the west into western women. Of course, I stand out in Asia by locals and other foreigners alike, so they feel the need to ask and impose why is a person of my looks in such a place. Usually, local girls always smile and blink in my direction, call me “pretty boy”, “gorgeous boy”, and “give me your number!!”, giving me all the attention while these guys get none.

    During such conversations they use the same shaming language as black women “Aren’t you a cowards for leaving and dating Russian/Asian women? Shouldn’t you try to find your luck in America”? as if he isn’t here to do the same.

    They are jealous when, most especially, BLACK men are getting ALL the attention from the local women that they could never ever dream of! it so pathetic!

    1. Ding, Ding, Ding. I haven’t seen too much of this myself but I am sure it happens in places White men from the West frequent.

      Just as places were Black men frequent especially the Passport Pookies have made it increasingly difficult to find women not involved in P4P as Cheesy Grilz flashes his ill gotten gains in from of people that make a 1/3rd of the money he has in his hands.

      This MF’s wonder why they are targeted in Colombia, Dominican Republic and Rio, Brazil.

      Black men are seen as the final truly masculine men left on the planet, women are attracted to use naturally. You don’t need to be tall, jacked or any of this crap that PUA’s spew constantly.

      It doesn’t hurt but it doesn’t mean you’ll get a better woman, social skills is where gains can be made.

      SYSBM/Blue Book Gentlemen, keep your head on swivel.

    2. Carnio,

      And that is the bottom line right there, there isn’t a problem until BLACK MEN begin exercising their options to date out and include travelling the world as part of their resume.

      As I’ve stated before in previous comments, General Blizzard is highly vexed that black men are rapidly catching up to his spot of being the most desirable male on the planet.

      It’s only fitting seeing as black men are the most masculine men on the planet bar none. Black men aren’t out here pushing the gender neutral/fluid garbage, nor do we subscribe to the LGBTQP doctrine.

  5. NO straight man is going to put himself in a disadvantaged situation!

    If the Job market is very bad in one city, he will move to another city to get a better opportunity! If his country does not provide him financial security, He will move to another country to get it. If a man is physically in danger in a war-torn region/country and wants to be safe from harm and death, he will MOVE to another region or country to feel safe!

    Everyone can logically understand this and have sympathy for this man if he does this, but for some reason, logic walks completely out the door and suddenly we are “Cowards and Weak and Beta Soy boy Bitches” when it comes to the dating Market!

    Of course, women are going to get angry because it is a disadvantage to them! They need men to survive so when the men leave, they are losing their livelihood. But for another man? Why does he care? He cares because he is a homosexual and/or he is a criminal con artist in what they call these days a “Pick Up Artist”. I saw an ad for one of these PUA guys and he was selling a course on “how to talk to women”. you want to know how much he was charging?? $4,000!!! GTFO of here with this scam!

    Too many men are so desperate for female validation that they will pay this much if it means getting a girls attention for even just 10 seconds. When a man finds out that he has high value in another country, then he will never pay for such scam!

    PUA artists, Dating coaches, Onlyfans and hell, even porn etc. are nothing but a big scamming industry in the USA that targets men! especially Black men! Black men are the biggest targets because they have the BIGGEST sexual market value, IN THE WORLD! Black men are LUSTED after in ALL 4 corners of the globe! Yes, this includes Middle eastern women (I was groped and kissed all over by a drunk Saudi Arabian chick. She was a bit too “thicc” for my taste tho), Nomadic Turkic Cultures, The Caucasian Region, and other nationalities you have never heard or seen before! White men are losing their international status to Black men (and to some degree, Asian men due to the popularity of K-pop) and we are one of the main groups of men who threaten this status. Black women also target black men because without black men, NO other race of men are going to deal with their disfunction. NONE!!!!

    If anyone doesn’t believe me, ask the FEMALE SEX TOURIST INDUSTRY who travel to many poor countries for lustful adventures with BLACK MEN being the main lustful objects:

    Sure, there are other nationalities that women target for sex tourism, but deep within my research, to which in the future I will indeed show and prove my receipts that black men are certainly one of the main driving lust for many women!

    Women from all over the world fantasize and lust about black men! I know from experience and talking to women from all over the globe. So this dumbass in the video talking about “With the little bit of money you have” and ” they just want your green card” is complete utter BULLSHIT COPE!

  6. Funny, Why is no one talking about Passport girls? Why is no one talking about the Female sex tourism???

  7. This white guy wants to simp hard for western women.

    He better not say anything to black men who are dating out with white women.

    If he has a problem with that then he should keep quiet and not speak about passport bros ever again.

    Meanwhile, no one talks about western women travelling for sex tourism as passport girls.

    I’m in Dubai on vacation right now and I can see exactly why many women and guys from all over the world are coming to live here on a work visa.

    I know for a fact I’m not going to find a wife in Dubai.

    I don’t think I’m going to find a wife in UK either.

    The next country I will be travelling to is Germany in June 2023.

    There won’t be any potential wife to marry in Germany either.

    The whole of western Europe has been influenced by anglo societies, including Belgium.

    Its fucking sad I can’t find a wife from Belgium either.

    I’ll look more into northern europe to potentially find a WWW.

    WWW stands for White Wifey Woman.

    I have to avoid Eastern europe because of the Russia Ukraine war.

    1. “I know for a fact I’m not going to find a wife in Dubai.”

      Could you elaborate more on this? Why not?

      About Eastern Europe, The war is only in some cities of Ukraine. Most of Eastern Europe , Including Russia, outside of those hot conflict areas are safe. I was supposed to go there to Rostov last month but they rejected my Visa. But you’ll be totally fine in EE.

      1. I will elaborate why.

        A lot of western women are moving to the UAE on a work visa.

        There is no tax after salary.

        This is why they are coming here.

        The UAE mainly wants UK citizens who are doctors, lawyers, policitians, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, school teachers etc.

        They even pay for their flight tickets, accomodations to settle here on work permits.

        This sort of information is already out there.

        That attraction brings in more money into the country economically.

        Business wise it is a clever idea.

        I would look more into northern europe from now on to find WWW.

      2. Eastern Europe is cool. I was there last year with no problems & will be back next month in Eastern Europe.

    2. Witwijf,

      You won’t find a wife in UAE because you don’t like Middle Eastern women, your preference is white women so you’re going to have to look at traditional/conservative countries where white folks make up a large percentage or the majority of the population.

      Eastern Europe is fine, the war in Ukraine is only occurring in Ukraine and even then only in certain areas. Western Europe is a no no if you’re looking for something serious and long term. Also remember that Northern Europe is still part of the West.

  8. A lot of western women are moving to Dubai.

    It is more liberal in terms of tourist attractions.

    But Abu Dhabi is the capital and second-most populous city of the United Arab Emirates.

    I’m going to visit Abu Dhabi for a day, its more conservative in this area.

    Its my first time ever visiting Asia.

    Its only one week holiday.

    I will look more towards the north of Europe for WWW.

    It would be better to visit Eastern Europe after WW3.

    1. Stop that… There is nothing wrong with going to Poland, even Russia. The war is in Ukraine and localized IN UKRAINE. There are zero indications that the demilitarized zone will move into the EU.

      Russia has no desire to turn this from a proxy war into a war that involves the EU and NATO on one side, escalation will actually bring in other powers such as North Korea who has already been funding Russia.

      Waiting won’t work because a peace deal will be brokered way before that or the war will continue beyond 2023.

      The truth is there is nothing wrong with women in Western Europe. I think it’s you.

      The problem with the Passport Bros space is inexperience. Why would somebody go to Dubai unless it was to work? Secondly it’s perfectly okay to date/married other Visa holders in-country.

      1. Everyone is entitled to have opinions.

        I don’t identify myself with the passport bros label cause I’m not American.

        If you don’t believe what I’m saying, then do your own research.

        I’ve observed what is really going on, that is all I can say.

        I know exactly what I need in a WWW.

        The problem with me is I haven’t found it yet.

        Is as simple as that.

        At least I’m trying to fix my issue by doing a lot of observations.

        If you want to travel to eastern europe or western europe then that go ahead.

      2. Anthony,

        I have to take issue with you saying there is nothing wrong with Western women, it depends under what context.

        If you’re looking for flings, casual sex and nothing serious then Western women are right up your street because that’s the function they’ve now moulded themselves to be suited for.

        However, if you’re seeking something serious and long term, Western women as a collective should be avoided at all costs due to them being heavily contaminated.

        Western women are Western women regardless of where they reside on the planet.

  9. First we have these simps that are coming after the passport brothers right? Now we have this beta male coming for them now. I know that white men took their passport and left the US because they have problems with their women as well as black men but this beta male is nothing but dick policing. His feminine energy is thought the roof as the way he speaks and the way he moves around when it opens his mouth talking.

    In the beginning of the year 2000’s, I have seen so many beta males in my time. And simps as well. My thing is this. When he goes to these dating apps, what does he find. Nothing great. I know that Bareback Fountain, the simp that hasn’t seen anyone for his childhood problems has an issue with that passport bros just like he had problems with SYSBM. Now we have these simps and the beta males on the hunt for the guys especially black men who are leaving the States to look for a wife. Oh bwoy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      As I keep on saying, other white men are NOT going to cosign this guy’s ultra level simping, they know better than that. The dude should’ve kept his mouth shut and never entered the conversation.

  10. At this point, I’m gonna start assuming that these dudes that are D policing got some borderline sugar in their tank because the heat that passport bros are getting is off the chain for real. If they’re doing this just to be in the western women’s good graces, or trying to get some p from them, they’re getting played big time, and I mean big, big, time. These dudes that think it’s still hope for the western woman, especially the American woman, they’re getting played big time. I have no hope of dating American women at this point, nor in the future because they lost their touch of being girlfriends/wives. Relationships and Marriages, True Connections have disappeared in America big time. I made my decision to go either to Latin America or Southeast Asia to find wives or girlfriends, no excuses. The American woman is out of the picture for me for True connections. But I say this about the American woman. I really wanna thank them for something because they taught me a real, valuable lesson: I learned that I can be a good guy, a nice person, but I can’t let people take my kindness for weakness. 2023 and so on, I’m becoming a new man for me, and that’s for damn sure. These American women kill the good guy in me. Either Later on this year or 2024, let my traveling journey begin. I was planning on getting a passport in 2022, but unexpected events threw me off guard. I still have plans to get one, right now I’m trying to recover from the bullshit I’ve been through recently.

    1. That Retro Guy,

      Western women as a collective no longer want serious long term relationships, they just want attention and validation from as many men as they can and social media is the primary instrument they use to garner as much of the above as can be manage.

      The buzz, thrill and euphoria these women get from receiving so much attention and validation from strange men on the internet cannot be matched by being in a relationship with one guy, this is an inconvenient truth that most folks cannot deal with.

      With regards to finding a woman in Latin America, avoid the usual hotspots, don’t be afraid to check out countries that are not so frequently talked about.

      1. Verbs,

        I disagree that Western women no longer want serious long term relationships. They still want those relationships and the security of marriage, but at the same time they want to do what they want (twerking, showing ass on IG and OF, flirting with randos in their DMs and messing around on you while you’re at work) and for YOU to foot the bill. And PS: making you a grilled cheese sandwich is “slavery.” This is their idea of a long term relationship in 2023. Brothers are finally figuring out it’s a raw deal and are checking out en masse. Love to see it!

      2. I agree about finding Latin American 🇺🇸 women in countries such as Ecuador 🇪🇨, Peru 🇵🇪, Paraguay 🇵🇾, Uruguay 🇺🇾, Bolivia 🇧🇴, Argentina 🇦🇷 & Chile 🇨🇱 are Not on many Passport Brothers radar.

  11. Verbs2015,
    Guys like Joey Vice are the Reason Why You Don’t See an All-Million Man March Movement in America, Because Straight Black Men in the West, Contrary to What Other’s think. We have not nor Will ever forget the Turbulent History Between Black Men & White Men, Unlike Black Women Who Willingly or in this case Foolishly Joined the White Feminist Movement & Thought they Were gonna get a Good Deal out of it, Instead What they got is Nothing, But Bupkis along with Bitter/Broken Spirits that Rather than seeking Therapy, Instead They’re Idea of Therapy is to go on TV Talk Shows or Social Media & Spew out a Mess of Anti-Black Men Rhetoric Amongst a Mixed Crowd, Day in, Day Out. To Listen to a Toolbox like Joey Vice, That Person Would Have to be the Simplest/Slowest Person in Captivity & That’s All I Got to Say About that Asshole. SYSBM For Life!!!

    1. Shawn Swint,

      It cannot be argued that it is white men who have created this contaminated environment in the West to where most Western women are no longer wife material, Captain Euro only has himself to blame for the mess he’s created.

      The modern day black female has been a write off for a very long time, recently more Western women have also joined her ranks of being disqualified as potential wives. Black men just need to get their passports and go where they’ll be loved and appreciated.

      More men need to stop being afraid in showing Western women that they are only fit for recreational use only. That is their own doing, they have nobody else to blame but themselves for said results.

  12. I had a feeling I’d see this guy’s face when I clicked on this article because I’d just seen this over the weekend; one look at this simp, and you can tell he’s a soyboy! Note how he refers to brothers who travel as “boys”, a staple of the colonizer’s lingo to belittle Black men; who authorized this clown to speak to us about something that is none of his business? There’s nothing cowardly about seeking out better options for yourself; honestly, seeking out a woman of your level is the most masculine thing you can do in these modern times, even if you have to take a flight to do so. Would Joey Vice consider it cowardice to seek better job opportunities or a better place to live? I don’t think so.

    Also, that caption about being a gamer who had “a lot of success” on dating apps in NYC and LA gives off f#%kboy vibes; good for him if he had success, but that doesn’t give him the right to try and persuade us to accept the same crappy deal he took when you can travel to a foreign country and find a higher quality woman before you even leave the airport. I have to question what kind of women he’s finding on these dating apps, especially in liberal hotbeds like NYC and LA; the fact that he’s using dating apps to begin with speaks volumes to me.

    From looking at his TikTok page, it appears that he gives dating advice and leverages his own success on dating apps; he’s speaking out against Passport Bros because a mass exodus of eligible bachelors would make his hustle obsolete. I would love to see his face when he learns about women like the Filipina Pea and Helga Babushka clapping back at naysayers like him.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      White men have been getting their passports and travelling to foreign countries in order to find cooperative, fit, feminine, friendly and traditional women from day dot, this is why they won’t cosign what this jackass above is saying because they already observe and know that there are some serious problems in Western female society(problems mind you they themselves have created).

      It’s standard to have anybody who specialises in coaching men on how to get Western women to disparage, mock, ridicule and go in on any movements that instead encourages said men to go elsewhere to find traditional women where their magic tricks and special techniques are NOT required.

      Ultra simp Vice isn’t going to get any traction being a disingenuous buzzard choosing to lick the muddy boots of women who aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm.

      I’m sure he’s seen the receipts of various black men travelling abroad and this has burnt him to the core, hence his video lashing out at black men exercising their options. Just like SYSBM™, the Passport Bros movement cannot be stopped.

  13. He is just a Captain Cold 🥶 Pander Bear 🐻 who wants 😸😸😸 points from American 🇺🇸 & other western women. SYSBM For Life.

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