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Female Dating Coaches Are The Worst!


You know what makes me laugh, this cake faced harriet claims to be the number 1 female dating coach on TikTok, yet she’s a single as a one way street with one lane, make that make sense. Remember way back in the day when the types of women who gave advice to single women concerning dating and marriage were typically elder women who were married themselves and had been for a very long time, remember those times?

I certainly do. It all makes sense to me now why the Western dating market is in the jacked up messed that it is, when you’ve got mill headed snaffoos like this creature above throwing out premium decomposing garbage for advice and these younger females are lapping it up, disaster is inevitable, in fact, disaster has already landed.

For a woman, the way to a man’s heart is NOT through the various magic tricks and special techniques Nelly’s rattling off, it’s a much simpler process which foreign non westernised women have been privy to and practicing for many years. Being FEMININE, SUBMISSIVE, NURTURING, COOPERATIVE, PIOUS, HUMBLE, HONEST, ACCOUNTABLE, RESPONSIBLE, being of GOOD CHARACTER, having a solid MORAL CODE, in a nutshell comporting one’s self as a classic traditional woman.

Sadly however, large swaths of Western women having been profoundly hypnotised, heavily brainwashed, indoctrinated and bewitched by social media have absolutely no idea how to tap into true womanhood even though they can be physically identified as females, smh.

As the days go by more and more men are checking out of the dating scene altogether(at least with Western women) because they’re quickly coming to the realisation that dealing with females who don’t know how to behave like women just isn’t worth the trouble.

Now admittedly Miss Clown Face doesn’t look the worst without makeup, you can scroll through her video catalog and find one or two videos of her without the witchcraft, however this simply goes to illustrate how looks aren’t everything and how more is always required.

All of this janky advice these female dating coaches are handing out to single women in trying to help them “get the upper hand on men” will only work with the simps, men who are worth their weight in gold will spot the trickery and the sorcery from 20 miles away and will give such women an extremely wide berth with the quickness.

Gotta laugh at women out here who claim that men are stupid when the only guys they’re coming into contact with are the simps who have no standards and are desperate to bust a nut, the smart guy will observe from afar, circumvent and avoid a manipulative whore well before he appears on her radar, many of these Western women don’t have a damn clue due to being too busy blowing their own trumpets because of the attention they’re receiving from blue pilled simpletons, here is an example of one:

Are we really surprised, these cake faced, weave wearing black harridans hands down are the best source of advice for those women who DON’T WANT A MAN AND WISH TO REMAIN SINGLE. If you’re a woman and are looking to be involved in a long term relationship, NEVER GET YOUR ADVICE FROM WOMEN and ESPECIALLY AVOID ANY ADVICE THAT COMES FROM THE MOUTHS OF BLACK FEMALES.

Gentlemen, as you already know the same advice equally applies to yourselves, NEVER TAKE DATING ADVICE FROM WOMEN, NEVER! In general they don’t have a clue and they’ll always advise you from an emotional standpoint as opposed to men who are problem solvers and will prioritise logic, reason, common sense, wisdom, understanding and rationale whenever trying to bring about a solution to a problem.

Never forget that dating coaches in general whether male or female are there to help men and women manoeuvre through the turbulent waters of dating and mating in Western society. You’ll notice that in countries that choose to reject Western ideologies and instead adhere to traditional standards and customs, dating coaches are not a requirement and are nowhere to be found either.

Gentlemen, avoid being drawn into the exhaustive rat race of dating in the West, don’t play the game and you won’t get played, only choose to deal with young, non westernised, traditional women whether domestic or foreign and you’ll avoid a lot of the heartache of running into mentally unstable feral hogs who continually delude themselves regarding what types of men they want vs the types of men they can actually get. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Play The Game And You Won’t Get Played

Most High Bless

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37 thoughts on “Female Dating Coaches Are The Worst!

    1. Add Joyanima and Kezia Noble to that list too. Remember her?

      The solution for most men out there is to be masculine – that’s it. No mind tricks or walking around town like a gorilla. Have some balls.

      1. Michel,

        Plain and simple right there, it helps greatly if you have strong male role models and figures who you can look up to and learn from, this I find is seriously lacking in black male society especially for obvious reasons.

    2. I’ll say it again.

      The entire dating coach scam-industry is made possible by male simping.

      And black male simps are the most extreme simps of all. Black male simps have taken simping, in its most depraved expression, to the next level.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        Agreed, dating coaches whether they be male of female essentially specialise in peddling defective goods. I’ve noticed as of late a few male dating coaches panicking and getting agitated at the fact that more men are putting their feet down and demanding quality in the women they want to deal with.

        When a critical mass of men decide that they’re no longer going to deal with dysfunctional Western women, it’s a chicken wrap for the dating coach racket.

    3. Brotherdanunlimited,

      These heifers are coming out of the woodwork thick and fast, taking advantage of those men who aren’t fully entrenched in their masculinity and manhood.

  1. This is why I say the east is the future when it comes to dating in general.

    My dating criteria is only easternised white women who are Christians.

    Western babylon is displayed at full screen videos.

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately, many Slavic white men are racist cucks who worship the Soviet Union and hate black men because of the ancient past. As we have seen with this war, there are also many neo-Nazis and racial nationalists across the East who have a vested interest in controlling the sexual organs of black men. Putin is not a savior and is working for the elites, but you are right about Slavic white women.

      The Turkic countries once controlled by the Soviet Union are well known to be bastions of traditionalism and anti-homosexuality. Although the cucks in the KGB ruined Russia and turned it into a gay porn hub and white nationalist nexus, the white women there still remain traditional.

      In fact, WW1 started because Umar Spengler and Pastor Raven Doujin’s ideological ancestors couldn’t accept the fact that white women and Asians were going to replace them, so they played on the egoes of Bottom Shelf Brad, Confederate Flag Shaniqua and Kremlin Cuck Vlad and used them to achieve their goals.

    2. Witwijf,

      To the east my brother to the east, you’ll definitely find higher quality white women in Eastern European countries. I highly encourage such a move, remember the SYSBM founder, commander and chief MBD went to the deepest parts of Russia to find himself a quality stargate.

  2. But according to Pastor Bargin Bucket, Umar Goring, Dick Police Shaniqua, Bottom Shelf Brad and Azov Rabbi Chev from Hypoborea, “dez be our QUEENS yo!” and if black men date out, we are comitting racial genocide. Never mind the fact that black women have the highest rates of non-communicable diseases due to the amount of hair products and weave they use, or the fact that South East Asia has a huge amount of unwanted children due to the sex trade utilized by white men.

    Umar is a slick one, spouting rhetoric that wouldn’t be out of place in a UNIA rally or swatsika club meeting while giving Becky the V3 rocket on the side. His silly followers keep on sending him money like the fools they are, keeping him afloat.

    The fact that the harridan mentioned in the article has the balls to be giving dating advice when she herself has issues, shows the decline in thinking these days. Of course, the black female’s lord and savior does the same thing with PUA, red pill and MGTOW which appeal to frat boys and incels.

    And Shaniqua and Brad wonder why they can’t keep relationships and are the butt of every joke.

    Facts don’t matter to demagogues and these people continue to embarrass themselves even in front of other racial nationalists. No wonder Chabad Chev and Lord Anglo are replacing black females/beta white men with Asians, Latinos and white women from Syria, Tenesee, Bonisia, Moscow and other Slavic nations. The former can bitch and moan about ‘the Joos’ and ‘Kalergi’ all they want but who was jumping into bed with these bankers and rabbis again?

    Ah well, not my problem.

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      “The fact that the harridan mentioned in the article has the balls to be giving dating advice when she herself has issues, shows the decline in thinking these days. Of course, the black female’s lord and savior does the same thing with PUA, red pill and MGTOW which appeal to frat boys and incels.”

      This statement right here hits the nail on the head, as you always say, some things never change.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I will never take any dating advice from a woman because they are full of shit and they don’t know what they are talking about.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with your bro. Women tend to give out advice based upon their feelings and emotions which are constantly changing. Men however advise based upon facts, logic, reason, common sense and reality.

    1. I could not get to the link because of this stupid GDPR because I live in the UK so I could not read it.

      However when you mention about the woman is too busy to meet up. The best thing is to leave them alone.

      There is no such thing as 24/7 busy.
      I may be a busy man myself, but I always find time regardless on how busy my time is. I could arrange it on my day off or weekend or few weeks.

      If the person is interested in you, he or she will find the time for you, point blank period.

      You have single mums always talk about how busy their lives are and the go on and on about how they got kids to feed. Saying they do not have time for friends. However as soon as some friend ask or invite her to the club to do ratchet stuff and hoeing (you know the types). They will instantly find a friend to babysit their kid or mostly dump their kids to the grannys house so they can babysit whilst they do become hoes. You can even catch their lies by looking at Social Media such as Facbook when Single when they post stuff with their friends or post evey hour talking shit like ‘hating men posts’. Social Media will show their true colours.

      Another Example:
      People like Oshay Jackson on YouTube always talk about how busy his lives is and he is more busy than the Black Amerian Men, but we know he is lying because he find time to make YouTube Videos every day.

      So again, if the person likes you, they will find time regardless.

      1. Mister Master,

        Get yourself a free VPN to get around that restrictive GDPR nonsense. Agree with what you said, if a person is interested in you, they’ll make the time come hell or high water. As I said above, if an individual keep getting the “I’m busy” blowoff, it’s time to abandon ship and move on to new pastures. I’d give any woman one maybe two opportunities before I’d venture elsewhere to look for somebody else.

        1. “As I said above, if an individual keep getting the “I’m busy” blowoff, it’s time to abandon ship and move on to new pastures. I’d give any woman one maybe two opportunities before I’d venture elsewhere to look for somebody else.”

          As an American, the good ole “three strikes you’re out” rule from baseball works for me in this situation.

    2. Beat Man,

      I had to use a VPN in order to see the link, as Mister Master said, it’s restricted in the UK and Europe. I’ve also notice this same trend of restriction for UK browsers amongst many US news websites.

      I see in the comments the only guy who commented is going in on the witch, he’s right, if a girl keeps on telling you she’s busy, the solution is simple, abandon ship and move on, there is no need to waste your time, she’s not interested plain and simple.

  4. As a 23 year old, I don’t see the purpose of a dating coach at all. Why I got to do all these magic tricks just to woo a woman? I’m not trying to be no playa, mack daddy, pimp. I’m trying to be me, and me only. If these women can’t stand it because I’m being real with myself, Guess what: See Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya! Now these female dating coaches, lord they just made the dating culture in America worse. A lot of these women in America (Especially BAWs) done fucked up their golden opportunity to have traditional relationships, and they don’t even know it until they get older. They can play these silly games with the suckas, but when they encounter a man and they play them games, Game Over. Disqualified! I find it funny how some women say men are easy, men are cheap, but most of the time, they come across suckas. They can call me that all they want too, but I’ll let them know upfront, I’m no easy win, and they ain’t my type. Even if they were, I’m not the man they wanna play games with.

    1. Retro Guy,

      Male dating coaches in particular specialise in teaching men who are unsure of themselves various magic tricks and special techniques they’ll require in order to deal with dysfunctional Western women, that’s why as of late I’ve been seeing a few dating coaches getting upset and agitated at men who are demanding better quality from the women they want to deal with.

      The solution for men is simple, put your foot down, hold to your standards, don’t compromise on anything and don’t be afraid to walk away from any female who refuses to toe the line or who doesn’t fit the bill, no dating coaches are required in order to execute those actions.

      Too many dudes out here are operating with a scarcity mentality believing that they won’t be able to find another woman like the one that’s currently giving them problems and the run around, smh.

  5. A man taking dating advice from a woman is like a hunter taking hunting advice from a deer.

  6. Note how she starts her videos with this “psychology tip” where she briefly spews this fact about psychology that is intended to be used as a manipulation tactic were the listener to follow her advice; this is the same kind of manipulation that game dudes have been promoting in the Black Manosphere. Advice like this will leave you friendzoned; you can’t make someone fall in love with you like that because love isn’t selfish. Dating coaches are frauds whose advice is meant for those who have no confidence in being themselves; a lot of them don’t even practice what they preach themselves!

    1. BCT,

      With these dating coaches whether male or female it’s all smoke and mirrors trickery, taking advantage of men and women who are unsure of themselves and typically don’t know who they are as individuals.

      If we turn back the clock 50 years, dating coaches were practically nowhere to be found in the West because both men and women operated under the traditional umbrella.

      Fast forward to 2022 and the West has been swamped with dating coaches and merchants who are “ready to teach” you how to deal with and manage dysfunctional, non traditional, new age women, nope, not me, not interested, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      As I keep on suggesting, free thinking black men especially ought to be taking a very serious look at non westernised foreign women as a viable option if they’re unable to secure a woman of quality domestically.

  7. I would never take dating advice from women. They don’t know what they are talking about. The only man that will take dating advice from a woman is a simp that is blue pilled. Some women are giving dating advice so they can make the man simp. If a woman is goanna give dating advice, the woman should advice women not to deal with worthless dudes like 357 Jimmy, Corner Boy Ronney, Long Cocky George, Rum Head Frasier and Fuck All Night Freed. You know what my mum told me which woman to choose. She says don’t choose a single mother, don’t go for a woman that can’t cook or clean, don’t deal with a woman who is a whore and don’t deal with a woman that smokes, especially weed!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these beta males, simps and the ratchet black women are coming after non black women.


    1. This is what pisses me off about female dating coaches, they simply take male advice and switch genders expecting the same result. It doesn’t work because men and women are DIFFERENT!

      The second Gold Tooth Leroy talks to Little Miss Dating Coach, all of that Jedi mind trickery bullshit goes flying out of the window. Her dating advice will end up sat on top his dick.

    2. Money Cultural,

      This is yet another case of women believing that they can do the same things that men can and in some cases thinking they can do them better, smh.

  8. My take on female dating coaches:

    You don’t take advice on how to catch fish FROM a fish.

    It’s just like taking dating advice from Dr. Gerbil. Or a moist Fountain pen. It leads to NOT GOOD.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      More L’s are definitely required to be shipped to the forever single female dating coach above.

      1. Done.

        Status of L’s: SHIPPED

        Courtesy of L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  9. Female dating coaches, while some are in it for the money and some are in it for the attention, all have the main agenda: to groom men into
    worshipping and making a fuss over every woman they see; putting the women on a pedestal, under the premise that the woman will become interested in “dating” which according to these coaches, consists of taking the woman on expensive dates…and that’s about it.

    Most notably are Joyanima, Celina Bond and Arica Angelo.Joyanima is the worst, “if she stands 10 feet away,, she wants you to ask her out… if she catches the same train as you, means whe wants you to ask her out…” over and over. Arica literally did a video where she just yelled at guys for not approaching women. Mind you, Arica does also have a 100,000k coaching course, which is ridiculous.

    And Celina, a big fail, literally said that it was just about approaching every woman you see and asking them if you can take her on expensive date.

    All part of the same-to elevate women and lower men.

    1. Sab,

      I hadn’t heard of any of those women until you mentioned them. From what I’ve observed only a foolish man would seek any dating advice from women such as these. Men should only ever listen to other established, masculine framed men, the audacity of modern day women to attempt to usurp authority over men is beyond diabolical. Paul the Apostle was right, women need to learn in silence with all subjection and never attempt to teach or lord over men.

      As I’ve stated before, putting women on a pedestal, exalting, worshipping or prioritising them in any way, shape, form or fashion is akin to paganism, that is a practice I DO NOT partake in. The expensive date racket is done, more men are waking up and realising that most women in the West just aren’t worth their time nor energy.

      There are merchants on every corner seeking to take advantage of the ignorant, some men who are not sure of themselves unfortunately will fall into the hands of lame female dating coaches. I watched Arica Angelo’s home page trailer on her YouTube channel, I was extremely disappointed at the amount of men I saw giving testimonies on her behalf.

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