They Never Tell the Full Story – Let’s Dig A Little Deeper


Yet you’ve got no problem disrespecting yourself by wearing the hair of other races of women upon your head, smh. So, let me get this straight, young black boys are openly advertising their preference for white girls over black girls and the black female in the video complaining about this is openly advertising that she and most other black women like her prefer to stitch/glue the hair of white and other non black women onto their heads.

I said this before, black women via their own actions are declaring white and other non black females to be the gold standard, putting white women’s hair on your head, what did you expect young black boys to do? What group of free thinking black boys on this planet are going to deal with a group of women who are trying their hardest to look like white girls when they can simply just go and deal with an original white girl from the beginning?

I don’t know if black women have realised that they are the only group of females in the world who hate the way they look and are trying their utmost to escape their own nationality and heritage via the ritual and religious wearing of weaves/wigs, the bleaching of the skin as well as the use of blue/green/grey/hazel contact lenses, please point me towards white and other non black females who are physically trying to look like black women, I’ll wait.

When I walk the streets of London on the daily I clearly observe Becky and Julie looking like their original selves, Patel looking like her original self, Gita looking like her original self, Kanako looking like her original self, Katomi looking like her original self, Ling looks like her original self, Mei looking like her original self, Shazi looks like her original self, Paola looks like her original self, Catalina looking like her original self, Samira looks like her original self, Fatima looking like her original self, Jun looking like her original self, Kim looking like her original self etc, meanwhile when observing these modern day black females, who are they trying their hardest to emulate, it’s a no brainer:

There’s also another aspect to this black boy/white girl rapidly growing trend I want to briefly talk about that black women always seem to conveniently omit from the equation and that is TREATMENT. Yes, white and other non black girls and women treat black boys and men far better than black girls and black women do, this is a fact. Let’s begin from the household, this is the typical life of a young black boy from day to day:

Contrary to the oft repeated lies that regularly spew forth from the mouths of these deceitful black harriets, the most vulnerable and unprotected individuals in black society are BLACK CHILDREN both inside of the womb as well as without. The main reason why black women resent black children being the focus of attention is because most people would then ask the next logical question, who are the primary culprits putting these black children’s lives in danger, to which the weight of culpability would immediately be placed directly at the black witch’s feet.

The number one enemy of the black child is the black woman, this has been the case for the longest while and is something that I talked about extensively in my book Negro Wars. Just ask the fake academic Aaron Fountain Jr, even though he’s extremely reluctant to discuss the matter, he was treated like absolute garbage by his degenerate of a mother, however instead of dealing with the deep trauma in order to overcome the profound psychological damage, he like most black men has instead chosen to defend black female dysfunction as well as attempt to ridicule, make a mockery and a laughingstock out of those who are courageous enough to call black women out on their outlandish and ritualistic barbarism, dysfunctional behaviour and reprobate activities in general.

Typically a young black boy’s first experience of foul treatment at the hands of black women is via his mother, this also extends out to other black female family members as well as other black female associates around him. Mind you, we haven’t even introduced the sexual abuse element which is an all too common phenomenon occurring in too many single black mother households, filthy, reprobate incestuous activities that black women as a collective are desperately trying to sweep under an incredibly dusty rug. Black women as a collective just like Admiral Blizzard love “fiddling” around with children.

Can we then be surprised at young black boys getting into pre school, high school, college and university, for once in their lives actually experiencing being treated like decent human beings, being shown love, appreciation, kindness, softness, politeness, femininity etc from White, Asian, Indian, Latina young girls, it would be inevitable that many black boys would gravitate towards the more pleasant females as opposed to “keeping it real” ie sticking with the DEVIL they know:

These young black girls who complain about the alleged “bashing of black women” are the same ones who have been engaging in the berating and disparagement of young black boys at every opportunity presented from the beginning, after all, aren’t these the same black girls/women calling black boys/men “niggers” every 2 minutes? Additionally, aren’t these the same black females all over social media begging to be enslaved by white men?

When I was growing up I remember by and large being treated horribly by most black girls/women I encountered, however the complete opposite was true whenever I came into contact with white and other non black females. The bottom line is black boys are NOT going to be dictated to by angry and bitter weave wearing dark sirens who via their own hands have completely trashed their own value in the dating and mating market.

The new trend for the younger black male generations is dating whomever they want to date and there is nothing black women and their pro black female simp stooges can do to change the tide. The core foundation of SYSBM is freedom of choice and freedom of movement for the heterosexual free thinking black man and these younger bucks are stepping up and showing many of these sellout elder Generation X black men how things ought to be done.

Finally, let me once again clear up a misconception that I’ve already dealt with several times before, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BLACK MALE SWIRLER. The high priestess of Swirl Mountain one Miss Christelyn Karazin was the very individual who invented the term “swirling” alongside her accompanying co-authored book of the same title which specifically relates to the various obstacles and challenges of BLACK WOMEN DATING OUTSIDE THEIR RACE.

She did NOT apply the term to black men which is why I have to laugh at these knucklehead black females as well as many of these anti SYSBM mud swillers frequently attempting to throw the term swirling upon the heads of black men, black men DO NOT SWIRL, we simply date out/date interracial.

This is typical coming from a rotten corpse of a community which is upside down and completely in the toilet, many black folks especially black women honestly believe that they can redefine terms from their original intent and use. Swirling as per the edicts of Karazin herself only applies to black women, the term is NOT applicable to black men.

I personally blame the Black Witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G for initiating the trend of misappropriating swirling and using it well outside of its original and correct context. Of course you have dozy black men with no brain cells to rub together who as per the matriarchal order and protocols are following this woman’s lead. G is out here looking like One Punch Man with her barren wasteland of a scalp completely devoid of any hair, but still wants to fix her mouth to talk cash greazy about black men, smh.

I find it amazing how black women as a collective have so much fire in their chests to rail against black men yet they don’t have the same combustion for rocking their natural hair, losing weight, eating healthy and cleaning up their already in the gutter image and reputation. As I’ve stated before, black women are for the sewers, the streets are too good of an option to give them. #SYSBM

Black men are seriously powering up, I’m glad to be imparting what knowledge I have to the younger generations as well as other like minded individuals, the daggles know this and are desperately running around like headless chickens attempting to herd free thinking brothers back onto the proverbial plantation in order to maintain relevance to their white lord and saviour Lord Cooler, however it’s too late:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM, The Only Viable And Sensible Path For The Free Thinking Black Man

Most High Bless

120 thoughts on “They Never Tell the Full Story – Let’s Dig A Little Deeper

  1. I actually agree with the BW in the first video, IMO dudes need to quit with those tik tok videos and just quietly date out like good BM have been doing. A lot of the tik tok videos like the ones she is talking about are likely made by young BM who are looking for attention or trying to stir up controversy for attention, I don’t get the point otherwise, just ignore BW when it comes to dating and SYSBM.
    “These young black girls who complain about the alleged “bashing of black women” are the same ones who have been engaging in the berating and disparagement of young black boys at every opportunity presented from the beginning, after all, aren’t these the same black girls/women calling black boys/men “niggers” every 2 minutes?”

    Also, I don’t think that a lot of these younger BW understand that the Black “Gender Wars” began decades ago and was started by BW, even Kevin Samuels point this out saying that BW had basically a 30 year head start in attacking BM in the media and BM were just now beginning to respond. I think that young BW believe this push back from BM came from nowhere, older BW know where it comes from but play dumb about it.
    “When I was growing up I remember by and large being treated horribly by most black girls/women I encountered, however the complete opposite was true whenever I came into contact with white and other non black females.”

    Same for me growing up in the US.

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    • James SYSBM,

      Remember, these are teenagers, this type of behaviour is to be expected from them, elder black men I can agree just need to make their moves in the shadows. To be honest it wouldn’t make a difference if either young black boys or black men approached interracial dating from a silent perspective because black women and their pro black simp flunkies would simply resort to harassing these guys in public on a larger scale, we’ve seen this happen before, remember the fruity dude who went after the interracial couple who were eating in a black owned restaurant?

      Black men can’t win no matter what they do, remember the dude who had to check a black witch in Walmart for being disrespectful to his wife because she was white:

      We’ve already seen video of non black women being harassed and physically assaulted in the streets by black female feral hogs simply for being the type of women many more black men are flocking to:

      As I’ve stated many times before, as black women get relegated further and further into obscurity, they’ll resort to more desperate measures. They aren’t about to allow heterosexual free thinking black men to walk off into the sunset with their non black female significant others without causing some sort of disruption.

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      • Verbs2015,

        Love the videos. These young black men need to know there is much more to life than the scraggle daggle. Us black men with maturity already know this. But we need to expose young black men to the world beyond the scraggle daggle. When travel opens up next year, I’m taking my son on a trip, just him and me. I’m thinking Cape Verde, partially because I want to check it out myself. But it will also be a good experience for him.

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      • Verbs2015,

        The videos with the brothers enjoying good stargates were inspiring. The videos with the brainwashed brothers hating are just sad. Now I can understand the daggles hating, because black men waking up to nonblack women, threatens their ‘exalted’ status. But when I see black men hating on this, I’m reminded just how effective their brainwashing has been.

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      • In that third video, you notice the first thing they go for on the Asian chick is her long hair. The jealousy is close to the surface with those black street urchins. Abandon ship, Black Man. Like Verbs says, they ain’t even for the streets, they for the sewers like the Morlocks.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        As much as it pains me to do it, digging into the dysfunctional actions as well as the malevolent thoughts of the black female has actually sanctified me it that I’m always reminded just how wicked and evil most black women are, their wickedness know no bounds especially when it comes down to inflicting pain, misery and suffering upon black men.

        Like I said before, these sirens are NOT about to allow us to walk off into the sunset with our non black female companions without bringing some sort of disruption, chaos and war to our doorsteps, free thinking black men must always be on guard and be ready.

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      • It’s one thing for the she-monkeys to do this as they are naturally jealous of non-black women because they look far better, cleaner and don’t have to buy their hair, but for black males to do this is borderline homosexual. Those are the simps which uphold the niggerbitch which uphold white supremacy. The sheboon is going to need more than her army of simp overseers to get me back onto the plantation.

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    • James SYSBM,

      Mature black men realize that their business is their business and nobody else’s. A mature man conducts his business in private. Now I don’t advocate living in fear and hiding in the shadows. But I don’t seek out controversy either. But when somebody tries to tread on your rights, or your woman’s rights, you have to be ready to drop the boom on them.

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      • ABM,

        What you’ve mentioned here about black women attempting to trample upon the rights of free thinking brothers swung it for me, if black women actually left black men alone to just get on with it then there would be no need for trumpet blowing, however they don’t and so a much more brazen approach and declaration is needed.

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      • Agreed. What I see from a lot of these young BM tik tok videos reminds me too much of what I see from BW making videos confessing their love for non-BM, it makes them look desperate and attention hungry. This desperation is necessary for BW, but unnecessary for BM. Young BM don’t have to advertise their preferences to get non-Black attention, BW do, BW have to go to the extreme just to get people to notice them beyond sex.
        The only reason I could see for these young men making some of these videos is to piss off BW. Personally I think that is unnecessary, BW are defeated in the gender war and slowly sinking into the social underclass, their judgment is upon them. The only thing necessary now IMO is the Wall of Silence and the occasional rebuttal of their BS lies about BM, which unfortunately keeps us engaged with them on that level but is sadly necessary. We are BWs only option (an option that is shrinking quickly) so unfortunately they will never completely leave us alone.

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      • @Ã𝖒𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖓𝕭𝖑𝖆𝖈𝕶𝕸𝖆𝖓 𝖆𝖘 𝖉𝖗 𝕶𝖎𝖗𝖎 𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖇𝖑𝖆𝖈𝕶 𝖒𝖆𝖓 𝖎𝖘 𝖆 𝖘𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖔𝖇𝖎

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    • @James SYSBM

      Nope, I totally disagree‼

      Who the hell are these black whores to dictate to someone what to post on their account, if the weave wearing WHORES don’t like it, so what, fuck them‼

      Why didn’t keep her opinion to herself, no one asked for it.

      Yet another example of them attempting to tell us who and what we should be attracted to , who we should marry, what we should spend our time and money on, and what we should post on TikTok and YouTube.

      They don’t have a problem posting the same types of videos on their accounts.

      I don’t see anyone telling Sharkesha to keep it to herself when she’s on every social media platform available telling black whores they need to date FrankenFrost.

      I don’t see anyone telling black whores to keep it to themselves when say black men are “sex traffickers”.

      I don’t see anyone telling black whores to keep it to themselves when they say “all the good black men are in jail, gay or on drugs”.

      Hell NO, the reason why the Wookie Weave Wearing Warriors are so pissed is that they know their reputations are WHALE shit low and they’re at the bottom of the dating barrel…WHERE THEY BELONG AND WILL REMAIN.

      And I want you to understand that I’m on TikTok EVERYDAY, that’s how I’m able to send MBD so many videos.

      There are absolutely no videos of black men/boys bitching, complaining, crying and moaning about the videos the Wookie Weave Wearing Warriors make professing their love for FrankenFrost.

      And why is that?

      It’s simple, we don’t have to because everyone on TikTok knows that White women/girls LOVE LOVE LOVE Black Men/boys and the Wookie Weave Wearing Warriors have to plead and beg for someone to show them just the smallest bit of attention.

      So NO… black boys need to keep doing what they’re doing on TikTok and keep professiong their love for WHITE, ASIAN and LATINA women because the WOOKIE WEAVE WEARING WARRIORS don’t own us.

      And finally, I wont lie, I get soooooo much PLEASURE out of watching these black whores get white hot angry when they see those types of videos.

      This is the by product of 4 decades of “niggas ain’t shit” Media…vengeance is best served…COLD🥶

      #KeepThem Mad

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      • ˆˆˆ100% this. Let them young men flex. It’s their time. Too many people want you to hide your light under a bushel to make their loser asses feel better, especially Deacon Frost and black hoes who get hotter than fish grease when a black man outshines them. I’m like #TeamWhiteGirls and DarthAmon, fuck that. Make that lay-up and jam the ball in their faces. Do that endzone dance, fuck ’em.

        “This is the by product of 4 decades of “niggas ain’t shit” Media…vengeance is best served…COLD🥶”

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      • Said better than anyone.

        Remember the likes of Jenny Jones, Geraldo, Ricki Lake, Oprah, Montel, Maury, Trisha, Vanessa, Esther Rantzen, Donahue and Jerry Springer giving black women free and unfettered access for 40 years telling the WORLD (not just the US) how:

        “nighas ain’t shit”,
        “nighas are deadbeats”,
        “nighas don’t take care of they keeds”,
        “dey is strong and independent and dey don’t need no man”.

        You can add the 6pm nightly news in your area with black men depicted as muggers, thieves and rapists, Hollywood movies where the same is routinely shown. Hell, go back all the way to the Klan-vertorial original feature film “Birth of A Nation”

        Black men were powerless and voiceless to counter the heavy mind wash global propaganda machine – that was, until the internet opened up.

        It’s been damn time to even up the score and get the truth out there about who we are. TikTok is doing fine, in fact better for the publicity.

        Young black men, keep dating out and doing you. We set the path back in the day, they’ll take full advantage of it themselves.

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    • I disagree why in the hell should any free man basically hide his woman?

      Would you have them fear such whores?

      I’m glad they make videos happy with their gfs. I encourage them to make even more! Plus other groups of women and other communities see them it’s basically good PR. As opposed to the usual black man are the boogeyman bullshit

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      • I wouldn’t have them hide their preferences or fear anything, however making videos professing their love for WW makes them look just as desperate as the BW who have been making videos talking about how much they love WM and AM. BW have to do things like that, no one pays attention to them or wants them, BM don’t.

        If we are going to be honest young BM flooding that app with videos about how much they love WW doesn’t look much different from how BW have tried to flood YouTube with videos of them and non-BM. It’s kind of pathetic imo. And once again in the case of BM, completely unnecessary.

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      • James SYSBM,

        I would’ve agreed that these young black boys seem desperate if there wasn’t any reciprocation coming from the other side, don’t forget that we have white girls/white women doing the same thing, making Tik Tok videos expressing their love and appreciation for black boys/black men.

        What do we say now, that white girls/white women are desperate even though they are the most desired females on the planet? Such a conclusion wouldn’t make any sense.

        Black women creating videos appealing to white men is very different because they are NOT receiving the same amount of love from Colonel Cream, in fact he’s not really showing them any love at all.

        If black boys were out here making Tik Tok videos with little to no response from white girls then I would agree that this equates to desperation, however this is clearly not the case, white women are showing an equal amount of interest in black men.

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  2. TikTok is saved!!!

    Captain Lager Shave was banking hard on the app being banned by Trump to save his age-old crumbling narrative of the “dangerous black savage”. Especially when Admiral Icebank increasingly seems to prefer interfering with infants…

    Expect even more declarations by Gen Z boys to move straight to the snowbunnies with zero cares. Every video made demolishes the narrative and crushes the spirit of the Daggle.

    The treatment is the number one consideration when black boys date out, I remember visiting a white family as a kid, and the respect and care the parents showed us was the main reason I wanted to be adopted. Black women treat their children like a burden, are angry that they aren’t fully formed adults already and I suspect other races of families know this.

    My first girlfriend was blonde, subsequent female friends were white, South Asian, Mediterranean and Persian. They’re the ones that see me as attractive, which continues to be fine by me.

    The world’s women wants and desires black boys and black men. We’ve always been a hot commodity, now with TikTok, sports, entertainment and the others kiddyfiddling and jealousy it will only get bigger.

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    • Michel,

      Real talk, I can count on only one finger a black female who told me I was attractive, in the overwhelming majority of circumstances the women who told me that I was handsome were mixed and non black women. Black women seeing a handsome heterosexual black man and will typically move in to cut the dude down, break his self confidence as well as lower his self esteem, they don’t want him to shine at all, I experienced this many times with black females growing up.

      As you said and I talked about in the article, TREATMENT is the number one reason why more black men are choosing to abandon feral hog black females in favour of dealing with non black women instead. Black women as a collective are just mean and evil spirited individuals, more black men choosing NOT to be around them is simply the resulting fallout of this.


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    • “Expect even more declarations by Gen Z boys to move straight to the snowbunnies with zero cares.”

      I was at the barber a while back and while in the chair my barber was talking to a young BM who is in High School at a mostly white private school about who he dates, he said that he mostly talks to the white girls. My barber was like yeah ain’t nothing wrong with that, then he looked at me and I agreed. lol
      My barber went thorough a bad first marriage to a Black single mother, he divorced her and is now happily married to a WW and they have children together. We have never discussed dating or anything like that but we are still on the same page mentally when it comes to leaving BW alone. This is the Wall of Silence at work, BM both young and old are learning to leave BW alone.

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    • TikTok is saved? Please tell me you’re not pulling my leg here; I’m gonna do the world’s greatest rain dance if that app isn’t banned!

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  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women have been dissing black men for years now and now that we have our own platforms and we SYSBM black men are fighting back, black women don’t like it. What goes around comes around. Let me tell you something Verbs black men are the most dick policed man on the planet when it comes to mixed race relationships especially when you have the whole of society telling us SYSBM black men that we should stick to our own race of women even though they hate us to the core plus it does not make any sense and at the same time it’s okay for black women and everybody else from different ethnicities to date outside of their race without getting criticisized for it. Like I said last night, mixed race relationships is only a big problem when black men do it. It’s like we are not allowed to be happy in life and we are not allowed to have any options or choices to date beautiful childfree non black women who is in good shape. These tik tok videos destroys the myth that good looking non black woman don’t find black men attractive as it clear to see that beautiful childfree non black women clearly desire black men very much and want to get into relationships and marriages with us and this sort of thing fucks with black women, racist white men, and racist non black people mind because they foolishly believe that we are still living in the 1800s when black men were seen as the most undesirable and the ugliest man on the planet and that the white man is God because he had the unlimited choice of woman of who he wanted to date and he was untouchable and now that we are in the 21st century century especially for millennial black men like myself are dating out in large numbers especially in the UK that we are changing things for the better from a mixed race relationship standpoint because we are putting ourselves first and that is so good to see. I will never be dictated to date black women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 38 because I am going to do me and I don’t give a shit on who get offended. Black women are the biggest self haters on the planet because we all see that they are desperately trying to look like white women.

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  4. just come across this newstory a black woman is suing united airlines because athletes are allegedly choosing blonde white women to be flight attendants:

    “United Airlines Holdings Inc. packs its charter flights for sports teams with young, blond crews and bars older flight attendants from working the plum routes, according to a new lawsuit.

    In so doing, the airline bases the value of workers “entirely on their racial and physical attributes, and stereotypical notions of sexual allure,” according to two veteran flight attendants who sued Friday in California.

    The attendants — a Black woman who has worked for the airline for 28 years and a Jewish woman with 34 years of tenure — say that they both tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to get assigned to work the charter flights.

    In a statement released Saturday, United highlighted its track record on diversity and inclusion.

    “While we cannot comment on this ongoing litigation, the flight attendants included in our sports team charter program are largely representative of our overall flight attendant population in regards to age and race,” the company said. “Importantly, flight attendant eligibility to work a charter flight is based solely on performance and attendance and has nothing to do with age, race or gender.”

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    • “The attendants — a Black woman who has worked for the airline for 28 years and a Jewish woman with 34 years of tenure — say that they both tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to get assigned to work the charter flights.”

      Don’t no millionaire athlete want to look at them old hags, get real LMAO. Especially some old hook nose Jew old enough to be their mama. When they get to be that age, they usually get relegated to the short regional flights with prop engines, lol. Those old bitches should be lucky they still have jobs at all in this pandemic, whole airlines are shutting down smh. At 28 & 34 years they should be retiring by now instead of worrying about the NFL flights. Feminism’s a hell of a drug, I wish America would quit pandering to these hoes.

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      • If a black female attendant has worked 28 years for the same airline, she hasn’t been “discriminated” against.

        It seems United knew these women wanted to be around the strapping young fellows for whatever purpose they wanted… you can probably guess. #MeTwo

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  5. There is an unholy conspiracy to condition and shape the minds of young black boys to believe that the black scraggle daggle is his only mating/dating option. This conspiracy is being conducted by the entire black collective in cahoots with admiral pasty. It is bad enough that young black boys are being conditioned and shaped to limit themselves to a female collective that is emotionally deranged and so steeped in self hatred that she wants to look like anything except what God intended her to look like.

    As bad as these flaws of the scraggle daggle collective are, it gets much worse. Thru out the centuries of slave and colonial societies, admiral pasty has explored every intimate detail of the black scraggle daggle. He has learned the black scraggle daggle better than she knows herself. He has weaponized her against the entire black collective.The black scraggle daggle is his overseer over the black collective.The black scraggle daggle is his most effective tool, in keeping black people worldwide, at the bottom of the human hierarchy in terms of wealth, power, status, and quality of life.

    In slave and colonial societies, the black scraggle daggle was used as a nursing sow for admiral pasty’s offspring. These mammies would even deny their own children their mother’s milk, because she was saving it for admiral pasty’s degenerate progeny. These mammies catered to every disgusting sexual fetish and fantasy emanating from the sick mind of admiral pasty. These mammies were treated slightly better than the rest of the black collective, and came to look down on the rest of the collective. The scraggle daggle belongs to admiral pasty. She has come to love being his slave, just as her great grandmothers came to love being his mammies. Any black man who thinks the scraggle daggle means him any good, is a fool of the highest order.

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    • ABM,

      Even with all of the evidence I’ve compiled over the years dealing with black female dysfunction, you’ll still have some black men out there who refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall, however that is their problem, not mine. Colonel Double Cream can have his black female feral hog stooges, the delusions of grandeur are strong in a group of women who believe that they can perpetually treat black men like garbage and not expect them at some point to begin walking away as well as confess their preference for other races of men over their own counterparts and again not expect free thinking black men to take the message, accept it and go and do their own thing.

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  6. This hair hatted scraggle daggle can have a stadium full of seats; she fixed her foul, profanity-filled mouth to tell Black men to leave Black women alone, yet have you heard Black men make as much noise when they were referring to us as terrorists, rapists, murderers, bullet bags, cheaters, etc. for no reason? Besides, you’re already being left alone by virtually every race of men on the planet; deal with it!

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  7. I going say it again these black women get more stupid everytime they complain about blackmen dating out. The never of these daggles. This why they keep getting destroy in the discussions and look look like a fool in end.
    Idiots loke Christelyn Karazen and Cynthia G are the ones make black women look bad everytime they open up their mouthes. These two daggles we keep beingignorant witches and we all know they will never change. You Karazen who scam subscribers out of money and you got Cynthia G talking all that fake pro black bullshit all because some whiteman didnt want her bold head scalped ass.
    Last black will always be the choose for any man to want and they alway be an embarrassment to all men.

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    • Antonio Johnson,

      The bottom line is black women have a serious problem with black men because now we have a voice and a medium through which we can have our side of the story heard, black women much preferred it when they had the mainstream media upper hand, they slated us all over national and international television from left to right and we didn’t have any avenues through which we could rebut and refute the lies and propaganda that they were and still are spreading.

      These heifers have had a 40 years head start yet in less than 10 we’ve completely pushed back against and crushed their false narratives. This is why they continue to go around in circles and use previous talking points that have already been debunked from a few years back.

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  8. The tik tok crap has gone too far at this point.
    Black women are throwing a fit because black men and white women are making tik tok videos about their boyfriend/girlfriends and their dating preferences. These same women who are angry with these videos want black men to stop making them are making tik tok videos of their own claiming to be the white mans whore begging to be ghetto gagged.

    This is something the Dating coaches and Maggle communities refuse to address. How can you even begin to try and shame black men into dating black women when they are literaly expressing all over social media how they want to be the white mans whore and be ghetto gagged.
    They have nothing to say about
    1.Mike Oliver
    2.DJ KID
    3. Ghetto gaggers
    4. Black women making slavery tik tok videos
    5. Black womens std rates
    6. Their lack of respect
    7 bastard kids

    They just demand we ignore all of that and get with a queen. fat chance

    Liked by 5 people

    • Yours Truly,

      It’s always a double standard for the black female, do as I say, not as I do. Remember, these were the same women telling us that white women only get with black men for fetish reasons(they want to try out the bbc), yet right now I can provide Youtube links to so many black male/non black female couples who are in longterm stable relationships, I did it before a number of months back. The black witch can kick rocks as far as I’m concerned, her opinion regarding the dating preferences of black men is completely irrelevant.

      Liked by 4 people

  9. I said this before, black women via their own actions are declaring white and other non black females to be the gold standard, putting white women’s hair on your head, what did you expect young black boys to do?

    Their excuse will be that black men desire weave. I don’t know what to say about that overall. However, I can speak of my personal account. When I was dating, my ex-girlfriend uttered that same excuse, to which I responded with an outright rejection of her claim, and told her I support her decision to go with, and I desire, the big chop. It only lasted approximately eight months before she returned to wearing weaves.

    Let me offer another counter– what’s the swirler’s excuse for wearing weave? Although a few of them wear their natural hair for Brad Guber, the vast majority I see still wear weaves.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Dude these bitches are L Y I N G.

      All these simps do on social media is beg these hoes to ditch the wigs & weave, yet they lie on us and say we want it. F A L S E

      If you see a natural sista, 9 times out of 10 she’s natural for a WHITE BOY not us. Just like 9 times out of 10 if you see a sista in shape, few to no tats, smart and articulate, it’s for a WHITE BOY, not us.

      And to answer your question the SWIRLERS who wear wigs & weave are not swirlers because it takes a white man to “swirl.” The real question is “WHERE’S WALDO?”


      Liked by 4 people

    • BA,

      At no point in history have black men demanded that black women start wearing weaves, black women in their ever increasing desire to be white saw a product they believed could help them climb the mountain of whiteness and jumped on it. They don’t wear weaves for us, since when have black women ever cared about the opinions of black men concerning how they look, I’ll wait?

      Liked by 2 people

  10. Let’s begin from the household, this is the typical life of a young black boy from day to day…

    Here is a profound premise to support the above claim:

    Not sure if you all remember Lawrence Phillips. Great college running back in the mid to late 90’s, and had a brief NFL career. During and after his college and professional careers, dude constantly did dumb shit– mainly violence against women.

    Here are some excepts from the links below:

    “When Lawrence was just a boy a man that his mother was dating, Lawrence had done something to anger this man and he pinned Lawrence on the ground put his foot on his back on Lawrence’s back and then proceeded to urinate on Lawrence,” Anderson says.

    Anderson continues, “When Lawrence was in fifth grade his relationship with his mother was so poor and Lawrence was so scared of being home around the men who were in his home that he ran away.”

    Amaliya Weisler, adds in the documentary that the football player “just wanted his mother to say she was sorry and that she loved him and I don’t think she ever told him that. I think he felt rejected by her.”

    Liked by 4 people

    • I heard about this story. My simple advice to brothers young and old is to not allow these she-monkeys to break you. Understand that they are trying to break you for the benefit of the white man. Make the black bitch a failure in his eyes. The white man always breaks his tools. Go and get your superior non-black female. Spit in the eye of any niggerbitch who stands in your way.

      Liked by 3 people

  11. That picture of manure on the main page is the perfect description of the type of pit the scraggle keeps digging deeper into.


    Liked by 5 people

  12. I’ll just share my comment of D.C.’s latest video here:

    I find it amusing that BW think they’re as good as the WW and can replace her. 🤣
    Can a McDonald’s replace a 5 star restaurant?
    Can grape juice replace a 20 year old merlot?
    Can a dodge neon replace an X type jaguar?

    And as I said before, niggerbitches jealous of Bronnie and trying to dictate the dating preferences of a fucking 15 year old child bespeaks the black bitch’s ingrained pedophile/incestuous nature. You’ve gotta be a whole reject to be jealous of a CHILD. Children are not safe around the black bitch. Period. And the young brothers of today couldn’t give two shits about what dusty, HIV and herpes infected, stench pussy, ugly ass, strong faced, monkey twerking, plantation mouthed, rat fur weave, wanna be blonde stank wig wearing, oversexed, quasi lesbo she-monkeys have to say about what they want. I guarantee you that the few second of innocent fun Bronnie was having with that white girl was more happiness than he’d ever have with a nigger whore in a lifetime.

    Go and get your white, asian, east indian, arab, aboriginal, and latina queens, Black man/young brothers!

    Liked by 4 people

  13. Young black men are dealing with the white gyal them because they are seeing the mad dysfunction of black women. So it was for them “Fuck this! These hoes are ratchet!” When you are in London, especially in North West London where I’m from, there are a whole leap of weave heads. And not only in London, we had weave heads in Watford, Luton and in other parts as well.

    When I saw the pictures of the black women with weave, I was thinking “That’s how desperate for them to get a white man?” But at the end of the day they end up with a white beta male that uses them for ghetto gaggers. And when I see the black men with their white pudding honeys, I was thinking “They look so happy” so good luck to them still. And the black guy from Texas with the white chick from Oregon, he should breed her!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all the time. I’m goanna be moving so let’s see if I can breed two white gyal before I leave. Lol!

    Bless S.Y.S.B.M.

    Liked by 5 people

    • So why can I not compare BW with other races of women? They compare us to Captain Cold everyday. Handsomeness, income, net worth, car we drive, where we live, credit score, HEIGHT. We as BM despite all the societal obstacles in our way are supposed to magically be on the same level as the white man, as far as they’re concerned, by ourselves, WITH NO HELP FROM BW FROM MAMA ON DOWN.

      Yet when I judge BW by white and Asian women’s standards; beauty, desirability, sexiness, body, pleasant demeanor, cooperative, supportive, submissive, positive net worth, family oriented, HER OWN HAIR, all of a sudden I’m not supposed to judge BW against that scale.

      Why is that?

      Liked by 5 people

      • Schadenfreude,

        Don’t you know, black women have one set of rule for themselves and another set of rules for black men. Their rules are set up to where they can’t lose, however the rules they have in place for black men are set up to where we cannot win, how nice and fare of them.

        Black women don’t want to be compared to white, Asian, Indian and Latina women because they know that they’ll fall well short, however that’s their problem not mine. If black women know that they can’t cut the mustard when compared to other ethnicities of women then they need to “step their game up”, after all, isn’t that what they’re always saying to black men?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs,

        Of course I was being facetious. Most BW themselves know that they can’t measure up, hence poor Kenya Grant being so triggered. They are willing to “step their game up,” but only for white boys. She will be the most in-shape, cooperative, submissive, laugh-at-all-your-jokes, geisha girl bedwench ever for Leftenant Lime. Us, not so much.

        If you ever get into a back-and-forth with any of these black hoes online, just ask them why a black man with his shit together should choose them over a non-black woman, and the exchange will end real quick.

        Liked by 2 people

    • The hypocrisy of daggledom; there was another stragg on TikTok who made a video lusting over a slideshow of attractive White men, then she acted disgusted over pics of Black men who were also attractive (no homo), but amplified the disrespect with a pic of George Floyd to conclude, yet she wants to talk about “we don’t need any further division within the Black community”? That sounds just like Captain Frosty with the emotional plea to unite once they see Black men stand up for themselves.

      Liked by 2 people

  14. Imagine losing/invalidating an argument before it even starts. Everything black women say now we have heard before, she’s ran out of tricks and is acting out in the open. This article proves that black women are the new racist white boys, still calling out to massa on Tik Tok. Problem with that is their white zaddies can’t even replace their own generations as quickly anymore. Most of them are cucked out, masculinity sucked dry, and we grow/grew up with these new age black racist bitches, that alone is a great motivator to date outside your comfort zone. Some black male Youtubers who talk about black issues eventually get to the root of all problems in the communitah: Black women, and there are others who just dance around the problem, not gonna say who. These female impostors are regurgitating broken records at this point, demanding protection while letting intruders invade her womb and killing black babies. It’s already been over and they are still fighting a war they already lost, if we were to attempt putting black women in psychiatric wards it would overflow over night. Brothas have to assume that over 97% of black women are a lost cause (mentally ill), everything they do disrespects nature and they don’t care at all. At this point, I don’t care about them being possibly bred out due to interracial mingling, they are waste of space. Useless beings have no right to exist anymore…just a bunch of pests.

    Liked by 3 people

  15. I learned the hard way the truth about black women. They don’t want the younger black boys and men to be happy. When black women call handsome black men “lames” them white, and Latina women say “hey there” come over here. I still get white women talking to me even married white women be out here choosing.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Robert Chavis,

      I get smiles from white women all the time, I can’t even remember the last time a black woman smiled at me outside of the very few black female friends I have. Again, it boils down to black women believing that black men DON’T deserve them in their best condition, no problem, I’ll just roll over to other women who have no problems presenting themselves to me in their best condition.

      Liked by 2 people

  16. You brothers notice a trend with these Tik-Tok videos?? The young brothers actually have attractive white girlfriends and these lil bitter black bitches don’t have anybody and that’s why they mad lol These black bitches can make a million vids worshiping white boys but these white boys don’t want these desperate black hoes, despite them basically GIFT WRAPPING that funky ass STD infested pussy to these white boys they are STILL LONELY lol As I said before Black Man you are the envy of the WORLD, they know you are superior in every way and THATS why they throw temper tantrums when they see you don’t prefer them. They know no other man can measure up to you and they see they are losing more and more access to the greatest men alive. Each year the interracial numbers for Black Men increase while theirs virtually stays the same. These chicks have to disrespect themselves and their race by saying they wanna be “massa’s slave” on these Tik-Tok videos and nobody says a word but when these young Black men simply state their preference then all of a sudden it’s world war 3, the hypocrisy of the nigger bitch knows no bounds and THATS why they are the MOST single and are in danger of losing every quality Black Man within the next 5 years thus having NOTHING to build with. #SYSBM

    Liked by 3 people

    • @illmatic

      You brought up a great point. These she-apes have to basically BEG white men and other non-black men and say they are willing to be his slave, literal slave, and they’re STILL unwanted. 😂 Non-black women don’t have to do this and neither do black men.

      Liked by 3 people

      • They are the most “available” women in the country, they make themselves available for sex, breeding, dates, etc. and STILL don’t get wedding rings. They are the perpetual girlfriends, baby mommas, and side chicks of society.

        Liked by 3 people

    • @James SYSBM

      They are the worlds whore and STILL can’t find a man lmaoooooooo they like to call Kim K and Kylie “hoes” but those women are with the father of their children lol

      Liked by 3 people

  17. Look at this sad shit here lol not one Black chick was in this video and they weren’t even fighting over a Black chick BUT the unattractive nigger bitch speaking over the video said “lets say that they were” and completely created her own false reality over this weak ass fight lol But oddly enough they will never show the 99% other fights where “Tyrone” beats “Brads” ass into a seizure lol

    Liked by 3 people

    • Illmatic826,

      Why is this sad black woman reaching so hard? We all know that black women are the least desired females on the planet, if anything it will be a black man with his non black female significant other who is more likely to be harassed and bullied by either the black witch herself, black females and their pro black simps stooges or Admiral Double Cream.

      Liked by 3 people

      • @Verbs2015

        You know this and I know this.. hell even the daggle knows this but for them to be honest that will take some level of accountability and we all know how much these whores hate being accountable lol I have ONLY seen Black Men catch shit for dating a Non Black Woman specifically a WHITE woman, there was a video a couple of years ago where this black homosexual male approached a Black Man with his white girlfriend in a restaurant and told him “why aren’t you with a black woman??” and that brotha showed more restraint than I would because I know 1000% they would of charged me with a hate crime if that faggot ass nigga would of came up to me and my girl with a damn camera in our face while we are eating. Black Men catch flack from of course these black bitches, black homosexuals and of course non black men and this has been proven true because it has been done a PLETHORA of times throughout history AND it’s been caught on camera PLENTY of times. We have never seen a Black Man or Black Men jump on or harass a black bitch that’s out with a bottom shelf brad because why?? We know we are desirable, we know we have OPTIONS and most importantly we don’t even care what they do lol But of course these whores will never be honest about this subject.

        Liked by 4 people

    • @illmatic

      Niggerbitches are so desperate to be desired it’s hilarious.

      Sheboon: you will NEVER be wanted like that. 😂😂😂😂

      Liked by 4 people

      • @Black Caesar

        She actually made up her own reality over some shit that wasn’t even over a girl lmaoooooooooo that white boy prolly don’t even like Black bitches

        Liked by 4 people

      • @illmatic

        I can’t even find the words to describe how pathetic this is. She just liked watching the white boy fight the black man. This video is pathetic but important. The black bitch’s default is to root for the white man. The black bitch belong to the white man by default. She was never on the side of the black man. So it is doubly absurd that simps feels some kind of obligation to the niggerbitch.

        Liked by 3 people

      • @Black Caesar

        Which is even more pitiful on the black simps part over in “black twitter” because they are actually trying to reason with those mentally ill femcel “divest” accounts lol niggas are really telling a faceless avi “we aren’t all like that just called him a bullet bag “we aren’t all like that 😞” lmaooooooo

        Liked by 2 people

      • @illmatic

        They’re just like white men that claim they are “not racist” but after a little prodding and if you make them mad, out comes n-this and n-that. LOL 😂

        Liked by 2 people

      • @Black Caesar

        Which is even more pitiful on the black simps part over in “black twitter” because they are actually trying to reason with those mentally ill femcel “divest” accounts lol niggas are really telling faceless avis that just called them a bullet bag “we aren’t all like that 😞” lmaooooooo they are too patient with those mentally bankrupt ass bitches

        Liked by 2 people

    • Hold the phone…is Crystal Meth trying to rebrand herself under a new moniker, “Tazzy Solomayor”? These straggs are so unoriginal, they mimic Black men in everything.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Making up their own fantasies once again. The men weren’t fighting over a BW, I don’t think that I have ever seen a video of a WM fighting a BM over a BW. At least this is a step up from them fantasizing about being slaves and getting raped by the slave master.

      Liked by 3 people

      • These hoes have no connection to reality whatsoever; who in their right mind would fight over a stragg, especially one who is nonexistent?

        Liked by 5 people


    Yet, no pro-black outcry from black women like in the Tik Tok videos. Hmm.

    Liked by 4 people

    • @Matt B

      I learned a long long time ago that people who brag and show off their partners the most are men/women who have the least experience with them. Remember in grade school when a bag of chips was practically currency. If I were a rich kid and got one for lunch every day it would be meaningless to brag about it like the other kids who got it once in a blue moon.. Likewise, men and women who brag and show off their partners, especially black women, do so out of the low esteem they’ve accumulated because they have to work hard to get to get the partner they want. The black bitch has to work the hardest because she is universally undesirable.

      Liked by 2 people

    • White dems think that Blacks are stupid and simple, and for around 60% unfortunately they are correct. I saw Biden running a TV Ad with BM sitting in the barbershop talking about voting. Trump and Biden are neck and neck in the current polls, the dems cant win without Black support, they have BW, its BM that they are worried about.

      Liked by 4 people

      • BM are the Bernie-Bro spoilers of 2020. If they could “vote their conscience” in 2015 so can I in 2020. Nobody can answer what’s in it for the straight, non-criminal, productive black man to vote Biden-Harris. All we get is this shitty ad. LMAO. It’s almost worth it to stay home just to deny BW their queen Kamala, kill Roe v. Wade to slap white feminists in the face, and finally knock all these black bitches off welfare.

        Liked by 4 people

      • Indeed it is an insult. These are the same women that would call us “lame”. I’m voting for Donald Trump.

        Liked by 4 people

    • Black Women constantly reducing themselves to cum dumpsters and wondering why their image is fucked up. This is why the thinking Black Man has walked away.

      Liked by 1 person

  19. I don’t blame these kids at all for flossing. Hell, for one thing, these whites girls are at last legitimately interested in and like them. Compare that to swirling videos, where the white dude involved looks like he and his whole family have bombs attached that will detonate if he doesn’t at least try to not wanna throw up around this dumb black bitch.

    Hell as far as I’m concerned, black men should start making video pointing how jacking off to two dogs ****ing is a better romantic relationship than what could be achieved with black women.

    Literally, castration via a rusty spoon is a better sexual experience that sticking it into Shaniqua. Given the fact that their putrid, disease ridden, TMNT/TCRI ooze producing cheeks are just as dangerous, it’s likely a similar experience.

    And damn these bitches are ugly!!!! That chick had a straight up EIGHThead with that weave, her hairline was so far in the back the shit shows up five minutes after her!

    Again, how can you blame blacks boys for saying that just TALKING to these white girls is a more pleasurable experience than being around these chicks that look like Ving Rhames in drag?

    Liked by 1 person

  20. This post proves why I’m pretty sure I’m making a wise decision by ignoring black women unless I have to deal with them at my job. I remember a few weeks ago stopping to get an iced coffee at a gas station and this black female in line behind me was trying to tell me where to stand in line. Just like it always is, she’s one of those darkie pro-black afro puff sistas with glasses. I IGNORE HER and she gets frustrated that I’m not arguing with her or trying to be sarcastic because she’s wearing pink BOY SHORTS thinking I’m going to be a thirsty n1gger for her. Then another guy who happens to be white comes in (I have no personal beef towars non-black men) line and she asks him how he’s doing. They engage in small talk as I walk off and go for my drive back home. I have heard BW playing these stupid invisible games (that I can avoid) where you may get her number then she doesn’t respond to your one call/text for days because she’s taking the white guy out on date and he’s digging in her guts the whole time you’re waiting for a call/text back. You have to be a million things to her, but the non-black guy is like some AVERAGE Chad/Brad who might be 6’0 and has do absolutely nothing but exist and get lucky.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elonjobsearch,

      Black women are best avoided when and where possible as they will attempt to instigate some kind of drama or contention with you, however they’ll be sweet, demure, kind and gentle when their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost is around. They want you to chase them they so that they can turn you down, they get an immense thrill out of that, meanwhile Captain Snowy or 12 Gauge Mike put in little to no effort in order to dick down these failures, smh.


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