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7 Children, 7 Baby Mothers – Pookie Speaks!

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I’m sure you guys must have come across these videos by now as this guy is going viral for simply being upfront and honest concerning where he stands when it comes to women, sex and children.

This is your archetype Pookie right here, the guy who black women allow to run through, use up and rinse them out before seeking out a clean up man/janitor to fall upon the sword and sacrifice himself for the negative consequences stemming from the jacked up decisions these same women made.

This is the type of guy who the majority of black women think is cool, has swag and is their number 1 preference, this is the guy who doesn’t have to take these women out on fancy dates, spend exorbitant amounts of money on them or jump through any hoops in order to clap their cheeks.

This is the type of guy who most black women have no problems having children by even though the man has stated that he’s not interested in siring children nor will he ever take any responsibility for the children he has.

This is the type of guy that these pro blackity black, blue pilled simps refuse to confront concerning his reckless sexual escapades, however they don’t have any problems going in on SYSBM™ practitioners as well as Passport Bros for rightfully seeking alternative healthier women elsewhere.

This is the type of guy who the majority of black women are sleeping with, yet even after having negative experiences with him will still step out to blame all black men as if they’re even attracted to a broad spectrum of black men to begin with, smh.

He’s right, these women are the ones at fault here because they are the ones who are giving him access to their bodies already knowing his position should they end up pregnant.

He’s also correct in stating that even after these videos, they’ll still be no shortage of black women lining up around the block to get dicked down by him, we already know that most black women love venturing into forbidden territory, frolicking in the hay with men they ought to be leaving alone.

It is well known that women control access to sex, they’re the ones who decide who gets to clap the cheeks as well as who gets blue ball rejected, this is why they have no excuses when it comes down to dudes like this.

This reminds me of the Black Witch of Scalp Summit, one Miss Cynthia G, she WILLINGLY entered into a similar situation to the babymommas of the guy above.

Cynthia G was charmed and spellbound by the smooth tongue of her tatted up Slim Sauce type babyfather Robert Perkins, she flew all the way from Seattle, Washington to North Carolina, allowed Perkins to dick her down raw knowing full well that the guy already had 5 babymommas on deck.

Of course, she got knocked up and shortly after she became babymomma number 6. Despite this monumental failure, disaster and colossal calamity on her part, ludicrously she still believes she has the moral high ground and hasn’t relented in her quest to desecrate the image and reputation of black men at every opportunity that presents itself.

The hypocrisy of black women such as Cynthia G is off the damn chain, constantly complaining about “bandits”, “struggle kangs” and “ninjas” aka Pookie type black men only to voluntarily get impregnated by the same, you cannot make this stuff up.

Remember, Cynthia G is the same black siren who advocates for the assassination of unborn black MALE children, as far as she’s concerned if the pregnancy reveals a boy, abortion must be the weapon deployed. Sounds just like this mentally disjointed black wench below:

This is the mentality that most black women carry around with them, they get knocked up by the 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse type black males and of course these particular males don’t want to be involved in the children’s lives.

Once the wench gets a taste of the harshness of single motherhood, all of a sudden her mentality is all black men are to blame and as a result unborn black male babies should be aborted in order to “stop the cycle” of irresponsible men being brought into the world.

Of course these black harpies never question the fact that THEY are the ones raising the majority of these black boys who down the road turn into cold hard terrorists, nope, as per usual no accountability on the black female’s part. Are we really that surprised?

Gentlemen, from long ago you were correct to plot an exit strategy in order to not have to deal with the angry and bitter babymommas of Pookie and RayRay.

The Pookie type Negro though irresponsible is honest and upfront about his intentions, he’s going to bust women down raw and if they end up pregnant, he’s out.

These straggs are on the loose fervently seeking janitors to “step up” and “clean up”, don’t be a sucker, don’t ever be that guy. Leave the cleaning up to the hoards of blue pilled simps these same women have created for this very purpose.

Aren’t these the same black women constantly talking about “finding a man on their level”? Since so many of them are getting impregnated by gutter black men, we can clearly see exactly what level they’re on(the basement).

Notice how in the second video Pookie spoke on something that I’ve been harping on for years, that black women as a collective hold to a hoodrat mindset regardless of their socio economic status.

Brothers, Take your money and resources elsewhere, as the guy said, black women don’t value purity and keeping themselves clean for the man who is going to commit to them, as we already know, they openly confess to hating such men.

Now has never been a better time to be an SYSBM™ practitioner or a Passport Bro, at least you have the ability to distance yourselves as far as possible from Keisha, her babyfathers as well as her devil spawn offspring. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Pookie Is The Black Female’s Number 1 Choice, Let Her Have Him

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “7 Children, 7 Baby Mothers – Pookie Speaks!

  1. This is one of your best articles in my opinion because you hear the unedited truth from pookie himself. I’m officially SYSBM because even though one can be a passport bro, it’s more to it than getting sex.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      Its time we start looking at Shaniqua as public enemy number one, and Pookie as public enemy number two.

      Its long past time for us to stop cosigning this madness by funding this degenracy thru welfare, guilting responsible black men by saying these are the village’s children, and it takes a village to raise them, and all other manner of hotep nonsense.

    2. Robert Chavis,

      What kills me is even after these videos and his brutally honest warning, black women will still be lining up around the block ready to get their cheeks clapped by the guy.

      Right now I can guarantee you that this man’s inbox is currently being flooded especially in light of the fact that he mentioned the size of his member. This right here is an example of a serial impregnator I frequently talk about.

      Black women as a collective love themselves a Pookie, if you’re not one don’t even bother, seek love and companionship amongst women who appreciate men without babymothers and criminal rap sheets 10 miles long.

  2. Blackistan couples are allergic to condoms and vasectomy.

    They breed like rats.

    I really don’t want my relatives anywhere near my own future family with a white wifey woman.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are the most stupidist people on the planet because this Pookie was honest enough to let them know from the get go that he is not interested in having kids with these stupid black women as he is just interested in having just sex with them and that’s it. These same black women still have sex with these Pookie type of black men because in their delusional mind that they foolishly believe that if I have sex with this man and have his kid then he is going to change for the better in which we all know he doesn’t. When these black women destroy their lives when they become single mothers with multiple kids from multiple baby daddies all of the sudden they want the good SYSBM black men like us to come in and be the clean up men for bastard kids that belong to some other irresponsible guy and these are the same stupid black women who friend zone good SYSBM black men in their sexual prime years (18 to 30). As a SYSBM childfree black man at 40, I refuse to date single mothers because I value myself and I refuse to play second best to any man let alone a baby father.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Yep, black women believe they can reverse engineer Pookie’s nature simply by having his children, however Pookie has an eggplant that is in high demand by other black females, therefore why would he compromise his cooch rotation for one whore?

      The Passport Bros recent surge in popularity has put the black female’s plan B/fallback option in serious dire straits, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

      These harriets reject the decent guys when they’re in the prime yet still have the audacity and the nerve to believe they can return to the same guys they cast aside back in the day and somehow negotiate a “deal” with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 children en tow in addition to a used up snatch. Get outta here with that rubbish, life doesn’t work that way!

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. This Pookie on the above videos is well funny and he actually made me laugh because he is entertainment. 😂😂😂

  4. Another outstanding commentary Verbs! You never fail to deliver the raw truth. Respect brother!


  5. I do not care what anybody thinks of me but I’m just going to put it out there….

    Men, should have 100% NO obligation to any children that is produced that he explicitly stated he did not want! It is total bullshit that women have absolute control over reproductive rights.

    Women can:
    – Keep the child if she wants even if the father doesn’t want to keep it
    – Abort the child even if he WANTS to keep it
    – Lie and say she is on the pill but intentionally gets pregnant
    – Lie and say the man is not responsible, but then 8 months later finally tells him “oh your a dad now, you need to be around for your child”
    – Force Child support on the man , even when there is evidence that the child IS NOT HIS

    If any man says :
    “I don’t want children yet,”
    “I don’t want children with you,”
    “I don’t want children at all”

    and she agrees, yet gets pregnant anyways, she still expects him to take care and be the father. If Men forced the woman to birth the child, he will land himself in prision. This is a totally bullshit one sided law that only benefits women/mothers.

    Plus, Women have 100% access to children even when she is clearly unfit while the father will be parentally isolated.

    Women are almost ALWAYS awarded Child Support even if she parentally alienates him from the children. this is unfair

    When the father cries for help from this unfair Imbalance, society says “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BLACK PIECE OF SHIT!! YOU DEAD BEAT!! YOU INCEL!!! PAY YOUR CHILD SUPPORT AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

    If the reverse of this were to happen, Do you know what it would be called? KIDNAPPING!!! How do you kidnap your own child? Yet when women parentally alienate the children from the father, then suddenly it’s “She was protecting you” or they gaslight you with so much bullshit!

    This whole thing is so evil and disgusting that I think men, as a whole , if they don’t want to take care of children that they ALREADY DIDN’T WANT and the woman said “ok honey” and then she turns around and brings the child into the world knowing the father doesn’t want to be a father in the first place, Should be allowed to just walk out.

    Men should walk out especially when both parties made an agreement to NOT become parents.

    Men should not be given the responsibilities if they are not even allowed to even see their own children.

    Child support should be abolished, it is anti-male. It is slavery. I call it CSS = Child Support Slavery

    Society should work on the Male Pill. Actually they did. You know what happened? The feminist marched, protested, and got it destroyed. why? because this is a threat to the power imbalance they have when it comes to reproductive rights.

    For all the assholes out there who say “He should keep it in his pants” is bullshit because many women WILL leave you if you don’t have sex with them. a secondly, why? Men and women are sexual beings. People need to have sex. All over the world, everyone understands this but in the prudish – anti-sex fascists country known as USA, it is the only country that has such a negative view on sex.

    Heres another bullshit I don’t understand:

    Why do women who parentally alienate his children from him suddenly want all other men to take care of a child that HE WANTS to be in it’s life??

    When the father wants to be there for the children, she will take the child away from the man, but then wants to be with other men to take care of the child. What sense does that make? can anyone explain this logic???

  6. I respect this man. Years ago, the simp in me would have said “Noooo you are bad, you shouldn’t abandon them like this”

    but today? My attitude aligns with his! and kuddos to him that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Men in general, are all seen as criminals by default of being born a male. We already have a bad reputation due to KKKeisha making lies about us all ver the media for the last 60 years, so I say to hell with it. They see us as Deadbeats anyways. Why not go all the way…

    unfortunately, us in the SYSBM realm cannot and should never do that because it will hook us right onto Child Support Slavery Plantation. I don’t know if this man is a victim of it but for us men, this is NOT an option to be in.

    1. Carnio,

      I agree, he made it clear to those 7 women that he wasn’t interested in being a father and yet they still chose to get pregnant.

      You cannot fault the guy for being upfront and honest, he himself even states that he’s irresponsible which women should look upon as a massive red flag, however instead they be more attracted to him because of his self admitted irresponsible nature, smh.

      The best thing for black men to do(even though most won’t) is to separate themselves from KKKeisha, her footloose and fancy free babyfathers as well as their devil spawn seedlings.

      SYSBMFORLIFE as far as I’m concerned and based upon what I’ve personally seen take place in black society for the longest, this will always be my path until I hit the grave.

      1. KKKeisha – good one. Black women and white supremacy are bound together. Isn’t Candice Owens a major part of the Russian Jew-run Turning Point USA? Don’t Black women support the Democrats who were the party of the slave owners buying black men and white women from the chosen slave traders in the USA?

        These white men, Jewish bankers and black women behind the race purity grift might be a bunch of evil bastards, but they do know how to run a successful scam. Umar Johnson making a fool out of himself for his “queen” and mentally unstable ghetto youths and white boys becoming domestic terrorists for a bunch of out-of-touch politicians, deluded rappers and online grifters who wouldn’t give a damn about them if they passed them on the road shows why common sense is important.

        If black women and white men really gave a damn about “muh white race” they would focus on dealing with the fentanyl crisis and fixing the structural issues in the West, instead of bitching and moaning about where black men put their sexual organs. Royalty and privilege are earned, not given – a fact white incels and Cynthia G seem to have forgotten.

        And then white men and black women have the absolute gall to throw a fit when people call them out for being the racist losers that they are.

        Facts don’t care about your feelings Shaniqua, Waldo, Kremlin Jack and Hyperborean Rabbi Azov – go fix your own problems before projecting your sexual insecurities onto heterosexual black men.

        1. Fentanyl is a bigger threat to the so-called “white race” than Carlton Banks dating Allison. Then again they can’t rail against an invisible enemy. Meanwhile they do nothing but wait for the government to deal with the border.

          Makes me laugh, they blame BM but they seemingly cannot do without us. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  7. Pookie spoke nothing but facts in this video, everything he said was true and spot on.

    And the worst part is these racist black women will go and sleep with him anyway despite the video, and then run to Reconquista Europa and cry about Latinas and Asians replacing them. Insecure, pathetic losers with nothing better to do – just like the WASPs and Russian Jews who they worship as Gods.

    Funny how white men, racist Jews and black women all have time to dick police black men but can’t be bothered to deal with the fentanyl crisis or the ongoing holocaust of black babies through abortion. No wonder Muslim migrants and white women from foreign countries are kicking their asses right now – the terrible three have nothing worth fighting for.

    Shaniqua can keep the Rainbow Gadston Flag, Pookie, Bottom Shelf Brad and Gulag Commander Kleinberg, not my responsibility not my problem. Let them kill each other, then we rebuild.

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      I don’t really understand how black women can complain about being replaced when they’re not prepared to do what’s necessary to remain in place. More and more black men are deciding enough is enough, the only black men still willing to defend these redundant black females are the blue pilled, ultra deep brainwashed, none thinking simps who’ve literally given up the ability to think and reason for themselves as the black witch does their thinking and reasoning for them. Pookie isn’t even willing to defend them and he’s getting the easiest access to the cheeks, lol, that speaks volumes.

      1. These black women are racist hypocrites plain and simple. They seem to be living in the 50s where black women and white men were seen as Gods while white women and black men were either housewives or servants. Trump and MLK might have had their problems, but they freed up the dating market.

        Racist liberal white men and Shaniquas couldn’t compete after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, so they decided to have a race down the bottom with the refuse of the gulags for who would manipulate gullible ghetto youths and broken white boys into becoming domestic terrorists for corrupt politicians, dumb rappers and special interest groups the fastest.

        Just a bunch of incels with money – that’s what these banker boys, racist liberals and black women truly are.

  8. White sugar honey: Can you come over?
    SYSBM: It’s raining outside.
    White sugar honey: Honey, I’m wet!
    SYSBM: I’m coming over now

    I heard about this. The man has seven children with seven baby mothers. First things. The fool on the video, he better take care of them children. Because child support will follow the man. Do you know how many black men on child support? We’re talking 90 per of black men are paying child support every month. The man doesn’t wanna be a father to these children. That’s not a good sign just like my friend who is not taking care of his 6 children and not focusing on his kids. But yo, this child support is the most frightening thing any man can go through.

    Now the women. These ghetto ratchet hoodrats have children with a worthless man who refuse to take care of his children. These harridans will not have children with a good black man or nice guy but they have children with a worthless dude. We have seen this time and time again of the ratchet black woman having children with some hopeless dude and looking after the child himself. But when it comes to looking for a man, they are looking a guy to look after their children. And the men are saying “There is no way that I’m looking after any man’s child!”

    As SYSBM sees this, they are thinking that they rather date non black women. And the passport brother, they are flying the hell out of here.

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Nope, I’m afraid Pookie is not going to look after his children because that isn’t in his nature. Instead the 7 babymothers will be on the prowl for gullible janitors who’ll be willing to clean up on their behalf. If Pookie was dishonest and disingenuous from the start then I would’ve faulted him, however because he was upfront and honest with these women from the rip and they still decided to go there, they only have themselves to blame for their unfavourable outcomes. #NOTMYCHILDRENOTMYPROBLEM #SYSBMFORLIFE

  9. You gotta love when you hear the unadulterated truth straight from the horse’s mouth; in this case, straight from Pookie himself. His honest rant stands as a testament to the type of relationship games these 304s play; he made it clear from the start that he doesn’t want children, yet the 7 women he mentioned had his children anyway. I bet if he had said he wanted them, they would either abort the child to spite him or tell him that the child isn’t his; now, he’s wrong from a moral standpoint, but you can’t deny that he’s honest about his intentions. These women need to stop trying to force fatherhood on men that don’t want it; they say you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife, but you also can’t turn a Pookie into a papa. Also, don’t let these 304s guilt trip you into playing the janitor role after her false alchemy doesn’t transform her serial impregnator into a responsible man; get your passports, and #SYSBM.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Leave the black women who pine and lust after Pookie to their own devises, however whenever they come sniffing in your direction looking for a clean up jockey after the harsh realities of single motherhood have kicked it, be sure to send them on their merry way empty handed. Black women in particular and Western women in general must learn that they are not exempt from suffering the negative consequences that stem from the bad decisions they’ve made.

  10. Enjoyed reading this editorial.

    Pookie comes clean about the true nature of the straggs that raised him and continue to breed with him.
    They call him a deadbeat but love deadbeats because who else wants to be with them?

    The lowest stragg would rather have unsafe sex, then later use infanticide against Black male babies as a form of revenge against the sperm donor they chose.

    This savage mentality seems like something one would expect from Neanderthals from 10K BC, but nope this is the thinking of many trash Negroes & Negresses in 2023.

    Yet, they continue to mate and create another generation of toilet bowl dysfunction; the only choice is to get as far away from their dysfunction as possible.

  11. I am going to have my mouthful input of this pookie:

    I will say that he maybe an honest pookie but he got to take an L on this and he is a fool.
    Let me explain why,
    Even he was honest to these BW, what these men do not realise that these women can change the agreement, he may be truthful that he did not want children by these 304s. I have to disagree with Carnio because if anyone decide to ‘pump and dump’ without condoms, you will get screwed anyway, using raw sex is basically you at the mercy of these women once they get pregnant, only the women decide to keep the baby or not, not the man. Men has no say as soon as you give up that sperm to the women, especially to the scraggle daggle. Important thing the learn is to protect your seed.

    That is why never deal with them at all.

    Now this man thinks he can get away. Honest or not, if you are a bad Pookie, you may get a pass by these 304s, if you a good Pookies, she will put you on child support.

    He did say he offered money to these women to get abortion. New flash Pookie, they rather keep the kid because you are a Pookie and put you on child Support because it is a money making hustle than abortion. That is their MO.

    I want to bear in mind that these are the same honest pookie when they get older will gaslight and hate on young bros because they decide not to deal with these 304s at all just like some older simps.

    As for these BW got knocked up by this pookie, these women knew the deal and accept the terms, they cannot get upset with the agreement. These are the same females talking about how they have hate towards men with kids, but we know they are attracted to Pookies, they choose the mess with the pookie.

    I am glad you bring this up Verbs about Cynthia G because never forget that she made a campaign against dusty BM and then she decide to get pregnant by the same me she despise, why? because she is likes pookie. She is the same female who gets wet dream about Thughunters.

    Women knows who is good or bad clear as day. They purposely pick the bad boys.

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