Black Women Are NOT “OUR” Women – Deal With It!


Big up Youtuber SadBlackWoman(SBW) for making the above video, even though it’s 5 years old it still rings very true especially today. The very last video he made was around 3 years ago, I suspect he stopped because of the YouTube Gestapo and their encroaching censorship rules. He used to have a lot more videos on his channel, however you already know these black sirens made sure to get rid of as many of them as possible.

I’ve stated this time and time again, however it’s evident that most black men are either hard of hearing or they point blank refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall, black women DO NOT belong to black men, they are the property of white men and his system, this has been the case ever since chattel slavery and this arrangement will never change.

Most black women see black men as a “fall back, he’ll have to do” option. As has been discussed here many times before, black women want the seed of white males because white men are the ones who can give them those mixed race children with light skin, light eyes and so called “good hair”, thereafter they can live vicariously through that child and their white lord and saviour Lieutenant Sleet believing that having a white boyfriend/husband and a mixed baby is helping her climb the mountain of whiteness, however nothing could be further from the truth.

I honestly don’t understand outside of witchcraft, spells and enchantments how black men can still deal with black women comfortably knowing that they’re only dealing with them because they don’t have many options available ie white and other non black men just aren’t checking for them in significant numbers.

I honestly don’t understand how black men can deal with a group of women who don’t want them, any and every opportunity black women get they use it to disparage, mock and ridicule brothers while at the same time playing out their fantasies of being Captain Snowflake’s slave or side piece. For those dumb Negroes who still don’t get it, here is a search link on Amazon for black women/white men(BWWM) romance novels:

These black female/white male romance novels go on for page after page after page after page. These are the usual suspect women pretending to all of a sudden care for the same black men they’ve been spitting in the faces of since slavery began. Remember, during the times of slavery it was a rare thing for black women to be raped by the slave master, most of the sex that took place between both parties was consensual even with those black sirens who were already married.

Black women would go out of their way to groom their daughters for “massa” in the same manner that they groom their children for these church beast predator pastors today. Nothing has changed, there is nothing new under the sun. As SBW said, black women are better off with white men, it’s just a pity that they’ve run themselves so far into the gutter and allowed themselves to be so deeply corrupted, that white men who would’ve had no problems dealing with black women in the past are now beginning to give black women the side eye and a wide berth.

Do you realise that the overwhelming majority of videos on Tik Tok where girls/women are showing interest, love and appreciation towards black men are coming from white and other non black females? Let that sink in for a moment, you’re much more appreciated in non black female society than by your own female counterparts.

Finally, don’t ever forget the television show Scandal and how black women avidly tuned into every episode living through Olivia Pope, dreaming that they were in her position as the President’s adulterous side piece. As the saying goes, the black woman would rather be the white man’s whore than the wife of a black man.

Gentlemen, continue to go where you are being shown love and appreciation, only a fool would continue to deal with a group of females who positively don’t like him. The first video above is simply confirmation that black men not being wanted by black women should take the next logical step and seek out love and companionship elsewhere. As the SYSBM commander and chief MBD would say, SYSBM brothers, be free.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Till The Wheels Fall Off – Go Where You’re Loved And Appreciated Black Man

Most High Bless

94 thoughts on “Black Women Are NOT “OUR” Women – Deal With It!

  1. They (BW) trying to have their cake and eat it too. Have a baby by a white guy then years later the white guy is going to leave her, then she’s hopeing that the black guy is going to be a full blown simp and take care of her and her non biological child.

    Hence “have your cake and eat it too”.

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    • Alex C,

      The cleavage showing black Jezebel Irene Yvette springs to mind, she managed to find herself an iron cape wearing simp, however most of these harpies don’t.


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    • But the thing is, white men are not checking for the sheboons, not even for meaningless sex. We have to stop buying into this fantasy that bw get with wm (I’m talking even just sex) at the same rate that we black men get with white and non-black women. It does not happen

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      • brotherestabon,

        I totally agree.

        Just look at the average sheboon. Would you want it ?? I think not.

        Not unless you are the hardest up type of simp. I mean, they are ugly, obese, ratchet, ignorant, loud, violent, broke, full of venereal diseases, have multiple bastard niglets, and mentally disturbed.

        Only the top 10 percent of scraggle daggles are good enough for any normal man to want to bang them.

        Now, I have seen hard up black simps who would put their johnson in a meat grinder. The same is true for the lowliest bottom shelf Brads.

        But an average man who has no trouble getting women, wouldn’t be interested in the average scraggle daggle. And that goes for men of all races.

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      • Brotherestabon,

        Exactly, hence why they have to degrade and dehumanise themselves to appeal to their white lord and saviour, and even then he’s still not interested. If black women displayed femininity and had respect for themselves then things would be very different, however let them continue believing they can clim Swirl Mountain via the janky path that they’ve created and chosen to embark upon.

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    • Wash cloths, huh?

      When I saw the comment, I couldn’t help but think about my first trip to South America. There were no wash cloths. The apartment I rented had plenty of towels, but not a single wash cloth. Even the 5-star hotel, I stayed at, didn’t have wash cloths. I ended up cutting up a towel into wash cloths.

      My assumption: I don’t know where he’s from, but it might be a cultural thing.

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      • Verbs, the hotel was in Santander, 400 miles east of Cartagena. In Cartagena, in my opinion, it’s better to rent an apartment, because it cheaper for extended stays.

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      • BA,

        I agree, I always rent an apartment myself, I find I can do things within my own schedule instead of having to have breakfast at a certain time and then needing to exit the room for the maid to clean up.

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    • It’s well known that the snowman’s hygiene isn’t the best but I can’t imagine anyone not using a washcloth. That’s fuckin disgusting 🤢

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      • Abe Martinez,

        I don’t want to be too graphic, but it begs the question. How do you wash your ass ?? With your finger ! LOL

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    • Wash cloths are fairly common in Jamaica!

      The downside is that sometimes them cloths stink and depending where they go, have brown smear marks that can’t be laundered out…

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Smh, I can understand in certain third world countries, but this dude lives in the US, what’s his excuse? He’ll gets a pass though from the black sisterhood of failure because he’s their white lord and saviour.

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    • 1. I can’t believe he admitted that
      2. I can’t believe SIRena let them print that story

      He basically admitted that until sHE came into his life he wasn’t washing himself properly. And SIRena married him, what a desperate nasty bitch!

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women love to get with their white lord and saviour because he can give her mixed race kids that she desires so much because black men can’t give her mixed race children and the weird irony is that you still get these pro black simps preaching black love and that SYSBM black men like us should only be dating black women and they are trying to guilt trip us if we refuse to date black women and that we prefer to date non black women instead. These idiot pro black simps need to realise that black woman don’t want them like that especially when these black women are in their sexual prime years(18 to 30) dating the worst kind of black men ever or a white man and these black women only want these pro black simps when they hit the wall and they become single mothers with multiple kids from multiple thug baby daddies or if they have kids from a white man and what decent black man in his right mind would take that bullshit, baggage and drama because I as a childfree black man at 38 sure don’t.

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  3. DJ Kidd comes to mind especially with 85% of black women make up new HIV and STD cases. Again, many, many, black women have HIV and herpes. Once you start continuously remembering those stats, you’ll look at black women and say, “she ain’t worth the risk”.

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  4. I liked the sad black women videos so much that I bookmarked the web page. I’ve admitted in many posts that I used to be a simp. I only bring it up because in my simp days, I knew a cross section of black women. I’ve known black women that black simps would call fine. I’ve known black women who had plain faces and big booty bimbo shapes. I’ve known educated and non educated black women, professionally employed and broke black women. The point is, they all had the same shitty attitudes and delusional thinking. Underneath the surface attributes, they were all the same. They all believed they were entitled.

    I stopped simping long before I discovered SYSBM. It was a natural evolutionary change for me. I thank God that I have the type of mind that observes and critically evaluates people. I went to an all boys Catholic school and I was a bookworm, so I didn’t have much experience with women during adolescence. I had no older black men giving me constructive guidance about black women. The only guidance I had about black women, came from other black women. And it was all lies and total bullshit. Looking back, the black men in my environment were all natural simps to black women. So I learned about the scraggle daggle from first hand experience. I thank God that my strict Catholic upbringing prevented me from ever throwing prudence to the wind, when I was dealing with the scraggle daggle.

    I think my mother believed that she loved me. But what she taught me about black women was worse than useless. It would have led to my demise, if I had not been able to observe black women and figure them out for myself. I rail against the black simp all the time. This is because I know that the black simp empowers the scraggle daggle. The scraggle daggle simply couldn’t exist without the black simp. The black simp is his own worse enemy, as well as the worse enemy of all woke black men.

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    • @AmericanBlackMan

      Top post ABM! Very insightful with lots of truth nuggets that others can learn from.

      But as you said, it is “a natural evolutionary change” — provided that brothas TRULY KNOW themselves, are intimately aware of their surroundings, are keen to seek knowledge OUTSIDE of the ignorant black community, are not desperate for attention, and, most importantly, are able to quickly & accurately judge people from ALL walks of life. Sadly, all (or most) black simps come up short in most or all of the above credentials.

      Its time for the SYSBM movement to go to the next level. The sooner awakened redpilled black men can latch onto the SYSBM philosophy, the better things will be for the next generation Black Community 2.0.

      I still feel every American SYSBMer should get the fcuk outta Dodge since the entire country is IMPLODING socially, economically & obviously politically.

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      • Black Picard,

        The West is done, once people get rid of any moral compass and standards, they leave themselves wide open to to be ruled over by evil dictators and wicked tyrants.

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    • Very introspective…

      Alot of black mothers are really like “Mom” in the “Promised Neverland” manga. They are just fattening you up like cattle for the upcoming slaughter, with a smile and cheerful face.

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    • Americanblackman,

      “This is because I know that the black simp empowers the scraggle daggle. The scraggle daggle simply couldn’t exist without the black simp. The black simp is his own worse enemy, as well as the worse enemy of all woke black men”.

      Amen to this, these simps are the main reason why black women thus far have been able to escape their recompense, however they won’t be able to run forever, harsh judgements are coming for them the likes of which they will not be able to evade at all.

      Listening to advice from women about how women work and how to deal with them in the overwhelming majority of circumstances doesn’t work because the woman giving the advice typically does so from an emotional standpoint instead of using logic, common sense, rationale, reason, wisdom etc.

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    • “I think my mother believed that she loved me. But what she taught me about black women was worse than useless. It would have led to my demise, if I had not been able to observe black women and figure them out for myself. I rail against the black simp all the time. This is because I know that the black simp empowers the scraggle daggle. The scraggle daggle simply couldn’t exist without the black simp. The black simp is his own worse enemy, as well as the worse enemy of all woke black men.”

      Simps actually think it’s a virtue to see black women as above criticism.

      The same black women will say the simp hates black women, and even call him an abuser and rapist, just by virtue of being black and male.

      I remember the actor Anthony Anderson described how his mother used to tie his hands, string him up and beat him with extension cords, like some warped S&M scene, except with children. The guy said it “made him the man he is today” and describes himself proudly as a “momma’s boy”. SMH.

      Back in the day, “momma’s boy” was an INSULT. In jamaica, “mamma man” means gay. Yet nowadays, you have black men running around thinking it’s a VIRTUE to be a “momma’s boy”… while the majority of black “mommas” are not even really on their son’s side.

      Black women are horrible. The sooner in life a black man comes to the realization that black women belong to the game, the more likely he’ll succeed in love and in life.

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  5. Since Serena Williams had to teach her husband what a washcloth is. I will teach the lessons that my father taught me which the three S’s. Shit, wipe good, shave, then shower. Better yet, use pure soap that don’t have dyes in it and go to your skin doctor often.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Serena William’s husband, Alexix Ohanian, is reportedly worth 9 million dollars. He might not even be worth that much. Serena Williams is definitely worth 180 million dollars. I predict he will put in just enough time with her to get his big pay day. When he leaves her, he will take a big chunk of her fortune with him. I’m sure he is squirrelling away during the marriage as well. The same type of thing is going on with sister Venus..

      I remember when it was reported in 2004 that Serena Williams gave an interview where she said :

      ” Of course not but lets face it, if Oprah would date outside of her race she would be married with children now. The state of most black men is so low the only thing you can do is love them. Like a poor homeless dog. You can’t expect it to protect you. You can only offer shelter and love and watch as our neighbor’s pitbull protects his home and family. I, unlike Oprah, am not forced to stay within those boundaries. I was born into a new generation of black women. All I can say is when you find a successful black women who is not married and does not have children it is because they refuse to accept the two choices. Some may go as far as marriage to a black guy but they realize divorce is inevitable so they do not have children. Or they have children with one and don’t marry in order to preserve their wealth and good credit. Oprah is one of many who silently protests being stuck with such poor choices by refusing to marry and reproduce but you can see how much it hurts her. She’s always giving away money to children’s charities. I hope she makes the choice to marry a non-black soon so she can have a child of her own..”

      She reportedly made many more offensive comments about black men in this interview. When this hit the internet, her PR people denied it, and launched damage control. They called it a hoax. I believed it was true.

      Shortly afterwards she began publicly being associated with dating Common. I believe she was using Common to rehabilitate her brand. You see, it was still relatively early in her career and there was a lot of endorsement money ahead of her. Sponsors typically don’t like to use celebrities with controversies attached to them.

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  6. Notice whenever there’s a heavy SYSBM presence, the counterfeit role switching version ends up being worse?

    White girls flood TikTok telling us boys in no uncertain terms how much they love us. Brilliant.

    However, the BW/WM version ends up being the fake, degraded version – no originality, the exact same thing done in reverse, with a strong hint of slave roleplay.

    Truth is, in the UK at least, 70% of us are seeing white and (increasingly) Asian women in real life. Compared to around 20% for the opposite.
    For us, White women are OUR women.

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    • Michel,

      That slavery role-play is very disturbing, when we think back to slavery white women via their men were also over and in charge of black male slaves, however you don’t see white women pulling that slave role play garbage trying to appeal to us, this is how you know that black women are ultra desperate because nobody wants them.

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    • The common theme BW/WM relationships have are the gatekeeper and slave catcher roles. They both subliminally dislike BM even well educated and articulate. What’s hilarious is the BW somehow pretends she’s not playing a role in contributing to white supremacy.

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  7. At least 90% of Black female/non-Black male relationships are suspect at best, because they stem from a place of worthlessness on the man’s part, and insecurity on the woman’s part. Nothing about the relationship is legitimate, because it all comes from how much black women absolutely hate themselves.

    This is why black women are so quick to throw themselves to the government like a cheap treat, even when they’re at best a dog treat. Black women LIKE being ruled with an iron fist by white governments, slavery is a GOOD thing to them.

    As long as black men even smell the scent of black women, they will not be free to do anything. Separation is the utmost key, as it’s not like black women will be accepted as anything but cum rags by anyone else.

    So the tennis player had to show her multi million dollar fiance (who’s almost never seen with her) what a washcloth is? Again, black women can only ever manage to get the rattiest, most incel-like white men, and even then it’s just so the dudes can bust a nut. No one, and I mean NO ONE really wants to romance black women, after all, how can you?

    Black men of means, start getting the hell out!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Literally doing a Carnio SYSBM is the best way forward for those who can afford to make such a move, the dude gets absolutely no trouble from black women whatsoever because where he is there are hardly any. The only time they upset him is when he visits this website and sees the latest garbage they’re engaged in.

      But hey, according to some we’re just a bunch of conspiracy theorists over here being accused of making stuff up even though we’ve supplied the evidence alongside many times over, smh.

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    • I’ve dated some BW who didn’t use wash cloths. Serena Williams got with a white man for status. Keke Palmer is next in line. I been done with the whole “strong black woman” fiasco since 2016. They’re only that way with BM whether he’s a thug or law abiding citizen because they think their vagina is so sacred we have to worship them unlike the non BM who can just exist and use his invisible superiority complex to devalue BM. BW are the original sellouts. See how quick they switch sides when food and resources become vast.

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      • Elonjobsearch,

        Which is one of many reasons why I stopped dealing with them in terms of dating and mating many years ago, they simply cannot be trusted and by default they view black men as being inferior to them.

        As far as black women are concerned even though we are their male counterparts they view themselves as a completely separate group from us.

        When they want certain things done it has to be for them and them alone, however when we black men go after certain rights pertaining to us, these sirens always want to tag along either to completely sabotage the effort or to weaken it by having themselves included in the works, smh.

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      • elonjobsearch,

        Although the ‘uncle tom’ character is commonly depicted as a black male, black females were the original uncle toms.

        During the entire North American slavery period (1619 – 1865), it was the black female who lusted after and pined for her white slaver.

        Virtually no rape of black women took place in plantation society. If anything, the negress was raping white men. Every negress dreamed of being ravaged by the massa. Unfortunately, the black male ego couldn’t take this. So black males eagerly latched on to the narrative of the white slaver raping his wife and daughters.

        In reality, his wife and daughters wanted the white slaver, competed with other negresses for the attentions of the white slaver, eagerly abandoned their black mates to indulge the lusts of the white slaver.

        Black male simping has been going on for a very long time.

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      • elonjobsearch,

        Let’s get this shit straight about the black bed wench. In most cases, she was not coerced, she begged for the honor of being massa’s toy..

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  8. LOL. Riiight. You can’t make this shit up in reality…but u can in BWWM “fiction”. 👇🏽👇🏽

    The Billionaire CEO’S Juicy Plus Sized Bet: BBW, BWWM, Boss, Betrayal, Surprise Romance Kindle Edition – by Samantha Daily (Author), BWWM Love

    Carmen was in love and willing to do anything to please her boyfriend, Tavion. When he suggested that they film themselves having sex she was uneasy, but didn’t think it was that much of a big deal. However, shortly after that their relationship turned sour and Carmen found out that Tavion released the sex clip through the office in which they both worked; revenge for a crime she didn’t commit. Now everyone has seen something so intimate, so precious, and she’s filled with shame and the men are filled with lust for her!

    Lance is the billionaire owner of a company when he receives some alarming news that a sex clip of one of his employees is being shared around the office. He’s incensed at this treatment, and angry at the way other men are treating this poor woman. After he meets her, he’s enchanted.

    Will Lance join in with the other men in how they’re treating Carmen? Does he too want to experience this curvaceous plus sized woman’s skills? Can Carmen bring herself to trust another man after her most recent betrayal?

    Find out what happens in this steaming hot BWWM romance by Samantha Daily of BWWM Love.

    Plain & simple: Billionaire CEO Lance is a fcuking simp. Verbs, from looking at that BWWM category u linked above, it appears that the BW in their realities are scoring primo billionaire WM. I guess the sistas in those books are trying to tell us they LOVE mucho dinero. 😁😀

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    • …………….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!!! Are you SHITTING me?!!! This book should be classified as Fantasy/Science Fiction, hell, HORROR even!

      THIS is the extent that black women will go to convince themselves and others that they are desired? No well in HELL a CEO, even a Black one, would so much as get head from this Hungry, Hungry Hippo.

      Honestly, it’s time for me to write some legit SYSBM novels. The shit could be horribly written and still be more believable than these Swirling books. And if they’re actually? Can you say the Black version of Nicholas Sparks?!!!

      That ham beast looks TERRIBLE.

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      • @ afrofuturism1

        >> Honestly, it’s time for me to write some legit SYSBM novels.

        I agree. SYSBM novels – fiction or non-fiction – would totally rule. It is desperately needed because NOBODY ever writes anything good about black men — always black womin or Captain Euro penning some boring autobiography to showcase how special they are.

        Fcuk Huckleberry Finn! How about…?
        – “The Adventures of SYSBM”
        – Miami Vice? Nah, how about “Miami SYSBM 2020”
        – The West Wing? Nah, how about “The Adventures of President SYSBM”?
        – Captain Euro? Nah, how about “Tales of Captain SYSBM”?

        Fcuk Danielle Steele romance novels! How about…?
        – “Blackout Series: SYSBM Explores Latin America”
        – “Blackout Series: SYSBM Explores Asia”
        – “Blackout Series: SYSBM Explores Europe”
        – “Primo Game: SYSBM Style”
        – “Operation SYSBM: Living large in Asia”
        – “SYSBM Chronicles: The Making of a SYSBMer”

        Feel free to steal any ideas from above. One day, if I’m in the mood & I have some good creative psychedelics to get my creative juices flowing, I might pen some timely SYSBM lifestyles articles — if I’m not too busy.

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      • Lingonberry Jones: A Brotha in Sweden
        (Shaft style blaxploitation meets Nordic noir)

        Cleansweep: Operation Scorched Earth (Tom Clancy style thriller with a brotha in an interracial marriage as the protagonist)

        Romance novels include:
        Blacker the Berry (A college girl from a small town falls for the sweetest guy on campus, who just so happens to be the school’s basketball star)

        The Heart, He Wanders (after losing her fiance in a car crash, a city girl recenters herself and finds new love with a black farmer in Alabama)

        Lines Uncrossed (a so called progressive social worker has her beliefs and heart tested when she falls head over heels with the neighborhood hero, but their racial differences make tensions flare for her so-called friends)

        Pleasure You Can Measure: (Fifty Shades style erotica about a trio of white, asian, and Jewish women embarking on gut filling escapades with the darkened new loves of their lives.)

        And my opus: Latter Day Love (a typical Molly Mormon in Provo who’s never even gotten attention from a guy finds herself hopelessly falling for a new business owner, but his being mixed race soon causes issues with her deeply prejudiced family)

        Unlike swirling novels, these actually sound realistic!

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    • BW have to retreat to fantasy like this because reality is too harsh, in reality a billionaire CEO is out of the question, they would be lucky to get pookie the freshout McDonalds fry cook.

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      • ** To Webmaster/Verbs: How come I can’t REPLY to some user comments?? **

        Lines Uncrossed (a so called progressive social worker has her beliefs and heart tested when she falls head over heels with the neighborhood hero, but their racial differences make tensions flare for her so-called friends)

        Damn, those are some dope ass storylines afrofuturism1! I LIKE!!
        You should be having teasing blog posts about these books. I think that would generate a lot of interest in BOTH black & “authentic” white communities. I would also suggest you have them published under a kool SYSBM moniker (or persona) so that said persona is linked directly to all things SYSBM & general positivity which should be of interest to “authentic” progressive CONservatives of all creeds.

        Also, I would get your stuff on a page. It is a million times waay better than FaceCrack. Maybe some intro videos on TikTok to showcase the positive message & “mentalities” of SYSBM folks (ie. redpilled black men!). Also an intro video on BitChute. And of course a Telegram channel (unlimited subscribers with commenting) to broadcast new books. You have unlimited storage there with max upload file size now at 2GB.

        Just my 2 cents. Great stuff though. But the writing has to be tops! It has to DRAW users in, pique their minds, be disruptive a bit, be patriotic a bit, be conservative a bit, be progressive a bit…essentially showcase SYSBM lifestyle as DESIRABLE, LOGICAL, INEVITABLE.

        And I know this may be taboo here, but also do a book where the always charismatic SYSBM hero meets & falls in love with a (gasp!! ) — a…a….a….BLACCK WOMAN – who is of course REDPILLED, non-Westernized, a sensual multi-lingual conservative Scientist & Fitness model/natural hair kinda gal from a RURAL Southern or African community with EDUCATED parents. Make sure to highlight that she was HOME SKOOLED.

        Now a black “power couple” setup like thaaaat would be dope for black society. Imagine a cartoon or comic book series? TShirts & other promotional gear.

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      • Black Picard,

        That’s not me bro, that’s WordPress I’m afraid, just use the comment box at the bottom of the page, include the individual’s handle you’re replying to and quotes if desired, that way they’ll know you’re responding directly to them.

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    • Proceeds to vomit 🤢

      Yeah, no doubts about that on Black Women are not our Women. Because miseducation or not, they would have made the effort as a collective to change themselves fitting for Black men who seeks organic companionship and stable families.

      But that is not the case in the West and I assume in parts of the World.

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      • Blackdjedi,

        They want to deal with white men but because white men don’t want them en masse by a long shot, they’ve got no other alternative but to deal with your 12 Gauge Mike, Chunky Bruh, Shifty Sizzler type characters but then after the relationships inevitably go south, now ALL black men are deemed as garbage in their eyes including the stable, level headed black men they constantly overlooked, smh.

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    • Haha! Books like these are no different from urban reality TV/feminist romance themes that cater to sheep-minded BW. The stuff they come up with is to sooth their aesthetic and emotional insecurities.


    • @Black Picard
      You have got to be fu*king kidding me!
      We see lol all the time but it’s usually just a figure of speech. This made me laugh out loud for real lol!
      Black women have really lost their fu*king minds lmfao!

      “whenever I want Waldo all I have to do is close my eyes”


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  9. I remember SBW from few years back when the hit list made by Simone56 was first exposed; SBW made a response video after he learned he was on that list. I do hope he makes a YouTube comeback, if not there, he can upload to FS Avenger; a thought just hit me as I was reflecting on past videos I’ve seen from him: Black women can’t act in a functional manner without the influence of White people in their lives.

    As SBW stated in his video above, Black women act like normal wives and mothers when they are married to Captain Snowstorm, but that’s not the case when they’re with Black men; also, he has another video called “White Women Can Heal Black Women” where he asserted that if White women started wearing traditional Black hairstyles (such as braids), Black women will follow suit since they love wearing weaves to mimic White women’s hair texture.

    This is how deep the worship of Whiteness goes with the scraggle daggle, from DJ Kid to Mike Oliver, and most recently them voting for Joe Biden; it should be clear by now who these harriets belong to. #SYSBM

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      The votes were in from a long time ago, black women pledge their allegiance and support towards Lord Frost, black men with sense and intelligence will have no problems accepting this and walking away, many already have.

      Only the brainwashed pro black simp flunkies will continue to hang on for dear life believing that black women one day will have a change of heart and beginning loving them.

      Liked by 2 people

    • BW are nothing but fake pro-black white worshippers and assimilating gatekeepers pushing misandry towards their own men. The normality they show towards NON to move up the ranks in their corporate careers and to obtain higher social status through interracial marriage. I’m not surprised when I meet these pseudo pro black BW who used to date and do porn exclusively with quasi racist WM like the Cynthia G types. Or your Keke Palmer types. BW can date any other race she wants but I will not be her last option.

      Liked by 3 people

    • I can guarantee you, They not gonna last a minute in a foreign country. If they were to take that nonsense elsewhere, they would’ve got chin check in a heartbeat.

      Liked by 3 people

  10. If you take a closer look at the catalog of novels that Verbs provided the link to on Amazon, the list is vastly about sleeping with the boss, having a love child or affairs with a mafia mob leader. You’re better off watching LifeTime Television year round for similiar stories featuring mostly white cast members.

    Whoever the author or publisher of these novels, they are making a killing of 💵 from ‘our’ “women” like the Asian-owned beauty supply shops and nail salons and the amounts of money these Arab and Hispanic corner grocery stores are making from ‘our’ said black folks.

    Notice, a small number of black females (mixed, lightskin or darker tone who are considered white) that grew up around white people in the surburbs, have white female friends and have white boyfriends/husbands don’t read these novels, they’re living out said romance that your typical black quean(s) wishes to have. Also to add, if they manage to grab up a white guy, it will be either one that grew up around black folks or one that the average white woman/women from surburbia nor white urbania neither wants.

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  11. Not only black women belong to the white beta males since slavery but they belong to the state. They can get free housing, free money, free everything. I have explained that on my new article Accommodating The Scraggs and UCP. These scraggle daggles will do whatever it takes to get a white beta male. That is the reason why they put on this weave trying to compete with the white woman. I have seen black women in the London reign, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and so on and I have seen black women wearing this weave.

    The reason why black women want Captain Snowflake from the Army is because that she wants to have biracial children just to have that good hair. Black women have a huge self hatred and insecurities within themselves and them wearing weave and has a desperation of having biracial children. as these below average black women get a white beta male, they get the worse type of white dude who as no job, refuses to work, racist, lazy, not providing for his mix off springs, the list goes on and on.

    Black women belong to the state. Some black men ask what about foreign black women? It’s nothing but the samething really. Look at Africa and you will see how much African woman will gravitate to the white man. You want proof? Does Mike Oliver ring a bell to you?

    Hey keep you white sugar honeys safe as theses scraggs are coming after non black women. Black women don’t belong to black men. They belong to the state.


    Liked by 7 people

    • Historically this is because BW are the original sex slaves and sellouts. Some historians say it was by choice. Others say it was by force. Besides that. Where ever they were shipped, it was their duty to be hoes to provide the soldiers with food and pussy. Also keep in mind that bi-racial children were deemed bad for society so painful abortions were definitely being practiced back then. The BW’s mentality of being paid to be the mistress or side piece to non BM has never been a secret. It’s just been exposed. BW have always had crushes on non BM even while dating or being married to a BM. Now that interracial relationships between BW/WM with bi-racial offspring are respected, it’s not uncommon to see BW marrying up them a white military soldier in the Army, Navy or Air Force so they can upgrade their social status. As I deal with these types of BW (which I have), they have the levels of low self-esteem and mental issues. I cannot understand a BW who wakes up in the morning and enjoys indulging herself in white or K-Pop celebrity culture/gossip while transforming herself to look and act just like them.

      Liked by 4 people

  12. In regards to the subject, to the thinking brothers, where did this origin “The Black Woman is God” mindset came from?

    Because I had a conversation with an individual who sees the bullshit of this plandemic/scamdemic, but also provide information to which I question of where the “Black Woman is God. ” comes from.

    Here’s what he said in quote and many thanks to those who took the time to read this comment:

    “God is a Black Woman = Aurora Borealis = Northern Lights = Hearts Center = Garden of Eden. ”

    As for what else he said:

    “Black Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans are the True Hebrew Jews of the Bible. All other Nations are Gentiles. Everything is happening to place us as the True Jews on top of Earth. And Only the Righteous Gentiles (Whites, Asians, Arabs, Africans) will be allowed too serve an honorable servitude amongst Us.”

    “(4.44) 🤘🏾 = These Numbers & Horn signs represent The Lamb of God. Not devil horns how satan wants people too believe. He wants people to percieve whats Gods as evil. 666 are actually Gods true numbers 444 are the numbers for The Son. “


  13. To be honest, I don’t care about who black women dates, because like you said, black women are not our women anymore. They have more hate for us than love for us. The only time black women actually want a “good black man” is when they’re in their F***ed up State. Let the Black women be with the white men, they got a dark fetish for them anyway. They have a strong lust for white dudes, but got a strong hate for black dudes. I wouldn’t care if they start crying because black men rejected them in their 30s and up, but that’s because they said no to black men, they didn’t have enough of this and that, we weak, deadbeats, and all this nonsense, while lying in bed with a Day Day, and having his kids.


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    • As I’ve stated before. Most BW who breed/marry interracially do so with quasi-racist non BM. I don’t know any racist BM who date interracially. There is a difference between BM and BW dating interracially. We have the dominant generics that non BW want. BW secretly only want biracial girls (Irene Yvette) and do not have the dominant genes. Her children will look nothing like her but use them to up their social status. I have also mentioned that I ‘ve had to eliminate biracial token BW with white fathers from my dating pool because they are the exact
      product/result of self hating negro bed wenches. In my experience they have no connection with BM what so ever. It’s true they only become pro black and want BM after they’ve been used up in superficial relationships with thugs and non BM.

      Liked by 3 people

    • I gotta disagree. Black women don’t have a “lust” for white men. Black women have a “lust” for white WOMEN. Not necessarily in a lesbianistic sense (although there’s that too), but more in a sense of they want to be what they think it means to be a “white woman”. They want to have what they think white women have.

      That results in a hatred for black men, and then laying down with white dudes follows, mostly out of “vengeance” against the black man.

      I have black women in my family who have dated white men. Trust me, for most of them, “pink” = “disgusting”. One would go on & on about her boyfriend’s “nasty looking pink feet” in particular, and yes, his hygiene too. Most black women don’t lust after and fetishize white men in the way let’s say white women fetishize black men or in the way some men fetishize asian women. It’s not sexual for them, it’s more an expression of their weird ideas of what it means to be “white” plus their hatred toward black men, all of which stems from their dull-mindedness, media-worship, narcissism and insecurities.

      Back in the day, when white women would lust after the BBC and sleep with black men, black men got lynched because of white men’s insecurities. Today, racists can come to this site and see comments (likely posted by other white racists) that suggest that black women lust after white men, and that we black men hate on it out of insecurity. They want the world to think that our response to black bitches with white men is analogous to the white male insecurities surrounding bm/ww couplings. Nope!

      IT HAS NEVER BEEN LIKE THAT. I like to bring up the days of innocence when we would all kick back and laugh watching Mr. and Mrs. Willis on the Jeffersons. A bw/wm couple and no one cared, yet if it had been a black MAN with a white WOMAN, the show would never have lasted. THAT is a clue to the way black men are (or rather were): We couldn’t care less who black bitches laid down with, because as black people, we were all taught from birth that “prejudice” and racism is wrong, plus we fucked white women too!

      Before black bitches showed me who they are (over the decades), I personally thought wm/bw was basically the same as black men with white women. It was all just mixing, and that was in fact progress! But black women, with their pettiness, spite and hatred of black men, changed the way I look at black women who get with white men. They give WM/BW unions a bad name (in partnership with white men, who maintain a petty rivalry against “the black man” even if they’re fucking black women). These bitches opened my eyes to the whole treacherous history of black women who lay down with white men.

      As always, the black female psyche and cultural character is the problem, whether they lay down with white men, black men, or (more typically) stay alone.

      …But black women, for the most part, don’t find white men sexy, especially if we’re not talking about some big-time celebrity. Most of them will tell you as much, in spite of the more high-profile examples of the radicalized bedwenches.


    • True. Especially if you’re a black man. For black men, black women are an embarrassment because the whole world knows she’s not really on your side. lol

      Even nonblack men regard black women as the “bottom of the barrel” choice for dudes who can’t get (or keep) any other kind of woman.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. If black women were really getting cream-of-the-crop, rich, powerful, highly desired, alpha white dudes, then why are they writing books fantasizing about these men or talking about how to get them? You don’t see other races of women writing these kinds of books. They just put themselves out there and pull that top tier white man. Black women and white men always talk about black men get the fat, ugly, trailer trash white women while black women get the best looking alpha white men, but just like David Carroll asked, “Where’s Waldo?” If black women as a collective can pull white men like a fish out of water, then why are they always talking about white men on social media and in books, movies, shows, etc? None of this makes sense. LOL.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Tony Stacks,

      The claims are fraudulent, black women WISH they could snag themselves a white man as easily as black men can get with non black women, this is why we have the black witch of Scalp Summit, one miss Cynthia G on a rampage trying her hardest to discredit free thinking black men, especially SYSBM practitioners.

      The witch got pregnant by a Slim Sauce type dude but yet she still feels as if she has the authority to speak against black men, again, how is she in a position to talk when she got knocked up by the same type of dudes she railed against? Like you said, nothing ever makes sense with this modern day black female, NOTHING!

      Liked by 3 people

    • Robert Chavis,

      From what I understand she was going around assaulting people and on top of this she had a knife, typical Antifa/BLM mischief, but somehow I’m supposed to feel sorry for this woman, not a chance. We already know how black women as a collective get down when it comes to instigating violence.

      Liked by 3 people

  15. As we approach another sabbath, I have been led to ponder IF Christianity’s White Jesus is, in fact, the False Prophet mentioned in Revelation 19:20 and Revelation 20:10. Consider this:

    1) The Ethiopic scrolls of the Book of Enoch describe Moses as an albino.
    2) This troubled the father of Moses (Lamech) so much that he expressed a concern to his grandfather (Enoch) that Moses might be the progeny of Lamech’s wife and a FALLEN ANGEL.
    3) Now, what this tells us is that, back in the Genesis chapter 6 generation — when “the sons of God” took wives of “the daughters of men” — that the progeny of these UNHOLY unions between Black women and FALLEN ANGELS were albino children.

    Sons of Zion:

    1) What does this say about Caucasians (aka, the sons of Gog and Magog, which scripture has a LOT to say about in both the OT and the NT — all BAD)?
    2) Specifically, does this suggest about the blood line of the ORIGINAL unions between Black terrestrial women and and extra-terrestrial (… Atlantean/Annunaki) men?
    3) And, to be even more specific, what does this tell us about the BLASPHEMOUS and SATANIC worship which Black women have, to this day, for White men?

    1) Note that even White women are not allowed to benefit from the Double Minority Status from which ALL Black women benefit?

    2) Note that these first of the month TARP checks, which White folks pay Black women, are either REDUCED or ELIMINATED ALL TOGETHER, if Black women have babies WHILE they are married to Black men.

    3) Note that these Section 8 benefits, which literally pay Black women’s rent, are either REDUCED or ELIMINATED ALL TOGETHER, if Black women have babies WHILE they are marred to Black men.

    4) Consider the truly BIZARRE commitment which the Democratic Party has to KEEP abortion LEGAL, even though Black women have aborted MILLIONS of the Black children of Black men, and continue to abort over 900 additional children of Black men EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.

    5) Consider the Democratic Party’s BIZARRE willingness to be LED by the Four Dark Whores of the Apocalypse (aka, the Squad) even FURTHER to the Left than the Party of the Klan already was.

    6) And, gentlemen … what does all the above say about the PHYSICAL description of the COMING CHRIST, which is provided in Revelation 1:13-15? IS Christ destined to return, the second time, as a Black man, with hair like wool and feet the color of brass burned in a furnace?

    7) And, before you answer THAT question, NOTE that Barack Obama’s Black African daddy PROVED that a child with hair like wool and feet the color of brass burned in a furnace CAN BE BORN from the union of a Black man and a White woman.


    GENTLEMEN … sons of Israel and Father Abraham:

    Does not all the above explain, PERFECTLY:

    1) The White man’s , and Black woman’s, IRRATIONAL FEAR of Black men impregnating White women?

    2) And, was this IRRATIONAL FEAR not WICKEDLY and SATANICALLY DEMONSTRATED when a whole town of White folks in MARION, INDIANA showed up to CELEBRATE the CRUCIFIXION of the Black men in the following image … one of whom is related, by marriage, to my own son?


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