Simping Is A Waste Of Time And A Dead End Street That Doesn’t Profit – STOP IT!


You can thank the modern day black female in conjunction with 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Smokey, Two Snacks and Cheezy Grillz for this young omega level simp’s tragic lexicon and terrible vocabulary skills, as you can see it isn’t only other blacks around the world who are picking up and using the word “nigger”.

I can’t recall if I’ve told this story before but I remember back in 2012 when I was in Colombia with a close friend and a young boy who couldn’t have been older than 10 years of age greeted us with the words, “what’s up my niggers”. We both looked at each other and immediately concluded that he really didn’t have a clue as to what he’d said.

This black female lexicon is spreading far and wide, however for this article let’s deal with another aspect of the video that is all too familiar. This idea that men shouldn’t hit women is straight out of the feminist 101 bootcamp, we aren’t in the 1940s and 50s when violence amongst women was a rare occurrence.

In 2020 thanks to feminism especially in the west we are dealing with a completely different breed of woman and so DIFFERENT steps must now be implemented in order to deal with the modern day female’s change in behaviour. Any woman who is being aggressive and violent towards me I will not hesitate to clout her straight in the head, the misandrist idea that female aggressors should not be dealt with in the same manner as those who are male is well outdated and ought to be completely scrapped.

I really can’t stand simps, they utterly disgust me especially when they fall upon their feminist swords for violent and dysfunctional women. The shop employee put his hands on the girl most probably because she was acting out of pocket, much like this dude below who had to lay a plank straight into the head of a black queanie/tranny(sorry, I can’t tell the difference)because she/he was behaving in an aggressive manner and threatening violence:

You CANNOT deal with 21st century women who embrace feminism, violence and aggression still using values from the 20th century, it won’t work and you’ll most likely end up injuring yourself in the process. As I stated in Negro Wars, violent and aggressive women must be dealt with ie taught a lesson to where they’ll think 5 times before puffing out their chests and attempting to physically challenge a man again.

Women love saying, “men shouldn’t hit women because we’re physically stronger”, yet where is the same wisdom in not being aggressive and violent towards the man to begin with in order to avoid being clocked in the head? Nope, aggressive and violent women simply want to assault and attack men with impunity ie without receiving the just payments for such actions.

Sorry, that won’t run over here, I refuse to make exceptions for violent and aggressive behaviour just because the other person is female, point blank. I understand the guy was at work, however I’m sure the manager would’ve understood had he quickly chopped that young whipper snapper in the side of his neck.

As for the other guy who put the 2 by 4 straight into that black witch’s skull, knowing how much extra testosterone black women carry, I’m surprised she folded so easily after just 1 blow.

Gentlemen, as we know simps are everywhere, in recent times with the emergence of the Blue Pilled Manosphere(formerly the Black Manosphere) and a few female content creators who have liberally been making the rounds within it, many of these men who we thought were red pill have now revealed themselves to be nothing short of blue pilled, soggy biscuit desperate lames who have really been longing for female validation and company all along while at the same time feigning the opposite.

Giving women free money for nothing, seeking advice from women(WHICH A MAN SHOULD NEVER DO), going to women’s channels to jump onto their panels hoping they’ll be noticed and in some cases chosen, E brawling and scuffling over these same females, the deep level simping and desperation just to be recognised by women who shouldn’t even be in men’s spaces to begin with I’ve seen manifest in the Blue Pilled Manosphere in recent times is genuinely despicable, disgusting and off the damn chain.

The simps continue to be the reason why black women and portions of western women in general will perpetually spiral further out of control. Women use simps(mostly under a financial capacity), they aren’t attracted to them, the sooner these guys learn this is the sooner they can break the chains and shackles of simpdom and cease licking the muddy boots of these women who refuse to give them the time of day.

Don’t be like the young lad above, DON’T SIMP, additionally be sure to light up these freshly starched cape wearing miscreants wherever you see and find them.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Smoke Out And Expose These Pestilence Simps

Most High Bless

100 thoughts on “Simping Is A Waste Of Time And A Dead End Street That Doesn’t Profit – STOP IT!

      • I suspect at the core ALL of them have deep-seated disrespect and disregard for black men. Yeah, they are still fucking, dating and marrying black men. But given the right stimuli (usually an argument), they will show their true colors. I am speaking from personal experience and observation of others.

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      • Exactly right. These are the same bitches who refer to black men as “beta male coons”, “self haters”, and “colorists”. These are the same whores who openly advocate abortion of black male babies. They happily date interracially and try to shove it in our faces as if we should be offended. And they blame us for not protecting them from shit they got themselves into. As far as I’m concerned, there should never be a seat at the table for people like that. I don’t negotiate with traitors.

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      • “These are the same bitches who refer to black men as “beta male coons”, “self haters”, and “colorists”.”

        MISTER PERFECT: Remember the character “A Pimp Named Slickback” in the Boondocks series? Well, biting off that series, I present–

        Exhibit #1: A Bitch Named Cynthia G.

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      • As I’ve said and others have said too; You can’t shame the shameless. BW throw their IR relationships in your face to try and generate a reaction. All we do is give them a golf clap but that’s not the reaction they want. They us want to react with violent, jealous filled rage. That begs the questions… Why don’t we?

        Well because BW have always had access to WW, yawn. The very law that was struck down was at the behest of a White man who wanted to be with is Black woman (Loving). Again, yawn. But every since Jack Johnson, even Fredrick Douglas BW have never supported BM in his choice to marry who he wants, even if it’s illegal in some parts of the country.

        As for simps, well as I’ve said except in limited cases they are apart of the Black Underclass. leave them be.


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  1. Lmao the clerk was laughing because he could see that mexitwink couldn’t fight. He couldn’t even completely pull down that metal box with both hands. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Simps are effeminate. That’s why they have to simp.

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  2. Speaking of simping, go to the 5:30 mark of this vid and play til 6:50. This is PEAK levels of simping and I’m just gonna assume that those Black Men he’s talking about is himself

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    • And also Tommy is going to have the bedwench on his show today lmaooooo if that’s not simpin I don’t know what is 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    • Illmatci826,

      Black women who don’t fit the dysfunctional demographic are extremely few and far between, that chick Sotomayor is simping for has a load of make up on her face as well as a lace front weave glued to her head. Sotomayor has already confessed that he doesn’t have any standards when it comes to women, if it has a wet hole he’s willing to stick his dick in it, just look at the YouTuber Suga Shea who he recently dicked down and gave an STD(Chlamydia) to.

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      • @Verbs2015

        And for a man that claims to hate weave and heavy makeup as much as he does he sure does chase around a lot of daggles with fake hair and makeup. That chick is a former STRIPPER who married a white pimp who has MULTIPLE mixed children with Black Women and also has quite a few domestic cases. We all know how these Black bitches can become chameleons and change their voices to sound intelligent and proper but as soon as they get upset that hood bitch attitude will come out. I really don’t see what’s so special about this whore. One of the moderators in the chat blocked me cause I said “This is just a weave rat that slept her way to where she is” lol you can’t reason with simps about the succubus. This is the kinda Black bitch that Tommy talks shit about but he’s gushing over that weave rat like a school girl smh But I shouldn’t be surprised, he had Angela Stanton on his show and was simpin for her and even raised 10 thousand dollars for her on his show and now he’s talking shit about her in favor of this other gutter weave rat lol He’s too old to be this childish and immature when it comes to women to call himself “Mr. Logic”

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      • Illmatic826,

        Exactly, where is the “logic” in chasing down the most gutter, bottom of the barrel females on the planet? Black women don’t mind Tommy Sotomayor because even though he somewhat talks about their dysfunction, they seeing that he still loves to indulge in their contaminated snatches shows them that he’s easily controllable.

        I used to watch his stuff religiously back when he was at his best(2012-2015), however I got put off with his hypocrisy. I can’t believe that despite his shortcomings people are still throwing money at him, smh.

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      • But if you have no standards, then you’re complicit in the simp behavior that gasses these bitches up and allows them to continue doing what they do. Having no standards im women eliminates the right to speak on their shitty hygiene, parenting, and overall attitudes.

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      • @Verbs2015

        I hate you Verbs, I almost died choking on my sandwich after watching that weave wearing Sasquatch get clocked in the head with that board😭😭😭😭😭.

        These Daggles are straight up wild animals and should be handled as such‼

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      • TeamWhiteGirls,

        She got clocked real good though didn’t she, lol? Agreed, she had a weapon in her hand, the dude didn’t want the smoke but realised he had to put the savage witch down. Games, set and match. The moral of the story, as you US brothers say, don’t start none, there won’t be none.

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      • Are you sure he hit her properly?

        Because the Daggle look like she did a football dive, like she’s looking for a yellow card?

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      • Verbs2015,

        Sotomayor is a coon minstrel, nothing more. I used to enjoy watching his videos. I used to enjoy the “Beasties Back”, meme about the up and coming black ratchets. It was good for laughs. Anytime you present the daggle’s everyday behavior in a video, its good for hoots and laughter.

        Sotomayor uses his skills as a minstrel to make his living. But Sotomayor is as thirsty for these black biohazard sheboons, as is any other black simp. When I saw him raving about how fine some of the ratchet and masculine sheboons in his videos were, I knew he was the worse sort of simp.

        I don’t trust black simps as far as I can throw them. The black simp views other black men as competition for the diseased and burnt out black females that he thirsts for. He’s too stupid to comprehend the fact that a black man with standards is not interested in that shit. He’s also too stupid to comprehend the fact that the black bio dumps that he fights other black simps over, enjoys ingesting bottom shelf Brad’s bio waste. I don’t know which disgusts me more, the scraggle daggles or the simps.

        I’m around black simps everyday. 100 percent of black men started out as simps, because da communitah, in all its pathology, demands that they be simps. A small cohort of black men have overcome the simp condition into which they were born. These are the SYSBM men and those black men who cosign SYSBM principles.

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      • AmericanBlackMan,

        I agree, tag teaming up with Captain Snowy over decent, well to do black men immediately tells you that the dude is trying his best to be accepted by the dominant society, as a black man he should know better, such acceptance will never happen.

        Fellow blogger Afrofuturism1 was spot on when he stated that the most basic white guys Sotomayor will easily collaborate with, however you’ll get blood out of a stone before he gives an honorary shout-out to or collaborates decent brothers, he’s intimidated by them.

        Sotomayor was at his best 2012-2015, after he failed to release his A Fatherless America documentary when he was supposed to, I tuned out from there. Throwing on a freshly starched cape over bottom of the barrel, gutter, muddy trench black females is so lacking standards.

        I’m in your corner when you talk about how much you despise simps, they are more of a pestilence and a curse upon black society that the black females they’ll readily fall upon their swords for.

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    • Verbs 2015.

      I will never ever simp for a woman no matter how good looking she is because eventually she will hit the wall like the majority of women do and remember men are the prize not the woman. I remember back in late July this year, I was in a pub in Hammersmith and was just talking to four non black women and one of them was a overweight white woman who declared that she was the biggest feminist on the planet and that she will take on any man and she threatened me and I blatantly told her that I hated feminists and feminism and I swear to god that if she ever put her hands on me I would box her in the head because I won’t put up with that bullshit from anyone.

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      • Quincy Fitzpatrick,

        All you would’ve needed to do is tap that feminist harpy with your finger and she would’ve folded quick time. These same Harriets running around embracing feminism are the same knuckleheads at the same time talking about how they can’t find a decent man.

        Too many women really don’t understand just how unattractive feminism is to any man with his head screwed on straight. Often times violent women are the easy part, it’s the simps that want to jump in once you’re dishing out her punishment who far too often are more of a problem.

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    • Eh, Tommy is big upping this woman, because she’s a Republican.

      The problem here is that Tommy knows nothing about Maryland’s 7th Congressional District. As a person who grew up in that district, I know she picked one slither of the district to represent the entire 7th district. And that she ain’t gonna do shit if she’s elected.

      So-called conservative females like her and liberal groups such as BLM are two sides of the same coin, and that coin is use black dysfunction (mainly, dysfunctional black males) for their own enrichment.

      The same vacant buildings she walked by in her ad, will remain vacant regardless if she’s elected.

      She makes one point though, defunding the police is a bad idea.

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      • @B A

        I heard about how she chose that particular area to highlight when it’s literally white trash slums that’s not too far from there. Nigger bitches like that are exactly what these white folks want and that’s yet another cooperative corrupt black token and from what I have noticed is Black bitches don’t mind being tokens for white people. And Tommy must have a kink for being taken advantage of by women, he’s admitted before that he is “so nice of a guy that he often gets taken advantage of by women” and for a man that will soon be 50 years old that type of mindset is unacceptable ESPECIALLY for a so called Black Man.

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      • Illmatic826,

        No two guesses which particular group of women are taking advantage of him, yet he continues to return to them like a dog to its own vomit. Like I said before, black women don’t mind Tommy because he’s still diving into their contaminated snatches, therefore in their eyes he can still be controlled just like Two Snacks, Slim Sauce and Cheesy Grillz.

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      • BA,

        I’ve yet to come across a black woman who is a true conservative. Conservative black females just like classic, traditional black women are a needle in a haystack find these days.

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      • B A,

        Here’s my two cents about the Democrat versus Republican argument. I don’t like disingenuous white liberals, and I don’t like disingenuous white right wingers. Both use the blacks they employ as tools and useful idiots to advance their white agendas. Neither means me or any other black man, any good.

        Neither Joe Biden, nor Donald Trump, nor Kamala Harris, nor Bararck Obama, nor any other politician will save you. Save Yourself Black Man.

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      • AmericanBlackMan,

        You get no argument from me. I have said, here, on numerous occasions that I support neither, because both attracts alt-right racists and feminists, both of whom are my enemies.

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  3. I’ll never hit a lady, but I’ll beat a bitch’s ass. The fact that she has a vagina between her legs does NOT give her the right to become physically aggressive with no repercussions. “You’re a man, you’re bigger and stronger.” Fuck that. She should have recognized the size and strength disparity before she ran up. Again, it’s funny how bigger and stronger never seems to apply when these whores are assaulting defenseless children. And these goddamn simps have become the worst part of it. You cannot gaslight a female, encourage and excuse her shitty behavior, and expect the rest of the world to uplift this bitch. I’ve said this before to some brothers: you’re not a simp because you like black women; you’re a simp when you refuse to check them on their shit.

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  4. It bothers me that Tommy STILL fucks with the nigger bitch, but at least he’s upfront about it unlike the VOIIIIICEEEEE of the Everyday Cuckold. I have to finish watching, but that Tommy interview with Judge Joe Brown in some true shit.

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    • Afrankblackman,

      In looking at the current gutter condition of the modern day black female, there is no “logic” in dealing with her at all. There is logic however in seeking out a viable companion amongst other races of women.

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  5. Simping has never been a benefit to men(especially Black men) and will continue to be a negative benefit as long as they focus on the p***y. Even when that means defending the bullsh*t from a woman who clearly displays no respect for the man.

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  6. Them two videos. Right the dunce kids is just simping like crazy and the other one when the man clobbered the scragg, I went “Cono” like the Hispanic man on the video, lol! I know that simping is a waste of time but the thing is that no man should be simping whatsoever. Because there are consequences of simping for these good for nothing, ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging scraggle daggles but these whores will turn on them in a heartbeat. These ghetto ratchet black women don’t even like these simp dudes.
    2020 is the year of the simps. Remember Shawn James who simp all of a sudden. The man shouldn’t even think about these scraggle daggles. He should think about his next book, not supporting for these hoodrats and putting them on a pedestal. Simps are worthless as the women they are defending because they don’t know how to do anything at all but attack thinking black men.
    Since the French AIDS man spread 1000 Kenyan women with that horrible disease, that Pan African thing is nothing but done. The Africans need to take the red, black and green flag down and just walk away from it. But the thing is this that these simps will be doing the bootlicking shit for these women that that the love, honour and obey.
    I have said it once, I have said before and I’m goanna say it again. Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all the time because these scarggle daggles are coming after non black women.
    Have a great weekend.

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  7. Does this young Latin simp hear how ignorant he sounds throwing the N word around like that? One way you can identify an Alpha male is his communication skills which requires great command of the language he speaks; regarding this young Latin simp, he has poor command of the English language and thus resorts to using gutter language which complements his lack of restraint over his own emotions. It really would’ve made my day to see that simp get dropped like Billy Steele (which wouldn’t have been difficult given that El Simpo can’t throw a proper punch).

    “Y’all niggas touching females? Touch me!”

    What the heck?!? Stop it; just stop! These simps are very suspect; they act like females to gain female favor (sounds like game dudes). One thing I’ve told myself is that you never try and intervene for a female who gets beat by a dude because you’ll be the next to catch hands; if not that, the female herself will tell you to mind your business (I’ve seen that happen in a Facebook video, but I can’t find it anywhere). Also, you risk catching a case (as in the case of the guy who attacked the 8 Ball jacket guy in NY); stop simpin, and SYSBM!

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    • Blue Collar Trevor,

      I remember a video came out of a dude who tried to throw on a cape on behalf of a woman who was being accosted in a club I believe somewhere in Europe, the simp as a result was fatally stabbed and later died.

      We’ve seen the same patterns emerge time and time again of simps “stepping up” to defend a worthless heifer only to be put down and in some cases killed.

      Simping really doesn’t pay any positive dividends at all, I don’t feel sorry for these simps either when they receive negative equity. In my opinion simps must be dealt with much more harshly than the trash women they’re defending.

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  8. That hyena getting clocked over the head is right out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Why is it so funny when a black bitch gets her lights knocked out? Seems like every nationality of man be putting black hoes in check except feminized niggas yet somehow we’re “oppressing” them. SMH

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Black women will come out and say that black men should’ve protected her even though she clearly instigated the confrontation, the dude clocked her in the head and immediately walked off, he was reluctant to do but at the same time he realised that it was the only way to neutralise the violent harpy.

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  9. I think I watched short video of that sea creature getting smacked over her head roughly twenty times, and it gets funnier every time 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    As for the young super simp in the first video, he is going learn it doesn’t pay to simp, and hopefully it won’t severely cost him.

    If it’s not your woman or child maybe even a relative you’re in good standings with (just because I’m blood related to you doesn’t mean you’re family) don’t get involved. Period. The potential consequences aren’t worth it.

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    • FDC,

      The way the guy just carefully placed that plank right into her skull, again, I’m surprised the violent witch folded so easily. Had it been a black man I’m sure she would’ve had plenty more fire in her chest to rumble with, you already know the deep seated hatred black women as a collective have for black men.

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  10. Tommy Sotomayor has come up with interesting videos. However what gets me is that he had nothing to say about DJ Kid. Especially no comments about the Mike Oliver situation. He’s been quiet about that. He would’ve had my respect if he stood up to the right wingers just like he does with liberals but he doesn’t.

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      • LOL @ “fire penis.” Damn.

        It would be right on-brand for Tommy to be spreading the clap. That dude is messy as fuck.

        The video above with Tommy simping for Kim Klacik was interesting because almost any black chick with her shit together to that degree, in the gym, articulate, well-dressed, etc. is doing it for a white guy. The rank and file black guy gets the chest tattoos, obesity, ghetto accent and name, weave, blotchy skin, stretch marks, OnlyFans account, baby daddy drama and STDs.

        Again, if I took Tommy 100% serious, I’d be disappointed with the dude. But I extract the rare nuggets of wisdom and/or comedy from these guys (Obsidian included) and leave the rest. Our people are particularly susceptible to false idols and would be prophets.

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    • I stopped watching Tommy sotomayor for a few years now. He ain’t SYSBM. He speaks about real issues of black liberals but he is actually one himself. The biggest simp out there for black females.

      Black conservative guys like me should’t associate with white conservative guys for obvious reasons. I would only link up with a white woman that has a conservative mindset.

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      • Tommy’s whole platform is based on how grimy the modern black hoe is, yet he stay trying to dive in that NAP (nasty ass pussy) off-camera. Obsidian too. I also agree he’s no black conservative but he plays one to get those racist Trump-supporter dollars.

        I’m glad you realize that as a black conservative man, you are an island unto yourself. You are nothing but a token negro/”black best friend” to the racist white conservative guy. I personally am a registered Democrat, but I do not demonize a free-thinking brother if he wants to go a different way. Lord knows the Dems haven’t done heterosexual black men any good. There are some Trump policies I agree with.

        If a brother is conservative for strategic reasons I’m all for it. Less so if he’s a true believer/kool-aid drinker.

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  11. You can think Oshey Duke Jackson and namad Obsidian for why the manosphere is bluepill. It’s because they let these hyenas and now they ruin it. These weakminded blackmen let a bunch of straggs take over they space. There bluepill knights are the reason why things are bad over their. Some went over their so they can more views and they these men will give those straggs they hard earn money.
    The manosphere is dead, now I see why Kid Organic was calling it the homosphere.
    Well I’m SYSBM FOR LIFE!!!!!!

    Liked by 4 people

    • Antonio Johnson,

      Oshay Duke Jackson aka Elmer Fudd The Black Version was the first one to let these black sirens into the fold followed by the rest of the Black Manosphere 2.0 founding fathers(Angryman and Obsidian).

      Angryman to his credit recognised his error to a degree, bailed out and formed his own sector. Obsidian brought in Kevin Samuels as a replacement for Angryman, now Samuels is helping take the Blue Manosphere in a new direction (back to the plantation).

      That version of the Black Manosphere is indeed dead, to folks like Obsidian and Samuels it’s now all about milking it for as much money as can possibly be gleaned. The welfare of the rank and file brother has been thrown completely out the window in exchange for filthy lucre.

      Again, these dudes will say that a black man from the UK shouldn’t be allowed to talk about US black male issues, yet it’s the UK black guy who has maintained his integrity, standards and refuses to sell any black man down the river yet alone US black men. The straggs really aren’t worth it at all, unfortunately most black men will learn this lesson the hard way.

      Who sold out black men here, NOT I.

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    • I saw the title and closed the window. I don’t wanna see any horse shit about dating single mothers. Once you become a mother, your dating life is over, whore ass bitch. You exist for that child. And that child doesn’t need to see a revolving door of niggas coming in and out of the house. Nor does he need to be bottle fed by a bitch that still has their nut all over her mouth. Get the fuck home and take care of your bastards, sheboon. 😡😡😡🤬🤬😤😤😤

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      • Single parents should focus on raising their children, then they can date when the children become adults. Staying out running the streets when your children are at home is ridiculous. You lost that right when you decided to have kids.

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    • Black Caesar,

      Many of these Gen X black men just like the black female don’t want the younger generations doing better than they did, so they instead choose to lead them down a path of calamity, death and destruction. Like I stated before, that is some spiteful, wicked and evil garbage right there.

      Liked by 2 people

    • These plantation negroes in 2020 can’t wipe their ass without DeAr mAmA or simping/e-begging for some black SAP (Stank-Ass Pussy). You hate to see it.

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