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Are These Your “Queens” – Their Trashy Image And Reputation Precedes Them!


By the way in the last video, the reason why the dog attacked her is because she stood on the dog’s foot engaging in her best efforts trying to impress and be a thotty for Field Marshal Sleet. This is the image and the reputation these modern day black females directly put out on the internet for the entire world to see and at the same time have the audacity to demand respect from not only black men but non black folks in general.

Question, what part of any of the behaviours above command and demand respect? This is why the pro black female/black women first brigades at this awfully late stage really have their work cut out trying to salvage black women. As the saying goes, respect is earned, not freely given out willy nilly.

Additionally black male feminists like the fake academic Aaron Fountain will completely gloss over behaviours like this and state that I’m being a misogynist who’s expressing terrible opinions on black women, exactly why because of his blatant dishonesty he’s forced to appeal to knuckle headed Negroes who are unable to think critically and who struggle to string two sentences together.

That’s his base audience and mind you this is a guy who purports himself to hold some reasonable level of intelligence, yet for some reason he’s unable to note the lack of intelligence in his “throw stones and hide my hands, I won’t debate you even though I have so much to say about you because I’m a liar and a coward who cannot stand upon my own square” approach.

This is one of the reasons why I believe he stopped writing blogs on his website(even though he cites something to do with a licence expiring which being a website owner myself makes absolutely no sense), he realised that he couldn’t bring any evidence to the table in support of black women, so he took off to YouTube and since then has decided to approach trying to defend them via a mocking, ridicule and fabrication perspective.

As I’ve stated many times before in the past, black female dysfunction and skullduggery cannot be defended on any level even though we have so many mullet heads who are still willing to embark upon the fool’s errand.

In 2021 there is absolutely no way that black women don’t understand why they are looked upon in a certain manner, even now in Miami Spring Break 2021 black women and their black male simp flunkies still can’t behave themselves:

The mentally unstable modern day black female, the gift that keeps on giving. Where’s the double cream certified simp Derrick Jaxn on this, that’s right, too busy having extra marital affairs ie dicking down single mothers, remember the same ones he claims are supposedly for “grown men only”, smh.

What “grown” man gets married to one woman only to be continuing the fast life he was living before and claimed to have departed from ie dicking down different women all over the show behind closed doors, I’ll wait?

However, as we already know most black women aren’t that bright at all and will continue to support Jaxn just like these same heifers every Saturday and Sunday morning relentlessly spray down these church beast pastors with endless cash.

As I’ve stated many times on this website and in my book Negro Wars, most black women enjoy being pimped out and merchandised and there are plenty of participants lining up around the block to take advantage of the bucket loads of money black women are willing to throw at them including Jaxn.

Gentlemen, don’t ever allow any anti SYSBM pundits to repeat the same retarded question, “what exactly are you saving yourself from”, the problems within black female society are obvious, out in the open for all to see, mentally unsound, unattractive and repugnant. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women On Their “Best Behaviour” Once Again, But We’re Just Supposed To Look Past All Of This Right?

Most High Bless

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51 thoughts on “Are These Your “Queens” – Their Trashy Image And Reputation Precedes Them!

  1. By the way, just to let you guys know, the other pages on the website can be found by clicking on the menu button in the top righthand corner of the page, they haven’t been taken down, I’ve simply clear them from the top of the page because they were taking up viewing space. Enjoy.

  2. The words of “queen” and “respect” are earned, not openly given. Negresses are the biggest joke to the world. Black males don’t see it as a laughing stock because they give birth. It takes a lot more effort than just giving birth to build stronger relationships with significant other. Black males with negresses don’t understand that concept. Both pairs are useless like African leaders in Africa. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      Black “males” and Negresses are exactly who individuals like the fake Academic are trying their utmost to appeal to, Fountain Top knows full well that he can’t bring his sub garbage commentary to free thinking black men, he’ll be laughed out of the building. Having been abandoned by his mother, it’s evident that Aaron Fountain himself knows nothing about relationships, hence why he spends most of his time going in on black men like us who chose to exercise caution regarding the women we choose to get involved with knowing full well that choosing the wrong significant other can and often does lead to serious disaster, smh.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    The black women on the above videos are acting like rabid animals who are not civilised and at the same time they are looking like ugly monstrosities to the point where it makes me want to vomit and these are the same pro blacks and Umar Johnson who try to guilt trip us SYSBM black men to wife up these ugly manly beasts because we share the same skin colour and culture. I will never ever date a black woman as long as I live because I want a feminine non black woman to look like a woman and who is ladylike. The other day I had a black woman on the comments section on my YouTube channel telling me that living the SYSBM lifestyle equates to self hate and I just deleted her comment because she is not making any sense at all and I don’t waste my time arguing with idiots like that. The reason I am living the SYSBM lifestyle because I want to live a long peaceful normal life with a beautiful childfree non black woman and I want to avoid the bullshit and drama that the black community brings because we all know that the black community revels in drama and fuckery. At least when I date non black women I stay looking black because I like the features that God gave me whereas black women practice self hate every day when they change their whole appearance to look like a white woman.

    1. Loving and choosing to date a white woman as a black man equals “self-hate”? Where do these chickenheads come up with this shit?

      Oh yeah, Dr GerbilFace and Fake Academic Fountain, a pair of spineless bums. You know what Dr Umar sez?
      WIFE DAT UP, NIGHA!!!!!

        – Dr. Gerbil


    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black female logic never makes any sense, most black women are so entrenched in their mental illness, they cannot seem to understand that NO MAN of any ethnicity wants to deal with them in their current sewer level state.

      Most black women believe that black men don’t deserve them in their best state, hence why they’re constantly attempting to shame us into accepting them “as they are”, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. However, they’ll fix themselves up for Field Marshal Blizzard even if he’s a bum living on Skid Row.

      I point blank refuse to deal with feral hogs and unbridled beasts, let the pro black simps clammer and fight amongst themselves for these pitiful creatures.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I take it as a insult if a post wall woman from my past comes back to me wanting me to wife her up and make a honest woman out of her after she rejected me in her sexual prime years in a disrespectful way when she was young, beautiful and childfree and she was chasing all the bad boys whilst putting me in the friend zone and now that she has lost her good looks, got fat and became ugly plus she has become a single mother with a baggage of children she now wants me to be the clean up man and save her from her poor life choices and stupid consequences from her decision making. That woman can get the fuck out of here with that bullshit because I am only interested in dating younger childfree single non black woman who wants to have a nuclear family with me so that we can build our own family DNA from scratch.

      2. HA! This has to be the only one correct thing you’ve ever said on this bitch. ‘Black men don’t deserve black women in their best state,’ simple as that. You oddballs love to rave about how rouge and degradingly black women act whilst purposely forgetting you don’t deserve the opposite side of them either (and it’s honestly self-explanatory as to why you don’t because I mean just look at black men mah nigga. Lol) They are nothing to ‘come correct’ for honestly. And sadly all the good things in this world to this day, STILL belong to the WHITE MAN including your GOOD/PERFECT black woman, who on top of it all unfortunately, is a rarity to find. Whenever a black woman starts styling up, getting snatched, leveling up or even going natural, it’s almost ALWAYS so she can get with a WHITE MAN leaving y’all with the bottom of the barrel and this is because she knows that black men do not deserve anything more than that. And so y’all wander off to other’s communities hoping to steal their finest women but sadly yet hilariously end up with the over-weight, dusty trailer- truck non-black females neither Brad, nor Alejandro, nor Taehyung, nor Muhammed want and call that an upgrade. I’d start accepting black women as they are if I were you haha. But hey, keep trying with Becky and Ming-lee out there let’s hope you don’t get lynched while you’re at it. Leave a message after the tone.

        1. Only Spewing Delusions,

          “Whenever a black woman starts styling up, getting snatched, leveling up or even going natural, it’s almost ALWAYS so she can get with a WHITE MAN leaving y’all with the bottom of the barrel and this is because she knows that black men do not deserve anything more than that.”

          White men don’t want black women like that at all, that’s the part your don’t get. Outside of sexual exploits white men as a collective really aren’t checking for black women for anything long term. As I’ve stated many times before, the black female is the white man’s flunky and sex toy, however black women for some strange reason always seem to believe that there is something more to the relationship.

          Black women at this stage really have nothing to offer, even those very few so called “good black women” who could’ve branched out so to speak have practically ruined their chances of dating out because they’ve said nothing while their dysfunctional “sistas” have run amuck.

          Exactly what do black women have to offer any man yet alone black men that is a better deal than what traditional non black females can bring forward to the table, I’ll wait? We don’t need to “try” in order to get with quality non black women, despite their various shortcomings, because they look normal and behave in the same manner, there is no effort required in hooking up with them, this is something else that you obviously don’t understand.

          You have to be a black witch or a pro black simp flunky because only those two groups would continue to perpetuate the myth that those black men who date out can only get with overweight, unattractive non black women when, Tik Tok has completely blown that mantra out of the water.

          I would suggest that you actually deal with the problem at hand, black female dysfunction, coming here and dropping your comment won’t change the current gutter image and reputation of black women in 2021.

  4. These weave wearing Daggle animals have literally closed down Miami and it’s now it’s in a state of emergency. When I travel to a city I always check to see where all of the black people live and hang out and head in THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION‼️

    1. Miami is a shithole save South Beach (which isn’t much better honestly); and these parasites are ruining that. I have family down in that area, and I refuse to go anywhere in the vicinity for the simple reason of too many scraggles and their simps. I completely agree that if I travel somewhere, I will pay extra to avoid being anywhere near these beasts.

      Do what you can to avoid da communitah at all costs.

      1. Damn, Miami was going to be one of my future vacation spots. Oh well, I can scratch it off the list along with Venice Beach (aka Hobo town).

    2. TeamWhiteGirls,

      It just goes to show you how time and time again we’ve stated that you can’t take daggles and maggles anywhere without them engaging in some sort of embarrassing and destructive behaviour. But according to the fake academic, the video isn’t real because it’s been posted to a social media platform and as a result in his eyes doesn’t reflect upon the actual situation. I know, you couldn’t make up such premium garbage.

  5. Can’t lie, I’m too picky to care about race. So long as she is a virgin, thin, feminine and attractive and NOT from the West or influenced madly by it, then I’m infinitely more likely to take her serious. Whether she’s black, white, yellow, brown, orange etc.

    1. RadThadd,

      That’s what SYSBM Tenet #3 is all about, finding a quality woman who is “functional, feminine, good looking, in shape, natural, submissive, cooperative and CHILD FREE”; Black women may fit this bill, but it’s extremely rare to run across one of these “unicorns”.

    2. Radthadd,

      All the best finding those above qualities in a black female, for starters you’ll be extremely hard pressed to find a black woman who’s a virgin, that requirement to be honest immediately removes black women from the equation. Begin moving away from the black bloodline and your chances of find those qualities you want in your woman will increase exponentially.

      1. >you’ll be extremely hard pressed to find a black woman who’s a virgin, that requirement to be honest immediately removes black women from the equation

        Like you said many times, Verbs – “It’s a wrap!”


  6. If you’re surprised or need any reason to avoid da communitah at this point, you’re a lost cause. There is too much evidence out there that more than suggests that ninety eight percent of black society isn’t worth saving. For those on the fence or holding out for “Black Love”, stop kidding yourselves. The writing is on the wall.

    SYSBM at all costs, and let da communitah burn to the ground.

    1. FDC, your so-called brotherman who looks like you is more likely to sell you out than the black bitch. Especially these bitch-made simps performing for Scooby snacks and a pat on the head from his black mistress. The thinking Black Man has no friends, so keep your circle tight…preferably with fellow SYSBM brothers. And even then cast a side-eye. Let da “communitah” burn.

    2. FDC,

      As I keep on saying, just like the black witch the so called “communitah” must stew and marinate and burn in its own failures.

  7. The thirstiness of the black male simp is unbelievable. The black male simp finds the ugliest, nastiest, stinkiest, most ratchet scraggle daggle to be sexy, and thirsts like crazy for her. Just look at some of the youtube videos from spring break in Miami Beach/South Beach. Some of these scraggs look like bio hazards. Yet these black male simps are no doubt having every form of unprotected sex with them. The VD rates must be off the hook.

    Most white guys would never respect a Becky who has been run thru by a bunch of black guys. They would never consider her wife or girlfriend material. Hispanic, Asian, and Arab men would respond similarly to their women, if they knew she was run thru by a bunch of black guys. The black male simp is different. He can know that his scraggle daggle has just finished feasting on uncle Blizzard’s arsehole, and he will still bow down to her as his Quaen. Hell, you have multimillion dollar black professional athletes, wifing up burnt out scraggle daggles who have kids by thugs. The scraggle daggle is damaged beyond repair, and so are most black male simps.

    Thank God for SYSBM. The problem is that this message is not reaching enough young black men. They need to know that there is a better way for a black men to navigate thru life. They need to know that a black man doesn’t have to be consigned to a life of simping to the scraggle daggle. They need to be taught that they deserve better than the black scraggle daggle.

    1. AmericanBlackMan,

      These niggas know, but they are addicted to that black snatch and can’t break free. All these dudes posting all this evidence week after week, but you can only lead them to water. SYSBM is like the Marines, the few and the proud. We can’t save ’em all, it’s every man for himself and the like-minded ONLY.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Agreed, as we’ve mentioned many times before, SYSBM is for the few, not the many. As you stated, most black men unfortunately cannot pry themselves free from that contaminated and putrid black cooch, Tommy Sotomayor is one such example and he openly admits this even though he rightly advises black men to run for the hills and take their family jewels elsewhere.

  8. I don’t see nothing appealing about a woman who’s aggressive, trying to be a pornstar everywhere she goes and uplifting that mess, don’t have no natural beauty on them, dominating the man, putting black men under the bus, and putting white men on a pedestal. Like seriously, I don’t see how some black men find that crap sexy, and it’s sad. When I see that title “Are these your queens,” my answer to that is hell to the no. A woman is a queen if she has a king by her side. All that twerking, fighting, acting aggressive, man I look at this crap of black women in America, and once again, I ask the question do I even wanna end up with a black woman as a black American dude in his 20s. I have a mother, and when I was growing up in school, my mother stay telling me that when I grew up, please have some black babies, bring home a black woman, you are a black man. And I keep telling folks for the upteen time, Maybe I might up with a black woman, maybe I won’t. If I do, nines times out of ten, she’s probably gonna be a mixed chick, Afro Latina, Blasian, or Caribbean, because that’s the closest I can come by. And quit reminding me that I’m a black man. I ain’t that smart, I’m still learning, but I ain’t that stupid.

    As for Derrick Jaxn, as you mentioned, shouldn’t he be worrying about his wife and not cheating on her than to be worrying about what the F I be doing? I’m referencing to some rumors I heard about Derrick Jaxn getting exposed last weekend because he cheated on his wife, I don’t know. Another thing about this is that if majority of black men would develop some standards, maybe they would get somewhere in the dating market. I got something else to talk about but it’s gonna be on the Off topic section later on today.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Apparently a second chick has now come forward once again exposing the clown Derrick Jaxn for the fraud that he really is, however as I stated before we already know that black women love black men who have different women on rotation, most black women are turned on by the fact that he was caught cheating which is yet another reason why black men with sense and intelligence ought to abandon them and look for quality women elsewhere.

      Derrick Jaxn shouldn’t have gotten old girl knocked up to begin with, he obviously wasn’t satisfied with his wife and clearly he isn’t done with his fast life journey.

      As for these women above, it’s clearly evident why they stay single and remain that way until they hit the grave unless they invite in a simp to perform clean up duties, we already know that there are so many waiting in the wings.

  9. I want a burrito was the most confusing of all the videos. I like burritos I eat them once a month why would she just not give her the burrito lol. Now most of the vids are really jacked up, bros just #sysbm. Just dropped a video on patreon guys it is free for all to check out. Peace

    1. G1,

      Nothing ever makes sense with most black women, their reasoning faculties just like a drunkard are deep in the toilet.

      1. I concur which is why I am not stepping foot in MIA until after spring break…..

  10. The thirstiness of the black male simp is unbelievable. The black male simp finds the ugliest, nastiest, stinkiest, most ratchet scraggle daggle to be sexy, and he thirsts for her like crazy. Just look at some of the youtube videos of spring break 2021 in Miami Beach/South Beach. Some of these scraggs look like bio hazards. No doubt, the black male simps are having every form of unprotected sex with these bio waste dumps. The VD rates must be off the hook.

    The black male simp is in a category by himself. He is different from every other male demographic. Most white men who knew that a Becky had been a cum dump for black men, would never consider her wife or girlfriend material. Asian, Arab, and Hispanic men would respond similarly to their women, if they knew she had been a cum dump for black men. It wouldn’t matter if she claimed to be reformed. The black male simp is different. He can know that his scraggle daggle has feasted on Uncle Blizzard’s arsehole, and he would still call her his Quaen. Hell, there are multimillion dollar black male athletes who wife up burnt out scraggle daggles who have kids by thugs.

    Thank God for SYSBM. The problem is, the message is not reaching enough young black men. They need to be taught there is a better way to navigate thru life. They need to be taught that they don’t have to consign themselves to a life of simping to the scraggle daggle. They need to be taught that they deserve better than the black scraggle daggle.

  11. The dog one and the burrito one were LOL. You know if you don’t get along with Euroman’s dogs the relationship ain’t gonna work.

  12. Verbs2015 said:
    Having been abandoned by his mother, it’s evident that Aaron Fountain himself knows nothing about relationships, hence why he spends most of his time going in on black men like us who chose to exercise caution regarding the women we choose to get involved with knowing full well that choosing the wrong significant other can and often does lead to serious disaster, smh.

    Oh, you going in on Fake Academic Fountain? 😆

    I’ll bet his mother regularly beat his ass with her bare hands.

    Most black men grow up maternal abuse, but with Fake Academic Fountain it has warped into a sort of Oedipal lust for the oppressor. Ever wonder why he spends so much time and energy defending the scraggle? Look no further than his mother. She fucked him up.

    Fountain, like many moist negroes never healed from mamma giving them the beating of a lifetime, because they never ever point that accusing finger her way as the source of the problem. That takes a certain amount balls, which he doesn’t have, so he’ll continue stalking mocking and creeping on SYSBM’s. Oh well.

    1. Michel,

      The dude keeps on taking cowardly shots at me as well others here in his videos especially Money Cultural, however because Fountain is predominantly dealing with a knuckle headed audience, nobody has the critical thinking skills to ask as to why he refuses to subject himself to an open discussion or a debate with the people he’s religiously railing against.

      The cat is out of the bag with Fountain and the tumultuous relationship he had with his mother, just like you said she fragged his brain to a cinder, has him worshipping and defending the very same females who derailed his life, smh, the psychological damage upon Fountain’s psyche was a complete success.

      Just awaiting the next hit piece he’ll launch against SYSBM, typical male feminist, rather that take the bull by the horns and face the numerous skeletons in his closet, his preferred approach is to dive deep into denial and attack those who have the courage to speak out in the hopes that he can somehow numb the pain that constantly torments his mind.

    2. Michel,

      I’ve been thinking the same thing regarding the maternal abuse Fountain suffered growing up and how it has affected him; having been abused by his mother as a child, he has been mentally defeated and can’t find it within him to stand up to the scraggle daggle because his momma Black! Also, seeing how his mother treated his father, Aaron Fountain, Sr., that has also affected him to the point where he carries the same lack of respect for heterosexual Black man as his stragg mother did for his father; honestly, part of me feels sorry for Fountain and the abuse he suffered, but then again, I can’t feel bad for him when he has to answer for the stupid choices he made online.

  13. Why do you have pictures of 13 year olds for this picture? Are you a deviant? Please crop out the pic with on the right with the white bikini and the black bikini. Those two kids are underage.

    1. Taylor,

      Underage??? What exactly is that supposed to mean? You’ll notice in the first video a bunch of young teenage girls destroying a business facility, what do their ages have to do with anything? You black sirens love to reach for anything other than actually dealing with the matter at hand.

      The picture is for the thumbnail/article image, it was freely available online without anybody being cropped out, if you’ve got a problem with that then deal with the source location. You don’t roll up in here and make demands. Besides, nobody here is checking for black women, so scram witch!

      1. I love how “Taylor” pretends to be concerned about an “underage” photo (they don’t look underage to me) while ignoring the thesis at hand. SMH

    2. @Taylor

      You should reserve such criticism for the parents of those alleged children. You know them personally to know their age? Are those your children!?!?

      The reader should by now have realized that “these people” have a chronic habit of offering to transfer liability from themselves and their “peeps” to others. Wall Street definitely learned from someone ancient and known for such fraudulent banking practices.

  14. The first video, I see the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles destroying the place like football hooligans. Then we see the woman has a wig on, she’s bald like Kojak, the stripper who was straying her punany on Instagram live and we know that there are simps begging her to show the clit, the mother on the clip who put her head in the sink and soap up his face but it’s a skit though on TikTok, the two scraggs fighting, maybe for a man, the harridan who has half an eyebrow, the guy who kiss the ratchet girl and felt sick, and the dog biting the woman. Are these my queens? Fuck no! are their queens for Bareback Fountain, Foolmar Johnson, Chris Miller, Woke Poofgressive, True Semen and all of the other simps? Yes but these hoodrats don’t want them.

  15. Bruh, THESE are the brawds Fake Academic Fountain wants to “protect” through his yellow journalism? And the folly of him to think he can honestly build a career off of it is nothing short of insanity; as for his old blog site, I believe he abandoned it not only for lack of evidence to support his claims on SYSBM, but he also doxxed and published information he had no business being in possession of, which has landed him in a world of trouble, the recompense for which he has yet to feel.

    As for Derrick JaxSIMP, I’m surprised he wasn’t cancelled a long time ago because he’s long been exposed for being a fraud; he’s merely playing the ‘relationship guru’ role to make a profit off of these dumb straggs who are foolish enough to fall for his hustle. It’s the same hustle that the Black pulpit pimps and Hotep communists run all the time! Regarding the allegations against him, when will these simps learn that the very women they pander to are the same ones who will stab you in your back once you turn? The world may never know…


  16. Notice how godawful they all look, and no, the thin ones don’t look any better. Most skinny black women look like and usually crackheads, with the only ones trying to look shapely also trying to get General Cryo to nut in their ears.

    Raising pure hell all day every day, but it’s WAYCIST white people stereotyping them? These chicks and their mangled DESERVE to be mistreated by society, hell, they deserve more than they get. I didn’t even know about Spring Break being hell because of them, and it’s likely SOLELY because of them. They hate stereotypes but love validating them, make that make sense.

    They will wild out for the dumbest reasons, in this case, a burrito. What is it with hood boogers and food? Again, do NOT feel sorry for them, no matter what happens. A black woman could get hit by a bus and it’d be hard to summon some sympathy. Their reputation precedes them, and instead of trying to put their energy into changing that reputation, they put it toward being mad that they’re hated. Lazy, shiftless and utterly unaccountable. Also, keep in mind that mobs at the mall and such are pretty much EXCLUSIVELY these chicks and their maggle hordes.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The dude(Derrick Jaxn) looks so disingenuous and fake in that video, so does his wife(with that jiffy pop bag on her head, smh), I hear he’s been putting that extra work wacking out a barrage of damage control videos trying his best to salvage himself as well as his already in tatters and seedy reputation. The dude presented himself as a “holier than thou” individual, additionally he’s made quite a lucrative living throwing black men under the bus, now he must cook, stew and marinate in his own failure.

      I personally don’t see the marriage lasting to be honest, the damage is done, the trust is gone and I doubt it will ever return. Additionally, he needs to keep his mouth shut about the Most High, the bible etc because God had nothing to do with his downfall, the dude just couldn’t stop being a Slim Sauce/Field Mouse type Negro.

      He should’ve known that eventually these black sirens side pieces would rat him out, didn’t he learn anything from the example of Dr Umar Johnson, however at least in Johnson’s case he was single when he got exposed even though he lied and claimed he was celibate at the time. Like I said before, I know his mullet headed diehard fans will continue to support him, however I don’t think he’ll be able to weather the storm, Jaxn is done and that’s a good thing especially when he was constantly defecating and urinating upon the heads of black men.

      1. The Shade Room’s IG post on this scandal is lit, but this one comment caught my eye: “That’s why he was able to give all that good advice ladies, he was the guy he was warning y’all about 😂😂”

        You can tell Jaxn’s wife is hurting on the inside just by watching her body language; their relationship may not last after this, but if they do stay together, Derrick better sleep with one eye open and watch his 6 at all times because things won’t be the same moving forward.

  17. I realized something about black women, they don’t know how to have sex at all. I mean, when you watch black women banging thugs on Twitter, the dude look bored, her pussy still dry, no type of intimacy, and no type of sex appeal at all. These dating coaches be lying hard.

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