Yep, That’s What She Said, Smh!


Yep, this is the mindset of your average black woman today, as fellow blogger Afrofuturism1 says over and over again, most black women are Ticking Time Dykes. If a man said the equivalent but in relation to his male friends, at minimum people would immediately call him out as highly sexually suspect, just labelling the guy a homosexual based upon such a statement would be completely justified.

Sukihana’s Twitter page is beyond the gutter, it’s practically a porn site. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any problems with sex, far from it, however whenever you come across women like this who have no problems flaunting sexual behaviour flamboyantly in public, that is not the kind of female to take seriously or think about having a long term relationship with.

I truly feel for American black men, however NOT for those who still choose to deal with these women despite seeing their dysfunction on open display, quite a number of you have stepped forward and stated without hesitation that you have the worst female counterparts on the planet and I have to agree, and just to think most black children grow up in single parent households where their mothers are readily playing the fool and acting like outright whores.

We clearly see why so many black children are growing up with mangled psyches, it’s these modern day black females who are the culprits responsible for the damage(even though they want to blame black men, no surprises there, however you cannot place the blame on somebody who is OUT OF THE PICTURE). As has been stated many times before, remove black women from children and the young ones will thrive, this is especially true for young black boys.

What makes me laugh about Sukihana is not so long ago she made a video where she was crying her eyes out talking about the music industry, its links to the illuminati and how dark of a place it is, however it just goes to show you that if you throw a few more dollars in the average Negro’s face, integrity, honesty and truth will fly straight out of the window.

The entitlement of many of these Western females is off the chain, this is why if at all possible I encourage brothers to just go foreign as you’re much more likely to strike a better deal. If that move isn’t a feasible one then at least ensure that you choose a woman who is feminine, traditional/classic and rejects “westernised” philosophies and standards.

She’s already go hair growing out of her own head, yet she expects you to pay $500 for her multi coloured wigs, smh, hair on top of hair, make that make sense. She’s already got nails growing out of her own fingers, yet she expects you to pay for fake ones, smh, nails on top of nails, make that make sense. she’s already got eye lashes yet she expects you to pay for fake ones, smh, eye lashes on top of eye lashes, make that make sense.

Then she wants you to pay for her makeup which when removed reveals the real creature beneath(which normally is a Rocky Horror Show on steroids). Black women have removed themselves so far from looking normal at this point it’s way beyond ridiculous. “Sizzor f**k my female friends”, and the simp who going to marry this chick doesn’t have a problem with that statement, smh.

As per usual gents, vet these women with a fine tooth comb, as always err on the side of extreme caution, always use wisdom when choosing and definitely steer well clear of any women who fail to demonstrate any decorum. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Daggles And Straggs Are NEVER AN OPTION For Heterosexual Free Thinking Black Men

Most High Bless

43 thoughts on “Yep, That’s What She Said, Smh!

  1. Again what’s with the cultural appropriation of foreign names – Sukhi? Does she look Sikh to anyone here?

    Broads like this are enabled by low grade thirsty simps who want to get their cocks wet (and don’t care who it is). But the poor sap who decided to marry this is also thirsty for company and a home to stay in. Don’t get it.

    This is probably why we SYSBM get called incels for rejecting trash. I’m certainly not going to smash numerous random entitled women just to gain favour with livestream-addicted Democrat plantation boomers.

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    • Michel,

      As far as the black witch is concerned, you’re not allowed to use the words “culture appropriation” when it comes down to the black woman, as far as she is concerned she doesn’t do it even though it’s blatantly obvious she does.

      This modern day black female is something else, relentlessly pumping billions of dollars into the hands of other communities but then wants to turn around and talk about black men being “conquered” and not “building” anything.

      These women make it so easy for black men with sense and intelligence to avoid them at all costs, labelling us incels because we choose to hold ALL women to a higher standard, whatever makes them feel better at night.

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    it’s all about $$ to them.

    It’s not about connection/building a life together….it’s about $$.

    They wonder why men just see them as the three-holed-demons that they are. The smart men avoid
    these women at all costs in every facet of their lives.

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    • Black women in developed nations whether North America or Europe use all three holes to destroy and avoid accountability .

      1) Mouth to talk nonsense and have biased feminist opinions that crush black men’s spirits.
      2) Their vaginas only exist to collect money and to initiate a full or part-time career in collecting child support.
      3) When it comes to their ears they never listen until it’s too late and they’re damaged goods.

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      • The underline transfer of wealth is one of my biggest pet peeves.

        I liken this to learning when your young not to stick your finger in the light socket.

        Think of your dick as your finger, do you really want to stick your finger in that?

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  3. While I was walking in a shopping centre in Nottingham UK, I saw an advert on a screen saying “One day, we hope black people can become prime minister and live in a world to be treated fairly”. News flash, there are black presidents in Africa. No other race of people are begging for acceptance. The cause of this issue are black females and black males who date them. Its depressing seeing this shit. This is why smart black men have to date out globally. I don’t like the facial features on black females. I have seen images of white women dipped in dark chocolate. They look so much better. Why did god create ugly facial features of black females? Maybe it’s punishment. I don’t know.

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    • Witwijf,

      I saw a similar poster here in London as I was passing through Hammersmith. I agree, black folks have to take what is rightfully ours, there is no respect earned no ground gained through begging as well as pleading for mercy and acceptance, that behaviour will simply cause blacks to be despised and hated even more.

      Black women at one stage actually looked reasonable, however those days are long gone. As I keep on saying, I believe that nature has granted them their wish to be men, hence why we see so many ugly, masculine looking and overweight black women walking around today.

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      • I remember when I first heard Tom Leykis in the year 2000.

        I would listen to him while stuck in afternoon traffic. Back then, when I was young and clueless, I thought he was entertainingly brash and crazy; and didn’t take him seriously. Now, that I am older and wiser, the man was on point. I wish I would have taken his broadcast seriously.

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    • There in-lies the quandary that Black men find themselves in.

      Especially if you live in the ‘hood.

      The most I’ve ever paid for a “date” was to take a chick to a NBA basketball game.

      Never expected much more than a peck at the end and to schedule 2nd date. When that didn’t happen, I was done spending that kind of money.

      There are women on this planet that are much more appreciative if you courting them. The woman above was White, so I have no illusions here, the culture/society is the problem not the individual.


  4. Ticking time dykes lol I must use that. Yeah that last line was a clear indicator of her being in her alter the lesbian one that is . A supporter of the alphabet group

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  5. The audacity of this heifer; let me address this harridan point by point:

    1) The man is actually the one who is sacrificing something when he takes a woman out for dinner; the money he spends on her could be put to much better use, so why shouldn’t he get something in return for his investment?

    2) Where the heck do you find $500 dollar wigs?!? What do these wigs look like? Who even needs external appendages that are so costly? This is why the stragg can’t grow hair: they stifle their own natural hair underneath fake hair.

    3) Professor Trick Daddy was correct when he said Black women weren’t achieving anything when they get their make up, booty, and breasts done; their choice of outfits are no better. The folly of spending money for external appendages yet they still can’t attract a good man!

    4) If she wants Uber Eats and scissor sex, she can go right ahead; it would do the simps who bankroll her whorish lifestyle much good to do the same for themselves instead of funding an entitled slut.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Many women in the West don’t really know how good they’ve got it, everything they can achieve is because it was men who put the systems and the mechanisms in place that they can now take advantage of and participate in. Traditional/classic women recognise this, hence why they’ll have no problems showing an upstanding man of good character respect and reverence without hesitation, westernised women on the other hand are a completely different kettle of fish.

      Like you said, Professor Trick Daddy was right, if these black heifers didn’t tighten up then they’d be thrown to the wayside and brothers would simply scoop up and be scooped up by mixed and non black females.

      Sukihana has set the model that the rest of black female society out to be following, take advantage of the multitudes of simps that they’ve created and unleashed within black society as they are the black female’s only realistic option, high quality men are not going to give females like Sukihana the time of day.

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    • Blue Collar Trevor & Verbs2015 ——– Black females–world-wide–stay stuck on ignorance. Recent posts show USA black females complaining that Spanish-speaking women are taking our nig*as away. Despite this complaint, it is estimated that 92% of USA black female voters voted for Joe Biden in the recent presidential election. Biden is the presidential candidate that is softer on illegal aliens. Many of these illegal aliens are the same Spanish-speaking women that many black females want deported. —

      Professor Trick Daddy has warned black females that Spanish-speaking women are defeating them in the competition for quality black men. Despite Professor Daddy’s voluminous academic works, black female continue to act against their own best interests. Many black females rather make childish and highly irrelevant comments about Professor Daddy’s hairstyle. These same black females do not make any effort to explain away Professor Daddy’s research.

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    • She said it cost her upwards of $500 for her entire outfit. I know Black men like to focus on weaves and wigs so I’ll give that a bit of a pass.

      BW in general have to do more to look “acceptable” In society. Which is another one of my pet peeves which not take on any additional “projects” IE no ugly women and no fat women.

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  6. Verbs 2015.

    Wow those black women who wear those expensive weaves costs more than my monthly rent. Black women these days have no pride in themselves and its no wonder why they’re the least desired woman on the planet because they the biggest self haters on the planet and the biggest cultural appropriaters at the same time but you can’t question them about it. The amount of times that I have been called a incel and ugly by simps on my YouTube channel for speaking the raw truth on my channel about black women and the weird irony is that these simps and trolls are always hiding their faces with fake pictures because they know that they are ugly in real life and I will destroy them with harsh words in which I do anyway.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Anybody who refuses to bow down to the sacred cow of black society as well as point blank refuses to put on an iron cape and simp for her is automatically deemed an incel by those who have chosen to lick the muddy boots of the black witch contingent.

      Getting a woman really isn’t a problem, getting a woman of HIGH QUALITY in 2020 however in the West is certain more difficult and problematic than it was in times past. Again, compare black women of the past to what black women look like today, I’ll continually refer back to this article:

      These simps are simply bewitched, they’re extremely envious of you because they see that you haven’t been spellbound and placed under a trance like they have.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. The good thing about me as a childfree black man at 38, I didn’t get one of these black women pregnant or I didn’t become a step father to a black woman with multiple kids from multiple baby daddies and that’s the reason why pro blacks and simps are jealous of SYSBM black men like me because I have the freedom to do whatever I want and they don’t.

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    • Getting sex from BW is no milestone accomplishment. Every single one I dated/smashed became more disagreeable, disrespectful and violent afterwards. In certain situations where my manhood is on the line I treat them like they treat me or just avoid them.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick ———— Certain people do not understand that terms such as INCEL, MGTOW, PRO-GUN are terms of self-description. It is quite silly, for example, to label a person PRO-ABORTION without any facts. ———– Besides, any man that has $40.00 (USD) cannot be labeled as an INCEL.

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  7. If any man says that he attitude is sexy, they need to get their ass whopped! I saw he twitter page as well and it all dick sucking, foul language, nudity which doesn’t bother me but its very cringe worthy after seeing what I saw. And you wonder why black men who are think minded leave these scraggs behind and move on to something better then thing with a foul mouth. And when they see black men with non black women, they will throw a fist of rage and start complaining of black men being with on black women. Really though? How can they complain about black men with non black women and they are wearing weave?

    And all of the simps says to thinking black men “Wife her up nigah!” Even though I’m not getting married but there is no way that any thinking black man will marry no scraggle daggle hoodrat. All the simps that is looking at her twitter look at her as the woman beyond their wildest dreams. But then they will be a nightmare what is all about. I could never be with someone like her because she will make me give me a headache. These women need to be avoided at all cost.

    Hey, keep you white sugar honeys safe all night because these ghetto dungles are coming after non black women as they always say where are good black men are.


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  8. 1) I guarantee you Sukihana is using all the scams on BM that her mother and grandmother taught her. She has three kids. I’m not sure if she has gotten engaged to the baby father (s). The problem is she wants to have control over everything like $$$€€££, resources and decision making. Any BM that deals with her for sex and relationship is a simp. It won’t be me. Haven’t slept with a funky weave/wig BW since 2016.

    2) BW whether good or trash behavior have a bunch of secret BFs and sex partners. You are like #50 to her. The pussy has gotten so wide open that u will not feel any pleasure down there.

    3) BW love having partnerships LGBTQ men. Why?? Because most gay BM are mama’s boys. She has more in common with them because of being raised by single mothers. LGBTQ BM are watching to see if a BW’s straight BF will cheat. Which is why she keeps him around. While there are good decent brothers who come from single mothers the majority of them turn out to be the male version of Sukihana.

    4) Typical BW are nothing more than a slot machine at a casino. Your time and money will only make her more of a gold digger and attention whore. Yes other races of women can be this way. But at least they are respectful about not being interested anymore.

    5) If getting sex is not a problem for me or other BM. Then problem is usually the BW’s foolish behavior, cooperative communication and lack of common sense.

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  9. LOL. More like dine and dash. Being a gentleman with BW is all hog wash. BW talk so much with their girlfriends about nothing then are super quiet and selfish by texting other dudes on the date. I haven’t taken one out on a date in 5 years.

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  10. Here we go again with the fake Asian names, Tokio Toni and Black Chyna, anyone?

    The chick looks straight up horrible too, point black. This is what most non-mixed black chicks look like, not a boner maker in the bunch. Keep in mind that she actually doesn’t have a terrible shape and isn’t morbidly obese, unlike most black women. Yet and still, she looks like wet and sour regurgitation. Even if a black women has a decent shape, nothing makes up for everything else looking like a tranny. I don’t give a damn if you’re in the gym 23 out of 24 hours a day, if you look like somebody that Black British Guy would hit up at Waffle House at 2 a.m., I’m good.

    All these demands and not offering a damn thing. Most black women aren’t even just decent people who are fun to talk to and hang around with. Even rejected white women can have that going for them, especially when it comes to getting a man. If you’re a woman who at least has a nice personality and aren’t completely repulsive, you have to TRY to not have a decent man. Hell, even the ugly ones with good hearts can find decent ugly ass dudes, lol.

    And of course, tick tock, this chick is looking to lick twat. Black women are asexual/homosexual by nature, that’s why they like The Color Purple with the old black dykes as each other’s rocks. Someone a week or so back said that black women don’t REALLY lust for the white man, they just want the place of the white women. Likewise, they also want the mixed race, less black children. Once they have this, they psychologically don’t need a man anymore and can just be satisfied with dyke colonies full of bastard kids, i.e. the ghetto. True, they like dick and like having something stabbing their guts, but they really aren’t fit for relationships, even among each other.

    Who the hell would wine and dine this chicks? I have no problem with a man taking out his girlfriend and especially wife to nice and fancy restaurants and dates, but if you think I’m going to put out the ritz on the first date, especially for someone who looks like an alien from Star Wars, you’re crazy as hell. But of course, the simps will lust, and there’s probably one nutting in her as we speak. Idiots. Let 95% of the black race die the death of permanent serfdom.

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    • We have the “silent majority” of support. Trust me the media, think tanks and the rest of them see the gender war between Black men and Black women is much more virtualic than the between the other ethnic groups.

      She is also right that Black men have to endure burdens they didn’t ask for. Being told by Neo-Liberals like Obama to put the controller down and read to our children is just pandering to Black women and other Neo-Liberals that Black men are a failing class of people that don’t need any help as we already have access to the social welfare system (LOL).

      One more time, ain’t nobody posting videos of White men doing the Electric Slide at their wedding reception, we OWN THAT MARKET.


  11. Black Women are the losers choice, it’s life saving to avoid these women at all costs if you are a well to do Black Man. Black Women only want decent Black Men to destroy them with child support

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