SLAYING EVIL TRAVEL – Tips, Information, Advice And Guidance

I would have to say hands down that one of if not the biggest tool that helped me break free from and overcome the various techniques of trickery, witchcraft, enchantments and the overall psychological stronghold and entrapment of the modern day black female was travelling.

There is a reason why black women and their pro black simp flunkies are especially going out of their way to throw heavy shade upon travelling to different parts of the world and experiencing new and different cultures, mind you this is something that non black folks do all the time without reprisal or rebuke.

Travelling to different parts of the world is a normal, everyday part of life…………except when dealing with black society particularly that of the United States. Black women know full well that they cannot compete with non black females on a national level, they are even more afraid of losing “educated lames, squares” etc to foreign women who by and large are even more feminine and submissive than their western sisters.

This is the main reason why in recent years you’ve seen a surge/uptick in black women with their swarms of muddy bootlicking simps coming out of the woodwork thick and fast engaging in relentless campaigns in their efforts to disparage foreign women and the thinking black men who choose to connect with them.

This primed and targeted assault has especially been most prevalent on social media, here are just a few examples of what I’m talking about:

Now, I can see why black women would want to discourage black men from travelling abroad, being the least sort after race of females on the planet and dealing with the fact that black men are the only group who will deal with them en masse, I understand their predicament, though it must be said that I DON’T CARE because black women are the ones who’ve brought such a calamity upon their own heads.

However, its their dumb simp followers who really have me befuddled and confused, they continue to pine and chase after a group of women who point-blank refuse to give them the time of day except when they become single mothers and need HELP.

The truth of the matter is your average simp is a stone cold coward, combine this with the fact that he has been programmed, indoctrinated, trained and bewitched by the modern day black female and additionally doesn’t have the courage nor the testicular fortitude to step outside of his homeland, that cloud of confusion and befuddlement at least can begin to lift a little.

Thinking black man, don’t let these drone idiot simps dissuade you from exploring the world, meeting new people and possibly your future companion, they claim to know so much about foreign women yet the overwhelming majority of these disjointed miscreants have never set foot on foreign soil themselves, what a disgrace.

This page is exactly what it says, a page where SYSBM brothers can post tips, advice, information, links and give other thinking black men guidance on travelling abroad. To start the ball rolling I have included links in relation to how to apply for UK and US passports:

I have also included a link to a website called Passport Kings which you may find useful in providing additional more detailed information concerning picking a place to travel to and ways to make money online whilst on the move:

NEVER allow the minds of delusional numbskulls to stop you from discovering new lands, new people, making new friends and meeting a completely different calibre of woman. Deciding to subscribe to and incorporating SYSBM into your life is the first step, implementing and carrying out the lifestyle is the next one. The first step is always the hardest, however once in motion the rest of the pieces will fall into place like clockwork.

Here is a website from a black man and his experiences with namely Colombian women:

Check out another website I came across called Expat Kings, a travel and lifestyle magazine for black men:

I recently came across this travel blog by a brother who lives in France but is from Haiti:

Travelling is the ultimate way of giving dysfunctional black women and their limp biscuit simps the middle finger, travelling is also an extremely effective way of decontaminating and deprogramming one’s self from the years of abuse, pain and suffering brought about through mingling and interacting with dysfunctional black women.

You only have one shot at this life, make the most of it and do as much as you can because you never know when you will be breathing your last breath. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual, Travel The World And Be Free Black Man

Most High Bless

3 thoughts on “SLAYING EVIL TRAVEL – Tips, Information, Advice And Guidance

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  2. Any of you on the fence reading this, take a chance and go see for yourselves. Once you get a taste of actual feminine women, and being treated with dignity, respect, actually wanted and not expected, and being appreciated for your efforts you will NEVER give another scraggle, hood chick (regardless of race although it’s more prevalent in the so called black community) a second look. You’ll begin to build your own wall of silence, and seek to travel more, learn more, and meet up with more likeminded brothers.

    Just because we don’t advertise ourselves, doesn’t mean we are not around. We are EVERYWHERE; from all walks of life from all over the world. Our numbers are plentiful, we are educated, well spoken and dressed, resourceful and gives zero fucks for the hellhole that is the black community. Hell we outright refuse to go back and clean up a mess we had no hand in making.

    If you choose to embrace the lifestyle, you’ll strive to become a much better version of yourself, and seek only the best and discard anything that doesn’t meet up to your standards. Before you know it, these black whores (or any useless whore for that matter) will be practically invisible to you (unless you hear her loud ass mouth), and you’ll weed out the crabs in your life who wish to do nothing but drag you down. You’ll be shocked to know and come to realize, a good majority of those crabs will be in your family. Whatever approach you take to remedy that problem, just know you’ve plenty of brothers who’ve got your back.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result. Dealing with useless gutter trash is the same thing.

    Resources and experiences are plentiful on this site, and we are all more than happy to help out how we can. It’s ultimately your call to throw caution to the wind and see for yourselves, or stay in the same mundane lifestyle you’re used to.

    For those of you who choose to come along, welcome to the sysbm lifestyle and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

    For those of you who are too scared and whipped to take a chance, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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