Woke Progressive 2.0 The Pro Black, Anti Interracial Dating Pundit Comes Out as Homosexual – No Surprises There!


What have we at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable been stating for the longest while, that those black men who constantly obsess over and concern themselves with where another black man is choosing to place his family jewels are sexually suspect. This is especially true when it comes down to these modern day pro blacks who are relentlessly going in on those black men who choose to date out.

Enter Woke Progressive 2.0, a pro black bootlicker and now a recently self confessed sodomite who has made his feelings well known regarding his deep disdain and hatred for interracial dating. As per usual, dudes like this expect you as productive black men to stick with and pick from the dregs and the scum of black female society, however ask them to show you upstanding members of the black female community and they’ll struggle to produce any viable examples.

Again, any man who is constantly harping on where another man is choosing to place his penis has to be called out as suspect homosexual as homosexuals are the only individuals who worry about who other men are having sex with. Woke Progressive is just the sodomite who’s decided to come out of the closet, I suspect that there are plenty more black men like him within the black sector of Youtube who have plenty of fruit in the tank.

Taz The Curried Goat is yet another suspect individual who in the past has had 10-11 hour live-streams discussing SYSBM, not only that but when Woke Progressive confessed to him that he was a sodomite, Taz continued talking with the fellow as if nothing was wrong. I have absolutely NO conversations to continue with a man who has just come out of the closet, bye would be the next and last words to come out of my mouth towards him.

The YouTuber and so called “educated therapist” D Derell aka Derailed also springs to mind, yet another bad music producing mullet headed Negro who has been going hard in the paint berating, mocking and disparaging SYSBM practitioners at every corner. Again, because of these actions he too has to be looked at as sexually suspect.

The Fake Academic Aaron Fountain can also be thrown into the sexually suspect bucket list, he especially has been on a relentless crusade against SYSBM, in fact he was the very individual who initiated the unwanted barrage of attention SYSBM practitioners were subjected to at the beginning of this year.

Let’s look at the situation with the Black Manosphere 2.0 so far, the founding fathers formed the Black Manosphere 2.0 back in 2016, they subsequently allowed black women to infiltrate and practically destroy it from the inside out, Angryman recognises his error, leaves Black Manosphere 2.0 forming his own sector and is replaced by the sexually suspect Kevin Samuels.

At the same time Obsidian whilst being interviewed by Reg The Bad Guy recently stated that Black Manosphere 2.0 requires a “queer eye” to lead it in order for the heterosexual black men within it to improve their performance, for those who haven’t listened to that confession please go to the 2:00:00 mark.

The black manosphere is no longer being ran by black men, black women are now dictating its direction, why, because black women no matter what missions they embark upon or spaces they infiltrate will ALWAYS seek to introduce the LGBTQP+ agenda into the mix, it isn’t as if we haven’t seen this same pattern before.

Black women via proxy are introducing homosexuals into Black Manosphere 2.0 and are either using sexually suspect black men who have yet to officially come out of the closet or black men who support and advocate on behalf of homosexuals. Even though Asleep Regressive was not part of the Black Manosphere, it still has issues to deal with in terms of establishing solid rules, parameters and a robust set of standards. SYSBM Tenet Number 7 reads:

7. SYSBM STAUNCHLY REJECTS FEMINISM, HOMOSEXUALITY, LGBTQP and any and all related branches, we do not support lifestyles that are abominable, unnatural and contaminated. Additionally, we DO NOT believe that men and women require equal rights because we accept the inherent differences between the sexes. Men and women ARE NOT THE SAME, it is the man’s duty to lead and the woman’s duty to follow his lead. This is yet another reason why black male/black female relationships typically do not work, black women refuse to submit to and be lead by the right type of black men, though they’ll have no problems following the lead of 12 Gauge Mike, Field Mouse, Cheddar Boy, Mincy, Shorty Fist and Shifty Sizzler. Men and women are equal in VALUE but NOT in terms of rank and authority. The man is in charge of the woman, any women who refuse to accept this as such MUST BE REJECTED.

SYSBM is a completely separate entity from the Black Manosphere as has been stated by the Lord High Commander MBD himself on numerous occasions. As I’ve mentioned in the past, black men simply need to vote with their feet and their wallets instead of trying to beg the current leaders of Black Manosphere 2.0 to return to the “good old days”. As sexually suspect Kevin Samuels stated, that black manosphere that many came up with IS GONE AND IT’S NEVER COMING BACK.

I highly suspect that Black Manosphere 2.0 is shortly about to turn into a sodomite fruit fest, I guess some people are willing to venture down any avenues trying their best to go mainstream in order to bring in the big dockets. As per usual, black women and the bootlickers who work for them have no problems destroying everything they touch. There are definitely some sleeper cell sodomites in the Black Manosphere, it’s only a matter of time until they’re discovered.

The agenda to push homosexuality into heterosexual black male society continues, smh. If any of you believe that this will stop with the infiltration of homosexuals, think again, additionally don’t be surprised in the near future if the Black Manosphere begins making spaces for paedophiles as well as those who practice bestiality and incest as these are always the next steps to follow, you already know how black women work, smh.

Yet another reason why separation and division within black society are GOOD THINGS especially in these particular times. Save yourselves black men. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Sodomites Are NOT Welcome Over Here

Most High Bless

157 thoughts on “Woke Progressive 2.0 The Pro Black, Anti Interracial Dating Pundit Comes Out as Homosexual – No Surprises There!

  1. The only black men the overwhelming majority of black women feel comfortable around are those who have had their masculinity and manhood compromised. As I’ve stated before I don’t have an issue with Kevin Samuels, however I have to call the guy at as sexually suspect based upon his behaviour as well as other actions.

    Additionally, I have to call out Obsidian as he has made it known now as well as in the past that he has no problems advocating on behalf of homosexuals and believes that heterosexual black men would do better if they were being lead by homosexual men.

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    • We have to consider obsidian to be sexually suspect as well. Look at how many times he says “big juicy cock” in reference to derick jackson.

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    • Verbs2015,

      “Enter Woke Progressive 2.0, a pro black bootlicker and now a recently self confessed sodomite who has made his feelings well known regarding his deep disdain and hatred for interracial dating.”

      It is ironic that black sodomites would have this deep hatred for heterosexual interracial dating.
      It is well known that black sodomites will get their action wherever they can find it. And that includes interracial sodomy. .

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      • Mic Drop… You only have to look at images of IR Gay couples online. As I’ve said before they don’t like WW because both camps are going after the same thing = Hetrosexual Black Men

        You don’t have to venture too far to find that Black men are highly desired in the LGBTQP+ community. among BBW’s and frankly all stripes and color of women

        The only thing that stops non-Black women from kidnapping Black men off the street is the fear they aren’t treated well enough in a Capitalist economy to thrive in it. Which is why most of the best looking women pick successful men and athletes first.

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      • Americanblackman,

        The black male/female Sodomite, the black female and the pro black simp are all alike in that they share the same deep level disdain and hatred for heterosexual free thinking brothers.

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    • Well said Verbs. I know I’ve been missing in action on this site for sometime. But I’m back in the saddle again.

      I refuse to even follow any of these clowns anymore. They are pretty much all suspect in my book.

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  2. Verbs 2015.

    I am a proud heterosexual SYSBM black man and I have always found it weird and strange when the black manospere and the pro blacks are always dick policing us SYSBM black of our interracial relationship dating choices because we decided to date quality good looking childfree non black women for a better life for ourselves. They are always trying to make us feel guilty about it and that fact that it’s our duty as SYSBM black to save ugly black women and black single mothers from their own stupid and foolish choices in life because we share the same skin colour and same culture especially when they have multiple kids with multiple different baby daddies. I ain’t saving the black community and I ain’t saving black women and single mothers from the problems that they themselves created. If I do decide to have kids it’s going to be with a beautiful childfree non black women so I can create my own Fitzpatrick family tree.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This dick policing has gotten utterly ridiculous in recent times, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s always the heterosexual black man’s private member which is the subject which is constantly on the minds of Lord Euro, black women and the pro black simps that support them. I don’t feel guilty at all for rejecting goods that are not of high quality, nobody should as this is a common sense approach dealing with many things in life. I’m also a proud heterosexual free thinking black man and I wouldn’t change that status for the world.

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      • Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Us SYSBM black men are the most dick policed men on the planet when it comes to mixed race relationships with non black women because the whole world has a problem with it.

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      • Quincy we are the most desired men on the planet. When conservative pundits talk about this and provide raw data you know the jig is up.

        The problem is non-Black women are fearful that you’ll be discriminated against. That discrimination might be turned up to 11 if they marry you. So you need to re-assure them that if you do find yourself out of a job for whatever reason and we only have to look to people like NFL players and Media Personalities as proof that well paying jigs get compromised by aligning yourself with movement that threaten the status quo or you speak unspoken truths.

        That is why it’s difficult to find attractive, in-shape, child free non-Black women online, on Tinder, etc, believe me I’ve been looking for over a decade and haven’t pulled the trigger. While some women will drop down from demanding a college educated mate to one that is a well paid blue collar mate does happen, especially if you have a recession proof job like working for the city/county/state. If you don’t like myself, women hold that against you and I don’t blame them, I have been on economic rollercoaster that finally ended up in bankruptcy at the start of 2019.

        I am self employed by definition but I’m on a platform that I didn’t pay for. So I am making the move into a secured business that should be safe from big policy changes or changing public mood for at least the next 10-20 years. As a few self employed advocates have said the money is in the niches; I just couldn’t figure out how to turn my passion into a money making stream until now.

        I am just waiting for the massive helicopter money drop that will happen as it doesn’t matter if it’s Biden or Trump they will (on paper) support small business formation. They do now but some programs are running out of money and without another round of stimulus there’s no point in applying now.

        Anyway I hate to turn replies into being about myself but that’s the best way I can explain that what you see I have experienced at some level.

        If you have your “sh*t” together swing for the fences there is nothing stopping but a bunch of bootlickers, angry black women and white men nipping at your heels. Just live where they don’t and turn off comment on YouTube, you’ll be golden.

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  3. I don’t know this dude, but this is exactly why I keep away from livestreams and only stick to a very select few content creators. I refuse to entertain an exchange between black dudes, the bitches who openly disrespect them and shouldn’t even have a place on the platform, and their sissy gay supporters. I’m not even shocked about him being gay, nor am I bothered. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. Where I draw the line, however, is when these dudes who don’t even like pussy try to shame and ostracize those of us who choose to date/fuck/marry women of different races. Given the FACT that their own depraved lifestyle won’t even allow them to naturally reproduce, they have ZERO room whatsoever to tell me or anyone else what kind of woman to be with. And to put a bottom line on this: FUCK OBSIDIAN!!! I never considered myself part of that manosphere shit anyway and I sure as fuck don’t need a “queer eye” to improve as a heterosexual black man. #SYSBM #4LIFE

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    • Mister Perfect,

      This is why I like the way MBD manages his ship, SYSBM has standards, the Black Manosphere doesn’t, this is why degenerate things like this can and do go on within it. Remember, Obsidian was pally with Taz not so long ago and referred to him as his pet project. Notice how as per usual as soon as black women are brought into the fold, everything goes downhill from there. Black women are running the Black Manosphere via proxy, this is evident especially seeing how black women are the biggest champions and supporters of homosexuality and all of a sudden the same is being discussed in Black Manosphere circles, smh.

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  4. LOvE iS lOvE! AlL ReCtUmS mAtTeR!!!!

    These fruits are truly something else, and incredibly predatory, much like their dyke counterparts. You’ll notice that Black fruits, namely dark skinned and physically robust ones, are 9 times out of 3 the most repulsive of the bunch. They could actually be a lot less fruity and flamboyant as a white homo, but because they are so physically Madeline, it’s extra disgusting. Many of them even rock full ass beards, too.

    And what the hell? Black men need a “queer eye” to lead them? What benefit would black men have by following these degenerates?!! Again, it’s sad that in the west, many of the same dudes who bitch and moan about feminism all day will gladly suck up to (no pun intended) these LGBT freaks, when that’s just a different bite of the same sandwich. Just look at “conservatives” with Milo Yiannopolous.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This outlandish idea that Obsidian floated in heterosexual black man requiring the leadership of homosexuals in order to do better is extremely disturbing because as I’ve stated before, we already know how homosexuals love forbidden territory. Exactly, I too am trying to understand the benefits of being lead by Sodomites. Again, as you’ve pointed out now and as I have in the past, homosexuality and feminism are one and the same, you can’t rail against feminism but at the same time be willing to work alongside fudge packers.

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  5. If you’re asking another man about the size of his dick that makes you gay or at the very least bisexual.

    All his supporters trying to make excuses for homosexual behavior are suspect as well at this point. It’s not surprising when he does finally come out seeing as he used to be a pastor and we all know the degeneracy of priests in the black community

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    • DarthAmon,

      I’ve noticed this particular bad habit amongst many black folks, how if somebody is engaging in questionable behaviour, others aware of it will turn a blind eye if the individual concerned is somewhat popular. Just look at the case of the late Eddie Long, members of his congregation knew he was buggering young boys from his church but they said nothing until the parents of said abused decided to speak out. I can count on one hand the number of people who have called out Samuels on his suspect behaviour, smh.

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  6. They eventually come out the closet one way or another. The level of obsession with whom BM chooses to date or marry by other BM is a clear indicator, that you’re dealing with someone who has homosexual tendencies. And, as such has not come to terms with his inclinations. So…he lashes out at thinking BM for dating out…just in the exact same fashion as those demented BW who jump at every available opportunity to discredit and harass thinking brothers. Clearly a man with female behavioral traits. Now. His blatant lack of personal privacy on his sexual exploits is very common amongst the
    Alphabet Soup Society a.k.a ASS!!! Because the individuals that are affiliated with this community, has a perverse obsession with sexuality that is completely morbid and degenerate. They engage in all sorts of abominations just to have some sense of normalcy. Never coming to the realization that that type of lifestyle is inherently self-destructive with no path to true happiness. Just look into the suicide rates amongst them will reveal the depth of internal suffering.

    As, they now attempt to convert other men into their purgatory of hell…this is where our presence as thinking BM will continue to hold the line of authentic masculinity. Waging war on all those who attempt undermine our God give right to be…MEN!!!


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    • Ger Tzedek,

      Everything you said sir. I still awaiting an answer to a question I’ve been asking for the longest, what positives and benefits does any society gain from taking on-board the homosexual lifestyle?

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    • Which is why they are turning to children to they hope in the future will be less discriminatory and turn a blind eye to certain behaviors.

      You only need to look at the Boy Scouts…. Not all gay people are pedofiles, however they should be the first to put their hand up and say abuse is a big part of the community that needs to be looked at, but just as many other groups won’t look at their flaws and try to correct them, we won’t see any major change there, but forcing US to change our POV on their behavior.

      No reason to expose your future children to this nonsense.

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      • Djfourmonie,

        Homosexuality and paedophilia come from the same rotten and corrupt tree number one, number two it is homosexuals who are the ones campaigning for and in many cases successfully introducing the LGBTQP agenda into the school system especially here in the UK.

        Where are the homosexuals objecting to children as young as 5 years old being taught about their lifestyle, that’s right, nowhere to be found. You cannot separate homosexuality and paedophilia, they are intrinsically linked.

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  7. What the hell is going on here? Like dude, whatever you sexually attracted to, or what you do behind closed doors, keep that to yourself man. If I tell these LGBTQ people that I’m straight, meaning that I’m only sexually attracted to women, interpret that into get the hell away from me. I don’t know what it is with some dudes that got some homo tendencies trying to bring that mess unto dudes that don’t play that. This is why I don’t see myself into the LGBTQ community because they’re weird as hell, they can’t keep their tendencies to themselves, and they carry a disease that they know can’t be cure, and they might die from that. These LGBTQ people are not normal at all.

    If you guys haven’t seen, I made a discord group for the SYSBM and Passport Bros, So feel free to join if you haven’t. Chatroom is open 24/7, including the Voice chat too. Discord: https://discord.gg/Qu7Vqep

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    • D.K. Phantom,

      The invasion of the fruits is exactly what’s going on here. This is what happens when a space operates with no standards, it becomes a free for all. Again, who are the biggest supporters of fruits, black females, therefore you know who’s behind Obsidian’s queer eye leading heterosexual black men suggestion.

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    • Gay dudes generally don’t have a problem with you being hetrosexual because they attracted to that. What they are hoping for is a social environment where if drinking is involved they will test your mettle, proving that lots of gay men are in-fact prediatory.

      Trannies on the other hand want to be accepted as women in a traditional sense, you are suppose to make the first move. Once that move is made, all bets are off proving that so-called Incels are full of sh*t.

      They don’t have to be sexless for them it’s a choice.

      As long as they don’t disclose what they do aka kiss and tell who cares what the fuck you do. But you go outside and impact the rest of us by shooting up schools, businesses, places of worship and entertainment venues.

      You can have as much sex as you can stand for free. If you are fearful how society will judge you don’t be so free with sharing your social life. One thing Phil has said I totally agree with is that one serious problem in Western Society is that people are too free with their private stuff and allow others to be be judgemental of your private life.

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  8. In my life, there is one thing about unwarranted accusations that I have learned. The person who levels the unwarranted accusation is the usually the person who is guilty of said accusation.

    When a spouse levels an unwarranted accusation of infidelity, it’s usually the accuser who is cheating.

    When a person calls black men gay for not dating/mating black women, that person is usually the one who is gay; he/she is just hiding in the closet.

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  9. Any Black Man that’s always worried about what other Black Men are doing sexually with Non Black Women is MOST DEFINITELY suspect. And once again who raise these kinda effeminate niggas?? Oh yeah that’s right THE DAGGLE raises them. No real man is dick policing other men like that, even those KKK crackas don’t trip when they find out one of their buddies is ghetto gagging a nigger bitch. So why these pro whack simps ALWAYS have smoke for the SYSBM brothers and not these ghetto gagging black bitches?? It’s kinda obvious at this point.

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    • Illmatic826,

      The pro black simps will never call out the sacred cow of the community, that is the equivalent of blasphemy. So instead they reserve all of their energy and fire to go in on black men who’ve decided to leave the building, Sodomite Woke Progressive is one such individual. As I’ve stated before, the pro black philosophy is well outdated because it never took into account the possibility of black women going defective beyond repair which has actually happened and as a result giving pro black men room to seek out alternative mates from different ethnicities.

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      • The term “pro black” is a joke within itself lol The majority of that community both online and in the real world are dysfunctional and the majority of the women are ex swirler damaged goods.

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  10. Happy SYSBM Friday, brothers!

    One thing I really like about SYSBM is how it holds the line against this queer behavior and does not let it in. The idea of a black matriarchal homosexual trying to dick police me on behalf of the daggle? Laughable. As is the notion I have to be “high value man” to snag the lowest-value women. Or that same sexually-suspect shine asking a young man if he’s got a big dick, presumably to satisfy stretched-out played out black whores.

    I have been technically SYSBM for 30 years this year, but not until it was codified into an IDEA (MBD) with a MANIFESTO (Verbs) and disseminated over social media by younger guys did it actually reach the level of an anti-matriarchal THOUGHT CRIME.

    You know it’s working when the black matriarchy sends its Pookie and Ray Ray thugs, sexually suspect beta male simp drones, and full-on homosexuals to where ever we gather online. But I thought we were the lames black women didn’t want? Hahaha. Fuck them savages. Hold the line. SYSBM is the solution.

    PS: After this pandemic let’s up, I intend to spend some vacation dollars in places like Poland and Hungary, that do not allow this LGBTQP+ or third wave feminist cancer to spread into their countries. I suggest y’all do the same while in Europe.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      The fact that SYSBM puts the heterosexual free thinking black man first is complete anathema to the daggles as well as their pro black simp drones as according to the black gynocracy we’re supposed to place the black witch at the head of everything black related. You already know the score, black women at the head of anything automatically means that she’ll be sure to bring in her degenerate friends of all kinds, homosexuals, trannies and kiddie fiddlers included because as we already know the modern day black female has NO moral compass.

      I’m still struggling to understand how black men who listen to Kevin Samuels can’t see that he’s trying to lead them right back to the proverbial plantation, to me it’s plain as day. Again, notice how very few black men have called Samuels out on his fruitery but instead many have thrown on freshly starched capes attempting to defend the man, smh. How can you claim to be heterosexual but defend behaviour that points in the direction of homosexuality?

      As has been stated before, SYSBM is the only viable, sustainable and long term realistic solution for the heterosexual free thinking black men, unfortunately most will still choose to go after the black female to their own calamity and doom.

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    • Polish women love Black men and it’s not a joke. I know men that have dated Polish women coming to America to visit or to live and I know BM who are married to Polish women including one that has a blog but it hasn’t been updated in years.

      In-fact even in London, there are plenty of Polish women that will date Black men. Along with Czech and Romanian women.

      As I said there is nothing stopping Black men from getting whatever woman they want, swing for the fences.

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      • I can confirm women from Eastern Europe, suggested as Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian do want and desire black men. Even one married Romanian woman at my former workplace was prettifying herself for me.

        The only risk for UK brothers is the Western cultural influence that may infect the women.

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      • Michel in my experience Eastern Bloc women largely reject post modern society. They want to be Mrs Michel and uphold it with honor. They feel their responsibility is you, the children and the house. The vast majority expect they’ll need to add to the household bottom line.

        One story that Mark who owns Dream Connections like to tell is of a local man when he lived in Sacramento who was married to a Russian woman. She was a doctor in Russia and while she had to go back to school and get certified here, she runs the pediatric ward at one of the Kaiser Hospitals in the area.

        She comes home and cooks dinner for the family every single day.

        On top of that, that video of Jeanne Mai echoes how non-Black women feel generally about Black men. This is my experience with Western women as well, they well defer to you as leader in your household.

        The reason why Black women like 12 Gauge Mike out on parole is that they can control him. They know his job prospects are low and he becomes a living dildo for these women.

        I firmly believe that if SYSBM is to succeed as not just an ideology but as true support network for Black men who generally don’t have a network to turn to for help when things go left/pear shaped. I have yet to talk to a non-Black women who hates her ex-husband (unless he was abusive) but sympathize that he has the world’s weight on his shoulders and must succeed in spite of that.

        That is why it’s massively important that home be a sanctuary, a quality stargate will provide that.

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      • File this under learn from my mistakes –

        I had a Polish woman deeply interested in me. However I was not in a good financially position, didn’t care I live with my parents, etc.

        She suggested I start buying wrecked German cars from the auction, rehab them and sell them back to Europeans, especially those in the former Eastern Bloc countries.

        Her idea pre-dated this whole YouTube phenomenon of guys going to public auto auctions and buying not just wrecked German cars but Italian sportscars as well; Rehab them, sell or keep them.

        When I professed to not knowing where to start with that and not having the money to do that, she slowly lost interest.

        She was a museum curator and former competitive show horse jumper for the national team. High Quality Stargate.

        That is why I hit the reset button starting in 2014. How many golden opportunities am I going to let slip through my fingers?

        Black men, go out and get your stargate. You can even be struggling it doesn’t matter your stargate will help you get out of that hole, but you must have a plan or goal that’s reachable. That will increase her faith in you that you can provide for her and your future children in difficult times.

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  11. I don’t understand how any negro can see the amount of filth black women drag around with them and as a result their destruction of literally generation of black society and STILL invite them into their spaces as if they have anything clean, pure and noble to contribute.

    The niggerbitch is there to DESTROY your spaces, period.

    I never heard of the B’nai Brith inviting Nazi war criminals to speak at their functions. Why would these geechees invite black bitches, their literal mortal enemy, into their spaces and expect a positive result unless they are working together to continue feeding black men into the sawmill.

    Black women are not feminine, you cannot be a real man with them, they will fight you for that position. Thirsty Negroes will ALWAYS lose that battle which is why they still deal with them. To slam your face into the filth that is the black bitch is sexually suspect enough for me for this reason. If you deal with black women, your next stop may very well be homosexuality. Woke Progressive looks like a faggot, his “coming out” is no surprise. Aaron Fountain will come out soon. His following is nearly exclusively black bitches. It’s only as a matter of time before that monkey is put in a dress. Other manosphere geecheees are far too obsessed with what other men are doing and what other men have as if they are judging other men through female eyes. Do these shines expect other men to get their money up so they can take THEM out? LOL Why do these Negroes care so much about what other grown men have? Who are they competing with? Who are they competing for? Niggerbitches? Then we have that “high value” shine asking about penis sizes. There are more faggots among black men than we care to admit. How could there not be when most of them were raised by a big, ugly, greasy, white ass kissing, masculine black bitch?

    I do not recognize any females in male spaces, period. I know why they’re there, I know how their brains work. They are there for attention, period. There is no reason for any female to enter male discussions. In the case of the black bitch, they are there also because they wish they were men and intruding into male spaces is part of their fantasy camp. Female “allies” are useless. Especially the ones who hang around in men’s spaces. Who needs the alliance of females? What change can they bring about? If anything they are there to on recon missions to find out ways to get the bag with honey rather than vinegar.

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    • “Do these shines expect other men to get their money up so they can take THEM out? LOL Why do these Negroes care so much about what other grown men have? Who are they competing with? Who are they competing for? Niggerbitches?”

      Yup, get your money up so you can impress and win a woman’s approval, because, let them tell it, you aren’t a man unless you’re wearing high -nd attire, able to go the finest restaurants, and take a “+ 1” to a company-sponsored function.

      I neither agree nor disagree with that notion, because I don’t operate in that space. It is what it is. I’m getting my money up so I can break away from the workplace, and ensure my kid doesn’t have to assume debt to pay for college, or pay a mortgage. I don’t care to get my money up to impress a woman to get between her legs, because that’s the only thing of remote value that she possesses. Besides, most women in my age group (40 – 50) are busted and aren’t worthy to be impressed.

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      • @B A

        Imagine boasting and fighting other men over who gets to be exploited financially by women. LOL

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      • Proverbs 13.22 “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.”

        Honors and success to you and yourr noble attitude.

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    • Black Caesar,

      “here is no reason for any female to enter male discussions. In the case of the black bitch, they are there also because they wish they were men and intruding into male spaces is part of their fantasy camp”

      And when the black scraggle daggle tries to ape male behavior, she can’t make up her mind whether to be Tyrone or Tbone.

      The black scraggle daggle is a degenerate mess. She can’t help but be. Going back and forth between being gassed up by thirsty hard up black simps, and being ghetto gagged by bottom shelf Brads, would make anybody lose their mind and their soul.

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    • Black Caesar,

      The part I’m struggling to understand is how black men who claim that to be heterosexual are running to the defence of either sexually suspect black men or outright flamers. I stated it before and I’ll say it again, I have a strong suspicion that Kevin Samuels’ marriages may have collapsed in part due to his “other” side.

      Woke Progressive has been relentless in his attacks on heterosexual free thinking black men, now we know why, the same black men who are dating out are the same ones he wants to have “relations” with.

      There has been a lot of homosexual talk floating around the Black Manosphere as of recent, I’m just waiting for Obsidian to reveal the homosexual who he feels is fit to lead heterosexual black men though I already have a strong suspicion who the fellow is.

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      • “The part I’m struggling to understand is how black men who claim that to be heterosexual are running to the defence of either sexually suspect black men or outright flamers. ”

        I think you answered your own question. 😂 Those “heterosexual” black men caping for moist black men may be homosexual themselves.

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      • Black Caesar,

        This is what it certainly looks like, what happened to the accused defending themselves? If somebody calls me out as you’ve already seen I’m quite prepared to defend myself and stand on anything that I’ve said, the same it seems cannot be said for certain other individuals though.

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    • Black women will not submit and they tell on themselves in the media constantly.

      Jeanne Mai exposes BW again and their heads explode.

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      • The “S-Word” (submission) is like cancer to these black bitches. Those black hoes’ brickfaces in the Zoom chat said it all, especially the fat one on the upper left corner. They will submit to Bottom Shelf Brad or Malibu’s Most Wanted, though.

        I’m no rap fan but clearly Young Jeezy chose well.

        Submit to your Black Man as a wife, and he’ll buy you a billboard with your name on it. Nobody’s buying any billboards for these black heffas. Hahahaha!

        Another “L” delivered hot & ready™

        My “S-Word” is SYSBM.

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      • “Those black hoes’ brickfaces in the Zoom chat said it all, especially the fat one on the upper left corner.”

        I, too, caught that. I pity blame the black man who foolishly chooses some fat “brick-faced” bitch. He should know better by now.

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    • @Black Ceaser

      Some men let women enter a male space due to the harsh material they are presenting so it does not look like female bashing. IE a tactic to reduce demonetization and and to seem fair and impartial smh (that is what they say I guess). The next are worshipers of women and they disguise there love through esoterocism and ancient occultist belief systems. Some of these systems of worship have feminine goddesses and one must give worship and sacrament to said goddesses . These female gods like Inanna, Venus, Hecate, Minerva, ect. One of the many principles of there belief is chaos and anarchy as they believe in said concepts. They enjoy the drama and the chaos of the dark side and revel in creating disorder. Some have a hustlers mentality and only want money?? so who has the money? WOMEN!!! it is simple math they want money and will throw other brothers under the plane wheels for that. Other men have been raised only by women and have a strictly female perspective and shamming tactics. They have strong feminine energy and behave and think closer to whom they were raised by and respect.

      Now some men have who worship older occultic systems truly believe in said belief I respect that but most are cherry picking what sounds good like confirmation bias. If it fits there belief system they have already established they will take it in even if it is only a partial or bastardized version of the whole thing. Like a Christian believing in god but not Jesus and still worshiping pagan gods ie having a fertility god.

      Then you have men with daughters they love them and want the best for them even at the detriment of there fellow brother. They will sell you a book of bad quality so they can make there daughters happy. They know of the climate legally for marriage and child support and will gladly sell you under the plane wheels to ensure there daughters have a man in bondage. Lastly you have the government agents who are paid to gather intel on said so called black male groups those women and those men are being paid to inform collect data. They have connections to military and government agencies and are on the payroll to monitor and collect information. They often use former criminals also to inform on said sub groups due to them having leverage over the men or women in question these people must obey there masters. They are not doxing you they are given government files handed down to them on you along with profiles. So it is super easy to get information on you if they have direct access to all your records. This is how they know so much about you they have alot of help.

      So these women are brought into your spaces very intentionally some to spy, some to inform on you, some to bring chaos some all the above. Be wary of men who always want to bring women into a male space and give them authority and power over you and other men there goals may ultimately not link up with yours. Take what knowledge the have reject what what is not good.

      One must always think has worshiping women and putting them in a position of authority and supremacy over you so called black men done anything to better your station in life. Or the betterment of the society as a whole if not reject those that do.

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    • I hope this rant proves to you that women need men – NOT the other way round. Begging the real “high value” brothers of means to come volunteer themselves to go clean up is something we DON’T DO.

      Like I said, this “high value” negroid talk is a bunch of pigs flossing over who’s the fattest – before they’re sacrificed in a pool of blood.

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    • Female allies are useless as they will never check their sisters but will preach to the choir around us. They will then change the conversation to talk about ashy, dusty men. After all, she’s offended because she drove by an alleged one at the bus stop on her way to Starbucks.

      BW and their pet simps love to talk about black men but get mad when we respond in kind. It’s funny how we are always told ‘stop judging us on one woman,’ ‘that’s just her,’ etc. Remember it used to be ‘you don’t know her story’ or that it was ‘her truth.’ Yet, they turn a blind eye to aborting black male babies, divesting, mocking women who love black men, berating non-black women as pick mes but these harlots damn near try to be a Section 8 Barbie when a non-black man walks by. Let’s face it; they are scared. Trump is cutting the welfare state and will tackle that higher education bloat so they can’t hang out and study useless fields just to come online all day while drinking stale coffee to talk shit.

      I don’t even speak to black women at random when I see them in public. If I have to deal with one for service such as government, customer service, etc., I’ll code switch and keep it moving. I love the fact my neighborhood I brought in years ago is on the 2nd wave of gentrification. They can’t afford to live over here anymore and slowly moving. New shopping centers are coming, bike paths, paved streets, and more. I’m working on getting two more houses nearby to buy and hold.

      When you have patriarchy, you have clean and safe neighborhoods. We have tons of quality businesses, amenities, and more. When you have matriarchy, you have litter all over the streets, high crime, boarded-up business districts, greasy spoon restaurants, dollar stores, and racist foreigners who yall love to big up, but they serve you through bulletproof glass.

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    • Many of these black manosphere dudes are simply sexually frustrated. Kevin Samuels (I know) is probably the only one getting any action regularly. Obsidian was broke when he came to the scene and used our money to level up. Nothing wrong with that but now that he can afford to trick, he wants to act like he was always a debonaire ladies man. Remember this was the same guy who said, I don’t date, I fuck. Now, he’s talking about all of the high-end places he takes women too. He talks about all of his suits and before he was like fuck self-improvement (and got mad when we called him out on it). Now, he’s all about fellas; we gotta get right for the ladies.

      Many of these dudes are post wall. They bragged about being blue-collar and broke, now they want hot young dimes. Once this shtick fails, they’ll be back on the ‘fuck bitches’ brigade. Admit it, fellas, we were fleeced into funneling money into accounts for tricking, and many of us pulled our dollars and views and went elsewhere.

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      • Who’s we? I have sent Tommy and MBDX money. Verbs is next on my donation list. If we can level up people like Obsidian we can certainly make that money work better for us as a collective

        I don’t give men money who I don’t agree with. I’ve seen enough of Obsidian and Kevin Samuels keep my wallet closed to them.

        Black men have no support network. Who are you going to turn to when you have a grievance in your community?

        In the past is was the church until the Creflo Dollar types started to dominate.

        Inviting women into a man’s space is a no-no in my book. That might make me old-fashioned to Gen Z who value collaboration but I believe the sexes should be allowed to congregate among themselves.

        Guess who supports men having friends, doing things with those friends and you are not required to take your wife along?

        Slavic women

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      • SYSBM Rookie,

        “Now, he’s all about fellas; we gotta get right for the ladies”.

        Get right for WHICH ladies? That’s right, the same women who have been giving upstanding, intelligent, educated black men the middle finger for the longest, the same females who willingly got themselves knocked up, used and rinsed out by Slim Sauce and Spanner Boy, the same women who royalty messed up their lives and who are now longing for a clean up man to fall upon the sword for their transgressions.

        No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. I don’t deal with bust down chicks and I’m most certainly not returning to the proverbial plantation.

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  12. SYSBMers,

    The Woke Progessive’s mindset is highly questionable and he is ultra delusional in his ideas for a 25-year old black man. One YouTuber days ago made a video of him slamming both W.P. and W.P.’s potential dating and mating move. Black dudes like W.P. in black society are way past DONE.


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    • He’s fighting from the side that proudly wears the L on their chests. Lets be honest, these so called woke blacks are weak and getting weaker each year canceling out their genes via homosexuality and inbreeding in the name of black love, funny how nature works. Anyway this young man wouldn’t spout this foolishness on the internet had he did is homework/research and realized the BW was not his ally. I bet a thousand dollars if he had just got some white, latina, etc. juicebox he would: 1. Abandon the woke Titanic and join the SYSBM lifestyle or 2. Continue hustling BW as qweens for money while secretly sleeping with non-black women

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      • Black Tiger,

        Real talk, outside of witchcraft I don’t know why we still have black men who believe that black women are their friends. Pro blackism has become a joke and a laughingstock simply because the focus point of it has now become the black female instead of black people as a whole.

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  13. LOL I was telling yall in 2017 about these suspect negroes….

    Dudes should have been HAPPY there was droves of competition leaving the league, instead of rejoicing they showed CLEARLY they were more concerned about the displacement of many men’s little men.


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  14. I have a pretty simple rule when it comes to dealing with homosexuals (male and female), don’t unless it’s necessary. I have worked with gay dudes in the past and I swear those dudes are messy, two faced, and gossip more than high school girls, and that’s just one of the reasons I don’t deal with them. Something is wrong with them mentally and spiritually.

    Im a fairly muscular guy and I had my wife laughing a while back telling her stories about how I have ignored gays dudes that have tried to flirt and talk to me.

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  15. It’s official now. Every Black man who speaks out against IR dating is a homosexual who just didn’t come out of the closet yet. It’s sick how they pretend to be “red pilled” so they can lure young men who may need advice on women or life and the entire time they are just trying to either A: convince you to be a clean up man for the daggle or B: engage in homosexual activity. All the while constantly begging for donations It’s like the black church but for dudes. The “pastors” are trying to sleep with the members of his flock and he is upset that his “Flock” jumped the fence the first time he made a pass at them.

    We are the only race where the men are more attractive than the women. We cover the entire spectrum of male attractiveness. We have pretty boys like Prince and Michael Jackson on one end and we have extremely masculine men like Denzel Washington or 50 Cent on the other. Other races of men try to shame our masculinity by calling us gorillas but truth be told if you go to the white side of the gender war they are all complaining about how white men and asian men have been completely emasculated. They went from men looking like Brad Pitt and Bruce Lee to “Soy Boys” and fruity K-Pop stars who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Trust me they would love nothing more than to have their masculinity compared to a gorilla,lion,bear, or just about anything resembling strength. The entire world it seems is out to try and emasculate black men the way they did everybody else. Black men are like the borg when it comes to masculinity. When our masculinity is attacked and we see a fallen brother in action (a black man wearing a dress or some other shit) The rest of the collective black male population “adapts” and becomes even more masculine in response to the attack. I believe we have become this way because we have been under attack like this literally as long as our race has existed. And as we can see we are attacked by other black men as well who are secretly gay. Whites and Asians are only recently having their masculinity attacked so they fall prey to it faster. They have dozens of videos talking about grand government conspiracies to emasculate white and asian men.

    Now these types will be coming after the young Tik Tok boys and they will “adapt” as well and the end result will be more “Hyper Toxic Masculinity” lol. It always backfires.

    -ps Straight men do not talk about sucking dick to each other unless one man is retelling a story about how a fine woman sucked his dick. END. OF. STORY.

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    • “We are the only race where the men are more attractive than the women. We cover the entire spectrum of male attractiveness.”
      Yep, high testosterone is great for men but not so great for women.

      “if you go to the white side of the gender war they are all complaining about how white men and asian men have been completely emasculated. They went from men looking like Brad Pitt and Bruce Lee to “Soy Boys” and fruity K-Pop stars who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag.”
      And notice that young BW love those fruity K-pop guys. Dudes literally look like some Asian lesbians.

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    • When I was younger I would always see my Korean Aunty with my great Uncle he married her after the Korean war where he was stationed. He could not bring her back to the states in the South until late 60s until marriage license for interracial couples ban was dropped. My other uncle had a Vietnamese girlfriend for over 30 years before she passed RIP to her. My other cousin married a Jehovah witness Mexican girl who i looked up to as he works as a civil engineer for a Midwest city. So from birth i have had so many of my family ie the men who married women mostly due to being drafted to war. The funny thing is my cousin who is jehovah witness was super black female first until he was turned down at a wedding by a black female who was a fellow engineer my uncle told me he was pissed. A year later he married a Mexican yes a Mexican Jehovah witness, I literally thought Mexicans were only catholic LOL. I never had a issue with brothers hooking up with who ever they were happy with. After seeing so many examples of men in my family happy for 40,30, 20+ years. I am literally the only guy in my entire family not married that is over 70 men I am the The Last of the Mohicans lol

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      • I have experienced the same. I have six male first cousins. One I am not sure of his status but 50% (3 out of 6) are married to non-Black women. They grew up mainly in Kansas as my uncle was stationed with the Air Force.

        All of them are White women.

        The irony is, I have three female first cousins, all are divorced or never married.

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  16. Dick policing is more politics in USA than other nations. But even as an SYSBM conservative, I would still be a threat to both sides of the political spectrum with a white feminine stargate. Especially if I was from the USA, luckily I’m not from the matrix.

    Liberals are against nature for supporting feminism, racism, fascism, socialism, communism, paedophilia and LGBT.

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    • > But even as an SYSBM conservative, I would still be a threat to both sides of the political spectrum with a white feminine stargate.

      I AM a threat to both sides of the political spectrum by default. And to that I say – GOOD! That’s definitive proof that the correct path of SYSBM has been chosen without any deviation or hesitation whatsoever. Accept no substitutes.


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  17. Here’s the hidden reason as to why dudes that are apparently gay are mad that black men are dating black women: because that is THEIR competition!

    Think about it, black gay men and black women are damn near indistinguishable, and you have the same chance of catching detrimental STDs from having sex with either one.

    These dudes are so worried about dingaling because they WANT said dingaling. If black men en masse get with actual feminine women, they sure as hell won’t want 99% of non-mixed black women. If they aren’t used to/no longer accepting the sexual neutrality of black women, it becomes a hell of a lot harder to convince these dudes to sleep with Sweetie Puff and Cotton Ball.

    Black gays are everywhere that black women are because they are the SAME, it’s just that one can get pregnant.

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    • @Afrofuturism

      Identified you have the key strategic point of Proximity or physical distance. Part of the sick enterprise is the nucleus of instruction —- the “neighborhood”. This is where bright youth meet their early grave and are forced to human ritual abuse and subjection to the dark arts of human sorcery. Now although this programming is instilled and reinforced deep into many individuals who are SELECT for such epigenetic, psychological, and spiritual abuse, for many they require continued reinforcement all of their lives for the dark energy to continue to flow through them.

      When these men move away from their local center of darkness they are likely to begin to decontaminate, reforrm, heal, etc. So for many unfortunate men who were sexually abused and ritually feminized in their childhood at the local darkness center and affiliates, the scientific mind should expect certain outcomes and vulnerabilities in those individuals (of both sexes).

      The elephant they speak of is this “black mail” or “black male”. Based on his instructed rearing in many cases they (the dark orders) know he is potentially vulnerable to certain degenerate behaviors based on his earlier conditioning. They make guys like Gilliam, and other example you can think of. They are essentially born into black mail. Now end the end we are all responsible for our adult choices, but this is clearly a genocide against the youth.

      To reach the final point, once these dudes (prey) begin to move away then the breeders and the lusters of them lose their food source, their ability to continue their genetic line. I would also be seriously eyeing the adoption centers at this point as the formerly blackmailed goods begin to depart.

      The sense of urgency would be somewhat high, I would think as sex is fairly important to humans in general. When this so called black man leaves he takes with him the sexual gratification potential for both those males and females were become accustomed to company. (Hard to type, but it has been the state of affairs). Not only that he takes with him their ability to produce new offspring and more importantly FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF SAID OFFSPRING.

      The end result is a exodus of those who have the ability to produce, sustain, build, and please and then those of the dark order will be forced to look to each other for solutions….

      And that is also a point at which history tells us to prepared..[desperate breeding situations sometimes produce groups of humans that operate on a vandalistic level]. There are many other possibilities but I have said enough.

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  18. Hmm, your posts are usually good but I’m not sure about this one.

    The criticism isn’t really fair because he has called out homosexuality and homosexuals before, including Kevin Samuels. So can one deliver themselves from something, demonize it and still be associated with it?
    That’s not really fair.

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    • Couterpoint,

      Who says he’s “delivered” himself? Woke Progressive had up two videos which he’s now taken down, one was in relation to “dealing with struggles”, the other was a livestream panel on the very subject of homosexuality.

      Plus Taz the Curried Goat shows a screenshot of the dude saying that he prefers feminine men(present tense). You can call out a particular lifestyle or behaviour while still being involved in it.

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    • @Counterpoint

      See BA’s comment above.

      I’m sure Bishop Eddie Long preached all day about homosexuality until he was caught sucking the dicks of underage boys.

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      • >I’m sure Bishop Eddie Long preached all day about homosexuality until he was caught sucking the dicks of underage boys.

        For any black man possessing a clergy title, that type of behavior should be considered implied unless definitively proven otherwise.


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  19. Aaron Fountain, thanks to his fucked up mother (yes bitch, I said it–he hates when we say it because he knows it’s true), is on this crusade to advocate for black feminism. These weak men raised by these bitter, angry, masculine, resentful, and obstinate women think they are ‘good men’ in actuality, they are the same men they despise.

    We know black men like him will never open their mouths to criticize black women because they are scared. They were browbeating, yelled at, fussed at, and more. It’s funny how folks want to talk about mommy issues but still, excuse and defend black women but will find any reason to mock and ridicule black men. These males are mad that now thinking black men are leaving and taking their resources with them. Ask yourselves what is Aaron Fountain building? What is Taz building? What is Oshay building? What is Obsidian building? These men all are daggle chasers, daggle lovers. They need the money of a daggle to live off of. Fountain is asking for donations, and we know who will cut the check. Eventually, men like him will be ‘me too’ ed’ in due time, and then he’ll want due process, his side heard, and more. I will say as we said to Terry Crews and Lakeith, welp, stick to the bitter bitches you love and know, they’ll come to your aid, right? Won’t she?

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    • SYSBM Rookie,

      Aaron Fountain’s days have already been numbered; back in March of this year, Man of Tomorrow did a livestream where he addressed the Fake Academic directly and let him know he’s under investigation by the FBI’s Indiana branch for cyber bullying him and publishing his personal information. He also has broken the rules that his university had put in place, so you can imagine he’ll be kicked out once MOT files a lawsuit against his school, and jail is inevitable for the self professed Ph.D. candidate. Simpin ain’t easy!

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      • We warned Fake Academic Fountain about the ramifications of harassing brothers online, especially doxxing a serving military personnel. We tried to warn him and he didn’t listen.

        If them na listen dey mus feel

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      • Well if he goes to jail for this reason that might increase his street credit. This could be the salvation he was seeking.

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      • @BC

        I don’t like to joke about prison like that but I think you “may” have described a win-win scenario for THAT young man. lol.

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  20. Good morning, SYSBM brethren! One really must wonder when it comes to these pro Black, anti-interracial dating pundits like Asleep Regressive 2.Hoe, D Derell AKA Derailed, & the fake academic Aaron Fountain when it comes to them being sexually suspect; anytime a man puts a woman on a pedestal and uplifts her to the deity status, giving her full control over his conscience, it’s inevitable that the man will become weak and effeminate. Sounds an awful lot like these “Black wombman is God” pyramid heads; I won’t be surprised if they start coming out as trans next (given that many of them have these feminine tendencies). Look no further than the Black Lives Fecal Matter Bowel Movement (as Obsidian called them in his freshman days on YouTube), and you’ll see the LGBTQP+ infiltration into the Black consciousness movement. It’s sad that the Negro Manosphere has fallen into this trap, as well.

    Another example of this sexually suspect pro Black maggle is a guy who has a page on IG and Facebook called “Free Speech for a Black Man”; earlier this year, he posted on IG about YouTube removing his video where he came after SYSBM saying the movement is BS because White women can’t save us and used George Floyd as an example. Just this week, he posted a TikTok video where 2 White girls were dancing to a song, and they moved aside for two effeminate Black males who were wearing skirts and crop tops, and he captioned the video “Interracial Sexual Access”; just last night, he posted another one where a Black guy is in a dress dancing with his alleged girlfriend/wife who is pregnant, and if you swipe left on that post, there’s a graphics image that says, “Black Man, I know a lot of us have experienced absolute disrespect from Black Women programmed by White supremacy. Just don’t get with a non Black Woman and disrespect yourself”. Who else do we know who try to insinuate that Black men who date interracially are gay? Yep, the Scraggle Daggle! Oh, and if you were wondering, he does have a Black daughter.

    I’m Blue Collar Trevor, and I’m a proud heterosexual Black man! SYSBM

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      I know exactly who you’re talking about, it seems that I’m going to have to light that fellow up at some stage. The dude doesn’t seem to understand the first two letters for the acronym SYSBM, SAVE YOURSELF. White and other non black females form part of the new building blocks a free thinking black man can use to restructure his life, however first he must pull himself up out of the mire.

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      • Oh, and I forgot to mention that this energy he has to attack BM/WW interracial relationships is non-existent when it comes to Black women doing those “Massa, pick me!” TikTok videos; I don’t think he even has anything regarding DJ Kid or Mike Oliver on his page!

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  21. Sodomite fruit feast? LOL. I needed a good laugh because I had a difficult week man with my Virgin Media fucking up. But fuck Virgin Media and that dress wearing Richard Branson. With all the dick policing with these pro wanks can I ask you a simple question? Are you really surprised of this man coming out as a man who like to get bend over? Hell no. We have Aaron “Bareback” Fountain, Nutward TV, True Semen, The Canadian simp Zone and the scraggle daggles hero Monty Woodgrain dick policing black men with they date outside of their race. I know that S.Y.S.B.M is having a huge field trip with this one because a pro wank who’s defending these scraggly harridans come out as a batty man.

    As a man who has no issues of interracial dating because I wouldn’t mind being in one, when I hear this pro wank comes out as a chi chi man, I was thinking “Bomba claat why this fool is against interracial dating while him a come out a poofty?” So this is no surprise to be that this man come out as a fish. I have no issues a man’s lifestyle but a man can’t be against something while he’s waving the rainbow flag. A man can’t be against interracial relationships/marriage while he’s living a lifestyle which my mum and dad is against. Where the non black women at? Where the Brazilian women at? Gimme a Brazilian? Link me up with a Brazilian S.Y.S.B.M. Yeah man. There are goanna be a lot more pro wanks who will come out as suspect.

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe at all times. I have to go to internet cafe in Willesden Green and upload my article on Money Cultural. In Watford, shit can’t be done. So there is no stopping Money Cultural, straight outta North West London. Yeah, out this fools out man. https://moneycultural.wordpress.com/2020/10/07/you-cant-make-a-hoe-a-housewife/


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    • Is there actually a person called True Semen and Monty Woodgrain? How can anyone be a dick police officer named like that?

      You want a Brazilian girl? You’ve got to live in London.

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      • Thinking about moving back to North West London. Might be hard to live in South London because I have friend there and he’s goanna bother me every day and him saying that I must link him up every day and shit. Man have no time for that

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    • People actually watch these hour(s) long live streams??! I don’t have the patience or desire to even try to watch a half an hour never mind the entire thing.

      Any one who advocates for these people and claim they are woke are some of the most ignorant people around, and should be avoided at all costs. I can have more sensible and intriguing conversations with my six year old nephew.

      As it currently stands, The manosphere needs to be burned to the ground, and left for dead. The second they let these parasites in, it went downhill and they deserve any and all harsh treatment that comes their way.

      Save yourselves, keep to yourselves and whatever circles you may be in as small as possible. We don’t need any Ms fountains or black british guys pretending to be one thing, only to be the polar opposite lurking around these parts 🤢🤢🤮

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      • “People actually watch these hour(s) long live streams??! I don’t have the patience or desire to even try to watch a half an hour never mind the entire thing.

        Any one who advocates for these people and claim they are woke are some of the most ignorant people around, and should be avoided at all costs. I can have more sensible and intriguing conversations with my six year old nephew.”

        lol True! That’s one very strange thing about black youtube — they tend toward very looooong broadcasts. I’ve spotted (not watched) an episode by a black youtuber that was listed as 6 HOURS long. It’s likely that he just accidently left the camera running or something, but even the 1 or 2 or 3-hour broadcasts tend to be a lot coughing, or hmm-hawing, or fixing tech problems, or laughing too long, or rambling on imprecise bullshit that doesn’t actually advance the subject, etc. etc. These guys really need some quality control.

        Otoh — they do have a audience. Personally, I think you have to be a little brain-dead to sit through a lot of those streams. If you have an active, hungry mind, you’re going to lose your patience.

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      • @FDC

        The only channel that I will watch a video exceeding 1 and only 1 hour is Minister Jap. I will never watch a livestream longer than 2 hours. How these geechees can sit around on youtube and flap their gums for 5, 6, 7 sometimes up to 11 hours makes me believe the words of Neely Fuller even more when he talked about prison babble. I bet most of the geechees who do this have been to jail and are used to doing nothing all day but talk.

        I refuse to listen to anyone talk that long.

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  22. I don’t pay any mind to homos (or any of those youtubers named above), but I will say it seems that black culture in general is working overtime these days to make nonblack women taboo in black culture.

    Black females have found out that zaddy isn’t much of an option for them (even Chrystalin Karazin is obviously divorced) and now after decades of killing black relations, burning bridges, and alienating black men, they’re trying to make nonblack women taboo for black men AND make black men taboo among nonblack women. They want black bitches to be our only option. It’s straight disgusting that it seems to be working (on the internet at least).

    The simp, the homo, and their leader, the black bitch, are a treacherous combination.

    Liked by 6 people

    • YesIndeed,

      I keep on saying that very few black men are able to free themselves from the chains and the shackles of the “community”. The hope really lies in the younger generations of black boys and men who are simply choosing to date who they want and cannot be shamed into “keeping it black”.

      As MBD, myself and as few other here have stated in the past, SYSBM is for the few NOT the many as most can’t get their mother’s breast out of their mouth.

      Liked by 5 people

    • Better them than me.

      There is literally nothing that can move me into even looking to a niggerbitch let alone date one. That’s why I keep some pictures of hot non-BW on my phone. To flush the image of ugly from my mind when I am unfortunate enough to have seen one.

      Liked by 6 people

  23. So, with characters like Obsidian saying the Black Manosphere needs a “queer eye” to move forward, Kevin Samuels asking one of his callers about his penis size, and now the dick police detectives like Brokeback Fountain, YouTube therapist Derailed, Taz the Curried Goat, & Joke Progressive (who’s admitted that he’s fiddled with the diddle), the Black Manosphere may very much look like this in the near future:

    Liked by 4 people

    • Hey I recognize that white dude. He that dancer from the movie Step Up 2 and You Got Served. He was on that show call wild n out with Nick Cannon back in the Early 2000s. That dude weird.

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  24. Sigh, catching from both sides. Apparently Bill Burr shared a couple of nuggets on Saturday Night Live last night.

    1) He said LBGT community shouldn’t have a Pride Week. You can just guess how well that went over.

    2) He said White Women have put themselves out in front of the Black Lives Matter movement. You can just guess who pointed that out and what the reaction was.

    Liked by 2 people

    • @dj

      LMAO. Look at some of the replies, they’re fawning over the fact he has a black wife and supposedly dissed white women. It’s almost as if everything we say about the black bitch’s worship of white men and envy of white women is true! 😂

      Liked by 4 people

      • It’s another L for the LGBTQ community and Black women. White women protect Black men and Black Children better than they do. They are too busy aligning themselves with gay rights advocates.

        While Burr is correct about White women’s hypocrisy White women go where the power is…. He’s totally right about how they want Black men but not want to take the social criticism for doing so. As we’ve said around here Gen Z no longer cares about that and has doubled down on black…

        It’s the last lap for Black women in this society. The war is over, there’s nothing left but to clean up the mess.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Reading through that thread, I’m surprised none of them took a swipe at black men. lol Progress!

        Anyway, I watched a Bill Burr routine recently in which he was describing really sexy women and he randomly inserted “Japanese” in the descrip as if he sees japanese women as the epitome of sexiness. …So I doubt that he finds black women the most sexy, in spite of who he might be dating. (The clip I saw might’ve been old though…)

        Whatever. As long as everyone leaves me out of their chaos and complexes, I’m cool.

        Liked by 4 people

      • >It’s another L for the LGBTQ community and Black women.

        Courtesy of L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


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    • White women hijacked the #MeToo movement, as well; on another note, is it really correct to say the BLM movement was hijacked by White women? These are the same women who said they were “burning the cape” and that they wouldn’t march for Black men like George Floyd because his fiancee was a Caucasian female. Black women are being replaced by women who actually give a rat’s testicle about Black men!

      Liked by 4 people

      • Black women are their own worst enemy or better yet they snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by flapping their gums too much.

        Liked by 3 people

    • This is the post to wrap up this article; DC dropped some serious truth bombs here. The fact that Taz the Goat Molester made a livestream in response to Dr. Carroll shows that a hit dog always hollers; there’s an old proverb which goes “you lay down with dogs, you rise with fleas”, and Taz couldn’t shake off the fleas fast enough, and now he’s attempting to do damage control. Also, what’s with these shines saying that they can engage in homosexual behavior, but they’re not gay if they do? These are the types of men who hide their homosexual proclivities behind some hyper masculine, macho attitude; why else would they be coming after SYSBM like they do, using language like “little dick energy”?

      DC had to have been addressing Woke Progressive because he mentioned the guy saying he’s been delivered from this behavior; if that’s true, why bring it up again? Why would you put yourself back in the position to be tempted? Another joke wrote itself with this debacle; whenever these guys dick police SYSBM, we always ask them why don’t they watch gay porn if they’re so concerned about what another man does with his family jewels. It seems that Joke Progressive took that advice a bit…literally. Whoever the Black female is that asked him if he orgasmed when he fiddled with the diddle, I bet she’s super elated to have gotten that confession from him; I believe she will use that against him in the future.

      Please, somebody call 911; David Carroll is about to commit an arson whose aftermath will make the California wildfires look like a little flame kindled in a fireplace! Hollywood screenwriters could never write anything this epic! SYSBM

      Liked by 3 people

      • @BCT

        I think that logic is coming from prison actually. If you take it up the ass or give it up the ass in jail you’re not gay. More prison babble from the multi hour livestream geechee gullah sector of YouTube.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Here’s the truth. White men can engage in questionable behavior sexually and get away without being called Gay.

        The problem in the Black Community is that BW have turned the word Gay into a slur/insult. Notice that the LBGTQ community has said not a word about that, like they don’t notice what happens since this readily happens on social media all the time.

        Because the target of that slur is Black men.

        A Professor at the Univ of Cal – Riverside wrote a book about how White males can post at the very least Bisexual request on Craigslist with things like “I’m not gay but I want to have a partner to jack off with”. I am dead serious, since CL had to take personal ads down because of White women being killed by some White male nut job you have to go to more sexually explicit personal sites/apps to find this kind of content.

        They aren’t called gay even if they engage in things that might cause you to call them just that.

        I got more where that came from –

        There is another book about the real reason why White males rejected Disco back in the 70’s –

        Liked by 2 people

    • So, it looks like Taz can stomach the taste of his own medicine– every chance he gets, he attempts to associate SYSBM, Passport Bros, and the Black Manosphere with pedophilia. But when someone attempts to associate B1 with homosexuality, he throws a fit.

      Liked by 2 people

  25. Here’s one of the quotes from another interview Professor Echols did which is one I was looking for –

    [quote]America rejected disco for all kinds of reasons – its dominance happened at the precise moment when white males felt under attack by feminism, gays and lesbians, and racial and ethnic minorities; disco challenged the ethos of rock naturalism, which elevated spontaneity, ART and “realness.” Disco culture, when articulated in a straight setting, also made some straight, white guys feel as though they were being asked to adopt a decidedly different masculine style – for example, tucked-in shirts and pleated pants rather than tees and jeans, greater attention to grooming, and a willingness to dance. Scary stuff. Really, it was a style that presaged the metrosexual in some ways.[/quote]

    I’ll take it a step further. In talking with my older relatives about this era because I was 8 when Saturday Night Fever hit the movie theaters which Echols and others signaled the end of disco as it was now mainstream and becoming saturated as many mainstream artist started releasing disco style records.

    They often mentioned that (in the Los Angeles area and Bay Area) clubs we’re very much Black only in the early 1970’s now where quite mixed as disco’s popularity started sweeping nightlife around America. Disco was mainly played at Black clubs and Gay clubs. Once again White men because they never had to rely on social skill such as dancing as a way to attract women were now competing with Black and Latino men for that attention from White women.

    This all culminated in that ill-fated 99% White male “Disco Sucks” gathering in Chicago White Sox stadium.

    Now days you have Eminem, Uncle Kracker, Paul Wall, 6×9, Post Malone and others who believe they are just as much apart of the culture as Black people.

    As a DJ i am very much a historian of dance music. White women have been a fixture at metro nightclubs for the last three decades… Even over in Ukraine, the DJ’s was playing mainly R&B and Rap hits of the moment (circa 2007) it was not thundering house music which is what you might expect to find.

    That is not to say that house/trance/techno is not popular, it’s very much omnipresent in Europe in general.

    I’ve had countless White women approach me as the DJ either at the club or at some random house party/birthday party I was doing. We are the symbols of “cool” “smooth” “suave” and “hip”. Just as women are attracted to artist and musicians DJ’s fit that mold too.

    Liked by 2 people

    • “They often mentioned that (in the Los Angeles area and Bay Area) clubs we’re very much Black only in the early 1970’s now where quite mixed as disco’s popularity started sweeping nightlife around America. Disco was mainly played at Black clubs and Gay clubs. Once again White men because they never had to rely on social skill such as dancing as a way to attract women were now competing with Black and Latino men for that attention from White women.”

      Interesting stuff. I wonder if the emergence of punk and metal cultures (angry white male music) at the same time were a consequence of that too.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I’ve often read that Punk is anti-establishment which also means they don’t support discrimination or racism because that is what the establishment uses to divide people.

        Beyond a handful of songs that some might not consider punk (“Cars” by Gary Newman) and commercially successful records like “Rock The Casbah” by the Clash I don’t know many DJ’s that dive much deeper into punk and it really doesn’t interest me.

        I’ve be tracing back Houses roots which go back to uptempo R&B records that came out in the early 70’s that eventually gave birth to disco and house/techno.

        Did you know techno was invented in Detroit, Mi?

        Liked by 1 person

    • The L train is picking up speed, it might rival Japanese Bullet Trains.

      I will never forget those two videos where you had Black women exclaiming they needed their weave. They never go into detail of exactly why they need it but I will assume as Tommy does that they need it to feel attractive as society constantly shows you imagines of White, Asian and Latina women with long hair and are considered attractive. While you only see imagines of Black women in Black enclaves where they have Black hair care products, duh.

      Blacks contend we can’t use “their” hair care products. So we need our own; That’s perfectly okay but then don’t complain when major hair and cosmetic companies don’t feature you on the boxes of their products.

      That’s only part of it which is why Black women get excited and praise other Black women for marrying non-Black men while we get condemnation and ire for doing the exact same thing.

      Tick Tock videos confirm the end is near for the community. A new community will be born out of this and it won’t be dominated by the poor and uneducated like the current Black community is burden by.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Keep your eye on after the election especially after thanksgiving. Black women will try to change the narrative as the economy worsens.

        Liked by 3 people

    • @Robert C

      You think niggerbitches actually care where their pretend white woman hair comes from? The same race of whores who actually dumpster dive for weave? LMAO

      Liked by 1 person

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