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Lord Euro Speaks On Swirling Black Women Again – No Lies Detected

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The modern day black female has really reached an ultra low point when even her lord and saviour Captain Blizzard has become sick and tired of her unconditional worship towards him and instead chooses to call her out on it rather than taking advantage of the situation.

This self dehumanising garbage and self degradation at the hands of black women is occurring all over social media and this fellow isn’t the only Caucasian male to call out this deplorable behaviour, I may or may have not posted this screenshot before of a young white man who expressed the same sentiments, just take a look at how low black women as a collective will stoop in order to lick the crusty boots of Admiral Frost:

Now, the likes of the anti SYSBM stalker and fake Academic Aaron Fountain as well as the black witch of Scalp Summit one Miss Cynthia G(who for some odd reason still believes that she’s relevant while at the same time trying her best to gaslight SYSBM practitioners, even after being dicked down by a Slim Sauce, Field Mouse type Negro) will run around claiming that black men pointing towards other women(white women especially) as a better choice of mates in light of how far black women have fallen somehow equates to non black female worship, however I’ve yet to come across black men relating to white women in slave like terms as well as offering themselves up to be buck slaves on a fictitious/make believe plantation calling white females “mam”.

Heterosexual free thinking black men approach white women in a normal and respectable fashion and vice versa, black women on the other hand will prostrate themselves and literally bend over the couch for their white lord and saviour before he’s even gotten to know them on a deeper level.

You’ll notice that the usual suspects are awfully quiet when it comes to material such as the above, where is the high priestess of Swirl Mountain one Miss Christelyn Karazin on this, of course, nowhere to be found. The man in the video was right when he referred to swirlers as hoes because that is exactly what they are, a decadent coven of filthy whores sacrificing themselves upon Colonel Avalanche’s altar all for the possibility of being impregnated by him so that they can have the mixed race children with fair skin, light eyes and good hair they’ve always wanted, smh.

Again, for you black men this modern day black witch expects you to jump through 100,000 hoops just to consider you to partake in a used up, rinsed, out, ran through snatch, yet Admiral Frost can be a bum living in sub par slum conditions and this modern day black female will take the dude under her wing without any questions asked.

You black men who are sitting on the fence ought to be utterly disgusted at how black women as a collective without hesitation will demand the world from you including the kitchen sink, yet she’ll give that white man a clean pass regardless of his status.

Case in point, the oil tanking, morbidly obese fruit loop named Crystal Swirlz, who in her delusions of grandeur believed it would be somehow profitable to date a white male meth head(the relationship quickly collapsed and fell apart, no surprises there).

We all remember her pathetic public meltdown, for those who may have missed it please check out the video link below:

I have to laugh really because very few if any of these so called “swirlers” are actually swirling, they talk a monster talk when it comes to “levelling up” as well as so called “divestment”, yet the fact of the matter is black women are the least desired women on the planet, in order to divest there has to be an equal interest in them by non black men, we just aren’t seeing this at all.

Of course these black harriets will come out in their droves and claim that “levelling up” and “divesting” is not all about interracial dating, however we aren’t stupid over here, the swirler’s oath to “clean herself up” is all predicated upon landing herself a white man, don’t allow these white male worshipping peasants to bewitch you with other “convenient” philosophies behind their movement. Swirling, divesting, levelling up, it’s all the same, a scheme/mission that has already failed before it’s even gotten off the ground. Oh well, their problem, not mine. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Continue To Damage Their Own Image And Reputation Via Their Own Hands(Yet Will Still Somehow Blame Black Men, Smh)

Most High Bless

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42 thoughts on “Lord Euro Speaks On Swirling Black Women Again – No Lies Detected

  1. First off, welcome back hero! Like most brothers here have already expressed I too was surprised at how they attempted to shut you up Verbs until the calming assurance that you would eventually return washed over me. I knew you would return, it was always just a matter of when and how, and how fired up you’d be after your triumphant come back. As to the video and accompanying article above, all that’s left to say is don’t allow them to come back! Keep that damn wall up as if your life depended on it because from here on out, SYSBM will only go from strength to strength while all anti SYSBM movements, especially the swirling/divestment movement will only crash and burn by comparison! SYSBM ’till the stars grow cold!

    1. Andre,

      Thanks bro, it’s good to be back. As I stated before it isn’t my time yet to put down the pen regardless of what these black harriets and their pro black simp flunkies do. SYSBM will continue to reign supreme, I will continue to put out the message for brothers to expand upon their dating options and I’m not bothered in the slightest with who doesn’t like it, they can kick rocks for all I care.

  2. Kid Organic said it best. “He meant the world to you, but you’re just a nut to him.” 😂😂

  3. The ugliest group of females on earth are degrading themselves a lot more cause they know the only demographic group in large numbers that would continue dating them are black males with lower standards. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      And just to think, these are the same females making a million and one demands when it comes down to those same black men, but Admiral Frost gets a clean sweep no matter what his status, smh.

  4. It’s about that time for me to finish up my third season of North American Negro Woman Worse Nightmare. Thanks 👍🏽 Verbs.

  5. The reason why black scraggle daggle women are chasing after the white man so much or beta male is because that want them to nut inside them just to have a mix child or mix children. And the thing is that these white beta males are just using them as sex toys and on ghetto gaggers. These scraggle daggles have a hate for black men but when the white beta male use them up sexually and breed them off and not being there for their biracial child, that’s when these ghetto gagging hoodrats try come back to the black man. There is no way that I want these heifty scraggs. Let Bareback Fountain have them. I have no issues of interracial dating. I like it but these swirlers and just nothing but whores that got ram through by the racist white beta male.

    Bless people!

    1. Money Cultural,

      Exactly, it would be one thing if black women who want to date out were just doing that, however when they have to resort to degrading and dehumanising themselves in their efforts to appeal to white men, exactly what is attractive about such low life behaviour, I’ll wait?

      1. Dealing with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are not worth it. I’m good!

  6. I remember seeing this guy in a video by ‘Black Patriarch’ on YouTube where he exposed how swirlers look at White men as if they are perfect, and even shared a personal account of a Black woman he dated in the past who fawned over him simply because he was a White man; this same guy said out of his own mouth that he knows Black men who have better characters than him, so Black women need to stop acting like White men are perfect. I also caught that he is dating a girl who is Black and Jewish, the type whose Black bloodline has been diluted.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      In the eyes of most black women, the white man’s seed is better. The only group of females who’ll happily throw their own male counterparts under the bus for other ethnicities of men who just aren’t interested in them like that, smh.

  7. SYSBM represents BOTH the unstoppable force AND the immovable object – no matter what obstacles are encountered, SYSBM finds a way to adapt and overcome.
    Welcome back, Verbs!

  8. Verbs with the way you capture and collect screenshots, someone should make a Pinterest-like website to catalog all this stuff…lol.

  9. The Mayo man called the Pink Pill/White Male Worshipper “CHEATING HOES”.
    Hell will freeze over before the Swirl Mountain Concubines respond to this major diss & curve from their white Idol.
    The L’s will just keep stacking up for the white male worshiper, now that Black men all over the planet have platforms to express their own opinions without the lamestream media middle man.

    1. King Sigma,

      Agreed, the likes of Christelyn Karazin and the rest of the Swirl Mountain brigade won’t touch this one with a 50 foot bargepole. Black women unfortunately will never get it through their thick skulls that in the overwhelming majority of cases white men simply don’t want them like that.

      1. Verbs,
        Won’t matter if swirl concubines touch it or not, the WORLD through platforms like are being FORCED to listen to Black men who have been ignored, discriminated against and forcefully silenced on all sides. The BM voice in cyberspace will only grow louder .
        Post-COVID, there is no place for the misandrists to run or hide as even Big Tech feels the repercussion of their suppression and censorship campaign.
        More WM are falling into poverty than any recent generation since the great Depression era; they will not be taking the liability of mentally ill swirler.
        This truth, is swiftly coming home to all that are paying attention…

        1. King Sigma,

          Agreed, for too long the voices of black men have been either put to the side or silenced, however times are indeed changing. Free thinking black men will continue to converse on the topics that are of real concern, those which the black witches coven are so desperate to sweep under the rug and there is nothing these black queanies or their blue pilled simp underlings can do to change that.

          You were right, black women are once again trying to rehash the same old anti heterosexual black male talking points that black men deconstructed and rubbished a couple of years back.

          All this talk about divesting, levelling up and burning the cape is complete and utter garbage, black women need black men as a continual scapegoat, additionally no other ethnicities of men will deal with black women en masse.

    2. “now that Black men all over the planet have platforms to express their own opinions without the lamestream media middle man. ”

      Now we need SYSBM movies, TV series & kool laid back everyday personalities to drive the message home that SYSBMers blaze their own trials, are versatile, have high standards & only seek “relationships” with high quality women. Nothing less.

  10. The New World Order is emerging, the government is taking everyone’s rights away, total chaos is going on in the world but you niggas are still dissing black women? Talk about a waste of LIFE. Y’all are a bunch of faggots, for real

    1. Itstime,

      What rock have you been hiding under, in case you haven’t noticed black women are still warring against black men, what is it with you muddy bootlickers and your selective insight?

      1. Even with the new site, you still got trolls trying to start nonsense eh @Verbs.

        The new world order in terms of global reset was already known and aware of @itstime. And for some, they have made preparations to adapt and invest in useful skills.

        1. Blackdjedi,

          I’ve got an article coming up dealing with a bootlicker I believe is from the UK who I blocked a while back trying to tell me that he somehow had something to do with the first website being taken down. These trolls are a joke, always trying to act as if they have power and leverage they don’t. Notice how yet again without fail the common objective is to always get black women off the hook from being held accountable for their actions, using the old “you’re homosexual” card as the usual go to shaming tactic, oh well, it didn’t work, lol.

    2. @Itstime:
      And you don’t think SYSBMers know about the fukin NWO, gangster banksters & their Deep State henchmen or the fake Dem-GOP “UniParty” of political charades? Your ignorance offends me.

  11. “Black men are paying that white man to say this, it can’t be true. They just wanna ruin our image.”

    1. Tony Stacks,

      Black women and their simp minions are so block headed and dumb, at this point they’ve never get it. Remember, we’re the same guys they frequently label as “broke ass ni**as”, smh.

  12. Verbs 2015.
    The white man on the above video spoke the raw truth about black women. It amazes me how black women worship their white lord and saviour and they give him a pass because of his skin colour no matter what life situation he is in whether he is rich or a poor man living on the streets, black women love him like a god whereas black women place so much unrealistic expectations on black men to be perfect just to get with these weaved up manly looking women who has hit the wall. Like I said before I refuse to date black women because I just don’t find them attractive.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It becomes a huge problem for the modern day black female when her lord and saviour Admiral Blizzard begins turning up his nose to her. I’ve stated this many times before, if white men began checking for black women in larger numbers, most black women would be out the door. They only deal with black men because black men are the only ones who will date them in big numbers and even that is beginning to change now with more brothers choosing to expand upon their dating options. #SYSBMFORETERNITY

  13. I know this is off topic, but I just want to say that I’m glad that the site is back up, I got worried when it went down, and I reached out to Verbs to make sure that he was alright. We’re seeing them try to shut down all non communist views, and people have been getting accused/charged with hate speech.

    That being said the video provides more than enough evidence for the jury to convict the bw of crimes against progeny.

    @All Thinking Black Men
    If you can get out of the west, GET OUT NOW!

    1. Upgraydd,

      Thanks bro, I’m not done writing yet, they tried and failed to shut me down. As I’ve stated before, even if I didn’t have all of the old articles archived, I could still start from scratch without any problems whatsoever. Yes sir, another major L for the swirling sisterhood who won’t touch this video at all.

  14. spidey_nate is a fcukin simp!
    I betcha he gets waaaay more enquiries from Sista Scraggle than he gets from his genetic fair skinned kin (Lord Euro’s own spawn).

    When high quality non-black skirts with REAL hair start giving spidey_nate their digits & actually start “putting out” for him — assuming he has the ability to attract such skirts in the first place which I doubt since he finds Amerikan scraggles “pretty” — I’m sure he’ll block Queen FakeHair pronto after experiencing the difference in mind & body.

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