Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here folks, what’s on your minds for this week? In other news I see that Poland has moved one step further towards the outright banning of abortion, this is a step in the right direction regarding the protection of children inside of the womb regardless of what delusional feminists may think and say about it.

Any nation that has gotten to a point to where they feel they’re able to reason and rationalise the killing of innocent babies in the womb in the name of so called “women’s health” and “reproductive rights” is one that is destined for doom and ultimate destruction, hence one of the main reasons why we see the West in the complete disarray that it’s currently sunk into. How is an abortion outside of the woman’s life being in imminent danger related to any health improvements, I’ll wait?

It’s funny how people scoff at the bible yet at the same time they wonder why they’re being overrun with evil leaders, whenever you reject believing in a higher power, the moral compass is next in line to go, shortly thereafter expect to be ruled and lorded over by profoundly malevolent individuals who hold to NO morality and who don’t believe that they’ll be held to account for their reckless, irresponsible and evil actions by a greater authority, hence why they relentlessly carry out the most wicked and despicable deeds with absolutely no empathy towards their victims.

Governments are typically the reflection of the state of a nation, they can and should be used as an indicator of that particular nation’s current condition:

You’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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    • Kameron Brown,

      Is that in relation to that dark skinned thot he recently invited up to his house who ended up stealing from him? The guy is a glutton for punishment, like a dog that keeps on returning to its own vomit, smh. You’d think the dude would’ve learned his lesson by now, these black sirens cannot be trusted under any circumstances especially when they discover you’re a man of means who has he stuff together.

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      • Kameron Brown,

        I don’t feel sorry for him at all, he’s bringing these calamities upon himself. Where’s the so called “logic” he purports to possess and execute when it comes down to these dysfunctional black females? The “logic” gets thrown straight out of the window whenever there’s some stinky black female cooch placed on the table, smh.

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      • Smgdh, is t this the second time that something like this has happened? Also, looking at the link below, THAT is the so called model? Dark skinned chicks can’t say a damn thing about why men don’t like them, hell that woman looks LIKE Tommy! It looks like the black boy from stranger things but with boobs (which are probably fake). That’s how good they look when in shape?!!! With faces that ugly, they might as well stay fat! Not a thing feminine about this chick.

        As you mentioned, where’s all that logic he purports to possess? Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s EASY to seem smart when you intentionally surround yourself with hoodrats, cultural ankle biters, and refuse because you have HNIC syndrome, but your actions will show your true colors.

        Dude is BROKEN ever since he ruined his own relationship with that white woman, and is psychologically hurting himself as punishment by dealing with these unfeminine beasts. He’s just a more successful Black Caesar (though even he has to beg for e-donations now).

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        I’ve also noticed that Tommy is lurking around less well known YouTubers that many years ago he stated he wouldn’t go to because they had less subscribers than him. It’s funny how times change. Dude was on his high and mighty horse and didn’t believe that he’d ever fall upon hard times to where he’d have to spread himself around on YouTube channels with a much lower subscribership base.

        It all comes down to his mental state, as you said the dude is broken, he simply doesn’t believe in himself thus doesn’t think he can do better in terms of the women he chooses.

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      • @afrofuturism1

        That chick looks like a Black tranny, and Tommy was fooling with her. SMH
        Its very rare that I ever see an attractive dark sinned BW.

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    • You’d think a man that fucks with criminal bitches would at least put cameras all over his property to catch their asses and charge them legally

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      • @Afrofuturemism

        I have said that many times before. Lana was the best thing to happen to him, he knew it, and his daughter liked her.

        I would have bid YouTube goodbye if it was a choice between her and the channel(s) he created.

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    • Tommy is actually a smart and articulate guy when it comes to analyzing current events and extracting information that hasn’t been mentioned from said events. Further, he’s allegedly a Georgia Tech alumnus and worked in tech before launching his YouTube career.

      But when it comes to women, he has made some incredibly dumb decisions.

      The moment his baby mama (or ex-wife, not sure of her status), he should have stopped messing with that lot of women.

      Life is too short to be repeating dumb shit.

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      • “The moment his baby mama (or ex-wife, not sure of her status) put him through hell over 10 years ago, he should have stopped messing with that lot of women.”

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    • I’ve said this before –

      The majority of Tommy’s contributors are, wait for it = Black women

      His detractors don’t want or are unable to believe this..

      When he was in a relationship with Lana, it suddenly dawned on him that he could marry a non-Black woman and that would impact his brand and his income stream which was Black women. So whatever happen between them happen and it is likely the truth that Lana got tired of the vitrial coming from Black women, namely the woman who recently returned from the dead to find nobody missed her.

      She was stalking Lana

      So to keep his income stream and to show his daughter (he’s said this live several times) that two Black people can have a reasonable, loving relationship. he tries to date Black women

      This gets back to stuff I’m been saying about my pool of available women. It is not as if Tommy is hanging out with high value women. He’s interviewing porn actors, strippers, IG models and the like. He’s dated some of the women in his online community, the so-called “Not Us” Black women.

      It was doom to fail and backfire and it’s going to continue to do so unless you make an uncomfortable compromise.

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      • Illmatic826,

        I unsubscribed from the dude many years ago, the hypocrisy is what really done it for me, telling black men to take their penises and go home, all the while he wasn’t even adhering to the same sound advice, smh.

        Tommy pre 2016 was the best version of himself, he actually tried to branch out of dealing with these fallen black sirens, however he didn’t have the intelligence to shield Lana from the relentless attacks she received from the angry, bitter and disgruntled black sisterhood because he wanted to show her off, thus the relationship eventually fell apart.

        Now he’s back in the swamp, wallowing with the same gutter black females he once avidly talked against, smh. Just like Obsidian and many other members of the Black Manosphere, Tommy was simply looking for black female validation and acceptance.

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      • It is strange the Stockholm Syndrome hold these worthless black hoes have over SOME Black men. Looking at this darkskin, it is clear that she is the kind that Tommy says he likes. Dude getting high on his own supply, smh. I still listen to him in binges, not regularly. I subscribe to only 1 of his channels and don’t pay him. Like I always say on here, I take all these negroes with a chunk of rock salt, if you’re looking for the next Malcolm or MLK out of this bunch, think again.

        SYSBM is the only black male group that walks its talk as far as I know IMO. MBD, Kiri Jones and Supreme King Coon for example all have non-black spouses and mixed children with no plans to return to the plantation.

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    • LMAO!!!!! Me being half Caribbean on my father’s side, I will tell you that she’s Hatian/Creole. 70% of them learn to hustle and rob from their stank nasty mothers and some older male relatives. I tread very lightly with them down here in Florida because you’re definitely setting yourself up for failure by dating them. My dealings with Puerto Rican, Costa Rican, Argentinian, and Colombian women have been okay since I’ve been living in Florida. A few Afro-Hispanic women have been a pleasure to deal with as well. But they will eventually resort to the same thieving crap if they learn it from the successful ones. I don’t feel sorry for Tommy. He keeps giving BW a chance and they all prove his point for him. Tommy contradicts himself for money and fame in return. He can only monetize with controversy.

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  1. Soo who knew Candace Owens was pregnant and for 7 months too? Do y’all think she might make it to the peak of swirl mountain? Will her white zaddy divorce her and leave her to die? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!!

    Anyway I noticed how hilarious scraggles want their black men to be tall and all but will get a platypus sized white zaddy and love it forever. So anyway a brother landed an attractive White honey who happens to be taller than him. Boy the faces of the scraggles when they saw them was classic. I overheard one of them saying that they will never date a short nigga, or she must be a gold digger and my favorite quote “He must be a coon”. They lowkey look like they want to put a hex spell on him.

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    • DeltaWildDog18,

      She’s got that baby coming with light skin, good hair and light eyes, that’s what she was looking for. Whether she’ll make it to the summit ie go the distance in the marriage remains to be seen. Yep, black women apply one set of rules for white men and a completely different set for their male counterparts.

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    • That is always the assumption by Black women. Law Jackson is shorter than his wife Alyona so even in Ukraine it’s not an issue.

      Black women are scared of disinvestment

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    • DeltaWildDog18, you should know just from being on this blog that the daggle will literally take a quadraplegic white man who can only move one arm, or a platypus Struggle Chad born with no thighs wallowing on the floor, or a Steven Hawking-ass drooling mofo in a wheelchair, while a Black Man got to be Tupac, Bill Gates and LeBron James all in one body, 6 foot 5, tats, beard, foot-long dicc, 7-figure income, and accepting of her kids (only Chad gets the childless BW). To hell with these hoes, man the game is rigged. SYSBM for success.

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    Click to access Dokument93.pdf

    Less than 3% of the coronavirus “deaths” actually died FROM the virus, and they were elderly. See, this is how emotional society is now. Death wasn’t created in February! Is it REALLY a tragedy that 80 year olds die?!! That’s NATURAL!!! Especially in America, a country KNOWN for being unhealthy, yet our average death age is only about 8 years younger than JAPAN, a society known for health and living long.

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    • The CDC will stop collecting information on the flu season, making the first time the flu will claim ZERO victims!
      Britain and Australia will compile flu and WuFlu stats in a Kansas City Shuffle deception.

      Dr Anthony Fauci wrote a paper on the 1918 flu pandemic which affected mask wearers. Guess what they died with? Bacterial pneumonia. Caused by WEARING MASKS. (pdf link)

      Fauci as head of the NIH also received an $18m plus grant. From GILL BATES! The CDC received $155million plus from the “philanthropist”.

      Chris (Witless) Whitty, England’s Chief Medical Officer and the co-author of the Doubling Graph Of Doom. Paid $40million by GILL BATES.

      Neil Ferguson, Imperial College computer modeller, who got caught breaking lockdown to fuck a married woman. Paid $280million by BATES.

      University of Oxford, tasked to research and eventually develop the WuFlu vaccine death shot. Paid $230million by BATES.

      BBC Media Action, the World Service charity that advises third world countries on health issues. Given a $53million contribution from BATES.

      Are y’all starting to see the picture?

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      • At this point, when you see these COVIDidiots with their masks while walking the dog, you see a willing slave. The sad part is that Bill Gates is right, there NEEDS to be a mass death event, but not because of overpopulation or resources or whatever, but because there are too many brainless idiots roaming the world today.

        I’ll also say again that whites, Europeans, and Orthodox Jews are the main ones (or possibly only ones, honestly) that are really taking a stand against this, so in all honesty, **** black people’s complaints of racism and white supremacy, they apparently deserve and yearn to be enslaved, so let white people go ahead and do it again.

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      • Michel,

        As we’ve been saying for the longest, it doesn’t take that much digging to find out something foul is at play here. The devil Bill Gates is at the cornerstone of everything, notice also how he and his Jezebel wife Melinda NEVER wear masks even though they keep telling the general public to, smh.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      A burst lung, damn!!! Yet we’re still being told that wearing a mask is vital to “reducing the spread” even though the box clearly states that masks don’t protect the wearer from any diseases. That’s like an individual believing that wearing 3 t-shirts and 2 jackets will reduce the impact of a bullet, the mental gymnastics people are going through to justify wearing these face nappies are incredible.

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    • From Eric Carmen @ericcarmen on twitter

      Update from CDC
      Of the 220,000 deaths reported as due to COVID, the actual cause was:
      88,208 – pneumonia & influenza
      17, 799 – chronic respiratory disease
      26, 365 – respiratory distress syndrome
      44, 261 – hypertensive disease
      23, 275 – heart disease
      28, 000 – cardiac arrest

      CDC admits that the WuFlu doesn’t exist 😳
      Page 39 of the linked document: (pdf)

      Document published July 13,
      In “Performance Characteristics” section. 2nd sentence of the last paragraph of page 39 (Pdf reader says page 40 though).

      “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019 nCoV are available…” meaning no examples of the virus were available for testing. None were isolated for testing because it DIDN’T EXIST!


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      • Afrofuturism1,

        “Conspiracy theory”, a term purposely created by the CIA to discredit anybody who refused to accept the “official narrative” surrounding the death of JFK, and today in 2020 we still have those who are still using the term against those who refuse to accept the “official narrative” surrounding the COVID plandemic because it stinks to high heaven. It’s so easy to brainwash, indoctrinate and train people in the direction you want them to think and travel in.

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  3. Don’t know if this is true, but apparently Amy Barrett wants to make abortion punishable by the death penalty. Again, notice it is ironically a WHITE WOMAN trying to undo these gynocentric liberal laws, she also has a bunch of kids herself.

    I remember growing up and the old black men in the barbershops went on that abortion was a woman’s choice. The same group that bitched about slavery like it happened yesterday were cool with abortion, smgdh. Is it any wonder why our elders are seen failures?

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    • I think that Roe v. Wade is done with this new Supreme Court. They wont abolish it, but will allow states to set their own standards when it comes to abortion, which will just about nullify it.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Indeed, killing unborn children should be punishable by death. I came across somebody else recently who was also pointing the fact that it is typically white women who are the main ones railing against evil and draconianism. Men in the West have been so emasculated to the point where they’ll rarely stand up for anything these days, smh.

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      • Agreed, it’s bad enough to see white women fighting against the same things their men should be leading the charge on, but when you realize those same men only have any fire in their chest through a keyboard, you realize why things are the way they are.

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  4. I don’t know what it is but a lot people tend to be a lot anti-social these days, just wanting to keep things virtual. I don’t want this to be the new norm. Just from a UK perspective.

    Although through my observations, it seems society and other groups get a kick out of it seeing a black men struggle and suffer.
    I’ve had my struggles, adversity and seen bigots from all sides of the political spectrum. Was tempted to go gently into that goodnight(no not ending it all, just stop doing and leading groups in different sectors of life and keep to myself just be incognito and just do)

    I often do stuff because I can and will do especially if I see the long term benefit but it seems a lot of ppl in my generation want short term gratification (gen z btw)

    Is it a generation thing to go for short term gratification or is it a society thing?

    But the main question is what do these groups and society do when black men refuse to go down easily and put up a valiant fight?

    They actually give everything to make you struggle and fall by their own hand. Give them nothing but take away everything from them.

    Life is a fight nothing is easy corona will pass and I hope people start wising up because living life in fear is not the way. Do people really want to live their potential last moments in fear or go out having lived

    I don’t know anymore

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    • They want us to struggle because once we do better and upgrade our resources, we leave them behind for good. Once you know your worth and it comes from a good, genuine place, the daggle words won’t bother you no more, that is how much you’ll upgraded and “self improve”. For example, I been getting stronger at the gym, lifting more weights at my own level, not trying to impress anyone and learning how money works. Even when I went to therapy, the doc told me that I’m not crazy or depressed or anything wrong, she told me that I have to be more assertive (the reason why so many black educated men are not assertive is due to being bullied and verbal insults at a young age). What kept me out of trouble was basically learning about technology, spider man, x-men, learning about how money works online, buying stock and assets like life insurance, a home that you can afford, good health insurance, different bank accounts to park your funds. It’s actually quite fun when you can travel freely and a passport will help you with that a lot and having the real ID license.

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    • Understand the emotions behind your concerns Jon. However your concerns have the same root as many Black men in the UK, US and Canada – a terrible upbringing.

      When someone close yells at you that “your useless, your worthless” over and over again for 8 years, it’s easy to view yourself and other people through the lens of worthlessness. Ive certainly did. Sure there are people who cannot stand your happiness (in every group) but a solid, healed up person who isn’t giving off “worthless” vibes isn’t going to gravitate towards you. Straight up.

      There will be people out there who support you, but you’ve GOTTA SUPPORT YOURSELF FIRST as foremost. Never ever lean on randoms to give you acceptance – you won’t get it. You get it from yourself.

      Sermon over.

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      • Let the church say amen. It has to come from within you and the best place for that is working out and getting stronger at the gym. Lifting weights boots good feelings in the brain and helps your body develop and helps the Brian develop as well. How to cure self doubt, the answer is positive reassurance of yourself and getting along with good people.

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      • I wouldn’t say I had a terrible upbringing, it wasn’t perfect but compared to others it’s much better as I had both parents involved in my life.
        I grew up in suburbs and still live there. However as its London I would say its the environment more to do with that to be honest as I just observed a quite a bit even indirectly but I did have exposure to other groups from an early age. I am assertive in my own right as I do what I need to do and what I want some of the time. I don’t view myself as worthless because if I did I would’ve given in years ago

        Its like this nature over nurture when you think about. However in the so called black community there isn’t much nurture compared to other groups

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  5. I have actually seen more YOUNG, perfectly healthy white DUDES wearing these masks, while walking the damn dog in a park no less, then I have similar healthy young white women. Is it any wonder said women are leaving them in droves?

    You also why asian and Indian women get rid of their men at the first chance, because of how unmasculine, compliant, and spineless they are.

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  6. Eastern Europe is the only region to find more quality white women on average. Not affected by feminism on a larger scale. Hopefully it stays that way forever. Western nations should be a perfect example of what to avoid in the east. I wish I could easily leave Western Europe to live in Eastern Europe and not return to the west. Quality stargates matter.

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    • I’m learning Russian, and intend to head there as soon as possible. Bosnia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan are slept on, too. Beautiful exotic looking traditional women as far as the eye can see.

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    • Depending on a few things, you don’t want to live in Russia,Ukraine, etc long term. But like I said that depends on what you value and what bothers you.

      I would get into contact with Philko, just type it in the YouTube search box. You can contact him directly. He’s been in Russia the longest (7 years) but he’s also lived in Ukraine and actually prefers Ukrainian women over Russian women.

      He also does business in Russia and has a Business Visa. He’s from New York so overall he doesn’t mind the snow and cold weather. That said his long term goal is to move back to the United States at some point.

      I have researched the last decade about being an expat. For the things I like to do which are solidly middle class and because the middle class is so small outside of US, Canada, West/Northern Europe and Japan those activities are either non-existent or very limited.

      One example is my automotive hobbies, specifically drag racing. Only Brazil has drag strips, I think three at last count. I know where two are, one in Porto Alegre and the other Curitiba.

      What passes for drag racing in BRIC countries is street racing. I know there’s a track in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico has a couple but as somebody noted PR isn’t ideal for Black men especially when I like White skinned Latinas; I’d have much better luck in NYC. Plus the US response to recent hurricanes isn’t exactly confidence inspiring; I remember the ’94 Northridge Earthquake and we were without power for two days.

      PR went for weeks without power. Which is why I support statehood for PR, they would get badly needed Federal funds on a regular basis and would raise the standard of living for most people in PR.

      Anyway, if you have questions about any region of the world, I likely know who to talk to.

      At the end of the day for the next 20 years my main domicile will be California. I am also looking at buying property in Central America as they have less restrictions on getting residency. I also feel that having an EU, US and Latin Passport will give me ultimate protection from. It’s hard to get an EU passport but I think I can get one via Portugal without much fuss.

      This is why I think SYSM needs to move to the next level. It’s fine for a bunch of individuals do something, but as a collective we can get much more done.

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    • Just a damn shame, and theee sheep think they’re so healthy. I actuality, they’re making themselves artificially sicker, as well as weakening their immune systems to things that they would normally shrug.

      As bad as this sounds, a good bit of these sheep NEED to die from whatever pneumonia they’re giving themselves. I know it’s harsh, but you can’t feel sorry for people who want to be sheep, not anymore.

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      • That’s why I make my own colloidal silver (CS). Got a really niiice German brand from an expat friend who’s totally naive about CS. It was given to her as a gift by her nurse friend who is based in Switzerland and who obviously knows her stuff.

        This one is much better than the 2 brands I have. Top German quality.

        I have thicker silver rods that fit right into it so I can make a 1 litre 20ppm batch in about 40 minutes. Seriously. Excellent EXCELLENT product…don’t even have to alternate rods at all if I don’t want to. Good frigging quality water.

        I also have a 200ml aqua blue spray bottle that I carry everywhere. Can use it as hand sanitizer, great for spraying into the eyes to prevent eye dis-ease, KEYBOARDS, faucets/toilet flushers/door knobs in hotels before I settle IF I travel. But it’s mainly for the nostrils. If I ever get a stuffy nose, I just spray & inhale right up the nostrils. After a few minutes, nasal passages are clear & unblocked. I could go on & on & on about the things CS can do.

        If you spray CS on that nasty filthy bacteria blob in the above post, that shit will die in a few seconds by disabling its ability to breathe — no matter how much it wants to adapt. No chance of survival since CS is anti-viral, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial.

        Combine CS with DMSO and u have one of the most potent & CHEAPEST cancer fighter on the planet since DMSO is able to penetrate the hard cancer membrane, but CS can’t. Together, they’re like Air Jodan & Scottie Pippen dynamic duo – UNSTOPPABLE.


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      • Exactly, the deadliest virus in the world and you’ll find the masks disposed of in the streets like empty beee cans.

        Think about this, do people wash and reuse condoms? Hell no, they’ll think the mere concept is unsanitary! Then why would you do so with something supposedly protecting you from the DeAdLiEsT ViRuS EvEr?!!!

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  7. Dwight Howard’s Son Blasts Him on Social Media

    As a custodial parent, and after viewing the video, I realized immediately that the mother encouraged the boy to say the things he said. If you listen closely, the boy sounds like whiny and feminine, probably just like his mom. The kid would go on to say he hates his father. That is a direct manifestation of the workings of, as Verbs says, the black witch.

    Again, as a custodial parent, I never speak ill of the mother in the presence of our child, despite the fact the mother rarely visits and is of low character. Our kid would never say some shit like that. Children should be allowed to assess their parents once the reach the age of maturity has the capacity to reflect with reason.

    This is what happens when black females are the custodial parent– they raise their children to hate the non-custodial dad.


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    • I just saw this. I don’t doubt for a second that the mother made her son do this. Not ironically enough, right after he won a championship and due for a new contract; not to mentionhe played pretty decently this season.

      These broads are so pathetically predictable. She’s looking for a pay day and has no problem for lack of better words pimping her son out to get it.

      I’m not saying Dwight Howard is a great parent however given these broads history, I’m willing to bet that his son was put up to this.

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      • With respect to so-called absent fathers, no one ever asks the following:

        Is the father willingly or unwillingly absent?

        They immediately speak ill of the father. The only reason why I have have the awareness to ask that question, is because I was unwillingly absent, because I was denied visitation by the custodial parent. However, she had no problem taking my money in the form of child support. But I addressed the issue by collecting evidence, and presenting it to the court.

        As a result, the court reversed custody. And now I am the custodial parent.

        One more thing– a lot of these bitches see children as a means to get unearned revenue. Many don’t give a damn about their children. Case in point, in my case, once the bitch lost custody, she became willingly absent Once the revenue (to the tune of $1500/per month) was cut off, why would she visit frequently?

        I am not fooled for one bit. A lot of these single mothers crying about absent fathers are the primary cause of the father being absent. MANY OF THESE BITCHES AIN’T SHIT!

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      • Exposing SYSBM (or Exposing the Manosphere) is actually exposing himself as a fool.

        Show me any other PhD candidate (or PhD) who wastes his time making dumb videos on social media? The real academics don’t have time for such foolishness.

        I wonder if he’ll make reference to his website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels in his CV?

        It’s definitely not the type of material that will get him a tenured, or research position. Isn’t that why people pursue a PhD? Perhaps, he pursued a PhD as a way to escape the real world. Usually, people stop escaping after earning an MBA, or some other masters degree.

        He should try writing more peer-reviewed essays and producing less fool-reviewed, maggle-reviewed, and/or daggle-approved videos.

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      • >What’s the purpose of those questions?

        The answer is in the name. Dead giveaway. Those SIMPS continue to tell on themselves like their hyena matriarchs.


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      • Thebackhandofreality,

        The Fake Academic decided to pay us a visit, I learned long ago to always question those asking questions who directly oppose your cause as to not fall into the silly traps and snares they lay in your path.

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      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        The nerve some of these people have here. There is a reason we don’t put out our information like that.

        Not to mention, it’s none of damn business knowing those intimate details about our lives. Especially those we don’t know or are familiar with.

        What’s next? They want to know the town, street you live on?

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      • Michel,

        Again, exposing what exactly? Dude claims that he’s been “exposing the Manosphere” as well as SYSBM since 2018, yet all we’ve done over here is highlight black female dysfunction and skullduggery which is out in the open for all to see and point free thinking brothers in a different direction, smh.

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        I keep on saying, Fountain is a 100 days late and 10,000 dollars short. His campaign to save the dethroned queanies of Blackistan is a fool’s errand, however as we know these maggle blockheads always have to learn the hard way, smh.

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  8. A few things to talk about today.
    1) Discord: First off, thanks to the people that join my discord group for the SYSBM and Passport Bros. I see that it’s growing. We chopping up topics over here at the discord. So feel free to join. Chatroom and Voice chat is open 24/7. I probably gonna use the Voice Chat on Friday Night, and I’m gonna be talking about Hip Hop/ Rap music, why I mess with Old School rap more than new school rap.You guys can chime in and give your perspective on Hip Hop. Discord:
    2) Covid: Same shit, different day. The mask is not helping at all. I’m probably pretty sure people are getting uncomfortable wearing the mask, because I tired of wearing them, and I can’t even breathe right in them. They need to go on ahead and stop the mask mandate because a lot of people gonna die from wearing a stupid mask, breathing in them things. Then with the vaccine, didn’t a brazilian die from that damn vaccine? Then with this old guy Bill Gates, does this man have any knowledge on medicine or the medical field? I’m really questioning this man. Too much suspicious shit coming out about this virus: The lockdowns, the mask mandatory, the cases being spiked up. Another thing too, with everything being replaced with virtual interactions, that’s gonna cause problems. What’s also funny is that How some of the people in the republican party catch the “virus”, but no people in the Democratic Party didn’t?
    3) Once again, election day is just around the corner, and there’s been a whole lot of bullshit going on. Like I said before, I ain’t voting for neither Trump nor Biden. I don’t care about neither party like that, but goddamn, they really want Trump out of Office and want biden in, but Biden, along with Harris, real questionable. America is gonna be rough if Biden and Harris were in office. Plus them two got a similar history of some sort.
    4) The Black community is done y’all. I’m at the point now where if I’m gonna become successful and live life longer, then the black community needs to be out the picture. I have a bucket list of things I wanna do with my life, and the Black community is not on the list.

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    • “ 4) The Black community is done y’all. I’m at the point now where if I’m gonna become successful and live life longer, then the black community needs to be out the picture.”

      For THE WORLD at large to become more successful, the black community needs to be out of the picture, honest to God. Simps and their queens are the world’s longest running gag, and its time to stop laughing and go to the next act.

      Black men worth a damn need to go ahead and admit that they’re soldiers without a home. Form family units with foreign Stargates and leave the hood to crumble, remove any and all emotional connection and just let it die.

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      • >Black men worth a damn need to go ahead and admit that they’re soldiers without a home

        Done. Decades ago.


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    • “…when’s the last time you’ve seen the scraggle daggle do something like this?

      When Mo’Nique lost a ton of weight. She used to say “skinny bitches are evil”. But instead of inspiring BW to lose weight, they called her a sellout.

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  9. Even if one of these idiots get ahold of people’s information what the fuck are they gonna do? Lmao

    Are they really stupid enough to believe anyone that grew up around niggas will be caught lacking?! We already know how y’all get down

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  10. How do you brothas feel about dating women from foreign countries? 12 Gauge Mike and BHS (BaldHeadShaniqua) always get butthurt when this topic gets brought up. Talking about “You couldn’t get women in the U.S so you had to go overseas!”. While that maybe true for some brothas I’ve had great relationships with Latinas over the years. I’ve dated Puerto Rican, Dominican, Colombian and Ecuadorian ladies in the past. Still though I do wonder what it would be like to date Traditional women directly from the country.

    I dated a Dominican chick in College that had come to the U.S about 7 years prior, chick was an absolute sweetheart. She was also terrific at Math for some reason lol, we’d go to the library and she’d always help me out with my algebra courses. After that we’d go back to my dorm room and hang out, I was straight up cuffing her lol. But yeah I was the one who eventually fucked things up because I was afraid of commitment. I was 20 at the time worried about how many women I could get with. I kept thinking the longer I stayed with the Dominican chick the less females on campus I would get to smash. Very bad way of thinking smfh but you live and learn from your mistakes. Anyway after about 10 months we broke up due to my actions smh.

    But yeah she is the closest thing I’ve had to a Traditional Latina since she came to the States as a teenager. The other Latinas I dated were all born here, some barely even spoke Spanish. I would love to date a Dominican or Colombian woman that hasn’t been Americanized but it seems there are so many traps that come with that. Thoughts?

    PS- I was discussing this with some friends and they all were saying if they brought a foreign woman to the States from another country they would treat her like a wife but would not marry her due to the way the Court system is set up.

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    • In order to date a traditional Latina, who hasn’t been infected by American culture, you have to go to the source while it is still available.

      Technology is helping to export American culture globally.

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    • JW,

      These black sirens have it completely wrong when they berate and disparage brothers who go overseas for their women, again this idea that putting up with dysfunctional and rebellious behaviour somehow equates to “strength” is straight out of the disjointed, twilight zoned mindset of the black female.

      With myself, I’m more in favour of the late Charles Tyler’s philosophy of using the West as a financial hub only while living elsewhere if it can be done, that way you won’t have to worry about your woman becoming corrupted and taking you to the cleaners. Typically it is these younger chicks who tend to begin derailing and feeding into that Jezebel spirit.

      Let’s look at what we’re seeing, the West is turning into a third world zone meanwhile many second and third world countries are seriously stepping their game up. My recommendation would be to preferably look for another place to live a land a woman from that country, the West is done and it’s never coming back.

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  11. “Child Support Payments: If you owe $2,500 or more in child support, you are not eligible to receive a U.S. passport.”

    SYSBM Brothas get to travel the world meanwhile Trap House Jim and 12 Gauge Mike have to stay on the plantation with BHS (BaldHeadShaniqua) and Captain Snowy. No wonder those fools are mad at us brothas that travel. LMAO!


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    • JW, yup. That’s their main problem right there JEALOUSY. I personally know bros who couldn’t get passports because they were behind on child support. Bill Clinton started that policy, by the way, it’s been in force since the 90s. Oh well nobody told these niggas to bust inside Keisha and LaToya! Meanwhile the “non-select dudes” and “educated lames” can come and go as they please (outside of COVID) SYSBM goes from strength to strength.

      LMAO @ “BHS”!

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    • >Trap House Jim and 12 Gauge Mike have to stay on the plantation with BHS (BaldHeadShaniqua) and Captain Snowy.

      Don’t forget about Slim Sauce.


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  12. Happy Wednesday SYSBM! Hope your day is doing fine. The abortion thing. When it comes with a scraggle daggles, they won’t abortion the baby. You know why? Because if she has a child, she can get housing and universal credit and she will get a lot of it. And the more children she has, the more free money she’ll get. But, if she gets pregnant by a simp, then she will abortion it. Because she don’t want to have a child with a simps. She wants to get breed by the worthless man that she love, obsessed and desire. She want a cleanup man but I don’t wanna clean up a next man’s mess or messes. But here this, if she has a child with a white beta male, backside! She will keep without thinking but I wanna do a blog about that soon.
    I heard that there is goanna be a lockdown in December. Let me tell you something. The government don’t know what they are doing. I know that this Coronavirus is a lie but these lockdown is goanna be on December and that is Christmas time. I’m not a Christmas man but that when the time is cold and the government is causing unemployment with this plaindemic. They just wanna control people’s lives but in Italy and Spain there are protests and riots going on and I bet you that it’s goanna happen in Britain. You might disagree but Trump wins the 2020 election, I think the Corona might just disappear for good.
    I was watching Tommy Sotomayor last night and he was talking about this heifer who was recording a police officer who stopped her son because he didn’t stop at a stop sign. Guys, the noise the heifty hoodrat make in the street piss me off so much! And the husband was there and the three of them are fat. And I beat you that that the husband is not the father of her son. I bet you the money I have saved this year people. The woman was loud, rude and lie! You what I said before. I rather be with a fat white woman then be with a fat black women.
    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all the time because these non black women are coming after non black woman. And SYSBM knows why. Enjoy your Wednesday guys.

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  13. I’d usually post this in Swirl Mountain Graveyard, but it’s Open Mic Wednesday and here’s another swirl fail. Zaddy beat the brakes off his weaved-up non-FBA bedwench and now she’s crying BLM and #MeToo. This bih Twitter handle is literally “choosyLOVER.” Guess she didn’t CHOOSE too wisely! You can’t make this stuff up. Another body dashed on the rocks of Swirl Mountain. Laughing my ass off over here. Be sure and read the comments, bros went in lol.

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  14. I’m seeing so many women on social media whining about Poland banning abortions, while I quietly smile a Grinch smile. If Trump wins, America will follow suit. I have never sent a woman to the abortion clinic, so not my problem. Maybe hoes will finally close their legs to Trap God, Man Man, Jackin’ Nigga and Skillet? who am I kidding, raw thug dick is like cocaine to these buffaloes. SYSBM, gents.

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    • Alright –

      Back when I was with my ex-girlfriend during a trip to her parents house in Arizona, we had unprotected sex.

      Didn’t think much of it but she started feeling funny and had an upset stomach at work a few times. She knew what it might be so she got a pregnancy test and bingo, she was pregnant.

      Now what would you do? This is what I find funny about some of these tropes in the Manosphere. especially with Black men and how they want to beat down Black women with the fact that they seem to use abortion as a form of birth control.

      Well this was a White women and the result would have been a mixed race baby. I knew I didn’t want to be attached to this person for a lifetime so I laid out all the reasons why she shouldn’t bring the child to term; it didn’t take much convincing actually.

      I went to the clinic and I was with her until I couldn’t be. When it was over and after recovering a bit (this whole thing from start to finish was about four months). She stated that she would never do it again, but she didn’t feel bad about it.

      Abortion is a tool, simple. We weren’t ready to be parents and while there’s no optimum time to start a family it should start with a foundation of two people that love each other and I didn’t love her and started to resent her to some degree.

      Like I said all these sort of difficult things that Black men seem to have with Black women doesn’t exist with non-Black women and the examples are infinite.

      The answer to most of life’s problems is in the middle. Abortion should exist, but the reasons to use it should be few.

      I have to always wondered – When the Manosphere says Abortion should be outlawed and social benefits should be cutoff especially to Black women, is that about improving society, the Black “Community” or being punitive to Black women?

      As I’ve said many times around here, I look at Black women as a bad investment vehicle.

      All women are capable of horrible behavior, choose wisely.

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      • Djfourmonie,

        Perhaps you could be clearer about exactly which individuals in the Manosphere only have an issue with abortion when black women are the ones carrying them out because I’ve not come across such persons yet. I have a problem with abortion period, how you concluded that those of us who are opposed to it don’t have an issue with non black women engaging in the same has me baffled.

        The main reason why we highlight black women is because they are the ones carrying out abortions at astronomical rates, far more than white and other non black females. Pointing out the evils of black women isn’t excusing anybody else, not by a long shot.

        Additionally, it would be black women who would naturally be our main targets seeing as they are the ones who have been the prime culprits responsible for the destruction of black men and black society, you cannot penalise us for focusing upon those who have brought us the most damage.

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      • Why would you abort your seed??? No excuses whatsoever. There are tons of parenting help and resources for men especially black men to raise their children.

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      • Robert Chavis,

        As commenter JW alluded to earlier, a lot of young guys buy into the dainty treats of the world believing that they’ll miss out on so called “fun” if they become parents early, still no excuse as far as I’m concerned but this is the way many of them think which is unfortunate.

        Once upon a time when the world was in much better shape people actually looked forward to being parents, in fact they couldn’t wait to have their first child, how times have changed so much.

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      • I am not throwing members of SYSBM under the bus. Lots of reasons to not support abortion, more care should be taken on my end and that was one instance where 1) no condom 2) no pill on her end and she wasn’t on the pill, she was after that.

        The focus should be on Black women and their behavior and how it impacts nearly every aspect of life in Anglo Sphere of Influence.

        Most of it is because we are guilty by association. Black women behavior reflects upon us in totality.


      • @Robert Chavis

        I was 27-28 at the time and it wasn’t about being unable to do what I want. That was the one time I didn’t wrap up with the woman I was dating. I religiously wear condoms.. I’ll sit back and wait for the anti-condom wearers to chime in.

        That person wasn’t somebody I wanted to have children with.


    • Wait doesn’t Poland had some kind of program for pregnant women instead of aborting the child they would give some baby supplies to the mothers?


  15. Bottom line, people get the government they tolerate. The real America that allowed free speech without censorship is long gone, legal baby killings, and most importantly the welfare state working to keep feminism alive and the black community broken. The communists hiding in the democrat party will eventually take away everyone’s right to self-defense (guns), open borders, and Joe wants to shutdown America which will further crash the economy, it’s all coming together now. There are many other dark things yet come for the future of America, Trump is delaying the inevitable and he is being attacked at every angle for it. The current situation Sweden is what America will be in several years, men getting their heads chopped off in broad daylight, and women having to wear hijabs so they won’t get raped by the terrorist immigrants. It’s illegal for the natives of the country to fight back (thanks to the government), yet the immigrants can do whatever they want because they won’t take BS from nobody. I was recently listening to a live stream show by a popular MGTOW content producer (TFM aka Turd Flinging Monkey) who responded to a series of questions by a brother (Jimmy Neutron) about reparations and the state of the communitah. Once again, the outside perspective reconfirms why black people will never get reparations and why the black community cannot be saved, it’s dying a slow painful death with America. The cancer of woke BS has escalated to stage 5, SYSBM is not a choice it is a means of survival, passport, leave and never come back to Babylon. Anyway, the link to that live stream is below and I would highly recommend listening from 2:00:12 to 3:26:10. Since it’s on Bitchute (peer to peer video sharing), it will not save where you left off if you close it, so you have to record/remember the last timestamp you left off at.

    Listen from 2:00:12 to 3:26:10

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    • Top post Black Tiger.
      I agree 1000% with your analysis.
      Take a peek at this article on The Saker.
      Naqqash: I predict US civil war after 2020 Presidential Election

      …Today, if we want to talk about America, we cannot confine our discussion (to America’s situation) in eastern Syria and Iraq, rather, we need to talk about America (as a power) within America (itself). What is the situation of America in America?
      I’m one of those who are predicting – following the US elections – the outbreak of widespread chaos in America, to such an extent that it may lead to (the United States) becoming a failed state….
      …There is a critical situation in the United States, till now gone unnoticed to many in the world, because they continue to see (America) as this invincible power that cannot fall. Yet, the Soviet Union was like (the US today) and we all saw how it collapsed. All empires collapse suddenly because they have been (critically) damaged from the inside.
      I predict we’ll see violence (in the US). So far, Trump hints that (he will deem) the election “rigged” if he loses. Meanwhile, (opponents) say that if Trump wins again the coming years will witness the destruction of America. There are Democratic states that cannot bear to be ruled by Trump for another four years. They cannot bear it.

      Good Riddance, Captain Liberty!!
      Top comment by Jurgen…

      …To be clear, the conflict is between elite interests. National+Israeli Elite vs. Globalist Elite. Both are hopelessly corrupt & inbred. The former has successfully leveraged proletarian discontent, at least in 2016, but the latter has demonstrated more capacity for reason and governance. For a multitude of reasons, the People are not really party to this conflict (but will certainly foot the bill in blood & taxes).
      The root of the elite schism lies in the continuing recession of American Economic Hegemony, as depicted by trends such as US trade deficit and global shift of manufacturing and trade to China. In 2020, Nationalists want economic power to return to the States, while the Globalists do not care whether something is “Made In America” or “Made In China”. However, globalists *do* care about the continuing global dominance of the USD, which requires careful navigation of a rising China…
      To return to the issue of the election, I see two possible outcomes:
      * Biden wins a clean, landslide victory. Trump camp is demoralized. No real motivation for domestic instability beyond some localized riots. Trump is given an opportunity to quietly flee the country (to where?) with his associates, or face punishment. This is something that will have to be planned in advance. Given how quiet October has been, plus how assertive Biden & NatSec & Big Tech allies have been, this could already be underway.
      * The election result is contested. Both sides claim victory. States begin recognizing different presidents. Some locals stop recognizing their state government. Widespread instability, violence. Pacific States unite, New England unites under Biden. South unites under Trump. This obviously causes a total collapse of faith in the US as a state, and USD by extension. Globalists really, really do not want this outcome, even if they could realistically win a civil war.
      Either way, not pretty for the American proletariat.

      So long, Captain Freedom! The rest of the WORLD ain’t gonna miss ya. What goes around, comes around. Give my regards to Satan.

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      • Black Picard,

        If somehow Sleepy Joe wins, it would be because he cheated. Right now, Trump has a better chance of winning, many leftists have not taken the red wave into account. As for the second outcome, it’s a possible reality that can take effect considering how corrupt and self-destructive the alt-left is, America was never the UNITED states to begin with. If that where true, we would not have a mixing pot of different opposing values. The possibility of a second civil war has been teased multiple times through multiple sources.

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  16. She has all that energy for you…..but she can’t beat up Zaddy

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    • I’m usually not one to blame the victim, but knowing BW, I wonder what she could have possibly done to bring that kind of rage out of him.

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      • I’ll blame the victim. Like all swirlers, she probably thought she was getting one over on Black Men. In another tweet she says she wasn’t the first, so she got with him with full knowledge of him abusing other women.

        Like I have said before when BW brag about their lower divorce rates with WM, Shaniqua will stay with her Struggle Chad till the wheels fall off weathering all kinds of slave abuse. He probably escalated little by little over years, until the big beatdown. She got her lightskin baby, though, so that’s all that matters to her anyway.

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    • Bih name is literally Nay-ree-say. After the play for sympathy and attention, you knew a GoFundMe would be the next step. Some liberal whites will probably end up buying her a house or some shit. Shaking my head.

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    • She wont receive much if any, that poor child will be condemned to a life of poverty and dysfunction being raised by a trashy Black single mom.

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    • The blonde weave nails it, these heifers are trying to be White women. Not that I didn’t believe or even doubt that for a minute, I’ve said plenty of times that they want the same advantages that White women have gained in the march towards equality

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    • When white women date out their men disown them and Black Men need to do the same. Once they cross that color line they are CUT OFF

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      • Too many emasculated simps in the black communitah to freeze out these bedwenches. You need an actual patriarchal culture for that to happen. You had fruity pebbles all in the comments defending this weavehead. No end of simps willing to take on Struggle Chad’s sloppy seconds.

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      • I think that’s already slowly happening, a lot of BW will be careful to hide their swirling days when they fall off swirl mountain though. Like Verbs said, just don’t deal with them.

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      • Cut Off from who? You mean other single White men? Okay, who cares if things go to plan she’ll never be single again.

        Of course anything could happen and she could become a widow. You would be surprised how many White men will walk that bullshit back in order to date a woman, even if she had mixed children.

        Sorry but the world isn’t quite so Black & White (No Pun).

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      • It didn’t fly over my head.

        WM disown WW who date BM. That doesn’t happen if they (WM) date Asian or Latino men.

        BM should disown BW but many won’t

        Philko did exactly what Tommy should have done. The more Phil talked about Black women, the more strikes he got for hate speech and he was finally demonized while traveling overseas. It scared him and he consulted a friend of his who is from the US living in Russia and a lawyer. He told Phill to get his business license in Russia, that way he could get a Business Visa.

        He let his old YT channel go and he’s been all in helping women (mostly Russian) make money on Patreon and Only Fans by promote their channels.

        He’s making more money not talking about Black women than he did talking about them.

        It’s hard to shut down a blog but if the vitrial gets too heavy sites like YouTube can block linking content to this blog.

        In the long run talking about BW is not profitable and can hurt you monetarily. If you are going to do that you better be sure you can withstand it.

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  17. She held up her mixed kid and said “and then look at my black ass” lol being a Black Woman should be a legal mental disorder

    She has all of this smoke for Black Men but none for Mr. Clean when he was going upside her head

    Now she’s begging for donations lol It’s hard to take someone serious when they don’t even know how to act like a victim.

    And this is one of the few daggles that has common sense, thankfully more people are calling her out for attacking Black Men when we had nothing to do with that white boy almost killing her ugly ass

    And ahh yes the old “y’all are just jealous” talking point lol

    More undiagnosed mental illness

    I got the mind to report this shit and have it taken down for scamming

    She real tough with Black Men, but that white boy left her ass bloody

    Get white men to protect you BEYOTCH!!

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  18. Bros working on a video, might need help? Do you know of situations where black women using gov. contracts that could have gone to help out black men rebuild and or build industries. Or different groups that were sabotaged that could have benefited black men and boys by said woman and her white overlords.

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    • Not surprising, You cant form any type of alliance with homosexuals or BW, both groups are mentally unstable and capricious. Also, Black trannies and gay BM want to replace BW.

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  19. Btw, why are these churches not saying anything about the COVID fraud? I mean, they are the last arbiters of truth, right? They’ll defend the truth no matter what, and stand for righteousness, right?

    Clergy, healthcare workers, police, and military need to be seen as domestic terrorists for their laziness during all of this.

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  20. I recently watch the documentary “Valentine Road” on Amazon Prime, which is about this little twink gay/tranny that got killed by a dude he tried to get with at school. Said tranny would prance around in dresses, heels, etc. all the while acting like a girl and taking on “black girl” names for its persona.

    I’ve gotta give the old white women teachers credit, they were literally saying straight up that if he didn’t twink around and act like a fruit, he wouldn’t be dead. One woman even pointed out how, in the dude’s honor, they had an LGBT parade in front of the school. She noted that something like that had NEVER happened before and wondered who was behind it. From the way she said it, it’s obvious that she Jew… err, knew who.

    The one teacher that supported the twink and gave him dresses is legit working at Starbucks now, lol. Said teacher was apparently making $55 an hour as a teacher, yet don’t these shitty teachers claim to be underpaid?

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  21. Two fat and ugly BW killed a security guard for asking them to wear a mask:

    Sisters charged for allegedly stabbing store security guard 27 times after he told them to wear a mask

    “Two sisters are being held on attempted first-degree murder charges in Illinois for allegedly stabbing a store security guard after being told they needed to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer. The sisters entered a retail store and got into a verbal altercation with the victim, a 32-year-old man who was working as a security guard, Chicago Police said. The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office said the man had told the sisters they had to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.

    Their argument became physical when Jessica Hill, 21, pulled out a knife and stabbed him in his back, neck, and arms 27 times, according to the criminal complaint.”

    She stabbed him TWENTY SEVEN TIMES, these chicks are angry and demonic. Stay away, their lives suck mostly due to their own poor decision making and they have been screwed by genetics in the attractiveness department, they know that nobody wants them and society doesn’t see them as attractive, and they lash out at everyone. There was another security guard a few months ago that got killed by a BW and her pookie because he told her she had to wear a mask to come inside. Keep the Wall up like your life depends on it.

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  22. Where are all the BW and liberals to give us their dumb “intersectionality” BS now? Other groups USE Black people, but want nothing to do with us beyond using us.
    Arizona man arrested, fired from job after racist rant is caught on camera

    “A Scottsdale, Arizona, man was arrested and fired from his job after he was seen in a video using a racial slur while confronting two Black men. The encounter happened Friday as Dre Abram and his roommate, both of whom are Black, were filming a podcast for Abram’s YouTube channel in the neighborhood of Old Town Scottsdale, according to NBC affiliate KPNX in Phoenix.”

    “Ng replies, “No, I’m a racist. … This is a no (N-word) zone.””

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    • Remember when I said that this election is everything, and that Trump (for all of his many faults and stupid things he says all the time) is pretty much the only thing keeping the US from going to complete and utter hell???

      This pretty much explains why. . Why the hell do they want him out of office so badly?? The left is terrified of him winning. If he wins (and he should without serious voter fraud), the gloves come off the second term and major changes are coming that’s going to upset a lot of people. Many big name people are going to prison for the rest of their lives, and that’s even too kind for some of them.

      My friend put me onto conspiracy theories a while back and I used to mock him. Not anymore. While everything that’s out there is not true, a lot of it is and there’s more than enough to ask some legitimate questions.

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    • We’ve got some QAnon Breitbart Fox News freaks on this blog, but in the real world, it’s Hillary’s emails 2.0 only this time it’s not working. Hunter’s laptop = Hillary’s server. Same old shit.

      Trump’s got the bar for scandal so low that nothing they’ve thrown at Biden has stuck. It doesn’t help that the far-right and far-left are just recycling 2015 material. They were chanting “lock her up” at Gov. Whitmer from Michigan, it’s a rerun.

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    • Where’s Hunter?¿?!

      My hunch is the niece put the laptop contents out there to indirectly discredit Biden.

      My other hunch is Trump has already won 2020 and the Big Tech censorship, Bullshitting News media, kiddyfiddling via Epsteen, Netflix’s Cuties and Hunter were paraded in front of us to reveal the Deep Swamp. Everybody involved have already been dealt with, just the journalists left.

      Trump will force the cancellation of the Globalist “Great Reset” and demand the new worldwide gold standard. Look at Netanyahu’s face when he signed the peace deal – he’s gonna get paid!

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  23. Afrofuturism1,

    I’ve managed to find one pastor who carrying out his due diligence and doing what he’s supposed to be doing, however duly noting what you said, notice how there’s mass silence from the overwhelming majority of these church beast wizards. He still believes that there’s a virus out there, however the rest of his coverage on how the scamdemic is being used to oppress and enslave the public is spot on.

    Since I’m not a prophet and I can see that this so called “pandemic” is clearly a fraud, what’s up with these religious clerics who claim to regularly talk to the Most High, if anything they should’ve gotten the scoop before everybody else:

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    • The ONE voice actually saying the truth on this is John McArthur, who outright said there is no pandemic. He kept his church opened and California is trying to sue him.

      Guy was already a lone voice in the wilderness and definitely is now.

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  24. Good Open Topic Wednesday on this Thursday night,

    I’ve seen mentions pertaining to Aaron Water Fountain above in the comments so I want to piggyback on it. Here’s a message from the academic freshman.

    As I watched some of his videos in recent days since he dropped that Hardcore Tito video and chastised many of us for supporting him (Tito), I’m seeing that Aaron wants to come across as an intellectual.


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    • Hardcore Tito makes Fountain look like the Fake Academic that he is, that’s why he screwing.

      How is it that a Chicago tough guy has more intellectual smarts than a pretend PhD candidate?

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      An intellectual examines ALL SIDES of an argument and doesn’t dismiss opposing views via disparagement and ridicule which is exactly what the Fake academic Fountain Top has done with regards to our position concerning modern day black women in addition to their out in the open and brazen dysfunctional antics.

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    • Michel,

      Expect to see a sharp increase in such cases especially as more people find out that this plandemic is exactly that, a scam and a fraud.

      I personally blame programs like Big Brother as well as other reality TV garbage thrown at the public for years that have given folks the impression that they’ve the right to snoop in and call shots on other people’s lives.

      Nope, you’ll catch a coco in your head at minimum and death at the extreme end of the spectrum like that security guard in Chicago. The moral of the story here is simple, leave people alone.

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      • As you said, expect to see more deaths and outright executions coming. I’m not I would do it….. but I’m not gonna cry myself to sleep when others do.

        When you’re a willing overlord in the biggest scam ever, affecting millions of lives at the least, I can’t exactly feel sorry for you when someone takes your life as revenge.

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  25. It looks as though Lil Wayne went to talk to Trump about the Platinum plan for Black People. I don’t know how much traction this will give Trump and the metrics say he’ll lose but I know this –

    If Trump wins a second term #BlameBlackmen will be all over social media.

    Get ready.

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  26. As for the Tommy Sotomayor situation goes. I’ve been unfollowed him back in 2017. Most prostitutes are criminals with some undisclosed mental/behavior issues. I have had a few in my past and it’s not you who they enjoy. It’s the thrill of them seeing a lonely man offer his attention/money to her. Within that time spent with her, she can also charge more to be a pretend girlfriend/wife who can’t wait until the date is over. Therefore, I wouldn’t dare deal with them without my gun or some other form of security at my house. S*cking d1ck is not enough for them. If they see the opportunity to scam/rob they will do it in a heartbeat especially while you’re asleep. I DON’T FOLLOW & SEND ABSOLUTELY NO DONATIONS TO INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK, SNAPCHAT, YOUTUBE and WEBCAM/ONLYFANS females at all. I contentiously research them day in and day out.

    If Biden wins, Kamala Harris will be president. That’s something for us think about.

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    • I have dabbled but not in the United States and it’s a means to an end. I have also fu*ked the best looking White women in my life, a Hungarian women who grabbed me out of the few customers at an FKK in Frankfurt, Germany.

      I was the only Black man there too, go figure.

      An FKK where I’ve also had the best “paid” sex ever. I am not crazy to expect that behavior in the US no matter how much you paid, though I’m sure it could happen and it would cost you 10 times more.

      In Latin America it’s stupid cheap with the exchange rate so why not? Black women and Pro Wacks like to use the fact that prostitution is legal/tolerated throughout Latin and Central America, even the Caribbean they will say this is the reason you travel to these locations.

      Even if that was the case and for some it is, so fucking what? Tommy experienced this from a native US born Black woman, whatever her circumstances are, Black women are the cheapest prostitutes because the market determines the price.

      When Black women grippe about “working” conditions this is what they are complaining about most; that they can’t make as much money as Asians, White or Latinas in this space and they say it’s racism. They’ll try to affirm that but spinning a tale of whoa that she was called a Nigger or something.

      Like I’ve said at every level of life except maybe as a entertainer (MAYBE) a Black woman is not a good investment vehicle.

      Look at the attention Adele is getting for her weight loss vs Name any Black women with weight problems and the attention she gets.

      Black women are even worth buying low in the market which they are, they are most impacted as a group during the lockdowns.


      • Makes sense. Black prostitutes are low quality no matter where you go. You don’t always get what you paid for. I don’t hate BW. I just understand their tactics. Whitey likes them because he can live out his slave master fantasy. If you deal with BW get an STD/HIV free Jamaican one. They don’t play stupid games, get you comfortable and get straight to the point. I know from experience. Where I’m at in FL I will only have non-black PR, DR or South American escorts or girlfriends. I can settle down with them. They cook, clean themselves up, have a bright sense of humor and are better with conversation. Which is why I have been getting better with speaking Espanol. A common thing with modern/millenial BW is they’re non genuine with fake personalities/physical traits. All black men don’t want tatted up, ignorant, gigantic booty BW.

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