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Unfortunately the US military is chocked full of woke, non thinking knuckleheads such as the above who’ll refuse to question questionable orders and who will have no problems marching you into the field and putting a bullet straight in the back of your head.

I understand the lady’s frustration in observing the overt and brazen government criminality that is currently taking place, however it is the POLICE who she ought to be appealing to first, not the military. The police are the ones who have the licence to deal with criminality on the local and national level.

It is the police who in conjunction with the citizenry are the ones responsible for keeping law and order in the country concerned, especially when it comes down to corrupt politicians engaging in criminal acts believing they can’t be touched.

Unfortunately the police are just as brainwashed and indoctrinated as the military, where they should’ve been arresting anybody and everybody involved in this Covid hoax, they’ve sat back twiddling their thumbs doing nothing, however at the same time they’ve had no problems oppressing the public, fining, bashing them over the head and arresting them for not following Convid regulations(which aren’t even law by the way).

As Morpheus explained to Neo, this matrix type system is the enemy, this includes anybody who chooses to serve it in such a manner to where via their actions others are oppressed.

Anybody expecting a mass awakening in the police and the military will be greatly disappointed, both forces are there to protect and serve the STATE, NOT the people, the sooner more people realise this is the sooner they can make their own preparations, locking and loading definitely being one of them.

The police and the military have spent many years weeding out critical free thinkers from their ranks and replacing them with yes men and women who will “get the job done” and never question whatever instructions they are given.

The militaries in Western English speaking countries are so woke and weak that if the likes of Russia and China wanted to roll in and overthrow them, they could easily do so with little to no losses. The police and the military are not your friends, they are YOUR ENEMIES and must be treated accordingly.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gentlemen, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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53 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. I am ex military. I have admiration for many of the men and women in the US military. As a collective, they are of higher quality than the US civilian population. But like in all other sectors, this quality has been watered down.

    That said, I must chime in that the US is not a country, but a gigantic corporation. The US military’s primary purpose for existing, is not national defense. Its main purpose in life is to fund the military industrial complex. The military industrial complex is a huge network of profit making entities that feed at the trough of the US defense budget, which is a third of the entire US federal budget. And that’s only the part that is on the books. The part that is off the books might be bigger. The US defense budget is essentially larger than the defense budgets of all other countries combined. This is a huge reservoir of money for those entities that comprise the military industrial complex.

    I used to struggle trying to understand why the US did things that would seem to be harmful to a nation’s long term national interests. Then I started thinking of the US as a gigantic multinational corporation. It really is true what they say about following the money. Once you do that, many things start making sense. The sums of money involved are almost too big for fathom.

    As for China and Russia defeating the US, maybe they could in conventional war. But when the big boys fight, it will be push button war. One, where one nuclear volley can wipe out 50 million people.

    No one has the capacity to wipe out more people with the push of a button than the US. China and Russia know this, and they also know that the US is a gigantic corporation. So they negotiate with the US like they would negotiate with a large multinational corporation. China offers them slave labor and the promise of market access, in exchange for technology, and the opportunity to steal more technology. Russian oligarchs keep trillions in the US banking and financial systems.

    Bankster Rothstein runs the show. Everything else is just kabuki to keep the world distracted.

    1. GAME! You hit it right on the head. ‘Multipolar world order’ as explained by NATO/MI6 agent Alexander Dugin. In it he also mentions using pro wack simps and wignats as agents of chaos in order to destabilize the target area. To no one’s surprise, he’s also a Zionist who called Russians and ‘Jews’ the chosen.

      It turns out, after a bit of research that this shady character is all over the manosphere and red pill industry and is hanging out with the so called white nationalist crowd. He pretends to be a traditionalist in order to deceive them, but secretly he views them and the fake SJW crowd as useful idiots. This might explain the Putin cultism and Russia worship in the so called ‘alt-right’ which was invented by a member of the ‘tribe’ and is filled to the brim with intelligence agents.

      Modern Russia is a tributary state of international banking, Chinese oligarchs and the Tory Party. Putin is best buddies with warmongerer Netanyahu who also was a big player in Russiagate and the ‘burn the coal’ hasbara nonsense the 4chan crowd blindly follows.

      All of this can be easily found on a typical search engine or even Google. And you’re telling me Umar ‘Wife em up’ Spengler or Richard Stalin can’t do a simple video or do a protest at law enforcement or military bases.

      This is why I can’t take race purists seriously, they have no idea that they’ve been penetrated, infilitrated and taken for a ride. They were of no use during the scamdemic and did nothing to inform the masses of what happened. The real aim of CONVID was always to bring in the NWO, nothing else.

      Only people who tried to do something worth a damn were Asians, white women, Germans and Latinos. And a Irish guy.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      I simply cannot have any respect or admiration for a short minded military that is so willing to go up against its own people despite knowing better.

      See, 15 plus years ago the government would’ve never suggested to the military that they may have to slay their own citizenry in the streets because back then it had more free thinkers who would’ve resisted such orders, however today because there are so many “woke” non thinkers within the armed forces, the State can now implement that part of their plan.

      I’m sure you remember what Henry Kissinger said regarding the armed forces:

      “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

      I completely agree with you on the US being a giant corporation, the same goes for every country around the world including the people of those lands, practically everything is incorporated in some form or another.

      China and Russia would much prefer to attack the US from a stealth, covert position, China already has with this Convid hoax it launched back in January 2020. The entire planet has been crippled by the Coronavirus sorcery and witchcraft.

      The problem is sleepy Joe Biden(I’m not even going to call him the President after the overt 2020 Presidential election robbery) is in bed with China and is willing to sell the US down the river. China already controls the US, all that remains is them occupying the land physically which is coming very soon.

  2. The military and police are domestic terrorists, but this is especially the case under Biden’s sleepy regime. They both should’ve been rounding up traitors when fraud and lockdowns ran rampant, but instead they became traitors.

    I want people to seriously answer, without emotion or “patriotism” clouding their judgement: has people going overseas to get blown up stopped the government from trying to shut down your business? No? Than it has NOTHING to do with your rights and freedoms!!!

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      I couldn’t agree with you more, where the police are the ones responsible for rounding up those who enforced these illegal and unlawful lockdowns as well as the rest of this Coronavirus garbage, the military needs to be dealing with those who are currently engaging in blatant weather warfare and manipulation under the guise of so called “climate change”.

      Constant grey skies and excessive rain and I’m supposed to buy into these odd weather patterns being a natural phenomenon, not a chance. I cannot remember the last time we saw a sunny day here in the UK:

      Of course the bums are lying, they’ve been modifying the weather over here in the UK since the late 90s, I’ve been watching them do it in real time. The last memorable summer I remember was in 1995, it was sunny all the way from March up until December in conjunction with the natural seasonal temperature changes.

      The funny thing is, the same BBC back in 2018 called people “conspiracy theorists” for even thinking that governments around the world were and still are manipulating the weather in their respective countries, this is why so many people from so many departments need to be hung from lampposts and burned alive at the stake, the deception, manipulation and trickery is on such a grand scale and so many people are involved.

      Why have I brought up the weather, because these clowns are about to bait and switch the Convid crisis for the “climate change” so called emergency. Both however lead down the same Bill Gates, eugenics, depopulation path.

    1. “This is the beginning of a truly lost generation, and Chicago can thank that ugly black dyke for it.”


      But there have been many lost generations of black youth before, and there will be many lost generations of black youth since.

      Just keeping it 100.

      1. Yep, permanent underclass. I meant it all those times I said that non-mixed ghetto blacks will be a permanent poverty race, and I still mean it.

        1. Eugene Robinson has said if the Government doesn’t bailout the working class and below Black People, they will become the permanent underclass. Meanwhile the immigrant Africans, Mixed Race “Blacks” make up what will be the future of “Black” America. Middle Class own the most, have the most to gain/lose while the Elites are the rich/influencers/decision makers.

          This is the future and there really nothing that be done IMHO. Communities/Societies move like a heavily laden container ship. They take forever to make a turn….


    I didn’t even know about this, but I have my suspicions. Last summer, a young vaporwave artist that I was familiar with killed himself. I have a feeling it was depression brought on from lockdowns. Likewise, Vaporwave culture exemplified a potential world that was slowly skipping away under draconian nonsense, so I’m not surprised that he just gave up.

    Will the news talk about stuff like this though? Nope.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    The trouble is that people these days are way too brainwashed and way too pc to think for themselves especially with the whole Covid 19 worldwide situation which is not real. If there was a real Covid 19 situation there would be no sporting events on, no Festivals happening or nightclubs open plus everything would be closed accept for banks and supermarkets and people will be dropping dead in front of you.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Agreed, you also wouldn’t have rules that are so flexible to where people can exempt themselves from so called mandates. Get ready for the Kansas City shuffle from the Covid crisis to the climate change crisis coming very soon.

  5. The fact that Joe Biden wants all troops of military officers and soldiers to receive a mandatory vaccination says it all.

    Martial law is when the military take over the police state.

    I predict military police officers will replace civilian police officers in future.

    The next thing you know they come knocking on doors forcing unvaccinated to get jabbed.

    They will have a legal right to send anyone refusing the jab to fema camps.

    In UK it has a different name for self isolation concentration camps.

    These quarantine camps that are being built will be used as prison cells for unvaccinated refusing the bioweapon jab.

    A woke government could implement this in law cause the unvaccinated will be considered a threat to society.

    Very risky to have a family with quality stargates and kids while living in Babylon.

    These elites are coming after conservative families.


    1. They’re delusional. The only reason they got away with this, was because of the ignorance of the masses. And who’s responsibility was it to inform the people of what happened again? Ya heard me, the same numbskulls running around claiming to be ‘woke’ and ‘dissidents’ along with the absolutely worthless race purist crowd. If people knew how much guys like Alex Jones and cults like Snopes collected per year, the mafia would be a bad memory.

      Just recently some scientists released a study that said that exercise, eating healthy and staying fit was a great defense against the beer cold. They mentioned the vaccine at the end and said that it was basically good for protection against ‘severe’ flu symptoms. In other words, it’s worthless.

      And the sheep still marched out in numbers, masked and all, to get the death shot. Even on ‘no movement day’ you could see them at stadiums and hotels waiting for it.

      1. And the karmic offset for the perpetrators is that they told us in Health class about the Immune System….now in in politics we have a concept called “sovereign immunity”, which basically means the entity is not subject to some law based on their superior condition. Clearly immunity is something we should have first enquired into…

        Those of the philosophical flavor know also that Health is also a matter of law, with physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual dimensions and many others into which this area of study could be divided.

        It is interesting that rioters are often shown in MSM looting television screens the very screens they use to voluntarily program their own mind deeper against good sense.

    1. It’s sad to see many black nations that did briefly have some sense about this promptly fall and crumble before the narrative. Notice of course that many of the leaders who opposed vaccines and such are now DEAD, much like many of those who GOT the damn jab.

    2. Brendan Dubalos,

      That Bitchute video you dropped was pure fire, the patent application information was incredible especially the dates when they were filed, very interesting.

      Dr Fauci’s hands are ultra dirty, he needs to face a firing squad for his part in all of this. This is what I’ve been saying all along, there is no “Covid”, there is no so called pandemic, there is only media hype and propaganda enforced by government mandates which are neither legal nor lawful.

      The real fireworks will begin when some of the sheeple finally begin to wake up and figure out that they’ve been taken for a joyride and subsequently been injected with a bioweapon designed to ultimately kill them but sterilise them in the meantime.

      The quote Dr Martin read out in terms of the media essentially hyping up nothing and the investors following the money is spot on, how so many folks have fallen for this charade is beyond me and very disappointing.

      We now see that humanity is chocked full of non thinking knuckleheads, we knew this before, however this Convid hoax has really illustrated just how easy it is to manipulate and bewitch so many people using the instrument of the mainstream media, smh.

  6. To be honest, I don’t know what the words are to describe this from my point of view. With the police and military going “woke,” yeah western society is completely done. These people talking about defund the police, but don’t get mad when the government use the police against the people, especially if they gonna be using them to force the jab on to people.

    With the Covid-19 and Joe Biden, well let me start with Biden, I’m ready for this old man to be kicked out of office because the man been in office for like 9 months, and bullshit be popping off left and right, and like I said before, I highly doubt he gonna last 4 years in office. This is why I’ll never vote for neither party, whenever it’s democrats or Republicans, both of them parties got issues. With the Covid-19 and these other agendas, if these people that’s fighting back want my advice or my say on this, It’s to find the big fish behind this. Meaning of finding the big fish behind the mess, I mean the main source or sources behind all this mess, especially with the Covid mess.

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! It’s been a long way coming to this point, but we now have military personnel like this short haired harridan who has bought into the government propaganda that someone’s constitutional rights can be suspended if they’re accused or suspected of terrorism; how did we get to this point? Did you think that radicalized Muslims with bombs tied to bin Laden were their main targets in the war on terror? How many Muslim terrorists do you know of who’ve been apprehended by the government after they started spying on U.S. citizens through NSA surveillance?

    As for the woman calling on the different branches of the military, she’s going to rue the day she said that because they are not amping up their forces to fight ISIS or al-Qaeda (al-CIAda); they are using terrorism as a smokescreen to hide their true agenda: the military takeover of America. All across America, we’ve seen the militarization of law enforcement from their training to their gear to their arsenal of weapons; htanks to Edward Snowden, we now know the NSA was out to spy on those who stand in defiance of the government’s tyranny, just like the Protestant Reformers stood in defiance of the tyranny of Rome.

    The New World Order is coming; the powers that be have counted on it, but what they haven’t counted on is the great awakening of the masses:

    Stay awakened, never woke. #SYSBM

  8. I’m aware what I’m about to say is a minor trivial matter but would like a UK insight. Basically say for example someone’s done their theory test (it last 2 years) but is unable to get a pratical test (for driving) due to the massive backlog. If their theory test runs out in few months and they’re unable to get a test is there any point trying to drive especially with this covid nonsense and new world shenanigans. Also do factor the money, time that has been put into learning.

    Would it be better to wait it out till covid is over of find a way somehow?

  9. Play stoopid games with your life, win stoopid prizes. This healthy 31 year old ex-NHL player just SUDDENLY dies after celebrating his son’s birthday. It’s obviously the fucking jab! Looks like “unknown” is now becoming synonymous with Convid vaccine.

    Former Bruins star Jimmy Hayes dies aged 31: Ex-NHL player and proud father is pronounced dead at his Boston home after celebrating son’s second birthday – as cause of death remains unknown

    Dorchester’s Jimmy Hayes, a ‘human force’ who lived the dream — first with BC, then the Bruins — dies at 31:

    Jimmy Hayes’ Wife Says ‘This Isn’t Fair’ After His Death: ‘I Love You So Much’ :

    So WHEN are the sheep going to revolt? Too bad there isn’t a way to blame Lord Blackie in DC, NY or London for this NWO scamdemic operation bcuz maybe — just maybe — them heavily armed but superior “CONservative” Anglo Protestants would be looking for some payback.

    1. Black Picard,

      A few sheep will finally begin putting the pieces of the puzzle together, however most won’t and unfortunately will continue walking into the slaughterhouse. Just look at the number of videos we’ve seen so far of somebody collapsing shortly after getting injected with the bioweapon and the other people there despite what they’ve witnessed with their own eyes, will still sit/stand in line like lemmings awaiting their turn.

      Additionally, the sheeple under the professional indoctrination and programming of the mainstream media are currently having a great time labelling those who think outside of the box as “conspiracy theorists”, they believe that labelling us with such titles is somehow going to save them from the consequences of their stupid decision to take the bioweapon, however nothing could be further from the truth.

    1. The great ratchet hope lol. Is this daggle really making fun of somebody else’s appearance?

  10. Yet another unknown death of a perfectly healthy 31 year old dancer. But where are the journos to ask the difficult jab QUESTION?

    So You Think You Can Dance star Serge Onik dead at 33… and shocked friends and fans pay tribute to the ‘amazing dancer with a huge heart’

    Onik was best known for competing on season 11 of the Fox competition in 2014.
    He recently appeared in In The Heights, adapted from a Lin-Manuel Miranda musical.
    Onik was born in Ukraine and moved to the US at three
    A cause of death had yet-to-be revealed.

    1. @brotherdanunlimited

      Interestingly I first heard about that mentioned entertainer a few years ago from a young female child who stated that she was looking forward to attending that entertainer’s concert and also to receiving bed sheets of the same entertainer.

      I was a taken back that an entertainer would be selling bed sheets to children…..and suspected that something else was up….and your story confirms my thoughts.

  11. More TfL goons on the network looking all mean and enforcing their own black ops face nappy ‘rule’ that was dropped elsewhere. But they then whine and cry about customers assaulting them?

    Right now, it’s the youth, middle class and seniors who are still masking up gladly following BloJo’s lead off a cliff.
    It also not helped by morning TV Pied Pipers Good Morning Britain, Phil and Holly, the Loose Women gaggle of trannies and Jeremy Vile all spellcasting for the deathshot.

    Camden council are now setting up assassination tents outside of supermarkets. The evil bastards even went door to door for victims.

    Verbs, isn’t it funny the people on the news keep pushing the deathshot, yet I estimate only a 20% takeup. It’ll stay there as long as people keep mysteriously dropping off after “a short illness”. Wait until winter…

    Man, this shit is going some distance, but there is hope, it could be a lot worse.

    1. Michel,

      TFL enforcement officer goon squads being assaulted?? They normally roll around with the BTP or the MET in order to prevent situations like that from happening.

      As more people begin to discover that the Covid pandemic is nothing but an elaborate hoax, expect more assaults on those TFL staff who choose to encroach upon the God given rights of others.

      I’m seeing so many numbskulls still masking up even though they don’t have to especially in supermarkets. This country is done, meanwhile in France, Italy and other European countries, the people are doing what needs to be done and pushing back hard against the encroaching tyranny.

      Romania just sold off a load of vaccines because the uptake in the country was so low, I believe somebody may have posted about this last week:

      The uptake of the bioweapon here I too believe isn’t that much even though it’s evident that there are many non thinking knuckleheads walking the streets of Britain.

      The youth should know better, after all they are the ones who labelled the bioweapon “the clot shot”.

      Way too many things that simply don’t add up, the government exempting the vaccine companies from prosecution was a gigantic red flag for me, why aren’t the manufacturers of the bioweapon willing to stand by their product?

      They can keep their clot shot, I’m not interested, I’ll trust in my own immune system which hasn’t failed me yet.

  12. In my state of Texas, Abortion has finally been banned, at least until a federal court intervenes.

    What do you guys think?

    All the lefties are spazzing out and blowing a gasket over this.

    1. Texas and Florida are hated by soulless leftists, and they should be proud of it. All those complaining about this deserve their own death, heartless bastards.

      1. As a native Texan, I am happy whenever lefties spazz out over what we do.

        It means we are doing SOMETHING right.


    So apparently this dude died “randomly” at 40. This is after he got the jab and even scolded others to do mask up. I don’t feel sorry for the dumb curry muncher or anyone else in his hellfire shoes. Notice know of these idiots were dying from the virus, but many are getting killed and culled by the death shot. They deserve worse for trying to push this nonsense.

    Also, again, most “spiritual” and “religious” people have NO spiritual discernment whatsoever, as again, they would’ve sensed something amiss a year ago.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      These Indians should know better than to trust any potions coming from the likes of Bill Gates(who has mysteriously disappeared from the spotlight all of a sudden), how many times has Gates rolled through their country with so called vaccine programs that have mangled, killed and sterilised so many?

      Indians and other ethnic majorities ought to be extremely cautious accepting any medications from Admiral Frost. Indeed, where is the so called discernment, nowhere to be found.

      We also have to remember that many Indians just like East Asians bootlick for Captain Euro, the white man is god to them, therefore so many of them cannot conceive that General Blizzard would bring harm upon them.


    Most teachers need to be tortured to death in the streets anyway, but this is ridiculous. California is a socialist hellhole, a worthless at that! I NEVER had any interest in a state that gets no goddamn difference in seasons and is full of liberals, but this? The fact that’s not controversy? That state needs to fall into the ocean and be forgotten. Hell, Hawaii too.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      These teachers and their draconian unions are out of control and need to be culled, the teachers unions over here are rolling along with the same tyrannical garbage.

      They need to bring back the days where people would pay those who were out of control “unofficial visits”, they’d soon see that they’re not invincible and they cannot be touched at any time.


    Don’t feel sorry for these knuckleheads either. If you don’t wanna lose money from mandating vaccines, DON’T mandate vaccines!!!!

    That one woman that nyc that owns a restaurant said she don’t implement it. Again, why are women the main ones showing testicular fortitude, especially in seemingly liberal areas?

    I’ll ironically be at Mooyah in Knoxville on Sunday, where I know there WON’T be a vaccine mandate. NYC ruins the whole state.

    1. I misread that URL as involving the word “livestock.” I think the coincidence is fitting.


    Woke Fresh Prince reboot most likely D.O.A.?

    For the “British” brothers here who definitely DON’T know about this series, Fresh Prince was a popular sitcom during the early to mid 90s in the U.S.

    1. I just learned about this reboot and to be honest it did have potential. Hell, part of the charm of that old show is that, despite how cool Will was portrayed as, the life that Uncle Phil afforded his family was never shown as being inferior to “keepin it real” in the hood. In fact, there are several episodes where they castigate this mentality AND Will’s attempts to be woke and use racism as an excuse to be lazy.

      Rebooting that, whether it’s set now or back in the day and playing it more straight as opposed to it being a sitcom could and would work, but not doing the opposite of that and trying to be woke. It’ll be hated and suck.

    2. Kameron,

      We definitely do know about Fresh Prince of Bel Air, shown on BBC 2 back in the day. Britain isn’t some old ass backwater county with no running water, bruv.


    So, people are going to boycott this Asian American actress for using a “Blaccent” for rap songs, but they won’t say anything about scraggle daggles wearing a White women’s blonde wigs and Indian weaves, or for their impersonation of a Valley girl accent; also, her speaking in a “Blaccent” makes her “anti-Black”, but Issa Rae isn’t anti-Asian for calling Filipinos the “Blacks of Asians” even though they are the most financially prosperous of the East Asian ethnicities?

  18. Hey gents. Check out this document. My county pulled this info, but it visible on web archive. Check out the definition of “fully vaccinated”. It’s two weeks AFTER second/last jab and 90 days after…then you are unvaccinated in their eyes again LMAO. Its under section IV “Definitions”.

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