TRUE High Value Men DO NOT Deal With Black Women!

Having already factored in having little to no debt, good money management, being productive and always looking to improve in any areas that are lacking, let’s deal with this high value man talk that has been circulating as of recently and specifically focus in on the subject from the position of the women a true high value man chooses as well as rejects.

Let’s just look at the reality of the situation here and be brutally honest, black women as a collective are the lowest standard/grade of females when compared to women of other ethnicities. Outside of sharing the same skin colour as their male counterparts(which they absolutely hate by the way, hence the huge effort they’ll employ trying their hardest to look like white women), what key qualities and values do black women as a group bring to the table that outshine and surpass non black women, I’ll wait?

What can any man on this planet look at with a black female and be persuaded to choose her over other races of women, can you name anything positive that stands out concerning black women that would nudge a high quality man in her direction as opposed to him opting for a white or other non black woman instead? This is exactly my point and why black women are straight up pipe dreaming if they believe that they can acquire a high quality man.

In the case of free thinking black men, remember, these are the same women who have done nothing short of berate, disparage, ridicule, mock and laugh at high value men non stop, why, because we’ve chosen to engage in productive practices, we don’t have criminal records, being highly responsible with our seed we don’t have 10 baby mothers scattered around the local block and most importantly we haven’t become a burden, a curse and a pestilence to the same community we were brought up in.

A true high value man as standard will choose a high quality woman for his mate, therefore by default modern day black females are immediately scratched out of the running, after all, how can you walk around bragging about your WAP, but somehow still expect to be chosen by a true high quality man? Such talk is straight out of the gutter and those who engage in it will be treated accordingly. A true high value man will not seek to be unequally yoked to any woman who does not reflect his high standards, morals and principles.

Additionally, let us not forget that US black women as a group have a median net worth of only $5, the net worth of US black men is reported to be around $7000 plus, however you’ll be extremely hard pressed to find any sources for that information, obviously because it puts black women in a very bad light, thus that data must be hidden so as to not bring to attention just how horribly black women as a collective are performing economically.

We’ve been over most of the reasons many times before as to why black women increasingly are being heavily rejected when being considered as quality mates, however for the record allow me to once more lay out just some of the reasons why genuine high value men DO NOT and WILL NOT deal with this modern day black female. Since black women are still looking in this direction despite having hoards of simps to choose from, allow me to explain exactly what a TRUE high value man will and will not accept from a free thinking black man’s perspective:

1. A true high quality man values normalcy and much prefers his woman to present herself in her natural state. A high value man will NOT accept a woman who chooses to engage in the dysfunctional practice of wearing the hair of other ethnicities of women upon her head nor will he accept any woman who coats her face with 50 layers of make up as well as decorates herself like a Christmas tree using various other external appendages.

Please remember that these are the same women who for years have been getting into both verbal and physical altercations with Asian beauty supply store owners over fake hair, additionally aren’t these the same females who have no problems diving into dumpsters to retrieve the same? Any man or woman trying to convince you that wearing fake hair is not a major mental illness issue needs to be heavily examined, scrutinised and looked upon with extreme suspicion. A true high value man will NOT ACCEPT any dysfunctional practices from any woman.

2. A true high value man will NOT accept any woman who embraces and supports feminism(misandry), homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, pedophilia, incest and any other related branches.

3. A true high value man will NOT accept a woman who does not respect herself as well as show him the utmost respect as her authority(leader).

4. A true high value man will NEVER take on board women who have an abysmal track record as well as a nasty reputation concerning stabbing their particular male counterparts in the back repeatedly without hesitation.

5. A true high value man will NOT deal with whores, harlots, slappers, sluts ie promiscuous women and those who support such lifestyles. Rest assured that a true high value man will run a complete history report on the particular female candidate concerned and make some serious in-depth enquiries before even considering her for the running.

6. A true high value man by default REJECTS women who already have children as he will be looking to start his own legacy and family tree from scratch. Furthermore, a high value man scoffs at the notion that somehow he shouldn’t have a problem taking on board and raising another man’s offspring. Cleaning up after another man will NEVER be an option considered for a true high value gentleman.

7. A true high value man will never entertain nor tolerate any woman who believes she is an equal to him, the long established human order on planet earth is that the male is the authority over the female, any woman who refuses to accept this has already proven herself to be a contaminated wench and forthwith is to be discarded of.

8. A true high value man cherishes and loves the life of the young, innocent and the vulnerable and will NOT accept any female who engages in the activity of either harming or killing any of the aforementioned. High value men will NEVER consider child killers as viable companions.

9. A true high value man will NOT accept any woman who continually demonstrates a negative attitude towards him. He also will NOT deal with any women who suffer from low self esteem/low confidence and self hate issues as he knows that at some point they will attempt to project those stumbling blocks onto him.

10. A true high value man will NOT accept any women who are overweight, fatties, wide load cruise ships, tugboats and fully loaded oil tankers are immediately tossed to the side without hesitation or a second consideration. Lazy women are a no no.

11. A true high value man will NOT accept any woman who does not engage in standard hygiene practices especially when it comes down to sexual health. In the case of a large portion of black women, their WAP is typically smelly as well as a hidden cavern for all manner of diseases, fungi as well as other putrid and nasty contaminants.

12. A true high value man will immediately REJECT any women who engages in violence or at minimum demonstrate violent tendencies. The true high value male recognises that fighting is a defence mechanism that is to be used in emergencies only, not as a hobby or sport to pass the time.

13. A true high value man will immediately reject any woman who lacks a maternal instinct, in choosing a female to bring forth his offspring it is important that from the beginning the woman already has in place the behavioural traits required to raise children in a correct, loving, respectable and responsible manner.

14. A true high value man will NOT deal or interact with women who cannot demonstrate love, a caring nature as well as affection towards their significant others. High value men DO NOT deal with cold hearted savages nor do they entertain females who believe that showering their men with love, affection, care and attention demonstrates “weakness”.

15. A true high value man will NOT tolerate talk back or argumentative vibes from any female, as far as he is concerned a woman is to keep silent when she is being spoken to and only should speak when the man has finished his speech.

16. A true high value man will immediately REJECT any women with tattoos, nose piercings or any other out of place mutations and mutilations to the body, such practices are reflective of a degenerate mindset that doesn’t respect the sanctity and the preservation of the body in its purest, unadulterated form.

17. A true high value man will NOT accept any female who lacks a moral compass, sound principles, grounded ethics, integrity, honesty, accountability as well as a responsible nature.

18. A true high value man will ALWAYS TELL WOMEN THE TRUTH, even if it means they despise him for it. In like manner a high value man will REJECT any female who cannot accept the truth and any sound advice being given to her.

19. A true high value man will outright REJECT any woman who feels the need to garner attention from strange men. Furthermore a high value man will dismiss any female who has no problems accepting money and gifts from men she doesn’t know on a personal, met in person level.

20. A true high value man will NOT accept a female who is money hungry, materialistic and who seeks to spend finances recklessly, typically such women are embroiled in heavy debt, they haven’t matured enough to master the skills of managing their money properly and so will attempt to bring their haphazard spending habits to the high value man’s arena, this is totally unacceptable and such behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Women who are steeped in debt are NOT viable options.

21. A true high value man is always looking for a young, attractive, in shape, feminine, cooperative, demure, humble, respectful, peaceful, non confrontational, anti war and conflict, non masculine behaving, attentive, affectionate, loving, caring, honest, responsible, accountable female, any woman who does not fit these standards established he will never consider.

22. A true high value man will typically look for a woman who has been raised in a two parent household because she’ll have a better idea and understanding as to what a proper family structure looks like as opposed to a woman who was raised in a single mother environment. A strong, robust and solid family in most cases will be much easier to establish with a female who has grown up with a father and a mother in her household.

23. A true high quality man will NEVER COMPROMISE HIS MASCULINITY in any way, shape, form or fashion nor put it on the line for any woman as he recognises that it is the very foundation of who he is.

24. A true high value man is always in demand, he doesn’t need to chase women because he regularly has an abundance of women in hot pursuit after him. A true high value man as a result doesn’t need to play silly games or devise and implement various strategies and techniques in order to draw females in, he simply appears and women will immediately flock to and gather around him.

25. A true high value man will NEVER, EVER pander to or simp for any women, nor will he jump to the defence of females who are in the wrong. The woman is an adult, therefore she comprehends and has the full capabilities of standing up for herself as well as not being afraid to be placed under the microscope/spotlight of scrutiny and examination.

26. A true high value man will ALWAYS seek to give his fellow brethren the BEST recommendations and advice possible, he will NOT attempt to steer his brothers in a direction he’s fully aware will not be fruitful, prosperous and successful but that he knows will instead lead to disaster, calamity and destruction.

As in the case of the SYSBM Tenets, these Tenets of a TRUE high value man are not the be all and end all, feel free to chip in and add to them. However, the reason why I drafted these up was to show how black women as a collective practically fall short on every point, you are much more likely to run across plenty of positive qualities amongst non black women. The younger generations of black men already know this, hence why from a very young age they are opting out of dealing with black women altogether because they see that the high standards with them just aren’t there.

As I’ve stated before, it’s a chicken wrap for the modern day black female, the consequences of embracing mutant feminism as well as other degenerate practices have finally caught up to them and now black women as a group are reaping the whirlwind from the foolish choices they’ve made in the past. True high quality men of means are NOT going to deal with these new age black women anytime soon and those deceitful merchants attempting to persuade them otherwise are simply leading them up a crooked garden path that is guaranteed to end in failure and disappointment.

At the end of the day it is the man who sets the rules and the standards concerning what he is looking for in a long term companion, the woman(if she meets the standard qualifying criteria) has the choice to either accept or reject the terms and conditions that are placed down before her, there is NO ROOM for negotiating or horse trading, either take the deal or leave it.

Non black women for the most part understand this and have no problems planting themselves under the wings of quality brothers, black women on the other hand feel that they ought to be sitting on your shoulders and instructing YOU on how things ought to run, and they wonder why they remain chronically single at such a high clip.

The above is the raw, unadulterated truth of how TRUE high quality gentlemen really think and operate, they will continue to deal with women who meet the standard and will accept their programs as well as staunchly reject and steer clear of those who don’t and won’t.

The bottom line is modern day black women as a collective in their current condition DO NOT QUALIFY for true high value men of means, additionally it is extremely foolish of them to believe otherwise. You cannot be a true high value man while at the same time still be willing to deal with the lowest common denominator of females on the planet.

These are the basic tenets of a TRUE high value man, those who disagree please show me where I lied or made an error, I’ll wait. In the words of Dr David Carroll, there is NO HOPE AND NO CHANGE for the modern day black female.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

True High Quality Men DON’T DEAL WITH BLACK WOMEN, This Is An Uncomfortable And An Inconvenient Truth For Some

Most High Bless

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  1. Happy Friday SYSBM family.Another classic article verb.How do you do it? For last 3 years you been pumping out at least 3 of these every single week.Keep up the good work.You saving lives out here.

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    • 8 Limb Nak Muay Warrior,

      Thanks bro. Once you understand this modern day black female in her entirely, the rest is easy. This is why the various oppositions has such a problem with me, they’ve got nobody on their side who can successfully defend black women as much as I can easily light them up.

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      • You guys are so corny. All of this chaos going on in the world and you dumb niggers are talking about how much you hate black women. Trust me, no one fucking cares. Soft ass niggas.


      • to find a woman with even half of those traits would be extremely difficult in these times,, the list is exhaustive and to encounter a female with just 65 per cent of those traits would be very hard indeed// to mention the anti-black and anti-black man mindset is quite rampant all over this world from all sides

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      • FU —- You state that we are “Soft ass nig*as.” Since you do not like our asses, I suggest that you focus on the males that have the type of asses that you prefer. —- Unlike you, I am not a homosexual and, therefore, I have zero thoughts about the asses on other men. Since most of us are not homosexuals, we do not have many thoughts about men having soft asses, hard asses, big asses, slim asses, etc.

        I also take it that you and the men in your family are “nig*ers/nig*as” given your choice of words.

        Finally, focus your lusts and desires on “nig*ers/nig*as” since you do not like “corny” guys.

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    • “You guys are so corny. All of this chaos going on in the world and you dumb niggers are talking about how much you hate black women. Trust me, no one fucking cares. Soft ass niggas.”

      Like the old folks say, we can walk and chew gum at the same time. Especially when you consider black women are the cause of most of the “chaos” in the black community. And you “cared” enough to comment. Triggered ass bitch. LMAO

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  2. “TRUE High Value Men DO NOT Deal with Black Women” —- Agreed. We also add that black women have little diversity. Therefore, the opening sentence applies to all black women. Many black men are looking for a supposed high quality black woman. Black women of quality are hard to find. —- Black women and the simps will say: “NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT.” Given the lack of diversity among black women, we must not pay attention to the “not all…” saying. — Black women and the simps will also say: “WHITE WOMEN DO IT, TOO.” We understand that non-black women have their faults and issues. Nonetheless, we do not see non-black women with the same amounts of obesity, fake hair, debts, unwed mother rates, etc. ———— Have a good late summer weekend.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      An extremely valid point that you’ve brought up many times before, the lack of diversity amongst black women. Black women as a collective stay steeped in negative and ratchet activities, even your so called professional, corporate working black females can be found wearing weaves, press on nails and listening to WAP. Additionally, across the black female spectrum they’ve all had plenty of rolls in the hay with 12 Gauge Mike and Field Mouse. So much for diversity.

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  3. Verbs2015,

    You might have outdone yourself this time. Your 26 tenets of a true high value man are just as powerful as the 23 tenets of SYSBM men. And both sets of tenets compliment each other. There’s no conflict there.

    Any black man who seriously reads these tenets won’t help but see that there is some gaslighting going on with these black dating coaches who recklessly throw around the phrase ‘high value man’.

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    • AmericanBlackMan,

      Much appreciated for the complement brother, the gaslighting is off the damn chain. You simply cannot call yourself a true high value man if you are still willing to deal with the least desired women on the planet no matter how high they are on the socioeconomic spectrum. These guys who are running around leveraging the term “high value man” I don’t feel have really thought through properly what it really means to be TRUE high value.

      Your entire life is in relatively good order but then you choose to pick a low quality long term female companion, what’s wrong with this picture? Like I said before, if you’re truly of high quality as a man you’ll completely bypass black women altogether.

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  4. Verbs 2015.

    I fully agree with the list above. I also see myself as a high value man because I don’t have any baby mothers because I am childfree, I am highly educated and intelligent, I hardly have any debts, I keep myself in good physical shape, I wear clothes that suit my body shape, I speak proper English and I shave my hair bald to keep my natural good looks and look real. The only thing that is going against me is my unemployment situation in which I am still looking for work. The woman that I refuse to date is Black women, single mothers, fat women, feminist women, women that I went to secondary school with and educated women who think that just because they have multiple degrees that they think they superior to any man especially if they have high paying jobs/careers. Black women have the ugliest feet and the mankiest feet on the planet that their feet look like claw feet. Black women are the most unnatural looking women on the planet and its no wonder why quality men of all races refuse to date them but they cry about this colourism bullshit. It pisses me off when you still get these black male simps telling guys like us that black woman are our only dating option and that we need to come together and to rebuild the black community for the black race survival and that non black women will never understand the black man’s struggle in this world because they are no black in which I think their whole argument is bullshit because I had plenty of non black woman sympathise with me on my life’s struggles whereas black women don’t give a shit about my life. Like I said before Verbs, the only woman that I am interested in dating is that she has to be in shape and childfree, she has to come from a two parent home, she is not a feminist or a gold digger, she has to be with me through thick and thin whether I have money or if I am broke and she has to be either, Turkish woman, Turkish Cypriot Woman, Greek Woman, Greek Cypriot Woman, White Woman with brown/Hazel eyes and Indian Woman and she has to be at least a 6 on the looks scale.

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    • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you would say, I fully agree with you bro. The bottom line is we as free thinking brothers don’t have to settle for the dregs and the scum that permeate black female society. Black women and their recent backing of their new lord, chief, commander and Union leader Cardi B is yet another clear as day illustration as to where the mindset of this modern day black is at.

      It’s not looking good for black women at all but instead of punching the brakes on the downhill spiral, black women are instead choosing to accelerate faster into it.


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    • “women that I went to secondary school with”

      LMAO underrated statement.
      I refuse to date women anywhere near my age. They look twice my age. 😂

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      • Black Caesar.

        Ha, ha very funny, but its true what you’re saying bro. I’ve seen women my age who I went to secondary school with and they look well old like they are in their late 40s/early 50s and I am only 38 years old myself but I look like I am in my mid to late 20s.

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      • Nomadic Ken,

        Because we want a better standard of female, this somehow equates to “self loathing”, really bruh? If you fixed your black queanies instead of worrying about black men who are leaving the building then there wouldn’t be such a mass exodus. Improve your product, that should be your focus.

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      • Bro, my standard is sky high & i banged women from all walks all of life.You can a name a group of women. I banged it. (“Haitian Vagabond” on Youtube for proof) Most recent, a black woman w/ locs. No other race of men talk about their women this way.
        Though, i experienced women from all walks of life. Yet, i still prefer women who looks like me. (Black Women)


      • Nomadic Ken,

        News flash, the women you prefer don’t feel the same way, they’d much rather hook up with and get dicked down by HIV infected white men(see Jason Roger Pope and Mike Oliver for proof), in 2020 as a black man you’ve become a fall back, it will have to do option for this modern day black female. Nobody would be talking about black women in this manner if there weren’t serious problems with them that can clearly be seen.

        SYSBM at its core isn’t about banging women, it’s about choosing a high quality female who can bring forth children with the aims to keeping your legacy/family tree going. Observably black women as s a group are no longer viable candidates for long term companionship, the fact that you’re only “banging” them is further proof that the standard of black women has fallen so low that they can no longer be considered as high quality companions.

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      • Limited vocabulary check, predictable reply and counter argument check, lack of awareness of the environment check, lack of comprehension, check using white racists insults check, lack of courage to hold the people accountable who are responsible for the issues check. And of course blaming black men who aren’t responsible for this check and check.

        Yep typical troll nothing to see here

        They can have the last word to feel like they’ve accomplished something. Because they’re not changing the conditions in the community.

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  5. Another home run, straight no chaser. Love the new tenets!

    You do everything society says. Stay in school, get good grades, get a degree and a good job, no kids, no STDs, avoid killer kops, avoid Pookie & Ray Ray hoodrats.

    You beat the odds to become a successful high-value Black Man, and your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is one of these twerking, weavehead, babymama savages or one of these masculine hoes who think she’s head of household and competing with you harder than the white boy.

    SYSBM says: No thanks!

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    • Unfortunately my good squire you’re performing “whiteness” as a thinking black man by being a hard working, self reliant, objective thinking brother:

      The National Museum for African-American History and Culture in Washington DC defines “whiteness” as: Self reliance, nuclear family unit, objective thinking, hard work equals success, work before play, respect authority, competition is good and progress.

      Please correct your faulty mind by attending your nearest Diversity Training session now.

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  6. Verb 2015,

    There is nothing more truthful than these tenets bro. Especially the one that focuses on her inferiority complex to other women. That alone is the major reason to opt out from them. When she is insecure and has low self esteem she is a major disaster waiting to happen. Also, when a black woman is competing with you because she is envious of your success she will become the overused cliche of what they call in that community “a hater”. And this envious creature will become spiteful, vindictive and outright malevolent and destroy everything you’ve worked decades to build and your children when it is time to leave her because she loves to see you fall. A good movie to watch that was recently released on Netflix is Love Guaranteed. It’s a good SYSBM story. Finally, a movie that promotes a black man in an honest and honorable image. The white woman co-star actually produced the movie. Unlike the daggle producers that promote black men in a sketchy light. This time the daggle is the sketchy one and demonstrates why SYSBM is the best choice for black men.

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  7. Verbs 2015,

    There is nothing more truthful than these tenets bro. Especially the one that focuses on her inferiority complex to other women. That alone is the major reason to opt out from them. When she is insecure and has low self esteem she is a major disaster waiting to happen. Also, when a black woman is competing with you because she is envious of your success she will become the overused cliche of what they call in that community “a hater”. And this envious creature will become spiteful, vindictive and outright malevolent and destroy everything you’ve worked decades to build and your children when it is time to leave her because she loves to see you fall. A good movie to watch that was recently released on Netflix is Love Guaranteed. It’s a good SYSBM story. Finally, a movie that promotes a black man in an honest and honorable image. The white woman co-star actually produced the movie. Unlike the daggle producers that promote black men in a sketchy light. This time the daggle is the sketchy one and demonstrates why SYSBM is the best choice for black men.

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    • o1sigma,

      The low self esteem/low self confidence of the modern day black female is what has brought about all of these fake outrage campaigns in the forms of “colourism, featurism, texturism” etc. Black women simply don’t believe that we deserve to have them in their best condition, when we decide to opt out of dealing with them they’ll immediately attempt to shame us back onto the plantation because they don’t feel that they should have to compete with the likes of Julie, Ling, Shazi, Marisol, Suzuki etc. The only black men who are still hanging on ie trying to keep it real are those who MBD keeps on saying just can’t get their mother’s titty out of their mouth.

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      • The only time they attempt to transform themselves is when they have hopes of landing a marshmallow man. Then the mild manners come, the natural hair comes and diet and exercise comes. Whenever you see a BW hitting the gym hard to shed the “baby fat” and with her “big chop” to rid her oatmeal flaking bird’s nest of the lye, it is because she is trying to position herself for the milk man. Because she literally believes that he deserves her best and that she should give him nothing less. She will actually wash her hair regularly with that man but with a black man, he has to be subjected to a crumby scalp that reeks of corn chips that isn’t washed for weeks at a time.

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  8. These are great tenets to live by. Unfortunately, I feel 70% of westernized women can’t fit the mold. With Black women, its an upward 90%. In terms of high quality men, its subjective but at least 70% of black men don’t apply. Due to the fact that many have a matriarchal and feminist mindset. Also many have faults and deficiencies and follow with the undesirables with their faults.

    Self improvement should always be a factor in a mans life. And the woman that a man chooses represents himself and his standard. Looking at many Black women and who they are with, you would have to question the standards of Black men who choose them.

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    • Ryan,

      Your last sentence about self improvement and looking at certain black men because of the below the barrel women they have chosen says it all and is the main focus of this post. Self improvement at a later point would also include making better choices with the women one chooses to get with.

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  9. I don’t really like the term “high value” as it implies that someone else is conferring status, yet the new tenets all have one thing in common: the man sets the standard.

    Any one of us can lose their jobs at a moment’s notice, get into a bind and have rough days. However that doesn’t mean that any of us would sink so low as to substitute our self worth. Man wants and needs to work on something bigger than himself in order to feel a sense of worth. This comes first. That’s the “standard”. The woman comes last and has to add positively to his life. Otherwise there’s no point.

    These concepts are foreign to the fatherless home raised gyno-simp.

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    • I also have a problem with the way that term is used. Just because a brother doesn’t make six figures doesn’t mean that he ISN’T a high value man. Non-BW know that there are other things that make men valuable too, like attitude, work ethic, fidelity, etc. You could have a “high value” man who is a stone cold piece of garbage and cheats on every woman he is with, you could also have a regular brother working in the trades making $50k who would make a great husband and father.

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      • James SYSBM,

        You’ll notice with all of these flavour of the month terms, it always seems to be something or things superficial that defines it/them. Mind you, I’ve just looked at this from the dating aspect, like you said there are many other elements to also take into consideration that aren’t based upon income and finances.

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    • Michel,

      I’m not keen on the term either, however since this “high value man” talk is the roast chicken of the month, I thought I’d weigh in with my suggestions of what a true high value man comprises of. The man must always set the standard, this is why any talk about negotiating and horse trading is nigh on simping and a blatant compromise of one’s masculinity. If the woman is not willing to walk to your standards and principles, then as far as I’m concerned she can walk the plank.

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    • Michel,

      In most cases you can substitute the phrase ‘high quality man’ for ‘high value man’. You can interchange the phrases.

      And those people who go around saying quality is in eyes of the beholder, are full of it. It starts with good character, something that is extremely hard to find in da communitah. The modern day black communitah mass produces toxic character. Its virtually impossible to have good character if you buy into the myth of ‘the black community’. This is why I like the concept of save yourself black man. If more black men saved themselves, the cumulative benefits to society at all levels, would be huge.

      The ‘black community’ is a construct that has social pathology at the core of its existence. Many people, many of them black, benefit from perpetuating this toxic construct. Many people who make their living propping up some aspect of da communitah, lack any skills that have any value outside of said communtah. I could give you examples all day long. The preacher pimps, the pandering politicians, the various merchants of the accouterments of ratchedness, the professional excuse makers, are but a few. There is a whole industry of industrial level simping that panders to the scraggle daggle. Does Steve Harvey come to mind ?

      The tenets of SYSBM and of the high value man, are for the few, not the many.

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  10. Verbs,

    Brother!!! Simply outstanding!!! Your powerful articulations of what a High Value Man is from a thinking BM perspective is a classic. It needs to be studied with extreme observation in order to make it a foundational principle in how a thinking BM needs to assess a potential mate. Once again you’ve delivered a masterpiece, enlightening our minds to the many truths that are necessary in guiding our way in a world hostile to our existence. You’re much appreciated brother…more than you know! #SYSBM

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    • Ger Tzedek,

      Appreciate the kind words bro, the long and short of it is black women do not reflect the standards and the principles of true high value men. No black man with 2 brain cells to rub together can look at this modern day black female in her present abysmal state and still claim that she is of any quality whatsoever. I keep on delivering these cannons, very few individuals are genuinely standing in our corner as free thinking brothers plus how many folks who we thought were on our side have now performed a complete 180 switch?

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  11. Verbs,


    This perfectly dovetails with Kevin Samuel’s EPIC livestream last night where he pulled out the FLAMETHROWER, Phaser Rifle, AR-15 and a railgun‼

    Verbs and Gentlemen, this was the GREATEST 3hrs of an #SYSBM instructional video that I’ve seen in a very long time.

    This episode was absolutely jammed packed WITH LAUGH OUT LOUD dialogue and the total deconstruction of the BITTER BLACK DAGGLE talking points from beginning to end. He describes in the first part of the livestream,the “Daggle Quadrant”…

    (A)Da Queen…(B) The Diva…(C)Miss “LevelUp”…(D)Da Boss

    But the main event happens @2:12:43 to 2:39:09 where he totally and completely destroys a Daggle wth FACTS that she just wouldn’t believe! I was up pumping my fist and giving a standing ovation 👏👏👏

    I don’t know how long this version of the livestream will be available because sometimes he removes it, edits and then uploads.

    Get your popcorn because this is a absolute CLASSIC ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Liked by 6 people

  12. I keep telling you all.

    I will stay telling you all.

    Do not deal with black females. I will tell you what and older black female once told me

    “Talk to them harshly and never compliment them. Treat them as you would treat a man in line behind you at the gas station.”

    Once you make unilateral decisions without including some silly black female your life gets a lot easier.

    Liked by 7 people

    • AssegaiDevelopments,

      It’s a rare thing when you have black women who speak honestly concerning their fellow sisters, such encounters in 2020 are extremely rare to non existent. Nowadays even these elder black women will form Voltron with the degenerate younger generations to go ham against black men, smh.

      Elders are supposed to pass down wisdom and understanding, not reckless advice they know is going to lead to disaster simply because they don’t want you outshining them.

      Liked by 5 people

      • More like forming Devastator. Black women are evil so they should only form evil robots. Menosar is the other one….


    • I worked at a nursing home when I was much younger and met a older black woman who respected my father and treated me well.

      She told me a GREAT deal about black females and why to side step them.

      She told me “They will respect you if you hit them if you back down they will walk all over you.”

      Why would I even want a black female? If I have to whip ass to get some productivity out of her?

      Liked by 7 people

      • “Why would I even want a black female? If I have to whip ass to get some productivity out of her?”

        Now you know why BW love slavery/slave play.

        Liked by 7 people

  13. It’s quite hilarious who Black women think are high value. Black women have no long term foresight nor ability to see what type of men they are dealing with. I came across a tweet of Tariq Nasheed and these bedwenches are taking massive Ls in 2020.

    Now seeing the gentleman she was dealing with had multiple children out of wedlock,wouldn’t that relay as a red flag. What black men consider high value versus what Black women consider high value is a stretch and a far comparison. I laugh when these women are shitted on and try to gain sympathy for their terrible recognition & decision making skills.

    Liked by 7 people

    • @RYAN

      “He was CLEARLY racist and I ignored it”

      So if he’s “CLEARLY RACIST” ,why would you ignore it?

      Oh I forgot he’s white, and that’s all he needs to be.

      And then of course you have the SIMP Captain Save A Hoe bitches and bitter black bitches spewing their 1001 excuses.

      Liked by 6 people

    • Just like BW cosigning that women running for Congress, married to a White stripclub owner. You really can’t make this sort of things up, it’s too amazing to be believed.


  14. Verbs, this is one for the header links. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Those bullet points on how a woman is supposed to act to be worthy of a man should be appended to the tenets. One of your best articles I’ve read so far on this site!
    I actually watched pastor 2-piece’s livestream and he made some good points about this self-appointed “high value” crabs in a barrel moniker that black men choose to identify themselves. By this same criteria, Jesus Christ would not be a “high value man”. High value is a state of mind. These self-professed “high value men” are actually valuing themselves based on female criteria. If being all that and having all that made a difference there would be more rich people in long term marriages. Something we know isn’t true at all. If more men considered to be “low value” rejected “low value women” as well, women would change across the board because they would have no options on either end of the scale. A woman is supposed to act according to those brilliant bullet points in this article by default. Not because of a man’s income or status. At that point her “goodness” is entirely conditional. I bring up Hardcore Tito’s video again ( and the whole series) describing how other cultures and races who were dirt poor, low in status and under the same level of white supremacy had women who respected and clung to their men. That’s why, in my opinion, it would be best if a black man, who is financially well off, to (for lack of a better analogy) do as Prince Akeem Joffer did in Coming to America. 😂 Because a woman is no more entitled to a man’s resources than a job applicant is entitled to a job.
    Another thing. These guys running around here calling themselves “high value” based on material wealth and career success should spend more time trying to get political power instead of panties. Why do negroes care so much more about pussy than power? SMDH. Why not secure that “high value” and use it to buy off enough political and social power to create a new community of successful thinking black men?

    Liked by 5 people

    • The term “high value” is the 2020 version of “alpha male”.

      Negroes walking around beating their chest like they’re something, not realising they are peacocking for the “ladies”.n

      Liked by 9 people

      • @Michel. LMAO it’s all so primitive. Like some gladiatorial shit to attract a mate. This stuff is better suited to National Geographic television. 🤣 Meanwhile, a white male methhead, who is homeless and has no limbs can get the same woman these high value shines are competing for. 🤣 I told these geechees, no matter what you have, you will never be able to give a black woman a mongrel, half-breed, dirty baby with green eyes and good hair.

        Liked by 7 people

    • Black Caesar,

      Thanks bro. It seems that every month brings along a new flavour so to speak, this month it’s “high value men”, however I can also play along and put my two pence worth into the conversation. A poor man who looks after his family as best he can, can be considered a high value man, just as we say hoodrat is a mindset, being truly high value is the same. Another reason why I drafted up these True High Value Man Tenets was to help bring more black men back to the point where they are in charge and not allowing their masculinity to be compromised, which are things a black man typically must forfeit when dealing with your typical modern day black female.

      As per True High Value Man Tenet number 23, any black men attempting to steer his fellow brothers back onto the plantation in order to form a confederacy with the same malevolent black females who have been slating those same individuals since slavery CANNOT be considered a so called “high value man”. In light of the modern day female’s horrible track record, a true high value man would advise you to get as far way from black women as you can.

      Liked by 4 people

      • @Verbs

        The more I think about it is the more I realize that SYSBM is true masculinity. Classical masculinity. No female moderators over here! 😂

        Liked by 5 people

      • Black Caesar,

        Which is the way it should be, it’s not that we hate women and don’t want to have conversations with them, however there are some spaces that need to be respected as being for men. Once you begin giving women leverage in an arena that is supposed to be for men, it’s a chicken wrap.

        Liked by 5 people

      • @Verbs

        Yup. That’s how I can tell these fake ass “good women” from the genuinely good ones. They will respect a man’s right to assemble without females. Men respect a woman’s right to assemble without men. You don’t see men fighting to go to women-only gyms, or male sports reporters fighting to enter female locker rooms. All these “good women” are gonna do is tickle the ears of a weak man. She has gotta prove her worth beyond repeating red pill philosophy that we already know.

        Liked by 3 people

  15. Well….it seems I’m a bit late here. Wow! Whatta post. And of course I’ve to go into a few what abouts and then some and rightfully so. Before I begin, may I ask all of you brothas on the post, Define a “true high value man” and if he were to date females, what color do the have to be and do they have to be westernized?

    Someone. Anyone. Please respond and help me out with this one. Now granted, it might sound a bit “stupid” of me to ask such a powerful yet rhetorical question…but if any one of you are about that helping blackmen life, here’s your chance. So let’s go. Shall we? And also, you’re welcome to use your best code blue shaming language, cliches, and disrespect of all sorts.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Themelancholictigah,

      A true high value man is a man who simply has his life in order, holds himself to high standards and principles, is honest, accountable and responsible. A true high value man so to speak will date and marry(if he so wishes to) traditional classic women, the colour doesn’t matter, however as already discussed in SYSBM Tenet Number 3, you’ll be extremely hard pressed to find high quality in modern day black female society.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Thank you for your honest response.
        But if “the color doesn’t matter”, why should a “high value blackman” according to what most of these brothas say in so many ways and levels, ” dating white women (mainly) make you a high value blackman”… Why should he deal with and date a typical modern day western white hispanic and asian unclassic, klan minded females? Why should he?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Themelancholictigah,

        The Guiding Principles Of A TRUE High Quality Black Man Tenet Number 21 reads:

        21. A true high quality man is always looking for a young, attractive, in shape, feminine, classic, traditional, cooperative, demure, humble, respectful, peaceful, non confrontational, anti war and conflict, non masculine behaving, attentive, affectionate, loving, caring, honest, responsible, accountable female, any woman who does not fit these standards established he will never consider.

        You need to move, you’ll be hard pressed to find such a quality female in Las Vegas, that city is the epitome of degeneracy and debauchery.

        Liked by 1 person

  16. This “True High Value Man Tenets” list is brilliant and it serves the same purpose as the Original SYSBM Tenets: to draw a distinction between the true practitioners of the lifestyle versus the pretenders; I can just see this being the talk of the Blue Pill Negro Manosphere like the Tenets were earlier this year.

    Liked by 5 people

  17. These tenets are pretty spot on. It’s better than what Kevin Samuels put. The way he defined high value men according to income level is just wrong in my opinion. Let us not forget that Kevin Samuel’s is the same man that Kid Organic did a video on about Kevin using handbags. I believe Kevin is just what we would call a snake oil salesman

    Liked by 4 people

    • Jon,

      The wearing of fur coats and hand bags is contrary to True High Value Man Tenet Number 23 which reads:

      “A true high quality man will NEVER COMPROMISE HIS MASCULINITY in any way, shape, form or fashion nor put it on the line for any woman as he recognises that it is the very foundation of who he is.”

      Dealing with the income argument, a man who manages his money correctly even though he may not be racking in the cash by the truckloads could be considered as a high value man.

      As Black Caesar pointed out, being a true high value man is more to do with your mindset as opposed to income.

      Liked by 6 people

  18. Part of growth is being able to step out of your comfort zone, not just physically but mentally. A lot of black folks are afraid to go against the fire because they are afraid they will be accepted by no one…Yet the world is more integrated than ever, we have the internet where everyone can find someone or a group that shares their values, ideas, and vision of the world. My point is a lot of black folks of the communitah are mentally lazy and would rather have someone dictate their lives for them, this freedom of thought and truth is too foreign and frightening. They can yell “white supremacy”, “Systematic Oppression”, “No Justice No Peace”, but they rely on said system just as much the system relies on the impulsive buying/welfare dependency from said demographic (mainly black women). Trying to build and maintain a mono-racial legacy for numerous generations will do you no good, because it’s only a matter of time before someone of a different genetic make-up becomes the apple of your descendants’ eye. Interracial mingling is the future, it’s practical, it makes sense, even various industries know this, just check out the more recent ads of modern families. Once again, Verbs explains perfectly why SYSBM is not for the weak minded, and that means breaking free of the mental chains of the communitah.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Black Tiger,

      Well said bro. Those mental chains you mentioned are a beast that most black men cannot break free from, this is why MBD as well as myself have always stated that SYSBM is for the few not the many. Most black men prefer to stick with the devil they know, however that devil will in nearly all cases come back to bite them in the backside at some point. As I stated in Negro Wars, there will be many victims and casualties of black men chasing after the very same women who are leading them straight down into the darkest depths of Hell.

      Liked by 6 people

    • @afrankblackman

      Sometimes god give you Kobe Steak and sometimes he gives you the liquid that accumulates at the bottom of a garbage can, obviously god gave Sean James..THE LATTER ‼

      Liked by 6 people

      • For Shawn, it’s been since 1982 when he was nine years old and saw a segment of the ABC 7 evening news in NYC about a simp who killed another man over a single mom…I think. He talks about it in his Captain Save-A-Ho book.

        Liked by 5 people

      • Black Caesar,

        I listened to this Sean James video. While I found a lot of it to be positive, I thought he put too much emphasis on bringing black men and black women together. This is not necessary. The vast majority of black men already prefer black women. SMH.

        While the vast majority of black men prefer black women, most black women would get a Brad or Chad, or even a Jose or Ling Tiny Lee, if they could. The problem for them is that they can’t. I don’t have a problem with anyone liking what they like. The problem for black men is that the black woman, in her current state, is simply not good enough for the high quality black man. He left out that big part, that the black woman has a lot of work to do, to make herself worthy of a high quality black man.

        Here’s the other big issue I have with him. The typical black man most definitely needs to expand his dating horizon beyond black women. The entire black collective has conspired to steer and condition black men to limit themselves to the scraggle daggle; while the same black collective has encouraged the black female to seek the best mate she can find from the entire universe of men. The black woman’s dating options are only limited by her lack of quality. She has deteriorated so badly, that in her current state, only the black man wants her as a mate.

        The black man sells himself short, which is the ultimate expression of simping, by limiting himself to black females. Sean James failed to make this point, which to me, is a default endorsement of simping.

        Liked by 5 people

      • @AmericanBlackman

        Well said. All those efforts to confine black men to black women are done so that the prison pipeline is kept moving. Black dysfunction is a huge industry and if black men start cleaning themselves up and having families with non-dysfunctional women, it’s over for that industry. Not only would it be over for that industry but all over for all those narratives that whites and other non-blacks depend on for the very essence of life.

        Liked by 3 people

  19. Listen, I can relate to number 20. Jesus God! Do you know how many gold diggers I have ever come across? Right black women do want a high value black man but only later down the line when they have children. No matter if they have one child, two, three, four, seven or twenty five children, that’s when they hunt down the heterosexual black alpha male. But the black man don’t want no woman with children so he has to make the woman the curb girl and kick her to the curb but there is no way that he will deal with a woman with children because he will not look after a next man child or children if the scraggly woman has more then one baby father because everybody know that these scraggly dagglies have a huge collection of baby fathers and I mean a whole list of them, star!

    Why do you think that black men are walking away from black women? Is all because of the ratchet behaviour of black women so for black men, it was like “fuck it” and they move on and date non black women. And when these hoodrats see a black man with a non black women, they go into rage mode. But they can’t say nothing about black men dating non black women while these ghetto hoodrats spending over £7,000,000,000 on buying weave and trying to look like their arch enemy known as the white woman. And that is the woman that they are copying because they are wearing this weave trying to snug up a white man. But they get a white beta male who use them for ghetto gaggers. If you are a white value black man, i have something to say.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe from these mad, crazy, ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging, hoodrat black women because they are coming after non black women relentlessly and the simps are helping them and they can’t wait to sleep with these scarggs.

    I just goanna keep on drinking some wine and chill. Enjoy your weekend.


    Liked by 7 people

  20. The 25 items mentioned above by Verbs should have its own heading on this site alongside with the existing SYSBM Lifestyle Tenets entitled: ‘The Priniciples/Amendments/Precepts of TRUE High Value (Black) Men.’


    Liked by 3 people

  21. I’m curious as to why you don’t agree with Kevin Samuels.

    The 26 HVM tenets that Verbs listed is almost verbatim of what Kevin talks about.

    He calls out the fat, belligerent and masculine Daggles, he defends Black Men, he destroys all of the “niggas ain’t shit” , “their aren’t any successful Black Men” talking points.

    The only thing I can even see Black Men or #SYSBM practitioners having an issue with is the income level he says a HV man needs to have in order to be considered one. And even on that point he breaks it down into tiers .

    Again I’m just curious. I don’t agree with everything he says, hell, I don’t agree with everything Verbs says, and no one should, but I most definitely agree with with 95%- 98% of what Mr Samuels preaches.

    Liked by 2 people

    • TeamWhiteGirls,

      I believe some of the main issues a lot of brothers here have with Samuels is the fact that unlike myself, he does not have the best interests of black men at heart, he’s even stated in a round about fashion that he’s trying to hook up so called high value black men with these washed and used up, rinsed out single mothers as well as other low par single black women because as has been stated by Samuels and is true, most black men still want to deal with black women.

      Samuels just like Obsidian is about the money, he’s a shrewd businessman, it’s all about the dollars, NOT the welfare of black men.

      Him going in on black women is good and all, he puts on a good show, however unlike SYSBM practitioners Samuels still believes that black men can find a high quality black female, he’s already stated this, in his own words to both black women looking for black men and vice versa, “there is hope”. Samuels unlike ourselves does NOT believe black women are damaged beyond repair goods.

      I mean, these black women who call into his show, if he takes things further and looks to hook them up, who do you believe will be the first candidates he’ll look towards, that’s right, free thinking brothers, I can assure you that it won’t be Captain Snowy or Major Avalanche.

      You have to understand the end goals of Samuels, firstly to put plenty of money in his pockets(there is nothing wrong with this, however don’t pretend to care about the groups of individuals you’re merchandising and fleecing) and second to bring black men and black women together, why do you think Samuels is working closely with Obsidian?

      The suit gimmick is another issue of concern, it’s no different to the dating coach “game” run around truffle shuffle. Additionally, Samuels carries a lot of feminine energy even though he claims to be a heterosexual man, walking around with fur coats and “man purses” is NOT masculine.

      The bottom line here is he believes that a high value black man can still deal with black women, however we don’t. With Samuels I can eat the meat and spit out the bones, he does defend black men and brings a lot of truth to the table, however at the same time that’s part of the bait he purposely puts out there to draw you in.

      Liked by 4 people

      • @ Verbs

        I agree, as I said I don’t agree with everything he preaches but the heart of his message I believe is in line with #SYSBM.

        Now, unlike him I have absolutely no interest in ever dealing with the Daggles and even he’s realizing just how GOD AWFUL and delusional black females truly are. It’s like he’s trying to tame a wild boar when he’s speaking with them.

        If you go to @1:10:41 of his livestream I posted he told the Daggle that White, Asian, and Latinas are taking all of the HV Black Men because they’re fat, lazy, masculine and belligerent. He even stated the 30% of married Black Men with degrees are married to non black females statistic.

        I understand he’s trying to make his platform as mainstream as possible so he has to bring black females into the fold. And I get it, the suit and cologne are all props for his show to keep it in line with the HV Man theme.

        However, I think he has totally and completely verified EVERYTHING that YOU and MBD have been preaching for years by ripping the band aid off of the puss filled scab that is black females and showing a broader audience why so many Black Men are dating/marrying out.

        So I just wanted to get the feel of the room on Mr Samuels .

        But one thing you gotta admit, his show is damn entertaining when he’s takes the FLAMETHROWER to a delusional Daggle!😂

        Liked by 2 people

      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        From an entertainment perspective it’s fantastic, the way he snipers these arrogant, haughty and unrealistic black sirens straight in the head, the women who call in confirm everything that MBD and myself have been saying about black female dysfunction and how because of that same degeneracy brothers need to expand upon their options, Samuels himself has even admitted that much of the things he talks about he has learned from the manosphere.

        I’ve no doubt that he’s popped his head in here once or twice as a fly on the wall. Like I said before, I can eat the meat and spit out the bones with Samuels, I look at his show from an entertainment standpoint only because I know the direction that he really wants to take black men in.

        At the same time if he rattles off truth I’m not stuck up to the point where I’ll dismiss it because I know what his true end game is, I have no problems acknowledging truth regardless of who it is coming from.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs2015,

        I agree with your point that Samuels carries a lot of feminine energy. I think a lot of black men miss this.

        A lot of black advocates of ‘game’, look to some of the infamous black pimps in history, like Iceberg Slim, as proof of the power that ‘game’ has over women. The most successful pimps, Iceberg Slim being the best known apex flamboyant pimp, carried a lot of feminine energy. Some of these pimps seemed outright gay. I just point this out to the SYSBM brothers. Masculinity and ‘Game’ are not the same thing.

        Liked by 2 people

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