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Those Living In Glass Houses Should Never Throw Stones!

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You see what these brainless, desperate simps have done, do you see how they’ve turned the dating market completely on its head? We now have Pennywise, Fraggle Rock looking female specimens out here calling themselves “gorgeous”, exactly what is attractive and “gorgeous” about this tatted up, drawn on eyebrows, green raptor claw wearing, light skinned harriet, I’ll wait?

As I’ve stated many times before, one of the main issues with black female society is the serious dearth of attractive women within it, this is what feminism and misandry does to any female society, women will literally begin morphing into looking like men, the female above is a prime example of this.

At this stage a serious question has to be asked, is this creature even a woman as she/it/whatever could easily be mistaken for a tranny. Black women already having higher levels of testosterone than women of other ethnicities really don’t do themselves any favours whenever they cake on the makeup 30 layers deep.

Now, let’s deal with a few things this misandrist heathen rattled off, of course she was glad that Kevin Samuels died because he was attempting to hold black women to account for the long term objective of presenting a better companion to those black men who still wish to deal with them.

Of course these ungrateful black females couldn’t see the overall long term plan Samuels had in place, they were only concerned about him establishing standards and putting them in their place because as we know, as far as black women are concerned, black men are supposed to worship the ground they walk on as well as grovel at their feet.

She talks about black women gradually withdrawing their support from black men, yet black women as a collective have been railing against black men since the days of slavery. There hasn’t been any point in black history where black women have solidly been on the side of black men.

Black women gave the “appearance” of supporting black men during the Civil Rights movement until General Blizzard came along and persuaded them to sell their male counterparts down the river for 5 pieces of silver and a slice of mouldy bread, roll on Section 8 and other welfare “treats and State benefits”.

Then this heifer decided to prattle off Cynthia G talking points about black men being “subjugated”, “conquered bucks” and being afraid to start a war with the white man.

Yet, seeing as black women have already signed on to being the white man’s right hand flunkies, by default wouldn’t these deceitful heifers interfere with and seek to derail any plans black men would come up with to take back control?

Of course they would. Remember, many of the slave revolts were stifled and sabotaged primarily because BLACK WOMEN went snitching to “massa”, they didn’t want their in house privileges and creature comforts disturbed.

Additionally, for all the “fight the power” talk black women engage in, do you see any of them warring against the machine of “white supremacy”? Of course not, to ask the question is to answer it.

Always remember, as per her State obligation and directive, it is the modern day black female’s objective to sabotage and destroy any constructive works and endeavours black men attempt to embark upon, this is a condition that has been crafted by her white lord and saviour Major Sleet in order for these same sellouts to partake in the State’s benefit programs.

Additionally, how can this knucklehead sit in her car talking about black men being subjugated and conquered when she’s wearing white women’s hair upon her head in addition to clown makeup so she can avoid looking at her natural face? One of many cases of a black female putting her foot in her mouth, smh.

I don’t see black men walking around with European style wigs on their heads, nor do I see black men bleaching their skin trying to copy Captain Euro, nope, that’s you black women, get it right.

Cease with the lies about black men taking the lives of black women and focus on the true primary causes behind black female deaths, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity etc.

No, of course you won’t talk about the above health factors because that would mean taking accountability and responsibility and we already know that most black women are allergic to both.

Yes, the simps will continue to lick your muddy boots until the economy collapses and an “every man for himself” scenario unfolds, then you arrogant black sirens will truly be on your own, popcorn and freshly squeezed juice at the ready to watch the show go down.

Finally, let’s break down the correct interpretation of what she stated near the end of the video, you’re an enemy to her if you decide to reclaim classic, traditional masculinity, opt to NOT allow yourself to be emasculated and effeminised by black women of her ilk, choose to REJECT feminism and the decadent fruits thereof, refuse to brownnose and bootlick for the black witch contingent and most of all, aim to hold these disjointed harpies accountable whenever they engage in infractions worthy of correction and verbal chastisement.

Laugh at this county court jester above and anybody like her with their empty threats of withdrawing so called “support” for black men, serious tribulations and extreme distresses are coming upon this planet the likes of which we’ve never seen before neither will we ever see again.

In those times these same haughty black heifers will literally be on their hands and knees begging, pleading and grovelling at the feet of black men for help, aid and assistance as they’re rightfully judged and recompensed for their transgressions against us, watch this space.

Gentlemen, this modern day black female is of no use to you, she is a complete deadweight that needs to be gotten rid of. As I always say, abandonment is the best weapon in your arsenal whenever dealing with daggles, the same goes for the hellhole of a society that has been wrought by their very hands, ensure that you walk away from “da communitah” as well and NEVER look back.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Threats Against Black Men Will Only Bother Simps

Most High Bless

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20 thoughts on “Those Living In Glass Houses Should Never Throw Stones!

  1. This Daggle has serious Decepticon energy. {but then again they all do!} I would bet everything on this monstrosity is fake! Look at her chest tattoo. If the Daggle was really that complexion that tat would be much darker & don’t get me started on her raggedy weave. That’s makeup & lighting making her appear to be lighter than what she really is. {Witchcraft} LOL! This heaux is trash just like the rest of her ilk! This will be the same dumb bitch referring to non FBA women as dirty feet but these whores have a 50% STD rate! GTFOH!!!🤣😭

    1. Val Zod,

      These black females stay deluding themselves, how on earth can she call herself “gorgeous” while sporting drawn on eye brows, fake eyelashes, thick makeup, weave, brightly coloured lipstick and however many tattoos? She’s afraid to present herself to the world in her natural form because she knows that she’s far from attractive regardless of what the many thirsty, blue pilled, black male simps in her inbox say.

  2. Lets runs this slowly from her video:

    1. She saying time of BW supporting BM is coming to an end:
    I thought BW did this 50 years ago during the feminist movement and the welfare? They all talk this new stuff when this already happens for decades.

    2. She is implying that BM costing the country Billions of dollars because BM are unemployed:
    BM do not get support when they are unemployed, they either become bums or homeless.
    However the BW will get all the support, welfare and housing. Also they get more employment support as some companies have to do this gender quota. In fact they done this during the Section 8 times which as again 50 years go.

    BW always say they are better and BM are useless. Why because they never tell you that they have the White Government system support and BM gets nothing, they are on their own.

    3. She saying how BM disrespect BW:
    No BW spend online disrespecting BM. In real life BW hate each other. BM do not put out hate online, BW does for the whole world to see. No BM is bashing BW. They see critiquing and accountability as bashing.

    4. Here goes the BM kills BW every 5 hours. They do get killed every 5 hours, but not by BM, but other race of men and women. Especially by their own friends. We all seen this on social media when they show fights among each other and I do not know half of the video what the fight is all about.

    5. She said how BM always treat BW as trash in real life:
    This is not a BM thing, this is because they always get with the thugs and the bad boys. They love bad boys.
    They never support the good and productive BM, they are loyal to the Pookies that is for sure. They even have kids by the same thugs they love.

    That is all I can put.
    Anything I miss you can add.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    That black woman on the above video is very butters and very ugly. She is a 1 out of 10 in looks on the looks scale because she is probably fake looking from head to toe. I will never ever simp for a woman like that because I have high standards for myself but unfortunately you get all these black men simps who are gassing up her head telling her that she is really beautiful when she clearly ain’t. I am so glad that I am a SYSBM black man. 😎

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I full agree with you bro, she looks disgusting. Black women don’t want to understand that it isn’t themselves who determine how attractive they are, the sexual marketplace ie the men they’re trying to appeal to make that decision.

  4. Happy New Years Verbs!! Welcome back!!

    As, per usual an outstanding commentary on the disjointed nature of the B-Dub. There is one section in your commentary that would make an phenomenal subject for brothers to learn more about:

    “Remember, many of the slave revolts were stifled and sabotaged primarily because BLACK WOMEN went snitching to “massa”, they didn’t want their in house privileges and creature comforts disturbed.”

    What I have come to realize that the majority of BM haven’t a clue to how historically deep this goes. And how the B-Dub’s actions have played out in various ways over the centuries. Many of our brothers suffer from internal conflict in regards to their relations with BW. Simply because they lack a historical reference to truly understand who the enemy-combatant is and has always been.

    I appreciate your impeccable commitment and unshakable dedication to uplifting and informing our brothers, regardless of where we may live. Utmost respect to you my brother!!!


    1. Melek Taus,

      Salute brother, I appreciate the kind words. Unfortunately most black men don’t think and research deeply enough on the long and rotten history regarding the black female’s treachery and betrayal against black men as well as black society as a whole.

      As I wrote in my book Negro Wars, the modern day black female has become the new face of white supremacy, racist white folks down their tools and went to lunch a long time ago. At least the black men that count are now understanding this and leaving the building in their droves as they ought to.

  5. Why are negress females wearing hair that belongs to white women?

    If a white becky asks me this question, I will tell her exactly why this is.

    1. Witwijf,

      This is my point, how can accuse black men of being conquered bucks but she’s so afraid to present herself to the world in her natural form. As we frequently say here, all too often black women love sliding into projection mode.

  6. This creature looks like a tranny. If it is female, it is a female with very high testosterone. The very large hands and masculine facial bone structure are telling.

    I believe black male simps and ultra thirsty bottom shelf Brads are a larger problem for real Black Men than are the scraggle daggles.

    The black male simps and hard up Brads will commit any betrayal and attrocity against other males in order to win favor with the daggles.

    They will both go all out against free thinking Black Men to win points with the daggles.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The blue pilled black male simps can have this masculine looking specimen for all I care, this is precisely what the simp was created and raised to do, to clean the gutter and take on board the trash.

      Unfortunately at the same time these simps were also bred to gas up the heads of women like this completely disregarding whether they’re attractive or not(definitely NOT in this case).

  7. “These type of brothers I couldn’t care less about”

    When I saw the title and the picture on Slaying Evil, I was like “What is this now!? Holy crap!”

    Let me tell you something. These are the scraggle daggles that I don’t give a fuck about, full stop! There are some black men are walking away from these ghetto ratchet harridans because of their dysfunctional behaviour. And another stragg that is glad that Kevin Samuels is dead. Kevin Samuels not only was hard on the women but he was hard on the men. And you know something guys. We need to be hard on the men because they are siding with these ratchet females that they love and honour.

    These type of ghetto ratchet women, they sleep with some of the most worthless black men and the worse type of white dudes, so I know and everyone knows including some women that these scragglies don’t have any standards. We have rotten scraggs Ms.Archduchess, 12 Dreams Full and all of the other black feminists on YouTube who has a hatred towards black men but black men like me will call them out with the fuckrey!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Kevin Samuels tried to help these unappreciative black females but they just wouldn’t listen. They walk around as if his death is a win for them, however the complete opposite is the case.

  8. Hey, keep your white sugar safe from these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.

  9. First observation to be made: Yikes, this daggle looks horrific! She has the same dead, soulless look in her eyes as Pennywise! Those eyebrows look like sideburns she shaved off of a man’s head and glued to her face; as for those hoop earrings, they say the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe! Also, note how she referred to the author of the posted comment as a “bandit”; he’s a “bandit” for having some compassion in light of Kevin Samuels’ passing. The scraggle daggle are devoid of compassion and basic humanity!

    Now, I am not surprised to hear the same old misandristic talking points about Black men being “conquered” and not brave enough to fight WhYtE sUpReMaCy; does this witch understand the magnitude of what she’s saying? White people, specifically White conservatives, are prepping for the hard times ahead, and that includes fitness, health and nutrition, firearm efficiency, storing up food, and spiritual preparation; for Black folks to go against the dominant society in their current state would be suicide! When was the last you heard any of those things being promoted in Black oriented platforms online?

    The levels of delusion never ends with these brauds; when did Black women ever in history defend us? As an addendum to what you about their faux support for us, you guys should check out General Tito’s latest videos on “Black Jezebel History Month”, and watch the one on Sojourner Truth; that harriet experienced slavery while it was still going on, yet somehow still turned around and said that giving Black men the right to vote would’ve been bad for Black women, but we’re the treasonous ones? Make that make sense! There is no historical evidence to vindicate Black feminism’s existence, yet here we are.

    There’s an old Infowars clip where Alex Jones broke down how feminism was modeled after an ancient Roman slave system where women were put in charge over the men; watch and tell me if any of what he said sounds familiar:

    Black women have a damnable track record of constantly aiding the enemy, which makes them the enemy; the way they attacked Auston Holleman in Brazil should’ve been the final straw for every thinking Black man alive right now. Save yourself NOW, brothers, or perish with the dregs of Blackistan. #SYSBM

    1. BCT,

      The video you posted of Alex Jones breaking down feminism and how it has destroyed black society is timeless, no lies detected at all. However, we already know the mentality of the modern day black female, she’ll have no problems destroying herself as long as she can always be above and get one over on black men. Being the overseer of black males as per her contractual obligation and remaining relevant to her white lord and saviour Admiral Frost is paramount.

      Most black men unfortunately are brainwashed, though the black female’s history of treachery, deceit and betrayal is in their faces for all to see, large swaths of black men still choose to overlook and ignore the patterns somehow believing that we’re in a new time and that black women have changed, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      Black women have a serious disdain and hatred for heterosexual free thinking brothers, they hate us with even more passionate venom whenever we exclude them as a dating and mating option as well as take our money, resources, time, energy and attention elsewhere beyond their reach.

  10. Anybody got a link to all this alleged bLaCk fEmiCiDe where BM are supposedly killing BW once every 5.5 hours? Because I can show you where Dwight Mann is beating and deleting BW at a rapid clip and police just shrug their shoulders and go out for coffee. 2021 in particular was a bumper crop of Massa taking black hoes out.

    Yeah why would any decent BM hang around to get dissed by Pennywise. It’s unbelievable.


    1. Schadenfreude
      Let’s not Forget Last Year in February When Football Player Chad Wheeler Beat the Brakes off his Black Girlfriend. For Black Women Who thought they they were all well & good with the White Feminist Crowd. Neither One of them, No Gloria Allred, No Alyssa Milano, No Rose McGowan or the other So-Called Bleeding Heart Liberal Feminist Said Anything About it, Hell, the Story itself was Treated like a Non-Issue, Yet BW Keep Saying Y’all are Strong & Independent & Don’t need no Men, Preferably Black Men, But as Brother’s like myself have seen, They ain’t looking too Strong.

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