Is This Your Queen, Absolutely Disgusting And Disgraceful – Part 13


What is it with black women and feeling the need to either urinate or defecate in public? This isn’t the first video I’ve come across of a black female choosing to relief herself in front of an audience, I remember a few years ago featuring an article with a video of what looked to be a black female crackhead taking a dump of yellow diarrhoea in the corner of a New York subway train.

I also remember featuring another article in which a black witch who was in a some kind of store just decided to pull her pants down and slash on the floor, the video can be seen below:

Remember this recent video below I featured of a black female using a street pole reenacting being at the stripper’s club, everything was going well until she decided to drop a load on the street and then decided to sit on top of it out of embarrassment and act like nothing happened, smh:

There isn’t anybody on this planet who cannot tell me that there isn’t something seriously wrong with black women as a collective. Yes, I’ve come across videos of white women engaging in this same nasty practice, however they at least waited until they thought nobody else was around or looking because they knew what they were going to do was nasty, disgusting, degenerate and outright repugnant.

Remember, these are the same women that you as a heterosexual free thinking black man are expected to converse, reconcile, negotiate and horse trade with. Are these the kinds of women that you wish to deal with, females who at any time will simply pull down their draws and take a slash or a dumb in the street IN FULL VIEW OF THE PUBLIC?

This post pretty much speaks for itself, there is something seriously wrong with black women mentally, however they point blank refuse to seek out the psychological help they desperately need, additionally the situation isn’t helped by the hoards of pro black simps who at the drop of a hat are willing to fall upon the sword for these horrible creature and thus enable them to continue in their dysfunction.

This is what I keep on saying, younger black men are simply walking away from these women in silence in their droves, this is why those who still wish to form a confederacy with black females are forced to appeal to the older Gen X black males and boomers.

As I’ve stated before, all the best to those black men who still choose to deal with these women, remember this is on top of the dysfunctional and unhygienic practice of wearing weaves for months on end in addition to their smelly and contaminated snatches. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Reprobate Harridans Like This

Most High Bless

79 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen, Absolutely Disgusting And Disgraceful – Part 13

  1. Black women like this are vile and totally disgusting. They should never ever procreate and reproduce themselves to unleash such dysfunction onto the earth. They should all have hysterectomies. They should never even have a man. They should be sewn shut.

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  2. SMDH!!!! These black women are just as didgustine some white women out there. I’m supposed to respect something like this. Just most free thinking blackmen I don’t want to be around something like this.
    Like always black women have proven to worthless to any man out there. You done black women and they stay being the whiteman’s whore.
    Blackmen don’t need them.
    SYSBM FOR LIFE!!!!!!

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    • Antonio Johnson,

      But remember, we’re coons and sellout for rejecting women who engage in this kind of uncouth and degenerate behaviour. No problem, just call me Admiral Coon all day, my life, my choice.

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  3. Can’t say I’m shocked by any of this. An animal will always mark its territory 😂. Not to discount your part about white women at least looking around, the “white women do it too” excuse gets no play here. Once again, white women aren’t the ones calling themselves “queens” and using their mothers as a tool to manipulate people into dating/fucking/marrying them. Nor do you see them try and argue against or justify iron clad video evidence of their crap behavior. And while mental illness definitely needs to be addressed more in the black community, I’m not so quick to slap a mental illness label on black women doing stupid shit. Again, they’re supposedly the most educated, queenly, top quality (in their own minds) women on earth, right? Then by that logic, they should be held to that standard without getting a retarded pass. They do this shit because they’re not used to being checked on their garbage and they have a litany of simps just waiting to defend them.

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    • Mister Perfect,

      The lack of shame in black women today is scary, if the witch can just take slash in the streets in front of the public by herself, what’s to stop her from pulling the same stunt when she’s out with a simp? Exactly where is the dignity, respect and decorum in this type of behaviour, as per usual nowhere to found. But remember, we free thinking brothers are the problem because we’re not cosigning the garbage they’re engaged in, smh.

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  4. One day at work, a black woman I knew had an stomach virus and came to work. Well, she had went (number 2) all of my pallet of boxes in my section of the warehouse. It was just me and I had to help clean up her waste. Of course, I used proper safety measure and cleaning supplies and let the manager know what happen. Of course they handled her with kid gloves and gave her every excuse imaginable. Black women are well known for pissing on floors at work, number two in different places and wiping 🧻 their period on bathroom stalls. I witnessed many things that they do and how the mangers be having sex with multiple black women in very different ways. Behind the counter, in the woods, back of the building, ignoring the smell that comes from pussy, ignoring the yeast infection talking about how she came on his dick, no son, cum ain’t supposed to look like blue cheese crumbs that you put on a salad. Ah yes, this is today’s black woman.

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    • Damn, Bob! If some black bitch shit all over my section at work, and it was a choice between keeping my job and cleaning it up, nice knowing you. Give that bitch some rubber gloves, a sponge, a bucket and some 409 and tell her to get to work.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Exactly, why was Robert expected to clean up that black siren’s mess, after all she’s got two hands, let her put them to good use and clean up her own excrement. These heifers stay foul for life.

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    • ……. yeah my appetite is gone for the next decade. And I liked blue cheese!!

      Shittin on the palettes, what the hell? Did she just pull down her pants and leg it slide? They are a disgusting bunch.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      That is absolutely repulsive, what the heck is up with these chicks and their compulsion to urinate and defecate in public spaces in full view of everybody, what’s the problem with simply using a toilet, smh? Disgusting no longer describes the overwhelming majority of black women today, damn, just damn.

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  5. I only watched the first video. I don’t have the stomach to watch the rest, and this is coming from somebody who use to watch Takashi Miike movies from the tender age of 13.

    For the sake of your children make sure they don’t have a Black mom Jesus fucking Christ amen.

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  6. I almost threw up looking at this. That is just straight up nasty. And yet, We been told to our faces to get with that? I swear if anybody (especially a simp) tells me to my face I had to drop my preferences just to get with that, I’m a back hand the shit out of that person. Common sense: If you need to use the bathroom, GO FIND A PLACE THAT HAS A BATHROOM!!! Just how disgusting can the BAW get? The things Black women do in public that just makes them looks weird as hell:
    1) Fighting.
    2) Using the Bathroom in Public being nasty.
    3) Twerking and maybe having sex.
    4) Walking around in public exposing their naked flesh (Trust me, there were a few times in my life I seen a few black chicks walked outside naked like are you asking for some sexual attention or you asking for something?).
    5) Having an attitude, being mean to everybody you see.
    Finish the list if any of you brothas got more if you seen the disgust.

    By the way, I hope you don’t mind, but I made a discord for anyone that uses discord for the SYSBM brothas, and the Passport gate. Discord:

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    • Multiple STD’s, multiple phone numbers that she gives out to different men, lives in questionable black cities, don’t know who got her pregnant or gave her an STD, loves being conniving and not intelligent, plays the victim card so that a simp can save her in exchange for her worn out pussy, strange smell and discharge down there, tells the simp “it’s just my lymph nodes swollen down there, pay it no mind”.

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      • Robert Chavis,

        Spot on. The black simp is every bit as disgusting as the black scraggle daggle. The fact is, in today’s world, there could be no black scraggle daggle without the black simp.

        Any collective of women will rise or sink to the level that is tolerated by their male counterpart. The fact that the black scraggle daggle is so vile and low as a collective, is a testament to the vileness, degeneracy, and lack of standards, of the black simp.

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  7. Damn 5-hour difference.

    These articles always show up during breakfast.

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  8. This shit is so disrespectful smh apparently twerking black whores are the leaders in Black America.
    And check this vid out, the daggles are LOVING this but where she fall short is she doesn’t speak for all non black women and on top of that she is literally sitting there with a Black Man lol And correct me if I’m wrong but Kylie Jenner literally became a billionaire while dating Black Men lol But I don’t expect much logic or truth to come from Twitter. If what she said was true there wouldn’t be one attractive white woman with a Black Man and today it’s more common than ever to see.

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    • So, let me get this straight: Megan the Male Horse thinks she can go on stage dressed like a whore and talk about respect for BW? I’m also not surprised that Tamika D. Mallory would attack Daniel Cameron for his handling of Breonna Taylor’s case; let’s not forget he married a White woman this year (which you know they hate seeing high quality brothers date/marry out). Speaking of White women, this one responded to this simp’s tweet:

      Who needs white supremacy when you’re willing to tear down your own.A woman famous for being trash thinks she’s in a place to trash a black man who graduated top of his class for law and was elected to one of the highest offices in the country. Disgusting.— Breanna Morello 🇺🇸 (@breannamorello) October 4, 2020

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      • Gee, I wonder what could have happened to Daniel Cameron in his young life to make him not give a shit about hood niggas and niggettes? How does the black community usually treat smart, articulate, clean-cut and ambitious college-bound black boys, especially black girls? Why would a clear Talented Tenth grow up to marry a white woman instead of a black queen? Why would a white woman on Twitter in 2020 be the only one to defend the man? Hmmm, I just can’t figure it out.

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      • SYSBM Family,

        Exactly, you already know the deal when it comes to ‘Da Communitah’ and how they treat the best and the brightest black men, they’re mocked, ridiculed, laughed at, rejected and in many cases outright ousted. Daniel Cameron did what he was supposed to do, if it was a scum bucket black male he gave the same verdict for, I still wouldn’t be offended.

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        Nobody hates the black scraggle daggle more than I do. Nobody hates the black simp more than I do. Nobody hates black sellout Uncle Tom Negros more than I do.

        All that being said, I don’t think that people like Candice Owens and David Cameron are my friends. You see, a black person can be a sellout while working for right wing white people and also while working for left wing white people. What you need to ask yourself is this. Does this black person advocate for my best interests as a black man, or does he/she advocate for the interests of somebody who is white and calls themselves a conservative or a liberal ?

        I don’t get it twisted. I don’t think that just because someone calls them self a conservative, they support my best interests as a black man. In the same vein, I don’t think that just because someone calls them self a liberal, they support my best interests as a black man.

        I have known both liberal and conservative white people, who truly despised black men and meant them no good. Now, you will almost never meet a white person who will admit they are racists and who will admit they mean no good to black men. But if you judge them by their actions, not what they say, and if you use critical thinking, you should be able to figure them out.

        I openly admit that I don’t like black women as a collective. But I am not foolish enough to not recognize that a great injustice was done to Breonna Taylor. I am also not foolish enough to not recognize that David Cameron did the bidding of right wing white people in Kentucky. He participated in covering up a great injustice against Breonna Taylor.

        Breonna Taylor is not the type of woman I would date. I personally find black women like Breonna Taylor to be distasteful and repugnant. But at the same time, I recognize that she has the same human rights as anyone else.

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      • @AmericanBlackMan,

        I agree wholeheartedly with you; 2020 was the year I was officially done with conservatives like Candace Owens and others who share her views. Man of Tomorrow has done many livestreams this summer addressing their talking points; also, you never hear Black women like Owens speak up on behalf of Black women like Breonna Taylor or Sandra Bland. As for Daniel Cameron, I found out who he is affiliated with politically (Republicans); I also learned that he lied about what happened on that night when Taylor was shot. He was wrong for helping to cover up the misdeed.

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      • “I don’t get it twisted. I don’t think that just because someone calls them self a conservative, they support my best interests as a black man. In the same vein, I don’t think that just because someone calls them self a liberal, they support my best interests as a black man.”


        I couldn’t agree more. Further, it’s dangerous to adopt the paradigm of Conservatives – Bad, and Liberal – Good, and vice-versa. Observe a person actions.

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      • Blue Collar Trevor,

        “We need to protect black women”, who is responsible for this exactly? I sincerely hope she’s not referring to the same black men that these heifers love trashing every chance they get. I will NOT be protecting scum buckets and trash black females, that’s the job of these brainwashed simps.

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      • @Verbs,

        This is the reason why the Male Horse included that sound bite of Tamika Mallory talking about Daniel Cameron; it implied that this Black male elected official didn’t do his job in getting justice for Breonna Taylor. Simply put, Black men don’t protect Black women.

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    • Oh, as for that White chick who doesn’t think getting attention from a Black guy gives her or her friends status, I would have to ask her the following questions:
      (1) what kind of Black men are she and her firends surrounded by?
      (2) What kind of women would she describe herself and her friends to be?
      (3) What is her immediate environment’s response to interracial dating?
      (4) What do we make of these TikTok videos where young White girls show off their Black boyfriends and husbands?

      And the straggs are loving this? What we have here is “Tiffany Jolene 2.0”; I’m just waiting to see if this washed up Becky will get a book deal like Tiffany Jolene supposedly received. Also, could this White woman possibly have Black females as friends? SYSBM Tenet #22 says to avoid White and Non Black women who do as this would leave them contaminated and no different from the scraggle daggle. SYSBM

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      • @Blue Collar Trevor

        She’s one of those ghetto white chicks that grew up in the hood, I urge brothas to stay FAR away from those. They are just pale daggles with real hair.

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    • Illmatic826,

      The woman is supposed to take a back seat behind the man to begin with, she is the help meet not the help equal. Any woman who gets with a man automatically looking for or expecting so called ‘status’ is most likely to become a huge problem and a nuisance in the future as that ‘status’ will fuel her ego(Jezebel). The man is above the woman by default, I’m not looking for a chick who’s looking for status.

      Additionally, these black harridans can jump on that video clip all the want, this doesn’t help their case in the slightest, black men(in the US) are still dating out at 3-4 times the rate of them and black women still remain the least desired females on the planet. I really have to laugh at how black women look upon what this chick is saying and think that it will somehow change the interracial dating market for black men for the worst, it won’t, the opposite is happening and will continue to expand.

      SYSBM is here to stay and there isn’t anything Captain Snowy nor his black female flunky can do to change it. As for the first video, typical black female action, can we expect anything better from these women, NO.

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      • I call those women “status jackers” lol and you are absolutely correct, that 1 chick isn’t gonna change the narrative of millions of brothas expanding their options with higher quality women. And these Black weave rats are only proving our point, they will side with ANYBODY against the Black Man including their arch nemesis Becky lol Black Women can dick eat that post all they want but what they don’t realize is twitter is simply a microcosm of the real world AND Black Women as a whole are still the least desirable and the MOST obese. I guess people with no options will naturally hate on those that do have options, Black Women have been jealous of Black Men every since the very beginning and I’m talking about since BEFORE slavery.

        No matter what they do or say they can’t stop the SYSBM train, it’s picked up too much momentum now. And now that I think about it even more that white chick is full of shit because I have seen white boys with PLENTY of unattractive women of ALL races but mostly with their own and the few daggles they date. Not to call that chick a model or anything but she will definitely get some action from the average white boy but she herself CHOOSES to still deal exclusively with Black Men despite saying some dumb shit like that. But we are expecting logic from illogical people and the least logical of them all… the scraggle daggle lol #SYSBM

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  9. The only demographic group of women that should take the covid vaccine to be sterilised are black females.

    I saw a Netflix film named “The Last Tree” based in UK. The story is a black guy that was raised by a white foster grandmother. He was actually doing better in life until his biological Nigerian mum wanted him back. This is when everything goes downhill. His single black mum sent him to a bad school where a lot of teenage kids end up in jail. He gets involved in illegal activity, he touches a black female and failing in school.

    This spoiler is a perfect example of why black females worldwide shouldn’t have kids at all. The chances of them becoming single mothers is 99% higher than non black women combined. I’ve never touched them. I’ll never touch them. I’ve always been with white women and will always love them. I’ll love my future white feminine stargate even more.

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    • Witwijf,

      I completely agree, everything these sirens touch is destroyed including black boys. Whoever wrote the script for that film knows exactly what the score is when it comes down to the unproductive hand of the modern day black female. Single black mother, that says it’s all really, what good ever comes from them?

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  10. So the next time someone complains about not being accurately represented in the media, the most likely outcome should be affirmative action on all commercials featuring black women.

    Their running order : Number One and Number Two. Possibly a Number Three to help with the flow……

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  11. Alright, this is nothing new with black women. To be honest guys, black women has been doing this for years now so to be honest to the SYSBM crew. Right, two things happened in North West London. It was 1995 and I was walking home from with a fat girl I knew since childhood. It was pissing with rain. Me and her walk down Cobbold Road. She says to me wait here and she went in this warehouse. I was wondering why she told me to wait outside. I went in the warehouse and I saw her pissing so yeah, that was the reason. And she didn’t see me.

    And it was in 2011 and I was down St. Mary’s Road in Harlesden during the evening time. I saw this black chick pissing on the side of the road. And she was apologising to me and so on. So these types of things do happen. And they “say that white women do it too” but a lot of black women do piss and shit in the streets but they do they other dysfunctional shit as well. I saw the videos and all of them are very disturbing, especially with the harridan pissing on the store floor and what made it worse, the bitch approach the man who was recording and ask him for money. I went mad as said “She has the fucking nerve!”

    And these simps are telling us that we should marry these women? And these women have children as well. These are telling us to wife them up and thinking black men are seeing what these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are doing. And this is not normal but in the so called black community it’s the norm. You see we have black women having bad attitudes, wearing weave, skin bleaching, chasing thug dick, fighting in public, fighting for a worthless man, being single mothers, look the list is big but add pissing and shit in the streets on the list as well.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe. These scraggle daggle harridans ain’t worth the time. They ain’t even worth romancing. How can any man with a right state of mine be with women like this? They belong to the street!


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    • Truly demonic behavior, only fit for the deepest depths of hell.

      I’ll tell you this:

      Yes white women piss on the streets.
      They happen to be a few trashy tarts on a Saturday night bar hopping, making a nuisance of themselves, waiting for the bathroom.

      However no white woman, whilst sober and with a functioning brain will ever do it in full view of the public.

      Reason? They have class.

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      • Michel,

        Only a mentally deranged fool or a simp with absolutely no self esteem no self confidence would still choose to deal with a group of women who are clearly not right in their heads. How can any man who values himself even think about forming a union with such women? Black women label themselves as “queens”, however their behaviour is so far away from queenly.

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    • I was wondering where this took place. Then, I read the summary. Had this occurred in Los Angeles, instead of Houston, I suspect the outcome would have been very different.

      That was totally unnecessary.

      This is yet another “incident” that contributes to the tension between blacks and other ethnic groups. The bitches didn’t have enough awareness and restraint to not expose children to violence.

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    • Gryphon,

      I wish a black witch would do that to me, understanding just how evil they are the last thing the siren would’ve remembered would have been putting her hands on the table. Shepherd’s son was right, black girls are mean to the core, evil creatures straight from the devil’s pit.

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  12. Disgusting, Disgraceful, Uncouth.

    When I was growing up, it was only males who pissed outside; even then, we’d make sure there weren’t large crowds of people around like in the first video. Black women have really become masculine to the point where they’d pee outside like men or inside of a store; regarding the chick in that second video, one look in her eyes and you see that NOBODY IS HOME, not to mention how she seemed very “kiddish” in her demeanor (BW are like grown children). I refuse to watch that third video again; that video ruined my whole morning the last time you posted it. Find you a quality stargate who is potty trained. SYSBM

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  13. What’s funny is delusional BW would come to Slaying Evil and conclude that WE’RE the problem. NOT the hoes out there pissing and shitting in public. These black bitches are a disease, and SYSBM is the cure.

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  14. Are we really surprised when this is the same group that gave us THIS classic:

    What did I say about natural processes being disgusting as hell when applied to them? These chicks probably paint the town red, LITERALLY, by smearing period blood everywhere they want to.

    Notice how ugly these chicks were. They’re icky, carry themselves in a foul way, and engage in the lowest acts imaginable. But it’s WAYCISM that’s ruined their reputation, amiright?

    What’s next, shitty ass pussy? Pissy ass pussy? Again, we have to compare the BLACK QUEEN to the Indian man. The Indian garlic scented low testosterone, embarrassingly built “male” is known for shitting on the street, being filthy and disgusting, trying to screw everything and in general ONLY being dated by their opposite sex counterparts, who they many times have to force and guilt into dating them.

    Next week their will videos of them throwing up on people as a joke while twerking, I’m sure.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      But we’re coons, Uncle Toms and sellouts according to the B1 squads because we point blank refuse to accept these below degenerate, gutter behaviours. As I keep on saying, all the best to those black men who still wish to deal with these women, they’re going to need it. I’m just waiting for the next disgusting and revolting act black women are engaging in to get dropped into my inbox or for somebody to alert me to it, it’s only a matter of time, not if but when.

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    • Autodidact,

      Yes sir, the black woman’s haughtiness and arrogance is about to be brought down to the ground with a mighty thud that will be heard and felt around the world. These chicks have no clue what is coming for them.

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  15. No other rich niggas wanted her so she went back to her cheating ass wigger massa lol I’m glad no rich Black Man went after this ran through harpy. The wall of silence is UNDEFEATED and once again Black Women prove that they are INDEED the weakest link and will tolerate ANYTHING for the right price. But these same women will call Black Men “weak” for wanting a Non Black Woman and will say that we only wanna get with them because they are “easy” and will “take our shit” lol and meanwhile look at what they are doing.. being easy and taking shit. I have realized that all of the shit they say about us are basically them telling on themselves. And you better believe she’ll get knocked up now and take him to court.

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    • As I see with hypergamy & knowing Black Women, she knew this is the best she can get. If you would see text messages, you would probably see that she was probably literally begging to get back with him. Black women don’t break up with White Men. She’s just with him for the bragging rights, lifestyle, social status, envy, and approval of other Black Women. And dudes a fool. With the status & lifestyle, this is the best you can do?!? A darkie harpy that probably comes from a raggedy culture and mediocre substandard?

      Trust as I say he will eventually leave her. She will accept being the “main chick” (if she believes that) and the rendezvous that come along with it. The end game for her is to get a bi-racial offspring with child & possible spousal support. Black women don’t love anyone but themselves. Usually, Black women & White men pairings are not of understanding, love, compassion, unity, and/or common interest. Its usually usurous, transactional, fetishization, artificial, and rather deceptive. It comes from both parties as both are using each other to fulfill an ego boost & artificial need.

      All these BW/WM – IR relationships usually also have another thing in common (like most IR relationships with White Men). Usually, the White male is dating down and using the Black woman as a tool. Most Black Women aren’t even good helpmates either. Even if he is a “Bottom-Shelf-Bradley”. Although this is not the case in terms of physical attractiveness, this particular pairing does not fair well for him. VERY FEW High Tier non-black men deal with Black Women beyond a physical fetish and instant gratification.

      I believe he’s just fulfilling a physical-biological need as many aren’t as active during COVID. Wait 4-8 months from now. She will be on social media deleting pictures & fabricating stories like many butt-hurt swirlers that have been down that avenue before.

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      • @Ryan

        I tried to log back in to respond and accidently made another profile lol But you are absolutely correct. And that white boy just showed how big of a simp and cuck he was by taking her back. He basically allowed her to go out and test the market (most likely got fucked by some nigga) and come back, that should let you know everything you need to know about him lol And on the flip side he only wants her for the image that she will give him as the “cool wigger with a bad black bitch” and she will get the image as the “black bitch with a rich white man that other nigger bitches want” these kinds of relationships are like the others you see on IG, they are simply for show and wont last long.

        And if that wigger is smart he won’t get that hoodrat pregnant. He just signed a 5 year 50+ million extension in August and now all of a sudden she’s back in town?? lol yeah iight. This “relationship” wont end pretty and you heard it here first. She went out and tested her value on the open market and the successful brothas didn’t want her for anything else outside of pussy and she went back to the white lame for financial security. She will get him to marry her and put a baby in her and she will take his stupid ass to court for a messy breakup and divorce.

        But she shouldn’t worry because it’s always a pro black simp out there with resources that will take care of her and her half breed kid/kids once the white boy is gone. I’m hoping I’m wrong about this situation but I have seen this story play out too many times JUST like this. So far the brothas kept her at bay and didn’t want anything to do with her after Mr. Clean (as the brother Kid Organic say) dumped her, and hopefully it stays that way. No self respecting Black Man should want the white mans leftovers, who wants a Black bitch touching or kissing them with the same hands and mouth she jacked and sucked a white mans dick off with??

        This is YET another saga in the odd lives of swirlers, stay clear of it brothers and let that ship continue to sink on it’s own and don’t save ANYBODY that was aboard it. #SYSBM

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