Is this Your Queen, “Mother Earth” In Action – Part 14, Smh!


This is your modern day black female in action right here, this is not the first time I’ve showcased black women acting the fool whilst in the presence of their children, this seems to be their speciality. As you saw at the end of the video the baby fell head first onto the floor, where was the motherly instinct to keep an eye on the child whilst engaging her attention seeking Tom Foolery? In fact where was the mother instincts to not engage in such behaviour to begin with and focus on her child, that’s right, nowhere to be found.

It’s funny because there’s a bootlicker by the name of Cissy Johnson whose comments now go straight into the spam folder because the shine couldn’t conduct his/herself in an orderly manner on the website, this individual actually had the nerve to accuse us of not using our noodles(brains) in recognising the bad apples in black female society and separating them from the so called “good black women”.

You’ll notice how practically every time these black females or their advocates come on the scene with the usual “not all back women are like that”, they never materialise any examples of these so called “good black women” that we free thinking brothers have supposedly “overlooked”. Additionally, already knowing that black society is flooded and overflowing with simps who have little to no standards, we immediately have to question their definition of a “good black woman”.

Remember our resident pro black simp D32018 aka Dangerous News Network tried to do the same thing, he attempted to defend these black queanies but to no avail. You’ll notice on his website how he hasn’t written anything since October 2019, as I’ve stated many times before, black women as a collective cannot be defended on any level and at this stage is beyond a fool’s errand to try. Even he as hard as a pro black simp he was eventually forced to throw in the towel and leave his beloved black queanies to their own doom and fate.

I keep on saying this and I will continue to repeat it because it’s true, when you think about women loving, caring, being attentive to and giving their children as much attention as possible, black women are the last females that come to mind. I can count on one hand the amount of black men I’ve spoken to who’ve stated that their mothers did NOT fit the typical dysfunctional and degenerate demographic.

I don’t feel sorry for those black men who still choose to deal with such unbridled creatures, I have even less pity for the fool that recklessly places his seed into one of these free roaming feral beasts of the field to begin with. If after seeing the video above as well as the many others circulating on social media of black women abusing their children you still choose to go there, you already know the saying, when the black witch turns and bites your hand, don’t say that you weren’t warned, take that massive L on the chin, don’t complain and keep it moving, you did it to yourself.

Lastly, notice that the child is light skinned, possibly mixed and that still isn’t enough to get those motherly instincts to kick in. Black women as a collective are a complete and utter disgrace, those who defend them are equally abysmal and reprobate specimens.

Again, where are the so called “good black women”, why aren’t they speaking out against this behaviour and instead of coming for folks like myself, why aren’t these black female iron caped defenders countering the negative narratives surrounding black women by showing us examples of those who are NOT engaging in degeneracy? Answers on a postcard please.

They call black women the mothers of civilisation, yet where is their own civilised behaviour, they refer to them as “Mother Earth” yet where is their care for those around them as well as the innocent in their care? #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

High Quality Stargates Matter

Most High Bless

71 thoughts on “Is this Your Queen, “Mother Earth” In Action – Part 14, Smh!

      • They would fight to death against it during their extinction. They should know interbreeding has always existed for black men. It’s the future and not going away.

        If they were smart, they would fight for it. They would see the root cause of all of their economic issues and political issues. Sadly, they have a two digit IQ to not recognise something that is healthy for humanity sake.

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    • The African American female is the worst stewards of children bar none. They continue to destroy and destabilize the black community daily, via the assistance of the black church, black pastors, and the democratic party.

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      • Kevin,

        But according to certain pro black/B1 sects, we free thinking black men are really the problem because we reject sub par, low standard women of which the Western black female is the lowest, smh.


  1. Our furry friend (who shall not be named) hasn’t posted since last year? Guess the “underrated catch” hasn’t caught on? I’ll get my coat…

    R O A S T E D N U T S

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    • Michel,

      Sooner or later they learn that this modern day black female can’t be defended on any level. They already know these women are in the gutter, they’re just trying their hardest to salvage an image and reputation that is already destroyed.

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  2. The Umi-zoomis and A. Fountains of the world need to step up and wife-up dem queans and save da communiteh.

    Swapping deck chairs on the Titanic. Get your popcorn ready.


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  3. Just too busy twerking, but not watching your child? These black folks do be having the nerve to say “not all black women are like that.” Yeah right, like I’m gonna fall for the old okey dokey. There’s been enough evidence out there of black women in America acting a fool. Being sexual in public (twerking, walking around butt naked, doing sexual activities that should be at home), being disgusting in public too, fighting, acting aggressive towards other people when they didn’t do a goddamn thing to them, stay having an attitude like you mad at the world, acting like you better than the other person because you got a high education, you making a lot of money, or you getting a lot of sex and attention, and saying the most dumbest shit ever like black girls rock, black girl magic, strong black women. And these pro blacks dude think that is quality? No, no, no, no, NO! That’s not quality, that’s being a dumbass. If one simp tells me that’s quality, I should wife that up, or drop the woman who actually is quality, trust me, I’m gonna slap somebody silly. And please don’t me I should be with someone because of the color of my skin or what race I’m am, I ain’t time for that black women are queens speech, we need to keep the black race strong.

    By the way, if you guys haven’t, come join the discord group for the SYSBM and Passport Bros. Chatroom and the Voice chat room is open 24/7, so feel free to sign up and join. Discord:

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  4. I don’t blame D90210. He picked an impossible job. His work output is actually reasonable in relation to the quality of the characters he was seeking to defend. It is the guys who have the time to put out full blown articles consistently that you know need to be especially watched and examined for mental conditions.

    D90210 put up a nominal defense so that it could not be said that he “did not stick up for his queans”. That blog represents his claim of defense for all who question his contributions to protection of his queans.

    He did not pick the moral high ground but had enough sense to not put much effort.

    Rest In Peace impossible blogger site.

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    • Lurker,

      I still have to hold the bootlicker D32018 to account because it isn’t like we didn’t warn him that attempting to defend his black queanies would be a fool’s errand.

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  5. It seems like all of the videos I’ve recently seen on Facebook showing Black females engaging in their tomfoolery make it to Slaying Evil where Verbs breaks it down; I honestly don’t understand how any Black man would consider negotiating with women from a culture that can’t put off seeking attention from simps online long enough to attend to their children. That little girl could’ve been seriously hurt; but hey, Dr. Gerbil Face says to wife up dat attention seeking, twerking quean, young nigha!

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women never fail to disappoint, yet Gen X black men are expected to negotiate, horse trade and reconcile with this women, smh. Yes, I keep on saying this but it has to be repeated in order to drive the reality home.

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      • “Yes, I keep on saying this but it has to be repeated in order to drive the reality home.”

        “I don’t mind repeating myself with you negroes, because, as you know, repetition is the mother of skill.” – Prof. D. Carroll.

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  6. Happy SYSBM Friday, gents!

    Guess there was not enough Dangerous News to sustain the Dangerous News Network, yet Slaying Evil’s been pumpin’ out the hits since 2016 with no end in sight. Like Puff Daddy said, “We won’t never cool off.” LOL.

    On a related note, I’ve been on a Kid Organic binge for the past few days and I’m sure you’ve all seen the video of this Mother Earth celebrating that they took her 7 kids away. The most fertile wombs on the planet are wasted on black hoes. Watch the whole video and you’ll see the 2 babydaddies on the couch playing X-Box together. At least they’re not killing each other over this skank. SMH

    As always SYSBM.

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    • This heifer is the living example of what we call the “scraggle daggle”; she’s uncouth, unladylike, foulmouthed, ugly, loud, stupid as hell, obese, etc. As for those two braindead simps she has over playing Xbox, they are the Pookie and Ray Ray types who are as fit for fatherhood as the square peg is for the circle shaped hole.

      Seeing this reminded me of SYSBM Tenet #20: “SYSBM is all about looking out for children and the future, this is one of the core reasons why we choose NOT to have children with black women, because black women as a collective hold a deep disdain and hatred for black children and thus will not hesitate to destroy such offspring either via abortion or if the child survives to being born using sexual, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual abuse to destroy the child’s body and mind.” With that said, her 7 children are in a better place.

      It’s a shame I had to watch this while I was eating, but thankfully the last thing I saw before concluding my meal was the cute White girl who served me; I had a good meal nonetheless.

      This video has been an SYSBM Public Service Announcement.

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  7. They’re extremely narcissistic, and desperate for validation of their “beauty”. …So they go for the cheapest, easiest validation by constantly wagging their asses in front of anyone and everyone.

    They’d probably swell with pride (“I’m so sexy!”) if a dog humps their leg.

    Other women have asses too btw. Do you know of any other demo that’s known for consistently wagging their asses on camera like that, like they have nothing else to hang their hat on?

    Black women have given their trademark “big ass” a bad reputation — because it far too often comes with a side order of runaway vanity, tats, weave, ignorance and attitude… and it inevitably morphs into OBESITY as the years go by.

    With all the negativity attached to it, the illusions dissolve — and all that ass becomes just something that looks like it smells bad, where the sweat ferments and the excrement comes out.

    At the end of the day, without feminine appeal attached to it, it’s just an ass.

    It’s clearly their proudest feature, but for the record, most other kinds of women have nicer asses (and more appealing, feminine figures in general) than black women. Yes, even thick asian women have nicer asses than black women.

    I hope the baby is okay. That video is a walking, talking advertisement for the mindless vanity and reckless self-absorption that is the modern black woman.

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      • She’s a good example of an asian chick with a decent ass … but to keep it real (just for the record): she’s also tatted up & on the vanity tip…

        Even has a pic of herself with one of her “walrus” friends (if you know what I mean lol) on her Instagram, so you know who she’s probably emulating. …So I gotta give her the thumbs down too.

        For the record: other women are heavy on the vanity tip just like black bitches — but when the rest get a cold, black people get the flu.

        For example, there are lots of asian chicks who remain untatted — but I doubt more than 5% are untatted in my generation of black women. Ugly tats are damn near universal among black women of my generation in particular.

        This is more of my example of a thick asian:

        When it comes to asians, I only like japanese anyway. I don’t have much use for chinese, koreans, southeast asians, etc.

        To each there own though.

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      • “Even has a pic of herself with one of her “walrus” friends (if you know what I mean lol) on her Instagram, so you know who she’s probably emulating. …So I gotta give her the thumbs down too.”

        To be fair bro, all these “body positive” non-black Instagram hoes gravitate to and emulate the original tattooed obese moo cows, black women. Can sing every word to City Girls, Cardi B, Megan, Lizzo, and all that shit, too. As you know any non-black chick who hangs out with black hoes is contaminated.

        Naw, Lingling Herroo like most modern chicks is only good for eye candy but her body shape for an Asian is ideal to me. She’s got 1.1M followers so I’m not alone. I hear you, though.

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    • yesindeed,

      Your post is spot on. I will admit that from my adolescence to my early twenties, I was addicted to the classic bubble butt shaped black female ass. But as I matured and became more worldly, I became more and more aware of all the liabilities that were attached to that ass.

      One day it dawned on me that I abhorred everything about black women except their ass. This evolved to the point where I now associate that ass with a collective of females that I abhor, a population of servant simps that I abhor, and a ratchet subculture that I abhor.

      You are correct that a well toned physically fit Caucasian woman has a better ass. The same is true for a physically fit East Asian woman. Don’t write off the Vietnamese, Thai, and Filipinas. I have seen Vietnamese woman who possess eye popping beauty. If you get a good Vietnamese or Filipina, her loyalty and submission is natural.

      Unlike the black scraggle daggle, non black women who have good asses, generally don’t morph into a mass of cellulite, and fat after age 35. You are correct that most big ass bimbo type black women will morph into disgusting cellulite and stretch mark covered obesity, starting in their late 30s. After age 40, they are approaching an advanced state of matronly obesity. And they still have all the faults and shortcomings that come with being the product of scraggle daggle subculture.

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  8. Between this and the +30 million abortions black women have had over the years I think everybody now knows why almost 70% of Black men don’t have kids.

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  9. Verbs 2015.

    Good black women don’t fucking exist these days and they have gone for good and they ain’t returning. Like I said before black women are the worst mothers on the planet and I will never ever have kids with a black women. Black women come in two categories either they are very ugly, out of shape and overweight or if they have some sort of good looks about them then they come with a boat load of kids with different baby fathers. Black women these days are fucking finished and the black community is fucking dead and I ain’t coming back to save it.

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  10. Did you see the baby fall of bed and dropped head first? Did you hear the landing? When you see a black woman twerking and recording it, I’m not surprised on that. When you see a black woman twerking while the child is around, nobody is surprised on that shit. And simps like Aaron “Bareback” Fountain, Shawn James, Umar Johnson Obisdian says that we have to wife these women up? These men must smoking the strongest crack. Why do they wanna think that thinking black men should marry these hoes? Why don’t they marry them? I got the answer. These simps want us to be the clean up man just as they are. No clean man here, star!

    And these simps, they goanna get thirsty when they see this video. And she knows that these simps will get sexual exited when they see a scraggle daggle twerking her ass off. It’s a seductive truck the harridan is pulling to lure these simps. And they call this woman mother earth? Lord help us! These simps are brainwashed as the black single mothers in these churches they go to every Sunday. How the backside they say that this woman is mother earth and she cause chaos, mayhem and carnage? And these simps say that we should wife them u? Na, I’m good!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all the time as these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that has a whole leap of children are coming after non black women. And it’s Friday night now, stay in and hold her close tonight and all night with glass of red wine and just chill with your white sugar pudding.


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      • Because Shawn James is an incel who still lives with his mother and actual marriage would kill the O-Man’s business plan; how bad could “Black Female Fuckery” be if he’s married to a black female. But for all we know he could be married to his “lady friend” right this minute.

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      • Right, when it comes to Obsidian, he might be the clean up man and when it comes to Shawn James, he hasn’t even left the house and left the Untied Stated. As Shawn James being Anti S.Y.S.B.M, he will be the clean up man in a heartbeat like these simps. There is no way that I’m goanna be the clean up man.

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      • The cornerstone of Obsidian’s media empire was “Why I Refuse To Be The Clean-Up Man” now we’re supposed to “horse trade” with these babymamas and upgrade ourselves into high value men for the lowest value females. Brother lost his way.

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      • It’s only going to get harder for Pastor Poulet, man’s in his 50s and will likely never again get close to a woman who isn’t related.

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  11. I know this sounds harsh, but I will say it anyway. The best thing the black woman has ever done for the black man was abort his seed. Abortion saves black children from being reared by these soulless monsters. Why are we against abortion? Why are we mad when black women abort our babies? That means less unprotected kids, beta male savages and hood rats. Black women are doing us a favor by having so many abortions, so we shouldn’t get rid of it. It’s not like they are going to keep their legs closed anytime soon. Just take your seed somewhere else.

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    • @Tony

      Yeah. I don’t know how to feel about abortion based on what you said. On the one hand yes, it is murder. But let’s face it, we’d have ten times the nigga trash roaming the streets if black bitches carried every child to term. At least abortion is controlling the nigga population.

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    • @Tony Stacks,

      You asked the following questions: “Why are we against abortion? Why are we mad when black women abort our babies?”

      We as SYSBM Practitioners stand against abortion because it’s being used by racist Whites as a means of wiping out the Black population; Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger made it clear that the aim of her organization was to exterminate Black people. With that said, you’d wonder why it is that Black women since 1973 have aborted up to 15 million+ Black babies (and still counting); it comes as no surprise to us since Black women have been Lord Euro’s greatest asset in destroying the communitah. It should also come as no surprise since Black women have shown themselves to the world to be proud child killers:

      Also, I wouldn’t say that aborting Black babies is the best thing they’ve done for Black men (unless that was the man’s wish); the Black population in America has been stalled at 12-13% for a few decades now due to Black women’s jihad against the Black nuclear family. Not only that, but they have their yoked their misandry against Black men together with the abortion task; there have been Black women who in the past have admitted that they’ve only aborted Black male babies. Killing all males, including babies, is a tenet of feminism, and Black women practice a mutant form of it to the detriment of themselves and their community.

      Don’t be fooled, Black women don’t complete the abortion task out of love for their offspring; please note SYSBM Tenet #20: “SYSBM is all about looking out for children and the future, this is one of the core reasons why we choose NOT to have children with black women, because black women as a collective hold a deep disdain and hatred for black children and thus will not hesitate to destroy such offspring either via abortion or if the child survives to being born using sexual, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual abuse to destroy the child’s body and mind”. As you said in your concluding statement, “Just take your seed somewhere else”; that’s what we plan to do by building families with quality stargates, not destroying them. #SYSBM

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    • Tony Stacks,

      Why should unborn children have to suffer because the calamitous decisions of a bunch of brain-dead, ignorant females? A much better solution is to sterilise black women themselves, they way they can’t reproduce with Trap House Jim to begin with.


  12. I can’t remember if it was here or on YouTube but someone made the comment (paraphrased) “yeah, the black woman is the mother of civilization alright. She has so many illegitimate babies she may as well have birthed the Earth’s population”.

    As I always say, the black bitch is the lowest form of female life not out of all humanity but out of ALL species. Literally no other species has as much disregard, a desire to abuse and downright contempt for their own offspring as the niggerbitch. And these pro-black she-monkeys and their geechee flunkies always wanna talk about how we’re supposed to stick to these apes with weave to “save the black race”. How are you saving the black race from extinction with women who will either a) abort your child or b) abuse it and turn it into another niggastatistic?

    What confuses me is the fact black men in prison will kill a child molester but they worship black women who are open and bold with their child abuse and pederasty. This is why white/joo men and black women are like peas in a pod. They are spiritually identical. At least the white man keeps his pederasty under wraps. The black bitch posts it on social media.

    If you breed with a black bitch, you are an accessory to child abuse.

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  13. All the BRIC countries have like 5-1 or something male/female imbalance. Meaning you don’t have to accept these broads and while Pro Blacks continue to apply peer-pressure via various media outlets that is largely falling on deaf ears.

    The problem I see is that far too many Black men are concerned about the reaction their family would give them if they introduced Mai, Oxana, Melina or Zhanna to them for the first time.

    To be frank, my mother died June of 2019, my father died in 2006 and my stepfather died this past March 2020 right before the lock down.

    Besides my sister, I am not that close to my extended family. I said before my aunt had six male sons four of them are Gen X, two of them are Baby Boomers. The two Baby Boomers married Black women originally and have since divorced. I’m not sure about one (Mark) but the others are married to White women. Two American women and one Brit.

    My cousin Brian is married to the Brit, they have five kids, unfortunately the last kid came when his wife was about 36-37 and as it turns out that child is wheelchair bound, but I don’t remember his condition.

    That is one risk of having children late but that’s mostly on women. They don’t wanna hear that in Western Culture and their is serious push back whenever you mention this scientific fact.

    All that being said, a new community has to be built, you might as well start now. There is going to be a reset, helicopter money, etc, etc. All the above is going to happen if either party wins. It will be your chance to spend free money. It is free, you didn’t earn it. It’s a golden opportunity that is why I could care less about Covid-19, I don’t care if people think its real or fake or whatever, it is what it is. They are going to dropping money on the population because consumption is the economy in the United States.

    2021 is where I will finally lay a foundation, my own Stargate where I CHOOSE to communicate with the worlds and communities I want and will benefit me and my future family.

    There is simply nothing to save of the current structure.

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  14. … black Queans are the worst stewards of children on planet earth. The most dangerous and mentally damaging environment for black boys is in the home of the single mother matriarchal communist shithole. The black Quean has a very disturbing hatred for their sons. They set these boys up for failure.

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    • Exactly and without strong male influences they get involved in “fuck” sh*t. But as Tommy says, everytime there’s a press conference who do you see? Black women, every so often you see a Black man typically grand father or uncle.

      When you see a man make decisions and take control of a situation that has a calming effect, we all know that.

      Women in general like chaos, that’s why they want stability to center them. That is why Black Communities are on the verge of complete squalor.

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  15. Talk about irresponsibility on the video. At least take the child somewhere where she can keep an eye on the baby or better yet when she was doing that disgusting display, stop the shit immediately and focus on the child. But the woman couldn’t do that.

    Continue to deliver information and slay the dragons brothers. I’ll be doing my own research regarding the dysfunctional Black woman. Because I am going to accept the reality that the image of queen and civility in the collective sphere in Black women definitely in the West is lost forever.

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  16. wow! seriously????? The baby… Oh! my god I cant believe what i saw. Who is that lady we need to find her and get that baby to his father or at least her grandparents who know how to raise it..

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  17. @Verbs off-topic what was your recommendation of music or tones to listen to when it comes to dealing with trauma as well as healing? You did post in one of the articles on Slaying Evil.

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    • Blackdjedi,

      Classical music would be my first choice, I listen to a lot of soundtrack scores from movies, Avengers, Superman type stuff. I’ve been listening to that stuff for quite a while now.

      I would’ve never thought that I’d be listening to this kind of music at my age, back when I was younger it was nothing but hiphop which was a lot better in the 90s anyway.

      There is a famous Irish musician called Enya, she creates some really soothing, relaxing music, she’s another one I’ve been listening to for a long while:


    • Any music that’s been tuned to 432hz.

      Most music since the 1960s is recorded in 440hz, which sounds aggressive and pointed.

      Try Reggae at 432Hz, especially Bob Marley.

      For trauma, look up Whole Brain posture on YouTube. Within 5 minutes you’ll be chill.

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  18. Brother Verbs, hopefully, you can make an article explain how are these women able to get houses, money m, and resources while black men are forced to work hard hours and having his resources depleted. We really need to look at this.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      “Brother Verbs, hopefully, you can make an article explain how are these women able to get houses, money m, and resources while black men are forced to work hard hours and having his resources depleted. We really need to look at this.”

      I believe I can explain this in broad terms. Its government policies that favor women in general and black women in particular. And its the deeply intrinsic bias in da communitah towards black females, and against black males.

      There are many cash assistance programs that are heavily directed at unmarried women with children, especially unmarried black women with children. These programs give out more cash if you have more bastard children. Some of these programs are well publicized, some are not. There many programs that give housing subsidies and housing vouchers to unmarried women with children. There are many job training and education programs directed at this demographic of women. Then there are many government jobs that pay a middle class wage with great benefits, that are reserved for this demographic of women. There are private sector/public sector partnership programs that place these women in private sector jobs that pay pretty well and have great benefits.

      These things are part of an entire infrastructure of programs and resources available to black women who can claim to be disadvantaged, but are not available to black men.

      These programs are not just supported by Captain Frost and white feminists, but also by the black male simp population. This is one of the reasons that I go so hard at black male simping. You see, LiL Pookie, Ray Ray, and Tyrone are not the only types of black male simps. There are many black male simps who have college degrees, and wear suits and ties. These simps are black male feminists who support politicians, policies, and programs, that advantage the scraggle daggle, while at the same time disadvantaging the average black male. .

      And these are the very same simps who go on and on about how virtuous and great black women are, while blaming all the problems of black women and da communitah, on black men.

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  19. Yuck, this is terrifying and downright disgusting. This is an example of how women should not function. It’s a shame that many black women act like this, particularly African American women.

    There are too many videos like the one above. I feel sorry for the child.


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