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Demon Power – Most Black Women Are Controlled By Evil Spirits


There isn’t anybody on this earth who can tell me that black women are normal creatures roaming the planet, the woman engaged in close ranged gunfire with the Nashville police officer and as a result was shot(if you pause the video at the 4:44-4:45 mark, you can clearly see the blood on the side of her dress) and yet she still managed to start the engine, throw the gun she used out of the vehicle, reverse, shut her door and take off at speed, smh. Doesn’t this scene remind you of a clip from a particular film?

We saw that the cop fired multiple shots into the car, so it’s safe and reasonable to assume that she was shot more than once, and the fat, fake eye lash wearing black witch still managed to take off like a bat out of hell as if she only suffered minor scratches, cuts and bruises. Now, it turns out that according to the above article she did died later on, however I still wouldn’t have been able to do what she did having been shot at close range multiple times.

How can anybody explain this from a secular viewpoint? Didn’t you notice that as she reversed the car and eventually drove off, even the cop was looking at her like “what manner of creature is this, I’ve just shot this black female a number of times and she’s still mumbling, cussing and moving around as if nothings wrong”, what the heck?

As per usual here we have another situation where black women are up to no good, if they aren’t going into Victoria’s Secret and robbing the store in broad daylight or simply robbing stores in general for make up and other cosmetics, they’re getting involved in gunfights with the police just like 12 Gauge Mike, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse and Slim Sauce.

Very few people have the strength and the fortitude to drive off after being shot multiple times. The police officer’s mistake was assuming that she couldn’t really bring serious harm to him because she’s a woman, however anybody who knows the black female well understands that she is more than capable of inflicting just as much if not more damage upon individuals than other groups of women and even men in many cases.

Whenever dealing with the modern day black female you must approach the situation as you would encountering Two Snacks or Roof Top Trey, you cannot put your guard down for a millisecond with these black females, they’ll use any lapse in concentration to catch you slipping and the rest will be history.

As far as I’m concerned this scene here adds much credence to my position that black women as a collective are possessed by evil spirits who give them limited immunity from physical harm. We already know that more black women are leaving the church and openly practicing witchcraft, therefore such a proposal doesn’t sound so far fetched:

Reason 60,458,389 as to why black women should be avoided at all costs, any black men who believe they can form a long term, prosperous and fruitful union with a group of females who openly declare their allegiance to the devil are many fries short of a happy meal and deserve what is coming to them chasing and pining after these dark sirens regardless.

Most folks won’t believe that black women are possessed until they literally witness devils coming out of their mouths or they see black women performing actions that are impossible for a normal human being to accomplish, don’t worry, such acts will begin to manifest themselves more and more as black women sink deeper and deeper into the mire of destruction, reprobation and degeneracy, coming soon to a street near you(if it hasn’t done so already).

Lastly, black women should never be allowed to carry firearms under any circumstances because of their current questionable mental state, the most mentally unstable people on the planet being permitted to carry weapons is not a comfortable thought at all and is a recipe for disaster down the pike.

She showed absolutely no respect for her white lord and saviour Lieutenant Lime, expect to see many more wild west cases involving black women and law enforcement in the near future.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Women Who Are Mysteriously Impervious To Injury Like The Plague

Most High Bless

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50 thoughts on “Demon Power – Most Black Women Are Controlled By Evil Spirits

  1. SYSBM. It’s more important than ever. I walked away from them, best decision I ever made.

  2. So these fat bitches are witches huh? 🤔🤨 Surprise surprise…NOT!!! The black witch needs to find the witch that’s in charge of weight loss, beauty, femininity, & submissiveness so they can learn from her. I still wouldn’t touch these man face marauders with a 3000ft pole though!

    1. I’ll take Agatha Harkness over those fat heffas


    2. Val Zod,

      It’s funny how black women who are involved in witchcraft and sorcery never manifest any spells or potions to deal with their severe overweight crisis, smh.

  3. WOW!!!! After reading the comments in the UK newspaper I have 3 observations. Rip to her (1) Unlike when I am stopped and racial profiled why were there not 4 squad cars per the usual. I guess they did not see her as a threat as they do my so called black ass she is a woman i am a man. That only illuminates the fact of who is the real threat and who is the asset that being black females.(2) She is family or in a relationship with a man who is a criminal who sells drugs, now usually said men put there cars in women’s name who they are in a relationship with or family with. (3) Sometimes the police are on the take and shake down family members of criminals which is why they often do solo stops. Often if they get a few thousand they can pocket they will let the family member go. Which is why drug lords give there love ones a few thousand to hold weekly for said stops. You have to feed the greedy you know what. She probably should have just gave him the few thousand payoff which is what he was looking for and gone about her day. Hey when you are involved in crime payoff the cops, or a really great lawyer.

    1. fyi he did not have probable cause to search her purse just saying. Shakedown anyone

    2. G1,

      Agreed, as much as I’m not a fan of these black sirens, the police aren’t exactly saints either. Police corruption goes as deep as the Mariana Trench, this idea that police are there to keep the streets clean of criminals is blatantly a false one.

      Criminals keep the police employed ie law enforcement services required, therefore it makes sense as to why so many police overlook these big criminal types and instead home in on and harass the everyday man who’s just trying to go about his everyday business with trivial and menial nonsense. The police shaking people down is real.

  4. Tommy Sotomayor calls them the BT-1100(black terminatrix, model 1100). This is the latest version, there was a BT-900 and a BT-1000. The BT-1100 is the most deadly version.

    Now, in honesty I can not speak well of the fat, white, redneck cop. He was out of line to take her purse and go thru it. She didn’t have to surrender it. Being an idiot, she didn’t know her rights.

    During a traffic stop, they can call the license plate in, they can ask for your driver’s license and call in to see if you have warrants. They are supposed to ask you to remain in the car while they do this. If you have no outstanding warrants, your driver’s license is in order, and the car is not stolen, they must let you go. They can give you a citation if you committed a traffic violation. They cannot demand your purse unless they are placing you under arrest. He was wrong to ask for her purse, and she was an idiot to give it to him. She had what appeared to be a small amount of weed in a plastic bag in her purse. This would have been thrown out as evidence, because he improperly went thru her purse.

    She was violent and ignorant. She didn’t even know her rights. Her simp boyfreind was obviously a thug. The car was registered to him, and they were looking for him. She was obviously a lower class scraggle daggle, who didn’t know her rights, who didn’t know how to conduct herself, who didn’t know how to handle the traffic stop. But the white, fat, redneck cop was no prince among men, either.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I believe law enforcement superiors in recent times are deliberately train the police incorrectly and it makes such as practice easy to execute if you’re dealing with trainees who have an IQ that’s sliding into the toilet.

      Things will only get worse with the police as they continue to slide in and take advantage of more draconian and unlawful regulations which seemingly give them more power to which they interpret that as “we can do what we want”.

        1. Autodidact,

          No wonder things are rapidly going downhill with law enforcement and why so many of these police officers cannot be reasoned with when they confront you, smh.

  5. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are definitely devil possessed. How can you continue to drive your car after being fatally shot by the police. Black women have definitely got superpowers beyond a human being and that’s the reason why I avoid them like the plague.

    1. Hate to say it. But she was able to drive because of adrenaline rush bro. I can tell that hoodrat BW are the not victims they’d like us to believe. She’s been in gang/street altercations so much that it’s normal. That’s why she had that gun hiding. BW from these type of backgrounds are not so sweet and innocent. LOL

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I don’t call black women the devil’s righthand henchwomen for nothing, they really have formed a confederacy with Satan and his dark forces, the church going is simply cover for their increasingly overt satanic activities.

  6. The video is proof and evidence of negress terminators roaming the streets. Liberals want to ban guns in the USA. These are the pros and cons. The negative result of that is average citizens, including police not being able to defend themselves without a gun. The positive result is negress terminators not being able to use it legally. I don’t understand why millions of black males worldwide find negresses attractive. There is nothing attractive about their features at all. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. What’s wild is we come from these women, but we’re better looking than they are. Make that make sense.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        All of the daily simping they receive, makes them worse. They are gassed up all day long, every day, by the population of simps who predominate in da communitah. This positive reinforcement from the simps, validates all their ratchet behavior. So they double down on everything that’s already bad about themselves. Hence, the simps contribute to this madness.

      2. Don’t breed with these sheboons.I don’t come from these women at all. My mother was from the 60s. Born in 1960 to be exact. Her mother was single after a 10 year marriage. My mom got married and didn’t want me and my sister living in the ghettos of Baltimore. Trust me I been back n forth from burbs to the projects. These are crack/ecstasy babies. Their mothers did nothing but live off welfare and child support so their daughters repeat the cycle never having to be responsible or behave accordingly around authority.

    2. Witwijf,

      They(black women) don’t seem to understand that they have placed their image and reputation square deep into the fossil record, but yet they continue to scratch their heads in bewilderment as more black men head for the exit, smh.

  7. We have seen them get shot, hit by cars, etc. and keep on moving and fighting. They aren’t feminine at all.

  8. When I saw the cop shoot the heifer, I was thinking that it look something from a cop drama you see on the telly. Alright, I understand that cops always stop black people but in this case, it’s a life and death situation. And these scraggle daggles, yeah these women are controlled by evil spirits. And these always doing witchcraft. And that is something I don’t play around with it. Listen, black women love the witch craft thing. And some are casting spells to get a man. look, a black woman don’t need no spell to get a man, all she needs to do is to be sexy and seductive but every time black women are involved into something, it’s some dark, shady shit. we are goanna see more and more of these ghetto ratchet hoodrats ending up in shootouts with law enforcement.

    1. Bro in the states typical sassy hard headed BW who are not use to dealing other ethnic groups/cultures suck at conflict resolution. I have been learning Spanish and Arabic. I know how to talk to people due to my line of work. BW like this one only get by on intimidating people to get what they want. Doesn’t work after high school years. This is the real world.

    2. Money Cultural,

      Black women at this stage as a collective will never be able to get any sex appeal back, they entrench themselves in pure fakery, fake eye lashes, fake nails, fake hair, ridiculous looking butt implants etc. Their idea of “sexy” is simply being aggressive, belligerent, rebellious and masculine.

      1. With all the weave, skin bleaching, eye lashes and so on, this woman will never be sexy anymore. The only men that looks at her as sexy is these simps that are licking up to them and defending them when thinking black men talk about the ratchetness of black women.

  9. Funny how this morning as I was about to read this article, my work partner played a video by the Hodge Twins (now known as ‘Conservative Twins’ on YouTube) where they played the officer’s body cam footage before giving commentary, which included one of them saying there needs to a class in school teaching Black people on how to conduct themselves when pulled over during a traffic stop. SMH

    I don’t know what’s so hard for conservatives in addressing the proper procedures for routine traffic stops like the above; as much as they beat their chests about ‘law & order’, you hear very little about what the law says is acceptable conduct, and they always run to the defense of cops and civilians who go above the law and act completely out of order. The moment you call out their hypocrisy and ineptitude to address policy, you get called a Marxist, socialist, communist, lover of criminals, etc.; the usual word salad is to be expected.

    I have zero empathy for the scraggle daggle who resisted arrest and pulled a gun, but the Porky Pig looking cop isn’t exactly a saint himself.

    1. Dude, if YOUR son was a cop, and he pulled over one of these DEMON-POSSESSED Black witches, do you REALLY expect us to believe that you would not want him to SHOOT her BEFORE she shot him?

      1. We don’t give a shit about a white pig cop. Not our “son,” not our kin. We only care about straight black men who look like us.

      2. @istlota,

        Hypothetically speaking, let’s say I had a son who was a cop; it would be expected of him to follow PROPER procedure during a routine traffic stop which this officer clearly failed to do. This whole encounter was a mess from the jump, and had the officer done his job correctly, there would’ve been no need for gunfire.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I would have to agree, a lot of these black conservatives will immediately move to side with the police even though the same police may be engaging in dodgy behaviour themselves. The black witch got what she deserved, however the cop should’ve followed the correct protocols.

  10. It has taken DECADES, but FINALLY, more people are waking up to who this BLACK WITCH of Babylon really is. And, understand, you can find other videos on YouTube where entire PACKS of college educated Black women on Spring Break become POSSESSED and start fighting each other like a pack of wild rabid dogs –>

    And check out THIS video of a 65 year old Black grandmother who started howling at the moon like some kind DEVIL DOG. Then, later, after the demon left her body, she starts talking calmly like any other 65 year grandmother –>


    A woman CANNOT abort her own baby without FIRST inviting SATAN Into her heart. And MILLIONS of Black women have aborted 20 MILLION of their own babies since 1973.


    Have NOTHING to do with ANY of these DEMON-POSSESSED Black witches.

    1. TRUE. There’s a reason why most black men die or get injured at the hands of counter productive hoodrat/thot BW. Any woman who dates criminals/ thugs can be dangerous but not at the high rate of BW.

    2. Istlota,

      To be honest, the 65 year old grandmother in the video you posted wasn’t in the wrong, if police issue you with a ticket, you are under no obligation to sign it. They reason why they want you to sign it is because it’s a contract, by signing it you’re bound by the terms and conditions attached, in other words if you don’t sign the ticket, you don’t have to pay it.

      The police unnecessarily escalated that situation, refusing to sign a police ticket does not equate to disorderly conduct. As much as I despise the overwhelming majority of these black sirens(due to their abysmal track records), if another party is in the wrong then I’ll call them out without hesitation as well.

      The Spring Break video was age restricted, YouTube wants me to confirm that I’m old enough to watch it, I’ve noticed they’ve been pulling this “verify your age” garbage on a lot of videos recently, however regardless we know like clockwork how black women and their black simp flunkies will behave, here is a video I posted above:

  11. Derek Jaxn exposed. Like we all predicted 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    Verbs what’s your email address?? I’ll send it to you if you haven’t seen it yet

  12. This happens because American BW in major black cities and suburbs date criminals/thugs most of the time. And they’re NOT MARRIED with 2 to 5 kids with criminals/thugs. I learned from a black police officer when I use to go to church that taught young black males and females how to conduct themselves during a traffic stop/vehicle search. Every time I’ve been pulled over, I tell them what I do for a living, hand them my ID/registration and keep it brief as possible. I have cleared off the only warrant I ever had in my life by being responsible and going to court. When these black sheboons think they can get away because they’re a double minority they put all black people at risk. She got what she deserved.

    1. Elon Brings Receipts,

      All it takes is running into the wrong cop and your perspective can change in a matter of minutes, remember, once upon a time black folks conducted themselves orderly, didn’t have their trousers sagging, dressed smartly and were still heavily persecuted by the police including having dogs set on them as well as being sprayed down by water hoses.

      We have to remember that the modern day police are simply an extension of the slave patrols, the main reason why middle class working black more time catch a break is because law enforcement already have a sufficient numbers of 12 Gauge Mike type goons to deal with and exploit, if this wasn’t the case I personally reckon that things would most definitely return to the 1950s and 60s.

      Can’t disagree with you on black women and their love for thugs, once I get my technical issues sorted and post up the old articles, you’ll be able to see the amount of articles I’ve written detailing black women and their admiration for black men with lengthy rap sheets.

      1. True. I actually dealt with a black female police officer. It was as if she was more racist towards black folks.

  13. Remember, Shug Knight got effed up when he got hit by a car, but YOUNG BLACK GIRLS (who are typically just as big as Knight) have been hit by cars and gotten back up. These creatures are disgusting and foul beasts whom mortal weapons can not harm. I remember once Sotomayor did a video about a black woman getting shot square in the back and getting out of the hospital the same day. But they wonder why men see them as lacking female energy? Actual women get knocked out from a punch, these demons survive bullets?

    As for how the cop acted, boo ****ing hop. Why are some of you dudes shocked? You ought to realize that she is his property, he knows he can manhandle and speak to her however because that’s how it’s always been.

    You’re crying crocodile tears over hear “mistreatment” considering she 1. Can survive damn bullets!!! And 2. Got off easy as hell compared to a black man. The cop could have literally blown up her car at the end and she still would have been treated with kid’s gloves, because a black man wouldn’t have been given even half the chances.

    STOP feeling sorry for them, their reputation precedes them. I don’t feel sorry when Lee whoops their ass, I’m not going to do it when Bubba does something similar. Trust me, outside of getting attention, do you think she’s wagging her finger at how the cops would treat YOUR black ass? They made their societal bed, let them lie in it.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      How many times have we seen black women get up and walk away from accidents or incidents that they ought to be dead from? I’ve seen so many video of black women being run over by cars and in the overwhelming majority of cases they got up, dusted themselves off and walked away like nothing had happened.

      Like you said, if this happened to a normal woman she would’ve been dead, even you most hardy white female isn’t a superwoman and will succumb to multiple bullet wounds almost immediately, this black female however is a completely different story.

  14. Damn. I’m guessing I was right. That Voodoo is strong and real. That’s all I gotta say about this.

  15. Verbs 2015… you got to See this new nosey crazy antic blk siren stunts there pulling now..with the Disrespectful coming out of no where. Pointing there fingers in your face. when there sending a message from someone else..flash pointing in your face now. claiming someone said to tell you this…”Stunt” I Have a filling alot of these crazy “antic” Demonic” blk sirens, are going to start getting there fingers broken very soon. if they keep it up! with that “crazy antic” Stunt next. So Be for Warned Sirens!…

    1. Watch these crazy antic blk Sirens,

      Have you got a link to any videos of them pulling these so called “stunts” so I can have a better understanding of what they’re doing?

      1. No, not yet… just only witnessed it first hand this New crazy antic, Stunt twice” in one week… it’s like the same Demonic enity inside them thats doing it.. got’s to get my cell phone out on them ready next time.. when they creep up on me next time, acting suspiciously… it might be even recorded on world star throw … that these crazy antic sirens are probably copy catting that new “stunt” from…it’s like there inching for a fight with us, so they Can get knocked the fu@k out like the Exorcist”.. thats 100% for Sure!… with there rude sassy attitude there there pulling now. inside Demons in them for sure…*

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