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Yep, that’s right folks, NO NEEDLE. These bread and circus, pretending to be vaccinated monkey shows are getting so sloppy at this point. If the vaccine is safe then why are we seeing countless politicians as well as celebrities faking being vaccinated?

Hmm, could it be that they’re NOT prepared to put themselves up as guinea pigs to test out a vaccine that is literally a freestyle, we don’t know what will happen type weapon? Could it also be that they’ve run across countless articles detailing people either being severely mangled by the Covid vaccine or just outright being killed by it:

Remember the Tennessee nurse Tiffany Dover who last month who took the Covid vaccine and then fainted a short while later:

Her Instagram page has all of a sudden been put to private and whereas before she had posts in double figures, now she only has 7. I believe we can safely conclude that Tiffany Dover is dead and the family have been told to keep quiet about it:

I found another page claiming to be hers but it doesn’t have any posts on it, her page the last time I checked it was loaded with pictures of herself, friends, family as well as her daughter and her son:

Additionally we also have a situation unfolding where most healthcare workers are refusing to take the jab, I wonder why:

Then as you may or may not know, the UK has been plunged into another national lockdown, Boris Johnson and his cronies have been claiming that hospitals are brimming full to capacity and that things are so bad that people are being treated outside wards and in ambulances, that all sounds legit until you view these videos taken by individuals who correctly decided to verify the government’s claims and roll up to their local hospitals themselves, tumble weeds and crickets is all I’ll say, smh:

The Covid scamdemic continues to unravel day by day, I honestly don’t understand anybody who isn’t at this stage at least raising an eyebrow and scratching their heads to so many anomalies, irregularities and inconsistencies concerning this so called “pandemic”. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, enjoy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless


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26 thoughts on “Open Mic/Free Topic Wednesday

  1. Verbs 2015.
    I ain’t taking no damn vaccine because it will probably kill me and the doctors will mark my death as covid 19. I have been watching the news lately about this whole lockdown bullshit and the government and the police are using this whole lockdown situation as a excuse to punish people and fine people if you don’t go along with their draconian rules and their plans to control peoples lives.

  2. Fellas please research MRC-5. there is a way to legally decline the vaccine by asking the Dr if the vaccine contains MRC-5. apparently all vaccines do and the doctors are required by oath to say yes. Please don’t use google to look this up because google has many misinformation articles about the aborted fetus chemical MRC-5

    1. Sega Gentlemen,

      I don’t think they’re going to make the vaccine mandatory for a long while, however I more feel that businesses will incorporate having it into their policies, for example, a supermarket may introduce a policy stating that if you want to enter their store, you must show proof that you’ve been vaccinated.

      I agree with you on Google, it’s become such a mission to find truthful, correct and accurate information with all of these so called “fact checking” articles they’ve flooded the search engine with.

  3. Good morning, SYSBM brethren! I trust that all is well with you; last night, I was watching some clips from “The Dark Knight Rises”, and in light of the chaos that took place on Capitol Hill last week after Trump incited people to protest the the Electoral Vote in process, this particular clip hits differently:

    Fun Fact: Many have pointed out how a small segment of Trump’s Inauguration speech from 2016 was almost entirely word for word what Bane said about giving power back to the people; could there have been some real world significance to Bane’s speech that we didn’t pick up on 4 years ago?

      1. That’s strange that the video isn’t showing; I also noticed that the videos you posted above aren’t showing the visual though the audio is fine. Hopefully, you will get that remedied.

        1. Blue Collar Trevor,

          I’ll have to take a look at that when I get home, self hosting is a completely different kettle of fish.

  4. The next phase of population control is in full swing! It’s imperative for thinking brothers that recognize the truth for what it is…to start informing those who are open to listening and considering about the true nature of this vaccine. I’ve started my information sharing quietly and it is yielding solid results. There are people out there who want to know the truth and are willing to look at all available information before making an educated decision. So, Verbs I appreciate this post brother and I will use the videos to push the counter-education agenda to liberate more minds. #SYSBM

    1. Ger Tzedek,

      I agree on getting the information out there, sadly there are a lot of people out here who don’t deserve brains because they don’t even use them. Unfortunately over here I’m surrounded by so many numbskulls who are all too willing to take their vaccinations. I’m glad that you’re having far more success. As you already know you have to be selective with whom you choose to share this type of information with, drop a few crumbs here and there just to see how each individual responds.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As you already know, most Negroes are lost and unfortunately doomed to condemnation. On another note, you should be able to view those videos now, let me know if you still have any issues watching them.

  5. My dad took the covid vaccine of mRNA on 31st December 2020. He thinks the vaccine won’t change his DNA. He is a pharmacist and a former research scientist. I did send him a video about the long term affects of this vaccine and had a discussion with him about it. He has made his decision. No one can save him at all.

    I know more companies are going to make vaccination mandatory in their policies, all companies could legally do it. This is why I have been researching ways of creating passive incomes to survive. I want my side hustles to become my main sources of income. To a point where I can just work for myself without having to work for any company that wants to slowly kill me by vaccination. No vaccine is entering my body. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      I’m sorry to hear that, however it seems like many of these older folks are gone, they’re too entrenched in the mainstream media and its sorcery. It’s all about creating a sustainable income which doesn’t require an employer at the helm. No vaccines for me either, NEVER!

  6. This vaccine is goanna kill people. If people are goanna take the vaccine, we are goanna see a whole leap of bodies drop. This vaccine is dangerous because there is something in it and something which is lethal. I don’t trust it at all and everyone knows about it. I was watching the evening news on ITV and I saw this report of two old couple who have taken the vaccine. Them soon dead from it you know. And this third lockdown has pissed people off big time. Even I’m pissed off with the lockdown. I hope SYSBM is having a good 2021. Keep your white sugar honey safe from these scraggle daggles and these simps. And one of my older brother dies before Christmas so I’m trying to contact the other one. I haven’t talk to them for over 20 years.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Remember what crazy CNN said, when you see people get the vaccine and die shortly afterwards, don’t be alarmed. I can’t believe that so many people are that brainwashed and bewitched to the point where they’d line up and randomly inject a foreign substance into their bodies that is completely new and has never been tested before. Not me, no way.

      These older folks for the majority part are gone, they’ll line up for their shots and be dead shortly afterwards. Oh well, they can’t say they weren’t warned beforehand, however like typical elders, they think they know it all and can’t be taught anything from the younger generations.

  7. Well, well, well, this doesn’t amuse me. When I heard about some of these politicians are gonna take it, I smelt the bullness from a mile away. I’m 100% to the tenth power, at the point now where the truth needs to come out because all this censoring, and threatening, is just adding more liquid to the fire. With all these recent events that came out, I wouldn’t be shocked they done a documentary on it. I ain’t taking the vaccine, and I don’t care they punish me, or throw me in a camp, because I’ll die fighting for damn sure. For all the lives that gonna be taken from that vaccine of the Gates family, and these vaccine pushers, it’s just a matter of time before this crap comes to haunt them. Y’all know how some people out there be having a past they’re not so proud of, I wonder these folks gonna feel that way for the rest of their lives. Talking about a new “normal,” oh it’s gonna be a new normal alright: a new normal to where we can’t do jack nothing, and folks need to wake up while it’s still time to fight this nonsense. I’m telling you brothas, I watch horror movies like a mug, and we’re about to be living in one big time. Also, another thing that pop in my head, if Bill gates have children, I wonder what’s gonna happen if his children take it, or other family members of his take the vaccine, and something happens to them. Will he cares though, because if not, then this man is evil. To Dr. Fauci, is anybody even listening to this dude? Because he keep saying get the vaccine, but the next minute he’s saying we can still get infected, we still got to wear mask and social distance, we still can’t travel and do nothing, like Enough of this mess.

    My Discord Link:

  8. I have nothing to say just wanted to show some appreciation to my guy verbs. Love the new setup bro.

  9. Hey, have you seen MadBusDriverX’s latest livestream? Apparently, there were brothers using the SYSBM moniker who support the Proud Boys:

    I was intrigued by the topic in light of last week’s events at the Nation’s Capitol, and Man Of Tomorrow has been calling out such characters in the Manosphere who have hijacked SYSBM to make it political (i.e. Tre theNBD); listen to MBD’s comments at the 1:12:00 mark which I’m so glad that he said it because it had to be said. There are too many brothers who claim to be SYSBM that empathize with far right extremists because they may share some of the same conservative values, but will never call these same disgruntled White boys out for their racism.

    In light of who the Proud Boys are and their reputation, I don’t know what Tre was thinking by trying to link SYSBM with such a group; then again, this is the same guy who said during a debate on TPOT’s channel that if you don’t want to be a victim of police brutality, save yourself by employing all 23 of the Tenets, not just 22. He misused the Tenets to rattle off the racist talking points of the right, but that didn’t save him from his n**ger wake up call when he got mased inside the Capitol and witnessed cops beating on women, and NOW he says he’s done with this country?

    Like I stated on the last post, let the Kyle Rittenhouses of this country go HAM on the government; as free thinking brothers, we are to make our moves in silence so we can openly show ourselves as the winners in the end. #SYSBM

    1. Blackdjedi,

      Thanks bro. This is what I’ve been saying all along, in the overwhelming majority of cases it’s the mask Gestapo going around harassing everybody else, they simply can’t respect a person’s right not to wear one, smh.

    1. BA,

      So Colombia have started requiring this PCR test again? They dropped it back in November, looks like they’ve reintroduced it again based upon the supposed “increase” in cases. That PCR test is a tourism killer.

      1. Yes, Verbs… It is a tourism killer. No one will travel for a vacation only to be quarantined.

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