Dear Jason Black Aka The Black Authority, We Got Your Message, However We Clap Back Over Here!


What’s the matter Jason, afraid to call out those particular advocates of interracial dating by name, what’s the issue here, you didn’t have a problem calling out Kevin Samuels by name but now all of a sudden when it comes down to listing black male interracial dating pundits/advocates, you’re tongue tied and reluctant to go there, really sir?

I’m very surprised at you Black aka Dr Claw because you more than anybody should know that this modern day black female cannot be defended on any level, however being a B1 pundit, I suppose you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, at some point you’d have to put in a defence on behalf of your “black queenies”, even if that defence is an utterly weak one.

You should’ve first improved your product ie checked and brought your black female back into line from a very long time ago as this would’ve helped you avoid scrambling and struggling to put together a last minute pathetically weak defence now. Let’s now deal with your points one by one:

“ANYONE who tells you that they ADVOCATE dating out because of Black women’s behavior is automatically DISQUALIFIED from speaking on Black women PERIOD. Those are MOMMY ISSUES at work”.

Yet, the behaviour and the attitude of a woman is one of the key components that determines whether a man will choose deal with her or not. Even black men who still deal with black women will tell you that the modern day black female’s sub par behaviour in 2020 is a fundamental issue that desperately needs to be addressed rather than glossed over which is what the overwhelming majority of these B1 flunkies have been doing for the longest.

Where is the formula Black, you declared that black men who advocate dating out are automatically disqualified from talking about black women full stop citing “mother issues”, OK Black, tell me, what does this behaviour here have to do with my mother, is this type of conduct acceptable to you:

These same chicks street brawling on the weekend will be the same ones going to their local college/university during the week acting as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, what about this behaviour, is this “coonery” acceptable to you Black:

Or this, is this “cool” Black?

Or what about this “black queen” right here, should black men overlook unbridled skullduggery and degeneracy like this:

Again, what do any of these behaviours have to do with “my momma”? The problem here is simple, you CANNOT defend black women, you yourself realise that their uncouth behaviour is a serious thorn in the side for B1 progression, therefore rather than meet these heifers head on and give them the ultimatum of either them pulling their skirts up by themselves or you’ll be giving them the boot, you decide to take the cowardly approach and go in on black men who’ve wisely chosen to walk away from this garbage.

Free thinking black men aren’t Iyanla Vanzant, we aren’t about to stick around and deal with a bunch of women who have made it clear in no uncertain terms that they DO NOT respect us, aren’t willing to cooperate with us and who have stated that we’re not their first choice:

You should’ve left us alone Black, you’re definitely not ready to deal with this particular topic in view of the current abysmal state black women as a collective are in.

“I don’t know how so many of you sit back acting like these buffoons in the negro-nitwit “manosphere” have ANY standing to talk on Black women but once you say that you need to speak on OTHER races of women. Don’t USE Black women to get views and MONEY and then talk about how there’s something BETTER”.

Who are you to dictate what black men choose to talk about on YouTube, other social media platforms and websites? Besides, the Black Manosphere doesn’t really promote interracial dating, however SYSBM practitioners who are outside of the Black Manosphere do, which is why I’ve called you out at the beginning of this article on your failure to declare specific names.

As per usual with you pro black female/ black women first advocates, you brazenly criticise black men who have opted to avoid manoeuvring through the many snares and pitfalls that come with dealing with modern day black women, yet you yourselves offer no viable solutions at all, the most that comes out of your mouths is “once you’re B1 you’ve got to keep it black regardless”.

If Dr Claw aka Jason Black and the rest of you black females first prideful buzzards and mullet headed Negroes had checked your own women from a long time ago, then you wouldn’t currently have a situation with interracial dating between black men and non black women rapidly increasing, that is the next logical step whenever you encounter a female counterpart who is clearly unfit for dating or marriage.

Non black women overall ARE indeed a better option for black men, however most black men just like yourself will continue navel gazing, twiddling their thumbs and holding out for that “magic black female” to come along, all the best on that endeavour. Talk about “keeping it black” yet dudes like yourself never seem to have black females by your sides in order to set an example to the rest of your followers, Jason Black, where’s your black woman at?

“And yes, I’m talking about ALL these cornball commentators. To the BROKE AND BUMMY who don’t pay anything and call it “entertainment” you are proving why you’re incel and neither women NOR MEN take you seriously”.

Here we go with the this incel talk once again, so we’re dating out on the one hand but at the same time we’re incels, is this the “logic” of the great black authority? Produce your own black female Black, set an example and we’ll start taking you BW1 shine bones seriously.

Another issue that has to be raised here and has been talked about for many years is the fact that many of these pro black/B1 minstrels talk a mean talk, however they walk quite differently ie they talk about getting a “black queen”, meanwhile they’re dating and dicking down White, Latina and other non black females behind closed doors, this kind of hypocrisy is rife throughout the pro black/B1 network.

“Let’s be CLEAR. These dudes who make whole channels discussing BLACK women and then want to promote the virtues of dating out are not competing with DESIRABLE non-Black women anyway. This is a LAME attempt at reverse psychology. After all, if non-Black women were really so great and plentiful your channel would be about THEM. And NOT built solely on Black women”.

In case you haven’t noticed Black, the reason why black women are being discussed in heavy rotation is because there is are very serious issues with black women that have yet to be addressed. By the way, just because we may no longer be dealing with black women in a dating and mating capacity, this doesn’t mean that we still don’t have to interact with black women within other capacities.

Additionally, last time I checked we black men all have black mothers as well as black female family members many of us still have to deal and interact with, therefore on those grounds alone we have the right to continue talking about black women. To even suggest that dating out means that we can no longer discuss black women is utterly ridiculous, our experiences with black women don’t automatically stop just because we choose no longer to date them. Here are some further illustrations of the treacherous black females you expect free thinking black men to not warn other black men about:

Stop being a lame attempting to shift the topics of conversation, you look weak and dumb. You should’ve just come out from the beginning, been honest and simply admitted that trying to mount a successful defence for black women is a fool’s errand, simply put, you can’t do it.

Gentlemen, this is the bottom line right here, neither Jason Black, black women themselves nor any of these other black female proponents can successfully defend black women, however because they don’t have any courage to go up against the sacred cow of their community and instruct her to fix her ways or else, they instead choose to come after black men like us who did have the courage to turn our backs on the dysfunction.

Black women out here engaging in these types of degenerate activities, yet we’re still expecting to form a union with these kinds of reprobate creatures, you should’ve stayed in your lane Black, deal with your defective beyond repair black females first before believing you can fire any shots in this direction.

Finally, I find it funny how these pro black men are B1 yet these black harriets are far from that, they much prefer white men as their first choice of mate even though white men don’t like and check for them like that and instead of keeping their money in house, they’ll head straight to the nearest Asian Beauty supply store to pick up a fresh 24 inch Yaki weave and to get punched in the face by Jun and then hop next door to the Chinese nail shop, smh. And court jester Black still expects us to “build” with these failures, smh. Leave these dudes to continue feeding into their delusion that nothing’s wrong with black women.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Remember, These BW1 Bandits Don’t Have A Plan

Most High Bless

124 thoughts on “Dear Jason Black Aka The Black Authority, We Got Your Message, However We Clap Back Over Here!

  1. As Kamala gets closer to the VP slot, I see more and more of these weak “Yas Queen” matriarchal simps coming out of the woodwork gassing up and cheerleading these dysfunctional black bitches.

    Yup, the cognitive dissonance of Black Men SUCCESSFULLY dating and mating out, yet somehow we’re “incels,” lol. You nailed it, Verbs.

    NO I do not deal with BW in my romantic life and YES, I will talk about them whenever I want.

    It all goes to my premise that niggas and nigga women do NOT want to fix the Black Community. They just want to be able to do nigga and nigga woman shit at will, with no consequences, criticism or pushback. The black hoe is broken beyond repair, just don’t talk about it. Instead, DEFLECT to the Black Men who refuse to deal with nigga woman behavior.

    A masterful one to start the week, Verbs. As always, SYSBM.

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    • “As Kamala gets closer to the VP slot, I see more and more of these weak “Yas Queen” matriarchal simps coming out of the woodwork gassing up and cheerleading these dysfunctional black bitches.”

      Also, Kamala “side chick” Harris looks nothing like most BW and only calls herself Black when its politically convenient for her, just like Meghan Markle. Despite this BW will still attempt to live vicariously through her. smh

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      • “Kamala “side chick” Harris looks nothing like most BW and only calls herself Black when its politically convenient for her, just like Meghan Markle. Despite this BW will still attempt to live vicariously through her. smh

        Bullseye sir. She will also suck black dick long term to achieve her goals (Mayor Willie Brown), but once achieved, she bedwenches. This is your HBCU educated A.K.A. Skee-Wee sorority chick. According to BW, to bring this up is “misogynoir.” Truly the “Scandal” candidate. I wonder how much of the heterosexual Black male vote Dems lost by putting her on the ticket.

        And to your point about Queen Kamala being situationally Black, here she is with her fellow Indian, the unattractive Mindy Kaling who they keep putting in stuff despite her being a money loser, and whose brother pretended to be Black to get into med school under Affirmative Action. Kamala refers to herself as “Indian” at the 1:19 mark.

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      • James SYSBM,

        “Also, Kamala “side chick” Harris looks nothing like most BW and only calls herself Black when its politically convenient for her, just like Meghan Markle.”

        Kudos to you for pointing this out. I’m no Kamala Harris fan. But it is to her credit that she doesn’t weave up, doesn’t wear 2 inches of sludge makeup, witch’s fingernails, and hoochie mama clothing.

        Plus, by having a very accomplished Indian mother and a very accomplished Jamaican father, she was never immersed in the scraggle daggle/simp subculture that I often rail against..

        You see, I don’t like the typical black female phenotype. I don’t like black simps. I don’t like ratchet black subculture, whether it be in the Americas, Europe, or Africa. I came to have these views because of the behaviors of the denizens of these subcultures.

        I see the relationships between the scraggle daggle, the black male simp, and da communitah as totally symbiotic. I truly believe that one can’t exist without the others.

        Whenever I critique the scraggle daggle, I feel compelled to critique the black simp, and da communitah. As I see it, the black simp and da communitah, cultivate and reinforce the scraggle daggle’s behavior. And the scraggle daggle cultivates and reinforces the behavior of the black simp.

        Therefore, it makes total sense that SYSBM men want no part of da communitah. It also makes total sense that they want a stargate that is not a product of da communitah.

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      • Illmatic826,

        Only black hoes can be bedwenches. If the Indians have a term for their women who only mess with Chad, I don’t know it. I remember in her TV show that she wrote, she had it so all the white boys were chasing her. There was even an attractive white girl in the first season cast but when she started getting more attention than Mindy, she got fired due to “budget cuts.” A couple of Indian guys at the time called her out for not having Indian men as love interests. She’s a show and movie killer but they keep putting her in stuff because she’s “diverse.”

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Imagine that, being ridiculed and penalised for choosing to opt OUT of dealing with a group of females who have a notorious track record of nothing but lies, betrayal, skullduggery and dysfunction, smh. Again, in light of the above evidence and plenty more where that came from, exactly what have we as SYSBM practitioners done wrong?

      The “incel” jab Black threw I reckon was done out of desperation, it wouldn’t surprise me if a mangled black female got in his ear and encouraged him to venture down that route, which again is a smite on him because I’m sure he knows better than that.

      Dude is using Kevin Samuels and Donovan Sharpe as his gateway to come after SYSBM and other black male interracial dating pundits, however he won’t win this one at all. If he knows what’s good for him he’ll take the L on the chin, continue with his B1 flunkyism over there and forget that this ever happened.

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      • Well, Verbs, you know there’s nothing these trapped plantation Negroes hate more than intelligent Negroes with their freedom papers who can come and go as they please and can date and marry whoever they want. Plus, Jason Black had to give a little performative tribute to his black queen overlords to keep the donations well greased, nothing personal lol.

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  2. They say a guy getting pissed on by a woman is called a golden shower. In the scraggles’ case it’s an acid bath 😂😂💀

    Seriously tho why does her piss look like actual acid 😷

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    • >Seriously tho why does her piss look like actual acid 😷

      Because the scraggles are basically walking Superfund HAZMAT sites.


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  3. Interesting how Jason Black doesn’t refer to the women involved in the Jason Pope and Mike Oliver scandals as having “deep seated daddy issues”. Wonder why?

    Also just like our concern trolling visitors, Black seems to push the idea that no one IS ALLOWED to talk about anything outside of the “correct” viewpoint. How will Black enforce his Communist rule, by deadly force perhaps?

    Corny simps too afraid to name SYSBM and then have the audacity to smash Latinas in secret. Keeping the type of people onside that wouldn’t piss on you if you were alight.

    It’s a pimp game alright. Black, white, brown, his only game is the green.

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    • Michel,

      I admit that I really don’t know much about Jason Black. I cannot help but wonder if he has daughters.

      What I have observed about black men in my orbit is this. I know black men with daughters who believe in the tenets of SYSBM. But they can never go hard with the critique of black women because they have daughters. And they are not willing to fully hold black women accountable for their behavior because they are afraid that someday, someone might want to fully hold their daughter accountable for her behavior.

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      • “I know black men with daughters who believe in the tenets of SYSBM. But they can never go hard with the critique of black women because they have daughters.”

        Not me, I have a daughter and have no problem telling it like it is.

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      • <Case in point…Moist Twatkins. Although he’s not SYSBM, he has an ugly ass daughter and tried to push her off on brothas. I think she married a white dude.”

        LOL… I guess they don’t call you “A Frank Blackman” for nothing…

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    • Michel,

      If Black decides to respond then he’ll have to change the topic of discussion as he knows full well he can’t mount a robust and solid defence for black women. Just to also add, I find it funny how these B1 pundits seem to conveniently forget how many of us still have to deal with the likes of 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Road Man grilling us down in the streets, the first hand products of the modern day black female.

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      • >12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Road Man grilling us down in the streets, the first hand products of the modern day black female.

        Otherwise known as The Predator (in the words of MBD).


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  4. Ah yes, Jason (sexually suspect) Black, the self-professed voice of Black America. Why is he the self-professed voice of Black America? Because he said so! Don’t challenge his “black authority”! He makes watch-once-and-shelve DVDs and spends donation money on see-once-and-forget billboards! He, like Tariq (more lip gloss than Jamie Foxx’s drag character from In Living Colour), the professional negro hustler, lip smacker, s-curl-in-2020 wearing shine love to call black men broke while a) having their hands out for donations and crowdfunding, b) demanding reparations and c) blaming white supremacy for the economic situation of black people. Kid Organic is right, these standard bearing geechees treat YouTube like section 8. That’s the root of Jason Black’s problem. Black men are leaving HIS church (in the same way they’re leaving other churches).

    Someone suggested to me a while back that the reason Tariq Nashine, Jason Jiggaboo-lack, and other B1 shines broadcast on Subdays and speak with that pastorly inflection (“dragging their S’s” for example) is so they can get that 501c3 tax exemption. I dunno if that even works or that’s true. One thing is for sure, these are the pro-black equivalents of the black church. Same sexually suspect leaders of the flocks, same focus on females (who donate the most), same shaming of men (especially shaming men to marry), etc. Jason Black is big big mad because the flow of donations from black men who’ve woken up to the B1 scam is drying up. And like any other faggot assed pastor, he is trying to shame black men to serving black women out of fear that if he doesn’t give black women what they want (a simp who is willing to play clean up mostly) they will take their weave money with them too. Black women keep proving either directly or indirectly that they are so worthless that the only way they can get interest is through shame. You think men had to be shamed into finding Asian women attractive since they’re the number 1 alternative out of ALL women today?

    But Jason! You are supposed to be this big, successful black man! Where’s your girlfriend at? Where’s your wife at? You haven’t approached a woman with romantic intentions in how long? Why not? SYSBM actually date and approach women. Just not black women. So who is closer to the incel? An old, hotep geechee with a YouTube platform who has never married and doesn’t date even though by his own admission (and arrogance) fits the profile of what his KWEENZ want or SYSBM black men who date out and actually have wives and girlfriends that may or may not have a drop of black blood in them. What qualified Jason Jiggablack to criticize black women on his show all those years when he wasn’t dating or married to a black bitch back then? This monkey projects more than Bell+Howell ever did.

    Fuck you Jason Black 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
    Your shaming is as impotent and your stupid DVDs and your sorry ass billboards. It’s not going to work, not even if YOU were paying for those relationships and subsequent divorce.

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    • Boom 💥. The truth will clap back hard and mighty. Prepare yourselves, they’re not calling us broke for nothing, they know the money is drying up in the pro black community.

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    • >Ah yes, Jason (sexually suspect) Black, the self-professed voice of Black America.

      A.K.A. the self-appointed Minister of Propaganda for the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan).


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  5. “Talk about “keeping it black” yet dudes like yourself never seem to have black females by your sides in order to set an example to the rest of your followers, Jason Black, where’s your black woman at?”

    I like Jason Black, but when it comes to dating that is the main question that I have for him. Where is YOUR Black Woman?

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    • James SYSBM,

      Jason Black just needs to stick to “the business” and stop attempting to stick his nose in other people’s dating business. He should know that the question of where his black woman is at will always come up until he actually gets one.

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  6. Verbs 2015.

    How dare Jason Black tell us SYSBM black men to stop talking about the black women bullshit because he is trying to get browny points with them even though we all know that he is a simp mangina and that black women will never go for his simp ass in their sexual prime years as they are dealing with the thug black men and they only deal with the likes of Jason Black once they have hit the wall, they lose all their good looks when they become fat and ugly and when they have a truck load of kids from multiple baby daddies. Us SYSBM will continue to talk about black women because we have to still deal with them in some sort of capacity whether it’s female family members or when we go out in public.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As I stated before, don’t forget that we still have to deal with the likes of Spoony, Rubber Man, Spoof and Blac Bloc screw facing us down hard in these streets, I cannot recall how many times I’ve come across one of these hot headed live wired single black mother products ready to fight just because I was looking in his direction, not at him, just in his direction. These B1 clockheads for some odd reason continue to conveniently forget about the fallout of black women’s jack up mating decisions.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I remember back in November 2019,I was in Shepherds Bush and these two older black men in their 40s tried to rob me as I was crossing the road because they thought that I was a easy target. Luckily they didn’t rob me and I walked away from it unscathed.

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  7. Simps never learn. He is a perfect example of why black men should never be a MGTOW monk or pro wack.

    If SYSBM members lived in a society where no black females are present in public, no black female relatives either, then this simp would have a point. But he knows they are present. If he had a 3 digit IQ, he would date out. Unfortunately he has a two digit IQ.

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  8. You would think these B1 cats would be more concerned with their brethren coming out of the closet & exposing themselves {literally in some cases} as the sexual deviants they are but they’re more concerned with their pockets taking more of a pounding than Woke Progressive’s & Lenon Honor’s back sides! It wouldn’t surprise me if the next person to have his membership in Rainbow Nation exposed is D Derell!

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    • Supposedly, the “sisterhood’s white knight” is an undercover Gay “B1”ade, who prowls for TOP candidates.

      I say supposedly, because text messages can be spoofed, and the person who showed the alleged receipts didn’t explain how and from where he acquired the text messages.

      Just my critical thought.

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  9. Notice how every time they start to lose money, they call us broke and weak. This is not by accident, they know that the economy will nosedive soon thanks to the democrats favorite voter, the black woman. See, they know that many are going SYSBM and we’re taking our wallets with us. Just look at the states these pro blacks live and ask yourself “after the election, will I be safe in this city”. These people are trying to find a safe haven to pocket their money. Also, they’re getting those 501c by broadcasting on YouTube on sundays because they’re licensed pastors like Tariq Nasheed is.

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  10. The fact that he’s calling us broke is proof that the economy is going to fall soon. This is not an random attack. These attacks be well planned in advanced to shame us to support their community and their pet projects. This is why Kevin Samuels is moving to city to city and having black women lie about their relationships and degrees. They know, prepare accordingly.

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  11. Since he called us broke. I just now checked my life insurance policy, bills, 401k, money havens just to make sure things are in good order. Something is going on behind the scenes, your enemy is most dangerous when he or she is at her most desperate point. Double check your reserves.

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  12. I hate to cite Lipstick Alley, but those black bitches over there have been on a years-long quest (since 2016) to out Jason Black. In 2016, they were getting close, but got spooked and stopped their campaign. By whom? I don’t know. Then in 2020, someone claim to have gotten a picture of him.

    In 2016, this thread shows that Jason Black used to talk as much shit about black women as the black manosphere and SYSBM. It’s a long read. I read it a long time ago. I wouldn’t bother reading past the first two pages:

    In 2020, someone resurrected the campaign. This is a much shorter and interesting read:

    Jason Black is no different than the typical B1 grifter. He’s just more articulate, way more articulate than the other grifters.

    How the fuck can he attempt to lead a grass roots, black-empowerment, political movement without showing his face? Now, I can understand a YouTuber, with a small platform, who refuses to show his/her face. But all the larger platforms (e.g., Tariq, Sotomayor, 5150, et al) all show their faces.

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    • “In 2016, this thread shows that Jason Black used to talk as much shit about black women as the black manosphere and SYSBM.”

      Same with Tariq Nasheed, I have been listening to those guys since they started broadcasting. I think they realized that the B1 train is more profitable than the SYSBM one.

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      • Tariq’s got an infamous video out there from his lip-smackin’ mack days where he went to Brazil and told the brothas not to deal with BAW, come to Brazil instead. Now he calls brothas who date out “bed bucks” lol. This is why I take all these YouTube negroes with a grain of Halite rock salt and keep it pushing. Most are entertaining and might make a good point here and there but I never buy in 100% on any negro.

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      • Verbs, 🤣🤣

        I don’t know who’s dumber? Tariq for thinking we have short memories, or the people who follows him on that FBA bullshit.

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      • BA,

        He’s another stooge who decided to jump on that video of the white female speaking about themselves getting no status recognition from dating black man. As David Carroll keeps on saying, black folks will let you off the hook if you continue to preach the black victimhood doctrine:

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      • I must have missed that Tommy video. Not off topic, but that’s nothing. If you like White women (European Descent) you must head SOUTH, not North. Rio is more north than Sao Paulo and Santa Catarina is the southernmost state.

        The further south you go except for Porto Alegre the Whiter it gets. Sao Paulo being the largest city gets in flows of women from all around the country.

        He was filming random broads, like I said that sh*t ain’t nothing. I was done for Carnival 2017 in Sao Paulo because I like White My battery on my phone was running down and I left my digital camera back in the Airbnb I wa renting otherwise I would show you visual evidence of what I saw.

        Wall to wall women, very few “ducks” Majority of them “dimes”. It was like that even in nightclubs….

        Dammit I miss Brazil.

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      • Djfourmonie,

        Brazil alongside Colombia has some of the best looking women on the planet. I haven’t been to Brazil, however I remember the late Charles Tyler hosting yearly beach parties down there and he also spoke highly of the place.

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      • Verbs,

        With regard to that video, it is what it is. The first mistake people make is looking to mating and dating as some status symbol or source of esteem.

        Too many people are not comfortable being assessed individually, on their own merit.

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      • Wasn’t Tariq “bed bucking” in Brazil?

        Wasn’t he “bed bucking” when he said he would fuck the shit out of Brooke Hogan and “raise the flag of Europe in the bedroom.”

        Most B1 black people are just dumb, and can’t connect dots for shit. They will follow any COON who, as that stupid bitch Vicky Dillard says, “talk black to them.”

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    • “How the fuck can he attempt to lead a grass roots, black-empowerment, political movement without showing his face?”

      Easy, the message is more important than the face. Black hoes especially are fixated on looks. If this dude’s looks don’t match his rhetoric it’s over. You can tell by his voice he’s no Idris Elba.

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      • MDB is a one off. A couple of things about him:

        1. He’s been consistent from day one.
        2. His movement is unique– save yourself by choosing a quality stargate and abandoning cultural practices that are detrimental, even if it means abandoning people who look like you. It’s neither black-empowering/B1-ish nor political.

        Jason Black’s movement is political. Political grassroots movements requires “work in the streets” as proven by Boyce Watkins, Yvette Carnell, Tone Talks, and, even Tariq Nasheed, to name a few. A “phantom cyber revolutionary” blathering about politics is pretty difficult to trust and take seriously. Now, if people want to hear some “feel good talk” for two to four hours per week, then JB is their man.

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      • Further, if he’s touting himself as the leader of the “new Black Media,” then the black masses aren’t going to display their trust in him by abandoning the so-called “old Black Media.” Each icon in the “old Black Media” is known and trusted– Roland Martin, Glen Ford, the people who run Ebony, Essence, et al.

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  13. How much would you bet at this point even though we never saw Jason Black’s face, there’s a 50.1/49.9 chance that he has a non-black female mate? That’s what hustlers do, feed their audience what they want to hear and make out with the money from said audience. Same goes with these pro-black females with their non-black boymates.

    Look at the likes that Jason Black’s posts has gotten: almost 800 thumbs up for the first one and over 140 for the 2nd? This is a money maker off the backs of these distressed black folks who wants change.


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    • I do not think Black Truth or Jason Black are even black. It wouldn’t surprise me if these guys were white. Lipstick Alley is connected to a PO Box coming out of Kirkland Wa. I can bet you dollars to donuts it’s a white man or a black female connected to a white man who own that site.

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  14. DMRobinson would be really ashamed right now hearing you guys talk like this. He is married to a black woman so please cut this out guys.

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  15. How much would you bet even though we’ve never seen Jason Black’s face, there’s a 50.1/49.9% chance that he has a non-black female mate? That’s what hustlers do, they feed their audience what the crowd wants to hear and the hustlers makes out with said said audience’s money. Same practice goes with so-called pro-black females and their non-black boymates.

    Look at two Black’s posts above: one got almost 800 thumbs up and the other over 140?


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    • All these so-called B1, black first, back-to-Africa, red-black-and-green savages (TM & (C) David Carroll) are either incels or got a white or lite-brite exotical chick. Ne’er one of ’em got a true mahogany dark-skin sustah with natural hair and an Esther Rolle face to match their B1 rhetoric.

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  16. Thank you for stating the obvious Verbs. I put a post up a couple of weeks ago questioning Jason Black. He has this thing were he has to defend Black women. And has on his broadcast, “The Business”, escorts and strippers for talking about Male and female dynamics. I kinda gave him the side eye for even having them on his podcast.

    Jason makes good points about alot of things but not relationship advice. He came at Donovan Sharpe & Coach Greg Adams recently . Then I realized he’s really doesn’t care about the welfare of black men to a degree. Or men in general. He’s very ego centric and has little room to speak because he does not deal with Black women in general.

    He states a joke on his broadcast more than a few times about taking applications for side chicks. This is what the modern day black woman is. Nothing but a bust down Instead of doing his numbers, he wants to attack every black man that has their own opinion and platform.

    That rather petty and feminine behavior if you ask me.

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  17. I swear these guys are like broken records.
    “Don’t say anything bad about black women but black women and simps like myself can and will say bad things about you “cornballs” all day” Then they ask for donations.

    He wants you to “keep it black” but more than likely he either has a ugly black girlfriend or a non-black girlfriend he hides from his subscribers like Phil Advise Show.

    Get this through your head you stupid faggots. WE ARE MEN. You are not going to just make a passive aggressive comment on twitter and think you can shame us into agreeing with you. unless you come with facts and receipts instead of a loud mouth and shaming language you will be treated like the women you carry yourself as.

    They are seriously trying to be like pimp preachers and youtube is their church. They salty because they’re having a hard time filling up those digital collection plates. ^_^

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      • What they normally do– feverishly attempt to learn your personal information and disseminate it publicly. Also, to issue threats of physical violence. Typical .

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      • @B A
        I asked one shine who did just that, issue thinly veiled threats of violence, if he was really stupid enough to go to jail over black women. We can guess what his little “queen” will be doing while he’s inside.

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      • Of course the dumb (fill in the blank) is stupid enough to go to prison over some bitch. And stupid ass SJWs will say dumb (fill in the blank) are incarcerated because of some “school to prison pipeline.”

        No, many are in prison because they’re dumb (fill in the blank) who acted impulsively.

        I just had some dumb (fill in the blank) tell me via email that if I am ever in Detroit he is going to pull up on me, because I am a fat geek. Little does the dumb (fill in the blank) know that I am quite athletic and move fairly well. The main reason why I still work out is to be able to handle myself against some stupid monkey who has a proclivity to use violence to get his point across.

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  18. I’ve turned off most of these numbskulls. I still watch Tommy but even that is getting irritating. He’ll say in the same sentence that he doesn’t like this or that about BW but it’s from the context that he recently had a negative experience with a BW.

    That’s like a drug attic that hates what the abuse of the product has done but is seemingly forced to take it to maintain some level of normalcy.

    IMHO why he soften his overall stance is because YouTube and all the striking down his channels really messed up his income stream. Now he’s asking for direct donations instead. It’s still mostly BW, but it’s the so-called “Not US” Black women who frankly aren’t really attractive either.

    This is the conundrum that BW find themselves –

    Most of them aren’t attractive. When the market or pool of men had to deal with White Supremacy and land line phones, even before party lines only had to choose from women in their immediate area and largely restricted to BW.

    Fast forward to 2020, with mobile apps and affordable international travel. the pool of available men for BW has shrunk to dangerous levels and because Gen Z is largely not going to be bullied the same way as we (not me, ya’ll) have been into dating them, the are see disinvestment on both ends (today and tomorrow).

    The attacks are just starting….

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    • The aging is starting up as well. As people born in the 80’s and 70’s age more, the number of simps will decrease greatly. I was listening to Reg The Bad Guy Show last night and someone made a good point which is most of these manosphere content creators are in their late 30’s and mid 40’s just like Kevin Samuels female callers who are in their 50’s.

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      • Decrease in what way? I was never apart of MGTOW, Manosphere, Black Manosphere. I disagree with most of what MGTOW stands for because as a human being you should be looking to improve yourself and learn.

        Also writing off 100’s of million of women because you believe it’s a bad deal because you can’t be a man to start with just sounds hollow to me. Most of these dudes would fall in-line if a decent looking women paid them any attention.

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      • Djfourmonie,

        These black pill/higher level MGTOW guys who completely write women off as a collective I’ve concluded in the overwhelming majority of cases are the problem themselves, they simply state that the deal is a bad one because as you said they’re not cut out for the job of leadership due to continually failing to deal with their own detriments, defections, traumas and shortcomings to begin with, therefore it’s easier for them to pass the buck onto the women and to blame them as opposed to mustering up the courage to first tackle their own gremlins head on.

        Yes, they do have a point regarding biased laws, legislation deliberately woven in against men and yes there are women out there who are problematic, however as we know there are ways for men to put themselves in a better position, the very first being CLEANING THEMSELVES UP so that they’re in a mental position to PROPERLY lead the woman to begin with.

        Once you’ve cleaned up your own self to a reasonable degree and you now have the mentality leadership in place, the next move is to choose a high quality stargate. Even in the worst system, a high quality man with his head screwed on straight who leads a traditional high quality woman correctly will NOT have to deal with Jezebel breaking loose.

        I cannot and I point blank refuse to walk around with a black cloud of doom and gloom over my head. That “all women are like that” mantra is a cop out from those guys fixing up their own lives and healing their psyches, the black YouTuber Brian Solonge is a classic example of this, a dude who is forever mentally scarred by a black witch because he point blank refuses to deal with and heal from the trauma she caused him.

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      • @djfourmonie. This is how.

        Today, the average American has accumulated $90,460 in debt, and Generation X is drowning in more debt than anyone else…

        Gen Z (ages 18 to 23): $9,593
        Millennials (ages 24 to 39): $78,396
        Gen X (ages 40 to 55): $135,841
        Baby boomers (ages 56 to 74): $96,984
        Silent generation (ages 75 and above): $40,925

        Now, you understand why they’re trying to shame us with terms like “broke”. Who has the most household debt overall??? Black women.

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      • Gen X (ages 40 to 55): $135,841

        What is the composition of the debt?

        If the $135,841 is mainly installment debt (e.g., a mortgage), then that’s not that bad.

        If it’s revolving debt (e.g., credit cards and store merchant credit) and/or installment debt in the form of personal loans. Then that’s bad and tough to get from out under.

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      • @djfourmonie

        From what I remember MGTOW guys claim to be about self-improvement first. However, I always wondered why they never talked about finances, cooking, DIY stuff and etc. As for writing off women because you think it’s a bad deal. I don’t really see anything wrong with that. I mean, we’ve done it over here concerning black women. It’s one thing to fix yourself up for your own benefit and a completely different story to do it to attract 2020 women, 99.9% of whom had at least 50 different dicks inside of them by age 30. LMAO The difference is MGTOW actually WANT the Disney fantasy. That’s why a lot of them allow women to speak on their platforms, and like clockwork they’re all “look at her, she’s different”. No different than the black manosphere types. Me? Put any female at all in front of me and next to her a $50 gift certificate for a store that sells vinyl and 10 times out of 10 I’m taking that gift certificate. I’m not pressed ad King David says. 😂

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      • I agree that many men are broken which causes violent shooting at social venues. I read and watch a bunch of stuff and there are lots of hurt men out there, but really in this age of the internet, looking online for answers as to why you struggle with women might not lead to a positive place.

        Dudes blaming women for their problems is exactly what MGTOW generally is. Things like hypergamy is something that’s been happening for centuries. Women are seeking the strongest DNA, they can’t help it. when they are in their childbearing years.

        That also explains why BW generally chase Thugs, Criminals and Gang Members. They believe these men to be Alphas.

        That’s why lots of good men who would make great fathers and reliable husbands are casted aside until said Alpha leaves them either pregnant or with children.

        It’s only been the last 20-25 years that men have seen this is a bad deal because what BW typically do especially if they had children young say late teens, early 20’s. Have one child at 19 and the second at 25, what usually happens is the women don’t want to have children. If you are in your 30’s-40’s and you want to have children, never been married how is this a reasonable arrangement?

        That’s why BW are far down on the list of even Single mothers to fool around with. I’ll go out on a limb and say 90+% of women outside of Western Culture that have a child will have a second, even third child as long as you are committed to that woman (married).

        Black women want to live life in their 30’s but that’s not fair to you. That is wasting the best parts of their youth on useless dick and wants to make up for it. In the past Black men had no problem with this, since the late 90’s = NO DEAL

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      • @djfourmonie

        “but really in this age of the internet, looking online for answers as to why you struggle with women might not lead to a positive place.”

        BOOM! 💣💣💣

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  19. Jason Black aka Black Authority is a clown. He didn’t learn his lesson when he talking about how being redpill was for racist white men. Now that idiot say when don’t have right to talk about blackwomen’s behavior. Him and the rest of the B1 simp Brigade have not tell any blackman that opt out that can’t saying anything about blackwomen’s behavior.
    These B1 have always been hypocrites. And Jason Black needs to stfu because he is and idiot.
    Fuck B1 and all the problack simps.

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  20. I still cannot believe that Jason Black aka The Black Authority still exists. I though the man was extinct just lime the dinosaurs. He should know that black women not only want the thug, criminal, the worthless man and the unproductive man but they want the racist white beta male as well. Look how these scraggly woman lust after Jason Pope and Mike Oliver. And the invisible simps is siding with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats? Wow! Does this ghost internet knows that these hoodrats will not offer him anything? If this unseen ghost tries to take us on then he has another thing coming.

    And the video with the scraggle daggles brawling. It look like a battle royale in WWE or WCW if your old school. All I see is just broads fighting, breasts popping out and weave getting ripped out. And something like this can happened in the day time as well when you see these ghetto ratchet scraggs fighting in the street, in a mall, in a rave, I mean anywhere. And everyone is recording the mad brawl with their mobile phones.

    Listen, The Black Unauthority, Phil Unadvise Show, D Derailed, Aaron “Bareback” Fountain, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, Obsidian, Shawn James, can’t fly Falcon Black and Malcolm “in the middle simpin” Black think that they can take us on. Listen here, they better think twice when they take us on because we will eat these fools alive. And when we wound them, they are goanna go back to the scraggly hoodrats that lust after 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, British Biscuit, 357 Jimmy, Ruff Cut Larry and Rum Smuggler Don.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe tonight and all night because that these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are coming after these non black women because they dating black men that they never ever wanted in the first place. And D Derailed? Oh man!


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    • That list of negroes making 8-hour + livestreams to each other is a damned disgrace.

      If the same negroes put as much effort into digging into their traumas and healing up using energy medicine, we’d have black men doing more productive things with their time.

      Simping after second hand damaged goods and shaming you for not doing the same thing. Dickheads.

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      • When you see these negroes making these live streams no matter if it’s 8 hours or even 10 hours what they are talking about? They are talking about black men who are with non black women and they are doing this is because they are defending these good for nothing scraggle daggles who don’t even like these simp dudes!

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  21. Nasty ho is immodest enough to piss on the street in heavy traffic, but would be deathly ashamed to walk around with natural hair. lol

    She would cut that piss off mid-stream and run for cover if that weave fell off in the process.

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  22. This tribalism thinking is going to get him killed one day or worse. SYSBM will be doomed to repeat itself until these simps get out-breeded or forced to stop along with scaggles. These simps are the second leg for black women to stand on beside welfare, out here still in 2020 trying to sell us walking definitions of self-hate,GTFOH!!!. Trying to save the communitah is a fool’s game, it is parasitic in nature and will suck your soul alive if you let it, just ask Nipsey Hussle how that worked out.

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  23. As many have pointed out, this dude, like several others, is trying to be a latter day pastor, but it ain’t working so easily. I’ll give those pastors credit, they do a much better job of convincing their “flock” that they’re all that and a bag of weed. Between the three piece suit, alligator shoes, choir singing their lungs out, Bentley with spinner rims, it’s understandable why these low IQ geechees get caught up in what these knuckleheads say.

    Likewise, these YouTube shines? Many of them look like they’re making videos on death row, so even when they pull the same hypocrisy as the pastor, it stands out more. The pastor calls YOU greedy and selfish for not padding his pockets, much like the YouTube welfare pastor begs for money while calling you broke.

    As for Jason Black, notice that he won’t say a mumbling word about the QUEENIE, but will issue veiled threats against black men. If black men DON’T stop dating out and calling out the queens, what is he gonna do?

    Most of these knuckleheads are only a rung or two above Shawn James, and the reason that they don’t really talk about the QUEENIES is because they’re likely living off of one and giving her dingaling in exchange for a place to stay.

    Blogtalkradio used to be the go to shine electric chitlin circuit, now it’s straight up just YouTube. These RBG, pro-black shines on YouTube are the male equivalent of black women setting up gofundmes for when their kids die.

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  24. @Djfoyrmonie

    These doom and gloom guys are just as I and several others have pointed out, miserable people seeking company. They want you to be as poor off as them, and though that’s all they talk about, 9 times out of 6, their issues have nothing to do with what some woman did or didn’t do.

    First off, for people “going their own way,” these guys think about women more than normal men do. Ironically, they are legit scared of women and see women and vaginas as a bogeyman.

    Their failures with women are their own fault, plain and simple. It could be the most demure, conservative, feminine asian woman imaginable, even they wouldn’t want a loser like Shawn James or half of these RBG geechees.

    As Verbs pointed out, the feminist system that WHITE MEN put into place (funny how PRO-BLACKS never point that out) is at this point a convenient excuse for these fellas. They WANT a reason to sit around and bitch all day, doing nothing productive and always having a scapegoat, no different than race hustlers.

    They’ll be bred out, and it won’t be ANYONE else’s fault. Just like their pathetic white male counterparts, their genes will not be passed on because they would rather bitch online all day, dick firmly in hand to jerk off to the latest anime feature, than actually fix their own issues.

    In the case of the pot bellied loser white guys that they aft so much like, ISNT it funny how those dudes complain about women wanting Brad Pitt, meanwhile they go over to asian countries and think they’re entitled to supermodels?

    Point is, that black pill/doom and gloom crap should be left for those in the midst of actually killing themselves anyway. Men who actually WANT something in life and think that a future is worth fighting for, no matter how hard, should quickly abandon these sinking ships.

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    • Just to be clear. I’m not MGTOW and not black pill. I was just putting up numbers that show that the reason why pro blacks are calling us broke is because they want us to be clean up men and clean up their debt. This is about the economy and the bottom line now.

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      • Robert Chavis,

        I’m debt free, the modern day black female isn’t, therefore what does it profit me to take onboard a liability? Calling us broke because we refuse to take on a group fo women who know nothing about money management, smh, whatever makes them sleep better at night.

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      • They need us just like the QUEENIES do, it’s honestly sad. I’ve said before that timed like these will lead to more outright cults, and it seems pro-blacks are drinking the kool-aid.

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    • @afrofuturism

      “Point is, that black pill/doom and gloom crap should be left for those in the midst of actually killing themselves anyway. ”

      That’s why I stopped following MGTOW years ago. I managed to glean some good info but the longer I followed them the more I was led down into the commode. Some of it was downright hostile. In fact, I remember one self-professed MGTOW content creator (who spoke with a heavy lisp) who one minute was saying some serious Elliot Rogers/Alex Minassian shit only to hear that later on some female wound up debating him and because of her attention he softened up like a cotton ball. 😂 MGTOW guys are just betas in the bullpen. They cannot live without women. Listening to pretty much any constant talk about women bores me. As for the whites there, you can guess who the object of their wrath was, women and black men. I actually joined SYSBM because I thought it was red pill for black men. I support it but do not identify because I am against traditionalism and the dynamic of a man having to take care of an adult in exchange for sex (if you’re lucky). It is however, the only solution to the black race’s problems and there’s no way around it. So I boost SYSBM.

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      • Some called into Jason’s show and said he was a instructor with a BS in Mech. Engineering from Univ of Oklahoma and was trying to explain how he went from that to working 2 days a week driving a box truck delivering Amazon packages to rural mail boxes.

        Turns out he was fired from the instructor job. Now he wants to get into consulting which can be very lucrative but he’s not in a hub of engineering. He seems rudderless, like I said this is a problem with Black men and then they wonder why some consider them low value and women don’t consider them for relationships.

        Listening to that is depressing.

        Another dude called him saying he drove a box truck for Lowes and that he required additional schooling for a CDL.

        All you need is a GED for a CDL, but even if you don’t have that you can still get a CDL, the state will pay for it so there’s no excuse not to do it.

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      • @djfourmonie

        I see. I didn’t know you can get that CDL paid for. Maybe it’s different up here in Canada.


      • Honestly, I never cared for the MGTOW crowd. Every MGTOW person I stumbled across on YouTube gave off the air of a racist prick. Many are alt-right, who, in my opinion are enemies of black men.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Indeed, it’s one thing to hear white guys complain about women and their various shortcomings which have been amplified by the very same matriarchal system they’ve put in place, however to hear the same “all women are like that, women are the problem” come from the mouths of various black men especially in these latter times of wide open opportunity is a huge disappointment to behold.

      In terms of those black dudes who parrot those higher MGTOW sentiments, many of them when we closely examine their day to day lives really don’t seem to understand the term self improvement, some of them are unemployed, loitering about in their houses/apartments all day, as you said beating off to porn(which by the way drags them down even further into a depressive state), whatever traumas/issues they’ve had in the past they’ve failed to deal with, so as a result of such a grim combination, that black cloud of death and no hope constantly lingers above their heads.

      As you pointed out, they’ll try to pass off that bad vibe onto others or go after other black men who have embraced a different philosophy, hence why we have derailed cats like Brian Solonge taking shots at SYSBM brothers for choosing to date out, stating that interracial dating is not the answer and that somehow buying a sex doll is, smh.

      Like I said before, if you’re a guy who fixed yourself up to a reasonable degree to where you’re now in a position to lead mentally and physically and you thereafter choose a HIGH QUALITY WOMAN, it doesn’t matter what type of system is around you, as long as you’re performing right in your position of leading her correctly, the woman will ALWAYS follow you as opposed to defecting towards the State.

      Unfortunately a lot of these guys are jacked up in the head to begin with yet at the same time they can’t figure out why they’re not having any success with females, functional, traditional, classic women can detect a loser/down and out/defeated spirit from 10000 miles away.

      As fellow blogger Michel has pointed out here time and time again, dealing with past pain and trauma is extremely important in healing yourself as a man, being an Aaron Fountain/Brian Solonge type character and choosing to run away from lingering not dealt with issues/concerns/pain/trauma is NOT a viable solution, it most certainly is not SYSBM as we deal with being honest not only to one’s self but to others also which is a part of the self improvement journey.

      Like I’ve stated before, there are some black men who don’t want to see us happy and being successful, they’re simply not cut out to lead(be true men) because just like the black female they haven’t been honest with themselves and fixed the various problems and issues within their own lives that they should’ve dealt with years ago.

      The longer they leave it, the harder it becomes to snap out of that grim reaper, the end is nigh, all women are doo doo mindset. There is much more to being in a relationship with a woman other than a sexual exchange, unfortunately because of a disjointed mentality a lot of dudes don’t get to experience the many other dynamics involved.

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      • Or even major advantages of being in a relationship with a woman. I was listening to Jason Black’s latest podcast/video and I find it depressing.

        How do these dudes walk through life not knowing what to do and then want to not be considered a low value man?

        Women will only follow you if you have a plan or idea of what you are doing. A quality stargate will help you not hurt you, that’s ridiculous your woman want you to succeed it improves her life as well.

        These BW have really done on job on their Black male children. When nobody else around them doesn’t know what to do, the cycle of poverty continues.

        A quality Stargate will never let you get to a point of despair. If you don’t snap out of it they’ll divorce your ass and you’ll be in worst shape than before and I’m not talking about being on the hook for child or spousal support.

        How does a dude claim he has a Mech Engineering BS from OU can’t find a job before driving a box truck 2 times a week?

        He must be so far up B1/Daggles ass he can’t see.

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      • Djfourmonie,

        Indeed, some of the major fallouts from being raised by black women are excuse making, dishonesty and denial. Rather than just being honest and admitting that because their lives are in a shambles and their mental state is not fit to lead a woman because of past trauma not dealt with, as I’ve stated before a lot of these black men levy the blame upon outside forces ie lie to themselves and thereafter feed deeper into that lie believing that wallowing in denial gets them off the hook so to speak.

        The truth of the matter is they know full well that if they presented themselves to any woman of quality in such a decrepit state, she wouldn’t accept them. This is one of the things about SYSBM, it demands a better standard and that begins with self honesty, responsibility and accountability. SYSBM has no time for deniers and excuse makers, that’s not what the philosophy is about.

        I have a serious problem with liars, deniers and those who are dishonest and I’m not afraid to call them out, Jason Black is being totally disingenuous still expecting black men who are worth a damn to “keep it black” with the lowest common denominator of females on the planet.

        Precisely, if the woman derails it’s typically because the man’s leadership skills weren’t up to par to begin with, it rarely has anything to do with outside parameters, some women oftentimes as a result of the man’s failed leadership will turn towards the State. The problems always start from the inside, not the outside, if a relationship fails it is because something went wrong from within, not from without.

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      • Djfourmonie,

        As in the case of the modern day black female, keep pushing the right buttons and those particular black men which claim to be “down” for the cause who really aren’t will eventually reveal their true colours. Know your enemies and act accordingly.


      • @djfourmonie

        Fair points but I say again, you really don’t know how good your woman is until it’s too late. It’s very easy for a “quality stargate” to become a ho. LOL Will smith is a perfect example. Also Dr. Dre. It doesn’t get higher value than Dre who is a billionaire. Didn’t stop his wife from filing for divorce. We all know about jada Smith’s “entanglements”. 😂 How about ayesha curry (sp?). The list goes on and on. Be careful who you do choose. And make sure it has nothing to do with looks, status or finances. I’d say, make sure the woman in question is equal to what you plan on investing in her. A 25+ woman is out of the question. Tattoos, kids, the usual.

        Personally, I find it rather weak to be dependent on another human being. Women want their men to succeed to they can exploit the benefits. It’s very simple. When those benefits dry up or she just wants to try someone new, god help you. I say, become high value on your own terms and for your own benefit. The cost of living is not getting cheaper. The marriage rate is at it’s lowest since records began for a reason. There’s trouble in paradise all around due to COVID because men are actually having to spend time with their women and vice verse. Familiarity always breeds contempt. I am not the pied piper, I don’t want anyone following me. LOL

        But if this is your thing, knock yourself out. LOL

        “How does a dude claim he has a Mech Engineering BS from OU can’t find a job before driving a box truck 2 times a week?”

        Who? Jason Black?

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      • People like Brian solonge refuse to so much as look at the black woman with any real concrete fault to his past trauma, but wants to tell you that “all women suck, blah blah, no happiness” and whatever else. Sadly, these guys have become just puke feminists in that they prey upon normal happy people to share in their misery.

        I’d hate to keep ragging on Shawn James, but he’s a perfect example. In an apartment all day doing nothing, no job, begging the same dudes be berates for toiletries while not focusing on that writing he claims to do. Hell, Emily Dickinson, a WOMAN, was a recluse who barely left the house, but SHE was actually a successful writer. How the hell can he blame women for not wanting to be with him (when that’s clearly what he wants in life, whether he admits it or not)?

        This is what these black queens want, either black men that are thugs or black men that are so broken that they can barely function in society. They won’t be satisfied until we’re ALL walking around like Vietnam vets, triggered by anything.

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      • @afrofuturism

        Speaking of SJ he left this comment on King David’s latest YT video:

        “Ice Cube ain’t got no business talking about a political agenda. What’s comical to me is the man who said F**K The police 30 years ago supports the platinum plan with no real plan to reform law enforcement. And the man who promoted thug culture that destroyed Black communities is gonna talk about a contract with Black America to rebuild it. Malcolm X warned us about these Black celebrities and how they’re used as political puppets to push their agenda. And Ice Cube is Donald Trump’s Kermit The Frog.”

        This coming from a guy who feels he’s qualified to give relationship and manhood advice. 💀

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      • @BC

        I don’t know the specifics about Dre’s relationship.Taken at face value it lasted quite a long time by entertainment standards.

        Dre is maintaining her lifestyle. You can question that and I get it, but if you ask any HR experts they will say erosion of skills takes place if you haven’t used them. In other words whatever Dre’s wife used to do before they got married she likely would have to get a job at the bottom. I don’t even know if she has a degree.

        Tracey Edmonds does (Stanford) but she put that education to use when they developed LaFace Records and she’s parlayed that into other media projects IE created jobs for herself.

        Eddie Murphy’s ex got paid. I really don’t have a problem with it, if you can afford it fine. Dre will end up with a younger woman and likely start over again, that’s what men are suppose to do.

        Divorce is much more destructive for middle class and working class men.

        I agree with Verbs, it all starts with YOU and if your honest with women they’ll either accept it or they won’t.

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      • Djfourmonie,

        The common denominator every time is the man either not setting the parameters at the beginning of the relationship, picking a low quality woman or both. Outside forces cannot be blamed for a lack of in house standards.

        Liked by 3 people

      • @djfourmonie

        Good points all around. I agree that divorce is destructive for those who aren’t rich. Even more reason not to take the risk. I think blaming the man for relationship problems is a 100% feminist mindset, however. That nullifies any arguments against the black bitch in terms of lack of personal responsibility. If you want to know why women are the way they are in 2020 look no further. There is a bizarre beta male mindset where the woman can do no wrong and is worthy of a completely subsidized lifestyle because she shows up. That’s why I do not use the word “stargate”. It romanticizes and gives a woman a status above the man (let’s face it, no single woman is calling any man a “stargate”. Especially since every woman really has options however low/high value). That just seems goofy and nerdy to me. GO try and pick up a fine woman by calling her that and she’ll probably laugh at you, LOL. 😂😂😂 A woman is a human being. Not a “stargate”. She eats, sleeps, shits and farts like the rest of us. She’s not supposed to “complete you”, you are supposed to complete yourself. A woman is supposed to be the cherry on top on your life, not the foundation. You can enjoy a dessert with or without a cherry on top. This is why I agreed with Hardcore Tito’s stance against patriarchy. Patriarchy does nothing but infantilize women. I look at women as human beings that are capable of doing for themselves as much as I am able. So this idea that anything that happens in a relationship is a man’s fault is literally absolving black women of their role in destroying the black community. Let’s call it what it is, it’s simping. Simping for non-black women is no better than simping for black women. Women do NOT find that attractive.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I used to think Dan Peña was being extreme when he suggested those on his course who don’t have the motivation to grab what they want to kill themselves (metaphorically speaking).

      But in regards to the black pill Dan might actually have a point.

      Liked by 3 people

      • What point? These people when they reach the end of their rope aren’t going to just kill themselves. They will take others with them.

        Take a man’s money and pussy and he’ll turn violent, we’ve seen it time and time again.

        The solution in the United States for the lazy is legalized prostitution. By legalizing it like with Weed, it will drop the price dramatically because you’ll get an influx of Latino and Asian immigrants, as well as Eastern Europeans coming to the US to ply their trade, that will drop the price again.

        Right now there’s no push because of Feminism 3.0 and it would reduce their hold over men in the US, so you aren’t likely to see it just yet.

        Liked by 5 people

  25. With SYSBM you actually change things.

    You can change your cul-de-sac, change the quality of your local K-12 schools, start Neighborhood Watches.

    Block Parties are community trust builders.

    The right Stargate actually increases your bottomline. Turns your house into home and keeps a tidy ship.

    I keep saying it, Slavic women produce the best behaved children I’ve ever seen. 100% polite, yes/no ma’am, yes/no sir, may I, no thank you. etc. etc. etc.

    No throwing a tantrum in public. Bad behavior by children is a direct reflection on her, she won’t allow it.

    Liked by 4 people

  26. In regards to Black Caesar mentioning Eliot Rogers and Alex Minassian, imagine if black men started to more and more imitate those losers. Black men have a poor, violent reputation as is, just imagine if we started taking those psychos’ lead.

    Those guys are the true incels, and they were the white equivalents of Indian dudes throwing acid in women’s faces. These black pill black dudes are two steps away from that, and when combined with geechee emotionalism, God knows what could happen.

    Liked by 4 people

    • @afrofuturism

      As violent as black men can be, they still have a sexual advantage over other races of men. So finding a girlfriend is really no problem for any black man, especially if they’re a thug. Non black incels don’t have a hope in hell in reaching that level unless they do work on themselves which, being part of entitled races and background, they are not willing to do. I fear a guy like Brian Solonge sounds more like these type of perpetually angry guys who always refer to women derogatory names. If he’s a Marlboro man he’s obviously not joyful about being so. That life is not for most and certainly not for guys who are “marlboro men” by consequence rather than by choice.

      Liked by 4 people

  27. If you’re a black man who’s in shape, able bodied, head on straight, have resources and have no criminal record, the country and world 🌎 is open for business. I have many of those and I now just getting myself into shape because these slim, athletic women at the gym are very attractive. Don’t let these dudes shame you for getting a healthy stargate.

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  28. Considering the fact that 51% of Black Men are childless and 64% of that 51% are middle class brothers, I say go where you are appreciated. The average Black Woman comes with too much baggage and a bad attitude to top it all off, who wants to deal with that other than men with no options?? And of course these simps love to repeat Black bitch talking points like “you have mommy issues” while not knowing they are proving our points that aint shit black mothers DO EXIST and there are PLENTY of them. But me and other brothas that’s left the plantation love and have great relationships with our mothers hell matter of fact my mother even told me to stay away from these black bitches because most of em are full of shit, she told me to go out and get a cute girl from another race and make sure she has my back. My mother never wore a wig/weave a day in her life and she’s a PROUD Black Woman but she’s fully aware of the fuckery that the average modern day Black Woman brings. This type of honesty will destroy the talking points of a lot of these simps and bitter black bitches. And as I always say, the world is your oyster Black Man, all you gotta do is enjoy it! #SYSBM

    Liked by 4 people

    • Jason Black does go in on BW, but he blames the system for the downfall and wants to change it. But as I said listening to his last show is depressing. You need a GED for a CDL, I got a CDL without that. They ultimately don’t care about that.

      If you understand background checks you’ll know most private sector jobs don’t do a deep dive. I remember George O’Leary who recently died had tried to parlay his success with the Georgia Tech Football program into getting the plum job with Norte Dame (or was it Michigan?) anyway the media checked out his references and found he lied on his resume about his accreditations.

      Honesty works best but omission works too. If you have to do it, do it.

      My mother did do weaves but she’s been married the majority of the time and she never made the excuses poor BW make. She removed it regularly and had a fresh weave done and she washed it like regular hair.

      The women we are generally talking about are working class BW. While Umar Johnson and Jason Black might agree one of the ways for the Black community to get out of poverty is to wife up these broads, I don’t disagree.

      Where I disagree is that it’s not worth the trouble and the ROI is out of whack

      Liked by 3 people

  29. As y’all have pointed out, a lot of these dudes are straight up begging for donations at this point. Isn’t it funny how white dudes can make crap tons of money streaming games, but these dudes can barely afford a 2 piece at Church’s?

    That lets you know how BAD it must be in the hood. There are probably people starving on the streets at this point, granted a lot of them are probably addicts anyways.

    I saw an article once saying that the only black owned business that really gets supported is the black church, and it’s true. These pro-blacks supposedly provide an outlet for these geechees and yet they STILL live hand to mouth?!!! Things will only get worse, and I hope literally any and every other group moves in and gentrifies those hellholes.

    Liked by 3 people

  30. What’s good, SYSBM brethren? I had a busy Monday, so I wasn’t able to comment early as I normally do.

    So, it seems we have to light up another pro Black/B1 shine who uses daggle talking points; let’s take his first statement:

    “ANYONE who tells you that they ADVOCATE dating out because of Black women’s behavior is automatically DISQUALIFIED from speaking on Black women PERIOD. Those are MOMMY ISSUES at work”.

    His words sound akin to the scraggle daggle’s statement where they say that Black men who date out should just do so and leave them alone; why doesn’t he have that same energy when Black swirlers attack Black men for no reason, especially when they claim to be “leveling up” and “divesting”? It wouldn’t surprise me if it came out that Black, like Joke Regressive, is a down low faggot.

    As for the “Mommy issues” talking point, that’s just another way of saying “yo momma Black” or “you’ve been hurt”; been there, done that. What it is is that shines like Black are scared of Black women, and they think shaming us out of speaking on the scraggle daggle’s bad behavior will make us quiet and docile like himself. The fact that he’s come after us passive aggressively proves that SYSBM has power which he doesn’t possess, and that scares him.

    Liked by 4 people

    • @BCT

      I always suspected Jason Jiggablack as being sexually suspect. Something about his voice sounds very effeminate. I can almost see his neck swirling when he speaks.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. Here is a picture of jason black AKA Jeremy Lloyd Smith.

    He is a fraud just like pro blacks and men in “Suits drinking red bull”. Most of these pro black cucked out dudes arent even marrying these black women because they know these women arent marriage material. How many pro blacks do you know that have black families?

    Phil from the African Diaspora News Channel on youtube talks pro black bull shit but he has a non black wife

    Many of these pro black fags will shame black men and try to penis police us but those monkeys were quiet about DJ pope and Mike Oilver fucking these black bitches and giving them HIV. These pro black cowards will never call out this satanic black bitch and her fucked up behavior. These pro blacks will never call out black bitches getting puke throwed on their nasty ass faces on a scene during ghetto gaggers. At this point, any black man who is a pro black is a faggot because all they do is pay attention to black man’s private parts. Meanwhile in nigger america, black bitches have aborted millions black babies and none of the cowards have tried to vagina police these bitches. Black bitches have kids out of wedlock from thugged out monkeys and these pro black fags have never even touched on the topic.

    Black men are the most dick policed men in the world. I have never seen a group of men who are so concerned about where a grown ass man is doing with his private parts. These niggas are wierd and gay as fuck.

    Liked by 3 people

  32. A little off topic — but as I write this, #blameblackmen has been trending in the US on twitter for the last few hours. lol

    “People are using the hashtag #BlameBlackMen satirically in response to a Tweet from Jemele Hill about some Black men perpetuating the ‘patriarchy’”

    9,353 tweets so far. We’re gonna air our dirty laundry all the way out in 2020. lol

    Liked by 3 people

    • I have seen that. Black women with their help of White Feminism will try to find any excuse to blame others who have no place or hand in their destruction. Jemele Hill is a pseudo bedwench. She can’t wait to get another white dick in her mouth at her new job.

      Liked by 2 people

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