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This Is Why You Must Avoid Them Where Possible! #SHORTS

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There are too many black men out here who believe they can do what they want without consequence, they think in this manner because they’ve been raised by the mentally disjointed modern day black female who being a State asset has limited immunity when it comes to wilding out as well as acting a fool.

This incident occurred at a social services office somewhere in Baltimore. Did you see how the police rolled in and didn’t hesitate to light the guy’s backside up? Yet had it been a black female behaving in that manner, they would’ve attempted to physically restrain her instead.

Black men in the US need to understand that they are NOT State assets in the same manner like the black witch, you’re an asset of the prison industrial complex or a dead man if you step too far out of line.

You cannot kick off in public establishments like this modern day black female and get away with it, law enforcement will NOT treat you with kid gloves like they do the black woman.

Did you see how many police came into the building, you would’ve thought that they were facing off against the Green Lantern core or Superman.

This is why we at the SYSBM™ Knights Roundtable strongly advocate the avoidance of black women when and where possible. If you can deal with other races of men or women when it comes down to day to day living, take those alternative routes.

These black women out here will get you black men tasered up at the least or in a worse case scenario, you’ll end up with 12 bullets in your head either from the black siren’s goon squad or her white lord and saviour General Blizzard in the form of the police.

I had to laugh at that female security officer, she ran her mouth as the guy walked out but then folded immediately as the man re-entered the building, at first trying to hide behind one of her MALE colleagues but then choosing to pick up a chair as her defence when she realised she’d bitten off more than she could chew.

These Western women who talk this “I don’t need a man” rhetoric are full of it, as soon as danger strikes watch them instantly fold and seek men for help as well as protection.

I remember years ago I released an article where I encouraged you guys to list your bad experiences dealing with black women on a customer service level, of course the comment section was chocked full to the brim because we already know how black women stay.

Be careful out here gents, keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six. As I wrote in Negro Wars, black women will take you to levels of anger you never knew existed. This is one of the reasons why I continue to talk about black females, because most of us still have to deal with them under other capacities.

Don’t be like this Negro in the video, if a black witch is acting up your best course of action if possible is to walk away. These black heifers frequently start trouble but then a black man typically ends up being a sacrifice amidst the chaos. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Black Females When And Where Possible, Your Life Depends On It

Most High Bless

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23 thoughts on “This Is Why You Must Avoid Them Where Possible! #SHORTS

  1. A blackistan male is worse than the negress.

    The original source is the blackistan male choosing to breed with a negress.

    I would only choose to breed a nuclear family with a white girlfriend out of anglo saxon societies.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The blackistani black male is the worst, he is the primary reason why the modern day black female is so out of control.

  2. Black women are only concerned with pleasing Admiral frost . Do you remember the day Lance Riddick passed away brothers were praising him because of his acting skills but the devil- women ie scraggle daggles mocked his death because he married a white woman?

    Brothers am afraid the so called black community is at the bottom of the ocean led by Umar Johnson the shameless liar ,brothers pack your bags and leave, the black community is dead and gone.

    1. Edward Maina,

      Lance Riddick was a top notch actor, he was especially impressive in the John Wick movies. Black women stay snubbing black men who have white girlfriends/wives when they pass away. What has me puzzled is black men will see this and still choose to deal with these treacherous black sirens, smh. Only a fool would stay behind and attempt to save a community that is already deep in the sewer. #SYSBM™

      1. Brother verbs as far as am concerned ww despite their Short comings have always had big hearts for black men. For example there’s a certain kenyan who married a snow bunny and they have been married for almost a decade the kenyan brother was not wealthy but the snow bunny saw potential in him immediately after she married him she took him to USA where they are living in Colorado they have 3 boys and the daughter is the youngest by a few months, the brother has not stated which job he does but it is paying him well. Unfortunately many bw will complain that he wasn’t shit, Any way what is your say concerning this matter?

        1. Edward Maina,

          The woman who sticks by you when you have little to nothing will reap the rewards and benefits once you build up your wealth. This is why I have to disagree with podcasters Fresh and Fit when they constantly talk about “getting your money up first” in order to attract women. What kinds of women are attracted to lots of money, more often than not the worst kinds.

          The end goal of a man is to keep his legacy and family tree in continuance by finding a suitable woman to procreate with. However these modern day females have a totally different agenda, their end goal is to be endlessly served, pampered and spoiled by men while reciprocating little to nothing in return.

          The Kenyan brother has done very well for himself, there is no way that a black female would’ve seen any potential in him as most black women are looking for ready made men that they can leach off for life. They aren’t prepared to work together with the man to help aid him towards his goals, not at all.

          Black women take no notice of quality black men until either said men become wealthy or they expand on their dating options and get with non black women. On the other hand traditionally minded white and other non black women see the potential in a man and act on it even when they guy has nothing to his name. I’m not the first person to say it and I won’t be the last, go where you’ll be loved and appreciated, not tolerated and hated. #SYSBM™

          1. Edward Raina,

            Lance Riddick (RIP) will always be Cedric Daniels to me, as The Wire is my favourite show of all time.

            It’s ironic cos the show was accurate in it’s portrayal of black women. Noticably his character’s wife divorced him simply because she felt he wasn’t ambitious enough, despite the fact he was already in a high position as a police and they lived in a nice home. Yet, he later linked up with Rhonda Pearlman who was a rider for the rest of the show.

            White women aren’t my preference, but it’s pretty clear that fundamentally they are WAY better for black men than black women by a huge margin and it’s not even a debate. I’ve seen this in real life many times over. Nothing to do with “self hatred/you wanna be white/yooooo just hate yo black mama” pro whack bullshit talking points neither. Black women at this point are the worst women for any black man with potential, this is why SYSBM is so vital for brothers.

            1. Bro never listen to those Yaya bin hoteps led by Umar Johnson the shameless liar.
              They are saying that because in their minds if you marry Becky, maria or Ling ling it’s game over for the communitah.

              They know the resources you have ie money skills and education will go to Becky that’s why they were speaking trash of Lance Riddick.

              1. It’s already a wrap for the communitah.

                This whole “keep the resources in the community” is a red herring because negros don’t own shit to begin with and any money they spend already goes to other people.

                1. “This whole “keep the resources in the community” is a red herring because negros don’t own shit to begin with and any money they spend already goes to other people.”

                  What they really mean is keep YOUR resources in the community as a productive black man because the Black Matriarchy is communist, and feels entitled to your earnings, even if they don’t know you or like you. This is the main cause of Passport Bro hatred, you’re taking your money away from the Matriarchy.

  3. And notice how all of the “security” are blk wmn a scrawny blk men? This is the result of affirmative action, whites don’t want to be around this jungle and I don’t blame.

    1. Estabon2U,

      Putting black women in security jobs all over because they’ve become so masculine they can actually pass for men, smh.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid black women like the plague because I don’t want them ruin my life or worse get me killed. I thank God that I am a SYSBM black man.

  5. Netflix could do a whole series on the ‘customer service’ encounters I’ve had with black harridans over the years. Needless to say, those have been the worst, hence why I avoid them whenever possible and will join another queue instead.

    Their male spawns don’t know how to act either, as we see here, but these black females love to play with matches and then act surprised and cry for help when there’s a full on blaze. It’s like the Tom and Jerry cartoon with how Jerry was always the little troublemaker starting shit, but whenever Tom reacted he got the blame lol.

    This is why increasing numbers of the best and brightest black men are now permanently walking away from the chaotic and dysfunctional communitah and putting it in their rear view.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      It only makes sense at this point for black men who have something going for themselves to walk away from “Da Communitah” and never look back. It’s only these elder sentimental fools who are hanging on for dear life believing that they can bring about change but yet at the same time still refusing to check and bring into line the very cause of the derailment of black society, the black witch. The so called black community is irreparable, therefore free thinking black men need to separate and create completely new communities with traditionally minded non black women.

  6. White sugar honey: Hun, is it true that a man in Baltimore got tasered by security?
    SYSBM: Yep!

    When I looked at the shirt and said true, what do they mean by that? True stupidity? When you act up in public, you face the consequences like this guy who got tazed by the security guard. And I don’t know why he acted like that and the security guards have taser guns. If it was police officers and he was outside and he acted like a fool, the police would off lite his ass up with 9mm bullets.

    And the woman who got lippy with him, she backed off when he charged after her. I don’t know what happened in that social service off in Baltimore but all I see is chaos and a man getting tasered. Did you see when he landed on the chair first and then landed on the floor? When it comes to the ratchet black women, these women will get a man arrested and put in jail or six feet under.

    Remember the woman who got tasered by that mall cop ten years ago? That remind me of that woman getting zapped by the mall cop. And it happened right in front of her children as well. And the man come along and try face up with the man. I don’t think that the kids are his though.

    The man should do is to just walk away. If he stuck a finger at her and then walk out, then maybe I’ll accept that. Black men can’t act like a fool like this when the ratchet women are around. Because these women will put a man in jail or worse. Lord have mercy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      I remember that episode, the security guard’s name was Darien Long, he cleaned up that mall so well but the shop owners wanted the trash and the scum to return because they were losing business. So they got him fired and he was also arrested for tasing that ghetto hoodrat.

      It’s amazing, you hire a mall security guard, he performs the job outstandingly, then you fire him for doing his job properly. You cannot make this stuff up. The taser is how you treat these dysfunctional black females, neutralise them first and ask questions later:

      1. Verbs,

        Darien Long is a legend. It is a shame they did not respect the brother who was making the mall safer for the community, but as you stated, the communitah prefer chaos rather than peace and safer neighbourhood.

        Here is the Youtube channel:

  7. Verbs wrote the following:

    “Did you see how many police came into the building, you would’ve thought that they were facing off against the Green Lantern core or Superman.”

    To be honest, the White man knows how strong Black men are physically; the thing is that they’ve transformed your physical prowess into something that is perceived as dangerous through propaganda. Although a taser was used, best believe a gun would’ve been used had it escalated further; they need that “great equalizer” because they would easliy get overpowered without it. To sum it up, the less you come in contact with the scraggle daggle, the less likely you are to end up in a situation like this guy.

  8. Blue Collar Trevor,

    They’re definitely afraid of the power of the black man, this is why typically it’s all hands on deck when dealing with black men. I still remember the story 7 years ago of a black man who was pulled over by the police while caring for an autistic man. He complied with all the instructions the police gave him, even lying down on the ground with his hands clearly in the air and the police still shot the guy:

  9. I definitely went through this during my divorce. Ex wife (black woman) call the police on me for seeing my son, the police can in full force and arrested me for (potential domestic violence), went to court against her, case was dismissed, and got joint custody. Divorce was finalized six months later and never went back to black women ever since. It was a black man police officer who taught me how to play the game against her in court because he seen many times how black women love to judge shop and lie on black men. I follow the tenants of SYSBM especially the no negotiations with them.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      This is sad but unfortunately this is the typical route that the overwhelming majority of black women take especially when children are involved. They can’t get on with men because they’ve never had fathers in their lives. What makes me angry is they put you through the system only to eventually throw out the case. That doesn’t take away from the fact that your fingerprints and mugshots are now in a police database.

      Arresting a man just because a female says she was assaulted, no evidence, just her word, it’s an absolute disgrace what the West has become. “Believe all women” has literally become a law the police in Western countries follow to the letter. Glad to hear that you got joint custody of your son, black women stay lying on black men all day and wonder why more of us are choosing to give them the boot.

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