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Pandering Simps Abound!

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I suspect just like the playboy and perpetual adulterer Derrick Jaxn, Chris Perry is simply another fleecing merchant who has locked onto the formula to get gullible and silly women to throw money in his direction by telling them exactly what they want to hear.

I cannot knock this guy’s hustle, if women choose to be a bunch of knuckleheads, fail to listen to male advice concerning swindlers, fleecing merchants and still choose to walk into the fire, that’s all on them.

Chris Perry just like other merchandising fraudsters knows full well that the majority of women in the West are simple minded dummies and he’s seized on the opportunity to capitalise on their serious lack of logic and critical thought application when it comes down to the garbage he spews on the daily.

This is why I have little to no respect for the majority of Western females, if all tricksters need to do is proclaim lies and falsehoods behind soft playing music in order to get these broads to empty out their pockets into the trickster’s coffers, how can such simpleton women in the same breath demand respect?

Go onto Perry’s Tiktok and you’ll see that most of his videos have been viewed in the millions, videos no more than seconds long have these simple minded females jumping for joy and happy they can double down in feminist victimhood mode.

Again, as in the case of the panderer and chief Jaxn, the order of the day is to paint men as a collective as villains even though it’s well known these females are only dealing with a small group of men they deem as attractive and desirable.

Let’s break down the goofy Instagram post above that Perry posted on April 6th this year:

“We are living in a generation where men do not want to be protectors and providers”

Complete and utter rubbish, what’s changing is more men are realising that protection and provision are TRADITIONAL CUSTOMS and that most women in the West having thrown off traditionalism for a mindset of modernity, are NO LONGER ENTITLED TO TRADITIONAL TREATMENTS being bestowed upon them.

“You expect women to work, come home to clean, cook, watch the kids and pay half the bills..? When you’re just working and coming home.”

Who told these women to roll into the workforce to begin with, oh yes, that’s right, they fell for the witchcraft, the sorcery and the lies of feminism in the same manner that they lap up this fool’s smooth words and enchantments. Once again, I have absolutely no problems solely providing for a TRADITIONALLY MINDED WOMAN!

Traditional women don’t have a problem with the above because by nature they aren’t lazy, working, cleaning, looking after the children, cooking etc comes as standard with them, it’s only these lazy Western harriets who are out here complaining about STANDARD CHORES.

“A real man pours into his woman so that she can tap into her feminine energy in order to be the kind, nurturing and loving woman she’s meant to be but instead she’s running on E. Women thrive in their feminine energy.”

Traditional women are FEMININE BY DEFAULT, you don’t have to apply any magic tricks, special techniques or pour into them any sophisticated formulas and potions in order for them to become feminine.

Once again gents, dudes like Chris Perry are no different to these on the corner dating roaches who seek to have you capitulating and bowing down to female dysfunction, DON’T be a simp, don’t be that sucker, maintain your masculine frame AT ALL TIMES and point blank refuse to entertain any female who’s not prepared to get onboard with YOUR PROGRAM.

The witch is “running on E” because she’s chosen to subscribe to and practice the religion of feminism that promised her freedom, joy and prosperity away from men but instead robbed her of happiness, delivered her into bondage and a life of misery as well as deceptively steering her away from her innate desire to have children and raise a family.

I keep on hearing a number of YouTubers bring up the stat that by 2030, 45-50% of women in the West will be single, I personally believe the percentage will be higher than that and will come well before that year judging from the current trajectory in conjunction with how quickly Western women are trundling downhill.

Get your passports gents, quality women in the West are few and far between with black women as a collective being completely steeped in the deepest sewer, don’t waste your time with broken beyond repair females, get yourself a traditional foreign woman and never look back. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Women Who Allow Themselves To Be Swooned In By Smooth Talking Merchants Deserve To Be Fleeced

Most High Bless

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17 thoughts on “Pandering Simps Abound!

  1. I have been exposing this guy in YT comments since he started emerging in Shorts feeds months ago and pointing out to the fact he is using the F-boy playbook. But as you know modern Western harlots, especially black American ones, mostly are idiotic and ignorant as F to not even learn from their own mistakes lol. Anyway history is going to rhyme and they are going to hit the same brick wall.

    Speaking of bricks, as I suspected the Somalian lesbian’s brick incident was fake for a number of reasons(but I will hold back a bit lol)…….including the lack of blood and bruising from the texture and impact of a brick assault. The harpy injected saline and is working in the medical field. She was exposed under an investigation by some wiser AA guys; the nurse who treated her spilled the beans. She was wearing a balaclava mask just before that video.

    And she currently has made $40k+ from this obvious scam. It is not the first time and she is a well known agent of chaos and abuser. Serves those black male hating women and SIMPs their just desserts. And I have a gut feeling a number of them will remain silent about this or ignorantly double down, fools.

    Western h**s crying Wolf, as usual

    1. Malcolm X(Da Beast),

      As long as there are stupid women in the world, dudes like Perry will continue to have an endless stream of revenue pouring into his coffers. Men on the sidelines time and time again warn these women about guys like this and yet they still refuse to listen.

      I honestly believe some people are born to be slaves and others deserve to be fleeced since they refuse to think and reason for themselves.

      Yep, something just isn’t right about this whole BrickGate situation. It just goes to show you yet again how black women should NEVER be trusted at face value under any circumstances, anything they say should be double, triple and quadruply verified before being accepted as the truth.

  2. Simping is a money making scheme.

    Chris perry, Umar Gebilface Johnson and Derrick Jaxn want fame and fortune.

    They would all get along in the same room.

    I believe 89% of women will remain single in the western world of anglo saxon societies by 2030.

    The same year of NWO plans within UN agenda 30.

    More like Jewish World Order of communism.

    I just did some historical research on feminism.

    It actually originated in late 18th century.

    Feminism was planned since 1792 before it became effective 168 years later in the 1960’s.

    Mary Wollstonecraft is the founder of it.

    Guess what?

    She was British.

    I wish the UK never existed.

    Moving out of UK is the best decision of my life.

    Now I have a chance to build a future family with a foreign white girlfriend.

    Anglo saxon is a curse on mankind of humanity.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      These feminist blue pilled simps are deep in the pockets of stupid women who’ve forfeited their own thinking and reasoning faculties over to others. I don’t feel sorry for women who get scammed especially when men are and have been warning them about said scam artists.

      Feminism had been lurking about before the 1960s, however it didn’t really get the traction nor the financial backing(Rockefeller Foundation) to take off because most women back then still held fast to traditional customs. Queen Victoria also stated that the feminist religion was a pestilence back in her day.

      Western women have played themselves royally embracing a religion they believed would so called “liberate” them and they’re now finding out the hard way that they’ve been hoodwinked, however at this stage it’s too late.

  3. This dude needs to take some testosterone pills & grow a pair or maybe he can borrow some testosterone from the Daggle because as everyone knows by now they have an overabundance of it! GTFOH!!! 🤣

    1. Val Zod,

      You really have to laugh at these blue pilled simps regarding so much of the garbage they rattle off and then laugh even harder at the women who take the bait time and time again only to be repeatedly fleeced and merchandised.

  4. I think the Panderers are doing God’s Work! They can take the advice and die alone while we explore our options overseas. When the bricks get tossed, the pander bears won’t be jumping out the phonebooth!

    1. Staples Deangelo,

      I believe the next move of these failed western women will be to begin travelling overseas in larger numbers attempting to disrupt the flow of brothers choosing to expand on their dating options. However in non Western countries such behaviour will not go down well for them because they won’t have the same protections as they take full advantage of in Western countries. SYSBM™ and Passport Bros cannot be stopped.

      1. Western women wouldn’t make in the middle east and Eastern counties wouldn’t tolerate that shit

  5. SYSBM: I had a busy day today.
    White Sugar Honey: Come rest next to me.

    Another simp again? Lord have mercy!

    Right, I was watching a video today on YouTube from Passport OG and the video is called Simps: Destroyers of Culture: How Simps Undermine Healthy Culture. These simps are nothing but problematic because of their mindset and that is pandering to women who are below par.

    It seems like there is a new simps that comes out of the woodwork every single minute. W e have tones and tones of them. And they are ready to not only to pander and side with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles but to come after SYSBM and the Passport Brothers.

    We have seen simps come and go. Most of them have now disappeared all because the black men who will not simp light their backside up to the core.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scarggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      If it wasn’t for the blue pilled simps, women would’ve lost their feminist traction a long time ago. The simp is a serious curse and a pestilence upon society. Pandering to and exalting women above men is paganism, I don’t practice paganism.

  6. Verbs 2015.

    Feminism is one of the worst things to happen to mankind because it has destroyed relationships between man and woman and nuclear families. Also these simps get on my fucking nerves and I don’t take any of these guys serious because they are frauds.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. Feminism is a failed religion but Western women still want to hang onto it because they’re drunk off its power and they want to keep getting one over on men, smh.

  7. As much as I despise feminism, I despise the blue pilled simp even more; aside from their deliveries, these simps are all following the same formula and repeating some variation of the same old misandristic talking points. These pandering simps always make women out to be perpetual victims, and everything wrong in women’s lives is the fault of men; they also like to fashion themselves as the shining example of what manhood and masculinity is, and once they’ve won the confidence of silly women, they market their books and merchandise to them. After that is accomplished, simply wash, rinse, and repeat until you can no longer keep up the charade.

    Now, let’s address the 3 videos; why must a man always sacrifice something about himself just to get some cooperation? Also, you can’t make a masculine broad feel secure in femininity when she doesn’t possess it; that’s like saying a man isn’t a good man without a “good woman”. Lastly, we know what being a “strong woman” entails; as for being “providers” and “protectors”, that is reserved for traditional women only. Next to Steve Harvey, Derrick Jaxn was by far the most savvy at this hustle before his fall from grace, and Chris Perry sounds convincing with his soft spoken, ASMR sounding voice; some other honorable mentions include Ace Metaphor, Trent Shelton, Theo Wilson, YADA, Pastor Papi Don, and B.F. Nkrumah (formerly Mitchell Chance).

    They say there’s a sucker born every minute, and there’s always a merchant waiting in the cut ready to finesse them; in a world full of lollipops, stay sucker free, gentlemen. #SYSBM

  8. The SIMPanzees have gone apeshit.


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