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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Derrick Jaxn’s downfall is long overdue, for years the dude has relentlessly thrown black men under the bus while at the same time painting himself as a “holier than thou” individual. He pandered to and licked the muddy boots of the black witch’s coven to the hilt, yet just like in the case of Dr Umar Johnson, it was a multitude of black women who brought his backside down to the ground.

Derrick Jaxn at this moment in time is in serious damage control sucking gravel as his recompense, his wife looks completely heart broken and disappointed, the trust has vanished and I very much doubt it will return, the marriage as far as I’m concerned is finished.

Derrick Jaxn despite his feeble attempts to implicate The Most High in his conundrum brought this situation upon himself, he was the one who couldn’t put the Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and Chunky Bruh type characters within him to sleep, Jaxn wrought this calamity with his own two hands as well as his private member, God had nothing to do with your actions bruh.

It will be interesting to see where the court jesting minstrel goes from here, I personally don’t believe Jaxn will be able to weather this storm at all despite having diehard fans(mostly consisting of unintelligent black females) and I don’t feel sorry for him in the slightest.

Additionally it should be mentioned that Derrick Jaxn made an ultra cool mint urinating and defecating upon the heads of black men and now the chickens have come home to roost, he’s done and just like the pending fate of the black females he pandered to, there is nothing he can do to alter the dark, uncertain future that awaits.

Talking about court jesters, have you noticed that for all the fire the fake academic Aaron Fountain has in his chest for relationship gurus, PUAs, dating coaches etc, I’ve never seen him go in on Derrick Jaxn once even though it was clear and evident that Jaxn was exploiting black women(particularly black single mothers)feeding them false hope as well as a deceptive reality regarding their true worth in the dating and mating market.

I guess Fountain Top aka the Fake Academic in reality is ok with black women being exploited after all as long as the merchant presents the “appearance” of helping and supporting them alongside his pimping/exploitation/merchandising program, smh.

We at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable have been calling Derrick Jaxn out as a complete and utter fraud from the beginning, in the same manner as your average church beast pastors can’t help dicking down many of their female congregation members, Derrick Jaxn in like manner gave into the temptation of being surrounded by so many black female groupies and fans.

As the saying goes, “see ya, wouldn’t wannabe ya”. The moral of the story, a black witch will always be the downfall of the black men who choose to deal with her. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gentlemen, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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80 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Derrick Jaxn is behaving exactly like these church beast pastors whenever they get caught engaging in extra marital affairs, bringing out your wife on camera who is clearly heart broken and destroyed believing that this technique can somehow save you from pending doom, not so, not al all.

    No janky and outlandish excuses can save Jaxn, he needs to completely own what he has done and not attempt to implicate any third parties(God)in his own mess.

    As I stated before, the marriage is done, the trust has completely evaporated, as far as I’m concerned this couldn’t have happened to a better candidate. The only individuals caught up in this I feel sorry for are his wife and children and that’s a rarity for me because you already know my stance on black women as a collective for many good reasons.

    I don’t think Jaxn is sorry at all for what he’s done, I personally believe he’s simply lamenting the fact that he was caught/exposed as he would’ve been quite happy to continue the charade had his side pieces NOT chosen to blow the whistle on his fraudulent backside.

      1. Darryl,

        Not at all, nothing is off topic when Open Mic Wednesday rolls around. I just opened up the session talking about Derrick Jaxn, you’re free to talk about whatever you like. I see these black heifers are acting up once again, again, I don’t feel sorry for black women as a collective who distance themselves so far from their natural looks nor the East Asian merchants who choose to exploit them.

      2. BW stay tearing up stores when they get upset. We rarely see videos on the news of non-BW doing things like this.

  2. After listening to these vids, it could easily lose some brain cells. He mentioned on the 3 minute video he has a child by a white woman, but he panders to negresses. This black male simp abandoned the sysbm lifestyle to marry a negress. Guys like this makes me sick to my stomach. His simping degrades himself down the drain where it belongs. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      He like these church beast pastors realised earlier on just how stupid most black women are and how they will throw their money in the direction of any man who tells them exactly what they want to hear, lies, fabrications, fables and fairly tales concerning their worth.

      This is the ultimate price for simping, let all who choose to embark upon such a sorry path beware, things never end well.

  3. Just like everyone who panders to far left liberals, LGBTs, feminists, etc. for attention and props, the monster that he has been feeding for all these years is eating him now. Oh well, no sympathy for simps or adulterers from me. His wife now has the messed up decision of trying to forgive and staying married to a cheater (who will probably do it again IMO) or being a divorced single mom, that’s rough.
    Keep the Wall up and SYSBM.

    1. James SYSBM,

      He made his bed, now he’s going to have to lay in it and stew, marinate and burn in his own failures. If he wanted to continue living the fast life then he should’ve remained single and NOT knocked up his wife before they got married.

      Just like most black women and Jezebel, Jaxn couldn’t keep Slim Sauce and Cheezy Grillz locked up in the cage.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Yes Derrick Jaxn finally got caught. For years he has been dissing SYSBM black men like us because we date quality non black women and the fact that he shames SYSBM black men or any black man who refuses to date black women and single mothers because we have high standards for ourselves and we know our self worth. There is a old caribbean saying that if you don’t hear then you must feel.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I don’t feel sorry for the dude at all, spending years throwing black men under the bus and for who, washed up, rinsed out and ran through black females including delusional single mothers. His backside is toast, I will NOT be wishing him the best of luck.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I don’t feel sorry for that simp numpty either . 😂😂

  5. Looks like the lockdown is ending, although they’re planning yet another wave just as Easter is around the corner. How much more fake bollocks are we going to tolerate?

    Though I do have to smile at the old wrinkly coffin dodgers covering up their faces when waking past me. Like all of the dark skinned “eff-niks” are dirty disease carrying niggers… Guess what, you’re old, you’re still going to die! 😂

  6. Team Jaxn like the supporters of a certain unnamed U.s. political faction support fraud. There is no emergency here just massive publicity. Dude is still one of the greatest guerilla marketing geniuses of his day. He is also a clear fraud. Good day men.

    It is not hard to dupe certain groups of people for sure.

    1. Lurker,

      Team Jaxn is a complete and utter joke, it mostly consists of single mothers who Jaxn fed fairy tales and lies regarding their true worth in the dating and mating market.

      Oh well, we already know how things will go, these same heifers will be waiting in the wings ready for the next liar to come along so they can once again throw their money into that merchant’s coffers and feel good about themselves, smh.

      1. Exactly. And in this case expect the next guy to be “Jaxn Form 2” now equipped with church restoration and scandal overcome achievement unlocked.

        Prepare for the “Restored” Jax Holy Mode. Them churchers may have fallen off but dude Jaxn gonna take that offering plate money from his car.

  7. On the Derrick Jaxn situation, he had as a mixed race baby by a white woman a few years ago. No one seemed to give much of a damn at the time, yet some scragg reveals his cheating business everyone gets up in arms? Was it really that much of a surprise that King Simp turned out to be the Dirty Dick Rodney type?

  8. WOWWWW!!!!! This is a classic I am literally sharing this on all networks big bro…… Please donate to this page bro’s…….

  9. To be honest, I have no words for this. He’s finish. He probably gonna have a hard time bouncing back due to the lying and throwing black men under the bus he did. Now I know why not to be doing all that simping, because that’s gonna lead down a road to where you don’t wanna be. That Adultery is something you shouldn’t play with at all. I’m continuing to be SYSBM, and sooner or later, I’m also gonna be a traveling bro.

    1. Hmm. It’s Official. Biden and his administration just started an ugly war, and they don’t even know it. I’m telling folks that gun control is gonna wind up getting some people smoked, but they want that to take away guns from people, but you know what, like I said, it’s their grave they walking in.

    2. FDC,

      After the blatant fraud that took place with the 2020 Presidential election and the fact that the Supreme court bar Thomas and another Judge chose to ignore it, I’m not holding out on them doing the right thing. I believe folks ought to prepare themselves for the worst and batten down the hatches, the road is about to get extremely rough.

  10. I’ve been waiting for this bruv! Waiting! As I saw this open mic topic, I have to get out the Irish Cream Liquor and bust it open. Open mic Wednesday, change that to open liquor Wednesday. LOL! What we are seeing right now is the down fall of Derrick Jackson. This beta male that has an alpha male body has thrown black men under the bus. And now, look what happened to him now. He’s now under the bus.

    Now the wife. Holly shit the wife. She is plotting her revenge right now. The guy is done. When a man is married and he’s well off, if he makes anything that will jeopardise the marriage, when the divorce papers handed to him, she will get everything and he will lose everything. And I heard that he has a biracial child, right?

    Here this. What does Bareback Fountain says about this? Ohhhh, he attacks SYSBM. But the thing is that SYSBM including me, who would date any woman as long she has no children, know how to defend ourselves. We have tell this fool, fool simps not to defend these ghetto ratchet scarggle daggles and look what happened to the simp Derrick Jaxn.

    This is the consequences of defending these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. Because they will turn on you if you defend these Whores N The Hood.

  11. The simps that fall. Angel Ramirez Jordan, D Derrell and all of the other simps that fall from grace all because they were defending these good for nothing ghetto ratchet hoodrats. I ahve been telling these fools stop defending these hoes, especially on You Tube and they don’t listen. This Bareback Fountain, he’s next to go down. We just sit back and watch him make all of the mistakes he’s making. And Shawn James.

    Cheers SYSBM!

    1. Marga man Dillan 😆 😆

      Nuh worry bout Barebac Fountain, him a fish, mi know seh him a chi chi 😆

  12. I don’t feel sorry for the weave wearing “Queens Kongs” or his homely looking shower cap wearing wife, because she admitted on her IG account that she knew about ALL of the hood rat whores he slapped cheeks with.

    Now in my opinion, the best take down and beat down of this Pander Pimping SIMP clown is Youtuber “ReplicantPhish”.

    It’s epic, and the best part is, “ReplicantPhish” performs the perfect and most satisfying ASSINATION by stabbing the SIMP clown straight through the heart…WITH HIS OWN WORDS🤣🤣🤣…

    @:20 seconds into the video below is where the perfect assination begins‼️

    1. TeamWhiteGirls,

      I didn’t even know that she knew about his extra marital exploits, I take it back, the black witch deserves what she gets. What makes me laugh is these videos that her and Jaxn keep releasing pretending everything is OK when clearly in her heart she wants out.

  13. Derrick JaxSIMP’s cancellation is long overdue; the Shade Room’s IG post on this scandal is lit, but this one comment caught my eye: “That’s why he was able to give all that good advice ladies, he was the guy he was warning y’all about 😂😂”. Simps like Jaxn are very hypocritical and don’t practice what they preach, yet he was prancing around like he was the shining example of what a good Black man is; Jaxn better watch his 6 moving forward, because his wife’s body language looks like she’s quietly planning revenge on him. Now, onto my first post for Open Mic Wednesday…

    Gary Owen’s Black Wife Files For Divorce:

    Note the following statement: “When speaking about being the first white man Duke ever dated, Owen laughed, saying, “That to me is a bigger honor than having a show on BET!” He said, “The fact that my game was so strong, that I was able to pull this beautiful Black lady.” When recounting the story of how they met at a comedy club nearly two decades ago, he gushed, “I was like, ‘Look, I know I’m supposed to wait three days, but you’re gonna meet a lot of dudes in three days. I’m just letting you know now — I’m interested.’”

    ‘Game’? What ‘game’ is he talking about? As Dr. David Carroll has stated, “His White skin covers a multitude of imperfections and sins”. Especially take note of the tweet by the swirling stragg where she threw Black men under the bus and said this White dude is Blacker than many Black men she knows; boy, the power of the White man’s skin, yet it’s not strong enough to save the scraggle daggle from the Swirl Mountain Graveyard!

    1. Yeah I saw that tweet. They will take any opportunity to throw shots at Black Men even though they’ve leveled up to their white gawd. It is also of note that when they date and marry out it’s usually to a white Pookie. This Gary Owen (never heard of him) seems like a wigger working the Chitlin Circuit.

      1. Gary Owen has been around for a while as “that white guy” that hood boogers pal around with. As you said, wiggers SLUM IT UP with black people. Any white person with predominantly black friends is typically a loser or a hoodrat who can’t hack it with other whites, but they know that even their failure is still success to the average negro, so they hang around them to still be seen as gods.

        Even if I was a wigger, the MOST contact I’d want with a black woman is to be screwing one that looked like Zendaya, but I wouldn’t marry one. A white dude and all you could pull was a black woman? You HAVE to be a loser!

  14. Watching the Derrick Jaxn saga from afar with glee. Simping and male feminism does not pay, that’s why I stand firm. In my personal life and Twitter feed I see so many beta male cucks performing for Scooby snacks, pandering hard to white liberal 3rd wave feminists. Niggas both gay and straight have always jumped through hoops for Dear Mama, but like everything else, what happens to us happens to them and their social engineering comes home to roost. This is partly why the west a.k.a. the white man is losing, kowtowing to females, queers and trannies. And when Whitey catches cold, the Black Man gets COVID-35. Oh well, sitting back and watching it all burn.

    1. He is an adulterer and a con man and is currently collecting the “wages of sin”. Oh well, let it all come down on him.

      1. James SYSBM,

        I fully agree with you, I don’t feel sorry for the shine in the slightest, he knew what he was doing, just like the black witch he thought he fun in the sun would never come to an end.

        How on earth does any individual believe that engaging in extra marital affairs will end well, in the entire history of the planet being involved in such actions has always ended in calamity and disaster.

        I suppose he thought his outcome would be different, watching that recent video I posted brought to realisation that Jaxn truly is a devilish monster. God is not mocked, what is done in the darkness shall be brought to the light.

    2. See, that is why I don’t have the tendencies to be sleeping around with multiple women like that. I don’t understand with some people who tend to do stuff like that, but I know for certain they gone be burned out at the end, and having a hard time trying to “settle down.”

  15. Brothers, not sure if y’all have noticed, but Kevin Samuels has sucked all of the oxygen out of the room; everybody is either talking about Kevin, reacting to his videos, or holding interviews with him. So, without further ado, here are some KS parodies I’ve found by two of my favorite Youtubers…



  16. This Simp is Patient Zero of the new wave Simpdemic. This is why simps are even worse than daggles. See, the daggle worships the White Man, whether he’s the president or a wino begging for change on the street. Likewise, the Simp treats her the same way.

    As much as I’d hate to admit, even ol Captain Snow deserves a HELL of a lot more credit than the black Queen ever will. Even if a lot of it was ill gotten, even I’ll admit that Captain Snow’s trophy shelf makes the QUEENIES’ look like a hall of shame. Yet the dumps worship these chicks? Why the hell would you EVER settle for these Type 3 diabetes having, obese ass, $5 net worth having whores, let alone worship them?

    Ol boy got caught cheating around with these QUEENIES when he’s supposed to be such a good upstanding man. Doesn’t that sound not only like Chew-More Johnson, but also the average dick slinging, money grubbing pastor? I remember Verbs talking about a pastor that used to wag his damn fingers at the men in the church, all the while the guy’s wife had to wear enough makeup to to cover up the fact that she looked like Rocket Raccoon because this dude constantly Shoryuken’d her ass on the daily.

    Dudes that like who constantly cape are typically the biggest offenders, same with white male femijjsts. Just look at that bald fat piece of shit Joss Whedon that made that shitty version of Justice League that was 1000 times worse than Snyder’s way better version. That dude was Mr. Feminist all while cheating on his wife.

    Simps and pimps are just as sleazy, it’s just success that differentiates them.

  17. So my mother, being the mental slave she is, had on the news for some dumbass reason. Apparently they were haranguing over how Brazil “isn’t taking COVID seriously” enough. Bolsonaro is the only dude in South America standing against this shit, and has gone on record as saying masks are “for homos.”

    Dude was also called the “Trump of the tropics.” No longer able to bitch about the real Trump night and day, why do you think the mainstream media is now picking on Brazil?

    Brazil is also high key the only Latin American country I’d ever consider staying in long term, let alone living in.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Bolsonaro is the man, the former President of Tanzania was on the same wavelength until they took him out with a supposed “heart condition”. I don’t think the powers that be will be able to deal with Bolsonaro in the same manner because his country is part of the BRICS community which includes Russia. It’s sad to see all of these other Latin American countries falling in line with Bill Gates’ eugenics program, smh.

  18. If you want to appear on my channel for a discussion, you’ll have to turn your camera on.

    1. Exposing Nothing But Himself,

      After engaging in non stop yellow journalism as well as a relentless demonisation and smearing campaign against SYSBM as well as its practitioners for almost 3 years, you honestly now expect any of us all of a sudden to engage you in a discussion, really bruh?

      A better question is how do you go around “exposing” relationship gurus, PUA’s and dating coaches, yet for some unknown reason you mysteriously dropped the ball when it came to calling out Derrick Jaxn, a man who clearly has been fleecing black women for at least half a decade?

      I thought you cared about black women Fountain, were you blindsided and bamboozled by Jaxn’s Jedi mind trickery (even though his scamming antics were as clear as day for the rest of us to see). I guess it back to the old drawing board for you, black women can’t afford to have dodgy, sexually suspect geezers like yourself “standing up” for them when legitimate criticisms come their way, yet remaining eerily silent when the merchant pimps and scammers come out to play, smh.

      1. That’s what I thought. Deflections and inaccurate assumptions. And man, you guys are so juvenile with homophobic insults.

        1. I just can’t figure out why an allegedly heterosexual BM would be so concerned about where another grown black man travels to or what race of woman he puts his penis in. There is nothing to “expose.” Thinking black men of means are ditching these entitled, delusional, misandrist, chronically-single, non-binary third wave feminist black heffas and are exercising their right to free association. Me personally, I’m for giving these hoes the world that they want, without me in it.

          So what’s the problem?

          1. Schadenfreude,

            That’s the problem and the transgression right there in the eyes of most black women and simps such as the fake academic who advocate on their behalf, NOT including the modern day black female in YOUR world even though they’ve made it clear in no uncertain terms that they don’t want us in their world until they either hit the wall or they’ve become baby mothers.

            Again, the dude didn’t have the courage to work his way through therapy in order to recover from the brutal treatment he received at the hands of his degenerate mother, so instead he has chosen the path of “exposing the manosphere” and “exposing SYSBM” as a type of pressure release valve hoping he can disperse the trauma and the stress of a rough upbringing, smh.

            Additionally, attacking a group of men for opting to avoid women who are clearly troubled in the mind is a form of mental illness in itself, hence why we continue to state that Fountain needs some desperate and urgent therapy.

            1. Brutal treatment from my mother? Never happened. Sound like you’re talking about yourself.

              1. Brothers,

                This is what hard core denial looks like, especially when it comes to the typical black upbringing. We all went through (or knew) a violent, belligerent domineering mother who beat our ass.

                Fake Academic Fountain is no different. He is still carrying this trauma from his mother, instead of finding freely available modalities to relieve some of the that trauma and mind control, Fake Academic Fountain would rather stalk and harass SYSBM’s.

                Instead of “Exposing” and defending women who look like your mother, Fake Academic Fountain would do himself a favour booking a counselling session and exposing his mother.

              2. Exposing Himself,

                We already know the story, rolling 12 feet deep in denial will not help the healing process, neither will “exposing the manosphere”. Forgiving your mother for her transgressions against you is the only key to your salvation, additional such actions would help heal the deep psychological trauma you’re currently suffering.

              3. Exposing SYSBM,

                When are you going to expose these overweight, manly, bonnet-headed welfare beasts? We educated, productive BM have the worst women to choose from. When will you discuss that?

                1. Schadenfreude,

                  He won’t, because that would be going against the sacred cow of “da communitah”, the same black female that made his life miserable growing up.

        2. Exposing Nobody But Himself,

          Deflections??? When you first landed on the scene with your anti SYSBM article we invited you to discussions and debates on many occasions when you would be lurking in different chats and each time you had a convenient “excuse” as to why you couldn’t engage us, don’t try to claim some sort of moral high ground now.

          The homosexual accusations are most definitely justified, as I’ve stated many times before, only a homosexual man concerns himself with where other men are choosing to place their family jewels, additionally only homosexuals obsess over what other men are doing period. Sorry Fountain, we see you as you are.

          That “homophobic” Kansas City shuffle won’t run over here, neither will your sleight of hand attempting to sliver your way out of your blatant and strange failure to call out one of the biggest pimps and hustlers of the same black females you claim to be standing up for, Derrick Jaxn.

    2. Who TF are you supposed to be, Kevin Samuel!?!?. Get the hell out of here chump and go seek the therapy you so desperately need! You won’t debate him because your ass would get whooped from pillar to post quick, fast and in a hurry so you show up here trying to place conditions on him to debate you!? If you don’t take your played out, faggot, scared to debate Verbs, ass out of here, your gonna get stomped! Damn, Verbs, this homo scholar is stalking you!! Lol.

      1. Andre,

        In the beginning we chased Fountain Top down inviting him to discussion after discussion, debate after debate and every time the dude had an “excuse” as to why he couldn’t participate. Now his YouTube channel is getting a little traction from the various knuckleheads and braindead mullet headed Negroes who hover around and frequent his comment section, he thinks he can now inflate his chest, roll over here and make demands, what a joke, smh. If he knew he could stand upon his own square and hold his own, he would’ve accepted our offers to discuss and debate any topics of contention from the very beginning.

        1. Exactly Verbs, I was listening to one of the livestreams when he made his presence known that he was also listening. I think his excuse then was that he was in school that time, lol. Chump gets a little traction and thinks he’s a big man now!?!?! He needs to get his effin’ goofy ass on a therapist’s couch and find out why he has such an all consuming desire to symbolically protect the same women that have caused him such mental anguish over the damn decades!! If he truly had no ulterior motive and really thought his reasoning could stand up to yours he would have gladly debated you looooong ago, no prerequisites required! I guess he needs the mental energy of MSNBC backing him to give himself the needed confidence to challenge you! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

          1. MSDNC isn’t paying any money as they’re about to go out of business soon. (free betting tip for y’all)

            Fake Academic Fountain refused to debate anyone for the longest because he decided he didn’t like the format, or thought the hosts were vulgar or he wasn’t out of school yet…

            Let’s be real here. Fake Academic Fountain is on here because we’re “Exposing” his childhood. We’re also “Exposing” his homosexuality as a direct result from his Stockholm syndrome trauma of black women.

            He’s pissed we’re also “Exposing” his Fake Academic credentials. Not one of his articles demonstrates an understanding of how to reference material in the correct way. For someone who pretends to be a PhD candidate, his choice of words, lack of outside research material and a wilful argument bias against a philosophy concerning Black Men in interracial relationships exposes his real self.

            Unlike you, we don’t use appeals to authority to justify our opinions, claiming to be a university academic. That tactic may work for regular black folk still trapped in the follow the leader plantation, but you’re dealing with independent minded thinking black men here. We see you.

  19. Also, dude’s wife knew about his extramarital affairs and was apparently find til now? What legit sympathy I did have is completely gone!

    Isn’t this like these hood chicks who are ride or die with gang bangers and preachers, knowing how crooked they are, and only turn against them when things get tight?

    And most black people shouldn’t be caught dead mentioning God or the Bible, cuz they constantly wipe their asses with the latter on a daily basis.

    1. Yep, turn on them when things get tight and then start looking for a good man to save her and pookie’s kids.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Jaxn needs to get a PR consultant because everybody can see what a poor job he’s doing releasing all of these videos desperately trying to save his image and reputation which is already in the toilet.

  20. Demented Gay Nigger.

    Stay out of the business of Black folks and focus on nurturing your cave beast and gay nigger relations in which your retarded primate behind regularly partakes.

    Oh and never cam-up. It is not hard to imagine what you and the other gay niggers on this shit show resemble… could just play up in police custody and do the universe the biggest favour possible.

    You’re being watched nigger. You’re going to slip up AGAIN one of these days and then you’ll be silenced for good. That is when you will end up incarcerated in the nut house where your demented demonic Nigger behind belongs.

    1. Retarded Dickhead,

      You again huh, nothing new to say, the same old “you’re being watched, you’re homosexual, you’re a nigger, if you slip up again you’re done” garbage, blah, blah, blah, blah. Enjoy your journey into the phantom zone. You’re much more of a dunce and a knuckle head than I ever could be, the fact that you keep on repeating the same old crap every time you comment speaks volumes to your severe lack of intelligence.

      1. Verbs,

        Scratching my head as to what these people’s problem is here. “You’re being watched, nigger.” “Silenced for good.” LMAO really? Who would have thought that turning your back on the delusional black beast who never wanted you in the first place would cause such consternation among BW and feminized BM alike?

        The way I see it, we are clearing the way for the mama’s boys, matriarchal simps like Fountain, enablers, pussy beggars and goons who REALLY want black women and vice versa. Have at it, fellas! I won’t be competing for these fat, loud, overly-masculine, bonnet-wearing ghetto bustdowns. LOL!

        You’d think they’d be happy but they’re still mad. I don’t get it.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Both the black witch and her blue pilled black male flunkies get extremely uncomfortable with those within black society who can think independently and reason for themselves, additionally we already know how the black female has been tasked with keeping black communities in the toilet which means ensuring that all blacks remain on the proverbial plantation.

          Black women in order to stay relevant to their white lord and saviour the Ice Man must keep ALL black men in line, in the eyes of both of these parties “straying” free thinking black men have the potential to deprogram and decontaminate themselves from the witchcraft, brainwashing and indoctrination that has been thrown upon them which upon doing so equates to true freedom.

    2. Yet again, we present another black man who also got his ass beat. Just look at the choice of words… that rage and demonic hateful bile he has deep inside should have been reserved for his abusive mother. He remembers the multiple times he felt violated and had to take a slipper in the backside.

      Another sad negro with leaking trauma all over the place coming to us for help.

      1. Michel,

        They’re coming out of the woodwork thick and fast, there are so many psychologically traumatised Negroes walking the streets who refuse to seek help but instead believe they can find relief in stalking, “exposing” and bad mouthing other black men, smh.

        1. Also this Wurzel seems to have a massive problem with straight relationships between black men and White women.

          Why? Again, his mother. She procreated with a Rum Head Frazer* type and never saw him again. Her feminist child rearing style made sure young moist grew up with her own hatred towards white women and his masculinity destroyed.

          This is why we can confidently state that Fake Academic Fountain, the late Black Caesar and this cockney goon are victims of Oedipal violence and are (at least) terrified of women and at most, leaning towards homosexuality.

          * © Money Cultural

    3. Dickhead With Empty Threats,

      Like I said before, you aren’t and can’t do anything here, your comments are going straight into the spam because you’re obviously 6 kegs short of a 6 pack and a pack of fries short of a happy meal. Focus on expanding upon your vocabulary, you really sound extra retarded repeating the same “you’re homosexual, you’re being watched, your days are numbered” tripe.

      What coherent sentence have you rattled off yet, lol? They should really throw you into an abandoned council estate tower block, throw away the key and then bring the building down via controlled demolition, trust me, you won’t be missed.

  21. On another note. Excluding the disgrace of Aaron Fountain and Derreck Jaxn.

    This just goes to show that the majority of black women don’t have a maternal instinct at all. Left the poor child for 6 days she needs to rot in prison and yet there are people in the Facebook comments making excuses and defending her, those people have sick minds. And yet females like this is what society expect us to procreate with. This society can burn for that for all I care.

    1. Jon,

      Cases like this are the very reason why SYSBM exists, as per SYSBM Tenet number 3, choosing a HIGH QUALITY stargate is of the utmost importance. She didn’t want the child, she knew what she was doing, she killed her daughter on purpose, however this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve come across stories of black women killing their children both inside of the womb as well as out.

      These are the typical types of monsters the fake academic as well as the likes of Derrick “Shady As Hell” Jaxn will defend, smh.

  22. This article is a cherry picked selection of biased material, made to make black women look bad. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Additionally, I would like to correct your assumption that my mother beat my ass. She also mentally raped me and took away my masculinity. I just don’t have the courage to confront her about taking away my childhood innocence. I prefer instead to vent my internal anguish in numerous YouTube videos mocking and chastising other black men that have made the decision to heal up.

    I will return Verbs to pester you about have that camera debate, so that when I do eventually resurface, it really does look like I’m stalking all of y’all. Homophobes.

    1. Fake Academic Fountain,

      We can clearly see the fallout of the anguish you’ve suffered as a result of dealing with a degenerate mother, however “exposing the manosphere and red pill” will not help you heal. Unlike yourself I had the courage to confront my mother about the ills she executed against me which made her very uncomfortable, but that’s her problem, not mine.

  23. This would have never happened if he had a passport and avoided black women. This is a prime example of what happens when you fool around with a black whore. She divulges your secrets for a little clout.

    1. Black Traveller,

      Jaxn is one of those Negroes who according to extra marital mistress number 3 is a sex addict, additionally we can see that he’s addicted to the black snatch and simply can’t let go of it. Oh well, those who continue to play around with fire and make deals with the devil will find themselves at some point shafted and up the creek without a paddle, guaranteed.

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