And They Wonder Why They Remain Chronically Single At Such A High Clip!


Yet your pro black female/black women first pundits as well as your frying, flash in the Pan African water boys would still expect free thinking black men to wife up these weaved up, tatted, fake butt, fake eye lash and heavy make up wearing black whores. You’ll notice that whenever these pro black love proponents go in on and berate those black men who choose to expand upon their dating options, they can NEVER show you attractive, natural, feminine, child free, classic black women who don’t fit the dysfunctional demographic.

Additionally, as has been discussed many times before, many of these pro blacks have white and other non black women as girlfriends/wives and in some cases they even have mixed children. Others don’t have a black female companion at all yet both groups want to tell you that dating interracial is a mistake even though they can clearly see just how jacked up the overwhelming majority of black women have become.

Pro black female, B1 minstrel Jason Black aka The Black Authority has plenty to say concerning black men who date out, the same goes for the coke sniffing, no school manifesting miscreant Dr Umar Johnson who I’ve had to light up quite a few times on the website, yet for all they have to say about free thinking black men expanding upon their dating options, neither Jason Black nor Umar Johnson have a black female companion by their sides, smh.

General Seti is another “black power King’s court jester who runs around screaming “the black woman is god” every 5 minutes, yet where is his black queanie, as per usual, nowhere to be found. You’d think these dudes would keep their mouths shut about dating and marrying your own female counterparts until they had the women in place to first set an example, but no, they’re extremely quick to jump on brothers who’ve chosen to look for love and companionship elsewhere while these arrogant shines walk around with no women to show and prove with.

Dealing with the above video, exactly what is appealing about a group of black women standing around a mannequin, one female pretending to perform oral sex on it while the rest twerk and show off their 70 inch plastic behinds, I’ll wait? At the end of the day all that black women can appeal to men with is sex, they don’t have any genuine substance because if they did they’d surely be pushing those other qualities to the forefront like non black women do on the regular.

Dudes out here looking stupid as hell walking around talking about black women being gods and the mothers of all civilisation, yet black women themselves are out here behaving like low premium whores, sluts, tramps, low grade serfs, vagrants and vagabonds twerking in every nook and cranny they can find seeking attention while at the same time looking as synthetic as astro turf.

The only men who are interested in women like this are your 12 Gauge Mike, Road Runner, Field Mouse, Bric A Brac, Sparky, Two Snacks type black men and to be honest from the latest observations even they are slowly beginning to branch out and look further afield for other females.

Black women need to be picking from the pool of simps that they’ve raised up especially for these times because black men with sense and intelligence aren’t falling for this garbage at all, a used up heifer honestly believes that she can appeal to free thinking black men via twerking.

Herein lies the difference between free thinking black men vs sewer type black males, genuinely smart brothers look at black women twerking as a warning sign to steer clear as opposed to the low frequency savage who looks at the black witch shaking her behind as a mating call/invitation, yes, an invitation to his own peril however using his penis to think instead of his brain, he can’t see the red flags and the dangers ahead.

There you go gentlemen, another prime example of what the overwhelming majority of black women have to offer those who dare to enter, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE AND VALUE, all the best to those men who still wish to deal with these women, do so at your own peril and don’t complain when they turn on you and bite your hand.

Here we have yet another example of black women seriously lacking the ability to behave themselves and exercise some level of decorum in public, as I always say, not my women, not my problem, abandon ship, walk away never to return. Twerking in a department store on Monday afternoon but then on Tuesday night they’ll be the same deceitful black harridans calling into Kevin Samuels livestreams trying to act pious, humble, demure and innocent claiming they have no clue as to why they can’t get a man and keep him for good, get out of here with that garbage.

As my new saying goes, black women as a group are for the sewers, the streets are too good of an option to give them. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Abandon Ship And Never Look Back

Most High Bless

135 thoughts on “And They Wonder Why They Remain Chronically Single At Such A High Clip!

  1. Great article but I strongly disagree.

    Premium whores?

    A black whore isn’t worth a food stamp. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  2. The black bitch is the most unnatural living organism on the planet. Totally degenerate. Any geechee that thinks I’m going to degrade myself with a she-monkey like the ones in the video above better bring an army. Because I’d run, not walk, straight to hell if God himself commanded I yoke with human filth such as this.

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    • Black Caesar,

      Lol, I forgot to put in the word “low” before premium, correction made. These guys choose to berate free thinking black men instead of improving their product because they themselves know that black women are for the sewers. I don’t deal with low quality women period and I never will.

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      • Verbs1015,

        Yesterday I watched this Nollywood movie on Netflix, called Isoken. Isoken was a Nigerian woman who had just turned 34 and was not married. It takes place in Lagos, Nigeria. All her girlfriends and peers were married already. She meets this black guy who has everything. He is handsome, has a sterling education, he is wealth, and he comes from a great family. He’s African American but still has family ties in Nigeria. He falls in love with Isoken and buys her this big diamond ring and proposes. Her family plans this enormous wedding, because this guy is quite the catch. Meanwhile, Isoken has met a bottom shelf Brad, who is slumming around in Nigeria. She is secretly pining for bottom shelf Brad. The day before the wedding, Isoken calls it off because she wants to be the bedwench for bottom shelf Brad. Bottom shelf Brad is going back to England the next day, but Isoken still calls off the wedding and spends that last night with the bottom shelf Brad. Needless to say, all her girlfriends are cheering, because to them, bottom shelf Brad is a dream come true. It ends up with Isoken’s father, her uncles, and all the Nigerian men cheering for what Isoken did, because she left this magnificent black guy at the alter and followed her heart. And the thing is, Isoken is a plain Jane. There are better looking women in the movie.


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      • AmericanBlackMan,

        Now you see why I don’t deal with Nigerian women, they are some of the worst when it comes down to white male worship, let’s not even talk about the fact that they purchase the highest amount of skin bleaching products. As many folks here have already pointed out, African women for the majority part are surrounded by other blacks yet they still have a inferiority complex with their skin colour.

        The standard rule for black women worldwide is the same, they would rather be the bubblegum stuck on the bottom of the white man’s shoe than be the husband of a black man. The conclusion is simple as far as I’m concerned, go where you will be loved and appreciated. I refuse to deal with a group of women who look upon me as a last resort, he will have to do if there’s nothing better available option.

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      • Verbs2015,

        There is an entire category of movies on Netflix called Nollywood. They are all filmed in Africa, and most are filmed in Lagos, Nigeria. I think the target audiences are Nigerians and African Americans. I watch them because I want to get an idea of what the pop culture in Africa might be like. I also want to get an idea of what young Africans are watching.

        These movies are pure unadulterated garbage. Just like they are feeding garbage to young black minds in America, they are doing the same thing to young black minds in Africa. Most of these movies portray African men as pluperfect simps. African women are portrayed as the most ratchet, bottom shelf Brad worshipping females on the planet. The weave, the 2 inch thick sludge makeup, the witch fingernails, and the all out slutty attire, is off the chain. The African women are all sluts who only care about material things, ratchet fashion, male attention, cat fighting other African women, and dick. The men are all retarded simps who get bossed around and outsmarted by the African scraggle daggles.

        SMDH !

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      • AmericanBlackMan,

        Why do you think they call it NollyWOOD, it’s following after the Hollywood model. A lot of Nigerian men are bailing out and choosing to deal with mixed or non black women instead because they see that their female counterparts just like the black witch of the United States are for the sewers. I personally don’t watch Nollywood movies, they don’t interest me at all.

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      • @Verbs

        I see. I was beginning to worry about you. 🤣🤣🤣
        And you are right. If I am going to be the one on the hook financially for a female I want the best I can get. No one would be this willy nilly in regard to other purchases.

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      • Verbs2015,

        I won’t be watching Nollywood movies now that I know what they are about. It was educational for me. I know that blacks in the west consume large quantities of the filth and degeneracy that Captain Frost puts out thru his media. I didn’t realize that he was putting out the same filth and degeneracy to tarnish young black minds in Africa.

        In my humble opinion, Africa should censor what it allows Captain Frost to put out over their airwaves. Africans have the power to control the airwaves in their own land. All they need is the will to do so.

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  3. Irrelevant to the topic but quick question. How do you feel about obsidian becoming a dating coach after using his platform to expose black female fuckery?

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    • Taurean Clark,

      It doesn’t affect SYSBM practitioners at all because we don’t deal with dysfunctional women. Nobody is taking Obsidian seriously as a dating coach, I’ve yet to run across somebody who is. My personal opinion is he should’ve stuck to exposing BFF.

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    • Taurean Clark,

      The O-Man should’ve stayed on brand. Who needs a “dating coach” to get with the most undesired women in the Western world? A clean-cut, professional, heterosexual Black Man making money is already steps ahead of the government-sponsored BW, hence women of other races swooping down on him at a record clip. Why else would BW get mad when they see us dating/mating out, especially a BM known to have money?

      There was a study that said that BM have more ease in integrating white spaces because we bring a “cool factor” i.e. music, sports, slang, etc. while all BW bring is loudness, victimhood, intersectional bullshit, chaos, gender confusion and crying about their hair, skin tone etc etc etc.

      Why would I need a “dating coach” for that, if I’m a high-value man with his shit together? Later for these bitches. SYSBM is the way forward.

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    • I am not listening to a fucking 50+ “dating coach”. He should be giving advice on which stool softener to buy and medic alert.

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      • @Schadenfreude. LMAO I didn’t mean it like that. Sorry. 😂 ObSIMPian has proven that his advice ain’t really worth much because he keeps flip flopping. Plus he’s dating a JCB. 🤣

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      • Black Caesar, no offense taken. I am glad to be a black man this old, which defies the odds, and when I can I like to impart the wisdom of SYSBM to the younguns, if only by example if not by name!

        We also agree about ObSIMPian. I quit listening to him when every other show was about that D’Nikka chick.

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      • @Schadenfreude
        I am no spring chicken myself. I am pushing 40. I am glad to see these younger brothers going SYSBM. No amount of shaming is going to change them either. The young brothers of today are going to increase that 70% statistic of single black bitches to 100%.🤣

        The only thing I like about ObSIMPian is he brings some good receipts to David Carroll. I think he was the one who discovered that video of chrissie and the meth head white man. 🤣

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Understand that whenever we call out these sellout elder Gen X black men, you’re clearly not included because unlike most of these guys you not only clearly understand exactly what is going on but you’re also trying your best to steer younger black men in the RIGHT direction, that is away from this toxic and destructive black women.

        You ought to be proud of yourself because there aren’t many elder Gen X black guys like yourself currently in existence.

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      • Verbs,

        Thanks bro. I’ve been posting here since 2016. As I’ve noted in the past, I went SYSBM (before it was even a term) officially in 1990, that’s 30 years. I have had ups and downs, but none have been BW related. As I’ve also pointed out, a couple of the homeboys I grew up with married BW, got ’em pregnant early and went through 18-21 years of hell trying to make it work with those hyenas, only to get with white women in their second acts at age 45-50. This is why I say that young bucks today are adding decades to their lives sidestepping the okeydoke from the get-go. They probably grew up seeing the same things I saw with their own fathers. Master P’s kid, Rickey Smiley’s kid, Sherri Shepherd’s kid, LeBron’s kid, etc. are good examples. In my public life I can’t explicitly push SYSBM, but one look at my lifestyle and relative success IRL tells the story. This is a needed venue for the productive, educated, heterosexual BM, I’m sure there are many passive readers who are internalizing the message.

        Verbs, you’re doing God’s work. Thanks.

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  4. Welp you said the things we been saying about these no good black women and these pro blacks. Yet still they wan us to wife these yuck ups.
    At this point black women need to shut up and live strong and independent fememinist lifestyle. Cause right now no man wants you that includes black men that got their mind right.
    Black women are never going to change and done. Like you said Verbs they need go pick from simps they raised.

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    • Antonio Johnson,

      These simps are the black female’s last bastion of hope, they are the only ones who are ready and willing to be janitors/clean up men for these broads. Free thinking brothers left the building a long time ago and we’re never coming back. Like you said, they need to stick to feminism and stop the flip flopping especially when they see black men interacting with, dating and marrying white and other non black females(Bronny James anyone).

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      • Verbs2015,

        A lot of these black simps have gone thru the prison industrial complex. Its sad but true that once these simps get out of prison, they have no standards whatsoever. No matter how degenerate they were before they went into prison, they come out even more degenerate.

        The desperate scraggle daggles love ex cons. Ex cons will gas up the lowest form of scraggle daggle. Plus, the ex cons need a place to stay. Its a cycle that repeats itself over and over again. The scraggle daggles plop out a lot of bastards, by Lil’ Pookies. Big Dick Tyrones, and Murder Mayhem Mikes. They grow up to be thirsty never do well simps, who along with the scraggle daggles, keep the cycle going.

        Those brothers who leave da communtah, are worth their weight in gold. Once a brother leaves da communitah and its brainwashing, he sees the scraggle daggle for the bio waste dump that she is.

        Black Caesar always says that the scraggle daggle is the spiritual twin of the white man. So are these pro black simping shines. Their job is to brainwash other black men and keep them on the plantation.

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      • AmericanBlackMan,

        Captain Snowy, the black witch and her pro black simps flunkies, 3 members of the same unholy, degenerate trinity. Black women should make things simple and stick to the hoards of simps they’ve created, trained, brainwashed and indoctrinated for this very moment, high quality men of means are NOT checking for these women whatsoever, they left the building a long time ago and will NEVER return.

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  5. Never mind about what I’m taking, nigha, I’m building a SCHOOL for our future black KANGZ to succeed in life.
    They’ll be taught to be proud of that Black Egyptian heritage instead of selling themselves out creating albino aliens that contribute NOTHING to the black communiteh.

    Nigha I gotz the funds for the school, where yours at? Talking greasy from yo roach-free palaces… I PUT. IN. THE. WORK!
    Unlike you bitter ass coons, sitting at home, jerking each other off talking about you gon’ run to Becky. What Becky gon do for you when you get shot up by her daddy, nigha? You white supremacist ass, coon ass negroes selling their heritage for some clean snatch and company.

    All dem donations you been taking from stupid black folks and you never spent a single goddamn dime in BLACK BUSINESSES! I understand, y’all too cosy in the white man’s system, y’all gon’ drop off soon with Trump. Trifling ass negroes…

    Nigha, dats the second time you done call me out. Don’t make me call my imaginary goons to come find y’all limey asses.


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  6. I saw that video on Facebook earlier this week; I’ve seen animals behave better than these straggs. Also,
    where were the store workers? These hoes can’t complain about how they are represented when this is what they post online and they listen to filth like ‘WAP’ by Cardi B; I have no issue socially distancing myself from them. #SYSBM

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  7. Excellent article bro, and that Umar is a strange character indeed and I have LONG suspected him of being an undercover milk chaser masquerading as a “Pro Black” for financial purposes and I will die on this hill because they ALWAYS expose themselves. But I get it, he’s hustling the “Pro Black” shit for his own financial gain. And what made me suspicious of this “Umar” character is when I first saw him on these shows saying how “Black Men should only want to marry Black Women” and how “Nobody will understand a Black Man more than a scraggle daggle” but he NEVER mentioned what the women should do and that made me say “🤔”. This man talk ALLLL of this “Pro Black” shit and how we should “love our women” when he is nothing but a glorified pookie with a “degree”!! lol Where is Umar Johnson’s Black wife and family?? Oh yeah that’s right he doesn’t have one but he does have MULTIPLE Black baby mothers. And he was also exposed knocking up a ratchet Black stripper with blonde hair and dig this… she’s “conscious” too lmaooooooooooooo And Black Twitter be quoting this dude like he’s some kind of prophet or something, but then again 98% of Black twitter are fatherless losers that will fall for any con game if it’s presented a certain way.

    Now for these Black whores, I made a comment a few years back in 2015 or 2016 on either twitter or youtube and the discussion was about the myth of quality Black Women and I stated how many Black Women out there are slim/petite, universally attractive, no tattoos, well spoken, isn’t ratchet, doesn’t dress/act like a hoe, exclusively dates Black Men, honors the Black Man as the man and head of the household, and last but not least ACCOUNTABLE, and then I followed it up by saying how many Black supermodels or very attractive Black Women in the spot light are “Pro Black” and uplifts Black Men?? And would you brothers believe I didn’t get a straight answer and all I got was triggered nigger bitches in my mentions calling me an Uncle Tom and “weak” and the few brothers that understood where I was coming from all said “NONE”, “ZERO”, “ZILCH”, “NEGATIVE” lol That small exchange alone should be enough of an indicator that there is no “community” for you as a thinking well to do Black Man, they expect us to turn shit into sugar and that’s simply not possible. For years now we have been fed the lie that it’s our fault why the Black race has fell so far from grace when you gotta remind yourself that virtually every Black Person in history that has made a significant difference for Black people has been a BLACK MAN. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand and research why the Black Community is the way that it is now and it surely isn’t of the Black Mans doings.

    Always remember, when they don’t have an answer for you they will either insult you or will try to change the subject, stay on these whores necks. #SYSBM

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    • Illmatic826,

      I’ve written articles before on Umar Johnson where I’ve stated that if he’s so down for black love then he first ought to be setting an example and hooking up with black female himself, I’ve seen a video clip where Johnson is actually putting out the message that he’s looking for a black female companion and he’s still single to this day. You’d have thought that the non school producing shine would’ve learned that black women are gutter and cannot be trusted from his notorious run in with the so called “conscious stripper”, but nope, just like a dog will return to its own vomit so will most of these Negroes continue to lick the muddy boot of the black female even when the same black witch they’re pining after does them wrong again and again.

      Quality black women have gone the way of the Dodo bird and its been that way for a very long time. I walk my local streets and see an abundance of good looking non black females, then I compare them to the black women, it’s a no contest and a no brainer. I honestly haven’t seen a quality black female in so many years.

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      • @Verbs2015

        And wasn’t Umar’s school sabotaged in the first place by Black Women?? lol that nigga must have a humiliation kink or something. And you are correct, the number of “quality” Black Women are about as common as seeing a Leprechaun counting his gold under a rainbow. Even the ones that pretend to be “different” aren’t able to mentally keep that charade up for long lol it’s a WRAP for Black Women and these whores know it.

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      • @Black Caesar

        Umar is just another hustling ass nigga that’s found his “niche” with the Pro Black shit. He knows what these niggas and nigger bitches wanna hear.

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      • @illmatic

        Yup. He must have spent all that money he raised because any other hustler would have found an exit strategy already to take the money and run.

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  8. SYSBMers,
    If you think the above video clip was bad, check out this video clip of a quean “mother” showing her young daughter how to twerk what their mother/grandmother gave them. I posted three links by three commentators and their commentary.
    By F*ck Childsupport-
    By Tommy Sotomayor-
    Professor MGTOW-
    SYSBM for all eternity.

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    • Black single moms raise their daughters to be whores and their sons to be terrorists.

      A carjacker held a couple hostage for hours in Tennessee before killing the husband, investigators say

      “Dorsey took the couple hostage, he forced them to drive to their home in Morrison, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said. While there, he allegedly stole two of their guns, swapped vehicles into a Toyota RAV4 and forced them into the vehicle with him. Morrison is about 80 miles southeast of Nashville.

      At some point, he took the couple to a location in the nearby McMinnville area and fatally shot Jordan Stevens in front of his wife, authorities said. Then he forced Aileen Stevens back into the SUV and returned to the interstate, the TBI said.”

      Single Black mothers raise these monsters and refuse to take any responsibility for them, they often want to blame the absent (no good) man that they CHOSE to get pregnant by instead of acknowledging that they are horrible mothers. RIP and SYSBM

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    • Brotherdanunlimited,

      But according to the B1 posses and clean up man squadrons, we’re still supposed to unconditionally swoop in and scoop up women like this, after all, haven’t you heard, the black woman is god.

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    • Black women are the world’s biggest pedophiles. White males don’t come close because they’re not about to post their pedophilia on social media. Breed them out and let’s forget about this genetic error once and for all.

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  9. Trash. Straight fucking trash. This is what I’m supposed to find attractive? A group of females who can’t conduct themselves like ladies in public? Everything they do is for the sake of attention. Any guy who lays with this garbage deserves exactly what he gets.

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    • Elissor,

      All I needed to see was the black couch and the graffiti background and I knew exactly what set that was. Some women don’t deserve to have children, they ought to have barren wombs from birth. Ghetto Gaggers is so repulsive, only Captain Snowy and his black female flunkies get turned on by that kind of porn. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

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    • I am a member of TMT and I saw the video.

      White Man nuts on her FOREHEAD and her mother is right behind her in full support.

      Like I said. It’s time black men move away from black females. take your time and seed elsewhere.

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  10. Right, there are so many reasons why black women are single. Because of the dysfunctional behaviour they are displaying. As I look at the video and see one of the scraggle daggles twerking in the store giving head to a mannequin it makes you think really. The 70 inch big booty girl which could be fake which I don’t know, these pro black simps say that we should wife up this ghetto ratchet harridans and have kids with? We have to marry and breed these whorish women? That sounds crazy guys. I rather stay single then be with these ghetto gaggers and these ghetto hoodrats.

    And here this. When I hear the names of Jason Black AKA The Black Authority, Umar Johnson, Bareback Fountain and so on, I just cringe. These simps make my skin crawl every single time. And when these worthless simps are defending these worthless scraggle daggles, these whores are nowhere to be found because they don’t give a damn about this fools whatsoever. You just have to shake your head over and over again. -

    Hey keep your white sugar honeys safe all the time as these scraggle daggles are coming after these non black women in a relentless state.


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  11. This absolutely FIRE Minister Jap stream dovetails with this topic. Please watch this video. And WAIT until you hear that she-monkey doing the lie detector test. This video seals it for me. If a niggerbitch ever approached me talmbout “date me” I will call the cops.

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    • Of course they cheat.

      The following is a true story. A married black whore, who is friends with my sister, took up competitive bodybuilding in her forties. After transforming her body, resented her husband for not working out. Dude isn’t a fat dude, just a big dude who probably could lose a few pounds.

      Long story short, she fucks her supervisor, another black man, in his office, and in the mall parking lot, which is across the street from the workplace.

      This black whore tells my sister everything, and my sister turns around and tells me.

      In closing, I learned from experience, that when a black whore constantly accuses someone of cheating without proof, that usually means she’s actually cheating. And they have the nerve to say black men ain’t shit.

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  12. After checking out the video Verbs shared…

    I’m VERY serious…big box stores should be required, as a public safety measure, to carry air guns loaded with Carfentanil filled darts, shock prods and nets..

    …for in-store incidents like that video.

    Bag’em, tag’em, drop them off at the nearest preserve aka The Communitah

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  13. I read the article yesterday, and am just clicking the video today, Saturday afternoon.

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Who else behaves like this?

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  14. And they wonder why they receive Ls at such a high clip…

    Courtesy of L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


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  15. Good thing it was plastic, many black women’s mouth are well known to feel like acid. It’s like when you put your dick inside a black woman and all of a sudden you think she’s “nutting” on your dick. No son, that’s her discharge. Ah yes, the many stories at work from black men that know about that “smell”. Oh, that squirt need to be tested especially for chlamydia.

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  16. Oh, another thing gents. You can be put on a sex offenders list for giving women STD’s especially incurable ones like herpes. Protect yourself at all times or in other words, SYSBM till the cows come home.

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  17. Verbs 2015.

    I am SYSBM for life man and I refuse to date black women and single mothers as a childfree black man at 38. These days you get mainstream society shaming people especially black men for having a dating preference to date outside of our race and calling us racists for it.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I point blank refuse to be shamed into liking a group of women who have made it clear in no uncertain terms on many occasions that they hate me to the core, my message to the heterosexual free thinking black man will always be the same, go where you will be shown love and appreciation.

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      • Michel.

        Yep that’s right. Mixed race relationships is only a problem when black men like us date outside of our race, but everybody else is allowed to get into mixed race relationships with impunity or judgement. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. I am to date who I like and I don’t give a shit on who get offended especially black women and racist white men.

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  18. This is exactly what you’re getting when you vote Democrat. A hideous, masculine black hoe who looks like a nigga with braids, waving her day glo talon in your face, shouting at you. Is this an inducement for a thinking black man to vote? And this is coming from a lifelong Dem. SMDH

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    • Schadenfreude,

      I’m personally holding you responsible for the current trauma I’m suffering as a result of seeing that woman’s face. I’m going to swing for a system reboot to see if that can clear up these random glitches I’m experiencing. That beast doesn’t look that far off from Me Too’s Tarana Burke, yuck, yuck and yuck again.

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    • After clicking play, I scrolled down to avoid looking her. Then again, I have to listen to her. God, I hate the very sound of them.

      As I type this reply, I stopped the video at the 1:30 mark. I can’t stand listening to them. Besides, it seems like it some “get out to vote” babble.

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      • On Twitter, black bitches are already throwing every radical feminist misandrist name in the book at BM who they think won’t go with the Biden program. “Misogynoir,” “Toxic Masculinity,” etc etc

        Remember when the linebacker Symone D. Sanders told black men to “shut up?” I do.

        I also remember Zerlina Maxwell telling MEN OF COLOR to “work it out in therapy” if you’ve got a problem with Kamala’s white husband. Zerlina is a bedwench herself. We all know good and well that black hoes would not have voted for Obama if he had a white wife but we also know the double standards of the black bitch.

        As a lifelong Dem who voted for Hillary in 2015, I am sitting this bullshit out. Let the queens save America by themselves.

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      • Work it out in therapy, huh?

        I actually agree with her. if people have a problem with interracial relationships, they should work it out in therapy. The people attaching Bronny James should be first in line.

        Liked by 1 person

      • When it comes to Trump, I don’t like him. In fact, I don’t know who I dislike more, him or Biden. Nevertheless, I hope he wins just to see the toxic feminists cry.

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    • “A hideous, masculine black hoe who looks like a nigga with braids, waving her day glo talon in your face, shouting at you. ”

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  19. After listening to Kiri’s stream about Bronny getting attacked by black twitter over his ASSUMED gf and MT’s stream last night, I had to come to the conclusion that the black community is the worst of humanity. Scraggles and maggles are too easily distracted by someone else’s business to build, beta simps and scaggles leave a trail of trauma, death, and destruction in their wake. I mentioned this in an older post, but I will say it again: they demand reparations from the government (begging the oppressor) to give them money when they will give it right back anyway. There are black women today who still believe it’s all black man’s fault even though they sold out the black race multiple times to this day since the 70s (and sometimes even before that). Jenee Amor is going to die bitter and alone, no doubt about it. Also her cosigner, Noodleback simp Kim aka “I am the prize!!!” , Brandy, and some other simp that came later on the stream. I enjoyed hearing Gary school these cats on real masculinity and they couldn’t take it. These people really believe they are on the right side of history and not us. They black community is one of the biggest tragedies and failure in modern human history, they have become the enemy they spent their lives trying not to be and became worse off. Like MBD said, these brothers in my generation are running into the arms of their future non black partner and never looking back and not giving a F**K. It’s going to get to the point where the preference becomes mandatory, the increase in interracial relations shows that. In conclusion I think MT does these streams on purpose to show brother’s why they need to travel. Also I have a funny article to share below that

    MasterTeacher’s Stream (WARNING: lots of yelling and screaming)

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    • I saw about 15 minutes of that bullshit and stopped watching. I don’t think the person claiming to be Kem123 is actually him. Although the talking points are the same, the voice is different.

      Black men are the only people who can travel, with restrictions (e.g., the question of why don’t any of you guys travel to Africa?)

      I don’t hear these wetbacks, black whores, and dumb n**** maggles imposing the same restrictions on other men.

      The next time the wetback, black bitch, or n***** maggle says, “why don’t you guys travel to Africa?,” tell them: NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS.

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      • BA,

        I managed to get to around 23 minutes before I couldn’t listen anymore. Again, why is Cholo overly concerned about where black men are choosing to place their family jewels? The only dudes who concern themselves with where another man is placing his penis are homosexuals. The dude actually shouted out Aaron Fountain as if the fake academic has brought anything of substance to the table in order to refute and rebut the mountain loads of evidence that have already been presented concerning black female dysfunction.

        Back in August 2017 I dealt with another Latino attempting to stick his nose into the sexual affairs of black men, Brad isn’t the only one concerned about the BBC and trying his hardest to dick police black men:


    • Black Tiger,

      I can’t watch any livestreams where 1MT brings on that devil spawn seedling Jezebel Jenee Amor, she’s just an outright disrespectful harridan who can’t keep her mouth shut, she believes that women are equal to men as per the feminist protocols and she’ll go out of her way to insult, mock and ridicule anybody who disagrees with her positions. I personally don’t know why 1MT keeps bringing her back alongside the 50 layers of make up, weave wearing Brandy chick who isn’t that much better to be honest.

      If his reason is to use them as prime examples as to why black men need to travel then he’s doing an excellent job. It amazes me just how knuckle headed women like Jenee Amor are, they think they can be belligerent and argue their way towards getting a man and keeping him. For some reason no matter how many relationship failures they experience, they can’t seem to figure out that feminism is completely opposed to prosperous, fruitful, successful and lasting relationships, both cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

      Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. There is no such thing as equality when it comes to relationships, the man is the authority over the woman, if the woman doesn’t like that arrangement then she’s more than welcome to kick rocks and find somebody else. The only way a relationship can and will work properly is if the man takes full charge responsibly without any resistance from the female concerned.

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    • The scraggle daggle’s coonery knows no bounds, but they want to be triggered over Bronny James having fun with a White girl presumed to be his GF.

      Liked by 2 people

    • That cotton should be offended by the scraggle’s presence. No self-respecting field of cotton would tolerate that behavior.


      Liked by 2 people

      • The one on the upper right. Is this your queen? Ugh. They really think niggas are supposed to wife up that beast.

        Liked by 3 people

      • Thanks afrofuturism for your blog. I need to go through it a couple times to flush the ugliness out of my spirit. It’s not good as black men to be exposed to such ugliness. And it doesn’t get any uglier than black women. You have to be careful what you take in with your eyes.

        Liked by 2 people

    • More like primetime man-woman. No thanks.

      I hear the NFL is looking for linemen after a rash of injuries over the weekend. That scraggle probably has more than enough testosterone to fit the bill.


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  20. Y’all notice that when the one chick is bent over sucking away, another daggle walks behind her and almost looks like she’s gonna suck HER ass? Ticking time Dykes, the whole lot of them.

    These chicks look like $3 whores, and that’s what most black chicks consider to be dressing to the 9s. Why would they blame others for their image?

    Not one of these chicks looked good, not one. Honestly, outside of beating their fat sloppy smelly shit encrusted backs out, how do even these simps manage to screw these chicks?

    Now, if they had enough time to shoot this stupid ass video, you know that the store cameras got the footage. I bet the white managers were in shock yet laughing at these daggles. I’ll say this much: even before the pandemic, ANY mall in which the store’s’ clientele is mostly daggles will FOLD within a year. These chicks never have real money, and just walk around trying to i guess look cute, all the while doing anything but.

    And who wants to bet that these chicks will start marrying mannequins in an attempt to garner attention?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      $3 dollars is too much value to be bestowing upon these benighted sluts, yet we’re being told that “deyz be our queenz yo”. I don’t understand how any black man with two brain cells to rub together can look at the above and honestly claim that black women are high quality females.

      In 2020 what is it with black women and looking so fake, they look worse than the most dolled up female mannequins set up in the front of your typical clothes store. This is part of what we are preserving ourselves against, can’t believe we still have dumb Negroes asking that same redundant question, “what are you guys saving yourselves from”? Smh.

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