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Is This Your Queen? Can’t Answer A Simple Question! #SHORTS

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These are the knuckleheaded, alphabet crew supporting, shaved the sides of the head, fruity black females that pro blackity black, frying pan African pundits such as Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson want you to get with, cuff and impregnate.

I’m beginning to notice a very disturbing pattern of black women in certain positions of power deliberately skirting around basic questions that deal with gender as well as the facts of nature.

These are the same black females who claim to be the most educated, yet when asked the simple question as to whether there are differences between men and women, fruit, Human Rights Campaign President and “communitah” organiser Kelley Robinson executed more ducking and weaving than Floyd Mayweather in order to avoid giving a direct answer.

These will be the same black women who will attempt to quantify the ridiculous notion of there being more than two genders, smh. Hollywood script writers seriously couldn’t make this stuff up.

As I’ve stated before, I really don’t feel sorry for the women who are now being disadvantaged by the same feminist movement they were more than happy to subscribe to back in the 1960s and even up to today where they’ve still been getting many over on men.

I’ll make this very clear, at this point the only people I feel sorry for in this alphabet soup saga/fiasco are the children. Women in the West were stupid enough to take onboard feminism without investigating what would come later on down the pike.

As an SYSBM™ Practitioner, I’ll stand and fight for children all day, those women however who still support and subscribe to feminism and all its related branches as far as I’m concerned can kick rocks and eat dust, let them defend themselves from the problems they’ve created with their own hands.

At some point black men who still choose to deal with black women are going to have to decide whether they’re willing to stand by a group of females who openly support the LGBTQP community, all the way to the end.

The way things stand in 2023 is if you support black women then by default you support every degenerate and reprobate lifestyle they stand for and subscribe to, homosexuality included.

Folks are reminded of SYSBM Tenet Number 7 which reads:

“7. SYSBM STAUNCHLY REJECTS FEMINISM, HOMOSEXUALITY, LGBTQP and any and all related branches, we do not support such lifestyles that are decadent, reprobate, degenerate, dysfunctional, reprehensible, malevolent, abominable, unnatural and contaminated. Additionally, we DO NOT believe that men and women require equal rights because we accept the inherent differences between the sexes. Men and women ARE NOT THE SAME, it is the man’s duty to lead and the woman’s duty to follow his lead. This is yet another reason why black male/black female relationships typically do not work, black women refuse to submit to and be lead by the right type of black men, though they’ll have no problems following the lead of 12 Gauge Mike, Field Mouse, Cheddar Boy, Mincy, Shorty Fist, Spanner Boy, Spoony and Shifty Sizzler. Men and women are equal in VALUE but NOT in terms of rank and authority. The man is in charge of the woman, any women who refuse to accept this as such MUST BE REJECTED.”

Never allow sodomite black females and their rainbow coalition cronies to push you into the same dark, damp and dusty closets they’ve crawled out from. I find it awfully suspicious that Umar Johnson as well as the rest of the pro black love proponents refuse to address the modern day black female’s open and proud affiliation with the alphabet squad.

Does this mean that they themselves are also advocates of the LGBTQP+ squad? Let that question sink in and marinate for a second. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Never Choose To Suspend Your Reality Just To Accommodate Another Individual’s Insanity

Most High Bless

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11 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen? Can’t Answer A Simple Question! #SHORTS

  1. The same thing happened to the supreme court justice last year Katanji. She just could not find a difference between women and men.

    Now this is due to the veneration of the divine feminine amongst the Senate, and house. Which they want the populous to worship also. Every 50 to 100 years the elite remove certain programs that are far to corrosive to the society that they implemented.

    They often do this under the guise of neutrality they will put a women in office and thus strip away the rights of women. (affirmative action, abortion rights, title IX)

    A so called black man in office and strip away rights of black men. Remember British humor has long form jokes, and inside jokes.

    Transgenders represent the Baphomet (2 sexes unified/bringing together the opposites) which the monied elite worship in entertainment and in congress. Thus letting the guy who identifies as a woman in par the course to push you one step closer to there occult worship.


      Efficacy and fairness of the War on Drugs OBAMA YEARS 2008-16

      He reversed a policy instituted by George W. Bush’s attorney general, John Ashcroft however,….

      Under Obama every time a case seeking to hold police officers accountable to constitutional constraints in their encounters with citizens reached the Supreme Court, the administration sided with the police. It advocated narrow understandings of Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, and it pressed expansive readings of doctrines that limit remedies when police violate those rights. Also Qualified Immunity for police did not get challenged at the supreme court until 2023 this year.

      The federal government accounts for less than 2 percent of criminal-law enforcement; the rest is carried out by the states. Constitutional limits apply across the board to every police department in the country; a federal policy initiative, by contrast, affects only federal prosecutors and police.

      He also spied on US citizens phone, @, social media through the NSA a violation of numerous Constitutional Rights. A program Bush initiated in 2001.

      Women’s Rights under VP Harris


      Obama Passed a policy in 2011 Still has not paid out yet to Black Farmers yet for over 50+ years of loan and federal grant discrimination. Applicants, however, will likely not receive the max payout, depending on how many applications are received and approved for payment, a USDA official told CNN

      Trevor Griffey, author of “Black Power at Work: Community Control, Affirmative Action, and the Construction Industry,” testified how unions’ exclusion of Black workers from skilled construction trades in the 1940s, and resistance to desegregate in subsequent decades, helped lead to the larger civil rights movement.

      Numerous bills were brought up to the House Floor for Black men in construction when Obama was senator. Nothing happened, even in office Trillions were spent on other things and the bill was sidelined.

  2. The Daggle wouldn’t give a straight answer because she & her ilk really think they’re equal to men. I have no problem telling the Daggle just because you look like a man doesn’t mean you’re equal to a man. This is why you can’t tell the difference between the Daggle & a Decepticon because they’re damn near the same thing! These degenerates must be avoided at all costs!

  3. Verbs 2015.

    There is only two genders in this world male and female. This black woman is very stupid because she couldn’t answer a straight forward question but yet black women claim to be the most educated women on the planet smdh. As a masculine SYSBM black man I don’t support the LGBTQ lifestyle because its wrong and it’s not natural because the only way that children are created is through a man and a woman.

  4. If the negress had answered no to the question, then the next question would be how are men and women the same?

    This is why this direct question was avoided to answer.

    Either way it still ain’t a good look.

    The white woman in the video would have answered yes to the question.

    She knows there is a huge difference between men and women.

  5. The BW in the west with this type of behavior,do not deserve the title “Queen” as Umar Johnson the shameless liar calls them.

    Some of these bw think they are educated but their level of thinking is below of that of a dino’s brain. Their minds are filled with degeneracy , stupidity you name it. Elon Musk stated clearly, Never compare degrees with intelligence you can still have a degree and still be an idiot”.

    BW academic qualifications=100%
    Level of reasoning and thinking=0%

    The bw can have 1 million PHDS at her disposal but at the end of the day with that foolish mindset, she still will be a scraggle daggle of the communitah.

    Any comments or further clarification, brothers feel free .

    1. Or, as my older brother once said when we were kids:

      “Book sense =/= common sense.”

    2. Wait, Edward, you mean the bwack queanz degrees aren’t important to you as a man? I thought her degrees, work title and salary were supposed to be a turn-on. I don’t know about you, but when a bwack quean says “I’m a PhD” I want to marry her on the spot.

  6. SYSBM: Some of these women have lost it!
    White sugar honey: They lost it to the core. Lord have mercy!

    When the man asks the question, the black woman didn’t answer the question. Let me tell you something. When a woman especially a black woman says that she’s intelligent, sometime I don’t believe her. because that when you ask her a question to her, she will not answer.

    When it comes to the homosexual lifestyle, if a man wants to live a certain lifestyle, I leave him to it. But he can’t bring that to other men as they will not be happy with that. look at the white beta males on Open Mic Wednesday when they got upset when they see black men with white women. Lord have mercy.

    When a black man sees this, he had two options. He can go and date non black women or he can get his passport and jet the hell out of there in a flash and try to find a foreign honey to make her as his wifey and have a family with her.

    What I’m goanna do now is to finish my short story, drink some rum and lemonade and just child afterwards.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  7. The “most educated”, yet they can’t even answer a simple question; make it make sense. The young White girl was able to acknowledge things like lung capacity as it pertains to swimming; you can point to other things such as bone density, muscle mass, etc., when discussing the biological makeup of men and women. Verbs pointed out that there is a disturbing pattern of Black women in positions of power who are avoiding answering direct questions surrounding biology; we saw a similar exchange last year between Sen. Josh Hawley and Khiara Bridges, a law professor and anthropologist whose research interests are the intersectionality of race, reproductive justice, and law (does any of the above surprise you?).

    I took a brief look at the link to Kelley Robinson’s bio on the HRC site; it not only mentioned that she’s the first Black, queer woman to serve as president, but is entering her new role at HRC after serving as Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Action Fund. This underscores EVERYTHING Verbs has said about the daggle over the years; her resume includes her involvement in issues that have proven destructive to Black people. Go read her bio; is this what Black women mean by fighting on the frontlines? Lastly, this is also why I don’t respect Black male academics, because they don’t call these straggs out for their treachery against their own community, especially Black men (i.e. Umar Johnson, Marc Lamont Hill, Michael Eric Dyson).

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