What Exactly Would Creepy Joe Biden Do For Black Folks That Empty Suit Barack Obama Didn’t, I’ll Wait?


That’s right, and you black women will NEVER receive any benefits for being the “backbone” of the Democratic Party in the same way that you’ve received little to no benefits from subscribing to the dead end religion of feminism, that’s the part these modern day black females and their mangled maggle advocates/supporters refuse to accept.

Let me ask the hypothetical question, after the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared(the vote counting still continues and more Democrat election fraud is being uncovered as we speak, as commenter Thebackhandofreality said, the mainstream media doesn’t call elections), let’s just say for argument’s sake that the numbers are finally tallied, the court cases issued by the Trump Administration have been settled and Joe Biden is still declared the next President of the United States, exactly how do black folks believe having Joe Biden in the Oval Office is going to benefit them?

I was watching one of Kid Organic’s recent videos on this 2020 Presidential election and he made an extremely valid point about how black women are very dangerous when it comes down to the way they vote. Remember how these heifers were stating that they wouldn’t vote Democrat if the party wasn’t prepared to bring some “tangibles” to the table?

What happened, seeing as far as I know Biden made NO campaign promises towards black folks but instead insulted them stating that if they didn’t vote for him they WEREN’T BLACK, how is it that black women still went and turned out so strong for Creepy Joe to the tuned of 90% plus? The Democrats even insulted black men by putting out an ad with a bunch of tacky strippers encouraging them to get out and vote:


The stripper wizardry didn’t really surprise me as unfortunately most black men have already been successfully brainwashed into worshipping the putrid, contaminated snatch of the black female, thus having black strippers with FAT rumps sliding up and down polls would easily bewitched most black men, 80% of them to be precise.

“Preliminary results from exit polls conducted by Edison Research suggest roughly 9 IN 10 BLACK WOMEN SAID THEY VOTED FOR BIDEN, compared to 8 in 10 Black men. About 7 in 10 Latina women said they voted for Biden, compared to roughly 6 in 10 Latino men. Meanwhile, more than half of White women voted for Trump, preliminary exit polls suggest.”


We free thinking black men already know the deal, black women want to continue ruling over the rotten swamp called the so called black community and the 80% of black men who followed them desire the same. Black women also want a restoration of their government treats, benefits and handouts though I very much doubt that is going to happen seeing that the so called COVID pandemic has now been brought upon us.

One of the clear observations here is once again how treacherous the modern day black female alongside her pro black simp flunkies are and how black women will act in the interests of THEMSELVES ONLY, they clearly don’t care about black men as well as the so called black community because if they did then they’d stop voting for the very same Democrat party that has helped destroy both.

Another clear observation and one that is extremely disturbing as commenter Jon previously pointed out is the fact that the Democrats can insult black people till the cows come home and yet most blacks will still vote for them regardless, this is exactly what happens when you deal with a group of people who have no structure, no boundaries as well as no moral compass chiefly because of being lead by a bunch of devils called black women for the last 50 plus years.

It seems to me that those black people in the US who voted for Creepy Joe really haven’t thought this entire process through, in desperately wishing to remove Trump from office they have opted to vote for Biden who doesn’t even have them on any recipient’s list or in any future plans of benefit, however we can guarantee that anything Biden does(if he wins) will most definitely be to the detriment of black people namely black men first(increased immigration for starters).


The main claim from the overwhelming majority of black people in America is that President Donald Trump is a racist, however whenever you ask these same black folks exactly what has Trump done that has been detrimental towards them as a collective as well as their so called “community” since becoming President of the United States in 2016, nothing but chirping birds and crickets can be heard.

Again, I’m putting the question out there, let’s have the conversation, exactly what would sleepy Joe do that would be beneficial towards black folks? You heard that black witch Tamika Mallory in the TMZ video state that a President like Biden is required to “fix the community”(which once again really means fixing black women up with free government handouts, state goodies and treats, we’re not stupid over here, stop believing that black women care about black society, THEY DON’T).

Always remember, Black Community = Black Women ONLY, black men in the eyes of black women are always viewed as OUTSIDERS of black society, useful flunkies to forward the black female’s agenda and her agenda alone.

Black women will always vote towards their own interests, even if it means black men getting pummelled and buried in the process, always remember this. These black heifers and their maggle cronies will always vote Democrat regardless of the detrimental fallout and negative results in doing so, don’t believe that “we carried you Dems through this time” garbage as if next time their voting patterns may possibly change, THEY WON’T. After all, aren’t these the same black women who are regularly getting their heads bashed in by Korean beauty supply store owners as well as Chinese nail shop workers?

Have black women boycotted ie stopped supporting any of these yet, answers on a postcard please. Protect these traitors, not likely. Finally, for those here who’ve claimed that no election fraud has taken place in this 2020 US Presidential election race, here are some articles alongside the videos I’ve already posted that clearly prove otherwise:





















Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on these monumental discoveries? Not one mainstream media outlet here in the UK has reported on these findings, however on the flip side they’re quite content to ridicule Trump’s claims of election fraud as “false” and “baseless” even though there is an abundance of evidence emerging and being brought forward day by day.

But Creepy Joe has won right??? President Trump is 100% correct, when you carry out the process in electing a President, do it HONESTLY. Stay tuned gentlemen, the fraud in this 2020 Presidential election on the Dems side from what I’ve seen so far is off the damn chain.

Despite the mainstream media’s brazen claims, Joe Biden hasn’t “won” anything yet, smh. Do you see the ultra malevolent witchcraft at play here, announcing and having people believe that Biden has officially won when the counting, recounting and the litigation initiated by Trump’s legal team has yet to be concluded, smh?

These black women and sodomites who are out in the streets celebrating are doing so in vain, the mainstream media “projecting” Biden to be the winner is only that, a projection from THEM, NOT FROM REAL THE SOURCES. Commenter Blue Collar Trevor continually refers to that famous quote from Batman, the Dark Knight Rises which rings so true to the majority of people in the world today:

“Theatricality & deception. Powerful agents to the uninitiated”. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Get Out Of Dodge And Leave Da Communitah Far Behind

Most High Bless

111 thoughts on “What Exactly Would Creepy Joe Biden Do For Black Folks That Empty Suit Barack Obama Didn’t, I’ll Wait?

  1. Verbs, I didn’t think you would really care about what’s going on regarding the U.S. presidential race, but I do know this:

    Trump is pro-Brexit.

    Biden is pro-EU.

    Biden won’t do a damn thing for (heterosexual) black MEN.

    I’m #TrumpTrain until the wheels grind down to slag and that thing is ran into the ground.

    After which I’ll still ride.

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    • Kameron Brown,

      This is the most important election in world history as far as I and many others are concerned, there hasn’t been a President since Kennedy who has stood up again tyranny and those in the shadows pulling the strings of evil.

      Trump’s track record is indisputable with regards the betterment of the US. Even those folks who hate him can’t fault his efforts trying his utmost to bring the US back from the brink of total collapse.

      Biden is a chosen puppet who will continue to roll out the elite’s agenda, permanent lockdowns, wearing masks indefinitely, forced vaccinations etc, the dude is literally a devil in a suit, him and his non black witch sidekick Kamala Harris.

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      • But as for Dr. Jill Biden, well…

        I think you know where I’m going with that one, so I’ll just leave it at that.

        But yeah, Sleepy Joe does have a long history of racism (hell, it is mostly documented and on the record).

        Both he and Harris have built their careers on the backs of black men.

        Even if I hated Trump, there would be no way I would vote for Biden/Harris.

        Remember how Sleepy Joe treated Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearing for the U.S. Supreme Court.

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      • Kameron Brown,

        It’s funny how the black witch Anita Hill turned up just as Thomas was supposed to placed into the Supreme Court, there’s always a black female at the root of black men being obstructed and held back.

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      • “…non black witch sidekick Kamala Harris.” —- Many dumb a*s blacks in the USA think that all Jamaicans are black people. [ I am a US black ] The thinking of USA blacks is that since Kamala Harris’ father is from Jamaica, that means he is black. Jamaica, a former British colony, was once populated entirely by aboriginal people. The British, blacks, Chinese, and Indians came later to what is now Jamaica.

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      • Gregory Chandler,

        Just to bolster your point, you have a large population of Indians who settled in Kenya who now refer to themselves as Kenyans. Likewise the same can be said for the Indians who settled in Mauritius and now claim that country as their origin, not their Indian heritage.

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    • From what I’ve been researching, this US election also will affect the relationships with all of our allies in other continents. Biden is obviously the white version of Obama. BM will not benefit from it all.

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  2. But but but but but DRUMPF’S A RACISSDSSZ BIGOT FASCIST RACISSDSSZ!!!!!!!¡!!!!!¡!!! Don’t y’all be voting for no Klansman, NIGHA! He gon’ string all y’all up!!!! Send the police to shoot y’all, etc….

    The Democrats, where all it takes for you to vote for them is:

    * Hillary Clinton claiming that she carries hot sauce in her purse

    * Biden claiming you’re not Black if you don’t vote for him, recalling some story about Corn Pop and equating black kids with poor.

    * Using Cardi B as suitable interviewer.

    * Obama simply being Black.

    It takes NO effort for Blacks to vote lockstep as an ethnic block and the D’s know it. No asking for tangibles, no economic strategies, no hardline questioning of their actual promises.
    Lyndon Johnson said ‘I’ll have these niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years” and it’s STILL proving true for 70% of y’all.

    Luckily this time round a record number have seen the light, the highest in history (estimates say 30 – 50%) and it is scaring them to death. See the statements of Joy Reid, Maxine Waters, Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston for proof.

    This is exactly why I humbly advise any American brother to stock up on emergency food supplies, get your conceal permit up to date and buy some more ammo, because when the REAL results come along, shit is about to get real.

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    • Just to add:

      Why does the UK brothers care about THIS election so much? Why don’t we stay in our tea and biscuits lane?

      Simply put, if the USA falls, we’re all screwed.

      Trump has been cleaning house worldwide, including our Royals and Parliament.

      If he loses (which he won’t, silly AP and Reuters), it’s Social Credit, digital health passports, multiple microchip vaccines in the ass and lockdown for eternity. SYSBM cannot ever exist under these maniacal conditions.

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      • “Simply put, if the USA falls, we’re all screwed.”

        Agreed, I was watching some Chinese people being interviewed about the election on YouTube and they were hoping for Trump to win as well. The are afraid of the Chinese Communist Party and don’t want to live under them, they saw Trump as the only man with the power and the will to fight the CCP. Biden will likely bend over for the CCP, just like the Europeans.

        “If he loses (which he won’t, silly AP and Reuters), it’s Social Credit, digital health passports, multiple microchip vaccines in the ass and lockdown for eternity.”

        All of the above are already going on in China, and China is trying to export its Communist ways to other countries.

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    • Michel,

      Thanks for reminding me who made that statement about having black folks vote Dems for the next 200 years(LBJ), how this is so true, look at how many black men and black women turned out for Creepy Joe and his non black sidekick Kamala Harris(I have to keep bringing her ethnicity up because the mainstream media keep on saying she’s black when she ISN’T).

      I’m with you, I believe the figure for black men voting for Trump is much higher than 20%, I just chose to roll with that figure for the moment because the true results are not in yet. I have a good friend in Atlanta who’s convinced that Biden has won, I’m just keeping my mouth shut because I know that he’s going to have to eat his words.

      No plans of any sort put forward towards them and most Negroes as per usual still went and voted Democrat, gluttons for punishment they are. Black women don’t want to repair the so called community, they want it to remain in it’s current decrepit condition as per the instructions of Captain Euro, hence why they continue to make reckless decisions that continue to unravel what good vestiges of black society remain.

      Brothers in the US with sense and intelligence need to continue that plan of separation from the rest of black society lest they get sucked in by the wrath that is about to come upon the heads of the permanent underclass.

      I’ll keep on stating that black women as a collective are NOT the friends of black men, see how these heifers switched and still supported Biden at the last moment(or so it seems, they always planned to vote for him, the fake standoff was clearly an elaborate ruse), tangibles and required plans my backside, smh.

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      • @Verbs

        Question: How many people (outside of the United States) do you think know or at the very least suspect that the whole Biden “victory” was/is bogus?

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      • Kameron Brown,

        It would be hard to put a number on it because unfortunately there are so many people who have been drinking the mainstream media Kool-aid regarding Trump, however at the same time there are a sizeable number of individuals who recognise that the 2020 Presidential election has Democrat fraud all over it especially amongst pro Brexit folks here in the UK.

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      • I’ll estimate that 90% of folks here believe whatever the BBC, the Guardian for Boris tells them. ALL of the media here is anybody but Trump.

        Boris Johnson and every other world leader will soon have egg on their faces. They really revealed themselves to be globalist bootlicking minstrels.

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      • >Brothers in the US with sense and intelligence need to continue that plan of separation from the rest of black society

        Done. Many years ago. I saw the writing on the wall back then.


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  3. I guess I’m a political agnostic. I did not vote for Biden and I did not vote for Trump. I try to the best of my ability, to judge political parties and politicians on the merits of their actions.

    By my lights, both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party come up short when it comes to actions that genuinely contribute to the betterment of black people. I feel the same way about both candidates.

    Maybe I’m wrong, and I always allow for that. But as I see it, nobody can save black men but themselves. And nobody can save the black collective but itself. The most that any outside group or political party can do, is offer assistance. But the heavy lifting must be done by black folk themselves.

    I am simply not impressed by the crumbs that either party sprinkle out to entice black folk. While I don’t fault the hungry for eating those crumbs, they will not change your condition.

    I believe that the goal of black folk, or any collective of people, should not be to decipher which political party they need the most. But rather, the goal should be to develop into a collective that both parties want and need. The collective should be trying to position itself so that both parties are competing for the opportunity to serve its needs, not the other way around.

    As for the scraggle daggle, I have no dog in that fight, if she wants to intoxicate herself with the illusion of power. What I refuse to do, is allow the scraggle daggle to have any power over me. As far as I’m concerned, they should go their way, because I’m going mine.

    Which is why I refuse to simp in my interactions with any scraggle daggle.

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    • Americanblackman,

      I completely agree with you, black people in reality are the only ones who can save themselves, however at the same time that process is made a lot easier when you have leadership that doesn’t stand in your way or place obstacles in your path. At the end of the day I’m observing the works of Trump and they’re NOT to the detriment of the US.

      I have to give credit where credit is due, even if you don’t like Trump it cannot be denied that overall his objective is to bring about a better United States, not plunge the country deep into the abyss. Most black people from what I’ve observed thus far don’t want to give Trump a chance anyway, they have this fixed notion in their heads that he is the number one enemy of black folks even though it was the Democrats who established the KKK and have been shafting black people for the longest.

      Once again, I agree with what you’re saying about black men concentrating on helping themselves and being free, however at the same time in order for that to be achieved to it’s full potential, it helps to have a leader in place who doesn’t place restrictions and hindrances in your walk towards that goal.

      The number one enemy of black men is BLACK WOMEN, not President Trump.

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      • Verbs2015,

        There are many things Trump did that I like. To name a few.

        I like him standing up to China. But he didn’t go far enough in my opinion.

        I like him standing up to toxic feminism. But he didn’t go far enough for me.

        I like him standing up to the Asian Indian IT H-1B visa lobby. But he didn’t go far enough.

        I like him standing up to the multinational corporation/billionaire cheap labor lobby. I believe work should be valued as much as wealth. Again, he didn’t go far enough in my opinion.

        There are things he did that I did not like. I won’t go into them in this post. I have already discussed them in previous posts.

        We will have to see what sleepy Joe does. I’m not expecting much. So I’m sure my expectations will be met.

        I want to add that I’m finding this obsequious pandering to the scraggle daggle collective, to be nauseating.

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      • AmericanBlackMan,

        Trump and the Republicans not having control of the House doesn’t make things easy by any means. Rome wasn’t built in a day, in many cases you can’t just roll in and smash things to pieces, there have to be strategies implemented first as to insure that whatever you’re trying to get rid of cannot come back or resurface itself.

        Again, you just like every other black person who has a strong adversity towards Trump would be extremely hard pressed to list anything he has done that has been detrimental to black folks as a collective especially during his presidency.

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      • I think that we will see a giant shift to the right over the next few years as far as the BM’s vote goes.

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      • James SYSBM,

        A huge shift indeed, I’m more alongside Michel’s estimated figure of 30% plus, these Democrats and their black female cronies have really underestimated just how sick and tired more black men have become of the gynocracy as well as the continual neglect and shafting wrought via their hands.

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      • Verbs2015,

        Believe me when I tell you that I am not the typical African American when it comes to politics. My viewpoint is lot more nuanced than most American blacks.

        I am no more adverse to Trump than I am to much of the Democratic party’s agenda. And I will readily admit that Trump was far less destructive to the black male collective than Obama was.

        Look, I take a nuanced view. As I see it, the scraggle daggle has good reason to be loyal to her Democratic party Zaddy. The Democratic party has given the scraggle daggle more than a good deal. But not so much for black men.

        I’ve been saying for a long time that black men still have some political common cause with black women. But our interests diverge on a lot of things. Its only been recently that large numbers of black men are coming to this point of view.

        On very fundamental issues like bedrock civil rights, fundamental voting rights, and equal protections under the law, black men and women still have some common cause. But beyond these areas, our interests have totally diverged. I am glad to see more black men discovering this.

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      • >The number one enemy of black men is BLACK WOMEN, not President Trump.

        Case in point:


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    • Agreed, I didn’t cast a vote in this election either. I live in a red state so Trump is getting all of the EC votes anyway. Heterosexual BM have no political party at this point, Trump and the GOP are the lesser of two evils IMO, but I’m still not voting for them.

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  4. Random fact:

    Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Comey Barrett were both instrumental in Bush “winning” the 2000 election (I was 13 at the time), and they are both sitting on the Supreme Court today.

    Maybe that is why the Dems were hellbent on keeping these two off the bench…

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  5. My sister says Trump is defeated. My biracial mum says she hopes the police won’t have to drag Trump out of the white house. My grandad from my mum’s side was sysbm. My sister responds saying they will have to. My dad uploaded a video of an anti trump anthem. The name of the song is the liar tweets tonight.

    This right here are blood relatives of liberalism with their Christianity I grew up in. A horrible combination of liberalism with religion. No wonder why I have a lot of depression, plus living in Britain, living in a socialist liberal nation.

    I would rather commit suicide than date a black female. I would rather take my own life than take a covid vaccine. If I have a new job and they tell me I have to be vaccinated before working in their office, I’ll refuse and say goodbye. The UK government may decide that people have to be vaccinated before travelling on holidays. The countries to visit may want tourists to be vaccinated before arriving in their airports. These are scary times. It reminds me of the RFID chip.

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    • Witwijf,

      Trump isn’t out yet by a longshot, all the mainstream media are currently doing is behaving is if they’re the arbitrators of the final results which they’re NOT. As fellow blogger Michel has pointed out, AP and Reuters is where the mainstream media get their instructions from. We already know that the fake news syndicate circle has had it in for Trump from the day he was elected President elect and especially from the time he labelled CNN fake news, let’s roll that classic footage:

      Black people’s hatred for Trump and the Republicans is truly mind boggling, yet the Democrats who have continually shafted them over and over again they have nothing but love and respect for. I agree with Afrofuturism1, most black folks need to be put back in chains, they don’t deserve any freedoms if they point blank refuse to use their own brains to think and reason for themselves.

      How can black people vote to be turned out, shafted, spat at, urinated and defecated upon by the same individuals time and time again but yet still expect other people to respect and take them seriously? Just remember how the black witch has shown her dirty and deceitful hand once again, pretended that she wouldn’t be in Biden’s corner only to supposedly switch positions at the 11th hour.

      Will pro black/B1 pundits such as Jason Black aka Dr Claw and Tariq Nasheed call black women out on their treacherous deeds this election, I highly doubt it. No black sirens nor vaccines for me either.

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      • The guy in the vid can’t shut up. Kept delibrately interrupting Trump. Rigging election ballots is a liberal thing to do. Liberals are cancer on earth. They destroy everything they touch.

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      • Witwijf,

        It’s all a smoke and mirrors illusion which once again the no standards holding mainstream media are only too happy to participate in and prop up. Remember, these are the same media outlets who since March have been pumping out non stop propaganda surrounding the COVID plandemic, yet I’m supposed to trust them? No thanks, I’ll pass.

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  6. Great post.

    ““Preliminary results from exit polls conducted by Edison Research suggest roughly 9 IN 10 BLACK WOMEN SAID THEY VOTED FOR BIDEN, compared to 8 in 10 Black men”

    And that isn’t even counting the number of BM like myself that sat this election out, which was basically a win for Trump and why BW hated us so much for not voting,
    “That’s right, and you black women will NEVER receive any benefits for being the “backbone” of the Democratic Party in the same way that you’ve received little to no benefits from subscribing to the dead end religion of feminism”

    And the same way that they receive no benefits from following Pastor Porkchop.
    “We free thinking black men already know the deal, black women want to continue ruling over the rotten swamp called the so called black community and the 80% of black men who followed them desire the same.”

    If the Dems have their way the Black underclass wont even have a swamp soon, the country will be flooded with immigrants (many of whom come from anti-Black cultures) that will force the Black underclass further unto the margins of society.
    “Black women will always vote towards their own interests, even if it means black men getting pummelled and buried in the process, always remember this.”

    Truth, and the messed up thing is that Pro-Blacks like Tariq were telling Black people to sit this election out for the good of ALL Black people, and they were articulating the reasons why. BW got mad at Ice Cube because he dared to sit down with Trump and see what he had to offer Black people instead of just blindly accepting what the Dems say they will give us.

    Example, Biden said that in his first 100 days in office he would pass pro-LGBT legislation. Uhhh what? The BLACK vote got you elected, not the gay vote (which is likely statistically insignificant), but you are prioritizing them? Tariq and other BM online warned Blacks that this would happen because its been happening for a while now, the Dems use Black votes to get elected and then prioritize LGBT, immigrants, and Hispanics. Black folks are voting themselves into political irrelevancy.

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    • @James SYSBM

      And Black Christians wonder why they AREN’T taken seriously…

      Why should they, when they vote for Presidential candidates who basically piss all over everything they claim to believe in when it comes to the Bible?

      Biden wants to make fags & trannies his #1 priority (homosexuality is outright condemned by the Bible), as well as cripple federal religious protections, claiming that they are “hotbeds of hate”.

      It’s ironic that Black Christians hate the same man who has actually tried to fortify religious protections (Trump).

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      • The Christianity was a front for the same old corrupt religion they were recorded practicing even in the Bible.


        These just changes names and faces like any old bankrupt business.

        “And ye shall know them by their fruits”

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    • James SYSBM —- Black women will regret the so-called “GOOD HAIR” illegal alien women coming into the USA. The present propaganda that black males should worship overweight black females with fake hair will take further hits.

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    • James SYSBM,

      This is my whole point, Biden has no clear directive for black people at all yet so many of them voted for him, smh. At this point it can clearly be seen that the Dems view blacks as nothing more than cannon fodder flunkies and flunkettes to be used by them however they see fit.

      Biden wants Sodom And Gomorrah unleashed upon the US, black folks get the dude in and yet immediately his priority is towards Sodomites who are such an irrelevant percentage in the grand scheme of things, smh.

      Spitting in the faces of black folks once again, however we already know that black women don’t have a problem with homosexuals, they love them in fact and will date and sleep with the same.

      On another note, at least one of two mainstream media outlets are finally admitting that they don’t call US Presidential elections:

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  7. FACTS: During December 2020, the US state legislative bodies will, by command of the US Constitution, make decisions on the winner of the disputed November 2020 presidential election. — Likewise, during early January 2021, the US Congress will make a decision on the mentioned presidential election. During these decision-making processes, all interested parties will have an opportunity to raise issues, make arguments, and present relevant evidence.

    In addition, the state and federal courts, including the US Supreme Court, may make judicial decisions about the presidential election at issue.


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  8. The media, and others, keep informing us that Kamala Harris is a black woman. —- The evidence appears that Kamala Harris has a British-Indian father and an Indian mother. —- If Kamala Harris does have a scintilla of Negroid ancestry, such ancestry is not her dominant ancestry.

    My view is that thinking people do not put excessive emphasis on race and ethnicity. We do, however, have to question statements about race and ethnicity when there is scant evidence of such a statement.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      I wouldn’t worry much about Kamala Harris. I think I’m a pretty good student of US politics. If Biden serves a 4 year term, its unlikely that he will run for a second term. He will be too old, and he has indicated that he is not interesting in running for a second term.

      Believe me when I tell you that Kamala Harris could never win a US presidential election. The Democrats would never put her be at the top of the ticket. If they ever did, it would be a landslide loss of such magnitude that no amount of cheating would cover it up.

      The point of a Biden presidency is just to remove Trump and be a placeholder until 2024. That election will be an epic political battle. Trump might even run again in 2024, if Biden is inaugurated on Jan 20, 2021.

      But here’s the thing. Kamala Harris will not be the Democratic Party nominee in 2024. Andrew Cuomo is already making his move for the 2024 nomination. Like I said, I’m a pretty good student of US politics, and there will be a huge field jockeying for the nomination.

      Kamala Harris is just a one term bone that was thrown to the scraggle daggle collective and their simp allies.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      One other point.

      Kamala Harris will accelerate the political divergence between the American scraggle daggle collective and American black men.

      You see, the Democratic party has been very successful at marginalizing the American black man and placing him in a subordinate position to the scraggle daggle. But their success in doing so, contains the seeds of their own demise.

      Its sort of a hobby for me to study American politics and game its outcomes.

      I predict that in the 2024 election, the Democratic party will lose 30-40 percent of American black male voters.

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    • I had no idea how contemptible Kameltoe Harris really is until I took a real look at the candidates. And that’s before factoring in her unbelievably hardline stance on drugs and absent pupils. If she really was tagged along just to shore up the BW vote, it failed miserably.

      ADOS Blacks don’t recognise her as one of theirs, Africans from the muddaland don’t care, Indian Americans hate her for not being Indian enough… Only in extreme liberal circles do they think it’s enough that voters vote by skin colour and gender – and they royally messed that one up.

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      • Unbelievable… But there’s “no evidence of voter fraud”, says CNN Fake News… Jokers.

        I believe interfering with the voting process may be a federal crime. If so, expect many more citizens to get scooped up by the Feds. Maybe even by Homeland Security.

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      • @Michel

        After reading your post I thought “the complicated cultural circumstances of this young girl probably contributed to her current state”

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  9. This election was a total travesty and farce. While I didn’t vote for either candidate I must admit that under Trumps time in office my career has improved substantially and I am making more money than I ever have in my life…contrast to the Muslim anti-Christ obumba when me and my family were on welfare. I hope that either the electorial college flips (which with such a corrupt election it would be in its rights to do) or trump contests the results up to the Supreme Court.

    The worse thing about the election however is not Biden but how black womens already enormous egos have ballooned to the size of the second Death Star. So much talk about black girl magic and block women as the saviors of America and other utter crap. In spite of the fact that Kamala is not black.

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    • Jedi Master Coon,

      Voting machines magically flipping votes in favour of Biden, ballots going missing, ballots being dumped in the streets and in the trash, defective ballots in favour of Biden being shipped in by night and counted as legitimate, this is on top of the 2000hrs cut off time not being adhered to, multiple states announcing recounts, the saga continues.

      The Democrats must not be allowed to get away with this clear attempt at election theft, they knew they didn’t stand a chance against Trump, hence why they’ve pulled all of these fraudulent shenanigans.

      Trump’s track record towards black folks is good and this is despite him not being liked by the overwhelming majority of them.

      It’s incredible how most blacks would rather have a dude in office who offers them nothing over a man who came in with a plan for black America from the beginning and who had been trying to extend olive branches(directly and indirectly) to black folks every since.

      I have a very strong feeling that the chests of black women are going to be deflated heavily once again when all of these fraudulent activities are brought to light and Joe Biden is finally announced as the loser which we already know is the case.

      There is no way that Biden is more popular than the empty suit Obama was.

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      • “Voting machines magically flipping votes in favour of Biden, ballots going missing, ballots being dumped in the streets and in the trash, defective ballots in favour of Biden being shipped in by night and counted as legitimate, this is on top of the 2000hrs cut off time not being adhered to, multiple states announcing recounts, the saga continues.”

        That reminds me of this Simpson’s treehouse of Horror intro:

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  10. We shall see when the votes comes in but to answer the question is simple. Nothing for so called straight black men. I can go into the whole history of Biden since 1972 but in short nothing he like his father is the proverbial used car salesmen. He works for the elite thus he does there bidding

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      • Thank’s Verbs

        Biden supported many things like feminism, title 9, the raiding of affirmative action from so called black straight men to white women. The passage of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act, In the mid-1970s, Biden was one of the Senate’s leading opponents of race-integration busing. Enters the 1988 presidential race, but drops out three months later following reports of plagiarism and false claims about his academic record.January 20, 1990 Introduces a bill that becomes the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Senate Foreign Relations Committee we all know how awful that went. Opposed Supreme court justice Clarence Thomas even got in a shouting match in the hearings on Oct. 12, 1991 Thomas’ nomination to the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill however gladly smiled with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Also did not veto the many bills that outsourced Factory labor like GM, with Holden just shutting down in Australia this year. He sat on the board as a member of the Bureau of Industry and Security. Thousands of jobs black men lost in Michigan he voted also with Office of Export Enforcement to allow GM, Ford, and Chrysler to outsource for cheaper labor overseas killing many black male jobs. He opposed the reform of qualified immunity every since the 70s as a member of the State Justice Institute (it makes sense due to congressmen having the same immunity). He was a chair member a majority member of the United State Department of Commerce which gave out many black men’s money to white people and black women with government contracts as the Minority Business Development Agency. Corona is in veneration of the sun god which the elite worship some of these public murders of so called black people was in veneration of the very same god and mother goddess.

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  11. For the more cautious brothers I recommend ammoseek.com for your ammunition needs that’s as low as you’re gonna get anywhere.

    Plate carriers are on backorder everywhere I’m seeing at least a month

    Hopefully you’ve bought your own seeds and have started stocking water and canned goods. I find it hilarious everyone bought toilet paper and no one touches anything to boost your immune system or any of the shelves of canned foods.

    Oh mres did jump in price

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  12. This folks that voted and Rooted for Biden, I don’t wanna hear nothing coming out of these people’s mouth about the shit Biden and Harris are gonna pull. These people did not do deep research on Biden and Harris. Black folks are dumb as hell for voting for the both of these two. Once again, All that celebration these folks doing will be short lived, they celebrate way too soon. Like I said, I don’t hear the bullshit coming out of these people’s mouth that voting for Biden. I don’t hear the crying and complaining, they don’t earn my respect or good graces. I swear America is filled with too many dumbasses, I’m sorry, but I’m just saying. Plus, with the Travel, I probably gonna get a passport, but I ain’t gonna travel until 2025, because they trying to forced that Vaccine on everybody, permanent lockdowns, a lot of people gone die for this, including blacks too. Didn’t a brazilian die from the Vaccine? I’m through with America all together as an American Brotha. I’m sticking to my plan, when I hit my 30s and up, I’m saving up a lot, and I’m definitely planning on leaving America, for Good. No Excuses. No ifs, ands, and buts. I don’t care no more. I’ll either be living in Central/South America, Eastern Europe, Carribean, or Asia.

    What’s also crazy is that the whole world celebrating Biden “victory,” not knowing he’s probably gonna f*** over other countries too. Then, the freaking news saying that Trump needs to accept the loss, the supreme court ain’t gonna help jack shit with him, their false claims, goodbye trump. Like I said before, I’m no Trump supporter, nor I support neither party, but the results should’ve been official after Election Day, on that Wednesday, but nah, they keep it going for too damn long. That’s how that Creepy Joe, and that not even a black woman Kamala Harris won by landslide. I’m done. The Discord link is below if you brothas haven’t join yet.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/Qu7Vqep

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  13. So little black and brown girls will look-up to Kamala as a ” shining example of possibility for them”…NO!, ask any girl between the ages of 12-18 who would they rather be Beyond over-rated cey, Cardi Hep B, Megan de Mule, Nicki Garaj, “Michael” Obama or Kamala “monkey branch” Harris. Better yet which one of those bitches would rather be Kamala, even Michael Obama said she wouldn’t mind switching places with Beyond Cey

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  14. After Biden’s victory, the stock market experienced a surge. Why would the market (a bastion of capitalism) react positively to the election results? It’s simple– because Republicans maintained control of the Senate (not any implicit endorsement of Biden), and will check/block any tax increases that Biden and the Democratic-led House will try to implement that could affect the economy negatively.

    I am watching developments as they have the potential to affect my wallet.

    I don’t earn $400,000 per year, so I am not worried about Biden’s proposed income tax increase, not that the Senate would allow it. However, I am a bit concerned about Biden’s proposed increase in the capital gains tax. Again, the Senate should nix that as well.

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    • “I don’t earn $400,000 per year, so I am not worried about Biden’s proposed income tax increase, not that the Senate would allow it. However, I am a bit concerned about Biden’s proposed increase in the capital gains tax. Again, the Senate should nix that as well”.

      I’ve got to disagree with you here. Biden has said he plans on repealing Trumps tax cuts, which will by default raise your taxes. He also plans on taxing businesses into the ground. So not only will your taxes go back up, the cost of well everything is going to skyrocket due to Biden’s tax plans (or lack of plan).

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    • BA,

      Biden hasn’t won anything yet, the results are still yet to come plus the same lamestream media got it very wrong regarding the 2016 Presidential race. The election officials declare the winner, not the mainstream media.

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  15. If anyone doesn’t see the fraud going on here, I just don’t know what to tell you at this point. There are stories, videos, now sworn statements by post office workers, election officials in Nevada and Michigan, lawsuits, pending lawsuits. This is just beginning.

    As I’ve said before, Trump is the only thing keeping this world from going to complete shit. The media, Hollywood, politicians all want this man out, and are terrified of him staying in office so much so, they intentionally lied, manipulated, swayed and outright bought votes. Why??? Seriously ask why.

    This isn’t a conspiracy theory anymore. It is all happening right before our eyes.

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    • FDC,

      You would expect this kind of corruption to take place in a third world country like Venezuela where in the same manner the Deep State attempted a coup against its current President Nicolas Maduro by using the mainstream press to declare globalist shill Juan Gauido the new interim President of the country, of course that plan failed as well as their attempt to sneak American mercenaries into the country.

      It’s not like we haven’t seen these moves before in other parts of the world, the powers that be are attempting to oust Trump in a coup type fashion, the thing about it is the fraud is out in the open for all to see, they’re not even trying to hide it. Who would’ve imagined that the US postal service would get in on and participate in the sham, smh.

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  16. Other groups don’t blindly give their allegiance to one party, only Black voters (mostly BW) do that. :

    ‘There’s no such thing as the Latino vote.’ 2020 results reveal a complex electorate


    “”If you consider us to be natural Democrats or natural Republicans, you’re under estimating us as political thinkers,” said Geraldo Cadava, who teaches at Northwestern University and is the author of “The Hispanic Republican: The Shaping of an American Political Identity, from Nixon to Trump.””

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    • When it comes to the so-called Latino, that term tells me very little about about the person to whom the label is affixed.

      I want to know their ethnicity and to which country can they trace their heritage. A Colombian thinks very differently than a Venezuelan, and a Venezuelan thinks very differently than a Mexican, and so forth…

      So called brown, ain’t what many black people, and Democrats think it is.

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  17. Man look ALL of these heifs make me sick bro… ALL. None get a pass.
    Out here chanting WAP at the whitehouse, celebrating lookin like complete fools. Fuck. Them. All.
    I now have the SAME attitude as you losers have towards me and my free thinking bros… fuck you too.
    There aint no black community no more… WE ARE the community now brothers.

    Fuck em . A WHOLE generation of dumb fucks w dumb fuc single mothers..

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    • Jewels Gold,

      All black women look out for is themselves and the short term rewards that they can gain once again for themselves only. Let’s see if they’ll be chanting WAP when Trump is declared the real winner, watch this space.

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    • Blackdjedi,

      That is terrible news. I see what is coming down the pike and it isn’t good, you don’t force people to take a vaccine based upon a fraudulent pandemic. Expect the streets to begin running with blood at that point, a grim prognosis but a reality nonetheless.

      The problem now is these laws are encroaching upon moral boundaries, it’s now become a case of looking at laws from a right or wrong perspective.

      If the law is wrong then I refuse to obey it. Once upon a time it was legal to enslave black people but it was wrong, we’re coming full circle once again. Just because it’s the so called “law”, that doesn’t mean it’s right.

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      • I would invest in shares of the various moving companies. I predict an increase in outbound migration from New York.


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      • I see. Many thanks B A as for right now based on the article, they need to prove the vaccine is safe to the public before releasing it as a mandatory recommendation.

        Which many people have their doubts on the vaccine anyway and will not take it.

        So for now, I have time to prepare to say no to this vaccination by legal/diplomatic means.

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      • Speaking of means of saying no, not sure if someone posted this already but I recall watching a video on the topic and documents that can be used.

        Not sure on the effectiveness of the documents, but so far it is legit as the consent of the patients is needed by health care officials and professionals.


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      • I agree. No one should be forced to take a vaccine that has been delivered to market in 12 – 18 months, when the average time is 10 – 12 years.

        Let the individual make that choice.

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    • I saw this the other day. If Biden somehow stays president, this seals it for me. It’s time to get the hell out while I still can. I’ve had it with this state, this inept governor (who politics aside is just a terrible person) New York City deciding how things go for the rest of the state (NYC along with Albany, Rochester and Syracuse keeping New York blue. But mostly the city.)

      I’m done being taxed into the ground while infrastructure falls apart all around me, crime rates skyrocketing all over all while having some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

      Unless things drastically change and very quickly, I’m on a 18 month plan MAX to leave for good. If my lady doesn’t want to come, so be it and it ends right there. Time to seriously cut expenses, and things I don’t need.

      For all you other brothers out there who are in this god awful state, I strongly suggest you start planning to leave.

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      • >For all you other brothers out there who are in this god awful state, I strongly suggest you start planning to leave.

        Two movie titles come to mind:

        “Escape from New York”
        “Get Out!”


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  18. @Verbs

    I don’t know how long you’ve cared about/followed U.S. politics, but I was 13 during the whole Bush vs. Gore debacle (“hanging/pregnant chads”; I even remember seeing some political cartoons regarding these chads in my local newspaper during this whole thing): the media called the election for Al Gore, but the court system had other ideas!

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    • Kameron Brown,

      This is nothing but a straight up coup attempt by the Dems, like I said before this is the kind of activity you would expect to take place in a third world country. The evidence abounds of fraud, the Trump administration more than have a case, they have many. I just got sent this video:

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  19. Black folks in these black urban epicenters on social media think in their minds that they’re the only ones that gave Kamala and Biden the energy to pull it off to “win” the White House. They failed to realize it took mostly white guilt folk and some other minor ethnic groups to vote in masses for these two individuals.
    While the supporters of Biden/Harris were celebrating in the streets, they left a loud message gifted to everyone,
    How many of these black folks voted Kanye West for President? One person dropped a comment on my Facebook page: By Shaad Oh- “seriously we would have needed at least 70 million black people to vote Kanye west in office when there is only 47 million black folk in america🧐🤦‍♂️ seeing as 60% of black people voted in 2016🤔- Its bigger than black and white bro.”
    They picked Biden and Harris over a brother that can relate to them. Black folks man.

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  20. Joe Biden 46th President. Hmmm! I don’t know guys. You know something; you know why people want Donald Trump want to lose is because the American public has so much hate towards the man. I have said that on my latest article. I’m not a political guy because politics but I don’t know what’s going on yet. The thing is that what will Joe Biden will do for the so called black community? Well I have the answer. More benefits (government assistance) state goodies and other treats.
    And I have seen the vote Democrats advert. Right, I have seen the ad before and let me tell you guys this. You see the simps I bet you they voted Democrats in a hurry to blood cleet. Yo, its them big batty strippers is the reason why these simps voted for Biden. This is not surprising at all as black men are in a spell of the black woman’s punany. One of friend is in that spell. These big booty simps who was sliding up and down the poll has cast a spell of 80 per cent of black men. Maybe higher then that.
    And as black men sees Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of America, we are goanna see a lot of black men leaving the black community in very high numbers but black women don’t want a decent good black man. they want the worthless men that they love and desire.
    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe tonight and all night. I just feel tired and I need to rest and energise myself. https://moneycultural.wordpress.com/2020/11/09/single-mothers-not-dating-single-fathers/

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  21. I’m goanna do an article about the booty to the pole and the simps that voted. Maybe on
    Tuesday and Wednesday but here this. Let me say this. Black men have been excluded for the so called black community because black women have take up the feminist movement and they took the man out of the house and they replace the father with benefits. And Joe Biden heading to the white house, if he is heading to the white house. Imagine these scarggle daggle will demand. More welfare, more free treats, more this and more that!

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    • Money Cultural,

      I keep on stating that black women are Satan’s right hand henchwomen, Joe Biden has some seriously devilish plans for the US that these black females are only too happy to usher in and partake in the fruits thereof. Just remember who is the “backbone” of the Democratic party and who voted for the devil in a suit Biden to the tune of over 90%, that’s right, the black witch.

      There is no way that you can warmly welcome and involve yourself in so much wickedness without some form of judgement and recompense coming your way, black women have sealed their own fate and inscribed their own doom, they deserve every bit of what’s coming to them.


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  22. Remember how Biden was called?? Arizona and Pennsylvania are now too close to call. And Barr just authorized prosecutors to look into fraud.

    It’s only Monday gentlemen. This is going to be one interesting week…

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  23. This election isn’t over. It get over turn because the dem cheated. If it doesn’t it a wrap. You heard Kamala Harris was going bring over 500,000 indians over her a drive blacks out their neighhoods. Biden and Harris are bad for america. Like I said if the Supreme Court does over turn this country I live is done. Because Biden will give it the Chineses because he doesn’t know how to manage anything.
    To the scraggle daggles and maggles thanks for help the dems ruin america. I hope those idiots are proud of thereselves.

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  24. Holy shit, who knew if you did a Venn diagram of Trump-cult QAnon weirdos and SYSBM practitioners, you’d get such a convergence. I guess the Republican down-ticket House and Senate wins are also in question, RIGHT? After all, they were on the SAME BALLOTS AS THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES. How weird.

    The media particularly the AP has called every election in my lifetime. All votes had not been counted when they called it for Trump in 2015. In fact they couldn’t wait to install that mfer. Which is more likely, Russian and cyber interference in that election (proven fact, Cambridge Analytica in England and the Internet Research Institute in Russia) or dead people voting in the 2020 election? I guess the Walking Dead is real.

    The Gateway Pundit isn’t a real news source by the way, it’s bullsh*t right-wing agitprop just like Breitbart. I’d start with AP (who has called elections since the 50s) or Reuters to begin with.

    As far as black hoes, all Dems needed to secure their vote was putting a colored woman on the ballot. That’s it. I’d guess only a few BW actually demanded “tangibles.” All that FBA/ADOS sh*t is big on Twitter, but Twitter isn’t real life.

    But now that we’ve got a BW swirler in the White House, BW shouldn’t be mad if we as BM 1) Like lightskinned biracials or 2) Date and marry white. Because their icon Kamala is and does both.

    SYSBM continues no matter who’s in office, America is fu*ked no matter who’s in office.

    Very disappointing indeed to see Black men who I thought were smart fall down this bullsh*t alt-right rabbit hole. I can understand these dumbfu*k propagandized hillbilly white men, but I thought (some) brothers were smarter. I guess I was mistaken. I had to unsub from Kid Organic for a while until this blows over. He’s full on down the primrose path, no different than these sh*thead racist white boys.

    This right here is why I don’t buy into any one negro content creator 100%.

    David Carroll is correct, y’all negroes are politically dumb.


    • Schadenfreude,

      I’m not really surprised at your “nothing to see here, keep moving along” response. So we’re just supposed to ignore the mountain loads of evidence that clearly point towards foul play just because the lame stream media is choosing NOT to report on this monumental election fraud but instead is running around proclaiming Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States, really?

      The computer glitch for example that occurred in the Michigan county Oakland which caused votes that were for a Republican to be handed to a Democrat was real, not made up, not a conspiracy theory, not a reckoning, not fake news, it actually happened:


      This is why I’m now beginning to have a greater understanding as to why there is such a divide between elder and younger black men, the overwhelming majority of you old guard especially lefty elder Negroes in reality deep down don’t want the younger bucks to do better, nor do you want them to see and experience improved conditions in their lives.

      Seeing as the mainstream media has proven itself untrustworthy many times over, alternative news sources are now the only sensible and viable way to go on the condition that they report the truth, it doesn’t matter if they’re left or right wing, as long as they report the truth, that is what people need to be concerned about.

      This isn’t just about Trump, the entire US democratic process is at stake here. This issue of voter fraud has been a problem for a very long time, I remember hearing about computer software glitches way back when Obama took office in 2008. If you’re going to take part in an election then do it properly, don’t engage in fraudulent activities and most definitely don’t try to cheat your way to victory.

      You’re on Black Caesar Avenue right now, this is the real disappointment right here, yet another situation where clear evidence pointing towards fraud is being dismissed outright, I guess you never really left that Democratic planation after all.

      Regardless of what you think about Trump, he is clearly a better choice for the health and the prosperity of America and its people, his track record speaks for itself.

      If Biden were officially elected President, his first day in office he would immediately plunge the US back into the dark ages, have you wearing face masks permanently even in your own homes and place the country in a permanent lockdown in order to completely smash the economy which would thereafter be bought up and ran fully by the Chinese Communist Party.

      Questioning questionable activities now equates to thinking in an alt right fashion, really bro? I guess in your eyes it’s a smarter move to turn a blind eye to overt corruption and simply accept being shafted, of course, this is the typical liberal/black matriarchal way of doing things.

      Unfortunately the disappointment is on you, not on us, expecting black men to place their critical thinking and reasoning faculties in the trash when confronted by extremely questionable results, smh.

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      • “This is why I’m now beginning to have a greater understanding as to why there is such a divide between elder and younger black men, the overwhelming majority of you old guard especially lefty elder Negroes in reality deep down don’t want the younger bucks to do better, nor do you want them to see and experience improved conditions in their lives.”

        “You’re on Black Caesar Avenue right now, this is the real disappointment right here, yet another situation where clear evidence pointing towards fraud is being dismissed outright, I guess you never really left that Democratic plantation after all.”

        Thank freaking GOD you said it. I actually somewhat liked Black Caesar initially, but I never jived with this Schadenfreude cat because I could see him for what he was: a provocateur who stands for nothing. You’re right, dude is just like Black Caesar. They might complain about black women and even feminism, but remove that pet peeve issues and they have absolutely no moral standards and ethics and stand for NOTHING. In actuality, they act just like black women, going around and slinging shit to start drama. Hell, I remember one time dude tried to start some mess on here with James SYSBM and he made it clear that he wasn’t the one to mess with.

        Also, it’s funny how much they sound like black women and coon callers. Apparently, we’re brainwashed by the WhItE aLt-RiGhT!!! Again, these same negroes who complain about whitey will suck up every crumb his mainstream media lays out.

        This is why SYSBM is for the few, and why most black people are not only destined for destruction, but to need to hurry the hell up with said deaths. Black people are worthless when they fail to question their so called arch foes, even when presented with evidence to do so.

        These older guys are just like black women who compete with their daughters, these guys can’t stand to see the younger dudes cast off the delusions and illusions of the hood and fight for something better. Like I said, the majority of black people need to DIE OFF, including most of the 50+ year old men. That’s what happened in the Old Testament, God said that the older generation of knuckleheads needed to literally DIE and be replaced by the younger ones with some sense before the Hebrew nation would ever be worth a damn. Before you rebuild a nation, you need an extermination.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Most of these left leaning elder black men look upon the younger blood departing from the old Democratic plantation as some sort of betrayal or even akin to blasphemy. As I’ve stated many times before, as a Gen X guy in his early 40s I point blank refuse to recommend options for younger black men that will be detrimental towards them.

        I personally am struggling to see the problem with accepting the evidence which is clearly pointing towards fraud. See, the Dems for 4 years claimed that Russia had interfered with the 2016 Presidential race yet in those same 4 years FAILED to produce any evidence to substantiate their claims.

        Fast forward to the 2020 Presidential race and look at the stark contrast, the evidence is practically falling into our laps on the daily, it isn’t even a struggle to come across proof that supports the claim of Democrat election meddling.

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      • Sadly, many of the elder black men are bitter and mad about their own poor decisions, but refuse to have the honesty to admit that they made them. Thus, the only real advice that they can give the younger dudes is “bitches ain’t shit!,” so that they can be as bitter and miserable as they are.

        Many black men talk about leaving the plantation, but in all honesty would rather do anything but.

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      • >Sadly, many of the elder black men are bitter and mad about their own poor decisions, but refuse to have the honesty to admit that they made them.

        Classic Blackistanian Maggle behavior.


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    • Tyrone Nyx,

      I see Twitter got straight to work and removed that tweet with the quickness, typical lefty behaviour and they wonder why more folks are choosing to distance themselves from the Left.

      Notice how the mainstream media are not reporting on any of this, most of the general public because of them are still oblivious to the fact that the counting is still ongoing and in addition to that there are many lawsuits to be dealt with. But I’m still supposed to trust these cats right?

      You have to go to independent sources in order to find out the truth about what is going on, Biden has dropped down to 259 according to Real Clear Politics which DOES NOT make him the “President Elect”, take a look for yourself:


      The plot thickens, I wonder how many other computer “glitches” will be found before this whole thing is done and dusted?

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      • Verbs, many thanks for this timely blog post.
        Excellent factual info. I will definitely share with my ignorant flock.
        Well, most black women aren’t going to be able to handle your damning assessment of them above, so I might have to tread carefully. lol

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      • Black Picard,

        Appreciate the kind words bro. The modern day black female shows her true hand once again, the only way most black men cannot see this is either being heavily bewitched or point blank ignorant on purpose. She clearly does not have the best interests of the black nation at heart.

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      • Of course, the media, pollsters, etc. do not have the power to declare a candidate as “president-elect.”

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  25. My sincere apologies for the lateness, but as said from me here’s a list of sources regarding the voter fraud situation:





    I am looking into the HAMMER Surveillance system regarding its presence and effect when it comes to one’s privacy.

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  26. Hey, Verbs, I appreciate the shout out for my usage of the quote from the Dark Knight Trilogy; it’s become one of my favorite movie quotes as it’s applicable to just about every facet of our lives today.

    I watched the video by Kid Organic where he referenced Roy Jones, Jr.’s song “Y’all Must Have Forgot” to make the point that Black people must’ve forgot Biden’s track record during his time as Vice president under the Obama administration. We’ve all heard the many racist things Biden has said, which shows, like Organic pointed out, how Democrats can continue to disrespect Black people yet still get their vote. How could you defend a man who eulogized Robert Byrd, a member of the KKK? This is so sad and embarrassing!

    As for the half Jamaican-half Indian coolie named Kamala Harris, here is what her track record looks like:https://youtu.be/o1-CRrMDSLs

    And this one should’ve been the dealbreaker between Kamala and Black voters:https://youtu.be/_KKn0gP6CZU

    I also couldn’t believe my ears when I heard she invoked the “ancestors” in her victory speech [SMH]; David Carroll was far ahead of the times when he did his “No Hope, No Change for the Negro” series on YouTube. The Black men and women who voted for “Joe & The Hoe” are stupid as hell! Note what Biden plans to do in the following link:https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/live-updates/biden-executive-orders-presidency-day-1/

    …and not a single thing was said about issues pertinent to the Black community (i.e. reparations, correcting bad police policy, etc.); if Harriet Tubman were alive today, she would’ve had to shoot the 92% of Black women and 80% of Black men who voted for Sleepy Joe and celebrated his projected win.

    The 2020 election has vindicated Verbs’ statement about SYSBM being for the few thinking brothers; at this point, I feel we as thinking Black men owe no person an explanation for why we choose to go the route of SYSBM as MadBusDriverX’s slideshows and TikTok has documented SYSBM’s success in that regard.

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  27. Scraggle daggles are doing what they have always done and that’s sell the Black Man out, these whores don’t have any morals or want anything out of life except a pat on the head from white people mainly white men like we’ve already seen with the black chick that was literally emulating a dog getting a treat from it’s master. It must be a sad lonely life being a pro black simp.

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  28. More and more states are having “glitches” and being removed from Biden’s victory belt, likewise, Biden does NOT have 260 votes. Once the full force of fraud is shown, not only will Trump still be president, but I hope to god the Democratic Party is abolished for generations at the very least. Say what you will about the Republicans, Green Party, Independents, Libertarians, or anyone else, even they haven’t done HALF of the crap that the Democrats have this year alone.

    Keep in mind that the media called it for Gore in 2000 before conceding that it was Bush who won over a month later. Many of those (namely black women and faggots) who are celebrating right now will be crushed here soon. That was just the impotent GOP back in 2000 that managed to win. You really think Trump will go down without a fight, especially with the overwhelming amount of fraud?

    Honestly, what I hope happens is that most liberals stupid enough to vote for Biden will give in to their likely pre-existing mental illnesses and kill themselves when the truth comes out. It’s the only way to continue to stave off doomsday. As Verbs stated, however, those who won’t hear must feel.

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  29. Also, for black men looking for a political party in a Western country to truly give a damn about them, STOP! Newsflash: at the end of the day, our lives do NOT matter! Black people do not have the societal clout to be cared about. Sure, they can make good voter chattel and fork over their money, but beyond that, we are not important in the West because this is NOT our home. Don’t go over to Asia wanting to be looked at and cared about, either.

    This is a wake up call to make black people and black men in particular realize that cats are never going to be a priority in dog country. Even if… no, when Trump is revealed as the true winner, black men of means need to still prioritize getting the hell out of the West. Honestly, I can say that many gravitate toward Latin America because it’s honestly not too different from the hood in some respects. Most black men are not fit for Eastern Europe or Asian, point blank period.

    Download Duolingo to learn Spanish and go South of the Border, those more well to do, learn Russian or Indonesian and start getting the hell out before the bottom truly falls out on this thing. Leave the daggles and your idiot families to die, I’m sorry.

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      • Also check out Drops, Babbel, and LingoDeer. I would recommend learning anything but Spanish unless you intend to move to Latin America, as those will certainly NOT be big mover/shaker countries.

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    • Also, for black men looking for a political party in a Western country to truly give a damn about them, STOP! Newsflash: at the end of the day, our lives do NOT matter! Black people do not have the societal clout to be cared about. Sure, they can make good voter chattel and fork over their money, but beyond that, we are not important in the West because this is NOT our home.

      What afrofuturism1 said above is spot ON!! Blacks are not truly respected in the West. I think it’s most likely because we most likely ARE superior genetically. And IF left to our own without any oppression or dumbfcukery, I’m absolutely positive that we can DEVELOP our own attractive, viable & dynamic communities.

      Also, we as Afrocoids don’t truly KNOW ourselves or where we came from. What if scholars from other races know about our origins but are keeping it from us because they fear what we will do with the information? Out of all the other races on this planet, there’s something about black people that is hidden from us. I don’t really know what that is.

      Perhaps Verbs can add his 2 cents since he’s better with scripture. But my instincts tells me there’s something more to black folks AND if they can just get past a certain stage of conscious development, that they can become a powerful force. It’s the same thing that gives us rhythm, soul…our blackness.

      Or maybe I’m just talking out of my ass.

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  30. As I been keeping up with all of this, I notice how many gun shops have sold out of guns and ammo. That tells me right there that it’s very important to stay on your grind, learn skills and invest as best you can. We, the SYSBM brethren, must hold the line especially if democrats have the biggest temper tantrum ever seem.

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