And I Don’t Feel Sorry For Her Either – Their Thirst For Vanity Is Incredible


Now, she sounds like she’s speaking Portuguese, speaking a little Spanish I heard a few familiar words because the languages are very similar. If I’m correct she’s probably from Brazil, like I said I don’t feel sorry for any women who in their quest for vanity end up facing horrible consequences like this.

Now, of course you’ll have the “she should’ve gotten those implants done properly” crew, however, any woman who chooses to go down this route whether they be back of the alley, fix a flat butt injections or via official plastic surgery in my opinion has serious mental, self confidence and self esteem issues that need to be addressed.

This is exactly what happens when you give women too many options, they turn spoilt and begin engaging in reckless Tom Foolery in their vain quests for more power, more recognition and more attention. What’s wrong with going to the gym and engaging in exercises that can tone and increase the glutei? Squats are an excellent exercise and solution for that.

Of course, as I’ve stated before black female dysfunction is an INTERNATIONAL PROBLEM and here we see yet more evidence of this manifesting itself. She took a short cut, went and got some back alley butt injections, no doubt she thought she was a winner walking up and down the street with her modifications until things began to go south literally.

I believe I heard her begging for the money to complete a buttock restructuring operation which is typical black female behaviour, making incredibly stupid decisions but then when the extreme fallout hits all of a sudden she wants complete strangers to share the responsibility as well as the cost of rectifying the problem at hand.

No wench, you’re the one who decided to get dodgy butt injections, therefore you must deal with the consequences thereof ON YOUR OWN. I somehow get the feeling that a braindead simp will come to her rescue and foot up the money though I hope I’m wrong. Notice the tattoo on the bottom of her back, another all too common sight with black women these days.

I fully support the idea that black women need to feel the consequences of the stupid, reckless and irresponsible decisions they make immediately, this gynocentric idea that the results from the bad decisions made should be postponed or somebody else should step in and share the burden is extremely foolish and dangerous.

I’ve made it known before that I’m NOT a fan of any plastic surgery on a woman, I much prefer my women natural and will reject any female who has had any artificial modifications done to her body. Black women are the biggest group engaging in this enlarge the butt trend, yet aren’t black women the ones who are always bragging about having ample sized butts to begin with?

This hasn’t been the first time we’ve seen botched butt implants on black females and it won’t be the last because black women are the most vain individuals on the planet. Weaves are making black women go bald for the most part but do you see them abandoning the 24 inch lace front Yaki and going natural, NOPE!

More and more I see why those black men who choose to date out are purposely avoiding black women altogether and instead opting for mixed and non black females. For those non black women who do get butt implants, I rarely hear of cases like this with them, it always seems to be these black females who are forced to deal with the calamity of making the stupid decision of getting bootleg butt injections from Mike The Mechanic. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Most High Bless

66 thoughts on “And I Don’t Feel Sorry For Her Either – Their Thirst For Vanity Is Incredible

  1. but White WOMEN Does it TOO!!!

    This passing of the buck business is my biggest pet peeve of women. Since this broad wants to do something to herself against the advice of most of society, then she should accept and take the consequences, girl. Strong and independent, right? “My body, my choice”, right?

    No. White women DOESN’T do it too. They go gym. They do squats, they hang out with bros. They know what men like and work at it.

    How come this behaviour is even possible in Latina countries?

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    • Michel.

      That is my problem with BW when shit goes left they always make a video crying and snot out the nose looking for sympathy no sympathy here hoe. On a another note I saw a commercial for a game show one of the contestants was a black single mother and she started crying saying she could really use the winnings if she won for her and her child and the judges were crying. So you come on a game show crying and snot out the nose she probably left the father of her child now you want sympathy smh. And the judges crying was just as pathetic so what she is a single mother who 9 times out of 10 made herself single why are they crying their are single mothers all over the place society is pathetic.

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    • Michel,

      Plastic surgery has unfortunately become quite big in many Latin American countries, women who were once looked upon and praised for their natural beauty having been brainwashed by Hollywood images and television over many years now wish to take the physical appearance to the next level, however doing so through a good diet and appropriate exercises isn’t sufficient enough and won’t yield those rapid results.

      So many women over there who have the money opt for the short cut route, however as you can see disasters like this can and often take place. Like I said before, I have no time for any woman who wishes to shortcut her way to a better physique.

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      • I’ll only push back slightly… Women get work done (on their bodies) to look better clothed, not naked. That’s why fat bitches (and women with weight issues in general) want to fuck you in the dark because they don’t like how their look despite the nonsense body positive movement

        In Latin America ass is king, so when you don’t have an ass, what’s a woman to do? Michel says women go to the gym; that’s the hard way. Just like liposuction or other forms of outpatient weight loss are the easy way to lose weight without going through months of hard work without seeing result for the majority of it.

        Women go get breast and ass implants, the results can’t be argued when you see them clothed.

        Butt implants are a thing among women of color because that’s seen as an asset (no pun). Just like White women get breast implants because that’s an asset in a culture that values them. When Latinas are angling for White men they get breast implants….

        It’s generally Asians that have avoided this trap.

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      • Djfourmonie,

        This all goes back to the mentality of the woman. Regardless of what reasons she has to get plastic surgery, it still demonstrates a dodgy, lazy and flakey mindset and as a result that type of female ought to be avoided at all costs. I don’t really understand the breast implant thing either when there are herbs like Fenugreek that can help women increase their breast size, again it takes time which unfortunately a lot of women don’t have the patience to invest in.

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      • Shortcuts don’t always work of course. Women know their shelf life is limited, so they are doing what they can to get married by 30.

        That is why women get mad when they are 30 and you at 30 are still dating women between 18-25. They try to keep it tight so they can either attract a younger man or an older man with money.

        I am talking mainly about middle class and upper class women of course. The women get cheap work done, well they are trying to get into the middle class.

        As I’ve said a thousand times now all this sh*t that women do is related to improving their economic status.

        Which is why they laugh at you if you are the mail man, UPS driver or even stocker at Target.

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  2. That is a nasty sight to see. Yep the black women don’t learn from there mistake. Too many times black men have warn black women about butt injections. Like this chick whs ass exploited. I don’t i know if she got that for unlicenced doctor. If she then yes does deserve what she gets. Once again this is another black woman that known the dangers of butt injections.

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    • Antonio Johnson,

      The chase for vanity is off the damn chain, this is the problem I see with most black women today, they just aren’t content with what they have. Right now as we speak another black female is getting her butt injections in the back of a garage or in the basement of somebody’s house.

      As the Caribbean saying goes, those who don’t hear must feel, black women are stubborn creatures who unfortunately must learn their lessons the hard way.

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    • Well if so many men didn’t say loudly = “We like big booties” this likely wouldn’t be a problem. But most Pookie, 12 Gage Mike, etc say they like big asses and when you’re a skinny BW and don’t have a big ass what they are going to do?

      BW will also clown BW without asses and tell them to gain weight.

      I rather not deal with that bullsh*t so I cut all Black women off, Africans don’t get a pass either and I like White women so there’s no need.

      As I’ve said 100 times, I’m just a casual observer of the Black Community, otherwise I want NO PART OF IT.

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    • DeltaWildDog18,

      Like I said before, women in general, black women in particular NEED to feel harsh consequences like this instead of being shielded from them all the time. Once they know there’s no barrier of protection, they’ll soon exercise caution and make wiser choices.

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t feel sorry black women who get cheap bum injections in some back alley somewhere because they are too fucking lazy to go to the gym and do workout themselves. The crazy irony is that black woman are fake from head to toe but they are looking for a real man who can fund her expensive childish lavish lifestyle. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. I prefer to date a natural looking childfree non black women because the majority of them are natural looking from head to toe and thats what we SYSBM black men find appealing about non black women and that’s why we are dating them in large numbers particularly in the UK and there is no coming back from black women because they are the least desired woman on the planet.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women revel in the fakeness and they wonder why they continue to remain single at such a high clip. Fake nails on top of real nails, fake hair glued on top of real hair, fake eye lashes glued on top of real eye lashes, in some cases shaving off their eyebrows just to crayon in others, 50 tons of makeup on their faces etc, smh.

      There are no real men of high quality who are going to deal with a group of fake women period. SYSBM is exploding here in the UK for many reasons and we’re now seeing a similar trend emerge in the US. Fake women have no chance dealing with high quality men.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I find it very repulsive when I see a black woman wearing fake weave hair, fake nails, fake eyebrows, fake green, grey and blue contact lenses and bleached skin to the point where I just want to vomit and be sick plus everytime I see black women do this I just shake my head because they are displaying real self hatred right there but they have the bloody cheek to call us SYSBM black men self haters when we date outside of our race when we date non black women. At least we stay looking black when we date non black women.

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  4. OFF-TOPIC —- On or about October 25, 2016, Professor Trick Daddy released his famous “Tighten Up” video. Such video presented a summation of the social science research about black females during the past 70 years. I invite all black men to review Professor Daddy’s video. —- The responses of most black females were negative. Many black females decided to attack the professor’s hair. Such attacks, by black females, primarily prove the arguments that black females are obsessed with hair.

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    • Grégory,

      That video summation will never ever be off topic for as long as we live.

      The paper is entitled “Black Hoes Need To Tighten Up” by Professor Trick Daddy of Brown University, published by MIT Press, Cambridge, 2017.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Professor Trick Daddy alluded to the fake appendages that black women are using to attempt to improve their looks, so this is very much relevant. He warned them to tighten up, unfortunately most of them have chosen to either not listen to him or to take shortcuts which actually make them look like mutant freaks of nature.

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    • Witwijf,

      They look like out of place sideshow circus freaks of nature with all of these extra modifications, and they wonder why more black men are choosing to walk away from them, smh.

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  5. Instead of hitting the gym or working and saving up the $6K (which isn’t a lot of money tbh) to get the butt implants done properly, they would rather lay on a dirty mattress in Shaniqua’s Section 8 apt and get their butt cheeks injected with fix a flat. SMDH
    Keep the Wall up.

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    • James SYSBM,

      The thing about it is the gym route would profit them much better in the long term because it would additionally improve their health, however we already know how most black women think, they have to have things right now, they have no patience, smh.

      It reminds me of these dudes who inject synthol into their muscles to make themselves look like bodybuilders, however you can tell that they aren’t and they look completely freakish and out of place:

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  6. What I just saw is borderline nasty. I probably gonna skip breakfast after looking at that. For chicks that be getting crazy shit put in their butts, don’t they ever heard of butt lift exercises, squats, and foods that might help increase their buttocks size? The whole butt injection is not helping at all. I’ve seen chicks with butts big to the point that it’ll look like it could explode in one hit or sit. They want that instagram thickness so bad they just wanna take the easy route, which is more dangerous than the normal route, which is the gym and diet. Plus, I talk about diet on my discord about how your diet can play a big factor in your life because with me, I like my women with a nice set of curves, shape like an hourglass figure, in shape.


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  7. NO. It’s Monday morning. I’m not clicking on the video. You can’t trick me, Verbs! Not even if it’s Halloween!

    But on a real: implants are a no-no for me.

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  8. That is absolutely revolting, and that’s just one horror story of getting this done!! Getting plastic surgery of any kind to enhance your looks is an outright no-no for me. The majority of women love selecting the easy way out of everything, but when it doesn’t work the way they want it to, they expect everyone else to bail them out. They never learn from their mistakes, yet they demand you to respect them.

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    • Anthonym78,

      I’m not bailing them out, like I said they need to feel the wrath of the resulting fallout. Shortcuts like this are a fool’s errand but we already know that black women won’t learn a damn thing from this at all.


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  9. Well….this video is most appropriate for the Holloween demonic season. Yet! This is the consequence when you refuse to engage in healthy and productive exercise and instead inject mortally dangerous chemicals into your body. The outcome is never a positive one regardless if the procedure is performed by a licensed physician or in the black market. Many women have developed a multitude of health issues as a reflection of such choices. When a individual is consumed by a profound lack of self-worth in particular a women…they will often turn to extreme measures in order to remove the overwhelming sense of worthlessness. Unfortunately, causing them to unknowingly forfeit their lives just to feel and to be seen as “normal”. This is why I encourage young brothers to choose women who are natural looking in appearance (with a focus on the body) and don’t wear excessive amounts of makeup…this will give them the ability to see who they are actually interacting with. This is turn can save them from a great deal of disappointment.

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    • Ger Tzedek,

      I really have to question the mental state of any women who choose to engage in plastic surgery whether it be official or back of the alley.

      Like you said, women who gravitate towards natural beauty are by far the best choices for any free thinking brother. Just like the weave wearing is a sign of mental illness and instability, plastic surgery is the same as far as I’m concerned.

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  10. “What’s wrong with going to the gym and engaging in exercises that can tone and increase the glutes? Squats are an excellent exercise and solution for that.”

    1. It requires work.
    2. In an microwave, gotta-have-it-now, world we live in, the results are not instantaneous.

    But hears the catch. Going to the gym will take a while to transform a woman’s glutes. However, once she attains the glutes she wants, that state is difficult to lose and only requires routine maintenance.

    RE: the woman in the video: I have only two words: She’s done!

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    • BA,

      This goes back to what I stated earlier about the mental state of a woman based upon the route she chooses to improve her physique. Women who opt for short cuts in order to attain a better looking body are best avoided. A classic example is the foolish female in the video above.

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    • facts just worked out today…….. one aspect is once you exercise for at least 89 days it becomes part of your daily routine. It becomes second nature but requires hard work. It is not a quick fix like surgery. So to BA dam bro you hit the nail on the head. I concur with your statement

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  11. This definitely raises the importance of looking into a person’s track record before making a decision that can affect you for better or worse. I have no symphony for the woman because she didn’t do the proper research and must live with the consequences.

    If anything, now I am motivated to learn and review the track record/success rate of others beforehand. Kinda wish I didn’t have to see that disgusting video though.

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    • Blackdjedi,

      Plastic surgery, tattoos, 50 layers of makeup, fake eye lashes, weaves/wigs, press on nails(which as far as I’m concerned is real dumb as hell, putting fake nails on top of real ones) etc as far as I am concerned are all a reflection of an unstable mindset, such women must be avoided at all costs.

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      • Agreed. Nothing else I can say other than the natural always beat the modified(GMOs). Other than that how are things.

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      • I’ve always avoided women that have to make so many changes to look decent. These are the women that end up alone and don’t procreate normally but men are so desperate to get laid, everything is on the menu these days.

        That is why I am shopping overseas at my age, the women in the 5-10 years range generally look like sh*t.

        That includes White women, Latinas and Asians. The women those ages in their home countries look much better.

        But I want to have children, my own children so you don’t start a family with a 40 year old. Good Luck Jeezy and Jeanne Mai (she’s 41).

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  12. That was an absolutely disgusting sight to behold! When will these brawds learn that you’re more sorry than safe getting these butt injections? Women have lost their limbs, worse yet, their lives from these botched operations; I’ve also seen images of how butt injections have deformed these women’s behinds. This is NOT the behavior of a quality stargate. #SYSBM

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women simply don’t care, it’s all about getting that bigger butt even if it kills them. I’ll keep on repeating the same, voluntary plastic surgery equals an unstable mentality.

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  13. Happy SYSBM Monday, gents.

    I’ve got questions. First of all, she looks and sounds Latina, not Black. Do we know for sure if she’s Brazilian? Second, did her ass literally explode? Did the skin fall off? What exactly happened there ’cause damn! Definitely the most disgusting post on Slaying Evil since I’ve been posting here. Brazilian Butt Lift gone awry, you hate to see it. SYSBM, brothers. Verbs keeps providing the evidence but DM Robinson, Aaron Fountain Jr and other black woman-worshipping simps ain’t tryin’ to hear him. Their problem, not mine.

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  14. Yes SYSBM. When I saw the video of the Brazilian woman with the butt completely gone, I was wondering “How that the hell did that happened? Did her butt just exploded or something?” But anyhow, when you see these black females getting these butt shots and butt implants, it goes to show that they are willing to go through all that just to look beautiful. And these women are suffering the consequences for putting that shit in their bodies. And they are suffering now with them with these arse shots and breasts implants.

    I was watching a news report of a woman who is a mother of four and works in walmart spend $4000 to get some butt shots and her children told her not to do it. She had second thoughts but then she went to do the damn thing because she will lose her money and she can’t get a refund. Guys, the woman is now dead because of the butt shots she got. When it comes to black women, they wear weave, bleach their skin and now they are taking butt shots.

    When I saw the Brazilian woman’s butt, I like to know how much she had it done. These women are getting conned by the surgeons with these dangerous butt implants and butt shots, especially if they are perfectly done. Listen, I cannot be with a woman is not in her natural state. I don’t mind a big butt but I hate it when a woman has to go through surgery because of her insecurities. Natural beauty matters. Natural butt matters!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all night. These scarggle daggles has an issue of being natural so they put on this weave, bleach their skin and butt shots.


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  15. ….. I legit thought it was uncooked meat when I first started watching the video, but all was revealed all too soon. That video is disgusting, but so are these QUEENIES aims and ambitions.

    As mentioned, aren’t black women supposed to come pre-packaged with ass? I thought it was white and other women that had flat asses that needed to be pumped up!

    White women are making videos of tightening their asses in the gym of just accepting what they have. Black women, the group that claims to have exclusivity on ass, are the only ones getting fake injected concrete, cottage cheese and fix a flat put into their asses.

    And if this is “for black men,” then why don’t they do anything else for their men? Why don’t they lose weight to a decent degree, lose the weave, and lose the bad attitude?!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is what so called “high value men” are supposed to settle down with. Even though she’s in a foreign country we still see the same thing happening in western nations. Didn’t I post an article not so long ago dealing with a group of black women with basketball size butt implants pretending to give a mannequin head?

      Black women never grow up, they forever want to be teenagers chasing after meaningless materials, yet another reason why they don’t and never will make quality stargates.

      Black women and their obsession with all things artificial at this stage is extremely disturbing. Again, through artificially modifying themselves they seek to improve their looks, however in nearly all cases they end up looking a hundred times worse.

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  16. Everything about black women is bootleg. Their nails are fake, their handbags are fake, their eyelashes are fake, their eye color is fake, their hair is fake, and their asses are fake. Yet they claim so much to “keep it real?” Nothing but an entire group of knockoffs.

    Remember the article Verbs did a few years back of the black Roman with the gaping scalp wound from weave installations? This is the same thing. Weave and ass is all that black women value, and even that they can’t take care of.

    Afro-Latinas in particular are supposed to come with ass, yet this one had to go to some guy who probably also does back alley abortions and sells plate of chicken and rice on the side?

    More and more the idea of “thick” women doesn’t involve black women AT ALL, not even mixed ones. It’s non-black Latinas, white women, and more and more, Indian and middle eastern women! My friend is Singaporean (Indian and Chinese) and I would wife her up and bend her over in an instant because her ass is award winning. Mixed of two groups not known for producing thick women and her ass is WAY better than most black women.

    I sadly have to echo one of Black Caesar’s old sentiments in that, more and more, it would be advisable for your stargate to have no discernible black blood altogether.

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  17. I just can’t understand why these women won’t just download a simple workout app or two and get the body they want in a healthier, inexpensive way.

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  18. I remember this story from a few years back in maybe 2017 or 2016 of this Black Woman down in Dallas, TX that had a botched butt job from a WEED DEALER and died in her car from the poison getting in her bloodstream. She was a 39 year old mother with a 18 year old daughter that HAD a 1 year old. Now why is a 39 year old mother still trying to out do her teenage daughter who btw has ALREADY made her a grandmother at the age of 39?? No matter what it seems like Black Women by and large don’t make good decisions, it’s just something in them that makes them CONTINUISLY choose to make bad decisions over sound decisions. We as Black Men have been knowing this LOOOOONG before anybody else, now the world (thanks to social media) is getting an up close glimpse into the hell that Black Men and children have been witnessing and experiencing for all of these years. #SYSBM

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    • 39, daughter has a kid, neither have ever been married, and one died from getting a bootleg version of the same thing to claim to already have.

      Most dudes outside of the horniest simp teenagers do not even want black women as pump and dumps, but they sure as hell won’t tote these boulder ass having chicks hanging off their arm like a cheap suit.

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      • She is 39 trying to compete with her teenage daughter, now I get that women still want to feel beautiful and still want to show that they still “have it” but with Black Women they go the EXTRA mile to whore themselves out and all in the name of having a big ass they will die over getting attention from men they will call “thirsty” just t turn them down, nobody is as evil and vain as the North American house nigga black bitch.

        And speaking of “ass” funny thing is Black Women historically aren’t even known for having big asses, it was actually White Women. From the ending of slavery all the way through Jim Crow the average Black Woman was skinny. The phrase “honey does this make my butt look big” came from white women in the 40’s and even on the side of those fighter jets where they had the women decals on the side, they had thick ass white women on the sides of those jets. Even in the 1977 song “Brick House” by The Commodores where the said the measurements “36-24-36” that’s a relatively small woman. Black Women didn’t start getting on the “big ass” craze til around 2005 and around 2010 they started getting the fake asses en masse. So we can make the argument that Black Women are trying to get thick like White Women ALREADY naturally were in the early 20th century. These women have been emulating white women for years now.

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      • There’s one thing for a woman to still look good, there’s another to compete with her own ho of a daughter because she has no man.

        Black women are forever in competition with white women, and more and more other women are gonna best black women too. Black women are retards that think they’re geniuses.

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