Protect Black Women March – They Live Scrounging For Any Attention They Can Find


This farce of an event took place a week ago. Protect black women from what exactly, what or who do black women need protecting from seeing as they are already a protected group under various State and Federal laws? Here is a section from the above website explaining the reasoning behind the rally which has now passed, it reads:

“This event will highlight and acknowledge women killed as a result of police brutality that will include the past, and up to the most recent cases. Also invited are the families of those killed to speak and share their stories”.

“This is a peaceful March and Rally to honor the lives of those black women murdered by Police Violence. Under no circumstances does the organizers condone any violence nor any destruction of any property”.

What the heck are these chicken necked knuckleheads talking about, they know full well that the overwhelming majority of black folks who are killed at the hands of the police are BLACK MEN, these shines get a minuscule number of black women dying at the hands of law enforcement, now all of a sudden everybody is supposed to jump into action because the lives of black women are supposedly “in danger”. Please, get outta here with that trash.

As has been discussed before, the lives most at risk in black society are those of BLACK CHILDREN, they are the ones who really need protection from the clutches of these same black women who have no problems snuffing their lives out whether inside of the womb or without. Again, notice how you’ll rarely if ever see black women at any pro life rallies, of course they’re not going to stand up for the very lives they’re taking out.

Yet you will find black women abundantly attending pro choice marches pleading and standing in unison for their “right” to murder innocent unborn lives, and some people want me to still form a coalition and a confederacy with these murdering disgracefuls, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

As I’ve stated before, whether you believe in a higher power or not, at some point there’s going to be a serious judgement and a recompense poured out upon the heads of black women for the millions upon millions of unborn black babies they’ve snuffed out in the name of “my body my choice” and I don’t want to be anywhere near them when that particular wrath begins.

Do you see what I was talking about before, how when it comes down to black men we are positively NOT allowed to get any shine/attention without black women themselves being a part of the ceremony, however whenever black women have some spotlight swung in their direction, we’re NOT invited to the show and are fully expected to stand on the sidelines clapping and cheering for them without any protest.

If black women were being killed at the same rates as black men by policy enforcement officers then I could understand them holding a rally, however this farce of a march was simply another scheme that black women used in their efforts to garner some attention, honestly, how pathetic can you be? You can count on one hand the amount of black women who get taken out by the police, smh.

A group like black women who are already a protected group cannot take issue with “being unprotected”. Besides, why aren’t the seeking out protection from the likes of Spanner Boy, Spoony, Spook, Sweepy, Field Mouse, Midnight Freddy, Sleepy etc since they’re the type of men these women love to open their legs to and get knocked up by.

Gentlemen, let black women as well as the pro black female simps they’ve created march on Washington as well as other locations, as has already been established since accepting feminism as well as fatherless home welfare policies, black women are now State owned, State run and State funded, therefore it is indeed the government’s job to protect them, NOT black men.

Let them seek out protection from their white lord and saviour Colonel Blizzard and let’s see if they’ll light things up by themselves like they’re always encouraging mullet headed, non thinking black men to do on their behalf. #SYSBM #NOTMYWOMEN #NOTMYPROBLEM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Always Seeking Attention, They Never Grow Up

Most High Bless

73 thoughts on “Protect Black Women March – They Live Scrounging For Any Attention They Can Find

  1. I remember looking at a YouTube video about someone reacting to an Onlyfans account and this chick had pretended to be kidnapped and in order to find her you gotta subscribe to her. Nah y’all niggas can have her 😂😂💀

    Also didn’t a scraggle Youtuber faked her suicide at one point?

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  2. IT is always about attention, spell casting, they are trying to get there agenda which is only about female equity based programs and government contracts. Many black women lost jobs during the shutdown which i predicted in January 2018. There is a dual purpose for the march if they convene at the phallic of Osiris ie the Washington monument the obelisk then its to preform a ritual and to unite against male hegemony.

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    • G1,

      As I keep on saying again and again, black women believe that they are a completely separate group from black men whenever they want anything that benefits themselves alone, yet all of a sudden we’re “one” whenever black men are scheduled to garner any sort of shine, attention or benefits, smh. If only more black men would simply wake up and recognise the unbridled treacherous nature of the daggle.

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      • @Verbs2015,

        They were according to government policies and equity backed programs however, that is getting cut off with the swiftness. They know it and are moving to get a power grab using Marxist policies without proper understanding of how racist Marx/Engles were towards black people.

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    • To be honest I’m glad you pointed this out. Osiris is really Saturn…Saturn is Molech…the very god these women sacrifice children too.

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  3. Side note brotha! Don’t worry, I swear I’ll be brief. Kudos to kicking that insufferable know it all Black Ceaser off of your blog, big guy! Although my problems with his know-it-all ass were legion, the most grating was that incel’s insistence on commenting after EVERY single post here! Weather he agreed with you or not, weather he agreed with the general topic at hand or not, he ALWAYS felt the need to comment! Make no mistake, I have NEVER stopped reading your blog but you’ll notice that i stopped commenting here, well he was the reason! Even when he typed something I agreed with, generally speaking, it was unnecessary! We all knew most, if not all the points he’d bring forth already. Like a woman he just couldn’t help making himself known and I lost count with how many times I felt like throttling him thru the screen because of it! Add to that, he had a MAD hate against traditionalism (wife and kids) that most men here will eventually strive for all while wrapping his inadequacies in that annoying “Well I could get it if I wanted it” nonsense that losers that no one wants tell themselves so they could sleep at night knowing full well that they are either physically or mentally unattractive to most women out here, Anyway, my two cents worth. I return you to your regularly scheduled program!

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    • Andre,

      Black Caesar was just like the black females he complained about and berated day in and day out, he just like the black witch had the need for attention and a desperation to fit in, hence his extra prolific commenting. The dude has mental issues brought about by black females that he’s failed to deal with, however I’m not a psychiatrist, that’s something he must take upon himself to remedy(not that I believe he will).

      Like I said before, the outright dishonesty, the lying and the failure on his part to back up his statements and claims is what finally did it for me. This COVID plandemic has shaken him up really badly. He brought a foul spirit to the site, he wasn’t even a supporter of SYSBM but he pretended to be just so he could garner some form of attention(just like black women).

      Again, why the guy would frequent a website where the people involved are in support of traditional families, wives, children, long term relationships etc is beyond me, however when you’re that hungry for attention, I suppose any venue will do.

      The dude was a down and out, he failed himself and black women are sitting on the sidelines laughing at him because they were the ones who moulded him into the mentally disjointed dysfunctional character he is today.

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      • I liked the guy myself, I thought his anger and misogynoir was honest. I took him with a grain of rock salt as I do all negroes, especially online haha. I glossed over the whole COVID-19 fracas, so I didn’t know how contentious it got between him and Verbs. Dumb move to antagonize the guy with banning power. Oh well, sayonara, Black Caesar. SYSBM keeps it pushing.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        I can’t stand liars, disingenuous and dishonest buzzards, since he has so much to say and additionally is seeking out attention, he should start his own blog and invite over other incel/black pilled compadres that he can fellowship with. The dude has serious mental issues he needs to remedy, however I’m not a shrink.

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      • I never liked that guy due to his filthy spirit. He is in his late 30’s and miserable about his life so he put his own shortcomings on black woman. Than he had the gall to disrespect the bible, and the most high that I serve. He literally wanted to do a back and forth on his blog when I told him do you have anything better in your life than to post all day everyday? He floods david carroll’s channel too. All this from a self described agnostic. Atleast agnostic will ask some questions they don’t understand without appearing they 100 know. PPL like him will never get out of their ways unless they needed too. It’s sad but true, BW were right about somethings about BM. Alot of brothas are very unproductive.

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      • TeacherOfIsrael,

        The dude was beyond foul and brought a black cloud of doom and misery over here, I should’ve given him the boot much earlier on, however when we clashed on COVID the first time I thought he would’ve ducked out after that. Because he was seeking out attention, he kept on coming back even when I pointed out the fact that he was the one who kept on returning even though he claimed that he’s lost respect for my intelligence.

        He doesn’t have anything better to do, he lives for online debates and endless back and forth discussions, this is how he deals with the trauma, misery and the pain inflicted upon him by his mother who he openly admitted was an evil degenerate(just like Aaron Fountain’s mother).

        He loves David Carroll however Carroll still deals with women, he just won’t marry them, additionally unlike Caesar Carroll doesn’t get into online back and forth debates either, Black Caesar is forever listening to the dude but never actually makes any changes for the better.

        You already know the scripture, God is not mocked, don’t even sweat it, he’ll find out the hard way. Quoting scriptures one minute but then mocking the Most High the next, all the signs of a severely mental ill, unstable individual. Like I said before, Black Caesar serves as a cautionary tale to other black men to get their minds and lives right WHILE STILL THEY’RE YOUNG in order to avoid becoming set in dysfunctional, bitter and destructive ways in the latter years.

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      • The way he switched on you for the comment “snitches gets stitches” and using the Bible to pick axe you for your morals was weird. Then in the next open mic he calls us dumb negroes for still believing in “sky daddy” and the “holy babble”. What?

        The only solid position he took was on the WuFlu and even then he couldn’t back up his position with facts and and articles. Surely if you believe in it, the proof should come in happily, right?

        Flip flopping on positions just for the sake of talking, debating and being offensive just to cover up the pit of hell and torture inside is a colossal waste of energy that could have been better spent seeking out decontamination therapy modes like EFT, EMDR and others. Unfortunately to admit help takes inner strength and humility, something he’ll never have in his lifetime.

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      • Michel,

        You know why he switched when I said that, right? He’d be the one to go out of his way to report you to the manager of the store for not wearing a mask, as it came out of his own mouth, he’d give you a wide berth for exercising your right not to mask up, he’s the type to finger crack open his window blinds being a “good neighbour” making sure you’re adhering to “government guidelines”. He’s the type to wear a mask out on the street when you only need to put them on in public indoor places, he’d be the type to use the local snitch hotline to report his neighbours for “violating” COVID regulations, living next to or around him would literally be a living hell.

        The dude actually believes that flip flopping, frequently changing the subject as well as not supplying data to substantiate his claims is part of a debate format, smh. How are you going to be so deeply dedicated believing in the Chinese flu yet not bother to conduct any research on it?

        Like I said before, I’m not a shrink, as you’ve pointed out, there are a plethora of tools available which he could use to bring about some remedy to his torment, sitting online all day looking for the next debate/discussion to get into in the hopes of winning it is NOT going to bring about healing and restoration of the mind.

        Like I said before, the main pillar of self improvement is being upfront and brutally honest with yourself, the dude just isn’t ready for that step, the sad thing is I doubt he ever will be. When the vaccines become available, he’ll be first in line to get his shot from his lord and saviour Bill Gates, smh.

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      • Exactly Verbs! the thing that struck me the hardest about his hardline against traditionalism was what pissed me off the most. A cursory review of history will tell you that there’s nothing wrong with the institution of marriage (nothing against those that choose a different path) but instead it’s the environment in which it is practiced that is problematic! When you take the state and it’s power plus the feministic/gynocentric/misandric laws that strip natural man of his power over his family and allow the worst parts of female nature to gain a permanent foothold in your society is where it ALL goes to hell. The vast majority of men in the SYSBM fold recognize and eventually want to practice the traditional family paradigm, as I said (EVENTUALLY), It’s just that our current society refuses to allow it to happen, something that, according to plummeting birthrates, will cause it to rue the day it interfered with something it never had a right to. Look, when all is said and done the “Leave it To Beaver” nuclear family has worked (mostly) for the last 5,000 years of human civilization and will continue to prove the only model to adhere to when it comes to building stable societies as a whole. All other attempts to redefine the family sooner or later meet with abject failure and disaster, hence reason 508 why this brotherhood refuses to EVER kowtow to the alphabet community in any way, shape or form. Ceaser lost sight of that (or maybe he never had it to begin with) which makes his continued remarking on this sight puzzling! Besides, despite how much I might have agreed with a lot of what he typed…..the m*******f****** just talked (or typed} too much, and quite frankly it was annoying to have him constantly restating the basics of female nature over and over again as if we didn’t know it! Good riddance I say!

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      • FDC,

        The long and short of it is the commenter Black Caesar was an extremely toxic, mentally ill, black pilled incel who somehow believed that he could slot in with SYSBM practitioners. I finally had to give the dude the boot(my fault for not doing it earlier), however as per his own words, it wouldn’t be the first time that he’s been booted from a website or a social media platform.

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      • It is very similar to these black queens who frequently pop up here and there on this site, coming someplace where they’re not welcome all for an argument.

        You mentioned how apparently he’s been constantly getting kicked off of websites, and maybe that should make him realize that he’s so much like those Jews he moans about so much. Constantly being kicked out but wanting to be a victim.

        You also said that he recently had “proof” that black men aren’t really seen as attractive, sounds just like a black queen. It all came tumbling out these last few weeks, and his hypocrisy was being spöter like a cheap suit.

        I can’t stand dudes like this that flip flop on so much as their favorite damn color, and then wanna be taken seriously. Acting like they have the answer to everything, and then running back to the “I’m just joking!” Line when confronted.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Yep, you’ll tend to find that these creepy black queanies will comment on an obscure part of the blog that doesn’t get that much traffic because they know they’ll get that work if the come to the latest article running their mouths.

        The groups BC railed against the most he’s so much like. Like I said before, the dishonesty part is what really done it for me, constantly changing the criteria of the evidence he would supposedly “accept” only to finally discover that he wasn’t taking any of it on board regardless of the format it was presented to him in. Flip flopping disingenuous nonsense.

        Exhibiting some limited form of intelligence but as soon as it came down to COVID, the dude was dead in the water all the way, the know it all knew nothing, unconditionally believing what he’s being told by the government via the mainstream news, however already knowing how deceitful they are still failing to conduct his own investigations into the matter, smh.

        The bottom line is the dude doesn’t fit in here and he was a fool for believing that he could do despite his extreme MGTOW/Black Pilled views and philosophies not being shared by the rest of us.

        He doesn’t interact with women out of his own choice, he simply has NO CHOICE because women don’t want to interact with him.

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      • Last post on this topic:

        I’ve just seen the subsequent exchanges between you and Caesar. Yeesus…

        I actually feel sorry for him, despite his ongoing insults. Something inside him has snapped for sure, turns out WuFlu fear really broke his sanity going by the immense shitposting and ducking and diving the WuFlu issue.

        Not one post of his expressed that he’d done any kind of research (of which there is plenty) that the WuFlu exists and can mount a solid defense for mask wearing. But my God….

        Also you noticed when he says “you’ve got not evidence”, it means Verbs hit the target. You had him completely scoped out.

        Damn shame man.

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      • Michel,

        Yep, Mr Know It All knew little to nothing about the “Kung Flu”, using his supposed knowledge on other issues as a smokescreen to deflect from that massive inconvenience. As you saw the dude had plenty to say on other stuff especially the Bible, which is why he kept trying to drag me in that direction and even then he couldn’t get that right(claiming the apostle Paul was married when he clearly wasn’t and deliberately omitting those scriptures that didn’t support his claim, smh).

        I don’t roll out here claiming to know everything, I simply bring folks information that I’ve discovered this far, they bring theirs, we compare and in some cases combine. I knew this Coronavirus plandemic was a hoax from the previous so called “disease emergencies”. As you already know it wasn’t hard to find the information debunking the so called Coronavirus pandemic, however Caesar unfortunately for whatever reason swallowed the mainstream media/government coolaid hook, line and sinker. Listening to fake news was his so called “research”.

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    • The irony is that the alphabet community wants to be a nuclear family!

      Male/Male, Female/Female and Trans women want children knowing fully well that biosciences prevent that.

      The nuttiness never fails to generate laughter. Two conversations I remember vividly –

      a) One nut told me that there’s no shortage of women in Los Angeles IE more men than women. But agreed there are more women than men in New York City. The census data says there are more available women 18-45 in NYC than in LA.

      Again there was an excellent paper I have to find that corroborates this. NYC is very much a beacon to many women across the board, especially if you are east of the Mississippi River. It takes longer to travel to the west coast.

      Anyway underneath what this moron was really saying is that there’s no shortage of women if you include Trans women in that pool of available mates.

      Ah ha! Have noticed that Trans women have no problem snuggling up to Black men?

      So when I say and I know all agree that Black men are seen as the most masculine men available and not Latino men despite the macheesmo that exist in Latino culture, which actually makes men more effeminate if you look at it closely.

      b) The other conversation was wild, would you believe a trannie though if the dude she/it was dating loved her enough he would pay for crazy surgery to install a uterus into male body (and all the other female life generating organs) to make it possible for her to have children naturally?

      I said that’s beyond insane! Men will never pay thousands of dollars to have children. If they want children they’ll find a suitable female mate. Not always the most sexy or the most attractive mate but they’ll do that and it cost much less.

      Just as women will go to a local bar/disco/nightclub and have a :one night stand” to get pregnant and not even tell the man later in some cases. Which is what Black women do, have sex with a unproductive man (Midnight Freddie) and then try to latch onto a productive man to help her raise that child.

      The so-called protection of Black women is a economic call to action. Upper Middle Class and Rich Black women are not subjected to interactions with the police that these victims they are marching for.

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    I ain’t protecting any black women because they told us decent black men in no uncertain terms that they are a strong independent black woman and that they can do it all by themselves. Let these black women be the black female version of He Man and battle the world with their fake blonde weave on their heads because they love being a fake white woman so bad. 😂😂😂😂

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  5. Of out of all the races of women in the world, black women are the only ones crying about protection, like what do they need protection from anyway? What happened to that “I’m independent, I’m a strong black woman?” What happened to that? With them crying about it, last time I’d check, black women be having this big chip on their shoulder, having masculine traits because being feminine is “weak,” but when a damn non black man (especially a white man) comes into the picture, them masculine traits are out the damn window.

    “Do you see what I was talking about before, how when it comes down to black men we are positively NOT allowed to get any shine/attention without black women themselves being a part of the ceremony, however whenever black women have some spotlight swung in their direction, we’re NOT invited to the show and are fully expected to stand on the sidelines clapping and cheering for them without any protest.”

    Bruh, black women do not need to be involved in every goddamn thing. They need to be involved in their own circles, not everyone else’s circles. That’s one thing I do not like about these black women, sticking their pointy noses up in businesses that don’t concern them. That’s the black men shine and attention, not the black women, like what did the black woman do to get that shine and attention? Did they help them, did they support them, did they pick them up when they were going through hard, difficult times?


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    • Exactly! The vast majority of men out there on the streets of America are Black men. What are these shines doing about that?

      They have actual relatives out there, even male children; Yet the conversation turns right back into talking about the victim status of Black women.

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  6. I thought they were strong and independent and don’t need a (lame, beta) man???? Oh, those cuts kicked in and when Trump starts his second term, those cuts will increase. I seen these strong black women line at the food pantry that is miles long.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      They’re strong and independent until hard times, calamities, woes and strife come their way, then all of a sudden they want and expect so called protection from the same men they’ve been giving the middle finger to for the past 50 plus years, you cannot make this stuff up.

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  7. Also, a lot of black women have been complaining that they got to pay child support and spousal support for desertion charges in divorce court. Black men are fighting back. Ice Cube and 50 cent are then beginning.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      More black men should use the law to go after the resources of black women in the same way that they have always used the law to go after the resources of black men.

      When it comes to child support and spousal support; what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

      Society owes black women no more and no less protection than it owes anyone else.

      Any black simp who goes around protecting random black women, deserves whatever misery he brings upon himself.

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      • Men in general should understand the laws or should I say learn how to manipulate laws to your favor. You shouldn’t fear divorce; if that happens don’t just open your wallet freely. You should fight for your biological children; I know the inclination is to leave the children with your ex. Because it’s easier to date without them, duh.

        Which gets to another part of the BS that goes on in Western culture.

        Why are single fathers held to a higher standard than single mothers? Many women don’t date a single father, but we’re expected to wife up single mothers, especially Black women?

        Da Faq?

        As as single man who is childless. If I want a mate desperately I should look only at low hanging fruit = Single Mothers?

        Like I’ve said before I tried it their way, it doesn’t work and I always got out before it cost me any significant amount of money.

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      • And BW know this, which is why you rarely hear them talking that “strong and independent” stuff these days as compared to the past. They are trying to run back to BM only to find that good BM have quietly left the building.

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      • James SYSBM,

        They’ll have to settle for the simps they’ve created and stacked up for rainy days like these. Good black men have noted the abysmal track record of black women as a collective and have acted accordingly. Black women are on their own now.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      I don’t deal with a group of women who have a proven track record of treachery as well as stabbing black men in the back at every opportunity that presents itself. Cynthia G is a bitter bust down mule who wishes that she could engage in interracial dating to the same power and degree as black men, oh well witch, your problem, not mine.

      High quality black men have left the building and they’re never coming back, these traitorous broads are going to have to deal with their chickens coming home to roost.

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      Cynthia G’s voice alone is a man repellent, damn. I’d fly to the Philippines to get away from that voice, too. I can’t believe she got knocked up by a dusty beta male coon who actually laid down with that beast. SMDH


  8. Happy SYSBM Friday!

    This “Protect Black Women March & Rally” is a load of tripe! Honestly, this attention whoring gathering was just another lowkey attempt to smear the characters of Black men for not “protecting” Black women who fell victim to police brutality; I bet Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron and his handling of Breonna Taylor’s case was also invoked to give this rally some legitimacy.

    These daggles are so unappreciative of when B1 Black males DO look out for Black women; remember the dumb shine who threw bricks through the window of an East Asian-owned nail salon? The Black guy who picketed Jun’s Beauty Supply and was attacked by one of the straggs waiting in line for weave?

    You can’t demand protection from a race of men whom you disrespect daily, wish death upon, and whose deaths you celebrate because of who they are in a relationship with (non Black women); they better call Lord Euro or the same cops who they happily call upon to lock up Black men.

    No submission, no protection; it’s that simple. #SYSBM

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      The bottom line is black women crying out for protection from black men is nothing short of a joke, they need to be turning to their white lord and saviour Colonel Sleet and request protective service from him. They spit in the face of black men relentlessly but they have the mitigated gall to ask the same guys for protection and not even apologetically mind you, they’ll tell you with arrogance and full pomp that you should be protecting them, smh.

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      • Verbs2015,

        From its inception thru 2020, the most brutalized, victimized, and marginalized demographic in the United States has always been the black male. The black female was and is, often complicit with white men in the oppression of black men. I am sure that this has been the case in Great Britain and Canada, as well.

        Yet, you don’t see SYSBM men clamoring for special treatment by society. Nor do you see SYSBM men clamoring for black females to protect them, nor to use their inside track with Admiral Blizzard to obtain favors on their behalf.

        SYSBM men recognize that no one will save them, but themselves. This is why I hate the black simp every bit as much as I hate the scraggle daggle. Because the black simp is not a man, but will forever be a boy, he infringes on the freedom and dignity of real black men.

        Admiral Blizzard, the scraggle daggle, and the black simp, are an unholy trinity that seeks to deny real black men their inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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    • 1000% On some levels this is unbelievable! Da Faq? Again this is an economic argument, the “Protection” they want is M-O-N-E-Y, YOUR MONEY!

      When they aren’t married to you, that is why they go around with no birth control. Black women are a danger to your economic health, I think I’ve said that before.

      These morons think we don’t know the underline truth of all these outburst, marches and protest.

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  9. The whole “Protect Black Women” and “Black Women are the most disrespected and unprotected” mantra is rather a cliche’ and played out. African American Women have made a pact with American White Women under the disguise of feminism. They identify and want to have the same rights & privileges as American White Women. This is why they seek “Mr. Clean”, want to be (and are) the breadwinners in their households, and hold several high positions in various corporations.

    With feminism, White Women wanted more rights and privileges as women. And you see how that panned out in our current society now. American Black Women, on the other hand, see it as a way to have “power” in their culture and assimilate into the dominant society for better positioning, despite the causes of the civil rights & black empowerment movement. And why wouldn’t they? It benefits them. Many men try to figure out why is the Black American Woman the way she is.

    If you saw the debacle of the Ice Cube panel with those 4 old crows this past week, this shows you the dichotomy of Black Women. Ice Cube was talking in reference to what both presidential candidates would do for Black People as a whole. Black women on the panel were speaking on what Joe Biden would do for THEM. A huge difference. Black Men care what happens to our people as a whole(Man, Woman, and child(ren)). Black Women only care about their benefits & individual rights.

    This is why I look in disgust and shake my head when Black Men deal with anyone from this type of culture. In my opinion, what are we supposed to be protecting American Black Women from? They come from a low-power, low-context culture which values democracy & individualism with individual rights. With feminism, it aligns with that culture & belief system that benefits women but is a detriment to men and children. And with an individualist culture, you have people who think they are special. This is where narcissism & ego-centrism comes from.

    So once again, what are we protecting Black Women from? They chose the contract to break away from a collectivist culture which benefits us as people to get special treatment, rights, and privileges that helps them assimilate into the dominant society that only benefits them. As well as being feminists, they are “empowered” and “have freedom”. You often hear feminists of all races and nationalities say this. Now for you guys reading this long-ass diatribe(thank-you), this is where I’m going with this.

    The definition of Empower is ;”make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.” or “give (someone) the authority or power to do something.” The definition of Freedom is; “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” OK. This is what these Black feminists wanted, right? To be free and empowered to do whatever the hell you want with no backlash, restraint, nor judgment.

    They are “FREE” & “EMPOWERED” in an individualistic culture where it’s all about self, democracy, & capitalism. American Black Men (nor any other men for that matter) do not have to care nor give concern to African American Women. They are privileged and don’t need protection. Asking for protection as a privileged group that is so “empowered” & “free” in this culture makes absolutely no damn sense. They are their own entity amongst themselves and need to ask for protection from the people they care about most, other Black Women.

    Sorry for the long-ass rant. I get tired of n!66er b!tch3s and their daily dose of delusions and illusions to what they think they deserve or what they think they are.

    Liked by 9 people

    • Any chance of the fraudulent “Protect Black Women” Establishment doing something to “Protect Black Girls” over here on the dark continent?? Nah, I doubt it…not gonna happen. Where’s BLM & the “Western” media to raise some valuable awareness here? Ooops, doesn’t fit the current destabilization agenda.

      Justice Eludes Raped Children as Families Settle Out of Court
      Despite a surge in defilement cases during pandemic in Homa Bay, only three per cent are filed in court. Families are being compromised by perpetrators to defeat justice
      In Summary
      • Parents, guardians are given money by perpetrators to spare the suspects legal action
      • This violates children’s right to justice and allows the culprits to prey on other children

      The rape and murder of a 16-year-girl in Homa Bay county has cast the spotlight on rising cases of defilement.

      Activists say families make matters worse by negotiating with offenders instead of ensuring the girl gets justice. The law provides for between 20 years and lifetime imprisonment upon conviction, depending on the age of the minor.

      ….The incident occurred at her home in the presence of two of her siblings aged four and six, when their father had gone for a fishing expedition in Lake Victoria.

      The three children, who are partial orphans, were asleep in a kitchen when the incident happened in Mfangano East location…

      …Awino’s case is just but one of hundreds which minors encounter, as some go unreported in Homa Bay.
      An NGO called Development Knowledge Link (Devlink)-Africa, which promotes human rights for children and women, wants a concerted effort made to tame the rising crime.

      The organisation says cases of defilement and other sexual molestations are so rife, they threaten the future of the minors. It wants urgent redress for the cases.

      Statistics from the county’s Children’s office shows more than 6,000 minors have had their rights violated this year. These violations include neglect, abduction, abandonment, defilement, custody violation and child marriage.

      Seriously, nothing annoys me more than poor innocent kids/young girls/ getting defiled. I don’t have kids, yet. But if I did & some fucking simp did this shit to my seed, ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE IF JUSTICE ISN’T SERVED!

      This whole planet is going down the toilet when this shit happens to innocent children/youths while “Western” SOCIETY is distracted with BLM, “Protect Black Women” & other SJW nonsense. smdh

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      • They love that old world sin culture. Think Sodom Gomor, Ur, and your Greco-Roman pederastry culture.

        Honestly all of this is the same old trash you find being spoken about in the Old Testament chronicles.

        Is western society distracted or are certain members planning trips from their home base to go and prey on vulnerable peoples.

        It is like a invading virus, you destroy the minds….the homes…and then you have created the ideal environment for darkness to flourish and the children are sacrificed to demons and some become servants of the demons until the cycle is broken.

        All of those crazies want the right to create and maintain a hellish environment for them to live/prey/exist within.

        Liked by 3 people

    • Only Black women go out in the media and say whatever the FUCK they want and nothing happens. They’ll bring up Jemele Hill or something but that is an outlier.

      All Black men have to say is “we prefer something else” and all hell breaks loose online.

      That is signal of disinvestment…

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  10. How the pH🤬ck do they have the temerity to post this garbage after more than 5 decades of screaming of how they “don’t no man”?!?!

    Liked by 6 people

  11. Colonel Blizzard 😂😂😂😂😂

    But anyway, you see these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles, they are always looking for attention and they will do anything to get it. All they do is march and march for what? These women have accepted feminism and with that, they have destroyed the two parent household of the black race. Look how many single mothers in the so called black community in the United Snakes of America? It’s close to 80 per cent and these women are living off the system. And black women go through police brutality. Black men go through it more then them as we see black men dying by the hands of the police officers.

    You see the government, they protect black women. All what a scraggle daggle do is to get knocked up by a thug, criminal, worthless man and an unproductive man and she will get housing and free money. Trust me, I know. Because I can see it with my very two eyes. And we have these pro wank simps saying that we should wife up these whores of the ghetto? I like to know what these simps are smoking. All these scraggs do is just complain but it will not stop them getting breed by Colt Five Rounds, Cell Block Scrappy, Luton Thug Dreaddy, Street Mice, Weed Man Jake and Knife Man Preist.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight. It’s Friday night S.Y.S.B.M. Just be cosy with your white pudding and just hold her tight and all night. enjoy your weekend S.Y.S.B.M.


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  12. This sums up the black female mind. Literally.

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    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      Kola Boof is nothing short of an evil, degenerate, feminist piece of trash, I believe she may have been one of the first to say that she’s rather be a white man’s whore than a black man’s wife. These reprobate black sirens have always got black men in their mouths and on their minds, smh.

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  13. Everybodys favorite Dick Policing, Pro-Black Chimp has made quite a few videos stating that we must protect Black Women. I doubt that this nigga is conscious at all. Here’s a few of them. I bet to this date he does not have a black queen.

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    • Gryphon,

      As I’ve stated before, I don’t protect a group of females who have a proven track record of repeatedly stabbing their male counterparts in the back in order to get themselves ahead as well as to ensure that black men remain flat on their faces for eternity. I notice that those video are from 3-4 years ago, it would be interesting to see if he still holds to the same views seeing how far black women have flushed themselves down the toilet in 2020.

      Liked by 5 people

    • >Everybodys favorite Dick Policing, Pro-Black Chimp

      More like a pro-black hyena – which is an accurate description of Da Communiteh.


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  14. BF attorney married to a WM artist complains about racism. BW REALLY have to scrape bottom of the barrel to get a WM. Notice how she says “my house” “my ______” as proof that she is the breadwinner! LOL Imagine a BW attorney marrying a BM that makes a dime less than her.

    We lower OUR standards though. (End sarcasm) ROTFLMAO

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    • If people only knew HOW LONG this stuff has been going on……….of course from the European perspective…well just review the real story of Pocohontas or Rebbca and John Rolfe and you’ll get a glimpse.

      Liked by 4 people

  15. As many of y’all have said, why the hell would anyone protect a group that claims so strongly to be strong and independent?!! That’s the first crack in the armor.

    Secondly, however, even if they were loyal, black women are the women that need the least protection physically anyways. Most black women are bigger than their damn men, and have literally been shot in the back and gotten out of the hospital the same day!

    Black women are as demure and genteel as an enraged silverback or grizzly bear, and the whole world sees them this way.

    I recently got something in the mail about fighting for, get this, black women’s reproductive justice. THAT is what they call killing their kids, who admittedly would have likely been demon seed anyways. Again, this is the least sympathetic group possible trying to get people to feel sorry for them, and it won’t work.

    With more black male celebs supporting trump, and black women blatantly showing their asses in response, you will see black women more and more left as sexual fossils in the dust. The REAL reproductive justice would be for at least 99.99999999999999999999999999999999% of them to get sterilized and NEVER reproduce!! #breedthemout

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  16. Happy SYSBM Sunday, gents!

    Timely video here from the young god Kid Organic. He’s been crushin’ it of late. Here is a “strong & independent” single mom at work. I suspect the kids are biracial because the mom isn’t slandering a Black Man’s name from pillar to post. PrOtEct bLaCk wOmEn!

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